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  • Summary: Expand your Orcs Must Die! arsenal with two new weapons and two new traps. With the Artifacts of Power in your spellbook, youll be demolishing levels, beating your friends on the leaderboards, and most importantly, killing a bunch of orcs deader than dead. Only the best tools for the last surviving War Mage!

    New upgrades: Spend skulls on new upgrades for Shock Zapper and Floor Scorcher.

    Alchemists Satchel: Drop a series deadly acid bombs and skeletonize multiple groups of Orcs at once.

    Shock Zapper: Zap fliers and ground units equally dead with this oversized pest remover.

    Vampiric Gauntlets: Drain the enemys health while healing you at the same time.

    Floor Scorcher: Burn entire waves of complacent enemies with this pop-up flaming surprise.
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  1. Nov 16, 2011
    Alchemist satchel is perfect for clearing large groups of mobs. Vampiric Gauntlets helps you stay alive, but its also great for taking down fire babies and kobolds, since its hitscan and not a projectile. Shock Zapper may replace Pounder or Ballista. Floor Scorcher will be helpful for burning Frost Ogres if you picked alchemist satchel over fire gauntlets (no point picking both). Since there is no new skulls in this DLC, you will need to get Lost Adventures if you want all upgrades. Expand
  2. Jan 4, 2012
    Not worth the price, the traps and spells in this pack are hilarious yes, but not as effective as the "Wall-mace +Tar trap+Wall grinde comby". I reccomend buying this DLC pack only if your a real big fan of the game. Expand
  3. Dec 13, 2012
    A great addition to your arsenal but this DLC pack is just new weapons. The floor scorcher is fantastic, quick-firing AoE and the vampiric gauntlets give you almost unlimited mana (turn HP into mana, grab HP potions off dead mobs). You will need both to get through the "lost chapters" DLC pack with your sanity intact. If you can get this discounted pick it up. Expand