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  • Summary: In One Way Heroics, you assume the role of a brave adventurer who must travel across the land and face the Demon Lord before a mysterious darkness engulfs everything. Darkness always approaches from the left, and with each movement, attack and action you take, the darkness creeps ever closer. Forced to run right, you'll encounter any number of monsters, allies, thieves and shops on your desperate journey to stop the end of everything. Expand
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  1. Jul 6, 2014
    A fantastic game bite-sized roguelike for those who can exercise a little bit of patience.
  2. Dec 16, 2013
    While ugly and unforgiving, One Way Heroics is nonetheless an enjoyable, addictive and innovative take on the crowded roguelike genre.
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  1. Mar 3, 2014
    It presents itself as a cheap, shallow, casual, story-less, old school, rogue like, JRPG experience with some replay-ability due to seeds, death, and # of turn constraints, exploration, difficulty level, and unlocks. Everything started changing about 10 minutes into the game.

    First! It went from being shallow and simple to being real deep and the transition was beautifully done. The mechanics are much deeper than meets the eye! Some people won't beat it on the first try and even those who beat it will find many reasons to replay the game from a different perspective and then you will notice something.

    Second! Then after a few runs, you'll start seeing hidden story elements in this story-less JRPG. You found the rabbit hole but little did you know, there is more than just that one rabbit hole. As you spend even more time chasing the plot, you'll notice even more secrets.

    Third! You don't want me spoiling these secrets for you. Get the game. The entertainment it provides is worth more than the asking price. And when you're done with it, and agree with this, go buy another copy and throw it at a friend.

    By the way : For those who are terrible at games and fear the roguelike element. You don't have to start from scratch. You simply get more points if you do start from scratch. The points are spendable for unlocks, but they don't buy power.
  2. Jun 25, 2014
    I was looking for a good indie game for under 1USD and I most certainly would recommend this game, I got it on sale on Steam for $0.77 it has a lot of depth and i give it a 10/10 must own. I don't believe I will tire
    of this game easily and even if i do its a great game to pick up and play randomly from time to time.
  3. Jul 8, 2014
    Very old, charming rogue like game, very similar to the newer, now very popular FTL though no where near as RNG based. If you fail in this game you'll know it was your doing and where you should improve upon. The story is simple but it doesn't need anything grandiose, the characters you meet are charming enough for the very little you'll see of them, the one major NPC ally is always nice to talk to for some fun dialog.
    A fun game for someone who has a half an hour to spend every so often.

    Hunter is OP
  4. Apr 5, 2014
    for 4 dollars there's no reason not to pick it up the story in the game is incredible and the song perfectly suits the mood but unless you've played deeper into the game you won't understand the truth behind the story.
    The first few playthroughs will be a simple level up grab items then fight and kill the demon lord as you access other dimensions you'll begin to run into npcs who slowly divulge their part of the story and eventually what came to be a simple hero defeats demon lord story turns into a much deeper tale.
    The game will require you to die multiple times in ur journey that's normal with each death you gain points to improve your character and which allows you to transfer over equipment from a previous death meanwhile unlocking perks classes and modes allowing you to bring over exceptionally powerful items or key items over for subsequent playthroughs some of which are required to achieve the true ending.

    To those reading this this game is not meant to be played in a simple one game playthroughs you are suppose to repeat playthroughs in order to come across more lore via npcs, so to the people who've only played it once and assume the game's over play it again there are 3 different endings which are slightly changed based on the difficulty as well as flavor text for each of the npc if you get their affection towards you up.

    The reviewer who claims this game is unforgiving is frankly incompetent at his job, its a roguelike its suppose to kill you, you gain points after each playthrough to improve your character and frankly the first 2 modes that come unlocked are extremely easy in comparison to the harder difficulties. The game will not instantly kill you unless you run left, anyone who claims this is unforgiving should quit gaming to play neopets, its entirely fair and even if the map generated isn't that beneficial the game gives the players 2 incredibly powerful abilities the first of which gives u freezes time for everyone but yourself allowing you 3 free turns and is usable 5 times a journey. the other is reliant on which class you're using but gives you a massive boost to combat such as increasing healing damage combo rates.
  5. Mar 3, 2014
    This game is very innovative, and whilst playing I can't help but bring to mind Half Minute Hero as well. If you've played that and enjoyed it, you'll love this. This game is very fast paced, and if somehow you manage to plow your way through it immediately (good luck) you will have only spent 30 minutes on it. However, the game's replay-ability is it's biggest feature. Each victory ends with more loot, more rewards, more knowledge, and more challenging modes to continue playing with. The game is endless hours of fun, and I must say it is well worth the small amount of money it costs. ($3.00 For anything that lasts for hours and hours is a good deal, regardless of what your interests are.) Expand
  6. Jan 14, 2014
    Old school RPG, or at least it is what it looks like from far far away.
    This rogue like RPG is very hard and at same time so fun, 1 life is
    all you have.
    You'll just restart after dyeing again and again, unlocking new class, perks or spaces in the dimensional vault.
    Each run rewards you of points and advice, so you'll never be frustrated to have done so much for nothing.
    On top of that there are many game modes so you have the experience that is the most what you look for in the game.
    And for the price, it would be a shame not to try it if you like that kind of game
  7. Jun 24, 2014
    Last Played: June 2014
    PROS: +Unique idea +Progression is satisfying +RPG that does not require grinding
    CONS: -Mechanics unexplained
    –Progression is harder than it should be –Luck plays too large a role
    REVIEW: I picked this up during a Steam sale for US$0.87 which in my mind was an acceptable risk for a small game with a novel idea. This game doesn’t bother to explain itself, so I will note that this is a turn-based RPG which favors strong items (good ones can carry over from play to play to a limited extent) since your stats will reset to level 0 on each play. Customization is offered by equipping unique items and choosing new perks at game start-all of which means that this game is like no other that I know of (which isn’t entirely good). Given that getting further is so difficult (as measured in game km from start) when you actually get further it feels pretty rewarding, and with the right luck (and to a lesser extent, strategy) this can happen as early as 30 mins of replays into the game.
    Which brings us around to our cons: progression is nearly impossible until you understand the game mechanics, some of which are unexplained until you meet a (randomly generated) NPC, though this may not actually clarify some of the more obscure components. This means that some parts of the game may not make any sense until you have died 2 dozen times or more (there is still at least one mechanic that I don’t understand). This makes the game unfairly hard since the early portion is a guessing game to get at the strategy/luck meat below. Speaking of luck, it is much too important in this game. If you discover a good weapon early on, you can get very far, allowing you to find even better weapons and unlock permanently enhancing perks and such. If you have the misfortune to find a common item in a rare chest or encounter a monster so strong it shouldn’t appear for another few hundred km, that’s just too bad (and for insult-to-injury a very early death will net you no points to put toward permanent enhancements). The best strategies can be foiled too easily by the randomness of this game (which is why roguelikes in general get a bad rap). Anyway, I DO find it fun, and I think I got a good deal on it, but whether it is worth the US$2.50 asking price is something you’ll have to decide for yourself.

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