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  1. May 8, 2016
    A nice HD remake of a widely overlooked game from years ago. There isn’t really anything groundbreaking in the remake but it is nice to seeA nice HD remake of a widely overlooked game from years ago. There isn’t really anything groundbreaking in the remake but it is nice to see games like this again thanks to digital distribution. The HD remake was released on PC, PS3, and PS Vita with the 360 being absent for some reason. It’s really a shame too because there is a great shooter wrapped in this Oddworld package.

    The gameplay in Stranger’s Wrath is done all in first person aside from when sprinting along in the levels. When sprinting the camera is drawn back to third person to allow better control over the character. We can still safely say that the game falls into the FPS genre since there really isn’t much that goes on in third person view. All of the controls and actions are your run of the mill shooter style play with the added bonus of having non-lethal means of taking down enemies. The controls on the PC are pretty tight for the game originally being designed for console to my surprise. Most games when ported to PC suffer from what I call “wonky” controls. Basically just means that nothing works as intended.

    One of the important aspects of the game is the ammunition and it’s very unique nature. By unique I mean Alive!! All the ammo in Stranger’s Wrath is actually an animal that is picked up in the gaming world and used against your foes. There are around nine ammo types in total with some of the more interesting being Stunkz which incapacitate large groups, and Bees that basically make your weapon an SMG. The game uses a progression system to unlock ammo types so the further into the game you get the more you can play with.

    The story in Stranger’s Wrath is a nice narrative with the player not understanding a lot of whats going on at the beginning. All you really know is that you are playing as a bounty hunter and taking enemies alive pays very well. THe money that you are getting is suppose to be used for some major surgery that you apparently need. The only hints that we get are some drawings of the procedure. The games storyline does go a little deeper later on with the discovery of Sekto but I don’t want to ruin anything for people who have not played it. The game is very linear in it’s objectives but still allows for the player to have a lot of fun with it.

    With the games origins being so interesting it’s actually fun to play around and explore some of the NPC characters in the game. Oddworld was always a crazy place to wrap your head around and Stranger’s Wrath is no different. Some of the conversations in the game are very humorous and stay true to the Oddworld style of doing things. Taking all of the great things from the original and updating the graphics makes for a fun experience.

    I’d say overall the remake is a nice addition to the family and is worth buying. Even more so if you have never played it. Hopefully this isn’t the last that we see of this character in the Oddworld series. I would be interested in seeing more of the story at some point.
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  2. Jul 11, 2015
    The bugs that plagued this game seem to be fixed. I only ran into one issue throughout my playthrough and it wasn't game-breaking or annoyingThe bugs that plagued this game seem to be fixed. I only ran into one issue throughout my playthrough and it wasn't game-breaking or annoying at all. The oddworld universe is fantastic and very interesting which is part of what will pull you into this game. The story is alright for the most part but about 2/3 of the way through there will come a twist that made it much more interesting and i was fully invested until the end, which was satisfying if a bit of sequel bait. Its characters and setting are wonderfully done and the graphical upgrade make it seem as though the game isn't as old as it really is. It's a mix of third person platforming and first person shooting that makes the gameplay unique it and works surprisingly well. hunting your "live ammo" to use against enemies was a nice touch that hasn't been done before or since.
    My only real gripe with the game is that the bounty system, which was awesome by the way, is thrown out of the game about 2/3 through. I wish they could have kept it all the way.
    Overall I wish i played it when it was released because I enjoyed it very much. Hope we get a sequel some day!
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  3. Mar 24, 2015
    Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is the only game I've played out of the entire Oddworld franchise. This is one of the greatest shooters I haveOddworld: Stranger's Wrath is the only game I've played out of the entire Oddworld franchise. This is one of the greatest shooters I have experienced. Stranger is on a mission to collect bounties and cash them in so he can pay for a mysterious surgical procedure. This medical condition of his isn't revealed until a crucial part of the game, so in the meantime you just run around and shoot stuff with non-traditional ammunition. You are not firing bullets or rockets or special darts. You shoot out critters such as Bolamites or Sparkflies. Each ammo servers a unique purpose such as Chipmunks attract enemies and Bolamites are used to entangle outlaws so you can bag'em up real good! Your primary weapon is a crossbow that fires two types of ammo at a time. This allows for combination of certain critters such as Stunkz and Boombats. I would use the Upgraded Stunkz to suck enemies into a spot and immediately fire Boombats to make them all explode! There was blood, spit, and ass everywhere in this game! Killing an outlaw or bounty target isn't preferred because you make less money this way. To get in the most Moolah (yes, that is the currency), the best method is to trap or incapacitate your foes and then bag them.

    Now shooting is fun and all, but the more memorable moments of the game are the NPCs. Everyone talks like a hick. Being from Arkansas, I can say their accents and vocabulary are quite accurate to that of a redneck. Trust me, I am surrounded by them! The things these anthropomorphic chickens say are downright hilarious. They just act so rude, especially if you attack them. I just run into one of them, (charging at full force I might add), send him flying across the town and the whole place is just gathered around me yelling things like "Now cut that out, ya crazy varmit!" or "Settle down now, ya stinky turd!" Only one risk comes with messing with the Clackerz (as they are so called) and that is dealing with a gun turret that continuously fires until you get out of their range. Those little feathered cowards run indoors and open fire! Eventually they forgive you and come back outside, but if they didn't carry extra Moolah on them, I wouldn't mess with them anyway.

    You don't have to play in first-person mode the entire time. Just when you shoot. The game allows you to swap to a third person perspective for easier movement. You run a lot faster when you aren't holding a crossbow in front of your face. As for things that can kill you, falling isn't one of them. So long as the bottom is visible, Stranger cannot die from free falling. Should he get hurt by other means, he can just shake off the pain and bullets stuck in his skin. That's pretty hardcore.

    However, there are some buggy things about this game, at least for the PC port. Most of these things are not game breaking, but two of which annoyed me. The first was during the last level. If you die and hit try again, the client crashes. This could just be Steam not optimizing this game enough, but it's still frustrating having to close the game, re-open, reload, and retry everything again. The second bug was beating the game. I KNOW I was playing on Normal, but Steam gave me the achievement for Easy. Again, likely an error on Steam's part, but just thought I would mention it.

    Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is an awesome shooter. It has an intuitive mechanic built around ammunition, a lively world with innocents and brigands, and many a dark secret to be discovered on Stranger's quest to get some surgery done.
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