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  1. Aug 13, 2013
    Unfortunately connection drops too often, a problem for many players. We'd play offline, but the AI doesn't even carry the bags so you get shot down in mere seconds. The connectivity issue is a similar one to Payday 1.
  2. Aug 19, 2013
    Will attempt to keep this brief and to the point, but more important truthful. Payday 2 is an excellent purchase if you simply go for the $30 version and understand what you're getting. It will provide a generally enjoyable experience for up to 4 people in a party style casual game for up to 30-40 hours, which is a really great value. The majority of the issues with the game long term are a result of Overkill's misrepresentation of the product. To put it simply, it is not a $50 product nor should it be considered in the same league as other AAA products. You're essentially paying for an upgraded mod...


    - Repetitive heists that are often recycled. There is NOT 30 heists! No matter how you add up the levels, mathematically it doesn't come to 30 heists so ignore any interviews you read or see from Overkill stating otherwise. Additionally, they reuse many of the same maps with slight variations and call it an entirely new heist. They were either short staffed or extremely lazy, but you'll spot assets reused repeatedly on every level.

    - Skill system was a great idea, but executed poorly. Certain skills are a complete waste while others are extremely overpowered. You are able to mix and match which skills you want among all 4 trees so people simply pickup the best ones, which leaves everyone the same and defeats the entire point of a skill system.

    - The AI in this game is by far the worst AI I have ever experienced in any title I have played both for the opposition and teammates. There are no words to describe how bad the AI actually is. If you enjoy mindlessly shooting poorly scripted bots then it isn't as dire as I make it sound.

    - Engine is extremely outdated. It would be tolerable if the game play was vastly superior to other titles, but it simply is not.

    - Mission selection tool known as is a colossal failure and will no doubt be used as a demonstration tool in courses as an example of what to avoid during your design phase. You sit around with 3 other friends waiting for the game to let you play the mission you all want to play. How this design got past being written down on paper much less implemented into the game is beyond comprehension.

    - Horrible support and customer service. Almir, a developer at Overkill is often seen crying on the forums about people being negative. Negative about a product they purchased....Although I don't agree with customers acting like spoiled 12 year old infants I also find it professionally shameful to have an employee speak to the customer base in the manner in which he does. They're also too lazy to purchase and maintain their own official forums and use the Steam game forum to fill this void. The result is what you'd expect...

    In closing, if interested purchase the $30 version and expect to get about 30-40 hours out of it. It's fun, but you can't take any of it seriously as it lacks any kind of depth. You're purchasing a MOD!
  3. Aug 13, 2013
    Great game too bad its unplayable to its early release,cant join friends, cards lost after payday what a joke I have 8 guys on my teamspeak of which only 2 can play the game, everyone else is plagued by error after error. The release was pushed FORWARD 2 WEEKS and this is what happened, i would rather be in the beta still. wait until the cops come through the walls
  4. Aug 23, 2013
    Even after a very large beta the game is still riddled with glitches and game breaking bugs, some skills just flat out don't work, and the development team is working on fixing things that aren't even urgent instead. The amount of content is EMBARRASSING and significantly less than what was advertised for the launch version, instead opting to hold back high tier and endgame missions for upcoming DLC considering the game had already began turning a profit before it even released. False advertising is the name of the game with Payday 2 as the advertised number of missions likes to count the same mission up to 5 or 6 times because of extremely minimal variations. The amount of content is pitiful and is held up by the crutch that is the game's RNG loot system which encourages farming and excessive play on the the tedious and short missions. to ensure maximum playtime. It's a Frankenstein of a game comprised of flatout broken mechanics and skills, unfulfilled promises, significantly sub-par missions (both quality and quantity wise) and I extremely regret paying 30$ for it. Overkill won't be getting another dime from me, and if you're smart you won't give them anything, either. Expand
  5. Aug 19, 2013
    Since developers are not answering on the bug reports pages and not fixing big issues like:
    - crashing steam
    - crash to desktop due to LUA unhandled exceptions
    - sound bugs
    - permanent connection issues for a lot of people at rush hour (you can't play more than 5 minutes, sometimes even 20 sec)

    Well I guess a big negative score on metacritic will do the trick, simcity style.
  6. Aug 14, 2013
    The graphics aren't amazing, and it still lags a ton even in 800x600, and the same computer runs almost every game in at least 1280x768 with all settings high and no lag at all.
    I love Payday, but this game is just so optimized that I can't even play it.
    Still giving it a 1 because it LOOKS like a fun game.
  7. Aug 15, 2013
    so after dropping 30 bucks for this game i've learned that overkill hates improvement

    a ton of the gameplay showed that payday 2 was a rushed out the bum game, things from the older game were removed like cloakers and some weapons,some customization not in the game, and worst of all a problem that haunts me and wants to make me go back in time to prevent myself from buying it
    online didnt work for ****
    every single game i join either they cant connect to me or i cant connect to the host. overkill sure love using some peer 2 peer horse**** for its online making connection impossible
    AI is bat**** awful and i cant stress this enough, if your going to stealth then turn off ai because they are so stupid and dumb that they will do things such as shoot civillians, kill hostages, and ruin your stealth run by firing a bullet

  8. Aug 23, 2013
    Many bugs as stated earlier, since beta release most of people experience networking isuess, dropping connections, and worst of all LACK OF CONTENT. This game was released with 5 maps and developer wait 11 days, holding their customer in suspense about future content. Then it all turned out to be finished project. Game has placeholders for future dlc from day 1! They was prepared to suck you dry. Basic came is nothing more than framework with few demo maps where you can simply buy additional full content later!
    I was pretty sure EA days of milking people are over but now i can see not for overkill studio. OVERMILLK!
  9. Aug 23, 2013
    Falsely advertised with "17 heists, 30 stages and 6 escapes" and "5 times the missions of Payday: The Heist" several times before release. This was a blatant lie which was confirmed today by Overkill Almir. The only reason me and any of my friends bought this game (and the CCE at that) was based on those lies. The people behind this game are nothing more than scammers and deserve the same respect WarZ gained, which is a big fat nothing. Stay clear of this trash game and company. You've been warned. Expand
  10. Aug 18, 2013
    The only reason why I'm giving this game any points at all is because its not 100% broken. This game crashes constantly in the middle of missions, has a horrible mission select screen which forces you to wait for hours for one mission to appear, has a community of brain-dead morons, and gets pretty boring after you realize that just about every mission has one of two objectives: Find bags and load them into a van or wait for a drill to finish and return to the van. This is an complete waste of money and I strongly advise you steer clear of this unfinished excuse of a game. Expand
  11. Aug 23, 2013
    Being a massive fan of the original and racking up 140 hours on it. I have to say that 40 hours into payday 2 and I have become very bored.
    I took part in the beta and was over the moon thinking this was a taste of things to come but unfortunately that was it (pretty much).
    The 'finished' game lacks the 17 heists that were promised (more like 10) and these heists can be done in a few
    minutes for the most part.
    The loot drop system is terrible if you want mods you have to grind to get any.
    The character progression practically stops dead at level 39 since you have unlocked everything in the game but the level cap is 100.
    In short just don't buy it.
    I know I wont be spending money on the 'dlc' yet another game company that likes to milk us gamers for every last penny.
  12. Sep 9, 2013
    Do NOT ignore all the negative reviews that only talk about technical issues. If a game does not work, then you cannot play, and a game that works is always better than one which does not work. Would you rather a pacman arcade or Crysis running at 5 FPS? And this game essentially requires multiplayer, with all its connection issues. The AI assisting you are dumb, the AI for the enemies are dumb, about the only seemingly not dumb AI are the ones who are supposed to press the panic buttons. But back to technicals. I have a generation one i7 with a GTX 580 and I can't run this on full HD. Maybe I have old drivers or I heated them too much you say, okay perhaps that explains the low FPS, but it certainly isn't causing the mouse lag. Look it up. It's a retarded problem I've never seen happen in any other game. If I lower resolution to 1600 900 its workable but anything higher and the mouse is not crisp. Thankfully the AI are dumb so it's like playing a zombie game when you're shooting but this carries over to the menus. Like, really? There's a host of other technical problems too, including the game crashing when you attempt to accept a friend invite to a game. Which you basically have to because the lobby system in this game is garbage.

    And it has to be, because otherwise it'd be all too clear that this game has 0 content. Starting a mission requires you to look at what appears to be a map of a city, and then there are random dots that show up here and there. You aren't allowed to just pick a certain mission or a certain difficulty, you have to wait for it to pop up. It's not even in predictable locations; you'll find the exact same mission spawn on two entirely different points on the map. The maps have slightly different spawns totally to maybe five variations tops on each mission, but overall its the same stuff. This randomness is also in equipment: you can buy your base guns, but every single mod and every single mask component has to be obtained through random draw at the end of missions through this pick a card thing. Oh, and you still have to pay for them.

    And every single mission briefing or ending there are people talking about the "story" in the background.

    And that's the game. What did I pay 30 bucks for again? This is an "Action RPG"? Where's the action and where's the RPG? Maybe RPG stands for Random Player Game, because even the player's own equipment can only be obtained through lottery.

    If you always have 3 friends playing with you then perhaps going full stealth every time inserts a little strategy and coordination into it, but just playing by yourself or with pubbies will always just turn it into Zombies: Stealing Cash With Clown Masks Edition.
  13. Aug 23, 2013
    Game is good at start but after leveling up there is no new content where evidence indicate that there should be some.Yes,you can have some fun with it,but after playing same map (which aren't many to be true) pattern is easy visible.Fun drops to near zero after you get all wanted items and see every possible scenario that game gives you.Changing randomization is either absent or so minor that during game-play nearly unnoticed.AI is pretty low,and graphics don't hold up with games for this price.Future DLC promise to deliver some content missing from base game (safe-house customization according to developer will be implicated in future DLC).Not worth your money,unless there is a sale or significant price drop. Expand
  14. Aug 23, 2013
    Great idea, would be tons of fun if... The game was not let down by the *worst* server browser (Crime.NET) ever made. A horrible XP curve that makes grinding very painful to level up. Loot system that makes you tear your hair out trying to get unlocks. And the worst of all, the devs keep patching the game to make grinding and missions longer with less rewards. The game is lacking in content and features that were promised but then later "clarified" to be something different than advertised. Stealth is near worthless as the AI can detect through walls. Overall stay away from this game. Expand
  15. Aug 23, 2013
    Even though the Beta had very few Missions and was capped at Level 25/30, the Game was fun and hopes were very high, but man.. if i had known that the difference between the Beta and the final Game would only be 4 Missions... i would have never bought this game!
    I was so hyped at the beginning of the game and couldnt really believe that Overkill did such a scam on their fans...
    The Game
    is really nice but the missing variety and behavior of their Devs is just sad Expand
  16. Sep 13, 2013
    Deceptive sales practices are unforgiveable. This game lists itself as a single-player or multi-player game. It is not, in any way, possible to play this game single-player. It is impossible. This game is only, 100%, designed for co-op multiplayer. AI companions can not interact with anything, and it is necessary (not optional) to interact with picking up loot, or cracking a safe. There are other problems too, from a lack of content to unreasonable enemy AI (cops are superheroes who can see through walls and absorb hundreds of bullets). But lying about a single-player experience to trick people into buying the game is evil, and should be illegal. Expand
  17. Aug 31, 2013
    This game could have been good. Could have been. Unfortunately, it's plagued by two major problems: -You have to pay in-game money to do the missions you want to do when you want to do them. -The game just bugged out and erased something like 20 hours of my progress. If you want to have a fun experience robbing banks/armored trucks/etc... with your friends, get the first PayDay. If you want to have a frustrating experience not being able to do the missions you want on the difficulties you want and maybe getting out of everything you've worked for by bugs, then play this game. Expand
  18. Oct 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is complete bloody If you played the beta you have no reason to buy this game you have played the complete game basically minus 10 player experience levels and in whichever class you choose and 3 or 4 guns pretty much (that are honestly lacking and where is the lmg's?). 17 Heists/Jobs (30 Stages/Missions) 6 (random) Escape Heists is what they promised, what was actually given was like 10 or 12 tops. Worthless considering every heist is about 1/3 in size or complexity in comparison to any heist on PD1 not to mention the copy/paste effort that each heist is. When i say there is 10 to 12 heists half of those are also the EXACT SAME. Bank cash,deposit and gold are 3 different heists regardless of them being literally the exact same missions with a different bag item and jewellery store and the Ukrainian job are also basically the same. Oh and they also count a difficulty as a whole new set of heists to bump up their abysmally small list. Also the dynamic environment is pretty much the same every time you play minus one less or more guard/security camera in a slightly different spot. Expand
  19. Aug 25, 2013
    The game is not honestly worth the money..But has many concepts compared to Payday: The Heist, Comparing missions from the old Payday to the new one. Payday original took a lot longer. The missions on the new one are a whole lot faster pace compared the the original payday. Everything is unlocked at level 40...what is the point to get to level 100. Nothing changes when you hit level 100...just like you do a mission make almost half a million on payout and draw a cash loot card...pointless. I am sure I am not the only one with 417 million in my safe house and nothing to use it on. Speaking of safe house what happened to the safe house customization? seems to me the game was rushed out to soon and loads of stuff is missing..despite all the bugs that could of been fixed during the whole purpose of "beta access" they were not so on release you have tons of people complaining about all the bugs..sounds to me like overkill were jacking off during the whole beta access. The game is not "noob" friendly at all. People like to kick because you are level "1" and everyone is level 30+...if you want to be an ass hat and kick people because of level why don't you set a level requirement or set a private match...idiots...This game could of been way better if release was held a month longer. Knowing this game is not grand theft auto..why is there not a mission where you actually get to "drive" the getaway van with your team? So many things that could be better about this game but probably never will be. I would not recommend this game unless you just like to spend 30 dollars and get bored of it within 3 days of playing... Expand
  20. Oct 14, 2013
    If you are lonewolf DO NOT buy this game. It's CO-OP....plain and simple. The jobs get old fast-the graphics look like it took a 5 year turn for the worst. And its repetitive.
  21. Dec 5, 2013
    I really enjoy this game. The graphics are very nice, the game play is fun, and the unlock system is pretty well designed. Overall this game is very entertaining and fun.

    However after following this game for quite a while during development, it's now incredibly frustrating that they're implementing DLC micro-transactions despite stating during development they would not. We were
    completely lied to by the developers as they are now releasing $7 and $5 add-ons to the game that unlock exclusive weapons and perks. Even though the game is co-op, players now officially gain a significant advantage over others by paying small fees for bonus weapons and abilities.

    I bought the game after believing the developers were on board with users stance against micro-transactions and now I feel cheated out of the money I paid when I thought I was buying a complete game.
  22. Sep 16, 2013
    I am giving this game a 0 because its no where near a user score of 7.9 after the developers updated the game with a patch on September 14-th. Unfortunately they have ruined the game with a new broken economy system and more. When Payday arrives you will be disappointed! You will also have to play for 5 billion years before leveling up. The difficulty "improvements" needs a closer look to! Save your money for another game or wait to see if they fix the game. Originally the game was great with a few bugs, now its just awful. Expand
  23. Sep 18, 2013
    After one month of intensive playing i de-installed this game.
    My first Score was 9 but i reduce it now to 3 because the dev s changed much of the game-play with their latest updates. Unnecessary things. They try to re-balance the game for no reason(the beta and release Version were really good) dont fix bugs(every update brings new game-breaking, bugs) dont add new Maps, and dont add
    Mod or Workshop support(which are all asked by the community). They try to force you to play how they want, and not how you like. If you found a weapon and a class you like to play, they will change them.
    Because they look on their chart and say: yea that class is overpowered" or "nobody play with that weapon we have to change something". Remember its a coop game against bots. A Chart cant tell you a game makes fun or not.Their new balance updates makes overall no sense and destroys the four unique class we newed from the beta and the beginning. If you dont own this game, but want to buy it, dont do it now. Wait till a discount or pass it. The chance the devs will continue to break this game is very high.
  24. Sep 14, 2013
    The latest update really killed this game. Was one of my favorites. That made it take 5x longer to gain a level and 5x longer to buy any kind of weapon. Just a senseless grind. Used to be a good mix of stealth and fighting, now anything but stealth is impossible. Uninstalled after this last patch patch. Do not buy until you see at least version 1.3. I hope they learn from their mistake.
  25. Sep 14, 2013
    update 11 turned this game from a great trash. Save you money and avoid it. Or if you still want something to do with 30 dollars that is more fin then this game now burn it, that way you can play with the fire....
  26. Sep 14, 2013
    Last patch ruined the game. Unless you have friends that play, or you buy the 90 dollar 4 pack you are wasting your time. Single player is only playable in stealth, and you have to reach lvl 45-50 to even come close to the skills needed to single hand missions. They just nerfed the EXP and money for all heists to the point you are probably going to put in at least 60-80 hours of play before you reach those levels. Save your money and wait it out. Expand
  27. Mar 18, 2014
    It hurts me to have to write such a devastating review of a game I wanted to love, but the fact is that Payday 2 is and has been a total disaster from the start. The root cause is the developer of the game Overkill software, and more specifically their lead developer Andrew Goldfarb. Everything done in development or since release for Payday 2 has been focused on slick PR, coercing players into buying DLC to help them advance, systematically removing as much fun as possible from the game, and breaking every significant promise they made to those that supported them in the move from indie mod project to AAA-level title, and as if that wasn't enough, they go out of their way to simultaneously insult paying customers who ask relevant questions or who have any type of complaint, legitimate or not.

    The last patch, the "Death Wish" patch, completely destroyed the game balance to pander to achievement whores (the 3rd or 4th time this has happened to date) and to give the appearance of the developer supporting the game above-and-beyond what is the norm. This is a standard pattern for Overkill, and nothing could be further from the truth. The 360 version of the game has never been patched to date. 7-day heists and safehouse customization, two important features promised for release, have never been added despite 24 patches and 5 pay DLCs. Every patch adds hideous new bugs and destroys game balance, while critical game-breaking bugs fester for months without being acknowledged, much less fixed. Hackers ruin the game regularly as it uses a peer-to-peer multiplayer model and relies on no master server, auth, or security. Overkill's answer to hacking? A pointless PR campaign that "they care about cheating" and a forum thread telling you to report hackers via email, but once explored is shown to be a total facade that wastes everybody's time as Overkill has no actual recourse to ban players or affect hacking in any way because of their poor implementation.

    Goldfarb does ban people, frequently and very loudly, from his twitter account if they are negative about the game or ask difficult questions, and why not? The man is a real hero and he wants you to know he stands for justice. The Payday 2 steam forums are full of trolls and sycophants, threads regularly disappear without warning, and there is a nasty little group of fellaters (players with in their name) that edit and remove posts as they please with no oversight or moderation. Through all of this, Overkill touts how they "listen to the fans", when the last 6 months of Payday 2 have proven to any sane person that not only do they NOT listen, they go out of their way to anger and troll their own paying customers. Examples of this are numerous: cameras added that can't be destroyed that say "Suck it" on them, special enemies that 1-shot you regardless of your stats/level/health while telling you to "go to the forums and cry like a little **** and even making the aforementioned special have an incredibly irritating fingernails-on-a-chalkboard high pitched whine that is constant, cannot itself be disabled, and is the very definition of 'tinnitus'. This last issue has caused thousands of players to quit the game or play with their sound off, and Overkill have not acknowledged how serious it is nor patched it. I hope somebody sues the hell out of them for it, I really do. It might seem like I've listed a huge litany of complaints about the game in this review, but honestly I've barely scratched the surface. There simply isn't room here to discuss the countless ways that Payday 2 has been systematically destroyed.

    Put it this way: Overkill is so petty that they had Valve arbitrarily (and in secret) remove the COMMUNITY VOTED top tag for Payday 2, "Bag Throwing Simulator", because most missions involve throwing bags repeatedly as you move them across the level while surviving L4D zombie levels of supercops. They also regularly remove fan posted material from the steam pages if it is any way critical of Payday 2 or Overkill. This rigorous, draconian, PRC-esque clampdown on all negative material indeed does give the game the appearance of being much more than it actually is. Don't be fooled. I've got nearly 500 hours in Payday 2 and it was once a very enjoyable (but seriously flawed) experience. These days, it's just insulting.
  28. Aug 28, 2013
    Payday 2 has less content than a lot of $5 indie games I own, unless you count endlessly grinding for unlocks as content. There's about 10 heists, none of which are very grand or interesting as most are just grunt work. Three or so are one day heists, one or two is a two day heist, and three or four are three day heists. Past level 40 there's nothing new to unlock that's level gated. Drops are completely random and you can get the same item you already have, and never unlock what you want for a certain gun. A couple parts of heists are just other maps re-skinned or re-purposed. Classes are also poorly balanced with some talents being useless.

    The gameplay is okay, but the AI is horrendous. Cops will position hostages between themselves and you. Hostages will get up and run during firefights if not cable tied. If you play with allied bots they won't do anything but shoot cops and revive you. The enemy cops are also omniscient. You can't sneak up on them during a fire fight. This doesn't make the game hard, however as they're still fairly easy to dispatch. However, the lines the cops have are pretty hilarious. The only way to make Payday 2 difficult is to stealth missions instead of going guns blazing.

    A lot of features were left out that were promised, like Safehouse customization. The characters also do not talk to each other like in Left 4 Dead (except when you ask for ammo, someone to follow you, etc), something that's a bit off because you're working together on a heist. There's no banter.

    The game is also plagued with a myriad of bugs.

    I'm only giving it a 2 10 instead of a 0 10 because it is still enjoyable with friends. However, after about 20 hours each we're all rater burnt out and bored of farming the same 10 heists over and over. Without friends I do not think this game is worth $5.

    I recommend waiting for a deal, because the game is $30 and DLC is likely to be paid. I think it is very crummy to only include bad heists and then gate the good, epic ones behind DLC (if the DLC is even epic heists).
  29. Oct 31, 2013
    When this game was first released it was fantastic! Sure there was not a whole lot of content, but there was a promise of more and what they had was good. Then they changed how some things worked, like they added finite numbers to things which made the game even more playable and fun.

    Unfortunately with the numbers came the arbitrary artificial difficulty spike in the game. Suddenly
    armor didn't seem to matter and even the best armor in the game would get 2 shot within a second, and there are places that you CANNOT stealth with this mechanic implemented. The stealth is par at best with certain aspects being incredibly aggravating like sound being heard from suppressed weapons across rooms and through a few walls. But all this could be made up for since it's a co-op game and could have a good community...riiiggghhhttt?

    This game has a terrible community and overkill poorly supports it. It is hard to find good connections to games and when you do if you're low level don't expect to stay. Overkill tries to "help" the community by censoring it. As an example just look at their statement on cheating. In a nutshell it states that if you even mention the word cheating anywhere on their forums even if it would be beneficial towards the community to know what to look for expect an immediate ban from their forums and possibly of anything overkill related and them reporting you to valve as if that does anything.

    I can't even go to their forums anymore for fear if I say anything negative I won't be able to play anything of their's ever again. Hell, I don't know if I'm safe even here. If they look at this review and find me on steam then they may do the exact same thing.

    At first, I felt bad for the backlash their community gave them for some things. Now that they have taken the lower ground I feel no shame in saying that their decisions with the game so far are terrible and I don't see a bright future for it.
  30. Aug 27, 2013
    Payday 2 is a decent game at it's core that was released too soon, had content advertised that didn't make it into the game and is doused with bad design decisions. The developers have treated their community poorly with a lack of communication and deleted threads on the steam users forums. With proper actions taken the game has the potential to be a solid 8. however it is doubtful this will ever happen. They have stated repeatedly that the game is finished in its current state. Expand
  31. Sep 20, 2013
    Some would say Payday 2 feels like a massive improvement to its predecessor Payday: The Heist.

    I, however, disagree.

    The game graphically is horrifyingly plain; environments lack detail and often have awful textures which for whatever reason were not present in the beta. This makes no sense whatsoever. As if to add insult to injury: the game runs on an ageing engine which pales in
    comparison to other games released this year.

    Secondly, the AI is abysmal: in the single player you start with two teammates (not three, strangely) with their only real purpose is to shoot the never ending onslaught on Washington's police force. These AI teammates cannot help you with objectives; can't pick up bags and can't even smash store windows to help you so be prepared to do EVERYTHING yourself. The police AI also pales as well, their basic tactics consist of charging your position all the time tossing smoke bombs and occasionally tear gas as they run into you not being conscientious of their surrounding cover.

    Thirdly; is an absolute p***take. In both the online mode and offline mode you have to sit looking at a Google Earth-esqe map of Washington for the minimum of two minutes waiting for the mission that you want to pop up. The most annoying part of this is each mission that pops up has its own set difficulty: so you have to wait for both the mission you want to pop up AND the difficulty you want to pop up. This infuriates me so much. On the side you can select your mission directly, skipping the waiting time for it to pop up; but you have to spend your goddamn in-game money to buy a contract to go stealing money to make a profit again? WHAT.

    Fourth is the overall state of the game itself; the game itself shipped with about FIVE missions originally. The same amount as in the beta I might add. This is a serious lack of content and Overkill have already planned DLC? Fix the bugs first! The levels themselves are not as dynamic as Overkill makes them sound either; there are subtle differences between each time you play the mission but nothing you'll really appreciate as you constantly blast away the police force and constantly repair the goddamn drills that the so-called 'master criminals' have. This seriously makes me question why you can't upgrade your drill unless you do the Technician skill tree? Sigh.

    If you can manage to get into a game with your friends however (there's quite a few connection issues going around; then the game can provide a minor modicum on amusement as your team can actually help you grind through the ranks. The music is pretty good when the assaults start and gets you ready for the next wave of enemies; shame there's barely enough time to do anything productive in between these waves.

    Also, they took out the Cloaker from the original; which is a shame as I enjoyed the mild thrill of trying to shoot the Sam-Fisher like ninja policeman.
  32. Oct 30, 2013
    They improved on everything the original did, but there was some issues such as having the SECOND WORSE COMMUNITY, if you just bought the game the chances of finding a match are incredibly low. I got this on launch of steam and got to level 58 quite easily but whenever i joined a game there was always a new player trying to join and he kept getting kicked because he was too low a level. After this i hosted a new game just for new players. Not all people are dicks but a massive percentage of players are. There is also a massive amount of grinding required. I haven't played this game in a month and i still know the entire layout and tactics. Its not good level design its receptivity. Expand
  33. Nov 5, 2013
    Installed the game, started playing and instantly the sound was stuttering constantly. Went to the safe house and the game froze every few seconds. I looked everywhere for a fix but there is none. I paid $30 for this and am thoroughly disappointed, the developers got their payday, but I sure didn't.
  34. Mar 15, 2014
    Bought the 4-pack to give-away to 3 friends. Enjoyed it very much. Patch after patch the game got better. Until someone decides to break the fun on the deathwish patch. Game became a chore and fun was taken away by their supposed magical pixie dust.

    This is my last OVERKILL game.
  35. Mar 21, 2014
    The game was good till update 23. My friends and I had a lot fun, playing for hours without a break. But now... after Death Wish (update 24) it became unplayable, at least for me (in my way to play). Overkill / Starbreeze are trying to fix what they screwed up... but it is too late. "Play our way or get away" it is their thought now. So, I get away.
  36. May 31, 2014
    Terrible UI and matchmaking.
    Extremely repetetive gameplay.
    Bad gunplay.
    Strangely slow weapon progression.
    DLCs with weapons
    Lag problems
    The only plus: you feel like a fuking bank robber
    If you are on your payday better buy another game, this is a crappy one.
  37. Aug 28, 2013
    Lack of promised Content, It was stated in many reviews to have 30 heists Split between multiple days. The devs now claim that each day of a heist counts as 1 heist. Even so there aren't 30. Constant reshuffling of abilities for each class, with seemingly no direction as to what each class is attempting to achieve. 0 content past level 40. At the end of the day you're sold 11 missions with 100 levels to grind repeating the same 11 missions over and over and over. By the time you realize there is no more missions to unlock you have already done every mission 30 or 40 times. Expand
  38. Aug 26, 2013
    The first opus was already frustrating in single player mode with retarded bots that would make you fail a heist. This is now worse than ever. The bots are brain dead in this sequel, BRAIN-DEAD. Got put down at the beginning of a heist and they sat repeat sat at the other side of the map doing nothing. Single player mode is impossible because it was one thing to pick up 2 cans of thermite back and forth, now we're talking about 8 bags of money that you have to carry over the whole map and cannot run while you're carrying one. Of course, none of those stupid bots could carry a bag or restart the drill. It was so hard to code. I'm really disappointed by this game. It should have been issued as a multi-player game only.
    On top of that, it's full of bugs, has an horrible FOV at 45 degrees peripheral and a server that runs as fast as a Pentium 90, making you wait a good 5 minutes before playing a heist. A total failure. Nope, won't buy Payday 3, I'm done with you guys.
  39. Aug 29, 2013
    The developers pulled a bait and switch with their advertising. They clearly hyped players up by indicating "30 heists". But in reality, you got 11. Two are duplicates and both can be done in under 1 minute, another under 4. A few of the heists also have multiple days, and some of those days can be done under 1-3 minutes. And every so often, they will throw an generic Lego-like escape mission at you. They promised "Dark Souls" worthy difficulty, yet instead a 4-man team can idle around a majority of the maps waiting for cops. And the rest of the maps? Expect your team to idle around as your ghost or mastermind players do the map for you.

    It's a complete mess compared to payday 1, which had a proper "dark souls" difficulty level, proper teamwork, and large grandiose heists with PROPER escapes.

    It's half of a game with the other half as a 5 part DLC series. So I can only recommend avoiding this game and checking it out again after a year or two.
  40. Mar 26, 2014
    PAYDAY 2: the game where you and other 3 players kill mindless swarms of cops while always doing the same objectives.

    It was funny for the first 30 hours. Then I realized I wasted $30 usd on an arcade shooter of killing retarded cops for the sake of lvling and getting enough money for doing "Infamy", which is almost the exact thing that "Prestige" from CoD. You loose all your money,
    your level is reset to 0 and you can start lvling again. All for a mask and a supposed "buff" that gives you nothing.

    It's not funny. The whole game is based on hooking you to grinding exp and money. Heists are boring, limited and repetitive, with re-used maps and repetitive objectives. There used to be a simple stealth system that was rather fun and gave actual replay-ability to the game. You could challenge yourself and solo-stealth missions on the highest difficulty just by being level 35 or so and by having the right gear. After Update 24, the "Death Wish update", stealth and low levels got almost completely ruined. You can't solo stealth most missions now (and there aren't many missions), hell, you can't stealth most missions now, period. Low levels got ruined because of the new exp system, which is BS.

    Want more BS? There's no anti-cheaters protection. This game is swarmed by hackers. But I personally don't care. They actually enhance the game rather than annoy the community. They give tons of money and can make you lvl up fast if you're good to them, plus they can start custom game modes like pvp or a boss fight with a powerful Bulldozer and his henchmen.

    OVERKILL keeps saying they care about their community, but the proof they give is different. They keep releasing weapon pack DLCs with items that should have been included in the game and they barely release new, innovative maps. Grenades, which come in the "Gage weapon pack #1" and are very useful, are worth $5. And you buy that pack only for the grenades, the other content sucks. It makes me wonder sometimes if this is a p2w game and if they ruined stealth in purpose so you would go loud and buy their DLCs.

    Overall, this is not the big game of robbing big banks with lots of preparation, planification, etc we were promised. This is the lvling game. You play a lot to level up, or you hack and become bored when you find out there's not much to do on the game when you're level 100.
  41. Feb 28, 2014
    From launch until Death Wish I loved this game, me and a group of friends (we aren't very good) we quickly playing Overkill heists which felt wrong - but this was patched and knocked us down to Hard loud heists and Overkill stealth heists. We were fine with this because we were having fun.

    The Death Wish patch has ruined stealth, in my opinion (although it is echoed on Steam forums) and
    although the loud heists are relatively unaffected by the latest patch, I feel like I am only getting half of the game now, so for now I have sidelined the game and am hoping for a patch to correct what they have done. I would love to rate this game 9, possibly even the full 10, but that was a couple of days ago and this is now.

    Current state: Awful
  42. May 30, 2014
    Terrible ai, they do not do nothing. They are passive, stay on place. Sometimes do flip, which looks funny, but that is all. If you play multiplayer. When join to game next player, while game is during, you must wait and can not play, than he connects. And while you play game and host leave, all cash and experience you gained lost. Jobs looks same and you only place drill and waiting for break to the vault.
    After take bags and go to the van.
    Sometimes you get jobs for more days and you crash with car and must defend your money from cops and w8 for another transport.

    You can buy new weapons and accesories for them.
    And there are also 4 classes, every class have skill three where you spend you skill points and money for new skills.
    This is not to bad, but shooting ai is same boring even with new equipment and skills.

    So i do not recomend this game, for stupid ai and drabness.
  43. Apr 3, 2014
    According to Steam, I've logged 30 hours of time playing Payday 2. Let me be perfectly honest: I hate this game. I'm impressed I was able to stomach it for 30 hours.

    I hate the last-gen graphics. I hate the horrible AI. I hate the terrible campaign design. I hate the half-arsed storytelling. I hate the cringe inducing voice acting. I hate the problematic hit detection. I hate
    the confusing gameplay design choices (Why does a body have to be in a bag in order to be picked up? Why are you only allowed to carry two zip ties?) I hate that an awesome soundtrack was ruined by being associated with this train wreck of a game.

    This game could've been something fantastic. It's truly an interesting concept in cooperative shooters. But everywhere you look in this game, it just reeks of lazy design, lazy programmers, and not nearly enough time spent on QA.

    I give it points for being a poorly executed great idea. And I also give it points for having a soundtrack that deserved to be in a better game than this.
  44. Oct 9, 2013
    I really loved 1st game. Cool, refreshing and FUN!!! 2nd part is too complicated. You cannot occasionally play few rounds. You need hours and hours just to learn what to do on each mission. Until then you must survive all hates from other players with more play hours. Even when you learn it's not even close fun as 1st part. Most of the features are totally silly. Etc. when you finish heist you don't have escape car on map or something. You must search randomly until you learn after few rounds. Who would go to bank robbery without knowing where escape car would be?? Had big expectations, but deleted game. If I want heist, would play 1st part rather! Expand
  45. Sep 29, 2013
    Payday 2 is anything but a good Coop shooter. For starters, the voice acting is terrible, so is the mission design. It's an overpriced half finished shooter that does nothing new to re-invent the genre. You might aswell just save your 30€ and pre order GTA V instead.
  46. Oct 2, 2013
    they basically took what made payday 1 great and removed it. payday 1 wasnt based around silly RPG nonsense and was known for how tough it was.
    payday 2? you can beat the whole game on its hardest with very low levels without any trouble
    add that to the fact that all the achievements are very dumb and the only "hard" ones are luck based
    payday 1 took me and my friend (we were just two)
    around 300 hours to completely beat (hello heat street 145+)
    payday 2? we were done at the 30 hour mark
  47. Mar 22, 2014
    This game was trash. uber trash, ultra trash, all kinds of trash.

    Enemies got clipped inside walls and could shoot through all terrain, the tutorial explained nothing, the stealth aspect is non-existent, The game is impossible when trying to play with any less than three players, The cops are an endless spawn of zombie-like swat troopers.

    Do not play this even for free, minutes of
    your life are worth more than this. Why god why, games like this should be banned from release.

    The premise was good. The idea of planning and orchestrating bank-heists is interesting, however this game does nothing right, NOTHING.
  48. Apr 18, 2014
    The game wants you to do all the missions the same way. which is basically fight the waves while you wait for something to happen. There is stealth but with every update they add something to make stealth harder, ppl usually get tired of failing and go to the hold your ground strategy.

    The after-mission prizes are useless, imagine you being at lv100 with 10million cash and the, after a
    2 hour stealth mission you get a card that gives you 70k cash.

    There is already 3 DLC with useless content, that alone makes me rate this game bad.

    Don't buy this **** but if you do, don't EVER buy any DLC.
  49. Mar 1, 2014
    I had high hopes for this game. After the release, the new options to stealth heists were awesome, unlocking, buying and upgrading weapons seems natural for an up-to-date game, although unlocking items by picking cards is too random >> I don't feel progress in what I'm doing as I'm rushing the first heist in 30 seconds over and over again with the same bad luck I do the hardest ones (>> Motivation -1). The first heist DLC (Armored Transport) gave us new maps but no stealthy ones. They are like the old Payday 1 heists brainless shooting galleries -- a clear downgrade! With the other DLCs only added more guns and masks -- something you actually don't need for a new game play experience -- there are still only the first few heists that came with the game release (>> Motivation -3). Now with the latest updates, new special units and the even more overkill "Death Wish" difficulty did actually not add much new to the game (as Cloakers have been there in Payday 1 already) -- still no new Maps (>> Motivation -5). My first rating on this game was 8-9, because it was awesome at the release and was promising to accel. My current rating results from the progress it made since then. I need new challenges, NOT more guns and masks. And don't tell me: "It's a new challenge when it's harder to win." It's like buying a Casino Game with the only game you can play is "highest card drawn wins" and the only DLCs you'll get are new deck colors -.- Expand
  50. Jul 14, 2014
    I'm sorry to say that I'm frustrated how poorly this game was developed.

    - The AI is beyond awful. The developer tried to account for that by throwing hundreds upon hundreds of cops at you. Your teammates take no objectives whatsoever, instead just lingering around, shooting infinite ammunition. To your utmost frustration, they don't even bother to pick up a bag or flip a switch
    directly next to them.
    - Stealthiness is limited in unreasonable ways. You have to put dead bodies you want to move into one of your limited body bags, and answering pagers randomly fails.
    - Missions are made challenging in frustratingly dumb ways. Trying to hack a computer? The cops will switch one of three circuit breakers. Of course it's entirely unreasonable to have all three covered, and the cops only need to brush past them to force you to go through the hoops of flipping them and starting the hacking again, all of which takes so much time that doing an entire 3-day job will literally take up to 5 hours.
    - Unlocks. The objective is of course to level up to get unlocks. By limiting the number of body bags you have, or allowing you to reduce the amount of drilling time from ridiculously insanely long, to only insanely long does not a funner game make.
    - Cards. Randomly flipping cards so I can unlock a new mask? Give me a break.

    I'm so frustrated by what this game could have been, that I've only begun to hate it for all it's annoyances. These guys simply don't know what makes a game fun.

    The constant disconnects and the game constantly pausing while peers (re)connect only adds to the general malaise that is PAYDAY 2.
  51. Jul 25, 2014
    Absolute BS. - The engine is crap - There are way to many bugs - The mods for the weapons are way too expensive (200k for a bigger magazine? I don't think so) - Nonsense limitations like you can only carry 8 ties or 1 body bag - You can get randomly kicked by the hoster - Affords way to much time to reach the max. level (Up to 120h) - You can solo just a few Missions - Offshore account... It's useless if you don't waste your whole life playing this game
    - The connection to the hoster can be such bad even if you put in the filter Region: Near. You can lose the connection in the middle of the mission. And sometime you're not even able to join lobbys because the producers of Payday 2 are making more useless and way to exepensive DLC's.

    + Graphics are OK
  52. Feb 15, 2014
    This could've been a great game but there are too many stupid things about it..

    ..this is a heist game that doesn't let u do heists...civilians instantly call the cops and in less than 2 minutes they swarm in all over the place like a brainless zombie apocalipse at which point finishing the mission is next to impossible on harder dificulties...the stealth part is a joke, as if there is
    such a thing as robbing a bank in the middle of the day by stealth....for some weird reason your AI teammates can't carrie bags but the cops AI can.....god knows this doesn't make any sense.....there are only 2 banks in this game and they didn't even bother making them realistic... what kind of bank in the civilized world has the vault out in the open where u can see it from across the street because the building has more windows than a school buss?.. ..there are so many stupid things in this game that doesn't make any sense like the drill that opens the vault stopping every 20 seconds and the ridiculous loading time of interacting with items and things....what were they thinking when they designed this game??? like 50% of the game they've done a great job and the other 50% they totally ruined it....hopefully they're gonna do it right next time because as far as i'm concerned payday 2 is a big epic failure. Expand
  53. Mar 27, 2014
    I really think that CoD had combat right compared to this. HORDE AFTER HORDE of near invincible enemies attack you, with 1 minute breaks inbetween. The combat is repetitive, boring, uninspiring, and left a sour taste in my mouth. Difficulty changes randomly, with certain missions being easy one day, and impossible on a LOWER difficulty rating the next (real time. Not in-game days). The ONLY reason it isn't at 0, is because it's fun when it isn't broken. Other than that, the entirety of the game is a flop.
    Combat is worse than CoD and WarZ having a baby, with L4D2 staring at them from a chair in the hospital room. You have mobs of cannon fodder enemies who die in 2-3 hits. Then, you have enemies who take 3 entire magazines to kill, and can kill you in UNDER A SECOND.
    Here's a list of the special enemies:
    Shielder: Annoying enemy with a riot shield. Use teamwork and hope it doesn't aimbot-lock onto you.
    Tazer: Stuns you, causes your gun to go off spazmastically, and impairs the ability to look. When you're attacked by 7 at once (which usually happens), you can't do jack ****
    Cloakers: They jump in through vents, or exploit the game's pathetic physics and spawn behind you. They have this magically ability to start sprinting at over 40 MPH, and instantly down you. This is like a tazer, but worse, as they spawn more, more health etc.
    Bulldozer: Your standard juggernaut. Except that he, statistically, has over 100X more **** health than you. I've checked. He can also kill a fully armored character with max stats and perks in 5 hits, with a fast enough RPM to shoot 3 times per second.
    What I am trying to say is that this game is pathetically unfair, the combat is absolute **** the stealth is unrealistic with enemies and cameras that have X-Ray vision (Could be another of the MANY glitches), and no driving factor to keep playing. Most levels are copy-pasted with only a name that is changed. (There are about 5 levels, all with a different title, that are the same down to the VEHICLE PLACEMENT.)
    This game is a frustrating borefest not even worth 5 **** dollars. You MIGHT like it if you enjoy horde-type games where every enemy has more health than you, but if not, you're better off buying Ride to Hell.
  54. Jul 26, 2014
    Games don't connect/crash/desync/fail to join frequently in peak hours. Lots of overpriced dlc. Tons of glitches, bugs, and hackers. These issues will most likely not be fixed seeing as forums from more than a year ago still make the exact same complaints.
  55. Aug 4, 2014
    The only reason this game is getting a 3 is because I got it from a steam sale. It cost me about $5 and for the few dozen hours I played it, it was alright, considering the game breaking issues it presents.

    The issue I have with this game is simply the fact that this game can turn really fast into a major trolling central, because if you are playing without friends on online
    multiplayer, expect to be kicked A LOT, even RIGHT AFTER YOU FINISH A JOB. Yes, you heard me right - the host can kick you whenever they can, preventing you from getting money and experience, which is a HUGE requirement in this game. It is a grindfest riddled with DLC's, which would be alright if they didn't overlook the aforementioned issue before the game launched and probably never cared about fixing it (the game launched one year ago and nothing has been done about it). The rest of the issues about this game can be seen all around the negative reviews and most of them are accurate.

    If you plan to buy this game, I suggest you wait until it goes on sale and refrain from buying DLC's, because if you are planning on playing without friends, it might get on your nerves really fast.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 51 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 40 out of 51
  2. Negative: 0 out of 51
  1. Oct 9, 2013
    PayDay 2 is one of the nicest surprises of the year. Overkill Software understands the atmosphere of gangster movies and wisely improves these pieces of gameplay, that might have been disappointing in the first game. The sequel is better in almost every way - you can play a thief and enjoy good character development and shooting systems. I really hope, that PayDay 3 will be even better.
  2. Oct 5, 2013
    Payday 2 is an excellent co-op shooter - a vast improvement over the first one. [Sept 2013]
  3. Oct 3, 2013
    A unique and captivating multiplayer experience that rewards team work over personal glory. But make sure you bring friends for the true experience. [Nov 2013, p.62]