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  1. Out of the Park Baseball 11 made many improvements to last year's already impressive simulation. With so many refinements that make it a better experience, it's a no-brainer for those looking for a baseball simulation game.
  2. So, no, OOTP 11 isn’t perfect but to complain too much about its deficiencies is missing the larger point – which is that no hardnosed baseball fan should be without a copy of this game. It remains one of the best laptop travel games in existence, plays great with a full league of human players and allows you to recreate the entire history of baseball or start over with a totally custom and fictional league allowing you to create your own sense of baseball history.
  3. A graphically bland, but ultimately satisfying re-creation of the front office number-crunching in the halls of MLB's finest.
  4. It can’t be said enough – the amount of customization and sheer gameplay that is available in this title is simply astounding. While baseball management simulations might not be everyone’s cup of tea, for anyone that has a love of the great American pastime, this is absolutely a title that you should check out.
  5. Another year brings another assortment of subtle improvements to the latest edition of Out of the Park Baseball.
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  1. Jan 7, 2011
    OOTP 11 is the best baseball management game I have ever played, and I've tried them all. It combines highly realistic gameplay with load of options and customization opportunities. Also included are 2010 major league rosters and every historical season from 1871 to 2009. Fictional leagues supported as well. Overall this is a very challenging game, the AI is pretty good and not easy to beat. Get this game if you like running a baseball franchise! Full Review »