Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 41
  2. Negative: 12 out of 41
  1. Feb 9, 2013
    It could have been a modern version of Hothouse Creations’ Gangsters 2 mixed with XCOM. But what you get is rather superficial in every aspect. The turn based battles suffer from an inconsequent and sometimes broken cover system, while the business aspects don’t offer any challenge at all.
  2. Apr 9, 2013
    A promising concept of managerial and turn-based strategy from the Prohibition in the United States era. However, its realisation is unfortunate. From the managerial point of view the game is too long, reminding Waiting for Godot. Entertaining fights are subsequently killed by repeating locations and unpolished cover system.
  3. Apr 5, 2013
    A flop in every aspect – should do time. [CD-Action 04/2013, p.74]
  4. Mar 30, 2013
    Omerta's 1920s mobster charm quickly wears away to show its shallowness, and any hope of mob-boss stardom dies with it. [Apr 2013, p.94]
  5. Feb 25, 2013
    Bland, boring, and turgid to the last - look to Tropico 4 for a fine example of micromanagement, or instead XCOM Enemy Unknown for turn-based kicks: Omerta: City of Gangsters deserves to be thrown in a trunk and taken "someplace up state."
  6. Feb 19, 2013
    A very good idea wasted on a poor layered structure is in a few words the essence of Omerta. An offer you can definitely turn down.
  7. Feb 19, 2013
    Aside from the campaign mode, there is a lackluster sandbox involving the building of a criminal empire without objectives or opposition. Go online and you can take the terrible combat system and enjoy it with friends, or against them, if you wish. But you won’t feel like a gangster, but rather an accountant with a penchant for real estate.
  8. Feb 8, 2013
    Omerta feels like nothing but work, and dull, repetitive work at that. It's certainly not a success, but a soulless, bland, incoherent experience that frequently frustrates with its inability to capitalise on a handful of good ideas.
  9. 40
    Outside of its fights, Omerta is some sort of mind-numbing occupational therapy for the slowest of days, inside of them, it's often an incompetent carbon copy of much older and much better titles. It's not even that it's so bad that it's good. It's just boring and its plain existence is free of any relevance whatsoever.
  10. Jan 31, 2013
    The blend of management and tactical combat in a prohibition historical context was a nice promise. The atmosphere, the jazzy musics, the deep gameplay elements, everything is theoretically there, except for one major thing: challenge. There is no tough choice, no difficulty in getting wealth and shaking the authorities, no trouble in the combat. Whatsoever.
  11. Feb 8, 2013
    Omerta will certainly keep you occupied for long periods of time, but only if you’re punishing your attention span. The world itself is quick to drop you into the 1920’s experience, but never amounts to anything more than a lifeless shell. Factor in some embarrassing voice acting, painful writing and a reluctance for Omerta to ever truly let itself go wild with its concepts, and all you’ll left with is a hollow time consuming experience.
  12. 30
    You can see the basis of a good game here but Omerta gets almost everything wrong, from the shallow gameplay to the bland, characterless gangster atmosphere.
User Score

Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 203 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 53
  2. Negative: 30 out of 53
  1. Feb 1, 2013
    I have played this game for about 8 hours so far and I have mixed feelings about it. The combat is very mediocre and I skip it whenever I can. I think the strong suit of the game relies in the economy of the game. That said it is extremely repetitive. There isn't much to build or manage and they make up for it by just making you start over for every mission. I really wish there was more of a persistent world thing going on. It's pretty simple and easy to learn but it is lacking a lot of depth which makes it mind numbingly boring after a while if you are a strategy game fan. One gripe I have is about unique weapons. Maybe I accidentally skipped something but I haven't found a single one yet and I've done a bunch of missions that say I get one in those missions. I end up buying most of the property on the map before I move on too, so I don't know. Would be okay if this was a 19.99 game instead of a 39.99 game. It just doesn't have much lasting appeal. Full Review »
  2. Feb 2, 2013
    44.99 euro for this?
    It has been said before. You will pay a AAA price for a flash game.
    You will regret paying when you realise how utterly
    boring and shallow the game is.
    The mafia strategy genre is still waiting for a proper game adaptation. This is NOT it!
    Kalypso has taken the hopes of gamers for a good gangster game, and crushed what little was left of their credibility along with those hopes.
    No amount of patching (doubtful Kalypsoy will even make any) or the numerous amounts of expensive DLC (that will no doubt follow) will ever justify the price charged or the lost credibility.

    This is shameful, pathetic and sadly these days, not even original.

    For shame, for shame...
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  3. Feb 3, 2013
    They really managed to drop the ball on this one. Boring, repetitive, bland, imbalanced and extremely overpriced, Omerta: City of Gangsters should be stayed away from as far as possible unless the price drops to around 2-10$. Combat is decent in its core, much like the new X-Com but still manages to be despicable with corner-shooting pixel-calculating AI's, luck-based hit system, random deployments, shooting through walls and far too easy. The rest of the games involves around managing and expanding your business in the 1920's america which is probably one of the most fun concepts I've ever heard about but it is FAR too easy and next to impossible to lose unless you've been force-fed lead while growing up. Even on hard because there's next to no random events in sandbox, the campaign is one long sticky scripts that tugs you out of the RTS experience as soon as you start to establish yourself (the most fun part) just to force-feed you a generic story through 2d cutscenes. Me giving this one an 1 is generous due to me being a sucker for these kinds of games, but If you actually bought this for 40+ Euro, get a refund ASAP. Full Review »