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  • Summary: Forget the Old World, for you're now in the land of boundless opportunity. America is yours for the taking: from colonizing the East to settling the Wild West - give it your best shot! Step into the role of a Spanish conqueror, Englishman, Native American, patriot, or settler and experience six thrilling adventures where you'll encounter countless eccentric personalities determined to put a bullet through your head... Show them who's boss: use special forces or bounty hunters, or rely on your wits alone to get your enemies before they get you. This game tests your mettle. In No Man's Land you need the true spirit of America to brave the dangers of the New World, whether fighting the War of Independence or building a transcontinental railroad. [CDV Software] Expand
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  1. There is little to dislike about No Man's Land, and much to love, despite the multitude of multiplayer bugs.
  2. Graphics are fresh, with plenty of animation and the multiplayer mode offers some new alternatives to the "deathmatch" and "capture the hill" scenarios.
  3. There's a great primal vibe that somehow makes you enjoy every minute the six sides spend at each other's throats. [Jan 2004, p.82]
  4. While there is nothing that compelling about it, it's a decent enough diversion into light strategy, and may fit the bill for someone looking for a strategy game that focuses on American history.
  5. Has some fairly innovative features like counter upgrades, paid assassins that can be turned against you for the right price, and the innovative Railroad Building Race mode. Despite these creative turns, however, it’s still a triumphantly average experience.
  6. The unique graphics engine much vaunted by CDV sadly enables little innovation in the rendering of 3D effects, and only the magical powers offer something a little different, which is telling – overall the emphasis is on over-the-top adventure, rather than realistic recreation of history.
  7. An unabashed retread of concepts that were innovative four years ago. Absolutely no attempt has been made to refine or expand anything.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Jun 7, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Four years ago, I bought this German strategy game which I really wanted to try out. However, it was not what I expected. The first thing I expected was the game's campaign, which I thought was going to be about America's history, but it was about a bunch of fictional people, lame story lines, and subpar voice actors and graphics. In fact, they don't even include the French or Dutch! There isn't even a map editor!!! But there is a skirmish mode where you can choose to play as one of the factions and there are some game modes as well. Luckily, this is the best part of No Man's Land because the skirmish mode is fun to play with plenty of options. There are some good sound effects and soundtracks too. Unfortunately, gameplay gets so boring that I myself stopped playing it after a couple years. Honestly, in my opinion, No Man's Land is not a very good game. The gameplay and graphics were poor, but the soundtracks were much better. It could've been better, but at least it wasn't as bad as other strategy games that I've played. Expand

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