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  • Summary: A real-time strategy game in which the plot influences mission objectives and which has multiple endings depending on player's actions. Contrary to other games, there is no other way of creating new human units. Each man or woman is unique. [Altar Interactive]
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 9
  2. Negative: 1 out of 9
  1. 88
    The game's combination of strong story, seriously tactical real-time battles, gorgeous graphics, and real-time role-playing, make this one of the best surprises of the year.
  2. To underestimate this lively RTS game would be a mis-step for fans of the genre. [Mar 2002, p.78]
  3. Less good than the interface, but not bad by any means is Original War’s graphics.
  4. 70
    A good game, if a little behind the technology curve, but who cares. The story is entertaining, the gameplay solid, and the voices funny.
  5. Despite the somewhat rough production values, Original War delivers interesting small-scale RTS action. [May 2002, p.81]
  6. A game that you will have no desire whatsoever to play in your free time, but as soon as you have something important to do, it will become the most interesting thing imaginable.
  7. 45
    The game makes noble attempts to take the RPG elements of character importance and development and blend them with a twisted real-time strategy, but although the effort is commendable in spirit, the final outcome is so harshly lacking in so many departments that it actually hurts to play it.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 14
  2. Negative: 0 out of 14
  1. Jun 12, 2013
    I can't believe how underrated this gem is! It is probably the most fun I have ever had playing an RTS game. After so many years, it hasn't lost any of its charm and I still like to beat the campaign from time to time. Don't hesitate to try it! Expand
  2. MantrimasZ.
    Apr 12, 2006
    This game is great i played it and i liked it very much. I would like to play this game with someone.
  3. Jul 14, 2012
    Original War was one of the first game which I played and enjoyed. Interesting story, missions, good looking graphics even after 11 years. Strife which require a lot of thinking and planing. Maybe it has some bugs, but in my opinion this game is a very important position for every fan or RTSs. Cheers. Expand
  4. May 18, 2014
    *** Intro ***
    Real-time strategy (RTS) game with role-playing (RPG) elements. Story is based on novel The Last Day of Creation (1981, by
    Wolfgang Jeschke). Game has been designed by Vladimir Chvatil (author of many well known board games).

    *** Mechanics ***
    Three different nations (USA, Russia, Arab) basically with only one (and same) unit - human. In a game you control usually from 1 to 10 human units. Player cannot create them and when they die, there is no way how to replace them. There are 4 classes in a game:
    1) Worker (creates, repairs and dismantle buildings, gather resources,...)
    2) Soldier (best fighting statistics, can crawl)
    3) Engineer (creates and repairs cars/tanks,...)
    4) Researcher (heals units, research new technology,...)
    These classes (or "kits") are identical for all three nations. There is one additional specific class for every nation: USA has sniper, Russia has rocketman, Arab has mortarman. Every unit (human) has its name and experience levels in each of these four classes (which separately grows when used, and thus unit is becoming more powerful in it). Only one class is active at each time (you can freely change active class in appropriate building without any penalization) and a unit has special abilities only from this active class. Player can create additional mechanical units (cars and tanks) which are designed by mounting together different weapons, chassis, engines and control (needs driver; is remotely controlled by driver or is controlled by own computer and does not need human control,...). Human units can enter or exit car/tank anytime and you can even steal car/tank of your enemy.

    *** Overall feeling and flaws ***
    The fact that you have just limited supplies of manpower and each of your soldiers has a name and experience and together with story makes unique immerse RPG atmosphere.
    The game has simple and in the same time one of the best mechanics for controlling units (you can create queue and even loops of orders).
    Graphic is decent isometric 2D with relatively low resolution (even in the time when the game has been released, year 2001, the graphic was average).
    Another flaw is missing AI (Artificial Intelligence). Campaign is scripted (and it is done very well) but once you finished it there is no 'skirmish' option (to play against computer opponent in multiplayer map). You can still play against human opponents.

    *** Summary ***
    It is, in my opinion, unique and extremely well prepared game and unfortunately also really underrated game. Highly recommended!
  5. CommandZ
    Jan 6, 2009
    This is a really under appreciated experience, and one of the first RTS(s) I can think of that makes you really care about the characters.
  6. John
    Mar 29, 2006
    A combination of original story, a combination of tatical battles and rpg, and a game that in an RTS style comes across as a Jagged Alliance type of game, which in my view is a great compliment. This may be hard to find now, but could be very cheap if you do. Based on how good it is and how cheap you will probably get it for, I could give it a 12! But I settled with a 9, and for me a 9 is very good score as I barely give out 10's! Expand
  7. Aug 14, 2014
    This game is actually fun but some major gripes are preventing me from truely enjoying it. While I realize its an older game I noticed the voice acting is TERRIBLE! It was so bad I actually had to turn off character voices. Most of the characters chaffed me from the start, the female characters sounded like teenage boys who had their audio tweaked. Half of the male characters remind me of Kyle Schwartz from South Park (dont know who he is, look him up!) The other half remind me of the stereotypical Duke Nukem style character that was incredibly popular in that era.

    On top of this, the game play feels slow and sluggish. Its not bad but it could have been done quite a bit better. Other games, which came out around the same time, had better game play despite minimal rpg elements (which is honestly, the only thing worthwhile in this game)... If they could have taken similar controls and gameplay to ground control, they would have been golden.

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