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  1. Nov 20, 2014
    Believe all the bad reviews that you read. It's all true. I regret the 3eu i paid for this crap. Its utterly unplayable because of bugs, it crashes for no reason, it's boring, there are hardly any servers,and they had the balls to charge 10eu for this? No. This is thievery. This is downright criminal. People should go to jail for getting this out as it is. And the worst part is, they keep lying to people, by changing the title every six months or so. First it was dino beatdown, then dino horde, now its some other crap. Do yourself a favor and perform an experiment. Pay attention to the reviewers giving it high grades, check how many reviews they've done, it should give you a good idea of what i mean when i say "criminal". Expand
  2. Nov 19, 2014
    It's a relatively decent game, and it's only a dollar. I got it for free, and I have to say that if you look past the bad graphics, it is reminiscent of a decent game. It looks like an indie game and a personal project rather than a big triple A game, and as a new upcoming software engineer, I have to appreciate the time and thought put into this game. It isn't low enough to have a 36/100, especially for its very low price of 1 dollar, and I advise giving it a shot before deeming it unworthy.

    Remember that people put time and effort into producing a game like this, and the fact that they're charging so low causes me to give them even more respect. Overall, I can not say this is a good game, it is very underdeveloped, but it does have content, hence I am giving it a 7/10.
  3. Nov 4, 2014
    Objectively this game is pretty bad, mainly because of the bad AI and stiff animations, but due to it being co-op, and it's crazy concept & gameplay, it still manages to be loads of fun. The developers still update it, too, and so far every update has added something good.
  4. Sep 18, 2014
    I wrote a review on this site before on ORION: Dino Horde (now ORION: Prelude). Has my opinion changed on the game since January 2014? Yeah, not really. I'm not gonna write a fully-fledged review. Just gonna slap some issues, very very very briefly tell you the gameplay and get to the final score. ORION: Prelude is still as fun as it was in Dino Horde, however, I've ran into some pretty glaring issues.

    Prelude has too many FPS issues and the graphics don't really look all that different from Dino Horde.
    There are also lots of lobby issues. You can invite people and they say they can't join the lobby, you make your lobby private and it becomes public for some reason and all that stuff.
    I've also ran into some modeling bugs, but I just fiddled with the graphics a bit and they were fixed.

    The gameplay is more or less the same as in Dino Beatdown/Horde, just with less bugs when playing the game. You won't clip through walls or fall over the world, no. But you could see some twitchy dinosaur animations and the occassional dinosaur spazm. Controlling vehicles can be a bit tricky for a first timer (you steer your vehicle with your mouse, excluding the tank and mech). You have 3 classes to choose from - Assault, Support, Recon. Assault has a jetpack, Support has a medi-gun (which heals players (duh)) and Recon has a cloaking ability (which makes her invisible (duh))

    Music-wise - it's decent. Has some great songs to listen to, but they can get boring real fast. I'd suggest getting your own songs. Though the voices of the 3 classes (Assault, Support, Recon) can become quite annoying over time.

    Would I recommend ORION: Prelude to you? Definitely.
    Considering the 0.79€ price tag on Steam, I'd say it's a steal.
    Seriously, compare the only 10.99€ price tag with the new 0.79€ price tag. Wasn't really worth it before, but now I'd say yes.

    Grab some friends too! A 4-pack will cost you 1.99€ only! And no, it's not a discount, it's the real price.

    ORION: Prelude
    Has so much room for improvement and it definitely will improve. The game has a very bright future.
  5. Aug 30, 2014
    This game is not AAA quality. It being sold for fifteen dollars WAS unreasonable when it was in it's Horde and Beatdown days. However, now that the newest update has come out and the price has been updated to match critic reviews and player feedback, this game is a steal. Updates have come out frequently enough to show that the dev is truly invested in the quality of the game, and that he has been taking the (in some cases unreasonable) feedback and criticism in stride. Orion: Prelude is a lot of fun, and worth more than the 0.99c that it's currently being sold for. Expand
  6. Aug 29, 2014
    It may be bad, but at least it's not COD Ghosts! Pretty much a worse Planetside 2 with Dinosaurs. Ah well, at least your money's worth for $1 but there's probably better ways to spend that too.
  7. Aug 24, 2014
    This game is so poorly thrown together, it has reached the peak of entertainment. I guarantee this game will bring you hours, of laughing, crying, fear, melancholy, and so many more emotions, that you simply wont be able to contain your bodily fluids. With the next gen physics, allowing incredible feats of vehicular proportions that would terrify the very soul of Evil Kenevil, including being in a vehicle that totally isn't a Warthog from Halo, and having it be headbutted by a tyrannosaurus rex, making it soar so high, even Everest looks like a mere pile of mashed potatoes. If that hasn't stimulated your taste buds for adventure, don't forget the air vehicles, which cost so much and are destroyed so easily by the pterodactyls that swarm you like you're a naked man covered in pollen in a bee sanctuary. You may even start to envy that man after playing this work of modern art. And who could even forget the animations in this brilliant thing, having been rigorously acted out in motion capture for hours on end by only the best actors money can bribe, just to add to the immersion and depth this game has submerged you in. I challenge any of you to construct a game even near this caliber of quality and ingenuity, and even dare you to call it a game, as this masterpiece has already exceeded my expectations, and has surpassed even needing a physical form, existing in a non-physical way for all of eternity, just as a god, mathematics, or green tea would. I implore you, nay, I demand all of you to pick this brilliant construct up as soon as humanly possible, as your very existence is nothing without it. Expand
  8. Aug 19, 2014
    Now this game isn't bad and it isn't good But it is better than some games on steam that you can find me and my friend's bought copies and when we play this game together when we can get the chance we have lot of fun! but... this game has BUGS alot of bugs!
  9. Aug 15, 2014
    This is one heck a blast to play.. The Prelude closed beta is out now, and it has MANY improvements! The weather now is functional! You have BOTS that help keep the game moving at a nice pace, if you don't have enough people to fill the server.. All videos you have seen on YouTube, etc are now obsolete.. The game has just gone ballistic! Aug 25,2014 Prelude goes on sale.. To play the beta, just get Dino Horde and then you can choose to upgrade to the beta.. If you don't upgrade, it will auto upgrade you on the 25th to the retail release version.. Grab yourself a controller and jump into a fun filled time, killing dinos with some friends and/or bots!!!! Expand
  10. Jul 11, 2014
    I don't get why the downvotes.

    Game is really fun when played or not with friends, runs stable on my computer and i see myself playing this game more than other games.

    I mean, i only play 2h/day and i stopped playing watchdogs/eso/ Other amazing gamesm to enjoy This game.

    You all should give a try. really engaging game.
  11. Jul 1, 2014
    Found this game super fun in a group. Had minor bugs but no real big issues. Always room for improvement but a lot of games are like that. It's been a blast so far. Definitely get it on discount for laughs. You get mechas, tanks and can play as the dinosaurs including a kamikaze style dinosaur. No complaints from my end.
  12. Jun 30, 2014
    Me and my friends got this game so that we could have fun on co-op, since we heard from numerous other reviews that the co-op was good on this game. However I believe that we have been mislead by these said reviews because we did not find the co-op to be any fun at all. Mainly because the matchmaking system in this game is broken, and the constant connection problems prevented us from playing online at all.

    If the multilpayer wasn't broken and nearly unplayable. The gameplay in general of this game is repetitive and boring. The dinosaurs enemies don't seem all that exciting and fun to shoot when their animations were lazily created. The weapon mechanics and the special ability system aren't anything special either that would at least add some interest into this game.

    In the end, I have to say that this game was a waste of money for me and my buddies and probably for you as well if you do decide to get it.
  13. Jun 28, 2014
    The game is not half bad. There are some bugs but for the most part I felt it was a quite enjoyable experience, but this is only my opinion and if someone else feels differently that's fine
  14. Jun 27, 2014
    Got this when it first came out (during alpha phases). Back then my impressions were extremely poor. Now they have slightly improved enough to give it a 4 out of 10. The best way to describe it would be "Its similar to a turok game except remove most turoks gameplay and turn it into a horde mode." Now, I love the turok games on n64, this is nowhere near close to it but... some of the weaponry has a turokesque feel, despite it being poorly done. I think the real satisfaction I get, which is the only reason I am giving it a 4, would be decapitating dinosaurs with a bow and arrow. Other than that, it gets boring quickly, has lots of little things that piss me off a bit more than they should, graphics are not up to par for the engine it uses, and it really needed more weapon options/upgrades with persistent ranks and a lot more dinosaur types (only 8 types I encountered). Expand
  15. Jun 25, 2014
    At first, i was very excited with this game, i love survival, and with dinosaurs?? WHOA! But the game lacks some things. The game it self is a little buggy, its based on Unreal Engine 2, the graphics are good sometimes and bad others.... BUT, still, i found this game very fun and im playing it more than other "great" high rated games.... Very fun coop.... If you find laggy, open your own server, i did it here and a lot of players entered with good connection... Expand
  16. Jun 24, 2014
    This game is plenty fun. And it's totally worth the money I spent on it. Of course I bought it for .99 on steam during their free week.
    This game is clearly at the beta or even alpha level of other games. This might have passed for an acceptable game back in the early 2000's but it's just not up to quality for what you can buy else where. If you can find it under a dollar it's worth the
    time playing. Otherwise it's just not worth the money.
    If I could give it two rating I would. I'd give it 9/10 for its potential and its concept and structure, But 2 for how it is put together and what it's really worth.
    If I were to compare the game to any other in terms of fun, enjoyment and value. I'd say that it is on par with Minecraft alpha.
  17. Jun 23, 2014
    This is a fantastic pick-up and play game. The developers have been fixing the bugs, and it becomes more and more enjoyable with each patch. An incredibly fun game, with obscenely misguided reviews
  18. Jun 20, 2014
    Terrible money grab. I've never seen a game more lied about, they really have a relentless PR department. It's a scam, even for a dollar this game is a waste of your time and money. This game is worse than a beta, but it's not even tagged as early access. Also, they change the name once their review score gets too low(they're about to do it again), so that's a good example of what kind of people are behind this. Expand
  19. Jun 19, 2014
    This game is hilariously fun with a group of friends. Playing on survival mode and blasting wave after wave of dinosaurs is pure gold. Ignore any older reviews (2012, 2013), they are for a different (and much crappier) version of this game. This new version is much improved, with a ton of game modes and weapon upgrades. The graphics and UI are still a bit rough around the edges, but the gameplay more than make up for it. Expand
  20. Jun 19, 2014
    Half the reviews on here are aggregated from it's predecessor, which by all means sounded very rough around the edges. This game has reasonably pretty graphics, will run on just about any PC and is insanely fun. Join up to 5 man squads in survival style modes, killing waves of dinosaurs and keeping your generator alive. There are also team deathmatch modes as well as your usual assortment. There is good variety in the game modes, the devs are constantly updating and it's oare much because you're being bombarded by Rham's or escaping the jaws of a waiting T-Rex. Excellent team game, has some pacing issues and ymmv with the game modes. All over an excellent purchase and highly recommended. Expand
  21. Jun 17, 2014
    I think the entire community is misleading about this game. It's obviously buggy, the game was released not to long ago. Sure that one little rock isn't a good texture, but if you look at the gameplay it's pretty fun. I think you guys are a little sensitive when it comes to games..
  22. Jun 16, 2014
    62 hours in game. Firstly this is: Orion: Dino Horde Not: Orion: Dino Beatdown Take a look at the dates of the reviews below, 2012 Bugs: I have only seen a few so far, Clipping under the map when you die and waiting to respawn, Dinos some time glitch though buildings. once an APC got stuck on nothing. Lastly, when the host disconnects, sometimes your game gets stuck in that first screen.
    So a bit irritating, but not as game breaking as people make it out to be, there have been far worse in other major titles recently.

    Graphics: not bad, if you want to compare it to titles of twice or more the price then you are going to be disappointed.
    Though, what they have done so far is very nice, my favourite is the conquest mode, with huge open maps, day night cycles and weather affects that has a huge impact on how you are playing, from heavy rain to snow and cold freezing your visor if you stay out for too long, it keeps you on your toes.
    In other maps, there are lush environment's, so much so that it can make getting that second wind shot a pain because you cant see any Dinos. The Light blinding effect when facing the sun is also quite well done.

    Game play: From fast paced dueling with Ion blades to FFA rocket matches to Dino Survival and more, this game has quite a bit to offer, controlling your avatar is easy and has a few nice moves such as being able to roll and also a melee key then what ever is your class skill, if you get the perks, there are a few more things you can do.
    It does take you a while to level up your class but worth it in some cases, starting off with a better weapon really helps, or more energy or the host of other effects/items (around 50 of them.)
    vehicle control with mouse can be a pain but you can just turn that to your strafe keys in the options.

    All in all, Game could do with a bit more polishing but quite good as is and the critics have made a botch with this one or it needs to be looked at again as things have improved.
  23. Jun 10, 2014
    ok to all these idiots sayin "oh its bad dont buy it" its a new game just released still kinda in testin as all mmorpgs are it has it bus and things to fix and work on in time they get betteryou dont like it dont play it thats just how new games are when released its a overall good game yes fun room for improvment as any online game can be and not just online hell even some single player games like kotor had issues but they turned out pretty damn good still thats the point of people playin these games so the admins and gms and devs can find these bugs and such and fixs it to improve the gameplay Expand
  24. Jun 8, 2014
    just test this game for 3 days on steam, just a waste of time and place on hd.
    this "game" is an uggly buggy bad game, even for 1$ it's to expensive.
    Don't know how people can make to bad game in 2014.
  25. Jun 8, 2014
    I got the game for free so I did not lose any money for this garbage. The game looks like pre-alpha state and has so many bugs that it is almost unplayable. If you paid for it I truly feel for you, and if you are one of those who are thinking of buying this, please keep your money it is not worth it. The idea itself is good, but the way they made it happen isn't.
  26. Jun 7, 2014
    I just played the game during the free weekend and ended up buying it for 99 cents. It was definitely worth picking up especially for the low price. The gameplay was good, the graphics werent bad and I had fun.
  27. Jun 7, 2014
    Dino Beatdown Sucked But The Devs Worked Theyre Butts Off To Turn This Into A Great Game Sure There Still Are Some Glitches But Theyre Minor Theyve Turned A Horrible Game Into An Addicting And Fun Game
  28. Jun 6, 2014
    It's fun in Multiplayer, I don't understand why you'd hate the game?!
    You can play it for many hours and still have fun....
    Which some TOP titles can't say about themselves....
  29. May 25, 2014
    The huge updates this game has received has turned it from something awful (and having read the back story as to why, It is fully understandable), in to something addictive, remarkable and well worth the money you spend on it.

    It is pure simple unadulterated fun. Dinosaurs are awesome, horde is awesome. This is great combination in a game, plus it is about to receive yet another total
    overhaul in to Dino prelude (the original vision the developer intended).

    Ignore the meta score, that is bad press from older versions of this game. This is well worth a go! :)
  30. May 2, 2014
    I play this game all the time with friends and it's always a blast! It's fun when the 5 of us are all on a vehicle just shooting down dinosaurs and running them over.
  31. Apr 8, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This Game is the bested dinosaur Game ever created the Gameplay is great Class are great Weapons are just good Graphics are bad so it needs improvements but i highly Recommend it to all jurassic park Fans! Expand
  32. Mar 28, 2014
    In order to save the future you must liberate the past. This is your mission in Orion: Dino Horde. You’ll have three different character classes to choose from as you venture into the prehistoric eras where Tzion reigned supreme. The first class, the Assault class, can take the heavens and descend with lighting like speed upon the lesser creatures below. The second class, support, is heavily clad in sophisticated armor and can bring aid to his fellow righteous crusaders. The third class, recon, is designed with stealth and sabotage in mind and can sneak past the large and powerful noses of your enemies. There are several game types, each pitting you against the lesser creatures or fellow players. The bulk of the mission requires you to use the good doctor’s technology to reclaim the past so that you may thrive in the future. In order to complete your task of re-writing history and saving your people you must keep a generator alive long enough for it to completely erase the DNA of the lesser creatures. Of course your enemy is sly and mischievous like a rat, and will almost immediately sense your presence. Therefore you will need to band together with your fellow crusaders to fend off the swarms of the lesser creatures. Each wave of your enemy will be even craftier than the last, and you must be vigilant to avoid their treachery. If you can avoid their taint for long enough, your forces then march across their territory in a glorious fashion and claim one of their cities for your own. Once you have accomplished this task you will receive armored and air support to rain down your masterful orchestra of purification. The devilish creatures won’t rest easy though and soon they will send their most powerful mixed breeds against you. If you hold true to the glorious empire, and to your stalwart brothers beside you, then you will emerge victorious and will have cleansed the future of the unclean. Along the way you will be able to steal money from the fallen vermin to upgrade the supplies of our righteous army. Thanks to the good doctor’s extensive experimentation a wide array of weapons and augments will become available to you as you prove your worth as protectors of the progeny. Overall, Orion: Dino Horde is a great game that highlights a pivotal point in human history in which the brave few stood against the impure many and saved civilization as we know it. In addition to the primary game mode, you can also engage in versus matches to ensure you are properly prepared for the great pushes to the east and west. I strongly recommend playing this game, your legacy may depend on it. Expand
  33. Mar 24, 2014
    It seems to me that people are being overly harsh to this game. I have over 200 games in my steam library, 100's of games on consoles, dozens of other games on my PC and have been gaming since the mid 1980's....This game is pretty fun. I experienced no real bugs either. Maybe Im lucky? It's not an overly deep game, but it seems to be fun at what is. Ignore the 0's and 1 scores. These types of score abuse the system and are unrealistic. Very few games actually deserve a 0. That said, if it crashes badly on your system, then it does. And I can see it getting a bad score, but I have had ZERO crashes or bugs. I say give it a try when its on sale. See for yourself and ignore the silly extremists with their "0" ratings. Expand
  34. Mar 23, 2014
    worst steam purchase ever. game feels like an alpha, and not even a good one. it's just extremely lacking. look up video reviews before buying it, even at $1 it's not worth it imho.
  35. Mar 21, 2014
    Ich habe mir dieses Spiel gekauft als es unter 1 Euro war, ich dachte mir: hmm ... wenn es so billig ist dann kauf es doch mal und probier es aus. Und ich muss sagen, es gefällt mir sehr. Es hat zwar viele Buggs aber trotzdem macht es spass und die Entwickler arbeiten noch daran, nicht so wie bei anderen Spielen die mancham niemals aus der Beta rauskommen. Ich hätte auch gerne mehr als 1 Euro dafür bezahlt. Expand
  36. Mar 17, 2014
    I love this game, and have even bough several of my friends copies, and we have put in countless hours of fun into this gem.
    I have heard lots of "how it was before it was updated" but I assure you, Dino Horde is a whole new game packed with fun and challenge.
    Even now, the devs are working hard to keep a good experience coming. It's time to reward their hard work and dedication; get the
    game. You won't regret it. Expand
  37. Mar 15, 2014
    This game is not that bad. Its based on the Unreal engine from the looks of things. The game has fluid controls and is a good team based shooter. Its a good Beer and Pretzels fun time with friends.
    Graphics aren't the best but the game play is worth it. Just check it out and give it a try.
  38. Mar 13, 2014
    One of the best FPS games i've ever played... don't believe older critics... a lot has been changed since older critics... you really should buy it !!
  39. Mar 12, 2014
    I've played a lot of PC games in all my years and this is definitely one of the most fun games I've experienced. This will not win an award for most-amazing graphics compared to the likes of BF4 and the new GTA game but they pretty damn nice as is. Doesn't have an amazing storyline/campaign either. So why the 10? It's just so much fun is why. That should tell you something that even without the best eye-candy nor riveting story, I still rate it 10/10 as something I will waste spare time on, and love doing it!

    You choose a class, start earning XP and unlocking powers and weapons; maybe you will get a jetpack and fly around, maybe get sneaky with a cloaking field. Like to play support classes? Upgrade your medic gun to not only heal yourself/allies, but also fix damaged vehicles, and even hurt the enemies. Go tearing through a horde of assaulting dinos in a Mech or a Tank. Whoops! Suddenly a hurricane hits and it's the middle of the night. Cannot see !@#$. You are fending off smaller dinos packs that you can only see close up through all the torrential rain, and somewhere in the distance you see the light beams of your allies and one of their jeeps as they also try to defend the objective in the darkness. You hear a spine-tingling rumble/grunt nearby. The ground shakes. You look up and with that motion swing your flashlight up at the close-up face of a T-Rex a few feet away from you (way too close). The fun is about to start! Hehe I love this damn game :)
  40. Mar 11, 2014
    First of all, take note that the majority of the negative reviews here are from 2012. This game is A-M-A-ZING!! Metacritic is doing the community an injustice by not revisiting it for review.
    Admittedly, the game is not perfect. Its graphics are not comparable to Battlefield 4 or the like, but they are not horrid (I highly suggest using the recommended system requirements, as using the
    minimum system requirements will leave you disappointed with any game).
    Bottom line: if you come into this game prepared, you will not be disappointed! One of the best hidden gems out there right now!
  41. Mar 9, 2014
    This game proves why critic scores are pretty much useless for judging the value of a game. Play as dino or man, hunter or hunter. Eat or shoot your prey. Drive your friends off a cliff. Eat raptors for health.

    Buy this and play it with your mates. Solo is fun but co-op is insanely fun.
  42. Mar 8, 2014
    People who don't like this game now probably also hate having fun. This game is a fantastic package of stupid fun. You can punch a T-Rex straight in the face.
  43. Mar 6, 2014
    If you are gonna check the reviews and even the game description, it was intended for a game some 2 years ago namely: "DINO HORDE: BEAT DOWN" and not the game w/c we are playing right now. Orion:Dino Horde as greatly improved compared to it's former. The game play and glitches that haunted most players before are now bearable and surprisingly, the game is highly enjoyable now. Before i would give it a 2-3 score but now, for sheer enjoyment alone, i gave it 10. My gawd, you get to kill Dino's in a futuristic Jurassic park style! What more can you ask?

    A MUST GAME! for all of you dino lovers there.
  44. Mar 5, 2014
    Oh what a mess. Looking through this game's history is quite the nightmare, and makes me glad I have nothing to do with Spiral's PR team (if one even exists). I think the most important thing for anyone looking at this game to note is that it is not at all what it used to be. Over the past couple of years this game has been nurtured and cared for with an obvious love and dedication that I don't often see these days from developers. While the original ORION: Dino Beatdown was a buggy mess, Dino Horde has grown out of that messy goo into something I think plenty of people will enjoy for hours on end.

    I recently acquired this game while it was on sale for ~$1.00 thinking I would have a good time playing it with my friends, not expecting a whole lot based on steam reviews and such. My goodness was I pleasantly surprised.

    The first thing that grabbed my attention when I loaded up the game was the depth of the options menu. The sheer amount of UI customization and graphical tweaking available is phenomenal. And they scored major points for me for allowing me to turn off bloom and motion blur. However I will note that I have not yet found a way to change the controller look sensitivity, which is quite the downside if you prefer to play this with a controller, and stands in stark contrast to the quality of the rest of the options menu.

    After tweaking controls and graphics options to my heart’s content, my friend and I jumped into a game of survival. Honestly, this is where I think the game suffers the most. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing, and there is very little help to be found online in the forms of wikis or guides. What we did know, was to follow the on screen prompts to turn on our generator. After we managed that, enough help popped up to lead us back to our base to buy weapons and augments (purchasable buffs that last until you die). With the starting money we grabbed a few SMGs and headed outside to kill us some dinos. Once they finally spawned we started frantically murderizing every giant reptile in sight, and they in turn began chewing on our faces. Seems dinosaurs don't appreciate bullets being hurled at them. We quickly discovered that setting the difficulty to medium for your first go might not be the best idea, and we were promptly turned into dino-chow. So we went back to the lobby, turned the difficulty down to easy and tried again. This time we were able to hold our own against the horde of angry reptiles bent on human consumption. Well, at least until wave 7.

    After we finished playing a few games of survival I found that I craved more, and dino horde was happy to oblige, allowing for an "open world" mode they dubbed conquest. In this game mode you can choose from one of two huge maps to play on. One in the arctic and one in the recently added plains. When you load this mode up you are presented with a vehicle or two for traversing the world, and a couple generators you can head towards. When you go to one of the generators and turn it on, you begin a very similar wave driven experience as survival mode, however, if you manage to last the ten waves and secure that outpost, you are rewarded with a load of cash, and the opportunity to go work on securing another outpost. I will admit that I do not know what happens if you secure more than one outpost (I saw three, but didn't have the time to play 30+ rounds).

    The biggest thing that stands out to me about this game is the fact that the more I play it, the more I discover about it and enjoy it. I have only played two of the twelve (yes, twelve) game modes and already I feel that this game is worth the money they are asking for it. Admittedly it has its share of issues such as no FoV slider, a lack of pertinent help documentation (took us forever to find out how to get more ammo) and a slightly overwhelming number of game modes that have no description. However, even with these things in mind, nothing beats the thrill of fighting a horde of raptors, a t-rex, a stegosaurus, two triceratops, and a deinosuchus all at once in the middle of a rainy night while trying to capture an outpost. I felt like a kid again, and there are so few games these days that give me that thrill and excitement. Definitely give this game a try.
  45. Mar 4, 2014
    Great Game, i think the last update fixed a lot of stuff. Im a veteran player, it is not perfect, buy pretty addictive if you play it with some friends. I think it is excessively underrated. (Excuse my english)
  46. Mar 3, 2014
    been playing the game and I am having a lot fun with it, I hope the DEVS make new updates as they said so we can keeping playing it, for the price I paid for it I can say was worth, better than buy some Day Z that we can note set a private server with password for PVE only...
  47. Mar 2, 2014
    There is no game that I can think of that the official Metacritic score does not do it justice, except for this game. Granted Orion: Dino Beatdown was probably a horrible game, deserving of the score of 36, but this is a new game. There have been so many updates that it isn't even the same game. It is a great FPS and an awesome co-op experience.

    Metacritic should really reevaluate this
    games score. Expand
  48. Mar 2, 2014
    This is a very good game. I bought it on sale for .99 and was worried when I saw the score this site gave it. But i am amazed by the game, which I have been told is completely different then when it was first reviewed. It has good animations, graphics and game play. A very fun survival game for your and your friends. Reminds me of L4D2 and Payday 2 but with dinos, credits to purchase weapons and power ups and vehicles. Can be a little buggy but they are still working on it. Expand
  49. Mar 1, 2014
    This is a pretty damn fun game. I see the poor reviews, and they seem to range from 7-10/10 to flat zero. I am not sure what that means. obviously, the game isnt unplayable, because they remorselessly bash the visuals or music, the developer or nothing, i guess they forgot to specify WHY the game got a zero. The visuals are fine, the gameplay is, surprisingly, good. i saw the 35 and was expecting much less than what i got. there isnt that much to it, but it has a few game modes and a leveling tree that gives quite a bit of replayability, all the while the developer seems to be continuously adding content and improving the stability of the game all the time. i personally have experienced no glitches or crashes of any kind, nor has any of the people i have played with. if you got it for 0.99 cents or free from a friend, you win! but honestly its worth normal price for some fun dino-killing action with friends. Expand
  50. Mar 1, 2014
    I'm not gonna give a full review because I rather play it but still have to spread the word this game rocks. Better than cod ghosts IMO.

    Each round starts like counter strike to buy weapons. Solid Controls. Plays like halo ce pc. Vehicles like halo ce pc. Wave after wave of dinosaurs and gets increasingly harder.

    And in the first hour of game play I killed a trex with a warthog
    mounted turret.grenadedd a pack of compys. Got picked up by a pteradactly while driving! Flew in my jetpack hovering while killing a stegosaurus.

    Zombies are over rated and watered down. Long live the dinosaur!
  51. Mar 1, 2014
    One of the best games i own, still beats playing games that haven't done anything in years, i love the classes, the dinosaurs and the support i've received from the games staff when i' ve had problems. i haven't had this much fun fighting dinosaurs since back in turok's days on ps2
  52. Mar 1, 2014
    The most underrated game ever.I'd say it should be in top 10 co-op games list.The developer support is amazing; gameplay improves every other day and this game is damn amazing.
  53. Mar 1, 2014
    While this game could be better, especially in graphics, it definitely could be worse as well. And I think it definitely has potential, it just needs some work.
  54. Feb 28, 2014
    I see no reason why people are complaining so much about this game. I got it during the 93% off sale, this weekend, and I found ab-so-lute-ly nothing wrong with this game. I have found next to zero glitches, and the only glitch I HAVE found was being slammed into a rock by a T-Rex, and depositing me and my 2 buddies INSIDE the rock. This was easily fixed by using the Teleporter (Item that can be selected by '5') and teleporting back to base, only delaying us for 2 minutes, max.

    When I started the game, and started off in a Survival match, solo, I found literally nothing wrong. I grabbed a shotgun, and ran over to protect the generator. First wave? No flying dinosaurs, no bad physics. In fact, I could say that this is one of the better-detailed games. I have yet to find a game like this one with graphics and models as good as this one.

    Now I do have to agree that there are a few flaws and quirks. For example, I have to agree that it does seem a bit Halo-ish in the vehicle department. The Gladiator Buggy, the VTOL and the tank all share some kind of aspect to the Halo vehicles. While I have to say they are similar, it may be nothing more than inspiration. While the Gladiator Buggy is very similar to the Warthog, it's different in several ways too. The Warthog was longer, and narrower, with an anti-air heavy MG in the back, while the Gladiator has a windowless driver/passenger area, with a more squarish shape, and an energy chaingun. If you were to put the vehicles in basic shapes, and make the Warthog more compressed, and the Gladiator narrower, then yes, they bare a large resemblance.

    However, I have seen review after review hating on Orion: Dino Horde where the entire theme is: IT SUCKS. If this is true, then why is it that I got on, and found that the developers' descriptions were nothing but true. It had great gameplay, great graphics, great models, great game mechanics, etc.

    So if it sucks for you, then I don't know what's wrong with your computer, because I don't have the best computer, and it's running fine for me.
  55. Feb 28, 2014
    Guess it used to be buggy, but I just got it and it plays perfectly. Great co-op at a price great price, so I can convince my friends to get it too. Great selection of weapons, vehicles, and player upgrades.
  56. Feb 27, 2014
    Good game,but not best game.
    I like this games grapics,good sounds good music.
    But I can see something error and bad motions.

    Grapics 8/10
    Sounds 9/10
    Music 10/10 (LOl)
    game mods 7/10
    Map design 9/10
    Class design 8/10
  57. Feb 27, 2014
    The game is really good a great job was done by the developers:
    The lighting the gameplay the graphics all done amazingly Metacritic, do a real review. This is Dino Beatdown, NOT Dino Horde that is actually a good game. You have misled many people away from a great game and should be ashamed,
  58. Feb 27, 2014
    Contrary to most reviews, I thoroughly enjoy this game.
    Community was good to a new player, easy to pick up on.
    Great to play both Solo and multiplayer
  59. Feb 27, 2014
    Let me make one point clear : ever since the 93% off sale,people have gotten to experience the game again and if you check all the new user reviews are quite good, I think they should calculate again it's meta score, right now it is a completely different game from what it was 2 years ago.
  60. Feb 26, 2014
    The game I feel is underrated and it's developers have been keeping to their promises and are still developing it with community ideas with support from people. This game is unique and better than most 60.00$ games I have bought and have been disappointed in and let down. This is only my opinion, judge however you feel about it.
  61. Feb 26, 2014
    There is a lot of unfair hate onto this game, I myself have been enjoying this game quite a bit, yes animations are bad and sounds, but this doesn't make it worse than cancer as it might seem from how some people are acting, It got excellent co-op and is very enjoyable to kill dinosaurs trying to break your generator and such, the idea of it is great, wasn't executed as well as could been though, but that doesn't make it a bad game, it's a great game at what it does do, I would rather play this game than many of other games I own. Expand
  62. Feb 26, 2014
    Dino horde para todos hijos de puta!
    Dino horde para todos hijos de puta!
    Dino horde para todos hijos de puta!
    Dino horde para todos hijos de puta!
    Dino horde para todos hijos de puta!
    Dino horde para todos hijos de puta!
    Dino horde para todos hijos de puta!
  63. Feb 26, 2014
    This is a god games
    other say "BAD GAME , Or Graphics its bad"
    i Play 7 hours..

    and my critici is

    Graphics 7/10
    Gameplay 9/10
    COOP 11/10
    Cross Weapons 6/10
    Clases 9/10
    Dinosaur 10/10
    Game Modes 11/10
    Maps 8.5/10
  64. Feb 26, 2014
    The Game has a interesting Setting, but also many bugs. The graphic looks very nice, but animations and effects (like blood, explosions etc.) are very bad. It is definitely not a game for graphic-freaks, but it makes a lot of fun. Its a nice game for a easygoing round of team-fps, but nothing more.
  65. Feb 26, 2014
    So...I just bought it for 0,99 Euros which is a fair price, and seems to be a pretty good game, definitively worth the price!!! (0,99 EUROS do not confuse, it was on a -91% sale )
  66. Feb 26, 2014
    I just bought this game, and have played around 4-5 hours. I wasn't expecting a ultra-polished AAA title. What I was expecting is a lot of shooting dinosaurs in the face with a machine gun while flying around in a jetpack. This game delivers on that front. The gameplay modes are unexplained, but after a little clicking around I figured out what one I liked best. All in all, I really enjoy playing this game. The vehicle controls are kind of weird, but pretty much exactly like Borderlands/Borderlands 2 controls. Expand
  67. Feb 26, 2014
    I don't know how this game was when it first launched. It could have and very well was a huge turd swirling around in the gaming toilet waiting to be flushed away into the void with all the other games collecting there that no one cares about. I must tell you though I've played this game just recently and like a fighting champion worthy of the Rocky Theme music. This game has made strides to redeem itself. Is it a perfect 10 hell no but it's a damn solid 7 in my eyes. If this game was as bad as people make it out to be then major kudos go to the team behind it for proving once again it is possible to polish a turd. Expand
  68. Feb 25, 2014
    The game has incredibly poor animation quality to the point where you can't help but laugh at players whenever you see them sprint, jump or do anything really. The sound effects are equally as poor and even though the game 'echnically' supports a controller... well support isn't the word i would use so don't bother with one. The graphics are actually surprisingly pretty good in most aspects, terrain for instance looks amazing but player models, dinosaurs and weapons leave much to be imagined. The store page mentions things like massively open areas and explorable maps but the maps are significantly smaller than most battlefield levels. Overall the game is buggy and doesn't offer anything to truly call it a sequel to its' predecessor, Broodwar added more content to StarCraft and that was only an expansion pack. This game is worth the 1$ it's being sold for at the time of writing this review but not the time it takes to install and play for more than an hour, don't bother with it. Expand
  69. Feb 25, 2014
    My friend bought this game for me on steam sale at a low price of 1GBP. I went into this without first reading the reviews or looking the game up in any way and I have to say that I enjoyed the game. With its controls and game style being 'inspired' by other shooters of this kind, everything is easy to understand and already familiar. I didn't really find any bugs or anything unfavorable about this game. Maybe time will tell, but after playing about five hours, I do intend to go back and have some more fun with this little indie game that is currently available at a really good price.

    I would also add - This game, according to the website changelog, is being constantly updated with new features and small bug fixes. You don't see this very often in this industry and its something that I think is especially positive coming from such a small low budget indie studio.
  70. Feb 25, 2014
    The game has changed by a very large amount since it was released. Many new updates, and the bugs are gone. I got this game on Steam for a dollar and it has already paid off.

    You are fighting Dinosaurs in a mech. Need I say more?
  71. Feb 25, 2014
    This game is not a 10. It's a solid 8 and climbing. Somebody has to balance out the horrible reviews from the week it was released. I'm judging it based on the one factor that matters: is it fun? Yes, it absofrigginlutely is fun.
  72. Feb 25, 2014
    I didn't play Orion: Beatdown so i don't know how bad it was but Horde doesn't deserve the hate it is getting. It is a preety good enjoyable game. I admit there are a few bugs like how i got stuck in a bunker once or how i couldn't buy weapons because it showed i had already purchased them but i think it deserves a second chance. Don't look at outdated reviews, it is very much playable now!
  73. Feb 25, 2014
    I bought this game during the dollar sale in spite of the low metacritic score thinking that no matter how bad it is at least it's only a dollar.

    I absolutely regret my decision.

    And that's saying that this game honestly isn't even worth the one single dollar I gave its developers. There isn't a better example of "good graphics do not make a game" than this. If you're trying to
    convince me that it's still in alpha/beta/whatever, this game has gone through MULTIPLE revisions, all the way from 2010. For the price of a "fun multiplayer co-op experience" you get randomly being kicked out of games and intense, horrific lag. This is NOT Halo x Turok x Call of Duty. It doesn't even come close to being 1/10th as good as any of them, let alone all of them at once.

    Don't believe any of that "reviewers are now willing to give it a second-chance". Not one single profession review site has changed their minds, regardless of whether it's a beatdown or a horde and neither will they even when it becomes a prelude, I'll bet.

    Orion: Dino Horde has guns. And it has dinosaurs. And it has vehicles. And it has jetpacks. But it does NONE of that well. Character animations are a joke and look like they were from the quake era. Just stand still for a moment and observe your other team members. Hell, just press F1 and observe yourself. The wimpiest pistol whip I ever did saw. Crappy run cycles and stiff upper body animation. Don't get me started on those taunt animations. On paper you'd think I'm nit-picking but just try it yourself and you'll start to feel sick all over. And then there are the dinosaurs. Wonky animation covered with hilarious levels of motion-blur. Speaking about the dinos, they don't bite either. They just come up to you and sort of nudge or nuzzle you to death.

    I stood around for 3 minutes within starting my first ever match and decided to mute the constantly looping 20 second this-is-gonna-get-epic background music. And honestly I felt better after doing so. And the unreal tournament wannabe announcer doesn't help either.

    Game mechanics taken from various other AAA titles and cobbled together into an amalgamation of stupid. I'll give you an example. Paying 2,500 of your hard earned credits so that the game will bind your jet-pack button to spacebar. Perks ripped from other titles without even taking game balance into consideration. No indication of whether or not your shots hit the enemy, which would have been very helpful given the amazing amount of lag present in multiplayer games.

    All in all it's an entire mess of ugly blanketed ironically by surprisingly good graphics. And that's what would lead you into buying this crap in the first place. In this day and age you'd think that no game that looks this good could be that bad, and you'd be wrong. Dead wrong. When you do start this game up, you'll likely be awed by the pretty textures for about the first few minutes, and then slowly every single thing that's wrong with this game will come flying at you like bricks.

    No one in their sane mind who has even played more than a single game out there would rate this a 10. I'd give it 5 at the very most, and that's if I'm feeling extremely damn generous. Don't be fooled by fake scores. Don't support trash developers who "strive to fulfill their dream" by releasing a crap game that's at least 3 more years away from being publicly ready. If your game is still in alpha/beta then you damn well label it as such. If there is to be even any hope of this game breaking a 3/10 they had better do some outsourcing. I'd start with the disgusting animations(or lack of, rather) first.

    I wouldn't be surprised if news came out that spiralgamestudios were secretly the developers behind WarZ as well.
  74. Feb 25, 2014
    This game made me realize for the first time that judging a game based on Critic reviews, is a big, big mistake. This game is freaking awesome, period. You can be 3 classes, Recon, Support, and Assault, each unique in their own way, and each progressing in level. Each level brings new perks for your character. The developers have been definitely been working hard on this and the proof is in the pudding. Just think of Halo, mixed with Battlefield and Turok. When Orion:Prelude comes out, all other games beware... Expand
  75. Feb 24, 2014
    I do not know how anyone could rate this lower than 8/10, My friends and I giggle so much while playing it late into the evening.. I give it two thumbs WWAAYY up!
  76. Feb 24, 2014
    This game is trying to sell on the idea alone.
    I want you to say this "Space Marines fighting dinos". The statement is awesome, but the game is so full of problems it just does not work. but I would like to start off on this site by being systematic so let us begin.
    There will be six categories: looks, plot, coding, pricing, support, ect:

    looks: none to really speak of. It is so bland
    and normal it feels more like the original halo game than a game of 2014. I know they did not have the worlds largest budget, but in the same breadth you could at least try to make it seem pleasing to look at.

    plot: none. Can not really kill it over this, but at the same time I would like at least a little story. like why are we hunting dino's or where are we. oh well

    coding: oh god no. There were so few things in this that seemed thought out. The bugs alone are rampant but let us talk about the logic of solo player. 1. the class system no longer works. The idea of classes is so that you can do several tasks, but that is useless when you are alone. 2. they literally made some enemies so hard to hit that you can not even aim at them. 3. The starting weapon is next to useless. I can here someone now, "well isn't that the point" it would be except to get a new weapon in solo player you must leave your defensible point, take a thirty second run to your base spend 20 seconds buying a gun, run back in another thirty seconds to watch the raptors tear apart your generator before being swarmed. So no the upgrade system is problematic too.

    Pricing: on Steam the games price runs normally for 15$. I did not buy the game (thank goodness) but still the price is absolutely unforgivable for what you are given. The game feels unfinished and to top it off along with buying the game you must buy customizable options. No this is not forgivable. You release and unfinished game and expect us to spend more on it.

    support: online support to be exact. I would love to write here how well the online portions seem balanced and fair, except to get onto a multi-player game is a nightmare. I was randomly assigned joined a server with a AFK host. waited 5 minutes I left and found i could not join a different server. I then had to shut the game off and decided to reboot my PC. so 3 minutes later I went back on to try again and was placed in the same server with the same useless host. I typed a quick message to the waiter warning them and tried to join a different server but again it would not allow me into any. so I just left.

    ect: I know there have been promises of DLC or patches or other such things, but so what. I want to buy a game that mostly works. not a game that i have to buy to work the bugs out. mostly this was advertized as a finished game. I get the idea of pre-order or early access, but that means i can give adequate feed back and the game is mostly done. Patches are supposed to work out balancing issues and minor glitches not rewire a game.

    overall this game is a good concept and useable, I have no doubt if you got a few friend together and played it would be enjoyable. but so little about it works i can not get any enjoyment out of it. It has potential, but it just is so unfinished that I feel it should be scrapped and remade, but due to the sour taste in my mouth I will never try it.
  77. Feb 24, 2014
    Complete garbage of a game. Not only is the game horrible trash, the developers will ban anyone from the steam forums who expresses any sort of criticism against the game. Stay far away from this unplayable mess and don't support these greedy pigs.
  78. Feb 24, 2014
    Put it a little higher than i normally would to counteract the obsolete "its buggy/ not working reviews" Great game well worth the 1$ during the sale and possibly even the full price All the claims about buggyness are obsolete, dont listen to them Great multiplayer and dinoshooting action. How did a futuristic civilization end up on a planet with dinosaurs? Why are herbivore dinosaurs attacking you?
    Is that the medic gun from team fortress 2?
    Stop overthinking the game, with great action who needs plot.
  79. Feb 24, 2014
    Look at the dates of a lot of these reviews...the team is STILL patching this game, with another major game patch coming soon. Gotta give em credit for still plugging away at it.
  80. Feb 24, 2014
    Purchased while on sale for $0.99, watching the game play videos I assumed this game would be a lag nightmare or somehow not live up to any decent expectations. It proved to be the best gaming purchase I have made in years. Even for 20x what I paid this game would be worth it, as the key to any good game it is very fun!
  81. Feb 24, 2014
    now,before the update that this game got,it was terrible,bugs everywhere and provided no fun.however,since the update the game has no bugs (that i have seen)and provided hours and hours of Dino-slaughter.of course the game is not is not a fully optimized and great looking game,it still manages to be fun and complete.i recommend yo buy it on sale otherwise make sure you want it because its 15 dollars. Expand
  82. Feb 23, 2014
    The worst game ever. Don't update it. Don't make a squeal. Just don't do it any more. I got it for 99 cents and I want all my money back or I'm ending my life.
  83. Feb 23, 2014
    I've played this with friends and I can say that you will either love this game or hate it. I for one enjoyed this game more than anything that I've played in a while. I've had so much fun playing it and I could play it for hours without end. I haven't encountered a few bugs, and none of them were game breaking. It's just stuff like dinosaurs having weird movement or you spinning uncontrollably after you die (which I find funny and I definitely do not think that it degrades the game quality in any way).
    The game devs have been putting a lot of effort into this and I think that the scores are misleading. If you can put aside the weird bugs and if you don't care that much about hardcore graphics than you should enjoy this game.
  84. Feb 23, 2014
    There's a weekend sale on Steam where you can get Dino Horde for $0.99. My friends and I picked it up since we'd heard how funny it was, both because of it being buggy and just the general game play, which is pretty unique. I can definitely say with the little we've played so far that the game is definitely worth picking up on a sale like this. It's unique, fun, silly, still buggy, but playable (better than DayZ at least), and a good LAN game. It reminds me a lot of the old Starship Troopers game COOP mode which we would LAN. That game was also unpolished but offered hours of laughs and good times if you can get over its buggy nature and just enjoy it. The same goes for Dino Horde. Ignore the past negative reviews, the latest release is playable and fun. Expand
  85. Feb 22, 2014
    First of all, the marjority of the low reviews for this title are for its predecessor 'Dino Beatdown'.
    So after buying this game for an irrisory US$1 and playing some hours of it, I made an account on metacritic just to defend this game from the injustice that is the low score it gets.
    This game is an awesome underdog. I've played some survival games before, and I'll tell you the real
    deal: dinos, lightsabers, lots of mechs and rambo-mode munition plus a dozen game modes are way better than repetitive maps and stupid zombies.
    This game is worth your time and money if you get it on promotion. Just try it on one of the f2p weekends and you shall see how stylish this jewel is.
    And if you check out, the game at this moment is more constantly updated than a lot of paid buggy AAA titles.

    9/10 for a low-budget. Kill ancient reptiles with futuristic weapons and be happy.
  86. Feb 22, 2014
    Orion: Dino Horse is a nice little SF shooter. And then some more. You play either as a soldier from one of three classes or - in some modes - as a dino. You already got it: soldiers and dinos are not in the same team. Until now I did not play a lot, just enough to know, I will play more. You have a select of weapons, tools and abilities to choose from, there are human classes different dinos, much to do.

    And if you really don't want to move through grass which is as high as you
    to be attacked by dinos and kill them with your gun or just - as assault at least -
    use your jet pack to fly to the next little hill and use the scope to kill some,
    if you REALLY don't want to do that.. then you are a lost case.
    It is so much fun.

    The graphics are not top notch but really nice enough so you enjoy to look, if you have the time.

    And now, sorry, I have to go and either kill some dinos, or some soldiers... depends on the auto-select.
  87. Feb 22, 2014
    It is good game. May be on initial stage of the existence of the game it was not so good, But now...
    Now i like this game.
    New maps, i can't see bugs and lags, Nice dinos)
  88. Feb 21, 2014
    This game is not meant to be played solo, which I think is why so many people dislike it. Anyone who is a fan of FPS-style games and want to throw some serious lead down-field, this game is for you. There isn't any real storyline that I can tell, beyond the basics of being on a planet with dinosaurs and having advanced tech, which I think is another reason Metacrap is giving such a bad score. This game is amazing, and caters to a very specific group of players.

    Anyone can play it, but unless you love survival and wholesale slaughter, this will not be enjoyable for you. The controls are familiar, the graphics are not the best available, but for a small Dev team on a limited budget, there is not a thing wrong with them. You have to know going in when you pay $15 bucks for a game, it isn't going to look or feel like Halo or COD.

    This game throws in a new curve, adding vehicles to the mix, which sets it apart from other games of the "Kill'em all" genre. I've only played a little solo as of this posting, but in a day or two I'll be teaming up with 2-3 others, and I see hours of fun trying class combinations, testing all the weapons, and the fantastic augment system is better than a talent tree.

    I've also seen a lot of reviews that are over a year old stating the poor quality of this game, however that is simply not true. Updates and bug-fixes have been an ongoing process, and as of this posting, the game plays flawlessly. All in all, I hope to see more from this developer in the future. My standard rule of gaming is "An hour of play for every dollar spent, minimum." This game qualifies easily, as long as you have a friend or two to bring along for the ride. Can it get repetitive at times? Certainly, its a wave-based survival game, there isn't much to it. But honestly, it's no different than the horde of FPS multi-player games flooding the market right now. COD and Halo got boring fast, because the game never really changes. Only the players do. The entire point of a game like this is to see how badass you can be, and to rub your friend's face in it. In a friendly competitive way, of course.
  89. Feb 21, 2014
    I dont know why people complain about this game, i think it is very enjoyable, fun to play with friends,and the bugs that people seem to complain about(example:cant connect servers/lobbys, vehicles like Vtols crash around, dinosaurs pop to outposts,walk trough walls and other that kind of lies. I havent met any of these so said "real bugs" in the game. I can connect the game lobbys when i want, the game has crashed only 2 times for me, the dinosaurs are not phasing trough the walls, VTOLS and other vehicles work like they should. The complaining about the sounds aint true, atleast i dont have them, weapons sound just like they should( except the Revolver, but it might have intergrated silencer like WW2 STEN had). Buy this game for real, you can enjoy it, or hate it doesnt make my life different. Expand
  90. Feb 21, 2014
    This game is so awesome i love to plat it with my friends, it gets better by the update and love to play it !
    sometimes it is laggy but that's not really a problem that can be easly solved :)
  91. Feb 20, 2014
    I give this a 10 because this game is one of the few dinosaur survival games. Turok was like this but with more story and less multiplayer. This game deserves a higher metascore because the game has bugs yes but Spiral Fixes these problems very quickly. The game has RPG element, a FPS element, Character progression, and survival, Also adding to this the old games that weren't even games they were mods for half-life. The game is indie now and has a HUGE fan-base. The game is Awesome and I recommend you get this game right away. Expand
  92. Feb 20, 2014
    This is hands down the worst FPS I have ever played. It's a wonder that games like this are even allowed on Steam in the first place. The rebranding and pleading with potential customers on the forums is a sad attempt at reviving this unpolished turd.
  93. Feb 20, 2014
    I've seen the developer on the Steam forums telling people the meta score is wrong. The saddest thing I have ever seen on Steam.
  94. Feb 19, 2014
    It's fun game with dinosaurs and vehicles and some pretty great maps with medium quality altough the lighting is great it could howerver use more content as in weapons and dino's
  95. Jan 8, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. the game looks great and they will be adding more dinosaurs to play as and fight. The best part is are the maps they are huge and the game has many different game types Expand
  96. Dec 30, 2013
    The game was a bad game at launch, but the people have worked on it a whole bunch since it has released. The team is still working on it and has further plans for 2014. The game has improved significantly and deserves a fair score between the 6-8 range. Also, the graphics aren't anything spectacular, but graphics don't make the game. The game play for ORION is interesting enough to where I want to play it even without stellar graphics. It was a work in progress, but this game shows the dedication and hard work of the two that have been making this game. On another note, this game doesn't deserve a perfect score due to some bugs, not major ones, but significant enough to drop the score. The menu is also quite bare and doesn't give you an idea of the game type you are selecting and finding the right one could be a hassle (if you don't know what you're looking for). Other than that, the game mechanics are interesting and the game play is fun. I'll enjoy quite a few hours on it. Expand
  97. Dec 5, 2013
    This game is the funniest game I've ever played. Metacritics must re-make a detailed rating, because this game is not Dino Beatdown, this is Orion: Dino Horde!
    Extremely funny, immersive, spectacuar, the graphic is amazing (ok ok, it's not Crysis 3 but it has a very good graphic for an indie game made by a little company). This product is a very complete game, more than 30 playable
    maps, 50+ weapons, 10+ awsome game modes (including coop, competitive, PvP, team coop and team PvP), badass vehicles, 10 awsome ferocious dinosaur species and more. Free massive DLCs are making this project one of the best multiplayer indie dinosaur sci-fi shooter ever made. My rating is 1010, but the metacritics rate MUST be at least 8010. Expand
  98. Nov 8, 2013
    Besides from a few small technical issues that occasionally pop up, this game has evolved dramatically over the past year and a half from it's buggy and disappointing launch back in 2012 that most of the users here are referring to. Since then, the game has had a huge influx of new content on a regular basis that has improved not only the graphics and performance, but the overall gameplay experience. Orion: Dino Horde, in it's current form, is one of the best co-operative games to play with your friends around. I strongly recommend you try this game at the next f2p session that is offered. And for those that previously bought the game, try out the new version, it's way better then what you were expecting the game to be like when you first saw it back in 2012. This game deserves a second chance from both users and game reviewers alike. Expand
  99. Nov 7, 2013
    Hello dear gamers, I bought this game in August, it was already changed to Orion Dino Horde. So I can't say anything about the previous game. I don't understand the people who give this awesome game a zero...? no one deserves that !!

    I want to tell you about a few things I really like about this game.
    - You have allot of different game modes, fighting against each other (free for all,
    king of the hill, gun game, but also in team-play like team elimination), survival (playing with 4 other players) with 6 level with difficulty. There are playable vehicles with nice guns and a lot of other funny game modes (slaughter, rampage, 1v1 dual).
    - There are a lot of different maps with their own world dino, that makes it more dynamic!
    - In the game you get credits by killing dinos, reviving team-mates, restoring the generator or capturing the different objectives. With these credits you can buy many different upgrades, and you can buy a lot of different guns.
    -You can also choose between 3 different characters, every round there is the possibility to change between them. They have their own tech-tree and specialty. It makes the game very dynamic and hold you interested.
    - We had a few free updates, with more maps, better graphics, bug fixes and more! like the spook-tacular event with a new boss fight, Halloween style, awesome!! There will be more free updates with new content, I am very excited about that.
    - The game has a very extensive statistics about almost everything you achieve during the game, it's very nice for number/stats geeks like myself :P.
    - You can customize your characters with different hats, armor, capes and funny taunts. You can win a lot of them during special occasion or by getting more achievements.

    There are more things to discover! So check the game and enjoy the dino era!

    There are a few minor bugs, but its a indie game and the developers are ready and willing to optimize the game, so everyone can enjoy it.

    I really hope that metacritic will revise the score it gave the previous game Dino Beatdown, and give our fellow gamers a real score and the developers the respect they deserve. I am very proud of the developer on that what they made so far.

    Your sincerely, Dragittarius
  100. Oct 25, 2013
    Its not Dino beatdown anymore, its Dino Horde! Very fun with friends in coop, good graphics, best music ever! Tons of weapons and upgrades, and billion of dinosaurs! You can use also vehicles, tanks, choppers, and mechs! And its not buggy anymore! And all updates and DLC's are free! Thanks for the game devs!
  101. May 5, 2012
    This game is AWFUL, the graphics are poor, the animations even worse, it is completely riddled with bugs. I would really recomend NOT buy this POS. It is not worth the money. The gunplay is poor, as are the sounds, it crashes, have game stopping bugs. It might only be £6 but dont waste your money on this!

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 8 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 8
  2. Negative: 7 out of 8
  1. May 1, 2013
    It may be fun if we play with friends for a few hours… but it may be not. There are many games fighting in the FPS genre, and it's very hard to find something worth highlighting in this one.
  2. Apr 28, 2013
    While Orion: Dino Horde has potential, it will certainly fall short of even modest expectations. If it weren't for there already being quite the track record of bad Jurassic games, I'd suggest that fighting dinosaurs has never been so dull. A shame, since it's evident that the developers put a lot of time into it... it's just too bad they didn't focus on making it fun.
  3. Apr 28, 2013
    Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised that ORION: Dino Horde was such a disappointment. The gaming industry has been rife with rumors about scurrilous behaviour concerning a very similar title, Dino Beatdown. ORION: Dino Horde's rough edges suggest that it has been quickly brought to market and cynically shoveled out to gamers in the vain hope that its over the top premise will bring in a few bucks.