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  1. Aug 9, 2014
    Aside from poor matching making ( which is being worked on) the game runs and feels balanced and smooth. Requiring as much teamwork as individual skill to win games. Expand
  2. Aug 8, 2014
    I got this in the Square Enix Humble Bundle, and I am really enjoying the title. The maps are well crafted, unique, and visually appealing. The same goes for each of the four classes of the humans and vampires. The races play well and are very distinctively different with big differences in play style. The gameplay is very fun and has a lot of competitive potential, as well as cooperative awesomeness. A team playing together would be devastating in this game, as the team that sticks together the most and helps each-other out seems to win.
    I've been pretty skeptical of free to play games, but this one is different. All the weapons, classes, and perks have their own unique feel and trade offs and are attainable through gameplay. So, much like Team Fortress 2, it's free to play, but not pay to win.
    A lot of people are giving this game a bad score because of their nostalgia for the old "Legacy of Kain" games, rather than because the game itself is undesirable, which is ridiculous. This game is a different game, dammit! Deal with it.
    Others complain about the beta aspect. Well, the game is feature rich and bug free. Nothing to avoid here.
    Let me just say that the way the blood spatters onto the ground and walls around you when the vampires eat a dude is just stunningly accurate (it's pretty gross). I am very impressed now that a game has finally achieved this. You'll see what I mean. Go ahead and join the beta-you won't regret it.
  3. Aug 18, 2014
    The game has great graphics, presents a balanced based on really cool multiplayer games Soul Reaver, for a beta phase, the game is well done, and the gameplay needs a lot of teamwork, if not, you lose. Expand
  4. Aug 13, 2014
    A very very nice arena action game. The gameplay is really addictive and everyone has the possibility to influence the game even tough team strategies works better. Each race has his very unique traits that really makes you enjoy them.

    Recommend for everyone!
  5. Jun 22, 2014
    Outside of a few server issues (which I can guarantee are because of the 75% off Steam Summer Sale) the game plays great. It has a large variety of weapons and abilities you can earn with in game currency, a handful of visually great maps, a handful of fun and different classes on both Humans and Vampires, and is an overall great game.

    The only Con I have right now, outside of the server issues, is the limit of only 2 Game Types (which trust me I haven't gotten bored of yet) but I do believe there will be more added in the future as this game isn't even released yet.

    I give this game a strong 8-8.5 and would highly recommend it if it goes back on sale for 5$. Also, I believe it is going free to play after Beta and would suggest everyone to give it a try.
  6. Aug 9, 2014
    I know it´s probably bad form to refer to other reviews, but I feel like it has to be addressed. This game IS in beta. It´s not something to cover up bugs. There are a small selection of maps and things like the party system are completely dysfunctional. It can be critiqued that of all the things that are finished, the catalog of things to spend actual money on is decent in size. They have to fund their game somehow.

    The game is a team based third-person shooter/punch or claw-er. It´s an interesting mix of the team based shooter with a MOBA based element in form of the abilities that each class has. (I say this based on the impact and feel of these abilities. Their ability to turn the tides of a team-fight reminds me very much of SMITE rather than any MMO or RPG).

    I´ll say I was honestly surprised at how well this game played. As I think anyone who would even consider critiquing a game should, I looked up the developer, Psyonix. Not being a name I recognized I was a bit skeptical. The developer hasn´t made anything you or I should recognize, but they have actually worked on a couple of AAA titles like Gears of War and Mass Effect 3, in which I assume they worked on the multiplayer aspects of those games. This shows in the actual game. The balancing at first seemed pretty well done in all aspects and do truly depend on your teammates. At first it seemed like hunters (humans who hunt the vampires) could just stick together in a corner and shoot down any vampire who approached, but large classes like the tyrant and the use of smoke bombs are very useful for breaking up parties and it seems that every possibly exploited aspect has some sort of counter.

    Besides balancing the gameplay just feels really good which is something that really surprised me. The movement of both vampires and hunters feel really smooth and I´m a big fan of the vampires´ ability to climb building and move effortlessly through the level. The hunters´ weapons feel really good to use, you get the feeling that you´re doing damage and without feeling to rapid or sluggish.

    The design of the characters, weapons and levels are also very interesting and aesthetically pleasing. (however some levels are less interesting than others)

    The main issues with the game so far are smaller. The party system as of writing this is broken beyond belief and it almost seems like it doesn´t want you to play with your friends. It´s nice to see that the developers have already addressed this and it probably won´t be long before this is fixed. Other minor issues like some of the abilities, in my case the grappling hook for the scout, seems poorly implemented and it varies a lot how useful it is based on the level and I wouldn´t be surprised if I´d find it somewhere else.

    But to be honest I am VERY optimistic with this game so far. Psyonix has really surprised me with this one and I hope I won´t be disappointed down the line.
  7. Nov 10, 2014
    Worst game ever. I've seen some bad games with bad glitches and stuff, but this makes those games look good. Crappy matchmaking, worst game play you can't even see what your doing because your character is in the way, and they only have 2 game modes that are insanely short. Most of all they don't fix these problems. I have seen the same patch notes for too long they say they are adding new and improved matchmaking but i haven't seen anything improve. Finally, every patch seems to add more problems then improvements. 0/10 worst game ever don't install, i already uninstalled it. Expand

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