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  1. Nov 25, 2014
    This is... a stunning game! Really. Great climate, fantastic graphic (yep, for me it is, cause it fits AWESOME this title) and a lot of stuff to learn, discover. The truly Diablo's 2 child. But with more complex skill tree, more complex items system... more complex everything! And with the same dark climate. Even darker than Diablo's one. I felt in love with this game and can't stop playing.
  2. Nov 24, 2014
    Path of Exile is clearly a labour of love. It's a wonderful game with some fresh ideas and good mechanics that breaths some more life into the traditional ARPG format.

    It is similar to Diablo 3, Torchlight 2 and Titan Quest in general gameplay. All your standard things such as levelling up, loot, random levels and monster slaying are here. Where it differs from the aforementioned games
    is the skill and level-up system, which is an interesting change. As you level up, you gain passive skill points to spend on things such as damage, armour, critical chance etc.

    You gain your active skills from a variety of different gems, which can be freely plopped into items you find - and taken out without a fuss. This allows you to quickly swap skills in and out - completely changing your play-style in a matter of seconds. These gems also level-up with you and become more powerful. You can create powerful combos by linking support gems with active skills to augment your favourites.

    This balance between "permanent" passive skills and changeable active skills is actually really good and works well together. You can still build a character to exactly what you want - and the passive skill "tree" is absolutely huge.

    Different classes start the game at different points in the skill tree, meaning they can gain access to abilities that suit them best earlier than other classes, but it also means, with a bit of work, you can turn pretty much any class in the game to do something different. It's unique and very well rounded.

    As a free-to-play game, it's a must try for anyone that likes the format. It's a great game, made even better by being free to play. At no point does it feel like you *have* to pay to get the most out of it, like some other FTP games I have tried in the past.

    Go on, give it a whirl, it's free!

    Jimbo Rating: 7/10
  3. Nov 18, 2014
    Awesome. Path of Exile is in many ways what Diablo 3 should have been. And it has a great free to play model, too. It took me a while to get used to some of the things, but now I'm hooked.

    + Very complex skill system with endless build possibilities.
    + Almost everything about the gameplay makes perfect sense. You can see how much work the developers put into the details and they did a
    great job.
    + Brings back the Diablo 2 atmosphere and gameplay.
    + Ladder system and fun challenges.
    + Good content updates.
    + Free to play, but not pay to win. Very fair and good shop system.

    The flaws are almost all technical problems.

    - Sync problems (server lag). This is by far the biggest issue with the game.
    - Bad mini map (exactly like the one in D2).
    - Interface could be better.
    - Pick up system should show all drops and hide after x seconds.
    - The areas look good, but there could be more variety (snow, desert).
  4. Nov 14, 2014
    I wish I could dish out 10's, but I can't. In a perfect world I would be totally content with the content of this game. Of course I am not. But hey. Bluntly. There is no 10. People play a lot of games and they either enjoy them a great deal, or they do not. I have enjoyed this game for a better portion of a thousand hours. Path of Exile is, in all honesty, the Diablo 3 we were waiting for. It reinvigorates the whole genre by introducing a plethora, almost sickeningly a though through set, of game mechanics that will suck the player in to the wicked and, oh so twisted, world of Wraeclast.

    The game introduces a marvelous blend of old and new, in a way that you would really expect on the basis of an older game such as Diablo 2.

    However, the game is quite complicated to say the least, and it can prove to be fatal to a newcomer. But still we would not have it any other way. It is simply worth the time investment. The more you learn, the more you get into the gist of it.

    I really cannot recall a day in the last two years where I did not at some point contemplate some cool build that I would really want to try out.

    Do watch out. It is addictive and good.

    One word: Bravo.
  5. Nov 8, 2014
    BEST ARPG ever made:
    1. Insane character development, can start with a witch ending with whatever you want according the path you decide trough a configurable active skills, support, and... look at that passive skill tree! Is a damned constellation!
    2. Cleaver economy based on barter in which there is no such thing as inflation like the "gold base " economy in most games, you trade with
    currency that are useful to most things in game, so currency preserves it value.
    3. Useful craft: one of the few online games in which crafting is useful! Yes, you will be at maximum level and still using that nice armor you've crafted at very low level (that is what makes currency be worth).
    4. Useful common drops, same as described above: crafting made yellow items almost as useful as legendary even at higher levels.
    5. A fair learning difficulty curve that forces you to be constantly developing your character to progress. Even with high level characters "carrying you", can't beat the game without an idea of your goals.
    6. Not Pay 2 Win. Unlike most "so called F2P" games, this is 100% free and 24 characters per account. With micro transactions you'll be able to buy only aesthetical complements or more space to inventory.
    7. The deeper environment in the straight line with Diablo 2. You will feel fear in one occasion, guaranteed.

    Except for one point:
    8. The only whim I have is that is only online. This game would be awesome offline to play without lag and even better to have mods...

    So this game is ALMOST perfect, only the unfair "DRM online MMO system" is why I can't give it a 10, I cannot fully enjoy a game that I don't own, for example, servers of Sacred, Dungeon Siege or Titan Quest was shutdown long ago but I still playing those incredibly ARPGs and with mods! I don't know how much this game would be available and that bothers me in direct proportion to what I like it...
  6. Nov 8, 2014
    A true isometric RPG. Fans of the Diablo series will find much to like in Path of Exile (PoE). A vast skill tree, unique armors and weapons, a great gem system, and the ability to play without paying.... all combine to make this a great game. Stop reading this review and go download PoE now.
  7. Nov 3, 2014
    This game has average graphic, average sound quite bad story and GODLY gameplay.
    By that I mean that the gameplay is SO good that you forget anything about story, graphic or anything else.

    The game takes diablo 2 key features and expands them creating a unique gameplay with almost infinite possibilities. The setting (world, skill, characters) is dark and scary and this, combined with
    the actual fear of dying, gives a unique experience.

    Sadly desync is "part of the game", you have to take desync in consideration while slashing mob hordes because if you don't, you probably end up dead.
    Graphic is not an eye candy like most commercial games but I won't say there's any impact on enjoyment.
    About game's music I have to say only a few background music themes are good, most of them are not really enjoyable (unlike Diablo II for example). I wrote myself an utility that replaces most game's musics with Diablo I / Diablo II ones and it was awesome, almost another game.

    Finally, the game is free to play and not pay to win, there are no boost microtransactions, only visual effects. Game support is fast and precise.

    So, just be careful, this game is addicting, a lot.
  8. Oct 29, 2014
    There are too many things that ruin the game: 1.Trading: No trading system, items are offered via trade chat (about 100 per minute). Impossible to compare offers for a single item you are looking for. Furthermore, about 95% of these items are pure junk and overpriced. 2. Leveling: Leveling up a character becomes boring if you have to repeat the same areas 3 times before you attempt what they call "end-game content".

    3. End game and rewards:

    That is running maps (with map levels from 66 up to 79) with a Bossmonster at the end of the map.That looks fine because we all know that Bossmonsters hold special rewards like cool Uniques or currency or even more maps. In fact, they drop crap. I ran lvl 77-78 maps with a guildmate who had an 400% increased chance to get rarer items for almost a week and got nothing valuable.

    4. Partying:

    see performance and technical issues

    5. Performance and technical issues:

    There are too many things ruining gameplay and have not been adressed as of now, one of the worst is desync. Loosing hours of playtime you have spend because your character dies and suffers a 10% XP penalty becaus the servers loose the exact position of your character and sends you back to a place where you had been a few seconds before isn't really fun. The official game forum is full of players complaining exactly this. And now, something funny: GGG declares this as a feature to prevent cheating.

    Partying sounds like fun, if you like dia-shows.Too many skills and character builds cause even high-end computers to drop down to a few frames when playing in a group.
    The last mini expansion "The Forsaken Masters" made it even worse.With this expansion players can have their own personal hideout, a place to rest or sort things in your stash, nothing special because this hideout is only a small tileset with a few objects like bricks or a wall or a few trees. Guess what happens to your framerate when entering your or other players hideout? But can
    decorate your personal hideout with hundreds of objects (of course you can buy them from GGG, but there are also free ones)....guess again what happens to your framerate and loading time ?
    I forgot weather effects. Yes, weather effects have been implemented to more and more areas over the last months although many players complain about framedrops in these areas.Instead of adding a chance to turn weather effects off via the options menue, they add even more.
    Opening the box....surprise, surprise......whats in the box? While running around you may find kind of a chest box, called strongbox.Introduced in the "Ambush league" a few months ago, you'll get ambushed by monsters when opening these boxes.Sounds funny, but.............many computers freeze for 1-2 secs while the game is loading the monsters. Click the Resurrect button and take the 10% XP penalty.

    All in all this game is an ambitious project, but GGG failed in too many aspects.
  9. Oct 16, 2014
    Quite a good, enjoyable game. Fun for a while. But like with usual hack and slash games, I got bored with it after a while, just feels a bit too repetitive and only about loot and not much else.
  10. Oct 2, 2014
    There have been ARPGs that charge a full retail price of $40 that don't come close to the quality of Path of Exile. If you like Diablo and other Hack n Slashers, look no further. I honestly would vote this as the closest competitor to Diablo since Diablo's release.
  11. Sep 29, 2014
    looks realy old, and should have offline mode, skilltree is little to big, they could have moved str int dex somevhere else, i would recomend titan quest, dablo 3, grim dawn and torchlight
  12. Sep 21, 2014
    Purely luck based.

    POE is the "unofficial successor" to the eminently respectable Diablo 2. And while it has inherited some good points it also inherited all the bad things. To bring it to the point: This game is completely luck based. Player Skill and the skilling itself (called passives here) are more or less irrelevant compared to the items. In this game you have to find the right
    items, the right number of sockets in these items, the right color of sockets, the right skills and so on. If you run out of luck on just one of these you hit a wall at lvl 50 that you cant pass.
    Of course in order to give the player a chance you can use "orbs" to change the properties of an item, but that is also purely luck based. You can use one orb to get the desired result, or you can use 1000. I wanted to change the number of sockets on one item in order to use a skill with the needed amount of linked support skills. For that I used up ALL orbs I found in the game so far (like 50 hours) and I didnt get one step closer to the needed amount of sockets (wanted to change it from 3 to at least 4, never got more than 3 even though up to 6 are possible).
    Like in Diablo 2 the good items are only possible to find in areas where you wont be able to get without having luck in the first place, which turns this game into a stupid grind game (half of the party lobbies are farming lobbies with people running around in the same area for hours cause they cant continue the real game without a lucky drop). that may have been ok 12 years ago (in Diablo 2), but today thats just bad. Therefore this game is only for die hard fans of Diablo 2, who want to get the same game with better graphics. Those who want to play a game thats "up to date" should play Torchlight II instead.
  13. Sep 17, 2014
    Great game. Fresh new ideas for the ARPG genre, lots of game play. Grinding gear Games seems to listen to the player community, and the development is very active. Racing and season rewards are great.

    Its too good for a F2P game. But it is not completely perfect. There are some lag and desync issues still.
  14. Sep 13, 2014
    Probably the best free game ever produced, definitely the best free game I've played. It is also in the top-tier as far as Action-RPG or Hack n Slash titles go along with the Diablo franchise, Torchlight, and Sacred.
  15. Sep 9, 2014
    This game is a better successor to D2 than D3 was.

    Pros: The bartering-currency system, interesting skill tree, free to play, not pay to win, lots of new content every ~6 months.
    Cons: Horrible desyncing issues, poorly optimized
  16. Sep 3, 2014
    Infuriating. Monsters posi-glitch all the time. Impossible to play seriously unless you have very good ping. Once you finish the three difficulties and begin maps, you'll just be playing the crafting and trading game. Maps aren't made to level in and all the rares you find will be useless. It's at this point the game stops being remotely fun and is more of a chore. If you're not tanky it requires constant focus for PvM with no rewards. PoE suffers from the exact same problems it did the last time I played and the same things made me quit again. Expand
  17. Aug 25, 2014
    I tried to like it, I really did. But; the game play is clumsy, the graphics are painful, I do not enjoy spamming 1 spell over and over, most of the skill tree is useless, the lag/desync is outrageous... I am all about liking the concept, but this was poorly done.

    I realize that there is a fan base that holds this game as the true sequel to Diablo 2. I whole heartedly disagree. I think
    Diablo 2 is vastly superior in every way except graphics.

    I wish I could actually find another Diablo 2. Diablo 3, while fun- falls short of the mark. It's more of an action game. And PoE was just a painful experience. Maybe call it PoS?
  18. Aug 15, 2014
    One of the best games I ever played. This have has everything that diablo 3 didn't have. Starting from huge passive tree there you can build your character in any way you want , interesting and unique currency system and finishing with end game content which is by the way most awsome thing I ever seen.
  19. Jul 19, 2014
    If you're a fan of ARPGs like me then you'll really enjoy this game. The game mechanics, leveling system, passive tree, and gem system is a huge breath of fresh air. The only thing I'm still getting used to is the currency system, but that comes with time, and a couple of YouTube videos, I guess. I'm glad the story has a gap (film term) because I really feel like I've been exiled and I have no idea what's going on. The story is not predictable for me. Graphics and music are awesome - diggin' the grittiness. Also, I think this is the only free to play I've actually enjoyed. I feel bad this is free because it's really good.

    If you grew up with Diablo 1, 2, and LOD then I highly recommend this to you. Diablo 3 didn't really do anything for me after a few hours into it. The other ARPG you should play is Torchlight 2 (230 hours) - probably my favorite. Happy clicking!
  20. Jul 19, 2014
    Path of Exile along with DotA 2 are the best F2P games I've ever played. Content-wise there's really nothing to complain about.
    As an ARPG, it isn't as fluid and beautiful as Diablo 3 - but it has that oldschool feeling and gameplay that facilitates user interaction, very similar to Diablo 2.

    The complaints I have about this game would be that it's somewhat rigid, unstable difficulty
    scaling and that the current desync problems make it a game unfit for Hardcore or certain builds. Expand
  21. Jul 18, 2014
    I've logged about 200 hours with this game and gotten couple characters to final stages of merciless difficulty, and had mostly a good time.

    The game picks up slow at the start, but quickly gets going. You smash foes collect loot, and develop your character.

    The character development is unforgiving, forcing you to think what skills to pick, a glass cannon with massive dps might sound
    cool and it will even work on normal and up to cruel difficulty levels, but beyond that it will be very hard to be advancing with such a build, so if you want to go the distance you have to sacrifice dps in favour of survivability. This is all very good in my opinion and for new players there is no need to be afraid of the massive skill tree, you'll be navigating it in no time.

    The journey up to about mid merciless difficulty is a lot of fun, and can be done by most build with self gearing. At about lvl 65+ is where the grind starts to set it and the game becomes very much an elitist affair.

    Because there are so many mods on a given piece of equipment, a good combination of these is very rare, and you need good equipment to be doing merciless difficulty without too much frustration. So there really two choices, grind the same map over, and over and over again, in hopes that one of those rares that drop are actually worth anything, or sell your soul and trade for some gear with other players.

    I like steady progression with these kinds of games and there is literally an artificial block put in place in Path of Exile. One of my character is doing Piety and Dominus runs because they are the best bosses for low tear end game gear, but those are same bosses on the same maps populated by the same monsters. And after doing this for a week, with xp bar craaaaaawling slowly forward I must say the game got really boring.

    XP bar crawls forward a bit faster in maps, which are random areas with high lvl monsters, but even there, there is only so much to see and do. While Grindin Gear Games doesn't charge you to play the game, most other players at high levels will, for allowing you the privilege of joining them on a high lvl map run.

    Well to make long story short the game stops being fun at later stages, but definitely worth playing though. Oh and if you are playing for any significant amount of time, remember the game is free, but devs definitely deserve a reward for making a good game, don't be a cheap skate, spend some cash in their "cosmetic stuff only" shop.
  22. Jun 6, 2014
    With tons of ARPGs active these days it can be difficult to stand out, but Grinding Gear Games does a very good job in making a unique play experience.

    The Positive:
    A bartering currency system that doubles as a crafting system is a great idea. Vendors can be used to set a maximum/minimum value of currency exchange. (if you can vendor 1X for 2Y then Y isn't ever going to inflate higher
    then X) I for one never really like the idea of digital "gold/platinum/credits/gems/etc", if you aren't a trader then you just need them to fill currency sinks and it can feel grind-y without adding anything to game play. Adding a value to the currency beyond what an NPC or Player will give you for it makes spending or using it a more meaningful interaction.

    New 4 month leagues with different rule sets for standard and hardcore always bring back players and keep things interesting. In addition to testing new features and additions to be added to permanent leagues.

    Races are a very unique and fun take on the traditional ladder system, often vastly changing the play experience and offering some nice rewards for people willing to put in the effort.

    The amount of customization for builds and skill choices is simply unrivaled. There are some builds that are more popular/easier to use and not everything is suited well to endgame content. But there is absolutely no one who has "done it all"

    The Negative:
    Due to the developers preference in game play mechanics the net code suffers a bit. Stuttering and de-syncing are common enough its not unusual for most players to use a /OOS (Out Of Sync) macro to make sure the play experience isn't interrupted by a disagreement between client and server, which could potentially endanger hundreds of hours of hard work on a hardcore character.

    Races as mentioned are a super fun experience I would recommend anyone who wishes to play this game try at some point, but sometimes are few and far between. Especially if you wish to participate in a particular rule set that doesn't make the rotation as often. Hopefully this will be alleviated somewhat when they introduce player run "paid" custom leagues.

    New players are often overwhelmed with decisions on how to build their character. The community has done a lot to alleviate this with build forums, dedicated build websites, and even GGG having a build of the week segment. Ultimately though, this isn't a game you can fully enjoy as a fresh player by sitting down and throwing skill points around willy-nilly. You have to be willing to sacrifice several characters of trial and error to see what is viable or put in the time to research a build before hand (Which I would recommend)

    A lot of people experience burn out after creating many characters and playing through the story several times. It isn't an issue for everybody, I had experienced this somewhat after rolling nearly 30 characters and getting some into map content (endgame). I will say that new content like in Ambush with strongboxes guarded by more enemies but containing valuable loot (some times) and Invasion with its increased mob variety and extra hard additional bosses on every map certainly did a lot to fix that issue for me. They also had a charity race which included both and many people actually had so much fun doing it the regular game became boring when it ended and they are waiting for the new 4 month leagues to start.
  23. May 30, 2014
    Great, deep action RPG marred by netcode issues. Pure free to play without any pay to win elements, and race and league events serve both as a testing ground for new features and a way to keep the game fresh. Well worth checking out.
  24. May 23, 2014
    This game is focused on too much to be like D2 in artstyle and character builds, it just lacks fun.
    Embeding skills into gear is just a ridiculous idea.
    Giant skill tree seems good at first but lose your way in midway and you have to go get some help from community at some point.
    There are no ragdoll physics or anything, and animations are a little bit rough around the edges. But it's
    acceptable for a f2p game I guess.

    I couldn't finish the game, it just got too boring.
  25. May 21, 2014
    What I was most surprised about, and the reason I tried the gam, is the completely honest and ethical item store. There is no way to gain an advantage over other players with money in this game nor will it help you finish the game faster (with the possible exception of the shared guild stash although it does not directly influence gameplay). The publisher and developer have chosen to put gameplay and the gamer above corporate greed and that alone should make you want to try the game out.

    Path of Exile is a Diablo 2 clone through and through and iIf you played Diablo 2, you'll no doubt get a familiar feeling while playing PoE. The story line isn't half as epic but all the dialogue is spoken and the game never burrows you in lore.

    The difference lies mostly in the way skills are handled. You gain "active" skills by finding gem stones and inserting these in your equipment. You can unequip these skills and they level up by slaying enemies. Even skills that aren't used, increase in power as long as they are equipped.

    There is also a passive skill tree which mostly influences statistics and the way certain skills handle. If you go for a summoner-class character, you can spend points on increasing the pool of minions that you can march around with but most passive skills influence health, mana, attack speed and other statistics.

    All passive (and active) skills are usable by every character in the game but each character starts at a different point in the passive skill tree which means that certain classes have quicker access to certain passive skills than others.

    Other than that most elements found in Diablo 2 make an appearance in Path of Exile. You can form a party with up to 6 other players and there is a loot system that allows for some flexibility when it comes to assigning items.

    When you die in hardcore mode, you are demoted to the softcore league. There is no corpse to loot.
    PVP should not kill you in hardcore mode but I have yet to verify this.

    Grinding is made easy in this game because holding control and clicking on a location on the map resets the instance completely,

    If Diablo 3 let you down and you're looking for your Diablo 2 fix without actually playing Diablo 2, PoE is an excellent choice and for the price of zero dollars you can't really feel cheated should you decide to not enjoy it.
  26. May 19, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Don't fall for this game's tricks! When you first start playing, it seems awesome because you're fighting skeletons on a scary beach. The monsters are something you can relate to, and the environment is well-themed. Lightning, dark caves, skeletons, and ghosts await you at every turn. But by Act 3 that experience dissipates into a mockery of what the game built its roots on.

    You end up fighting fire beetles. Yes, tons and tons of beetles, and the Act 2 end boss amounts to a giant can-opener or something ridiculous. Then instead of cool, classic monsters, you'll be fighting ribbons. Yes, I said ribbons. And these weird, ridiculous monsters that don't use their claws on you, but try to leg-sweep you for reasons unknown, like some sort of mentally challenged ninja.

    Also, the maps in Act 3 become horrifically boring and way over-sized, so you'll have to spend hours upon hours just finding way-points unless you don't want to save your progress. I played with a friend of mine and we raved about how great the game was at first, but Act 3 destroyed the entire experience and we quit playing it. It was a depressing letdown and I felt like crying.
  27. May 11, 2014
    This game has poor optimization, it's laggy, outdated graphics for a 2013 product and on top of that isn't fun, stopped playing after a little time.
    Five points only because it is "free" (microtransactions inside).
  28. May 4, 2014
    La verdad no soy un amante de los rpg pero este juego me a gustado muchisimo Unos graficos bastante buenos una jugabilidad tambien muy buena personalizacion de personajes y ese pequeño toque de mundo abierto que tiene lo hace muy bueno Ami me gusto mucho.
  29. Apr 30, 2014
    I installed this game building new comp for my friend, and as I played games for last 30 years, its just biggest disappointment. This game is boring, I needed couple of cups of coffee to carry on playing, and I will never return to this game again. Diablo 2 is excellent game, Torchlight 2 is great, Diablo 3 has its flaws but this????
    As I played witch game relies on spamming your cooldowns and checking your mana stat.
    I have to give some credit to guys from New Zealand for their passion to make this game but definitely "this is not Diablo 2" successor its just boring game as hell
  30. Apr 22, 2014
    This is a diablo-like, but this is not definitely not Diablo, the combat are so slowww, i feel like hitting a piece of butter with a plastic fork. the graphics are ugly...some people will say "it's dark, not like diablo", well it's not dark for me, it's ugly, everything is static, nothing lives in this game.
  31. Apr 18, 2014
    Game is fun for a couple of weeks, but like a lot of these games suffers from bad loot, incoherent nerfs, meaningless stats, bad scaling, useless dodge/defense mechanics and extremely limited game-play. There is no trading system. Pretty clear the developer is lost with this one.
  32. Apr 15, 2014
    I absolutely love the skill tree aspect of the game which gives it incredible individuality, yet as i play more and more it feels lacking in attachment, that may just be me. Yet for someone looking for a game that is free to play and great for an RPG fix this is for you.
  33. Apr 14, 2014
    PoE is really what I expected as a successor to Diablo 2. The game is a bit late to the scene and did not have enough advertisement to make it what it should/could have been. However it is amazing in it's own right.
    Things it does right:
    - Story line (The story line is complex and gives the character motivation for moving place to place)
    - Intuitive design (it is very similar to most of
    the games in it's genre including the popular Diablo line)
    - Skill tree (There is only one skill tree, each class begins at a different place, and there are many many choices and paths to take)

    Things I'm not content with:
    -the trade system (it is not coin based, each item is worth a type of base magic item [ident. scrolls, teleport scrolls etc.] and items are purchased from the vendor in the same sort of barter, it makes it difficult to flat purchase items and limits trade considerably, but this may have been their intent)
    -The Grouping System (I feel it is a little clunky but if more players were to use it, it would be manageable, but the player base is not what it could have been)
  34. Apr 12, 2014
    Path of Exile is an online action role playing game set in a fantasy world called Wraeclast. The game is developed in New Zealand by a small developer group - Grinding Gear Games. The game itself is free to play, with an option to purchase cosmetics or extra stash tabs through microtransactions. It should be noted that players, who plan to stay in Wraeclast for a while (level 70+) will likely end up buying the stash tabs, because the four default tabs do not provide enough space for late game farming.

    + Fun and addictive combat
    + Great depth and variety in character builds
    + Several innovative and welcome features
    + More complexity than in similar games
    + Free to play
    + Constant patches and content updates
    + Regular races with cool prizes

    - The story, music and dialogs are lackluster, but that's obviously, not the main reason why people play this game;
    - Graphics are overall acceptable, but feel dated in some areas. Animations could use more variety.
    - Trading is not great. Trade chat is very inconvenient, because it encourages spamming. I have NEVER sold anything in the trade chat. There is always someone trying to sell something in global chat, which is a testament to how useless the trade chat is.
    - Desync. You will die to desync. Period. At least once, it will happen. It's also one of the most frustrating things you will ever experience in video games. Losing 10% XP at high levels means losing countless hours of grinding. And the worst part is, almost nothing is being done to fix it by the devs. There are certain skills that are not used in HC simply because they cause too much desync.
    - The loot that you get from monster drops is disappointing most of the time. You have to be extremely patient and extremely lucky to find something valuable, because 99,99% of the time, the stuff that you find is worthless. The best items are so rare, that you may spend months farming items, and never find anything particularly valuable. That exciting feeling of finding epic loot is simply absent from this game. Instead we have soulless currency farming, which you collect until you have enough to trade for the item you wanted. It just doesn't feel as exciting and satisfying.
    - The crafting system is gambling. There's a currency item called "Orb of Chance". In reality, all of the currency items are orbs of chance. You can spend countless hours of farming currency, only to spend it all on an item and never even get the roll you wanted. It leaves a bitter feeling of wasted time and effort.
    - Once you finish the mostly bland story, where you kill stuff and get rewards from NPCs, you are left with end-game maps, where you kill more stuff, but this time there are no NPCs or rewards. It's basically a huge farming and grinding fest. Unfortunately, the map drop rates are atrocious. I have had periods of bad runs where I spend all my currency on improving the maps and still have almost no drops. It leaves you with an option of joining public map parties (often requires paying a fee) or farming currency until you're able to afford purchasing maps in bulk and hoping that you can sustain them further. In my experience, that is rarely the case.

    Path of Exile seems fun at first, but ultimately is unsatisfying and unrewarding. The most fun thing about this game is the process of planning and building your character. Once all your passives are in place, your gear acquired and skills leveled, there is little incentive to continue playing, as the map system is far from a satisfying and fun experience. POE is still a fun game overall, definitely a must-play for any hardcore ARPG fan, but because of the aforementioned flaws, it doesn't deserve more than 7 in my book.
  35. Apr 5, 2014
    I remember the days when I used to play a variety of games, this abruptly stopped when I really got into POE. I have spent a great deal of time with this game, thousands of hours I am sure, and even though it has flaws(some that make you want to break things at times), it is still the most addictive game I have ever played. You can view my profile to see my gaming history, I feel my opinion here is pretty valid. I can't really explain the depth with PoE, you will have to play it for a while to experience it, but this is definitely a game for hardcore gamers in the ARPG field. The way items drop, how the economy works, and crafting, all make for a wonderfully challenging and time consuming experience. The skill tree is of course incredible and the amount of builds are endless.

    This is the first 10 I have given in a long time but I do feel it is necessary to say that this game is not perfect. I give it a 10 because although it is not perfect, the amount of entertainment (play time) I have received is beyond any other game and it has all been for free. In the future I hope to see improvements with the servers in general, including lag, disconnections, and desync. There also needs to be more end-game content, I have consistently ranked in the top 20 on ladder seasons but grinding the same four maps is getting a little stale ;x

    All-in-all though if you are an ARPG or Diablo fan this game is a must try!!!!!! Collapse
  36. Apr 5, 2014
    Path of Exile combines lush atmospheres and an original setting with deep mechanics for character customization and solid, satisfying ARPG gameplay. It is a title of so-called AAA quality that is completely free to play and lacking in any pay-to-win elements. Grinding Gear Games regularly adds new content patches, and runs daily 'race' league events that provide additional variety and challenge. The sprawling tree of passive character upgrades allows for robust development of different playstyles, and the skill gem system lets players effectively tweak and craft their own skills and spells. The game is only marred by the occasional occurrence of 'out of sync,' a lag-like problem that pops up when players or enemies begin spamming movement skills. While mildly annoying, it's generally infrequent enough not to be a problem. Expand
  37. Apr 5, 2014
    This game is a pretty good hack and slash game and gives players a good single player and multiplayer experience. However, I do not think this game is to be considered the best hack and slash game. The customization is deep, and the dark, moody setting gives it a "Diablo" feel to it. Oh and lets not forget, ITS FREE TO PLAY.
  38. Apr 4, 2014
    I really don't know which part of game I need to start, cause whole game is outstanding. Replayability, variativity, mix of planning and gambling-like hopes that next item would be treasure for you. Brilliant solution for trading with currency items instead of gold which lose value from start of servers.
    After all it's hardcore and oldschool. Instead of buying DLCs you need to play, to
    open additional character. Yeah, no expirience boosters and other crap in f2p shop. Only way to success in game - play it! You just can't find other game like this nowadays. Expand
  39. Mar 30, 2014
    Best ARPG there is at the moment, only negative points would be the story if you are into this ( i dont care at all in an ARPG) and there are some desync issues, but you can work around them most of the time if you know what you are doing
  40. Mar 27, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Poe is classic "diablo game".Even its lack atmosphere from D1 it still offers a good game experience lets say differently.I have to admit developers for progressive aproach to the game. Well its not like starcraft 1 and 2 - u dont give new units graphics and thats it .. Sure its diablo clone - but with some new brave ideas, new gameplay systems.. lets see pluses and minuses of the game

    + Character customization it was never so complex in any other diablo clone game - skill three is so huge u will **** bricks and is biggest in diablo clone games so far.
    + Skills as gems this system is really revolutionary you can create your own skills - with complex skill tree that`s really kick-ass!
    + Currency system and crafting with orbs
    + it`s free completely
    + Constant updates from game developers side
    + Race modes where u can compete with other players usualy who gets faster experience

    - Desinc problem , well this is one of big issues of the game, you can die easy because of this lag and thats big problem for players who want to play hardcore mode
    - Leveling skills dosent feel rewarding especialy for weapon skills
    - Monsters dosent have a personality usualy u see them as hit points to get rid off no special tactics is needed maybe little on highier difficulties.Also u have to face skelletons just with more hit points and damage even in act 3, well thats quite bad cause u want that feeling what will be there when beat boss at end of act 2 and u see skeletons hmm...
    - 3 dificulty settings - well i know its diablo clone but cmon this is not the best way to increase game length i hoped for something better with such progressive atitude
  41. Mar 25, 2014
    this game is free to play so i gave it a try after being disappointed with diablo 3. I like the fact that it has a very complicated skill tree and it is really fun especially when you play with party members. Only downside is that there is a 1 second delay sometimes and it gets really annoying.
  42. Sok
    Mar 23, 2014
    Very solid ARPG with a complicated skill tree that has no limits. Want a Ranger with a 2 handed sword? Want a Marauder with a bow? Go ahead! This game is free & not pay to win. I think that alone is a win win.
  43. Mar 20, 2014
    POE é um dos melhores RPG de ação que já joguei. No melhor estilo de Diablo, são horas de jogo em um mundo sombrio e macabro que ainda é possivel jogar com os amigos ou com qualquer pessoa do mundo.
  44. Mar 20, 2014
    If you are a Diablo fan, this is your holy grail. If you are after more of an RPG, this is your grave. This is a standard ARPG (which I pretty rather like to call as "Character Building Game" instead) with one of the deepest character building system ever. That's just about where all the fun is. There is next to no story, no choice but a linear world through which you senselessly kill everything that moves regardless of what it actually is and how it actually fights. All monsters are really just hollow graphics that are nothing more than target practise for your character and your character is just another souless look-alike with no customizable face so everyone of the same class looks the same... clones everywhere. I would like to give it a 6 rather than a 7 but the fact that it is a good representation of a arpg, I won't pull it down that much. All in all, they should have given such a deep character building game more soul. Expand
  45. Mar 20, 2014
    POE is Epic, Actually Best Action RPG. And it's for 100% TRUE free. IF you stay 10-20 minutes thinking about your abilities and equipment before continue you have a game that's not only hack and slash but a REAL RPG. Lot of abilities and it's always your decision. (If you haven't done..look "POE skill tree") Supported, big, deeper and with a solid community. Lot of equipment, no gold only exchange.
    Big and difficult enough. (Random areas and dungeon)
    Graphic is good, something real style not cartoon.

    If you wanna a RPG game where you have to think, this is the game.

    In a Generation of games made only for profit someone give us a Real Game for gamers.
  46. Mar 10, 2014
    I'm so fully committed to Path of Exile that I've spent a bit of coin myself, and my witch is only one of many wayfarers I intend to guide through Wraeclast. Many mysteries still await me, even in the savage regions I've already charted.
  47. Mar 9, 2014
    This game is boring. No, i mean REALLY BORING. The only reason people play it, is to say "im not diablo3 fanboy, look i play better game". Ah and its free, schoolboys like to grind not work to buy game.
    But meanwhile there is no game at all. Only excel skill planing. Gameplay is boring rightclick like 1000 times before.
    The plot sometimes interesting, but can you write down any NPC name
    after you finish it? Nope.

    How fanboy see it: thousand builds
    In real world: 3.5 actual builds, other is weak and unplayable / playable only with gear grinded 500 hours.

    How fanboy see it: SOOOO MUCH PASIVESS!!!!
    In real world: 99% of nodes are same as "put 5 points in str/agi/int after lvlup".

    How fanboy see it: free game, no pay to win, no money auction
    In real world: bots in every league, black market = same money auction but some people dont know / dont wanna use it

    etc. etc. etc.

    Overrated game. 4.
  48. Mar 3, 2014
    Path of Exile is an excellent game and I make that statement at 100+ hours played. It isn't without its flaws, so the bad news first:

    -I've had a few issues with de-sync, but it isn't so consistent to detract from the game.

    -There's also a bit of a learning curve figuring out the skill tree and currency system, but I honestly enjoy that in a game. Though to some this is a big

    -The game is also for all intents and purposes a clone of Diablo. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but a redesign of the health/mana globes and potion belt are long overdue.

    -This is a grind for gear game just like all the other titles in the genre, so don't expect it to break the mold in that respect.

    Now for the good news.

    +It's completely free. No catch. No advertisements, no pay to win, no trial run. This should be THE model that free games follow. You can show your support for the game by purchasing weapon particle effects, non-combat pets, and alternate spell animations from the website. There's also supporter packs that give you real world goods like hats and shirts.

    +The leagues and ladders are an interesting way to keep the game fresh. Joining a league server means you're entering a fresh game economy. Each league also adds different challenges for the player to overcome.

    +I also really enjoy the twist on game mechanics. The skill tree, refilling potions, and the use of skill gems are all interesting variations on the style.

    +Though story always takes a backseat in this type of game, there is one being told. It's nothing earth shattering, but I've enjoyed the pieces of story put into the game. I also love the voice actors for the game.
  49. Mar 3, 2014
    I can't say enough about how good this game is. I love how the passive talent point system works to diversify your character from other players and how according to what gems you slot bases what abilities you have. I'm an old Diablo fan boy myself and Diablo 3 was some what of a let down for me. That's why I'm glad I discovered this title it actually does what D3 was supposed to do. For those seeking a challenge it has plenty. For those who like it casual it has that too. All things you purchase on the Market are mostly cosmetic character effect and vanity pets. This will be one of the best games you've ever downloaded and it won't cost you a Dime to play. I have yet to buy anything myself but as much as I love it that'll probably change. Expand
  50. Feb 26, 2014
    What d3 should have been.. and it's free.

    Exile is but a beautifully crafted story that is compelling and immersive embellished with intriguing and well crafted dialogue. Appreciatively on my part, you'll find no irrelevant "go fetch 20 carrots" or "fritter away 5 minutes of your life by running between locations to collect bottles of goo" for no apparent reason quests we've become
    accustomed to from our RPG dosage. Instead, each mission is both thoughtful and purposeful, and drives along the story at a gratifyingly pace.

    The gameplay mechanics are somewhat innovative especially in terms of character development and offer a grand scope of possibilities. The music compliments to it's eerie atmosphere.

    My only qualm with Path of Exile is the fleetness of its existence, that leaves you pining for just a little bit more. Perhaps though this is the best legacy for what is a good solid and memorable RPG.
  51. Feb 23, 2014
    Pros: 1. Best itemization of any ARPG. Hands down. 2. Build diversity is incredible 3. The game is very deep and complicated which leads to really rewarding decisions and tons of diversity and excitement 4. FREE 5. Currency/crafting system is very innovative and fun 6. Endgame is very varied and as fun as an ARPG's endgame can be. 7. Developers are seriously amazing. This point can not be stressed enough. They often speak directly to the playerbase. They are very transparent with their goals, are very open to feedback, and work with the community as a team better than any other game that I've seen.
    8. Ethical microtransactions, no pay to win.
    9. Very fun combat, especially in the late game.
    10. Replayability is very high due to the build diversity and RNG.
    11. Game rewards players for having a high level of knowledge and strategy. Learning and applying the mechanics and strategy can be very rewarding.
    12. Community is really helpful and there are tons of community created tools and guides.
    13. Atmosphere is very dark and fits the hardcore vibe of the game. You don't rush out of the game screaming and killing everything. You have to work your way up in a world that is out to kill you.
    13. Changes and new feature come so often that the game never gets stale. Things are always being added, tweaked and perfected. Just when you thought the game couldn't get better, another big patch comes and reinvigorates your passion for the game. The 4 month leagues add tons of replayability and allows for the game to not grow stale and get dissected min-maxed to tedium.

    1. Desync. It's not always noticeable or a big deal but when it is a big deal it will kill you if you do not do something fast. Developers are constantly combating it but it is one of the big flaws of the game
    2. Early game can be a little boring combat-wise. Skills are augmented by support gems and that is when combat get's more fun. In the early game without support gems most skills can be kind of underwhelming. There is something to be said for the atmosphere of the game being but that doesn't mean that GGG couldn't do something to make the early game more exciting.
    3. Pretty damn complicated. Your first character will probably fail, especially if you don't read any tips about how to build your skill tree.
    4. Since trading is a big part of the game, people who prefer to play self-found will have a pretty hard time. I find trading rewarding but not everyone feels that way. You can meet some really cool people when trading and people will give you stuff for really good deals or for free sometimes. Other times a trading partner might be really un-ideal and will piss you off.
    5. It's a hardcore game. This can be good or bad depending on who you are. If you don't want to invest time and thought into a game and you don't want to learn how to trade then you aren't going to experience a lot of the most fun parts of the game imo.

    Overall this is the best ARPG on the market. It is a harcore game made by hardcore gamers. The developers are amazing. The community is great. The gameplay is deep and exciting. The loot is sexy. You can get lost in the breadth of this game and it only keeps getting better.
  52. Feb 19, 2014
    I consider this far and away the best game ever made, I will try give some insight into how this has come to be an opinion I would defend to the death.

    I consider hardcore to be the only real way to play the game and cannot recommend strongly enough playing in the current 4 month leagues. The standard and hardcore leagues are essentially dumping grounds for old characters and gear, a
    showcase for old legacy items but not a good reflection the current state of the game. If you only play the standard league you are missing out on all the best features. This is to start from scratch, beg barter and steal your way to power, and do so without a single death or a stash full of currency earned over the months, start from scratch leave the competitors in the dust.

    Firstly, it is a game made FOR hardcore PC gamers looking for an ultra deep, ultra challenging game made BY hardcore PC gamers looking for an ultra deep, ultra challenging game. The game here is the game that the developers dream of playing, it is not made to shift units, pump micro transactions or attract a crowd of COD kiddys following their favourite youtube personality. It is made to fill a void that has existed for a very long time, if not forever, in the serious PC gaming market.

    Their are no compromises in the games difficulty at any point, the developers have vowed never to make the game easier, only harder.

    The beauty and entertainment this game offers is not on a platter, your first character will suck, your second character will suck, you will be a failure at races, you won't understand how leagues work, you will not be able to get any hard to attain items or craft anything worthwhile, for months. But the tools to doing well at the above are not earnt through grinding, they are skills you as a player develop by acquiring knowledge about the games systems.

    The time you invest as a new player driven by intrigue and determination rewards you thousandfold not through items, skills or currency but by developing your own skills as a gamer and honing your understanding of how to progress, acquire wealth and create characters.

    When a new four month league starts every player who makes a character in it has no access to any items they have acquired previously, non of the characters, or skills (ala D2's ladders). Everyone has a fresh start at the same time, and only your knowledge of how to level quickly, acquire loot and stay alive that keep you in the running.

    The game is patched on a bi-weekly basis, the server downtime is usually a matter of seconds, less than 30 seconds. The bi-weekly patches tend to have a couple of new unique items, a new skill, some new vendor recipes and end game maps. Every 4 months a "mini expansion" is released, this coincides with the start of new 4 month leagues, new areas, challenges (very difficult league specific achievements) items and modifiers to the game are introduced and essentially tested here.

    I cannot explain how great this game is in 5000 characters, I could talk about it for hours, and hours and hours, but my lunch break is over and I better get back to work. If you have dabbled in this game and did not enjoy it due to "dysync" "sluggishness" "bad/dark graphics" it is truly your loss, the more time and effort you put into this game the more it will give you back, but it is simply too vast and too complicated to be instantly rewarding, yes your characters skills may initially be feeble and sluggish, but this is a world apart from fully developed endgame characters which are capable of destroying 100s of enemy's in a minute in ways that you upon the first beach cannot even begin to imagine.
  53. Feb 13, 2014
    This game is what Diablo 3 should have been like. I played Diablo 1 when it first came out and for the next several years if anyone asked me what my favourite game was - I would have answered without hesitation - "Diablo". And then the sequels came out, neither one of which could compare to the original. Path of Exile takes what was great about the original Diablo and actually uses it, unlike its sequels, while at the same time adding cool new features.
    It's a pretty short game, experienced players can go from start to finish on the first difficulty level in 2-4 hours. That is a bonus in these types of games because it contributes to replayability - you can easily try out different character builds while not wasting 10 hours going through the game. Some other games try to solve this by letting you completely re-spec your character, and well - those games I will not be replaying, since there is no motivation to do so. And remember - in this type of game the gameplay IS mostly character customization, since there isn't exactly an amazing story or skill and precision-required combat like in action-adventure or fps games. It's all about the combination of abilities you pick and your inventory.
    The best aspect of this game is, of course, the skills and abilities. This is where Diablo 3 failed, and Path Of Exile very much succeeded. Giant passive abilities tree, every class has access to every other class' skills. Some people complain that the freedom is illusionary and you're still stuck within your class boundaries if you want to make a playable character - and that's not true. If you're playing casually and are not trying to make a hardcore character to last all 3 difficulty levels - you can make viable builds of all kinds and still have fun. Combining skills with other skills is an amazing feature too, and is something I really wish I saw more of in other games. I'm still finding new fun combinations using skills I've overlooked in the past, (spell totem + spark + multiple projectiles + fork = you got your own mini boss from one of the areas!).
    At a first glance this game appears to have the same "trash" problem as Diablo - useless (non magic) items all over the ground that you'll never bother picking up. Except this issue has actually been addressed in Path of Exile. There are skills that let you use up non-magical weapon and armor items lying on the ground to create a companion, who actually inherits the properties of those items (for example, if one of those items had energy shield - the companion will have it too). And these items can also be converted to magical if one so desires, for example in case of an optimal socket configuration (which sometimes is impossible to find).
    Music and art assets are good too. I read in someone's review that "music was crap" and honestly have no idea what they are talking about. (they probably don't either).
    Unlike any other game of this genre, Path of Exile also has end-game content: once you reach a certain level you start finding "maps" that give you access to stand-alone high-level areas.
    The one thing I would not praise is the story, but then again this is not the right genre to expect a great story from, (that's what Bioware RPG's are for).
    Although of course, if you're one of those people who will hate on this game just because it's a Diablo clone and/or doesn't have a Blizzard stamp on it - then don't bother playing it, because no matter how good the quality of the game is you'll blindly hate it anyway.
  54. Feb 11, 2014
    this game is overhyped garbage by far. It does alot right, but it does alot oh so wrong. The first complaint I have is the fact that this game forces the character to be a certain sex or character for each class they want to play. the game is a repetitive grindfest from the minute you end up on shore. I fealt like after a few "reskinned" areas, painstakingly messing around with my pretend "unique" character, I fealt like I had already seen the game. the skill tree at face value looks like a innovative potential but a few ten levels and you notice no matter where you build you are going to end up with the same build regardless. there is no freedom in the skill tree. the trade system is piss poor, gold currency was made for a reason. the team finding system is piss poor. nobody answers chat, it is such a hassle to find the correct team. in a game that relies on heavy teamwork this game fails at creating teams. I spent alot of time being bored out of my mind than advancing in the game. what the game does right is blighted out but I will list it anyways. this game does materia and it does it well. even though the combat system is stale and borderline BORING MASH FEST, I find some of the magic fresh towards this stale series. the fact that it is free tells how bad it is, if I had to pay for this game I would be pissed. Expand
  55. Feb 10, 2014
    Take a game good for casual gamers, add desync problems and one of the most immature community... Congratulations! You got Path of Exile!

    The only good thing - to imitate - is the micro-transactions system. No P2W here.
  56. Feb 10, 2014
    Pros : Diablo Like Cons: Heavy Grinding without real reward. Trading is necessary All the time Desync problems and the devs dont give a **** about it. Not newbie friendly Skills are copy paste nothing new. Worst currency system ive seen so far. 6 ppl party almost unplayable coz of many laggy builds. Feels like a single player game but u will lagg / desync Poor game optimization
    Devs dont really pay attention to the suggestions / feedbacks (only if its positive)
    After lvl 80 it takes ages for a small upgrade in gear.
    Many build are unplayable on Hardcore coz of desync.
    Events are for NOLIFERS

    I guess thats all , it worth a try but after few days / weeks it gets booring as Torchlight2.
  57. Feb 3, 2014
    Left this game long ago when I got muted for selling in global chat. I do not know what the big deal is. Everyone there is like a report lover. I understand that they are trying to crack down on botters, but seriously. The community is like a bunch of immature pool turds that do not want to mind their own fu**ing business. I blame all the moderators who are there for this to happen. I know many people who feel the same way. I give 0 to this game because they have lousy moderators. My reason is that if I cannot play, then I cannot enjoy the game. I would say the game has potential for a higher score from me only if they allow me to trade freely, fix the chat system, or add a trade platform for easier trades. The game moderators should go to hell. Expand
  58. Feb 2, 2014
    If you enjoyed Diablo 2, this game will feel like a true sequel, i can see myself playing for years, definitely try it out.

    It is free to play, with a really fair micro-transactions!
  59. Feb 2, 2014
    One of the company's moderators are **** I was trying to trade my rares in the chat rooms and was muted. I think the moderators need to go out and get a life. Maybe that moderator is a wannabe police geek. It makes me laugh that games are nowhere near competitive sports, and you get penalized from gamer nerds. These moderator nerds and geeks need to get out from behind their screens so that real men can confront them. Probably they would get pounced out and hide like cowards. If the moderators are reading this, they should really back off of players who are trying to just play and chat game related stuff. These moderators are losers for sure. I give this game 2 points only because I play this free game called Dota 2. I can talk smack all I want and I do not even get penalized. Haha. Expand
  60. Feb 1, 2014
    A 1 out of 10 for me! Ok. I do not like the support moderators in the game. I do not like the players who constantly report you for doing nothing. I do not like the lack of freedom. I do not like how there is not sort of formal trade system because chat trading gets tiresome.

    I do like this game being pretty different from some of the games being released today. Seems I have more
    negative thoughts than positives. That's it, so bye! Expand
  61. Jan 31, 2014
    Hi support! I am writing this review because of you guys. One of the main support guys is named Michael. He is a fu*king shi*! Oh...and also...the other moderators are also fu*king shi*s. I was banned for constantly posting what I wanted to say and all they do is ban people for disruption? Well, my money is going to this new game called Grim Dawn. The support staff at the company are cowards and they know this. They cannot even take hate posts on the forum, so they have to make up a new rule to prevent hate posts. They also try to ban your IP if they do not like you. Talk about abuse there. Well, it seems as though this game is losing players fast and I am happy to hear that. A dead game means a dead community and that means the company is bad. Wait, the support team is bad and one of the worst customer service groups I have ever met in my whole gaming career. Shame on them coward losers!

    George L.
  62. Jan 31, 2014
    This game is the very definition of such. First it is a rip off of Diablo and has all of the faults of that game plus the faults of being an on-line game. The worst feature is that the atmosphere is mono-chromatic, depressing and just plain boring. Frankly after killing undead for hours I found myself identifying with them. The next worst feature is that you play through an area, but have to leave and when you come back you are at home base. You have to do the same old boring stuff all over again. Yes it has a huge amount of upgrades and customization but you have to be willing to pay the price of being bored to tears to get to a point where others say the game becomes interesting. Frankly there are games out there that are loads more fun from the beginning. Expand
  63. Jan 31, 2014
    Almost giving it a 7, semi hard core to hard core players please read on for perspective. Way too many posters here did not level past 60. 8 for concepts Would be 9.5 out of 10 but the huge exception of crafting. For end game be prepared to farm for endless hours to attempt to upgrade gear. Imagine farming thousands of crafting items and maybe not get premium item upgraded. And it took thousands of drops and crafting items to get there. Now you can trade but there is no formal trading system. If you want a 2nd and 3rd part time job well this is your bread and butter. Want to somewhat gear a few characters past 70, good luck. It is better if you trade constantly for marginal gains, but imagine logging on and spamming trade chat every day getting your for sale equipment listed on 3rd party sites instead of playing.

    5 for Connectivity
    DESYNC will kill you. If you like to use skill at the margins in stead of power spamming be prepared to be annoyed. There are really cool races for points for a few mediocre items that are enjoyable but the better I do at these races is most correlated to managing desync. Hardcore leagues you have to really spec defensively and or group. If you play casual for end game a death costs you 10% of a level of experience although it won't drop you a level.

    I paid up because I feel like supporting the direction of game design they tried, but they would be much better off as a division of Blizzard getting some bandwidth, proper PR and support charging a few bucks a month. The free to play unless you want cool visuals or reasonable inventory space is weak for long term viability. The made huge leaps from D2 and yet made some rookie mistakes all at the same time.

    I can only pray someone comes along and learns from their mistakes. Happily ready to pay 10-20$ a month for that privilege.
  64. Jan 31, 2014
    Amazing Diablo clone, with some amazing new innovative features added. It offers a great gaming experience,
    as well as being FREE!!! It is not pay to win, the only micro transactions in the game are purely cosmetic.
    Except for buying more slots in your stash/guild stash. Play it, try it, love it!

    Did I mention that it is FREE???
  65. Jan 31, 2014
    To be honest i expected a lot from this game, but i ended up playing with a bad copy of diablo 2.5
    Not saying that this game is crap, I'm saying that it needs a lot of improvement, after reading in the loading screen that this game has been developing for 7 years, well... I can't help myself thinking "7 years and that's all you got ?"

    Overall the graphics and the effects are good, but
    the game has some major problems with fps (FYI, I'm running a mid-high end pc) I got coninuous fps spikes and this occurred not only when the map was crowded and I were spamming stuff, but also while running around alone.
    Also, I don't understand the decision of not having a single player or, even better, an offline mode, we all know that guns don't kill people, but lag does.
    Another aspect I don't like is the active skill system, an original idea overall, but poorly fulfilled, a good old skill tree would have been better and less confusing imho.
    The passive skill tree, however, is a real gem, although is the copy of Final Fantasy X skill tree, but still, is nice, you have to plan in advance what you will become and choose wisely your path, I couldn't wait to level up just to look at the tree and place my skill point.
    But let's go back to another unpleasant aspect of the game, the story, is there one? I don't know what to say, honestly, I think it is almost invisible, you just play to reach the next map, that's all, I didn't have the feeling of going on a quest to kill the "evil enemy", just... killing stuff, dropping stuff, having lag/fps spikes, I didn't even finish the game due to boredom.
  66. Jan 29, 2014
    This is a great game (similar to Diablo gameplay) but what's with the region locked!!!??? I was playing from Australia and need to travel out of country to work for months. After I have updated my Steam Client, it has locked me out from continuing. Please update the system to trace the user profile and not the network IP!!!!!

    I also agreed with some comments on the chat system - the
    chat screen is way too big which block a big area of your screen..... Expand
  67. Jan 28, 2014
    I will give this game a 5 out of 10. Why you ask? Well, 5 points for a fun game. Minus 5 points for not being able to trade in global chat. I tried to sell my end game gear in global chat and was warned by the moderators not to post them in global chat. Well, suck my motherfu*king co*k! So, that is why I gave the game a 5 out of 10.
  68. Jan 28, 2014
    Just starting playing this hyped game called Path of Exile. I noticed that you cannot trade until level 25. When I got to level 25, I started to trade some stuff in one of the chat rooms. What happened there was a shame. I got people reporting me and I got some staff harassing me about trading. I just started and was having the greatest fun of my life! Unfortunately, the community and the staff are the worst of all. Because of this, I give this game a rating of 0 out of 10. Of all the games I played that were free to play, this is the first time my account got muted for something that the game actually allows you to do. Why would you enable a feature that you want players not to do? The worst company and worst staff. If you want a good game, just go buy the Diablo expansion coming out in March and spam and trade all you want in the chat rooms. This company and the staff is a shame. Also, the game is somewhat outdated in relations to recent games. If the company and their staff are going to continue to be as*holes, I am going to refer my friends out of this game and tell other people not to play this game. Expand
  69. Jan 27, 2014
    Path of Exile is one of the finest of its action RPG genre to date. The depth and complexity of gameplay ramps very smoothly over time, but by the end, you're dealing with multiple overlapping and complex special abilities on enemies which you need plenty of tricks in your bag to overcome. The frequent special events are also quite a draw, and the amount of attention paid to the community and the frequent updates are definitely a huge plus when compared to other F2P games! Expand
  70. Jan 25, 2014
    For a free game, the developers deserve as much credit as they can from fans of arpg's as this game is not only beautiful to look at, but is addicting as well as fun to keep you coming back. Remember it is free!
  71. Jan 20, 2014
    Having played a lot of hack & slash - lots'o'loot games namely Diablo 2 & 3, Torchlight 1 & 2, Van Helsing, Titan quest and a few more - Path of Exile is one of the better ones. The classes are fun, the passive tallents and the way you can create any build is simply unique and amazing as well as collecting gems and leveling them up as your skills. And to top it all off... IT'S FREE! Their microtransactions is not pay to win and they don't hold any content back. One play through from level 1 on normal mode should give you about 25 to 28 hours. Expand
  72. Jan 19, 2014
    I want to tell everyone how disappointed I am with the moderators of this game. The moderators are scum because they mute you for trading global chat. I played so many free to play games and bought so many pc games that I never been muted for something so absurd like what the moderators do in this game. That is the downside to this company. They cannot even provide a fix to this and what they do is they mute player accounts. It is not even funny because when you are muted, you basically cannot enjoy the multiplayer experience. Its like playing offline mode, but they make the game an online game. This game is far from being the best and with such a scum moderator team, I am giving this a 1 out of 10. The one point is for a fun run through with the game. Other than that, bad moderators, and that means bad company. Go play Grim Dawn everyone! Its much better. Expand
  73. Jan 16, 2014
    Everyone, my name is Marcus. I played this game called Path of Exiles one day and it seems really fun with complex mechanics. The downside is that it does not seem to be a high-end game. The other downside is that the players seem to complain about not being able to freely trade in chat rooms. I agree completely with this. I blame the support team of moderators at the company called Grinding Gear Games. I think their supervisor is this guy called Michael. His group are the worst of the worst when it comes to account disables. I know many people who were muted and even locked out of their account for simple chat issues. This sort of a lack of freedom and abusive behavior at the company is what caused me to rate this game at the lowest. I know other companies do not really care about what you do as long as you buy their game. But for Path of Exile, its different. They offer a free to play method and also a pay to play method. I know many players who have been victims of these moderators and are waiting for the Diablo expansion for 2014. I recommend you not support them if their support staff continues to be anal about chat room posts and what not. They also try to cover up the negative truth. That is why I recommend the upcoming Diablo expansion which comes out this year and not Path of Exiles. Fair gaming experience, but bad company and bad support team. Expand
  74. Jan 16, 2014
    For the longest time I've been awaiting an RPG adventure like this. Having to read the reviews on Diablo III and hear the many disappointments Blizzard incorporated into their franchise, Path Of Exile breathes new life into the genre.

    You get to choose your character and the level of difficulty. The customization stop there, though. The class you pick already has a predetermined male or
    female role. If you can't get over that and enjoy the game, you'll be missing out on an adventure.

    You don't have to go it alone. Once you get the basics down, which takes no time at all, you can either take the game on alone or quick join a party. Or, if you're stuck, create your own. You'll notice that your party will like to run through the level pretty quickly. So try not to fall behind.

    The story is nothing new and nothing surprising. This is another downfall of PoE. My guess is if the story were worse, players wouldn't care. Truly, the game can stand alone lacking a story.

    The environments are lush and detailed. The darker areas feel foreboding with a sense of danger at every turn. The music and environmental effects are rich. Headphone users will not be disappointed. Usually games I play, I turn off the music and play my own, but the score here is really well done.

    The replay is nice. You can keep playing the game again with tougher foes, though expect to die a lot if you don't party up at this point.

    Grinding Gear games also made this game FREE. People have the option to buy custom skins, but they can't buy anything that gives them a leg up over other players, making the PvP arena fair game.

    This is truly one of the best titles of 2013 and I look forward to see what Grinding Gear Games comes out with next.
  75. Jan 14, 2014
    Diablo is my all-time favorite PC game, and I've logged thousands of hours into Diablo 2. In my opinion, Path of Exile is the best Dungeon Crawler ever created because it is took everything I loved about Diablo 2 and improved on the formula, took everything I disliked and removed it, and left me with nothing but near-flawless gameplay. The developers are absolutely top-notch, they could be huge one day if they continue like this.

    Incredible game. Worth every penny -- oh wait. IT'S FREE.
  76. Jan 13, 2014
    Hi, since Diablo 2, I never found a game where I can have that deep instinctual desire to play and a feeling of well-being in a hack and slash world of dark fantasy (just because the game is so perfectly giving you that thrill). I'm not an emotional person by nature, but by discovering Path of Exile, I lost a lot of nostalgia related to my childhood. After playing hundreds of online games, I give Path of Exile, for the moment, a score of 10/10.
    Thank you very much founders of the game.

    I'm lvl 37. But also I know how to recognise talent !
    Few people complains about that it is hard to find good items in the League ("Ladder"). For the "hard to farm items part" I don't know for you but in Diablo 2 I had to do Mephisto runs for maybe more than 5 months to compete in pvp with good gears (in the patch 1.10+). So it depends of the player to have a negative or positive point of view (it depends how much you are used to work in a game maybe). If you want easy items anyway don't go "Ladder".

    It is very easy to enjoy the content while the atmosphere is so perfect, the hack and slash very good, the party system very good and the game is free too. THE SKILL TREE IS AWESOME!

    Give it a try, you won't regret it unless you are a troll.
  77. Jan 10, 2014
    I just played this for a couple of hours and it CREEPED ME OUT.
    The overall setting is so unnerving it makes you want to quit. Some might even do so.
    But after a few hours you're gonna be turning your PC on again.
    The graphics are a pleasant surprise -- or not. If you're faint hearted, avoid using Corpse Explosion. The game does not hesitate to show these gruesome moves as they should
    be -- and sound: SPLOTCH.
    Extremely satisfying visuals (in contrast to other games that "hold up" on their best spell effects to use them on the max lvl skills) combined with harrowing scenery, hindered vision and relatively high skill cap, make for a game that can make you starve in your living room.

    If you want proof of how in-depth it is, take a look at its Passive skill layout. The sheer size of it is mind boggling. o_o
  78. Jan 8, 2014
    I found this game by chance and so far it's being amazing.
    I kept playing Diablo 2 in my life way, way past normal people stopped with it, I tried my hand with many Diablo clones, I never entered in Diablo 3 because I'm blessed by a divine force, protecting me from all the evil in this world (sometimes these evils take the name of Blizzard or EA) who only want money from my pocket and
    then... I found Path of Exile and I'm playing it non-stop.
    I loved the skill system, which is pretty similar to the open point system of Final Fantasy X, I loved the fact that there isn't a proper currency but spendable orbs, and I'm loving how the art of the game is realistic and dark in the same vein as the first Diablo and Starcraft of the 90's instead of the childish tone game nowdays took, and as someone who never buys game and always pirate, except if it's from Paradox or some very obscure creative developer, I love their market model.
    Maybe I'm so excited because like another reviewer said "You didn't reach endgame yet", maybe the game is good in the end.
    I only hope their add more content in the future
  79. Jan 7, 2014
    For starters, I don't understand how so many of these reviews are 10.. 10 means a perfect or epic beyond epic game.. either you people work for GGG or you are willfully ignorant to the many flaws this game has.. why is a mystery to me, but this game is nowhere near a 10. To say this game is the deepest or best RPG ever made is laughable.
    Clearly these people have not actually played this
    game for any substantial amount of time, otherwise they would not be giving it a 10 or even an 8.
    Tough to take this site seriously at all with such ridiculous ratings..

    Now to the game.

    I started playing POE in Open Beta and have leveled a dozen or more characters in that time, several hardcore, several in Onslaught/Domination. All my characters have leveled to between 40-70
    In that time I have learned A LOT about this game and all of its systems and nuances, as well as the gear, trading rates, orb rates, etc.

    What people need to understand is that this game is decent, but certainly not great. On the surface, its easy to start playing and be enamored with POE. It isn't until you delve more deeply into the game that you see the huge fissures which unfortunately show the game's true colors. In fact for almost every good thing in the game, it has a flipside that is equally, if not more so, negative. There is nothing in the game that is outright amazing, so again, to give it a ten is a silly joke.

    I will break down my post into sections.

    The Skill System: Overall the vast variety of skills provides a user with options of how to build their character. Support gems further alter the usability of these skills and provide a good amount of variety and customization. What sucks however about these skill gems is that many of these are either underpowered or downright useless. Some are not strong enough on their own until paired with support gems to buff them, and some are just pointless entirely.

    Loot: When you find something in this game, there is a feeling of excitement, like any RPG. The problem is that stuff DOES NOT DROP. Take it from me who's put in around 1k+ hours. If I could sum up the game in one word, especially when considering loot, it would be "UNREWARDING". You will feel like you play for lifetimes only to find trash that is worthless and will net you a couple alts at the vendor. Good luck finding any gear that is a direct upgrade for the character you are leveling. By all accounts, unless you get insanely lucky, that AINT gonna happen. You will need to trade for anything you really need in this game, whether it be gems, orbs, or gear.. which leads me to..

    Trading: To get anywhere in this game, you need to trade. That is all there is to it. If you prefer to play self-found, run away from this game now.. I've just saved you a lot of time and heartache. Trading is a pain because not only do people overvalue every item they wish to sell, many people do not even set a fixed price on items and instead ask for "offers". If you offer less than what they wish to sell for, its not uncommon for them to set you on "ignore" or reply with vile speak. It takes forever to sell anything and the trade chat is nothing but a wall of spam on every channel.

    Crafting: There really isn't any crafting in this game, which to me is a humongous let down. You have all these different base items, with all these different rolls and affixes, and yet to try to craft you need an absurd amount of orbs to do so with any effect. Orb drop rates are pathetic (after leveling now 6 characters in Domination, I have a total of 7 found Chaos Orbs, 1 divine, 3 Gemcutter Prism, and around 10 Chisels) so once again, you need to trade to get orbs. Orbs are more used for currency than for crafting in almost every aspect of the game. The worst part though, is that there is no progression.. you can use orbs on an item, and there is a small chance it will improve, but a better chance it will regress in quality.

    Content: The maps are pretty boring after a while. Nobody give a toss about the story, because its unmemorable, and generally its a slow grind with numerous gear checks instead of any real innovative monster skills or mechanics. Its just Up the damage and resistances and implement bosses with single shot capabilities. Graphically, the game is good but nothing amazing.

    What makes me laugh the most though are all these reviews saying that this game isn't pay to win. Are you all unaware of the rampant botting and selling of Orbs and other items for real money? There are a slew of RMT sites where you can buy gear for this game and even some high end players have been known to partake. Anyone who thinks it isn't pay to win is kidding themselves or just ignorant.

    Also, does a game being free mean its automatically a 10? Apparently that is this game's best quality.. that its free to play. Well, that's not saying much then is it?

    Overall, if you have no life and are masochistic, this is the game for you. Otherwise, look elsewhere for an RPG
  80. Jan 7, 2014
    Path of Exile is a great action RPG. It has one of the best free to play models I have ever seen (The only one it could compare to is DotA 2). I personally don't like farming too much, but Path of Exile makes farming very well. It doesn't take too long, but it isn't too little.
  81. Jan 7, 2014
    Has everything Diablo 3 wishes it had. And its free. What are you waiting for? Save your money on other uncertain purchases and download this immediately. It will keep you entertained for ages.
  82. Jan 6, 2014
    Best game of the last 10 years for me.

    If you like loot, this game is for you.
    If you played D2, this game is for you.
    If you like unique builds, this game is for you.

    Truly F2P, truly amazing.
  83. Jan 3, 2014
    PoE is a highly addictive Diablo-style game. Extremely simple at first glance, it has a surprisingly complex skill and item system, which makes for hours and hours of fun free gameplay. There is no Pay-To-Win in PoE, as all In-game purchases are almost entirely cosmetic with item stash slots as the exception. I bought them mainly to support the developers.
    Kudos to you guys at Grinding
    Gear Games! Expand
  84. Jan 2, 2014
    This Free 2 play game consists of some excellent and simple gameplay, that will without a doubt keep you entertained for hours on end. It is also worthy of mentioning the game's original skill tree, which lets you decide however you want to play your character. It's a great game that i worth mentioning and free stuff is always a joy.
  85. Jan 2, 2014
    I am a arpg-fan and started out playing Diablo 2 some years after release. Have also played quite a lot of Titan Quest and some others. I also played Diablo 3, but I never got hooked on it.

    I think Path of Exile does a really good job as an arpg, better than Diablo 3. It's really fun to level up a character. The fights are fun, with a good variation of mobs, cool boss packs and plenty
    of good loot. The itemization is really good, with multiple properties being important and you regularily find a good item. For a noob to the game (it's pretty deep with loads of customization options), but familiar to the genre, the game is just hard enough. I died a couple of times and ran around like a headless chicken multiple times. Nothing is as fun as nearly dying, but getting away in a game like this. Expand
  86. Dec 31, 2013
    An ARPG in the spirit of Diablo II with even more depth and complexity and thus infinite replay value. This is a game for people who like to customize their characters, plan out builds and then try them out. Choice matters in this game, you can't just change your mind and alter your build at any point without cost.

    This game brings many revolutionary innovations to the genre. The potion
    system is brilliant, health and mana potions that replenish charges when you kill enemies. The potions can also have magical affixes that make them gain charges on critical strikes, dispel frozen effects on use or increase armour on use to name a few.

    The game has optional special events that run several times each day where characters compete in leveling as far as possible in a set amount of time. These events alernate between different rulesets that keeps them fresh and interesting. The game has no traditional currency system, instead it uses different orbs and scrolls as currency that are used for crafting gear in the game.

    Path of Exile is free to play done right, you can not pay real money to become more powerful. You can pay for cosmetic items, pets, weapon effects, spell effects and more stash tabs where you can store items.
  87. Dec 30, 2013
    Path of Exile versus Diablo III

    Path of Exile has more in common with Diablo III than differences; i.e. game play, view, combat, weapons, leveling, etc... But as much as they are alike, they are also different. Diablo III is a more polished game in the realm of graphics, game play, storyline and ability to trade items and buy items…but you also pay a price. I liked Diablo and would
    give it an overall B+. The same can be said about Path of Exile, which I would give a B+; but for different reasons.

    I like or Love; It is free…no risk. Graphics and story-line for this game are very good, not great, but for a free to play I am pleased enough. Weapon and amour system is similar to everything else, but different enough you find yourself tweaking and tweaking. Cool and abundant character selection with mind blowing ways of leveling up and fighting and spell tweaks. Making your own amour & weapons is fun, easy and interesting, but not so easy that you will get awesome amour or weapons without effort. As I am sure most of you know, the skill tree is huge…but if you take a little time to really study it; I believe you will enjoy the system they developed and ways you can level up. Like the currency system of barter, but it can become frustrating; read below. Great and easy co-op if you want to play with a friend.

    I don’t like or hated. Small character inventory which has you running back and forth to town WAY TOO often to unload treasure. I hate having to pick up gobs and gobs of useless stuff, but in order to have plenty of identification and portal scrolls and build up an inventory of needed stones and orbs for later use; you are forced too. The bad part is all they would have to do is add a feature that allowed you to instantly scrap a normal or low level magic item for the required scroll scraps OR to go ahead and hall it back to town if you think it might bring in a better price. This way when your inventory fills up with items worth bartering, you could make the trip back to town; but if you want top dollar for everything, you can still hall everything if you want.

    Towards to end of Act II I began to tire just a little, but about that time the difficulty and abilities of amour and weapons changed a little and “support” stones began to make an appearance. This freshened up things a bit and shows they put thought into the long term evolution of your characters…kudos.

    Recommendations for a better game:
    Have 10 to 20 percent of the story line quests be some type of problem solving, riddles or Tomb Raider type puzzle; versus just finding the key or killing the next boss.

    Fix the inventory system and figure a way you can cut trips to town selling crap by 75%!
    If possible, an auction house similar to eBay’s “Buy it Now” would be awesome, but keep it simple. Each person (free account) can post 5 items for sale and can state what stones, gems etc. they will take for said item.

    Final thought. In some ways I feel like this game is a rip off of Diablo III, in some ways better and in some ways worse. But after playing it for 48 hrs, Path of Exile is just different enough and fun enough that I do feel like I am playing a unique game that is just similar to Diablo III and not a copy of it.
  88. Dec 29, 2013
    POE goes sour, most players quit out of frustration.

    Eventually desync bugs or fruitless grinding will be what drive most players to quit this game. Great games you look back at with fondness after you are done with them. POE you look at with fondness when you start playing, and 10-100 play hours later you are frustrated and wish hadn't given them any money.

    New players, look over
    the official game forums to see what you are getting into. Be sure to look in the feedback forum where the moderators move anything negative. In particular look at the desync and drop rate related threads. Item drops and trading are balanced towords no-real-life players, and the dev team refuses to acknowledge that the desync issues need to (or can be) be fixed. Expand
  89. Dec 28, 2013
    A really bad Diablo II clone = Here's the good news: interface and short cuts are almost exactly the same as Diablo II. Sadly, they've been redesigned very badly. Take the overlay-map as an example: it's next to useless because there no landmarks are visible for the player to orient himself. The game's graphics are worse than those of the 13 year old Diablo II. Of course the resolution is a lot better, but PoE lacks details and most of all lighting. The character selection menu is so bad, I almost closed the game again instantly. The characters are hidden, and yes, that IS bad design, even if they're supposed to be 'in the shadows' (there are no shadows, everything is grey). Showing off the characters is the point of a character selection, so why not use some contrast and light?

    Character and monster design seems equally uninspired, although that may change in higher levels (I only played two characters to level 8 and 10 respectively).

    The gameplay is boring to say the least. A very simple hack'n'slay but even that isn't really fun. Diablo 3 isn't much more than a hack and slay after playing the story through but at least it feels perfect and looks stunning.

    I've not seen any story to speak of, the characters are almost as bleak as the levels are boring. The latter are also not very well designed, making them more of a maze. They're also not dynamically created (probably because that would be difficult for an MMO).

    The skill system looks amazing at first glance with an incredibly complex skill tree dazzling the player. Mostly that is because all character classes are shown at once, though, making the whole thing quite confusing at the beginning. This super complex skill system stands in stark contrast to the lack of character customization. There are no stat points for strength, dexterity or intelligence that would make a truly complex character system.

    At least there's one interesting thing to note: Gems can be levelled and changed from weapons and armour without any cost. This allows for a lot of experimentation in character creation. Then again, most players will probably just not think about their characters as much if they know they can change weapons and armor at any time without penalty.

    Overall the game is quite well characterised by the Grinding Gear Games logo: ugly, rusted cogs that do not work smoothly, if they work at all.
    The only reason this game gets any good reviews must be that a lot of young players never played Diablo II.
  90. Dec 26, 2013
    Firstly, I only tried this game because of the reviews and critic scores I seen, here on Metacritic, and I am happy I did. It's free to play. Simple as that. Yes the ingame store can be very expensive, but they are only cosmetic items and don't affect the actual game and the developers claim they will never turn pay to win. If you are a Diablo fan, and you don't like the direction Diablo III has gone (like myself) you should love this. Yes the graphics aren't spectacular, but they are meant to be playable on a wide variety of systems (as its tells you on the website) which is good as not everyone can have a great, expensive gaming system, but now they can enjoy this great game! Expand
  91. Dec 26, 2013
    A diablo-clone that is utterly superior. It keeps every great mechanic, and ejects every terrible mechanic. No auction house, no currency, no repairs. Way, way more socket mechanics and intricate spell mechanics make this game a pleasure to strategize. Excellent graphics make it a pleasure to obliterate enemies. Good challenge. And it's free, wtf? love it
  92. Dec 23, 2013
    You get what you pay for! In this case, that amounts to an entertaining side-scroller that's free and easy to learn. User forums and support are generally friendly and helpful. An asset is the ability to develop your alter in any number of directions with the vast talent tree. I have trouble getting immersed due to the fixed, high-angle perspective. Also game-play gets very repetitious at times. Although you mainly play in an instance by yourself, save points are few and far between. It strives for an open-world feel but you may feel severely constrained and numbed by the milieu. I haven't ventured into the PvP part of this game, and that's not my forte anyhow. The game seems solo-able and I haven't found much in the way of fellowship opportunities. For fantasy role-playing fans, Skyrim and Guild Wars 2 seem much superior experiences, or you can wait a few months of Elder Scrolls Online. Expand
  93. Dec 23, 2013
    This is a superb game. It combines all those elements that you'll find in a action hack and slash game. I highly recommend this game to everyone out there who loves Diablo 2. This is a AAA+ game which is totally free to play. No hidden pay to win styles and its filled with amazing skills and the passive skill board is unbelievable.This is one of the best games out there and i recommend it to you.
  94. Dec 22, 2013
    Pretty fun hack and slash with decent story. Played game about 60 to 70 hours total game time playing 3 different class types until i realized how frustratingly complex this game is. Even with the 15 plus hours i went through guides, builds, understanding different moves etc. this game just drained me. I think this is good for people that have no life because it is soooo time consuming in order for it to be effective. I think game could be sooo much better if re-spec was so much easier. The fact you get through the game and realize you should've gone a different rout, your better off re-rolling a new character which sucks. Expand
  95. Dec 21, 2013
    List of things I don't like about the game: Trading is a terrible experience due to chat spamming and no interface for buying/selling items. General game balance, in particular the scaling of skills. For instance, raise zombie is useless until the very late game and it's been like this forever. The lack of cooldowns for skills means you only have to use one, the best one. Desync. Their refusal to modify their game to combat this menace means there is no solution in sight and either you can accept it or you can't.

    The passive tree is a great concept but it's just as unbalanced as the skills. Many nodes will never be used because of how bad they are.

    Leveling takes way too long at higher levels (40+). A playthrough of normal difficulty is fun because you can run through each area once and complete the game. When you get to Cruel you have to start grinding the same areas over and over so you can keep up with the level of the monsters. Testing new builds is the most fun part of this game but the slow leveling combined with no option to respec your character makes this a chore.

    Grouping with other players is made easy by the notification board in the game but there's a serious flaw. It shows people from all over the world instead of just people in your realm. There's no way of telling where they are at so when you join a group and enter their instance it's pure luck whether your ping will stay the same or skyrocket to 200-300 because they live in australia and you live in US.

    The races that they do periodically are a good idea but the problem with them is that you always start at lvl 1 and often times they are only 1-2 hours long. Why not have some races start you in cruel difficulty at lvl 35 with some starting gear and skills?

    You can just press esc and close the game if you are about to die. Very hardcore if you ask me.

    I'm giving a 0 because I feel 8.9 is too high of a score for all these flaws. A more fair score would be a 6.
  96. Dec 21, 2013
    This game doesn't deserve the 8.8 user score and here's why. The Good: -The game is free and although there are micro-transactions, they are just for cosmetics. -You are able to customize skills and your own passive skill tree which ever way you want. -Trading system revolves around dropable orbs which you can use to improve gear instead of a single base currency. -Lack of bots.
    -Party system is simple and anyone can join any group at any time.
    -Regular updates.

    The Bad:

    -Massive lag and desync issues.
    -It's a terrible wannabe Diablo 2 clone where there is no auction house, and massive trade spam that lags you even more. The developers are obviously stuck in the past, and if most people wanted to play Diablo 2 they would do that instead because it's a much better game. It's like a bunch of old guys that say 60s cars are much better than cars today (they're not).
    -By level 50, it's just a GRINDFEST like any typical mmo.
    -The passive skill tree is big, but the +10 to whatever doesn't do much for your character. Furthermore, if you lead yourself into a bad tree, you can't reset your passives and undo skills unless you (grind) orb of regrets. This becomes a problem when you reach merciless, and realize your build is awful and really gear dependent. Then you have to spend another 20 hours finding another build that works.
    -By completing Normal difficulty in 5-10 hours, you've already won the game. Past that it's just collecting items with different colored names to pvp with people that will always have better gear than you.
    -Hold the Q button and win. No tactics required.
  97. Dec 19, 2013
    This game is really good,its a really good coperative game,the difficulty is balanced,there are a lot of items and a lot of characters,a must play and its free to play.
  98. Dec 19, 2013
    Quite a good diabloish title with its own unique twist on the genre. The game itself has an enormous amount of depth and due to the way the gem system is implemented it's possible to use any skill in the game on a separate character allowing players to level a character and bring over their skills should they ever want to do so.
    The game also allows a ridiculous amount of customization
    when it comes to character builds to the point where it's viable to use a ranger to create a 2 handed charging swordsman due to their increased dexterity.
    Unfortunately this game also has some problems firstly it's really hard to understand and get into the game from the start. the passive tree is a huge mess for newcomers which means most likely the first and second character may become throw aways due to bad point distribution and while there are refund orbs it's generally faster and easier to simply recreate a charecter then purchasing enough to reset an entire tree.
    Second the game has no auction house and currency instead it uses different orbs that each have a use in improving equipment as tradable currency this makes it very hard for newbies to effectively trade for what they want without getting scammed or being clueless on the matter as well as making it very difficult for players who don't use fanwebsites to purchase items.
  99. Dec 17, 2013
    Path of Exile is what Diablo 3 should have been. I spent nearly one hundred hours playing after the Steam release, and each second was well worth it. The game is well designed and leaves you wanting to play more. I loved the skill tree system and the gem skill system, as well as the vendor recipe mechanic. Unfortunately, while this game is very amazing, I have to give it a zero due to the fact that I was banned for no reason. I went AFK to use the restroom and came back to see that I was logged off and I attempted to relog only to be greeted by a message saying I was banned by an administrator. I tried submitting a ticket to Grinding Gear Games only for a cookie cutter response that I violated their Terms of Use. I don't have any idea how or why I did because I have read through the ToU now three times and have yet to come to any sort of conclusion as to where I breached their terms. It seems that GGG doesn't want to go into details with what ever happened. Expand
  100. Dec 17, 2013
    I've played an analyzed this past year's biggest ARPGs; D3, Torchlight 2, and Path of Exile. Torchlight 2 is the best, Path of Exile is next, while D3 is last. PoE is a good game, no denying that. Good combat mechanics and skills. Unfortunately this is combated by poor map exploration (due to map color; blank space indicates where you are while a line-pattern indicates the boundaries, its confusing). The environments are bland without any real depth. The environments are also extremely bleak and depressing. The camera is zoomed in too far compared to D3 or Torchlight, and there is no option to zoom it out further. When I am trying to explore or being ambushed by a mob, it helps to have the extra vision.

    Overall, great game considering its free.
  101. Oct 4, 2013
    If you like anything that you enjoy, you probably want to give Path of Exile a try.

    It's free to play so there's nothing to lose, and there are countless hours of engaging gameplay. It's in the ARPG genre, and many call it the "spiritual successor" of Diablo 2 (I'm one of them). It really does well the things that Blizzard did well with the first two Diablo games, and expands on it in
    its own unique way. The gameplay is just as addicting as other ARPGs, but because of the itemization, economy and skill system it's ultimately more rewarding. In Diablo 3 for example the gameplay was wonderfully engaging but ultimately not rewarding enough on account of the itemization system and level cap. In PoE the gameplay is just as fun (if not more) and the excitement of the loot explosion and the level ding NEVER get old.

    My only advise would be this: if you do try it out (and you should) don't make any final judgments before you hit level 20. That's where you start getting out of the basics of the game and start building your character.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
  1. May 9, 2014
    Grinding Gear Games has created something special here, and given it gratis to the world.
  2. Mar 11, 2014
    Hack & slash games are addictive because they follow a simple formula: kill, kill and kill some more. Path of Exile is no different in this regard. During your quest in the perilous continent of Wraeclast you need to slay thousands and thousands of monsters but it never gets boring because there are a plenty of fresh ideas like the very vast skill system and barter-based economy that differentiate it from other similar games. But it's not a perfect game. The story is weak and the difficulty level is too low in the beginning. [Dec 2013]
  3. Jan 13, 2014
    An exceptionally generous free-to-play action-rPG. What it lacks in punch it makes up for in depth and value for money.