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  1. Oct 14, 2014
    Мне игра очень понравилась. Фиг с этими соплями, лучше отмечу плюсы и минусы:

    + Очень, повторяю, очень красивая музыка в игре. Редко встречается, чтобы мне у композитора нравились хотя бы 1-2 песни, а у paralyzah почти все песни превосходны, кроме bloodmoney и hammerhead.

    + В игре очень красивая графика и анимации. Интересно рассматривать как работают люди на платформах, хоть и
    раздражает, что они проходят сквозь двери.
    Разработчики уделили внимание и постапокалиптическим декорациям: хибары-трущобы в американских каньонах, затопленные мегаполисы, азиатские деревеньки "на плаву" около которых маленькие азиатские "водяные огороды", так же азиатские буддисткие храмы на камнях с зеленью вокруг, азиатские фермеры на азиатских галерах и промышленный район. В общем, очень интересно рассматривать декорации постапокалиптического мира. В данной игре это сделано на ура.

    + Кампания тоже получилась тоже очень неплохо: в игре есть неплохое разнообразие миссий (сопроводить мирных житилей, уйти от погони северных друзей, удержать НПЗ и так далее). На сложном уровне играть поинтереснее.

    +Так же интересная улучшение веток способностей: защита, атака и "третье не знаю" (хоть всегда третье и улучшаю)

    + Игра не требовательна к железу

    - Короткая кампания, хотелось хотя бы какого-нибудь DLC с дополнительными миссиями.

    - Неинтересно играть с ИИ. Легко победить троих сложных компьютеров в союзе.

    - Слишком мало карт, хотелось бы побольше.

    - Так же хотелось бы в сражениях поиграть с большим количеством игроков/ИИ. Например карта на 10 игроков. Было бы интереснее, чем на 4.

    - Немного раздражает, что в игре по факту существует только две фракции (деление по виду техники): рейнджеры и остальные. Сделали бы разного вида внешний облик техники красных, северян и азиатов.

    Поставил игре 10/10 лишь потому, чтобы игра дотянуда до 70, так как считаю, что игра заслуживает 73 балла metascore и поддерживаю отечественного производителя.
  2. Feb 3, 2014
    Really interesting. Fun and Nice, and the campaign is enjoyable.
    I would recommend it to you if you like real time strategy games.
    Many kinds of units, platforms and skills so it doesn't make you feel bored
    even when you're playing it over and over again.
  3. Sep 15, 2013
    This game would be great if it wasn't for the annoying infinitely respawning enemies. multiplayer and custom games are fun but the campaign is just irritating. Don't get me wrong you can beat it without a problem if your going for just the objectives. but if your being a gamer and want to CLEAR THE MAP they make it next to impossible, or if you do clear the map you still have to deal with that infinite respawning enemies that just continually come onto the map. It's even more irritating when the computer is producing more units then you and you have control of the whole map.

    The next thing that is extremely irritating is that as long as there is a water way to your building people can attack it. which means they can pass any base along the way and not have to stop. this may sound okay but combine it with infinite respawning enemies and a map that should take 10 20 minutes is now an hour.

    The game looks great but I would rather play age of empires 2 then this.

    And the last thing is this is a port. I don't care what they say if it's PC to PS3 IT'S NOT. the mechanics, the set up the way it plays, and how you move your units their all set up for a console. regardless if they made it on the PC first and sent it to PS3 they had ONLY mechanics of the console in mind.
  4. Jul 30, 2013
    Limited gameplay options really killed this node-based game for me. At first it looks cool, but after a few hours I felt I had seen all it had to offer. This game is played on the minimap. All the 3D is just there to entertain you... The minimap is where it's at. And once you understand that, there's not much to enjoy anymore. And then there's the horrible voice-acting, which makes a farce of the otherwise tragic plot. Nothing to see here. Expand
  5. Jun 18, 2013
    I don't want to be this short, but in my opinion the game is entertaining but not fun.
    Everything is nicely polished (forgetting the cutscenes) and the music is cool too, but it really doesn't click for me.
  6. Jun 17, 2013
    A pretty lackluster RTS at best, and a pretty big waste of money at worst. Lets give it credit though, it does look nice. But really when it comes to sound, aesthetics, and most importantly gameplay, the game falls flat on its face.

    Lets start with the atrocious voice acting.
    It's atrocious. The head commander whats-his-face sounds like he hates you more than the bad guys your
    fighting, the lower commander is annoying, and the pilot sounds like she has something in her nose all the time. Also, the in game subtitles don't even mach what the characters are even saying. Oops.

    As for the aesthetics and sound, its not great. Half of the music tracks in the game are either too action oriented or straight up obnoxious, not complimentary for the strategy fell this game is supposed to have. Sound effects are not bad though.

    But the final nail in the coffin, the gameplay.
    Granted, I haven't gotten very far into it, but so far this "strategy" game is nothing more that the most basic for of strategy of all, the "MOB RUSH!" simply massing units and capturing all basses that stand in your way, WWII Blitzkrieg style, and building towers at your base. Not fun.

    I think I would be nicer to this game if it wasn't so pleased with itself. There is actually a tutorial interrupting hotkey that literally does nothing but "give you a cinematic view of the battle" instead of the simple strategic view. It disgusts me to think that they wanted to show off all the "pretty graphics" instead of thinking about what kind of game they are making.

    If you like this kind of strategy game I have a great game for you: Phage wars
    Its essentially just this game but simpler, less intruding, and best part, FREE!
  7. Jun 17, 2013
    Oil Rush is a very simple RTS. You can't individually control units, you simply send them in mobs from one platform to the next in your bid to finish the level. The game adds various different units and defense towers to deepen the gameplay and it works relatively well. I enjoyed my time with Oil Rush, though I can say that it really doesn't warrant another playthrough. The graphics and smoke effects are easily the high point of the game as they are very well done. The game isn't without its flaws. Oil Rush is very poorly optimized and will often chug along and run at a lowly 20-25 fps. The sounds and voice acting are very poor. Sounds will cut out and the "music" (which isn't very good) is very loud and goes over the sound effects, which should never happen. I found myself having to mute the music just so i could hear what's going on. The voice acting and grammatical errors are horrendous and persistent throughout the whole game. These flaws were not enough to completely ruin a game which is enjoyed for the most part. Expand
  8. Jun 4, 2013
    This game is not in English, it was apparently translated by a chimpanzee to produce something that I can only describe as "almost English". Aside from that, the game play is something which probably wouldn't even entertain a chimpanzee.

    It doesn't warrant a detailed review because no sane person would want to get into the details after seeing how worthless this game is.
  9. May 12, 2012
    love the graphics.node based gameplay rocks! the developers have released patches to support nline multiplayer which will be a blast! have been playing this game for the past couple of months and there has never been a dull moment in it.
  10. May 12, 2012
    beautiful graphics,simple but engaging gameplay and runs smoothly even on my old laptop.developers provide good support through the forums.we linux users seldom get to play such a high quality game.
    the game is really fast paced even though there is no micromanagement because you have to continuously rebuild the towers that get destroyed and keep the control over the oil towers because oil
    is the currency in this game.there is no multiplayer server in this game,though the skirmish mode is really introduces a new gameplay concept in the rts genre and is much better than the recycled fps games today in the market released once every year.highly recommended! Expand
  11. May 12, 2012
    Addictive gameplay ,especially in the quick play mode.haven't tried multiplayer yet,but expect it to be even more awesome,based on my experience.single player campaign is long and interesting.voice acting quality is okay,though not the tree is well built.i lose a sense of time while playing this game,and this is the best praise you can give for a are awesome.models are highly detailed.and the video options can be scaled down ,so that it can run well even on lower end machines.and it supports linux too!eager to see more games on the unigine engine,especially on linux Expand
  12. Mar 4, 2012
    This is more or less an iPhone game with high tech PC graphics. The gameplay is fairly casual, story best ignored, but with some pleasing aesthetics. What makes the gameplay so simple is that although it's an RTS, there's no micro management of units. Nor do you control the production of any units. They just pump out of your platforms automatically, then they'll automatically patrol the platform and automatically attack anything that comes nearby.

    Once you're ready to attack attacking, by default you'll select the entire navy at one platform and then give them an order to attack another platform. You can't send them half way then wait, you can't tell them to focus on a particular unit, and so on.

    Many RTS gamers may feel this is dumbed down, but for those looking for a more relaxed RTS experience, without having to manage so many things at the same time, this may be the game for them.
  13. Feb 26, 2012
    its realy funny game Im a RTS fun so realy enjoy this game.good graphics game looks ok dx11 well well done I would recommend anyone just chack it out.
  14. Feb 8, 2012
    Nice and really beautiful game. Gameplay is fun also, though, kinda the same. Good, that's there are different missions in campaign, but it's way too short! (common guys, the second part in the DLC?)
  15. Feb 6, 2012
    Very fun game! Gameplay: it's like a speed chess in multiplayer: you need to make the right decisions very quickly, each wrong move can cost you the whole match. I'm glad that there is no micromanagement: you can concentrate on real strategy instead of moving each unit like crazy.
    Single player campaign could be longer (took me about 8 hours), but all missions are different, so it was also
    fun, especially for an indie game.
    Graphics quality is amazing! Eastern villages are my favourite maps, they are just beautiful.
    Conclusion: great looking cross-platform (Windows, Mac AND Linux) game with fun gameplay for just $20. I love it!
  16. Feb 5, 2012
    Played for 5 minutes...which is about how much time I'll spend reviewing it. Too boring. Looked fun....but its not. A real sleeper. Someone wake me up when its over.
  17. Feb 3, 2012
    This game may not have blood sausage but the game really weak. I admit that I can praise this type of game but this game will put on anything other than just plain attacking, even without any rozplanowywania so I do not know what to expect developers creating such a system. The game is just bad and that's expected expansion of its platform, to improve the army, and got a good strategy kiepskawÄ Expand
  18. Jan 31, 2012
    To think about every RTS game,this game feels like lacking something from this game,and they lacking some gameplay.....and every time i play is....Click your army,Engaging,press "F",Capturing,build tower defense and thats all...Nothing new about this game...Graphics are good...just as expected from russian made game,water effects are good too....but others,feels uninspiring.And Story feels weak and dialog is poor.
    Not sure to recommended this game.But i just hoping this game would be better if they improve the gameplay....
  19. Jan 30, 2012
    As far as gameplay, Oil Rush is a highly-polished version of Phage Wars and other node-based games (Eufloria, Galcon Labs, etc.). Course, that's just dandy. After all, even Starcraft 2 is just a ton of cosmetics on top of a pretty simple 12-year-old resource management game, and that's why we love it! But speaking of cosmetics, the other reviewers are right. The Russian devs apparently tried to do the translation by themselves, and it doesn't sound good. The intro speech from the commander actually sounds fine, but after that it's a big mess. If you can shut your ears to the goofed up language, then it's an amusing and visually nice game. But for a game that prizes itself on cool cosmetics, they really boned the hound on the whole translation thing. Expand
  20. Jan 30, 2012
    Oil Rush is a well balanced, easy to learn RTS with a challenging campaign and enjoyable multiplayer options. Unlike other RTS games, Oil Rush does not let you independently control your units. Instead, similar to classics like Herzog Zwei, unit production facilities automatically create units until your population cap is full. Selecting a stronghold autoselects all units 'orbiting' it and you are then able to designate where you would like them to travel or attack. You'll find yourself constantly battling over important factories or refineries, guessing where your opponent might send his forces, and trying to find the right mix of units to win. There is not a wide variety of units to field, and both sides have the same units and technology, but the game is well balanced, very replayable, and fun. If you don't mind having a little less control over your units than you normally would, you will likely enjoy Oil Rush. Expand
  21. Jan 30, 2012
    Visuals: Visuals are really cool in this game. Don't think I have ever seen that much detail in an RTS game with some many units on the screen. I have a pretty old PC but everything runs smooth and fast. Impressive especially for an indie game.

    Gameplay: The gameplay on one hand leaves you without old style fun like unit control, but on the other hand you can focus on the strategy rather
    then clicking your mouse at 1000 times a second. This game is really easy to control, but AI is pretty challenging so single-player isn't boring.

    Sound: Kind of average. I liked the soundtrack though.

    Overall: A pretty unique gameplay. Really good graphics. IMHO a really nice game.
  22. Jan 28, 2012
    This is a pretty game that has a lot of promise. I haven't yet played multiplayer, but I feel that this is where the game's longevity lies. It is much like the old flash game "Phage Wars" (, with the addition of different unit types, and other tweaks to increase the complexity of the game.

    There are grammatical errors in the text, and the voice
    acting is only so-so. But the core game play is fun, and the graphics are immersive and impressive.

    There are still kinks to be ironed out. I have had my game crash on me multiple times.
  23. Jan 28, 2012
    This game is absolutely amazing, it has much higher quality than some of the other major companies like EA or Activision. The unit controls are simple, the graphics are great, and the devs listen and fix problems extremely quickly. The reason I'm not giving it a perfect 10 is because of a typo every once and a while in the dialogue (it's usually just an extra letter, and the voices say things in the correct way) and a bug every once and a while. Unless you focus on 1 little detail and ignore the rest of the game, (brainlok's 0/10 review) this game is totally worth the $20! Expand
  24. Jan 28, 2012
    Big waste of money. Not recommended. Ok graphics, but mediocre gameplay. Lots of embarrassing grammar errors. The computer talks like a redneck GladOS. Sort of amusing it's so bad. Obviously an amateur foreign game studio.
  25. Jan 28, 2012
    It's a nice game, but it sounds like it was poorly translated from Russian. Why make a great game, invest so much money and time in pro-quality visuals and sound, tell a great story, but make it sound so poor? Most of the time it's clear the voice actors have no idea what they're supposed to be saying, because the script doesn't make any sense. It's the modern equivalent of "all your base are belong to us". In the grand scheme of things, getting the text translated right is a very minor expense, but it makes a huge difference. It's really a shame they cut that corner, scarring what would otherwise have been a masterpiece. Expand
  26. Jan 25, 2012
    Gameplay: the tower defense / strategy combination is something that I find really awesome. It's very smooth and engaging. I feel like I'm really in command of these units, so when one of them goes down I swear retaliation and prepare more units for my cause.

    Graphics: Wow... just wow. I might be in the small percentile of people with "high-end" Linux PCs, but I can assure you that by
    seeing what this game looks like at maxed out settings it is worth it. Graphics aren't everything, but they're a welcome addition to a neat game. The water, world, and environmental parts are rendered beautifully and fluidly, and everything is as smooth as butter.

    I have been playing it since the beta builds and it has improved with every incremental update. The final release, version 1.0 was finally released today (January 25, 2012) and it's just plain awesome. Unigine have a fine game on their hands and multi-platform support (I play on Linux) is something not all too common in developers these days. For that, I commend them and their game.
  27. Feb 6, 2012
    Very fun game! Gameplay: it's like a speed chess in multiplayer: you need to make the right decisions very quickly, each wrong move can cost you the whole match. I'm glad that there is no micromanagement: you can concentrate on real strategy instead of moving each unit like crazy.
    Single player campaign could be longer (took me about 8 hours), but all missions are different, so it was also
    fun, especially for an indie game.
    Graphics quality is amazing! Eastern villages are my favourite maps, they are just beautiful.
    Conclusion: great looking cross-platform (Windows, Mac AND Linux) game with fun gameplay for just $20. I love it!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 23
  2. Negative: 2 out of 23
  1. 70
    Oil Rush manages to separate itself from the flock through a range of novel ideas and features, while still remaining accessible to all fans of the genre. It has a few flaws, but is still well worth getting.
  2. Apr 9, 2012
    A game that has a great little concept, a wonky campaign, AI bots that aren't quite up to the challenge of challenging you and somewhat dodgy netcode. It's incredibly frustrating, because the core concept works, and it works well. It's just all the rest that's falling apart at the seams.
  3. Apr 4, 2012
    It is not an epic strategy game like Dune but this little gem offers something for almost everybody: Beginners will not be overburdened while experienced players will get a challenge with the unusual mechanics and veterans can ramp up the difficulty level to get their money's worth.