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  1. Jan 8, 2011
    I have played OFDR one year after its pubblication.
    The game fails in everything.
    AI is too accurate in far distances, all the enemies seem to be snipers. Also, they can kill us even if we are hidden inside thick vegetation or behind a wall. But when we get closer to the enemy, it is completely stupid and easy to kill.
    Physics are bad. Tanks and vehicles flips in the air when we drive them
    on little rocks. Moreover I had the sensation to drive them on the ice.
    There are no checkpoints for secondary objectives (more difficult to complete than the primary ones).
    Graphics suck....bad textures, 3D models, lighting, post processing effects, bloom...
    Single player campaign is slow and boring...
    ARMA2 is on another level and a REAL PC GAME.
  2. Oct 15, 2010
    Once again, a game that demonstrates the broken review system of so many game review magazine and websites. 221 negative user reviews as of this posting, and no negative reviews from critics? Do you see something wrong with this picture? I do. This game is the retarded poor cousin of the original Operation Flashpoint. If you want Operation Flashpoint don't play this dumbed down console shooter ported to PC, go and buy ArmA II. Expand
  3. Nov 27, 2010
    A Very, very good single-player champaign, sure the AI is not perfect here and there but hey, it's acceptable. The levels are fun and very exciting. I was never a huge fan of the original title, but this, this hooked me, and even on the second play-through I was ever so hooked. I recommend this title for anyone who enjoys open world war games, it is beautiful and plays like a charm.....Don't get why some people says that it's ugly and bland... Obviously it should be bland, it's not COD make-belief environments.. This is the way things look in war!! Expand
  4. Mar 31, 2011
    Just to make things clear, I have my own system of rating games (1-9). And so now you can see that an '8' is very high to me. I leave '10' ratings for what I consider perfect games, of which there are only three; The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid and Half-life.

    This game is by no means perfect, however as I enjoy; realism and FPSs this game is the best for satisfying
    both requirements. Also I really like it when game companies spend time making things accurate and I feel they have with this game. Ok, you will always be able to find things that are a bit dodgy but Codemasters have done a good job here. I think I should also mention that this game is quite difficult and I can't help but think that many people who disliked it were simply not playing the right game for them. If you want to run around following tightly scripted checkpoints like an idiot firing from the hip killing scores of bad guys and never running out of ammo then play a COD game and not this one.

    Another thing I like about this game is the difficulty system. The enemy AI doesn't change whether you're playing on easy or hardcore, you just get a lot less help from the game. Once you've perfected managing your team at individual level you will enjoy the game a lot more and the problems with the friendly AI will be drastically lessened which seems to be a major complaint by most players.

    Good points;
    + a very realistic FPS
    + an accurate game about modern warfare (which COD isn't)
    + a game in which you should think for yourself and adapt plans real-time as the situation dictates
    + it's difficult and some people will like the challenge
    + it's very cheap to buy

    Bad points;
    + AI is some times really good but mostly just typical and some times frustratingly bad
    + some glitches and bugs (seems to vary on different systems)
    + runs notably better on a PC and not a console
    + no one plays online
    + it's difficult and most people will not like the challenge
    + after completing it on hardcore admittedly there is not much replay value (I still do)
  5. May 30, 2013
    Riding on the glory of original operation flashpoint gameplay was horrible Campaing was horrible multiplayer was horrible and bugged to hell when released This was a disgrace to the name of operation flashpoint only later i found out that real operation flashpoint makers had made series called ARMA and that was the real simulation follow up for opf .
    TLDR: Codemasters tookd the
    operation flashpoint name and disgraced it hard game sucks hard and anyone looking for real simulation game should buy Arma 2 and soon Arma 3 Expand
  6. Sep 1, 2010
    PhillipD affirmative! I was a HUGE pc operation flashpoint fan. I have ARMA and ARMA II and a beastly pc and they run pathetically. Dragon Rising is extremly stable on pc. There are some AI bugs, and certain checkpoints (that you can't see luckily) when initiated suddenly spawn more enemy, sometimes only a few metres away! This does detract from the game slightly. But on the whole this is a very exciting well made tactical shooter. The graphics are very good, sound is amazing! Even when near wire fences bullets make different ricochet sounds, talk from team mates is great, and it seriously feels like combat. I think all the negative comments are from very shallow console gamers who don't really know what a tactical shooter should be like. Don't bother comparing them to COD4 etc, totally different genres really. And multiplayer is quite stable too. Come on everyone jump into the fray, but remember to get your keyboard commands sussed first!! Good game!! Expand
  7. Dec 22, 2010
    Campaign was slightly buggy, but alot of fun to play. But the campaign is all you can really play with this game. The realism was much better than other shooter campaigns and it was very challenging and alot of fun to play coop. There isnt really a multiplayer content that is good however but i still reccomend playing this game just for the campaign, but do so when it is on sale as you are only getting a campaign out of it. Expand
  8. May 16, 2011
    Think of this game as ARMA for NOOBS and you will get along with it just fine!
    This game is easier than any of the ARMA series, but harder than say Call of Duty. I think it is stuck somewhere in between. The biggest attraction I had to it was the Co-Op. That alone simply made the game worth buying. Played co-op with my kid and we had a great time figuring out how everything worked while
    covering each others back,and killing the enemy before they killed us (most of the time. As long as both of you don't die at the same time you can respawn. If you are looking for super simple blast em up carnage then I suggest you play Serious Sam HD Second Encounter. If you are looking for super realistic, go buy ARMA 2. Now that game is so realistic I think you have to get a crew cut and eat crappy MREs to play it! I WANT to like ARMA 2, but I can never actually locate the enemy like I can in say just about every FPS out there. I know that is probably realistic, but I'd rather have SOME fun! If you are looking for cool co-op along the vein of Ghost Recon (but a bit harder) then you will probably enjoy this game. To me it truly is a dumbed down ARMAish type of game and I for one appreciate it. And they really did a good job with the sound, you see the large distant explosion and the sound of it realistically takes a second or two to get to you. Vehicles are not realistic, but I wasn't buying a driving sim, so that seemed secondary to me. Funny how codemasters is known for their realistic driving sims and they managed to make such crappy vehicle physics.
    I tried some multiplayer, but due to my god-given talent of sucking at multiplayer, I am sure I did not hurt anyone's feelings or even make them call a medic (except maybe to get something when their sides started hurting from laughing at me so hard).
    So while the game is far from perfect and gives people from both sides of the aisle to gripe about, I am glad I bought it and played it. Heck friend me on steam (greghile) and we'll play some co-op!
  9. Aug 15, 2010
    This game is a love hate relationship for me. I love it because of the freedom it gives you to command your fireteam to victory based on the scenario and your strategy type. Whether you want to march in there head first guns a blazing, or let 3 and 4 flank right as you and 2 lay suppressive fire down. Not that you can always do that. Finding the best strategy and learning from mistakes is what this game is all about. By the final mission, you will have the talent built up enough for you to go through it your first try. This has to be the most realistic shooters of our generation so far. All marine corps and military jargon and slang is put in to this game, after a while you get used to it and can impress your friend by saying " I'm oscar mike" or " the target is 2 klicks north". The game's HUD has your fireteam members on the left. Pressing Q will make a order list appear giving you a list of commands to choose from. Things like "tighten up", " Combat Spread", "move fast", " fire on my lead", "assault" and most importantly " medic!". The Health system is very similar to a Ghost recon game. Except Operation Flashpoint has a more forgiving system. A minor flesh wound will show up as a yellow mark on the injury indicator, a direct hit will be an orange mark, and a bad hit will be red indicating you are bleeding out with a timer on the side telling you how much time you have. A medic will fix all wounds back to normal status with an unrealistic syringe prick, that's all. A field kit will stabilize you and keep the wounds so that they wont bleed out. More realistic. The graphics are visually amazing for the scenery and gun models, but the Character models lack significantly. The music for the opening menu is making piss myself everytime i hear it. It releases my tribal instincts to be the best i can and tear up heads. Then there is my favorite part, the mission editor. The game comes with a mission editor that give you a map of Skira and lets you put thing around the map. Giving you the option to make your own mission or screw around with different scenarios. It can be confusing at first but when you get the hang of it. Its the most fun you could have. With this being said lets go on to the hate part. The Campaign is boring most of the time. Vehicles can only be used when they are traveling around. Until the last mission, only ground vehicles such as trucks, cars, and Humvees are available, maybe a tank or two. Firefights happen every once and a while but can be boring most of the time. Even so, when laying down on the ground, you cant see two feet in front of you in the never ending tall grass, only in buildings can you do this. This is extremely frustrating because you are way easier to hit when standing or crouched. Them there is the fact you can only change your weapons when you find an enemy weapon's box or a dead body of either yours or of the enemy. This is extremely frustrating because the ammo is so delicate, you need to find a crate or a body to collect more. Even when you find a body, it need to be the same weapon type to collect ammo. So you may have to switch out guns, seeing how the PLA weapons are nearly useless. Next, the enemy Ai seem to just stand around rather than patrol an area when you are attacking, and they cant see 5 feet in front of themselves at night. This makes it extremely easy. Not to mention both friendly and enemy AI are extremely inaccurate. Glitch riddled gameplay plagues this game head to toe. If it wasn't for the great overall story, gameplay interface, and mission editor. It would get a two. This would be without a doubt my favorite game if it wasn't so painful to play. Regardless, i give it a 7 for effort at a great game, you lucked out. Playability: 8. Gameplay: 6. Graphics: 8. Sounds: 9. Replay value: medium Expand
  10. Jan 1, 2011
    This was an okay game, granted I was only really interested in the singleplayer campaign. It feels a lot like Novalogic's old Delta Force games--a lot of trekking around, looking for the perfect opportunity and location to attack. There's plenty of checkpoints (for saving) and I would say I only really got stuck two or three times. The action can get pretty intense at times; and the missions vary in type: assaults, stealth, hostage rescue. There's a good assortment of weapons, some with just irons sights, others with scopes or IR; I just wish you could select your own weapons before the mission. The thing is this game is badly in need of some additional polish. Although it was really stable for me, there are bugs everywhere and the interface and game mechanics are very clunky. Some examples: the humvee handling feels like you're driving on ice; if you remap the use key, you can't exit the inventory menu on bodies; getting an AT weapon out takes several seconds and can't be interrupted; AI gets stuck on things; quick command interface has too many commands, although lacks a wait command; two missions where helicopters don't give you enough time to destroy AA before they fly in, etc. Regardless, these bugs are mostly things to shake your head at and don't ruin the whole game. I'd say it was certainly worth the $3 special price I got it for. Expand
  11. Nov 30, 2011
    This game took away everything that made original Operation Flashpoint great and replaced it with average console shooter junk.

    Away is the freedom, customization, user made content, modding, atmospheric campaign, challenging missions, "feel of being there".

    All we got is bland terrain, repetitive missions, dumb AI, corridor shooter feeling when traveling from checkpoint to checkpoint,
    magic bullet shield that makes enemies shoot all around you but not at you, horrible short campaign. Expand
  12. May 19, 2011
    My computer is worth about $2500. This game used five. This was a really dishonest outing by Codemasters. Aside from the shoddy product and the misleading ads. . . uh, seriously, Astroturfing campaigns? Really guys? How much did you want to milk somebody else's hard work for, and bilk their fans? You might have just put in the effort and made a good game instead, it would have been less trouble. Expand
  13. Jul 21, 2011
    Poor console port, its playable but fails on every level, AI, animations, vehicles, its pretty poor and uninspired. The best part of the game is probably game menu, and it still sucks because of the song they put in there.
  14. Sep 17, 2012
    This is not a true Operation Flashpoint, nor is it as good as ArmA. Military simulators, in my opinion, do not even belong on the consoles. But this is a fine effort, and I enjoyed the single player regardless. The game needs better A.I. and a graphics engine more suited for simulator type games (it looks okay, but it is impossible to see if enemies are behind cover at a distance). But other than that, it's not a bad game. It makes me eager to see if more developers will make better games just like this one for the console market. Expand
  15. Jul 8, 2011
    This is ridiculously short war game. This game could have been really good, it looks good, it sounds good, single player mission are quite nice, enemy AI is very nice and puts a decent opponent against you. However it is missing something very relevant, mission to play during single player campaing. Yes it has a mission editor, but I donâ
  16. Jan 30, 2014
    It's really a trash game, tried first on PS3, it was awful, later the demo on PC, yeah... trash, walk a long circle around this one, if you really want to see it for yourself, try the demo. I Thought it was like the old Rainbow six, where you also could make your own load-out, but no, here is your M16A4 instead.
  17. Sep 1, 2012
    Grapically, this game is very well done. But gameplay wise.... it's quite boring. The environment is very detailed when you are outside, but when you step inside a structure you will see completely empty rooms with the occasional mutilated corpse. Enemies are snipers from long rage but are completely brain dead when it comes to killing you if you reside inside a building. Multiplayer is broken so that you will constantly lose connections to the server/other player who is host. Not a game i recommend purchasing, even for fans of military simulators. Expand
  18. Dec 3, 2011
    Good graphics but not as realistic as the first and no dedicated server support for multi-player. Huge foul up on Codemasters' part. They basically made it for consoles and then ported it to the PC. Bad idea.
  19. Apr 18, 2012
    Falls short of its potential. Severe consolitis, some frustrating gameplay, mouse acceleration, too low FOV, a bit too arcade... It tries to be a simulator with arcade gameplay which does not work. Totally overshadowed by the ARMA series which does everything except the singleplayer campaign better. While I recommend some mediocre games provided you can buy them for next to nothing, I'm not sure this is one of them - you should have better things to do. Expand
  20. Apr 20, 2012
    Despite the blithering chatter of the roughly one-in-three who actually enjoyed this game, I have taken to reviewing this piece of sh!t despite having played it for only a few minutes. I fully accept that I only get one shot at reviewing each game (yeah, thanks metacritic -- it's not like any of us ever play something more than once, right?), but I cannot in all good conscience go on to recommend this POS even if I DO find some website that tells me how to do something basic and get past the first part of the first level. I started it, I liked the setting, I don't mind the stilted motion, the ordinary graphics (reminds me a lot of Ghost Recon 2001), and overly-technical interface. But EXACTLY LIKE THAT EQUALLY SH!TTY ARMA2, it is the INABILITY TO ISSUE ONE SINGLE ORDER -- YOU THERE, BLOW UP THAT RADAR -- THAT EARNS THIS GAME P.O.S. OF THE YEAR! Well done, Codemasters. You have successfully gone where your former teammates in the ARMAtards went and produced a COMPREHENSIVELY UN-INTUITIVE INTERFACE that leaves the VERY FIRST MISSION victim of a SACF command. I'm serious. I can weave my way with complete deceptiveness toward the radar installation. I can flank and gun down a dozen enemy troops, but I cannot, in all the menus, in all the commands, with all the keyboard shortcuts, figure how I am s'posed to tell that guy, yeah you with the massive C4 belt hanging around your neck, to blow up THAT radar installation. I mean, the idiot should just KNOW to do it, but I'll forgive his adherence to chain of command. But, nup, I am apparently a complete 'tard because there is no way that radar is ever getting blown up. I even lost the other two teams waiting for me to do it and come help them, but they got wasted waiting for my a$$. I'm gobsmacked. Who writes this crap? If we got this from the likes of EA or Sony or any of them, there's be riots in the streets with people wanting to burn alive the UI designers and the QA testers. So why do we accept this from codemasters just because they're amateurs? Does that make this nonsense acceptable? No, I say. If the "you there, blow that up" command isn't in the field manual, and isn't in the options, nor in the keyboard commands, and CERTAINLY cannot be chanced upon, then I consider that counter-intuitive bullsh17. And men have died for less! In short, unless you LIKE puzzle games where figuring out the command structure of the game IS the puzzle, then leave this crap right alone. Expand
  21. Sep 12, 2014
    A Great tactical game normal can be challenging at times hard is pretty awesome. i'm a fan of bullet drop and trajectories and this game makes you use you're units wisely though normal you don't half to as much but they still can save your ass.

    Graphics are good and the game feels great, actually takes time to switch out guns and doesn't feel extremely awful like arma 2 .

    Worth $12
  22. Aug 6, 2012
    As the supposed successor to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (one of my all-time favorite games), this game fails miserably. It shares most of the weaknesses of that game (e.g. too-accurate AI, boring travel) but almost none of its strengths (e.g. good story, variety of gameplay, fun vehicles, character/squad customization). This game is obviously another console port which dumbs down the game without compensating to keep it fun. One mission has you sneak in to do recon, but if you shoot anyone you blow your cover and fail--not too fun for a SHOOTER game. Expand
  23. Jul 22, 2012
    After playing this game for 10 minutes I could already tell it's terrible. If you use the scroll wheel to change weapons you can't move and have to wait a couple seconds before it realizes that you want to change. I mean come on the whole point of the pistol is because I've either run out of ammo in the middle of a fight or I need to reload in the middle of a fight. The controls are sluggish, aiming seems like a chore for the soldier. The guns are not realistic, the first one you get is apparently a m16 mod 0 but it's not a sniper, it's an assault rifle that looks like a scar. The squad controls are terrible and there really is no point in them even giving you a gun because your squad will kill everything before you can even get close. It's also very hard to tell when you're hit. The graphics are not the best, I've seen games with equal quality on a PS2 system. The only plus to this game is how I bought it for $3.50 so for the price it is good. I guess you get what you pay for. I would wait until it goes on sale again to get it and not pay the $15 price tag on it. Expand
  24. Jun 15, 2013
    Game is stupid,AI good accuracy at long distances(Like if they were carrying sniper rifles)while regardless your skill u cant hit enemies sometimes due to bullet spread or drop or w/e,bad accuracy at short ranges,ally AI sucks ,sometimes they dont look for cover and go into melee range at close quarters.... the PC version sucks even FAR CRY 1 the very first one looks better in every sense
  25. Jul 20, 2014
    Awesome game for someone who hates linear shooters like COD but ARMA is too hardcore. AI is kinky sometimes, but if you have few friends to play with, you can complete whole campaign by yourselves, no AI hassle. Visuals looks great and with much lower system requirements than other similarly or even not as good looking games. On-line server were unfortunately closed, but if you want solid single-player or lan coop experience this game is just for you. Expand
  26. Jan 2, 2013
    Pretty disappointing. The graphics look good and the gameplay style is what it is supposed to be, but that's the only purely positive things about it. Everything else is flawed in someway.

    The friendly AI in your fire team is completely incompetent most of the time. If you order them to assault they can be helpful, but most of the time will not take cover or fire effectively like the
    enemy AI do. If you order one to heal another you can't cover them because if you move they move too and never get it done.
    If you order suppressive fire, well maybe they will maybe they won't. The vehicles are more of a pain in the ass to command. THERE'S NO WAY TO LOOK AROUND YOU. Better hope there's never an enemy behind you because there's no way to order your gunner to shoot them. You can't turn your head?! So realistic! And again, you can't be sure you men will even get in.
    The saves at checkpoints doesn't make any sense. If you die you don't start where you were at the last checkpoint. they just stick you were they expected you to be! And you will not have any of the weapons you had when you reached that check point. There at least needs to be one save per mission, like in Cold war crisis, if they're going to be that stupid.
    The map is annoying. In the briefing, before a mission, there's little icons and they say you need to clear a road but there's nothing showing what road, what route the units you're escorting are taking. Really **** briefings. As for the "realistic trajectories" it seems that means bullets fly randomly. There's a difference between bullet drop, wind effect and bullets not hitting where you aim. All in all, I don't understand why CM keep putting this half finished crap out. Arma 2 was horrible because it was lacking aspects of Dragon Rising. Dragon Rising is lacking aspects or Arma 2. There hasn't been much improvement since Cold War Crisis in my opinion. Instead of continuing to turn out **** they need to just finish one of these games. I want to finish it but I don't think I'll be able to deal with the frustration.
  27. Apr 17, 2013
    I know that this game has many bugs that make the scenery and AI seem bad but the concept of the game is amazing. This is the game that was the prequel to games like ARMA. I love the realism involved and the multiplayer was very fun and different with being able to control a large group of men against another army.
  28. Jul 15, 2014
    the main issue with this game is the toooooo difficult game play, in 80% of the time when confronting enemies you are exposed and easily shot even though the enemy is too far for you to see, how come they can see and shoot me and i cant !! the AI in this game is incredibly advanced , you get shot even when hiding behind bushes or crawling on your belly !!!! its frustrating because every thing else in the game is excellent with regard to graphics audio and the whole game atmosphere ,Operation F.P/ Red River is a lot better , it is still difficult, but not to the point of being impossible to play, Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. It's not perfect, there are little problems and niggles that can be found if you look for them, but none of them spoil the game or ruin the playing experience.
  2. Operation Flashpoint 2 is a simulation, but it’s a simulation that is actually fun to play.
  3. Maybe it lacks some innovation and graphics appeal, as if time had made expectations too great, but it is a very good first step for the series to continue.