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  1. Oct 16, 2014
    Orcs Must Die! 2(OMD2) is -how surprising - the sequel to Orcs Must Die! and follows the same mechanism. You have to stop the invading Orcs from reaching a certain point on the map. I think they call this a tower defense game. And it literally is. You defend your castle against the multitude of monsters by placing a selection of traps and troops at critical points and supporting them with your avatar who can be equipped with various weapon and items..
    Interesting is that OMD2 is not a top down game, but rather a 3 third person game. I
    In OMD 2 there are two playable characters: the War Mage, the male protagonist from OMD and the Sorceress, his female adversary from the same game. Each has unique capabilities, the first is more tuned in to fighting, the second more capable of using magic.
    The War Mage is somewhat easier to play as he can use a trap that is cheap ,is always on and affects all the types of orcs. It slows down them down allowing your other traps and troops to deal with them more easier. The Sorceress only has traps that works at intervals thus making it harder to deal with the mobs.
    There are various modes and levels of difficulty. There is a story mode that takes through various maps and gradually introduces you to new types of orcs and weapons, items, traps and troops. Improvements for these are unlocked by collecting Skulls.
    You can also spend skulls on outfits..if you are bored with your default appearance. The new outfits have no other effect than changing your looks.

    Visual OMD 2 has a comic book like quality. The male avatar is portrayed as a all round cool guy who thinks the world of himself..the female character has a snappy attitude and wears sexy outfits, of course.
    There banter between the two characters is pretty funny and kept as part of this game although now they are competitors working for the same side(or more like, against the orcs in the style: your enemies enemy is my ally) instead of adversaries.

    I find the game fun to play. It combines smooth combat, funny banter, nice graphics and challenging situations. It does what it is supposed to do and it does it well.

    I decided on a 8.5 overall and hesitantly round it down to eight. Judged as a tower defense game it might be a nine. Judged as an overall game.. I decide that it was an eight, basically because of the following considerations: it lacks a gripping story, it becomes repetitive after a while, you can't play the orcs(which would be funny), you can't program what the ai can use against you(why not have sliders with: more trolls, more flyers?)and a character can't select the unique capabilities of the other character.

    A nice game if you can pick it up cheaply.

  2. Aug 25, 2014
    The problem about Orcs Must Die2 is: ITS NOT Orcs Must Die!!
    Not as good as its predecessor, but its still a good game.
    Too bad the best of Orcs Must Die is not present imho...
  3. Aug 1, 2014
    One of those games I just don't get or derive any subjective fun. No its not the cartoon style graphics or the cheesy dialogue. Its the highly repetitive rinse and repeat gameplay with little to no movement and just spamming the attack button all the time.
  4. Jun 28, 2014
    A tower-defense game packed with fun and personality. The co-op focus is too much to fully praise the game (it would benefit from a more reasonable single-player experience), but even for a solo-player, the game is quite fun. I hope to see refinement in the next installment, to fully include all play-styles. Still, highly recommended!
  5. Feb 28, 2014
    A new twist on the very much loved genre of tower defence. Set your traps and ready your magic/bows/fists! Waves of creatures will come at you and you better be prepared for everything. Very strategic and challenging and all the more fun with another friend with you! Worth getting during the steam sales or/and if you're in the mood for some charming graphics and tantalising strategy fun.
  6. Dec 16, 2013
    I really enjoyed the original orc must die (35+ hours) and maybe had too high expectations on the second one. I only went up to level 10 or 12 and I have to admit I got already bored.

    The mine environment is boring and dull, and there is way less space to put traps on so you get no room for creativity. Most of your kills will be done by your basic attack and spell but very few by your
    traps. So you will end up clicking like crazy, which is not very interesting gameplay wise. On top of that your basic weapon feels off compare to the original crossbow.
    The orcs doesnt look as good as in the original.
    There is not a single feature which feels like an improvement... I didn't try coop though. But I already can't be bothered playing this game anymore. I give it a 5 for the fair price.
  7. Nov 18, 2013
    A fun game. The tower defense portion could be more effective especially when trying to build a path for the orcs to follow. Other than that, a few quirks here and there that are to be expected don't distract from having a fun time.
  8. Nov 11, 2013
    The re-make of UI with customization of traps, addition of endless mode, new weapons and traps are good features brought by this installment. However, the good things I can think of simply end up here. The level design is much worse than OMD1, and the traps are less deadly as well. The fun of watching Orcs being wiped out by the traps, while players finish off the remaining ones is long gone.

    The game simply become an action game with player running around to shoot the enemies weakened by the traps. At one point in game, I think I am just playing a shooter game with ability to set traps rather than a tower defense game with action element. It is just a chore in later stages of game, especially when you are playing solo, since the maps are mainly made for co-op purpose.

    Single player experience is of less fun, but co-op experience also suffers. There is no match making available, and player has to find a partner from their friend list in steam themselves.

    At last, there are tons of DLCs in this game, while the game itself has less maps than the original. All in all, this game just look like a quick cash-in for milking the hardcore fans before the franchise losing all its charm. A Disappointment.
  9. Oct 13, 2013
    Game Play[7]
    Contactable/Easter Eggs[6]
    replay Value[10]
    Gaming Satisfaction[8]
    Technical Issues[10]
    Over All[7.8]
  10. Sep 18, 2013
    More of the same as the original only perhaps a bit more difficult. Still fun but not much new that jumps out and pulls you in. I did not play co-op and prefer single player and that experience is perhaps a bit below the original for reasons given by others.
  11. Aug 30, 2013
    awesome game but just a few things they changed like the orcs am I the only one that thinks that the orcs looked a lot better in the first game but there are a lot of improvements to like refunding skulls that is good if you decide you want different items and you can always get skulls in endless or the weekly challenge to get all the traps and other cool items in the shop you want also I'm not sure if this is true or not but the amount of archers you can have went up and I liked that because I hate having to deal with air its hard to kill the air then get back to the ground units before they get close and that is a big problem later on in the levels and the multi player ohhh I lave multi player games so that was good and I hope they make another game some day but work ant the orcs a bit more and the story was a bit short sure you can go back and try to beat you're scores or play endless but I like more story line without having to buy dlc but again I still think it was a very good game with the coolest concept fps meets tower def Expand
  12. Aug 11, 2013
    Tower defense done right, and it's co-op! There's an endless combination of weapons, traps, and trinkets to suit pretty much any play style. Plus, the 2 main characters have different items so there's enough variety to make every game feel different. The upgrade system is really well done and offers the option to refund all of your points for free so you can try out a completely new build whenever you want. Sadly, the game seems a little too difficult to play solo and you'll find that the characters' one liners get old pretty quick. Expand
  13. Aug 10, 2013
    Great game, has alot of content and is a great challenge, the DLC is pretty good, and the fact that teamplay is greatly rewarded is really inspiring. This game is really addictive and is sure to suck up many hours of your time.
  14. Aug 2, 2013
    A near perfect mix of action, strategy, rpg elements, and just pure fun. The difficulty is balanced just right IMHO. This is probably the most enjoyable game I've played in the past year.
  15. Jul 24, 2013
    This game is fun, challenging and very enjoyable. I haven't had so much fun in a co-op game last years. There's a lot of replay-ability in this game with different upgrades, traps, etc. Buy and play this game with a friend, you won't regret it.
  16. AWG
    Jul 21, 2013
    I never played the first one but I have to admit this "Orcs Must Die! 2" is a funny and enjoyable game. Loved the single player campaign and the male character.
  17. Jul 15, 2013
    I like the game principle. But the tower defense part is to small. In some levels there is not enough time between waves to create a proper tower combination. If the towers were able to kill everything without your hero (e.g. by picking other abilities), i would have liked it more.
  18. Jul 12, 2013
    Better then the original.
    New traps, new levels (And also some of the old ones If you have the first game in your Steam library), new enemies, and now Co-op!
    If you haven`t played the first one, it`s basically a trap defense game (Yes, trap defense, NOT TOWER) in which you are trying to stop the Orcs from reaching the exit.
    I really don`t have any problems with this game.
    But keep in
    mind this game was basically made around Co-op, so be sure to have a friend!
    Anyway a good game.
    All Orcs Must Die!!!
  19. Jul 1, 2013
    I think this is the best $20 I've ever spent, it really is incredibly simple to learn, easy to play, and fun to play. It requires some thinking and uses a great concept of tower defense and 3rd person action, it is a really good game and I am hoping the 3rd one will be out this year.
    The sound quality is average quality, the voice acting has that of Axton from Borderlands 2, the graphics
    match the atmosphere perfectly. There is a wide variety of weapons, traps, trinkets, and costumes for both characters, and the levels seem to be playtested well, allowing for a variety of strategies to win levels, but never easily. Endless is great fun and a challenge at all levels, there is 3 difficulties in the campaign and there is also endless mode, 3 dlc packs with 3 maps each, and a classic that allows you to play the 10 favorite maps of the first one. It is 20 dollars and worth 60, far more enjoyable with a friend though. Expand
  20. Jun 28, 2013
    Multiplayer fanboys have ruined another great singleplayer franchise. OMD2 is nowhere near as good as OMD1 is. It is buggy, laggy, and just feels rushed. Singleplayer is insanely boring and uninteresting this time around. Sure, it's possible to finish the game in SP, but you won't enjoy it. Each map is designed with 2 players in mind, and it ruins any flow to the game. Not a single one of the maps is memorable and makes me want to go back and try a new strategy. In fact, i found myself playing the classic levels more than the standard ones. Also, 80% of the traps and weapons in this game are reused from OMD1. Yawn. There is also the crossbow which is almost completely useless because of the totally broken headshot hitbox. On top of it all, OMD2 is poorly optimized. You will get massive framerate lag on most machines when you get near particle effects, and it's pathetic. There is no evidence of care or passion in this game at all. It's simply a cash grab. OMD1 was a great game, OMD2 is not. Multiplayer fanboys, please stay away from our singleplayer games. You've ruined another promising franchise. Expand
  21. Jun 23, 2013
    I wanna start off this review by stating that if you like Tower Defense games, buy this game right now. You'll love it. As for me, games like this get boring for me quickly. Its a great game, but after getting about halfway in i just got bored with it. There are only so many new obstacles you can give me and map changes before i get tired of it. Again, like i said, this is an incredible tower defense game. This score just reflects how this games not for me. I had fun for time i played but im done with it now and dont have any incentive to go back and play unless im doing coop. Expand
  22. Jun 9, 2013
    OMD2 is a great addition to the TD genre of games and gives a new twist on the gameplay mechanics. However, there are some features that leave much desired.

    What OMD2 does right is that its *generally* fun to play. Then again, most TD's are. The idea that both the war mage and the traps share in the killing is a great mechanic. The idea that you can customize your traps is another great
    mechanic. And the idea of providing a variety of different floor traps, wall traps, and ceiling traps, each with their own strategical options is fantastic.

    But as you play the game, you will see that this game not only caters to Co-op, but is made for it. Forced co-op ruins games, and OMD2 is no exception. The most enjoyable levels are where you only have to defend from 1-2 points; but unfortunately these levels are few and far between. Instead, you have many, many maps where you have to defend 3-4 openings, and with 2-3 defense points. This makes single player mode extremely frustrating at times, and it just becomes too much. Is it really necessary to have 4 openings? Well, yes if you want 2 players playing together.

    And the sad thing is, you dont really have any options to customize your maps. I cant disable the other openings when playing single player. The game is basically telling you, "you BETTER DEFEND FOUR openings, damn you, or play multiplayer. That's it. End of story!"

    Why cant I customize my levels? How about just do pure troll waves? Or how about a pure flyer level?

    The other major problem is that traps are not powerful enough. Even when fully upgraded, they only serve to slow down or cripple the approaching hordes of orcs. TD is named "Tower Defense" for a reason! There is something very satisfying seeing your concoction of traps slice, dice, crush, fling, burn, freeze, and zap orcs to oblivion; but their power output just isnt enough. Its up to the player to thin the hordes. Unfortunately, this just is not as fun as the strategy of your traps. TD is primarily a strategy game after all, it spawned from Warcraft 3. Blowing up orcs with my shotgun sort of gets old. Combine this with the fact that you have multiple openings, and if you're playing single player, you will be running around like a chicken without a head!

    These points have been discussed not only in this review, but many OMD discussion boards.

    These are the sort of things that prevent a "good" game from becoming a "great" game. I'm surprised, since this game is sort of considered to be an indie game, there is no toolset. There is no modding support. The modding community would jump on a game like this. New sets of both single player and multiplayer maps would be introduced in no time. This is a huge disappointment. I know there are probably some mods out there for this game, but its few and far between.

    Overall, OMD2 is a good game. It has the basics right. It's generally fun and polished. But there are several mechanics of the game that prevent it from becoming great. OMD2 is a great example of a game with missed opportunities.

    Hopefully OMD3 will support a modding toolset and more customized features. If they do and stick to the formula then OMD3 will become a classic.

  23. May 27, 2013
    One huge flaw with OMD1 was that it came without the possibility of Co-Op. Now that there's a co-op implemented this game is top notch fun. Amazing gameplay, amazing characters, awesome new builds and tactics. Whether you're a new player or liked OMD1, OMD2 is a must-have. You'll spend many hours with this one. Thumbs up!
  24. May 2, 2013
    This is a great game. It is highly entertaining and the co-op mode is great fun. The only issues with it are its limited lifespan and the fact that so much of the game is paid DLC. That said, definitely worth serious consideration for fans of co-op action, defense games and of course, those who like frantic adventuring.
  25. Apr 30, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game. I thought it was defiantly better than the first one, but only if you have friends to play it with. The graphics are better, and there's more traps and weapons. I'm a little disappointed that they took out the weavers, but the new skull system is way better than the old one. If you don't have friends to play with you should still get it but it is definitely better with other people Expand
  26. Apr 18, 2013
    Just another tower defense? Think again. This game is great, spamable crossbow, hack-and-slash, quick magic spells, orcs torn to pieces, sliced orcs, impailed orcs, burnt orcs, electrocuted orcs, orcs swimming in acid and lava pits, flying orcs, orcs flying into one another because of your catapults. This game is awesome and you can be too if you buy it. The only downside: not enough orcs.
  27. Apr 5, 2013
    I bought this game on steam when it was on sale I spent 3 dollars on this game. I am very pleased with my purchase. This game is a tower defense combined with third person elements. You are also able to take direct effect in combat with either the sorceress or the warmage. The warmage is a tanky melee fighter who can take more hits than the sorceress. the sorceress is ranged dps who can take less hits but has more damage. These different play styles are also reflective in the traps you can place. Some of the traps are specific to the character in the end game and the early game. Like the sorceress has the acid sprayer and the warmage has the black oil. The traps can be upgraded by the form of in game currency skulls and you can upgrade each trap 3 times, and then give them a unique passive of one of 2 abilities that trap gets. This can also be done with the weapons and their are in game skins you can buy with the in game currency. The few things that hold the game back are its relatively short story mode. how exploitative you can be in co op. That for me just holds it back more then it should but I completed the campaign in about 6-8 on normal mode. The draw to these kind of games is trying to perfect your strategy for that one room you couldn't do just right and going back and trying to get it just right. There is always endless mode and the weekly challenge if you wanna keep playing and if you wanna find that new challenge. The longevity of this game is gonna be dependent on how much wanna perfect these strategies and finding new ways to combine traps. This game was above average but not great. Expand
  28. Apr 4, 2013
    I never played the first, but this is a very enjoyable, unique gaming experience that has me hooked. The DLC is a bit overpriced, and the artwork is not very genuine, but it's still a fun title. I'd say about 7.5/10
  29. Mar 19, 2013
    Orcs Must Die 2 was almost all good. There are many and varied weapons, traps, and in us, mates. Only two problems with the game. A bit ugly graphics, and often only be used for our people, because if you trap, you might as well get into the place because of our effective against ogres. I played this game for a long time, only the last act stuck. But no matter, it is a good game.
  30. Feb 19, 2013
    It's extremely fun, much more fun than the first game. Coop is great! There are so much more upgrades, more weapons and traps, the game is still funny just like the first and it's totally worth full price! Get a friend to play with you!
  31. Feb 15, 2013
    Orcs Must Die was a really funny game. But Orcs Must Die 2 made it more enjoyable to play. Of course there are a few things that doesn't feel good. But my only issue is that you have to play it with 2 because single player begins to be boring
  32. Feb 1, 2013
    Fun. Addicting. I'm always looking for games with good multiplayer, and this is one of them. There's something almost cathartic about setting up the traps and mowing down Orcs. My only complaint is that I can't personalize my character as much as I'd like. A small complaint to have.
  33. Jan 27, 2013
    A fun tower defense game that's great for playing with a friend. I enjoyed the level design and the customization of characters, allowing me to retry the same level with different builds focused on different strategies.

    An actual place to play with random strangers would have been nice, but the gameplay itself is great fun. For the low price of the game it is definitely worth the price
    for anyone who enjoys tower defense style game. Expand
  34. Jan 27, 2013
    Esse jogo e o melhor TD no pc que conheço!
    Graficos limpos e bem feitos e o jogo n tem bugs. O modo coop dele é muito bom tabem.
    Otimo jogo mesmo.
  35. Jan 15, 2013
    A fun game whether or not pc is your choice platform. I have to admit I was upset. Having enjoyed the first one on xbox, it was going to take a lot for me to get on steam and buy it. I use steam but xbox is where i feel most at home. I took the advice of my friends and just purchased the pc version. I enjoyed the tower defense game play of the fist and the ease of the mouse and keyboard is something worth experiencing in orcs must die 2. I wont explain the gameplay but ill tell you that whether your an xbox or pc gamer, buy this game and enjoy it Expand
  36. Jan 13, 2013
    If you played the original Orcs Must Die, you'll be disappointed. Gone are the tutorials in the loading screens, headshots, and the fairies, although I might not have encountered them yet. Also the maps lack a certain creativity about them. Still, the game is very enjoyable with all the new stuff added. I just can't help but think how much better this game could have been. Oh, and they kept those annoying purple things that none of your traps can seem to hit. Expand
  37. Jan 7, 2013
    More of the same old with co-op added. The single player is neglected this time around. This series is beginning to lose its charm and sense of humor. The story mode was half the length of the original and felt rushed. This game is worth buying just for the multiplayer endless mode.
  38. Jan 6, 2013
    Orcs Must Die 2 provides a challenging experience for Tower Defense lovers and brings in a humorous continuation of the first game for fans of the first game. The game also includes a multiplayer experience which was heavily sought after the success from the first game and plays a major role in the popularity of this game. Get this game on steam now with friends as it will be quite a pleasant experience even for casual gamers. Expand
  39. Jan 4, 2013
    Very enjoyable, i liked the traps, weapons, and different levels ( even though there aren't that many )
    but overall a very nice thought out game. 9/10
  40. Dec 27, 2012
    First of all, I have to admit, that it's generally first game, but with all issues from the first part fixed. Some people may complaint, that Robot Entertainment goes the easy way and just bill us for the same game twice, but for me it's exactly what I wanted. Game is incredibly rewarding, especially on nightmare level, and enjoying it with friend is just so much fun. After basic campaign, which is very short to bo honest, You have classic levels, nightmare difficulty, endless mode and DLC, so generally there is always something to do. I think it's very important to play with friend, because it's the exact spirit of this game. Another thing I love in this game is how diverse is you weapons arsenal - I was playing with 3 different friends and playing with each of them was entirely new experience. Everybody has own ways to do things in this game, what I find very enjoyable. Expand
  41. Dec 24, 2012
    OMD2 just does what OMD1 did, and does more of it-- they don't do anything crazy that ruins the fun of the originally and I still get hours of enjoyment out of this title even months later. I've always liked this genre (what I call "tank defense" or third-person tower defense) and the balancing of the units, player traps, etc. is just about as perfect as you could get. This quality is not quite as present in the expansions for OMD2, but the base game itself is great. Expand
  42. Dec 23, 2012
    Very nice game, but:
    1. No Auto fire Option in Game (3 klicks = 1 Org = Pain)
    2. Bad Multiplayer gaming. (No radom players - just Steam friends ; Timeouts while playing)
  43. Dec 22, 2012
    I got this not long ago during Steams Black friday week sale. To be honest, I think this has a price:fun ratio thats mighty hard to beat. The game is fairly simple, a of tower defense with a bit of shooter action mixed in. You fight your way thru increasingly difficult waves of Orcs and purchase upgraded weapons and traps to help you along. Genuinely enjoyable gameplay (more so in co-op with a friend). I highly recommended this. (A word of warning, if your using a system with ATI GPU, you may encounter some load time and sync issues. Make sure your drivers are up to date and do a fresh install if all else fails. I have 5 systems, 3 are ATI, same issue on each ATI machine :s) Expand
  44. Dec 19, 2012
    Orcs Must Die 2 follows the same action tower defense formula that worked so well in the first game. Included are some new levels, items, and monsters, a new playable character, and two new game modes, co-op and endless mode. Even with the new stuff, the look, feel and gameplay are pretty much identical to the first game, making it feel more like a standalone expansion than a true sequel. If you enjoyed the first game and are looking for more, then you will probably like this game. Expand
  45. Dec 13, 2012
    Takes everything from the original and makes it better. Instead of using a talent tree that costs gold per map to upgrade, there is a persistent upgrade system. You are rewarded skulls for finishing a level that you use to upgrade your traps, weapons and accessories. Being able to respec for free between maps adds a great deal of flexibility and promotes teamwork in the new co-op modes. All 3 game modes can be played co-op and the monster spawns are adjusted accordingly, leading to different strategies for SP & co-op. Both this and the original are cheap and worth picking up. Do you like killing orcs with guns, bows, hammers, traps, pets, or even magic? Then this is the game for you! Expand
  46. Dec 2, 2012
    Really nice, fun gameplay. Can terribly drawn, the game is really nice, not too hard. Does coop or yourself can be really fun. For this an interesting plot and overall defense systems and weapons for our heroes. It is a pity that the game after a long time, but finally, terribly bored and really does not have anything special you do not have other tower defense games. But the game fun. My rating - 7/10 Expand
  47. Nov 9, 2012
    Super fun and alot of replayability. I have 400 hours logged on this game. Love it! Fryedegg is a noob though. I am in love with Nana however, I was told she makes good muffins.
  48. Oct 30, 2012
    This is a really difficult title to enjoy. If you have played the first one, then the controls are slower, less integrated and more touchy than the previous game. Weapons are less effective and controllable. Every level is designed for two players. While one player can complete them it changes the game completely from a blend of strategy and shooter into an arcade disaster of hack'n slash. The graphics and program itself are certainly smoother and run more easily, however, there is no real improvement in the level of presentation. While the menus and advancement in the first were more simplified and this has more customization, it is significantly handicapping while developing your character. The two games are simply backwards. On its own or as the first, this game would have been a 6 or 7, generic fun, good humor, alright gameplay.

    As a sequel it is absolute garbage in the vein of Spaceballs' Yogurt, "The Quest For More Money."
    Might have worked as spin-off or multiplayer presentation, but it is hard to forgive a less refined game with sloppier controls as a sequel.

    Can only recommend this game specifically to people who have not played or seen the first and that means marketing to people not interested. Hugely disappointing.
  49. Oct 23, 2012
    I was a big fan of the original Orcs Must Die, and was very excited for the sequel. I am pleased to say, for the most part, this game does not disappoint. It streamlines the experiencing by getting rid of the "Weavers" (For which most people only used the same one) from the original title, and expanding the trap and weapon selection. You get Story Mode, Endless Mode, and for good measure they even toss in 10 Classic maps from the first game. For added value, Robot entertainment gives you a weekly challenge, which forces you to check out new strategies and traps, which I love. I have officially logged over 150 hours of this game, solo and co-op, and I feel I have a pretty good feel of it. I have 5 skulled (Best possible result) everything on Nightmare difficulty, and have played a good amount of Co-Op. I've also purchased and enjoy both DLC packs which each introduced 3 new maps and new monsters. So why only an 8? I do have a few gripes, though mostly they aren't about the gameplay itself. In no particular order:

    1. Character Balance. Orcs Must Die 2 allows you to play as the hero from the first game, as well as the sorceress, the villain from the first game. This is all well and good, but certain traps are only available to each character, and the Tar Trap, which is basically the best trap in the game, is not available to the Sorceress. I like having individuality, but this balance is frustrating for Sorceress players. Which leads me to #2...

    2. Leaderboards I know they are meaningless, but I like Leaderboards in a game like this to gauge how well I am doing and my strategies. There are a few flaws here. Leaderboards should have been separated by what char you are using (Apprentice or Sorceress), as well as by other criteria. For example, Endless mode only sorts by score - Sorting by Wave would be good here too. This leads me to...

    3. Endless Mode The "Horde Mode" Of Orcs Must Die 2 is a fun inclusion, however it needs some tweaking. To get 5 skulls, you need to get to Wave 40. The monsters get tougher every 10 levels. This leads to a lot of monotony. They could have increased cash per monster, and cut the wave totals in half, making 20 waves what you need. Some Endless waves take 1-2 hours (or more) to complete. This is too long. Also, because the longer you go, damage dealing objects becomes useless which means that basically you HAVE to use the non damage items (Springs, Void Walls, etc) - Which reduces variety and therefore fun. 4. DLC While I am glad Robot put out 2 DLC packs shortly after the games launch, as other people have mentioned - The DLC packs feel a little light. $6 each for 3 maps and a new monster and weapon or two seems weak, compared to the content you get with the title itself. Also, I couldn't help notice that the 2nd DLC didn't include any of the creatures from the first DLC (Not even in the Endless Waves) - Which makes them feel disconnected as opposed to building on eachother. 5. Banter/Story - For whatever reason, the dialogue just isn't as entertaining and funny as it was in the first game, and there doesn't seem to be quite as much of it. 6. Co-Op is OK, but not as much fun as I had hoped. Limited each person to a small amount of traps can be awkward, and having to rely on eachother to play traps in certain places is weird. Similarly, Coin Drops in Co-Op mode should be split by both players.

    So, I've listed several gripes here, but don't let this fool you. This are critical ideas on how to improve a game I love. I've logged 150+ hours, and enjoy the franchise, I still think there are ways to improve.

  50. Oct 14, 2012
    I LOVED the first game and played it around 30-40 hours. That's why I pre-ordered the second one. And there starts my disappointments one after another. First of all, the game is almost the same as the first one, yes there is a new character but her weapon choices are almost identical with the original character. The new weapons in the game are very very limited, I almost feel like I'm playing the old game only with multiplayer capabilities. Then there is the DLC problem. First of all I think the people who trust the developers and pre-order the game should at least get one of the DLC's as free. I hate the fact that I have to pay 10 bucks to play this game with it's new weapons and monsters, which I strongly believe is the way it should have launched in the first place. I hate the fact that Robot Entertainment came up with the DLC only 3-4 weeks after the launch, which means the DLC was already on the works or it was even ready to launch, they just want to milk the customers. No way in hell I'm buying those DLC's for 10 bucks, waiting for the Steam sales....

    This game is still fun since you can play with your friends, and I have almost 30 hours under my belt with the second game as well, but this doesn't change the fact that Robot Entertainment lost my respect and I won't be pre-ordering or paying full price for their next game. They just lost a customer because they are trying to milk us...
  51. Oct 9, 2012
    such a short game, right when you start to enjoy it, its over. Well unless you are willing to dish out more money for DLC. Really leaves you feeling they chopped up their game intending to sell it to you piece by piece. I don't think we should reward this kind of nickel and dime BSery.
  52. Oct 7, 2012
    A charmy game in many ways. You can have many strategies in your gameplay, and you have to choose carefully what to bring with you to every track. The only thing bringing this game back a little tiny bit is the lack of classes and that there are few maps. But this game is still a brilliant game, and very much worth the money.
  53. Sep 30, 2012
    An excellent take on the tower defence / action genre. The game only falls short in the sense it really needs to be experienced coöperatively; and as this functionality is limited to online only (*no split-screen or LAN), the game suffers for it. The traps in OMD!2 serve only to 'soften up' the hordes and the bulk of the killing needs to accomplished by the player; something that grows more and more apparent as you progress through the game. As such, limited 2-player options do significantly hurt this game in the medium to long term. Summation: The best TD game mechanically, but the lack of coöp options adversely affects the game's longevity. For SP play only, it's hard to recommend unequivocally. For multiplayer, a must-buy for TD fans. 7/10 Expand
  54. Sep 21, 2012
    I waited a month to buy this game and read the average and negative USER reviews. I never read the positives ones unless something is weird.
    Played for days and it's a challenging and fun game. A nice combination between FPS and Tower Defense with a very good re-play value. Different mechanics from the original game and co-op mode are still unbalanced and sometimes you run desperately
    around the maps to hold the hordes. Also head-shots are more like criticals than kill-shots what makes it lame. They are charging the DLC's so i won't buy none, nothing special to be added to this game so far, so why bother? Expand
  55. Sep 20, 2012
    I loved the first game. if you're the kind of person who loves defending waves after waves of orcs and other what not creatures then this is the game for you. The game basically follows the same gameplay concept as the first one. Where you control a war mage who can cast spells and place traps in hopes of repelling the orc invasion. How this game differs from the first is that there are now 2 characters you can choose. Both with unique spells stats and the like. The mechanics of leveling up your spells also changed. Now it is possible to level up every trap and other magic gear you have or buy everything if you're that rich. As a true sequel the story was quite interesting and humor is still present much like the 1st game. There is coop present which basically makes the game a whole lot of fun. But what got me disappointed was that the game has no lobby system to connect different players from who knows where. Instead it allows you to connect with a friend who already owns the game. It would have been quite enjoyable to connect with other people who have the game but you hardly even know. Still the game is quite fun and the voice chat in the game works like a charm. There are loads to do and if you're bored from other games there is always this to keep you company. Expand
  56. Sep 13, 2012
    Great game and worth the money I spent on it. It's a simple easy to pick up and play fun game. Requires a bit of strategy to get the higher scores and extra skulls so it appeals to everyone.
  57. Aug 30, 2012
    Had fun wasting some time playing this game. Would not advise paying full price for this game, especially with the DLCs already surfacing soon after launch.
  58. Aug 25, 2012
    Let's start talking about a big drawback: the campaign is much shorter than the first. Although this has everything that was missing in the first: many enemies, the Co-op and especially more variety in traps and levels. Who could ask for more?
  59. Aug 24, 2012
    Manages to take everything that made the first game fun and silly and turn it to 11. The added ways of getting skulls increases the replayability factor by about 100 as well.
  60. Aug 20, 2012
    Not as good as the original, but still quite fun. The biggest problem is the new coop mode, which is clearly the focus of this title, to the point that it degrades the single-player experience. Occasionally, through clever use of barracades, you can balance the levels for single-player; but, when you can't, it results in a lot of running back and forth between where you are and where you non-existent partner should be, which can be frustrating at times. If you loved the first one, though, this one is well worth the price, especially if you've worn out the maps on the original (which, if you owned it, are available here as well).

    The new character is well done and her charm spell can prove indispensible at times. Between her and the addition of "Endless" mode for any levels that you've completed, there's a lot of replayability here.
  61. Aug 20, 2012
    The second edition of Orcs Must Die! iterates on the first game in a welcome manner. Fans of the original will find game play to be largely unchanged (though this is by no means a bad thing). The handful of new traps provides additional entertainment and the new maps are very welcome. Difficulty on the whole has been tweaked to provide a slightly more challenging experience and the addition of a new sorceress character (previously the unseen villain of the piece) provides options for a slightly different play style.

    The true value however lies in the excellent cooperative multiplayer mode which allows 2 players to tackle the entirety of the campaign (and standalone play levels) side by side.

    The game provides ample fun at a very reasonable price regardless but to truly experience this gem, a partner is a must.
  62. Aug 19, 2012
    I was so happy to hear that a second Orcs Must die was coming out! I was not disappointed at all. The addition of co-op really adds a lot more than I really expected. It loses a point because some of the levels are a little too difficult without a second player around.
  63. Aug 16, 2012
    A lot of fun, but pretty short however the levels were creative and interesting. The best part of the game was doing coop with a friend and taking on the nightmare difficulty, but even then we felt like the game ended too quickly. After I discovered the combination for the main (male) character of Dwarven Hammer, Healing Trinket, and Mana Rage Bottle, it pretty much made every wave a joke, but still a lot of fun. Expand
  64. Aug 15, 2012
    This game is just plain fun, period.
    It's pretty much the perfect combination of action and strategy - don't think of it as a mere traditional Tower Defense Game. It combines fast-paced 3rd-person shooter gameplay with the ability to create nearly any devious and viciously effective trap system you can think of, with a side of amusing one-liners, often from the orcs themselves.
    are varied, interesting, and satisfying to see in action, and the ability to upgrade them several times each (sometimes requiring you choose one ability over another) keeps you playing to get the resources to do so. This is true of weapons and accessories as well.
    THE LEVELS frequently make you think and change tactics in order to win - the maps are different enough for different strategies to be needed on different maps, and that's awesome. Don't listen to the scrubs giving this game a bad score because they think it requires 2 people - it doesn't. You can 5-skull (ace) every map on Nightmare difficulty, you'll just have to be clever.
    THE REPLAY VALUE is definitely here too. It's a 15 dollar game...and I've already put 100 hours into it, and I'm just now getting into coop maps and Endless mode, and they recently announced they'll be posting weekly challenges - special scenarios where you must complete a particular objective, possibly with limited traps/resources/time. Most $60 titles don't offer half the content.
    The game also runs like a dream. Loads quickly, doesn't crash, and I have yet to see a bug. Give it a try. In an age when massive game developers try to milk you for all you;re worth with mediocre, rushed titles, this is a title that got some god-honest love from its developers, and it shows.
  65. Aug 9, 2012
    the ultimate splatter game that succeeds in giving you what a game should: Fun! Graphics are very ok and the physics system and overall feel are just superior to most games. The gameplay is balanced to perfection and I keep replaying this game 'till infinity it seems. One of the better games out there for sure!
  66. Aug 8, 2012
    I absolutely loved the first Orcs Must Die game, but I must admit the second episode is way below my expectations. The biggest problem for me is that the newly introduced coop feature (2 players) has shaped the design of this second episode to the point of being very detrimental to single player.
    For instance, maps are balanced around the presence of 2 players (yes maps for solo and coop
    are one and the same...), so when you're alone, you have to run frantically around the map. Furthermore you can't rely on traps any more because they have now a bit of randomness : you can't be sure that no enemy will slip past your traps. So you have to periodically check, hence the running around the map.

    Bottom line: the experience is frustratingly difficult in single player and the fun's long gone.
    I still rate it at 5 because I didn't experience the coop part so it might be better and because the price is really low.
  67. Aug 8, 2012
    I am a die hard fan of Orcs Must Die, the perfect mix of action and strategy was something amazing

    The sad part was when I played Orcs Must Die 2. There is much to complain about and not much to cheer for.

    The new location is quite uninteresting, and seems to only be there for the tacked on mine cart feature. At that, the enemies don't have the ferocity in their appearance, nor the
    goofiness in their speech that made the first game so enjoyable. The weapons all feel off compared to the crossbow of the original (even the crossbow in this one; since the enemies move in an awkward manner, it makes it hard to get headshots, so its more effective to just hold down the mouse button)

    My biggest complaint is how obvious it is of how the levels should be played. They may as well have had a sign up that said "this trap goes here." There's no room for creativity (especially since every good place to put a spring trap just helps the orcs escape the mine)

    My advice is just to stick with the first Orcs Must Die
  68. Aug 8, 2012
    I bought this game after playing Orcs Must Die 1, which i really enjoyed playing. The Graphics are atmospheric and apply well to the humoric style of the game. This Sequel does everything better than its prequel. A Coop-mode, improved spell book..... and tons of new stuff and traps. The new endless mode is pretty fun too and increases the replayability of the game. All in all for 13,99 this game is worth all its money!
    Grab it!
  69. Aug 5, 2012
    What can you say, it´s easily the best Tower Defence game ever made, the only game that comes close is the first game.
    The new upgrade system, more traps, co-op and endless replayability makes it a steal at 12 euro for a new game, I have had more fun with his than 95% of all 60 euro games.
    My only complain is that it feels a bit less polished , I think the orcs looked a little bit
    Better in the first game. I hope they release a texture-pack. Expand
  70. Aug 5, 2012
    I think "Orcs Must Die 2" didn't improve on the first "Orcs Must Die" on every aspect: I miss the "Weavers"; I think the "Halls" of the first game were more interesting than the "Dwarven Mines" used as scenario in this new game; I liked the orcs design of the previous game better; and I think the "ragdoll" effects in this new tittle are a little exaggerated...

    Still, there are amazing
    improvements: one more character, better upgrades structure, more weapons and traps and guardians and, the best, the co-op mode.

    Co-op was exactly the major flaw of the first "Orcs Must Die", lots of people started playing "Dungeon Defenders" instead just to play co-op. Still, "Orcs Must Die" single-player manages to be (against all odds) yet more fun than "Dungeon Defenders" multiplayer, and now that we have co-op in "Orcs Must Die 2", well, there are not many reasons to go back to "Dungeon Defenders".

    In the end, I think "Orcs Must Die 2" is as good as the first one (meaning: it's amazing!) and also very cheap. Insanely recommended.
  71. Aug 3, 2012
    I actually haven't finished this one but it seems pretty good so far, as good as the first one which was very nice... but it looks like you need the quote "The banter between characters is hilarious, the gameplay is smooth, solid and extremely enjoyable" in your review to get on the front page? So that's kind of odd but there I am.
  72. Aug 2, 2012
    Orcs Must Die! was a fantastic game i remember pirating the full game and than right after loving it so much that i brought it. Orcs Must Die! 2 is a complete upgrade, they got rid of any possible criticism that i could have given the first and even improved the graphics a little. I must admit i was disappointing by the lack of campaign stages but that was soon to be not a problem at all due to the replayablity and completely different play styles. Expand
  73. Aug 2, 2012
    Extremely difficult if played solo, which is a good thing. Very refreshing to play a tower defense game that doesn't let you sleep through the first half of the game.
  74. Aug 2, 2012
    If you enjoyed the first game, you'll definitely enjoy the second. If you have fun with tower defense games which incorporate FPS elements, you'll enjoy this too. Although I still have four maps to play, I have spent over 20 hours so far with the game, so I feel confident giving my assessment. This game launched at $15 for a single copy or $25 for two. Or, if you got it during the Steam sale, $12.50/$22.50. That's really inexpensive for this quality of game. I definitely recommend picking it up at these prices f you're into this game genre. **Composite Score: 9.125/10** **Entertainment Value: 10/10** Solid excitement mixed with charming humor. I really enjoyed playing solo. Co-operative play really depends on who you're playing with and dealing with network/tech issues. My partner had some microphone and XBOX controller issues, so we had to deal with tech problems at the start. But, after we got those sorted, we had a good time roasting, slicing, and crushing waves of orcs. **Graphics: 9/10** The Vision engine still delivers as good of a product as it did in OMD!. On my SLI GTX 570 setup, I get solid graphics performance and appearance. Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering are both great. No artifacting at all. Only reason this doesn't get a 10 is that the traps often don't mesh perfectly with the surroundings. And, coins sometimes get lost behind walls. **Sound: 9/10** Solid sound like the first game. Music is lively and entertaining. The surround system works. The orcs still tell silly lines, and now that dwarves have been added, they enhance the humor too. I give this game a 9 instead of the standard 8, because the dialog and music enhance the experience better than most other low-budget games of this style. **Design and Gameplay: 9/10** Gameplay has been tweaked since OMD!. There are more weapons, trinkets, and a new female character, the sorceress. There are new monsters. There are other ways to play such as ENDLESS and Co-op. Also, the way players can upgrade traps and items is distinctly different from the first game.... somewhat more like an RPG than before. Otherwise though, it's still build traps and use your character's powers to defeat the waves of mosters before they exit the map. **Game Length: 9/10** Given the game's low price and its incorporated multiplayer mode, don't think too harshly about it taking me less than three hours to complete the first half of the campaign on War Mage (normal) difficulty. I'm not done with the second half yet, but I've spent a couple of hours doing and redoing the next few maps. Also, I've spent many more hours playing through ENDLESS maps, going for high-scores, and playing through the classic maps using the new trap upgrades and weapons. Therefore, I'm quite happy with the game's length. Expand
  75. Aug 2, 2012
    I enjoy FPS and strategy games. Since the FPS genre is now overrun with cheaters, and I have mastered many of the casual strategy games like Civ 5, I have been looking for a gaming gem. I have been purchasing PC games since 1988 and have been satisfied with about 1 in 15 games. Add this one to the list of top 10 games to own on PC. I played it for 7 hours straight and I wanted more. A rare thing these days. You will NOT be disappointed buying this title. Support these developers because they remembered games are supposed to be about CUSTOMER FUN. Too many big titles these days feel like money sponges. Buy this NOW. Expand
  76. Jul 31, 2012
    Decently fun game, but nothing that would make heads turn. Worthy of the 14.99 price tag but lacking several key features. Being only able to coop with players on your Steam Friends list is pretty dumb, they need a coop lobby ASAP. I cannot see it keeping longevity without that.

    All in all a good fun experience, that could be easily complimented by better online integration.
  77. Jul 31, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There's no way this game can get a score of below 9, it's just brilliant, i do not regret a single bit since the day i pre ordered. It, the game shows a great storyline which intrigued me a lot since the first game, so far, i've only completed it solo, and it was brilliant, so i can't wait untill i can co-op with one of my friends. Also, i love how the game didnt remove anything, they just added and still kept the old maps from the first game and skins as well. New spells, New traps, and more orcs, this game is a must buy if you wish to have a good time with your friends or even on your own, since the humour of the game never stops with so many jokes. Expand
  78. Jul 31, 2012
    Downright enjoyable game.
    I must admit, While i enjoyed the original, I wouldn't have rated it as high as i have this one, Which obviously shows an improvement. Whereas a lot of the reviews i've seen comment on the co-op, I've not played ANY of it on co-op, Instead finishing it on nightmare solo, (So anyone saying it HAS to be played co-op...just do endless some more) Which brings me to
    another point, The replayability, You can spend so long upgrading your characters, while testing new strats, It's great.
    It runs like a dream, The banter is hilarious (Ok, The WARMAGE is hilarious, The sorc frankly terrify s me.)
    All in all, For the price, It's a solid 10.
  79. Jul 31, 2012
    One of the best action strategy games of all-time. The fun of tower defense with the fast pace action of a third person hack and slash. Just plain tremendous. Orcs Must Die was a great game. Orcs Must Die 2 is just the total package.
  80. Jul 31, 2012
    When the first Orcs Must Die title came out, relatively the same time as Dungeon Defender, I missed out on the first reason being was the lack of Co-Op. I see now, I should've invested on the first title seeing what I've been missing out on. Been playing Orcs Must Die! 2 with a friend and have been having a ball. Lots of action (especially at the harder levels) and really makes you think in optimising your playstyle/build. Great fun. Highly recommend...more so if you've got someone to play the game with 9/10 Expand
  81. Jul 31, 2012
    This game is fantastic fun and has plenty of content for only $15. The co-op mode is amazing and there are plenty of levels and game modes to keep any player occupied. I only have two problems with Orcs Must Die! 2. The one-liners, while funny, get repetitive. Secondly, traps sometimes can't be placed in spaces where it seems like they should be able to, especially on the ceiling. Other than these minor issues, this game has an amazing amount of bang for the buck. Get it and play it. Expand
  82. Jul 31, 2012
    Missing the headshot feature, but other than that...IT'S AWESOME :D
    They improved the spellbook and the upgrades. The mechanics you can do by combining different traps is absolutely amazing.
  83. Jul 31, 2012
    Major improvement over the original. if you enjoyed the first game you will love the sequel. The Co-op mode is a very welcoming feature. There are some levels which you would better in if you have a friend to help you. The banter between the two characters is amusing during the mayhem of orc slaying. The endless game mode helps you make up for skulls you dint obtain in co-op mode, which allows you to upgrade equipment and retry those levels again.
    One clear improvement is the weapons/traps hotbar, you can now drag and drop items into different slots unlike the first game where you had to deselect all items and pick them in order.
  84. Jul 30, 2012
    Never played the first but I am enjoying this a ton, 3rd person action tower defense == good times, big time. and for $15 this is very close to a must buy
  85. Jul 30, 2012
    Just Amazing what i wanted plus more.
  86. Jul 30, 2012
    Just play good and enjoyable. Simply an improvement on the original in everyway, only downside is a sore hand. The banter between characters is hilarious, the gameplay is smooth, solid and extremely enjoyable
  87. Jul 30, 2012
    Everything the first one was, plus more. It has simple things such as key rebinding, which seems trivial, but let OMD1 down, and introduces multiplayer, which many will be happy to see. At its heart though, it's about killing orcs, and it does a damned fine job of doing it, and making it more fun than the first outing whilst it's at it. The addition of a second character is awesome, meaning you can play through the levels, then go back and play again with better traps, then go back again with a whole different character, giving a tonne more replayability. If you want a Tower Defence game with a little more involvement from your character, it's well worth a look Expand
  88. Jul 30, 2012
    loved the first, with coop included in the second i couldnt wait, i love setting up everything myself but definitely wanted to experience the game with a friend or two. more of everything you loved in the first, tons more traps, quite a few more weapons, plus if you owned the original they gave you 10 of those maps for coop play in the second. the only real drawback i feel is that now that it has coop it feel too much like it forces you to play coop due to the increased difficulty much past the first couple levels. i REALLY hope the devs address this, if they do really would be 10/10 in my book also they got rid of controller support which kind of sucks : hope they bring that back Collapse
  89. Jul 30, 2012
    Absolutely brilliant. Played the first one all the way through and this second iteration plays great. The banter between characters is hilarious, the gameplay is smooth, solid and extremely enjoyable. Well worth a play
  90. Jul 30, 2012
    cool game you can play online all the cool cool extension Tipo TAVERS defents but you can run shorter cool again is super cool weapons and magic wow cool
  91. Jul 30, 2012
    loved the first, with coop included in the second i couldnt wait, i love setting up everything myself but definitely wanted to experience the game with a friend or two. more of everything you loved in the first, tons more traps, quite a few more weapons, plus if you owned the original they gave you 10 of those maps for coop play in the second. the only real drawback i feel is that now that it has coop it feel too much like it forces you to play coop due to the increased difficulty much past the first couple levels. i REALLY hope the devs address this, if they do really would be 10/10 in my book also they got rid of controller support which kind of sucks : hope they bring that back Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 43 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 43
  2. Negative: 0 out of 43
  1. 80
    Excellent shooter / tower defense mix with many great ideas comes with black humor, cooperative multiplayer, tons of weapons & traps and a gazillions of upgrades. [Sept 2012]
  2. Sep 16, 2012
    In spite of its balance wobbles, Orcs Must Die 2 is a frenetic blast of co-op joy - the ideal 30-minute post-pint pick-me-up, be it a step-change sequel or not. [Oct 2012, p.106]
  3. Sep 16, 2012
    Borrows a little too much from the original game but features some fantastic moment to moment action. [Sept 2012, p.58]