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  1. ERB
    Aug 13, 2013
    An absolutely excellent game.The story is great,the graphics look good,and especially the game play or the shooter is awesome.This game is a lot of fun.I mean I played this game 4 times in a row and still I keep playing this because it is addicting and fun.So far this year this is one of the best games I played this year.So this game really deserves a high score.Good game!I like it.
  2. Aug 26, 2013
    Review from a Payday: The Heist fan:
    Payday 2 indeed took the original gameplay from the first game and expanded on it. I gave PD1 a 9/10 and said: "The only reason I do not give this game a perfect score is because, regardless of how good it is, it could have been better. I would like to have seen more content in the game, and could come up with a huge list of easily implemented ideas
    that would have heavily deepened the game-play."
    Overkill certainly deepened the gameplay, however, it lost something in exchange for what it gained. They drastically changed several different mechanics, whether it be gunplay, character motion, or depth of field gfx effects, and though arguably all are improvements, combined together they create a feel that is drastically foreign from the feel PD1 gave.
    Regardless, those are all things that you can eventually get past and adapt to the new feel. They improved and expanded on many mechanics from the original game like customization and deployables. However, Payday 2 introduced, in my opinion, a few horrendous flaws to the game.
    First and foremost is Without getting overly detailed, though was an amazing and intuitive idea in theory, it has been a complete nightmare in practice. needs to be replaced or drastically reworked. It is not doing what it was intended to do.
    Second is the completely random number generated loot system. You have absolutely no control over what you receive as a reward for completing jobs. This just results in many players, including myself, getting extremely frustrated after a few days. All I want is an extended magazine for my .45 and after over 50 hours of play, I have over 15 million in spending cash and not a single thing I wanted to use it on.
    Because of these two simple things, I have been finding myself playing other games instead of PD2. I don't want to deal with the tediousness of in order to play a match, and I don't want have to continuously gamble on my bad luck for an item I have no power or control over getting.

    I heavily look forward to being able to edit this review after they change and make small adjustments to the loot system. The game is amazing, but offers some tedious irritations because of and completely random loot.
  3. Aug 18, 2013
    This game was a lot better than I expected it to be before release. The improvements and new gameplay elements compared to the first game are staggering. Like the first game, it's not exactly bursting at the seams with realism, but there's still a very creative and engaging atmosphere in the co-op. And with the addition of geometry changes that occur every time a level is played, the replay value skyrockets.

    Another beauty the game offers is stealth, adding even more to the replay value, atmosphere and overall fun factor. Definitely worth the $29.99 and is a multiplayer every game should try at least once.
  4. Oct 9, 2013
    I really loved 1st game. Cool, refreshing and FUN!!! 2nd part is too complicated. You cannot occasionally play few rounds. You need hours and hours just to learn what to do on each mission. Until then you must survive all hates from other players with more play hours. Even when you learn it's not even close fun as 1st part. Most of the features are totally silly. Etc. when you finish heist you don't have escape car on map or something. You must search randomly until you learn after few rounds. Who would go to bank robbery without knowing where escape car would be?? Had big expectations, but deleted game. If I want heist, would play 1st part rather! Expand
  5. Aug 16, 2013
    I honestly wish Overkill had stuck to their original plans to make Payday 2 coop only. The introduction of solo play with the AI has made this game confusing to people. To put it simply this game is built for coop and is a coop rough edged master piece. To try to play with AI is infuriating and you are better off Lone Wolfing it. Therefore my review ignores the partner AI as its not really relevant to the game.

    Negative: I could only give it a 9 due to some pretty bad clipping errors in places and some of the issues with line of sight and mob behavior (getting shot through cover is irritating but happens rarely).

    Graphics: 9


    Soundtrack: 11 (Its Simon Viklund and his work is amazing so as in true Spinal Tap tradition but this one goes to 11) its the first soundtrack from a game that I have actually really wanted.

    Game Mechanics: 9 (very solid FPS platform with RPG elements and the heist factor just so addictive my only issue is how they count what is a "heist" which got over stated but still, having 12 heists at launch is fantastic. Stealth is also hard as hell but so much fun.)

    Replay value: 10 (You constantly replay heists but the dynamic layouts and the variability in difficulty, etc. make this game so very much worth replaying)

    This is are really well done game by a small studio and one of the best FPS coop game purchases I have made since Left 4 Dead 2 or Counter Strike Global Offensive.
  6. Aug 16, 2013
    If you enjoyed left for deads co-op focus and overall design goals but thought that the survivors should have been robbing banks and pulling off other high stakes heists then this is the game for you.

    Plenty of mission variety with branching paths, player customization it's all here and it works.

    The only faults I can think of are that the vote kick system and other host tools can be
    easily abused all together more humanity's flaws then the games. Easily worth the price. Expand
  7. Aug 26, 2013
    The first opus was already frustrating in single player mode with retarded bots that would make you fail a heist. This is now worse than ever. The bots are brain dead in this sequel, BRAIN-DEAD. Got put down at the beginning of a heist and they sat repeat sat at the other side of the map doing nothing. Single player mode is impossible because it was one thing to pick up 2 cans of thermite back and forth, now we're talking about 8 bags of money that you have to carry over the whole map and cannot run while you're carrying one. Of course, none of those stupid bots could carry a bag or restart the drill. It was so hard to code. I'm really disappointed by this game. It should have been issued as a multi-player game only.
    On top of that, it's full of bugs, has an horrible FOV at 45 degrees peripheral and a server that runs as fast as a Pentium 90, making you wait a good 5 minutes before playing a heist. A total failure. Nope, won't buy Payday 3, I'm done with you guys.
  8. Sep 13, 2013
    Deceptive sales practices are unforgiveable. This game lists itself as a single-player or multi-player game. It is not, in any way, possible to play this game single-player. It is impossible. This game is only, 100%, designed for co-op multiplayer. AI companions can not interact with anything, and it is necessary (not optional) to interact with picking up loot, or cracking a safe. There are other problems too, from a lack of content to unreasonable enemy AI (cops are superheroes who can see through walls and absorb hundreds of bullets). But lying about a single-player experience to trick people into buying the game is evil, and should be illegal. Expand
  9. Oct 26, 2013
    Jedna z ciekawszych gier Coopowych, jedna z najpopularniejszych gier tego roku, a jednak gra naprawdę nie wykorzystana i słaba. Zacznijmy od grafiki. Twórcy użyli dokładnie tego samego silnika co w(już wtedy) słabej graficznie jedynce. Silnik graficzny momentami nie wygląda najgorzej ale często razi w oczy swoimi rozmazanymi teksturami czy jakością wykonanych obiektów. Twórcy wzięli się za "kampanię", wybieranie misji wygląda teraz inaczej, ale wcale nie tak lepiej. Nie pomyśleli nad sensowniejszym wytłumaczeniem celu misji, jakąś ogarniętą kampanią czy lepszym systemem wybierania misji. Do minusów gry dochodzi duża ilość bugów, ogólne niedopracowanie i średnia jakość gry. Twórcy nie pomyśleli też o samotnych graczach, boty które zastępują nieobecnych graczy są głupie jak buty. Oczywiście jest teraz więcej misji, misje są ciekawsze, występuje lepszy system levelowania i sklep. Jeżeli ktoś chce pograć w coś ze znajomymi i bardzo chce robić napady na bank, to jest to najlepsza gra dla niego, ale w innym wypadku o wiele lepiej wydać pieniądze na inną grę. Moja ocena 6/10 Expand
  10. Oct 3, 2013
    There is something really cool about doing heists, holding hostages, shooting cops as you try to make your way out with the money. However, the problem is, when you make a game solely about heists, this excitement quickly turns into an everyday routine as you go through about 20 mission Payday 2 has to offer (and most can be completed in less than 10 minutes). The game tries hard to look longer than it really is by adding random extra missions (your escape vehicle is busted and you have to fight cops till next one arrive) and extra difficulty levels where more types of enemies spawns. This is all futile though, you can beat the content within 20 hours if you have a good enough crew.
    Without a group of 3 friends you may not have much fun, for the most time I played with randoms and usually I was very bored, random people tend to not cooperate with you all, often do stupid things etc.
    With friends this game would probably be very enjoyable, but I couldn't get 3 of my friend to play this because of the price tag that scared them away.
    The graphic is way behind current standards, sounds and VA is surprisingly good and immersive.
    Level designs are not very impressive, invisible walls where you'd least expect them, predictable spawns of new waves of police forces that do not change even when you camp those spots, gunning them down the moment they appear. Also like I mentioned there is very few levels, which forces you to repeat the same levels over and over again. During the game you earn money for new items, masks to customize your character and experience to unlock skills. Skill trees are pretty standard, but they make a cool addition to the game. Too bad the game feels like a Korean grind fest. A good thing is you can play stealthy on many levels, but that's impossible if you play with randoms, as most people are in just for a quick shootout (stealth can be complex sometimes, but it's fun and rewarding).
    Overall if I could play with 3 friends or if the game AI (bots) would have been better (it's very bad, playing solo is not fun at all) I'd give this game a 7/10, but I can't give it more than 6/10.

    Immersive gameplay you really feel like a pro criminal
    Good sounds and VA helps the above
    Requires 3 friend to be fun random people and bots are not fun to play with
    Very little content prepare for grinding the same missions after about 20 hours of gameplay
    Bad graphics if you have a monster rig you will be disappointed, very outdated
  11. Aug 15, 2013
    Nearly everything from first game has been improved to the max. Great co-op game with your buddies and definitely good candidate for Game of the Year award. Im only giving it 9, because there are some minor issues with game crashing without reason. But im sure this game will not dissapoint anymore than that.
  12. Aug 13, 2013
    A throughly surprising moment when they decided to dump all pretense of logic and release this game insanely early in the month announced. Even back in June/July, there was Internet stores with the date of 13-16th august which means they had the intent to release it that early for a really long time and I'm quite disappointed that they decided to do so even with all the bugs floating around, be it the still atrocious enemy AI, broken stealth or the laughable matchmaking. There was tons upon tons upon tons of genuine concerns being discussed in the beta game's community hub (a large amount of them being deleted/banned, nice censorship starbreeze) and they have changed literally nothing from beta stage 2-3 besides ironing out a few, very minor bugs like making an window entrance easier to get through where are literally thousand cries for other concerns (The steam bug concern thread alone has 800+ replies as of this moment) like people not being able to join their friends, their game crashing nonstop, the broken cloud data-storing, bodies being detected through solid roof or through walls, the infamous mouse cursor lag where a majority of the players must play with 1-2 mouse feedback lag, a broken FOV, no host migration, absolutely horrible friendly AI (like the first game).. I can go on and on, but at the end of the day, they fixed nothing of any considerable importance and for that, I can only shake my head in shame. Expand
  13. Aug 14, 2013
    do you think that the return of duke nukem was already a big failure? do you think metro last light had a terrible artificial intelligence? you sure havent played payday 2 yet. if internet explorer, 9gag, teamfortress 2 and BRINK had a bastard child, it would be this game. its nothing like payday: the heist, its just complete cancer of pc gaming. disappointment of the year.
    full of bugs, boring heists, and overkill already confirmed dlcs. what about fixing this pile of garbage first? +1 for the idea.
  14. Aug 28, 2013
    This game receives a big thumbs up of worth-it certification.

    Game developers are amazing, it is also nice to have David Goldfarb as one the game designer for Overkill. Of course, it started with Payday: The Heist, and though i have not played it before, i can say that PD2 is even better.

    The gameplay is pretty self-explanatory, you go into banks, nightclubs, harbors and etc. And rob
    the daylight out of them. This game can be pretty funny with some bugs that's been yet to be fixed.

    The controls in this game is average, i would say it lacks the options for the video settings. And the vsync is this game adds in immense amount of input lag. (Use a 3rd party software like MSI AB to limit your FPS to 58/59).

    The guns in this game, for now, lacks variety and it kind of gets really boring in higher reputation levels. If the upcoming DLCs would add in more weapons, there would definitely be awesome.

    Some weapon modifications like the laser sight might be a bit too hard to acquire as they seem to never drop.

    Masks are just plain cosmetics with really unique & nice customization options.

    Now onto the A.I, different mobs have different roles and they would fight their way to get you. I won't say that the A.I is 10/10 but would give it a 7/10. It is not that bad that it sucks or neither horrible, but also, not as good and intelligent that it could really give it a real challenge.

    To close it up here, this is a honest review unlike those some critics that just gives off some 'paid' opinions. For 29.99, this game out-beats most modern games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for an example (****ty one, yes).
  15. Aug 14, 2013
    really enjoying it after 10+ hours spent in release version.
    bought payday 1 on a whim when it came out, and liked it a lot.
    this is better for a lot of reasons. custom stuff, way more random events, and lots of stealth options.
    it was worth the wait imho!

    saw the company replying on steam forums.
    and even doing cool promotions with having street artists paint physical masks. nice.
  16. Aug 25, 2013
    This game reminds me a lot of savages and i say that in a very positive way. You and your friends need to get this game. if you don't have friends find some, you will not regret it.
  17. Nov 17, 2013
    PayDay 2 is on a slow course of fixing. Right now i would choose PayDay The Heist over PayDay 2. I dont know why you have to wait for the missions to come up. Its stupid. And the fact that there is 2 stupid AI friends instead of 3 funny clever AI friends like in PayDay 1. However the game play and the menu with the customization is really cool. A lot of the maps are well designed but some are just at bit like. GO THROUGH THERE WE WILL BE FINE. NOT THAT WAY!

    -Great Customization
    -Good Game play
    -Stupid AI
    -Waiting to do missions
  18. Aug 20, 2013
    All I gotta say is its Game of the Year for me. Great gameplay. Great menus. Great unlocks. Co-op is brilliant and its fun learning how to tackle each heist. The masks are simply outstanding. I don't know why people are complaining about the server browser. It does take some time to get used to, but it works. It does need a few bug fixes however and maybe some AI improvement. Future mod support and new masks would make it even sweeter. It's very important they keep the community going because the single-player mode is useless. Highly recommended. Especially on PC. Expand
  19. Aug 16, 2013

    After months of playing the first one dry I was more then ready for the second. There are many many more missions and tons of upgrades and weapons. You get to assign skills. However, that's all it has going for it. The severe disappointment is the layout for weapons, upgrades and skills. It is terrible. Each time you level up you get 1 skill
    point, for ever 10 levels you get an extra 2. However it costs skill points AND money to upgrade and the price is absurd. Money is nothing like the first. You get two different accounts one goes into an Offshore account and the other is money to spend, on average for every $100,000 you get only $6,000 you get to spend depending on the difficulty.

    The inventory is just as bad. If you unlock an upgrade and have it equipped to a weapon, now you want to remove that upgrade then add it again, you have to PAY AGAIN for it. WHY!? If it's in your inventory why pay for something you already have!? Worse yet you cannot sell spare upgrades! Different armor is new you have a vest that can take 2 hits before your health starts dropping. The better the vest the more hits. While armor does regenerate after time it is worthless on harder difficulties. Flack Jackets which can take 5 hits can only take one on VERY HARD, or OVERKILL, it can only take 3 on HARD and all 5 on NORMAL.

    Difficulties depend on how much money and experience you get. The more experience, the more you can level up. Some missions you get a jackpot (again difficulty and conditions) with over $200,000 spending money and 10,000 experience. Most missions you average 900 Experience and $4,000 spending money.

    85% of the voice acting has been recycled from the first. The only new lines are from Bain and a few from the characters. Now the Co-Op, it is the definition of unstable. 75%-85% of the time you cannot connect to a game, will be dropped from a game, or loose connection to two or more players which shuts the match down. Safe house. What is the point of this? It does nothing. Payday 2 (as of v.1) is addicting but more aggravating then fun, I hope many many patches fix these issues.
  20. Aug 16, 2013
    An extremely fun high paced cooperative action game based on some of the best bank heist films to date. Payday 2 offers an improved aspect of everything that we loved from the first including graphics, gameplay, and even content!

    9 out of 10
  21. Sep 29, 2013
    Payday 2 is anything but a good Coop shooter. For starters, the voice acting is terrible, so is the mission design. It's an overpriced half finished shooter that does nothing new to re-invent the genre. You might aswell just save your 30€ and pre order GTA V instead.
  22. Dec 15, 2013
    Payday 2 is cool. It is fun with it's ability to replicate a bank robbery scenario perfectly like you'd see in a blockbuster film. The costumes are interesting and scary and the Co-op is probably the best thought up idea in recent games. I do believe it came at the wrong time, however. GTA 5 will always blow any game out of the water, and the robbery idea and the masks were immediately redundant when playing either one of these games. This game is fun in its play-ability with friends but it got boring for me after a while. But I can say I feel good about my rating at a solid 7 across the board. Expand
  23. Aug 17, 2013
    The game shows big difference in contrast with the first one. The graphics have been improved in big grade, and there is the feeling of the weapon's recoil. You can be stealthy(in some way), aggressive, -this gives you the opportunity to play the game in the way you like. The are over 30 missions re-playable and fully customisable weapons and masks. You can't say that it is a simple FPS, it's a combination of FPS and Tactical Shooter. I scored it with 8, because of Internet problems that it have and secondly about your teammates' AI (it's awful, i was down and they didn't helped me, or the can't carry money bags). In general, the game leaves a very good taste and i wait for further support of the franchise. Expand
  24. Sep 5, 2013
    Best co-op game out there. Fun but can be repetitive but the small size of the crew makes it feel really frantic and tight knit. The random generation of assets in the maps makes replay high. But the real weakness of the game is the lack of content but is that is understandable due to the low price point at launch. Clearly there is DLC along the way.

    A must play for those who are
    looking for a small FPS to play with a small group of friends without the need of clans or guilds or corps or what have yous. Expand
  25. Aug 14, 2013
    You and your crew slowly creep down the back alley that leads behind the jewelry store. You whisper to the team to stop as you peer around the corner scanning for any rent-a-cops that might be suspicious of your activity. "Pop!" One bullet from your partners silenced pistol and the security guard is down, now all that stands before you and thousand of dollars in gold and silver is a thin sheet of glass. "Do I break it and risk being heard?" You think to yourself, knowing that at the flip of a coin everything could go south. "Smash!" The window shatters as the butt of your gun hits it. "AHHH!" Screams a pedestrian, your heart races, then the alarm goes off! "Masks on guys!", it's time to go to work. Welcome to Payday 2, the heist in on!

    Visit for the full review
  26. Aug 29, 2013
    I like the first Payday, is a fun game to play, but it has problems. This sequels improves almost everything! You can craft masks and guns, have a lot of maps to play in and an improved gameplay. I still think they should try something with the hostages: you should be able to move'em to a certain point while aiming at them.
    Still, a fun experience to play with friends.
  27. Oct 8, 2013
    I was in the beta of this game. If you played it then, you would see a HUGE improvement over what it was. While I cannot give a full score here, I would very quickly call it an excellent game. The reason I can't give it a 10 is because despite all the work, it is still buggy. While I praise Overkill for working closely with the users, I would expect it to be released as soon as it is completely stable, 13 updates later they haven't quite gotten there. The best things about it, however, are a completely redesigned shooting mechanism, the opportunity to finish missions in stealth (HUGE improvement over the first one, if you played it,) and all in all, it delivers on exactly what it said it would, with promises of lots of free DLC to come, not bad. I say give it ago if you have ever had that fantasy of robbing banks, cooking meth, or just causing massive destruction. Expand
  28. Oct 19, 2013
    I've been wanting this game since I saw it being announced. As a big fan of Payday: The Heist, I quite enjoyed this game. I gladly haven't encountered any big major bugs except connect issues, and dead cop bodies getting stuck in doors and stuff but really doesn't affect my score. I would get this game if you're a fan of Payday 1 or just first-person shooters in general.

    The thing I
    find most annoying is how you get items in this game. In the old game the way you got items was leveling up and getting achievements. You still unlock things when you level up like guns, supply things and bullet proof vests but, when you want something like a mask, something to paint you're mask or an add on to you're gun to make it better you need to complete a full heist and then it gives you a choice to pick 3 random cards, this process can get annoying when you get stupid add ons for guns you don't like or just get bad paint or designs for your mask.

    This process makes it annoying when you want something and you can't get it because of this lousy card system and doesn't make it fun.

    I also found this getting a little bit repetitive and that's why I couldn't play it hours and hours on end without getting bored.

    I do recommend to buy this game on sale.
  29. Nov 8, 2013
    The game is just amazing...I can't find another word to describe this hell of a game.The crazy soundtrack which is playing during heists will keep you plugged in literally!Also the game is kept updated almost every week.We have events and news almost all the time.If you are in the official steam group then your news for this game will come faster.Good game.
  30. Mar 18, 2014
    It hurts me to have to write such a devastating review of a game I wanted to love, but the fact is that Payday 2 is and has been a total disaster from the start. The root cause is the developer of the game Overkill software, and more specifically their lead developer Andrew Goldfarb. Everything done in development or since release for Payday 2 has been focused on slick PR, coercing players into buying DLC to help them advance, systematically removing as much fun as possible from the game, and breaking every significant promise they made to those that supported them in the move from indie mod project to AAA-level title, and as if that wasn't enough, they go out of their way to simultaneously insult paying customers who ask relevant questions or who have any type of complaint, legitimate or not.

    The last patch, the "Death Wish" patch, completely destroyed the game balance to pander to achievement whores (the 3rd or 4th time this has happened to date) and to give the appearance of the developer supporting the game above-and-beyond what is the norm. This is a standard pattern for Overkill, and nothing could be further from the truth. The 360 version of the game has never been patched to date. 7-day heists and safehouse customization, two important features promised for release, have never been added despite 24 patches and 5 pay DLCs. Every patch adds hideous new bugs and destroys game balance, while critical game-breaking bugs fester for months without being acknowledged, much less fixed. Hackers ruin the game regularly as it uses a peer-to-peer multiplayer model and relies on no master server, auth, or security. Overkill's answer to hacking? A pointless PR campaign that "they care about cheating" and a forum thread telling you to report hackers via email, but once explored is shown to be a total facade that wastes everybody's time as Overkill has no actual recourse to ban players or affect hacking in any way because of their poor implementation.

    Goldfarb does ban people, frequently and very loudly, from his twitter account if they are negative about the game or ask difficult questions, and why not? The man is a real hero and he wants you to know he stands for justice. The Payday 2 steam forums are full of trolls and sycophants, threads regularly disappear without warning, and there is a nasty little group of fellaters (players with in their name) that edit and remove posts as they please with no oversight or moderation. Through all of this, Overkill touts how they "listen to the fans", when the last 6 months of Payday 2 have proven to any sane person that not only do they NOT listen, they go out of their way to anger and troll their own paying customers. Examples of this are numerous: cameras added that can't be destroyed that say "Suck it" on them, special enemies that 1-shot you regardless of your stats/level/health while telling you to "go to the forums and cry like a little **** and even making the aforementioned special have an incredibly irritating fingernails-on-a-chalkboard high pitched whine that is constant, cannot itself be disabled, and is the very definition of 'tinnitus'. This last issue has caused thousands of players to quit the game or play with their sound off, and Overkill have not acknowledged how serious it is nor patched it. I hope somebody sues the hell out of them for it, I really do. It might seem like I've listed a huge litany of complaints about the game in this review, but honestly I've barely scratched the surface. There simply isn't room here to discuss the countless ways that Payday 2 has been systematically destroyed.

    Put it this way: Overkill is so petty that they had Valve arbitrarily (and in secret) remove the COMMUNITY VOTED top tag for Payday 2, "Bag Throwing Simulator", because most missions involve throwing bags repeatedly as you move them across the level while surviving L4D zombie levels of supercops. They also regularly remove fan posted material from the steam pages if it is any way critical of Payday 2 or Overkill. This rigorous, draconian, PRC-esque clampdown on all negative material indeed does give the game the appearance of being much more than it actually is. Don't be fooled. I've got nearly 500 hours in Payday 2 and it was once a very enjoyable (but seriously flawed) experience. These days, it's just insulting.
  31. Jan 16, 2014
    A great co-op game. The main downside in the game is the inability to make more than one character. There are 4 talent trees in the game and you only get enough points to get the top skills in only 2 of them. If you want to try out the other trees you have to respec which is very expensive so you can't do it often. I would like to have choice of being able to play a ghost in some maps and a techforcer in others but that is not a realistic option here without having a 2nd steam account with a 2nd copy of the game. Another complaint is that the game is basically unplayable solo because the AI teammates don't do anything but shoot enemies and revive you if you're downed. They can't fix drills, carry loot bags, etc. Any mission that requires returning multiple bags to an escape vehicle becomes tedious if not impossible. Yes, it's a co-op game, but I would like the ability to try out missions solo before I jump in with a group of people where everyone knows what they're doing but me. Expand
  32. Mar 1, 2014
    I had high hopes for this game. After the release, the new options to stealth heists were awesome, unlocking, buying and upgrading weapons seems natural for an up-to-date game, although unlocking items by picking cards is too random >> I don't feel progress in what I'm doing as I'm rushing the first heist in 30 seconds over and over again with the same bad luck I do the hardest ones (>> Motivation -1). The first heist DLC (Armored Transport) gave us new maps but no stealthy ones. They are like the old Payday 1 heists brainless shooting galleries -- a clear downgrade! With the other DLCs only added more guns and masks -- something you actually don't need for a new game play experience -- there are still only the first few heists that came with the game release (>> Motivation -3). Now with the latest updates, new special units and the even more overkill "Death Wish" difficulty did actually not add much new to the game (as Cloakers have been there in Payday 1 already) -- still no new Maps (>> Motivation -5). My first rating on this game was 8-9, because it was awesome at the release and was promising to accel. My current rating results from the progress it made since then. I need new challenges, NOT more guns and masks. And don't tell me: "It's a new challenge when it's harder to win." It's like buying a Casino Game with the only game you can play is "highest card drawn wins" and the only DLCs you'll get are new deck colors -.- Expand
  33. Aug 17, 2013
    It's such a good game, great to play with friends and it's a lot better than the first, it's good fun to come up with strategics to complete the mission.
  34. Sep 25, 2013
    Overkill released an unfinished game, and constantly add game breaking mechanics and bugs with their "updates", also for me its a remake of Payday The Heist, with more guns and heists, but still is an excelent game
  35. Aug 23, 2013
    A decent game, which sadly just doesn't live up to expectations. Unlike first game, at least half of the missions is shallow and boring, and there simply isn't that much content and certainly not the content creators promised. This game also has it's share of problems like loot system, mission select screen (if you can believe it), random and punishing enemy spawn and countless little problems. Also, graphics are better than in the first game, but still weak. Expand
  36. Aug 31, 2013
    Payday 2 feels a bit incomplete as though its missing jobs and an ability to edit your safe house, or a really good use for your offshore money and the single player is also very useless. The game however does deliver some unique and fun co-op gameplay. I love to play with friends and random people online committing crime and heists. Its your chance to get a taste of what its like to break bad and rob a bank or jewelry store without real repercussions. Its even better with a mic. Despite the games lack of a complete feeling, I do firmly believe this was a good purchase on steam and will stand by that. I have been playing the game for weeks now and I could recommend it to anyone looking for a different co-op type FPS. Expand
  37. Mar 21, 2014
    During this games free weekend on Steam, I can safely say this game is awesome!

    Sound effects are amazing
    Great Graphics
    Heists are really fun

    Single Player AI is dumb
    Interacting takes a long time (Picking locks etc.)

    Despite those 2 problems, Payday 2 is a lot of fun and is well made!
  38. Aug 15, 2013
    GAME-PLAY: Great pace and fun gun-play, stealth options on many missions give more choice, adding to replay value. Only downsides so far in around 30 hours is some bugs, which is to be expected from such a young studio as Overkill. Play this game with friends. You need other people to play the missions to their fullest potential

    CONTENT: Appropriately large selection of equipment and
    jobs to choose from, with incredible replay value. As long as you don't linger on one mission all the time, you shouldn't get bored. Small annoyances coming from random drops of masks (with materials), and gun attachments, but these are menial. The elements of RPG mixed into this FPS with skills and such add a lot of depth to the game. Path choosing will determine whether future mission unlocks can be stealthed well, or whether a guns blazing assault

    DESIGN (Customs, sound, etc.): Sound design is excellent overall. The soundtrack fits perfectly during game-play and is good by itself, and the sounds of guns are dynamic, to the point that a gun silencer may keep you in stealth while inside, but can echo and alert people if used outside. The guns and attachments are the best looking things in the game, along with custom masks, and some of the attention to detail is excellent, such as referencing the previous game with box labels and other such things. The GUI is very simple and is a great part of keeping immersion in the game, despite being able to switch it off.

    TECH (Graphics, AI, etc.): Although the design of the game and aesthetics are quite good, you can when looking closely in stealth or casing mode, see pixelation on low quality textures and imperfections in your environment, but in the heat of battle, none of it matters, and it is surprising how good it can look most of the time, especially outdoor environments. The AI is probably the biggest flaw in the game, other than the occasional bugs you may experience, but it serves it's purpose well on the whole. Enemy police/SWAT/FBI AI is probably the best, and even with friendly bots being slighty stupid I haven't had significant problems with either. Guard AI can sometimes be buggy when using stealth, including eyes in the back of their heads on a particular level, and one off moments of seeing past doors when open, but hopefully these will be fixed shortly in release cycle, having had such a successful beta. Civilian AI is more consistently annoying though, with civilians standing up in front of cops that are being shot at (as if acting as a human shield for freeing them), but it is no longer as bad as day 1 of beta, and does teach you to aim at cops rather than in their general direction.

    VERDICT: Bugs are the biggest problem in the game, a HD texture pack would be a welcome, but not neccessary, edition, but the flaws do not retract from the games fun and reasons for playing it. The co-op is really the reason to play the game, and although the offline mode is not a good way to progress, it serves nicely as a testing ground for trying tactics and effectiveness of guns/mods and so on. You can play the game well with one friend, 2 is good, and the maximum of 4 total players is just pleasant. The choice in this game, and random elements make this something you will enjoy for hours, and should not be missed. I give this a 10 because the flaws can almost never stop you playing the game, and that I anticipate any bugs to be fixed soon.
  39. Dec 7, 2013
    Right now, there is some connection issues. The multiplayer works off a peer-to-peer system which isn't working the best at the moment. Players will often lose connection to the host mid-game or vice versa leaving the host to fend for him/her self and the other players to find another match. |||||

    The game itself is really fun though. It's addictive, co-operative multiplayer is exciting
    and rewarding. There are 4 skill tress to choose from, each with a different function; control, intimidation, tech expertise or stealth. You can mix and match between the trees if you like, which is refreshing because it removes the fear of picking the wrong one. There are loads of guns and attachments to buy too and masks to customise. All of which are gotten by random by picking 1 card out of 3 at the end of a game. |||||

    This game is a load of fun, even if none of your friends have it.
  40. Aug 19, 2013
    Possibly one of the best co-op experiences I've had in a game in years! If you liked the first game, you sure as hell will absolutely love Payday 2! Weapon customization, a decent leveling system, many ways to finish 30+ missions and more! If you have $30, why the heck would you not get this game?! Seriously... BUY PAYDAY 2!
  41. Apr 3, 2014
    According to Steam, I've logged 30 hours of time playing Payday 2. Let me be perfectly honest: I hate this game. I'm impressed I was able to stomach it for 30 hours.

    I hate the last-gen graphics. I hate the horrible AI. I hate the terrible campaign design. I hate the half-arsed storytelling. I hate the cringe inducing voice acting. I hate the problematic hit detection. I hate
    the confusing gameplay design choices (Why does a body have to be in a bag in order to be picked up? Why are you only allowed to carry two zip ties?) I hate that an awesome soundtrack was ruined by being associated with this train wreck of a game.

    This game could've been something fantastic. It's truly an interesting concept in cooperative shooters. But everywhere you look in this game, it just reeks of lazy design, lazy programmers, and not nearly enough time spent on QA.

    I give it points for being a poorly executed great idea. And I also give it points for having a soundtrack that deserved to be in a better game than this.
  42. Aug 15, 2013
    This game is vastly superior to the first game, and it really shines when you have buddies to play with. Playing alone is not advised since the AI is really dumb. Overall, this is a GREAT game that has some minor issues that will likely be worked out soon.
  43. Aug 16, 2013
    Payday 2: over-hyped repetitive grind-fest, or a remarkable fun and enjoyable game? Read on..

    Payday 2 has turned out to be a tremendously successful game. Pre-orders were almost sold-out everywhere while post-sales hit the roof, turning it into a instant commercial success for the small studio. Beta feedback has been positive on some fronts, and post-launch reviews have given the game
    a high-rating from some of the mainstream critics.

    However it seems Payday 2 is now suffering post-launch blues, and has fallen into that developer trap. More on that later.

    One of the reasons why Payday 2 has been so successful on launch is that it is, indeed, a really fun co-op game. There is no denying it. From that adrenaline rush you get pulling a bank job to the joy of managing to do just one job on full stealth. Payday 2 is surely best played with friends for maximum enjoyment, and isn't the sort of game you want to play with just random players.

    So, why am I rating it a measly 6, then? Well, here's the thing; Payday 2 is a satisfying game on launch, and even after a day or so it still remains a satisfying game, but after the 3rd day you start to notice the faults with the game that creep out at you. It's this very reason why the game has been so successful with critics, and I would imagine they would review it a little differently further down the road.

    To say the game suffers from repetitive play is an understatement. You soon realize that the pace of the game is slightly off whack. It turns into a massive grind-fest due to everything costing money. Fancy that red-dot sight you got in the lootbag dlc? Well, it costs in-game money to attach it to your gun! How about mask customization? Well, that costs in-game money as well. Leveling up? In-game money. Practically anything you do with your characters involves money.

    Now, this wouldn't be so bad if the payouts were a little more balanced, but unfortunately the games current system forces you to grind repetitive missions with little room for change, making even grinding a bore fest.

    Now, lets talk about that dev trap I mentioned earlier. I've seen this in other games, so I'll sum it up. A developer designs a game. It has a good concept, good working mechanics (, class/skills), a wide range of variety in assets (guns/mods) along with excellent customization (masks/guns) and the core concept relies heavily on repeated plays of maps. However, the developer only designs a few playable maps (7 or 10 I believe minus the safe-house). These maps are relatively small, with the so-called 'huge dynamic changes' as marketed being rather small and not worthy of note. Since the core concept of the game itself relies heavily on the maps themselves, the game becomes a tedious repetitive experience once you repeat the maps.

    At this stage some things become apparent; there is only one bank map. There is only one map featuring stores. There is only one map featuring a jewelry heist. There is only one map of each specific genre of heist. Granted, there is supposed to be 30+ heists in the game, but they all take place on the same maps. It turns into a *steal X item profit* on the same maps, over and over again, with little changes that don't add anything to the game. A vault may be somewhere different. There may be 3 guards around the back instead of 2. All these changes are indeed welcome, but marketing it as huge changes isn't appropriate.

    Playing the same maps over, and over, and over again, wouldn't be so bad if the actual heist mechanics were done right. Unfortunately, that's another area that they didn't design so well. Drills take a large amount of time, so much so that you just end up not drilling after awhile, it becomes a case of "I just can't be bothered to wait 3-4 minutes for this bloody thing", not even taking into account of how many times it breaks down. Repeat this process several times and even the most harden players will start getting bored.

    Payday 2 does do some things right. example is a good mechanic, while it suffers from shoving repeated heists down your throat, the idea itself is good and would work really well with more variety of maps/heists. The safehouse seems like a stale introduction, but it seems like Overkill has some plans for this later on, possibly in the form of some dlc.

    However, unless Overkill is planning on introducing rather large map-packs in his DLC plans, I can't see Payday 2 playable longevity lasting long. Only after 3 days of playing I can tell you its become tiresome to play some of the same maps again, with the dreadful repeated soundtrack.

    Payday 2 could have been so much better, but unless your a hardcore grindfest kinda player, you will soon grow tiresome of this rather enjoyable but flawed co-op.


    Graphics 6/10
    Soundtrack 4/10
    Sounds 6/10
    Gameplay 5/10
    Re-playability 4/10
  44. Sep 14, 2013
    Payday 2 is a very addictive co-op crime simulator. Te=he game is fun right from the get go when you are shown your underground safehouse. The heists in this game vary from jewlery Store Robberies to Delivering Cocaine shipments. This game is best played with human players since the A.I. can't do any objectives. This game also has realistic gun control where you have to fire your weapon in short bursts for it to be accurate. Payday 2 also has a skill tree system with four trees Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost, and Technician. Payday 2 features four Robbers Dallas, Wolf, Chains, and Hoxton each with their own personalities. This game is so much fun and a complete blast to play with a group of friends. The A.I. is a little clunky but hey you shouldn't be playing this game solo anyway. Expand
  45. Sep 21, 2013
    In short: Payday 2 has it's charm, as well as it's issues.
    PROS: Concept, fun co-op, sound, skill-trees, dynamic map parts, shooting, level of customization.
    CONS: AI, lag, no host migration, losing connections, random loot, partial hitboxes, forced dynamic shadows, sound bugs, no cloaker.
    If those issues were fixed, would give it an 8. With 10 more heists and overkill 145+ difficulty,
    it's a 9. Such a shame it's not there, at least not yet. Expand
  46. LHy
    Sep 28, 2013
    Enjoying the game a lot, but we need more heists! then i'm sure sales would skyrocket! loving the customization side of things, but you need to work on the sights, in my opinion, it just makes my aim worse.
  47. Nov 19, 2013
    The game is fun, for a bit. Playing with random people almost always leads to one person telling everyone else how to play, and a lot of the same missions that are good for farming levels and money. This game definitely was released too early, but many recent patches have probably solved all of the early issues. If you are planning to play this game, I would recommend having a group of people to play with, as the level of cooperation required to have a good run is pretty high. The shooting mechanics are decent, but don't quite feel as tight as they should be. I really want to like this game, but it quickly turned into playing the same short missions because they were easy money. Expand
  48. Dec 15, 2013
    Payday 2 isn't a great game nor is it a bad game. It is plagued by awful AI and the graphics are previous generation. The skill tree gives the game replay value as you can test and play different kinds of builds. There are a variety of weapons to choose from, but there could be more. Despite what people say, the maps don't really change. The objectives simply are relocated.
  49. Sep 24, 2013
    Strictly co-op. Friendly AI is useless, they can shoot but that is not much of help when there is 8 money bags to be carried and SWAT is all over you. If you are looking for SP experience, forget it.

    As a co-op game it shines. Learning curve is pretty high, since there is no tutorial and the game is pretty complicated. You will have to learn the hard way, or with a helpful and
    experienced teammate who bothers to tell you how you play. But usually players who can't play get kicked.

    Also been noticing that some people use certain missions to grind for levels, since some heists are easier than others and provide more rapid leveling up. That's too bad, since there is almost 30 missions.

    It's not a full game in a sense. It's just a moderately sized co-op game with a lot of replay value. Gun play is better than in Payday 1, graphics better, missions more complicated and this time actually you can go all-stealth. I recommend this one, but only online.
  50. Jan 3, 2014
    This game is a boredom killer. You have friends but you have nothing to do? Play Payday 2. The flaws in this game can be easily ignored.

    In short, if you don't wanna rob a bank, play this. It's legal and playable.
  51. Sep 25, 2013
    Simply the best game i've ever played. The Amazingly good gameplay And all of the other things makes this game the best game i've ever played. I wont say much about it, go check it out by yourself.
  52. Aug 22, 2013
    Unlimited replay, great customization, fun game play, the big negatives are more "other players" than design. If you have a group of friends that you can play with, or get lucky with a strong pick-up crew, this game is suspenseful and intense. If you get into bad pickup groups, the game becomes a repetitive cop shooter and level grind. Sadly, more and more players understand this, and are gearing for full out war rather than the rewarding strategy game that it wants to be. Expand
  53. Sep 10, 2013
    This game is great. 30 quid for a fully fleshed out Co-op shooter with infinite replay value sounds too good to be true right Well in this case it isn't. They really did deliver on their promises and fixed much of what I didn't enjoy about the first game. With the introduction of randomisation in some of the levels geometry, scenarios and the introduction of character, skill and weapon customisation this game took a massive leap in the right direction. Also the ability to completely stealth a mission is a great addition. Jumping in with 4 randomers or 4 friends is a really fun experience especially when everything goes wrong and you get tested to your limit on the hardest difficulties. I really do love this game and the overall experience so I tend to look past some of the bugs that are still part of the game but with active devs constantly rolling out new fixes and updates for free I'm sure that this will be a thing of the past in no time. This game is worth every penny in my opinion. Expand
  54. Sep 26, 2013
    A game that cashes in on the concept of co-operative first person shooter game play, Payday 2 is a sequel to Payday the Heist and can be compared to its predecessor in terms of quality in game play and visuals.
    Payday 2 offers a wide variety of missions, all with occasionally the same kind of objectives, but usually varying in the mission's execution. Missions can quickly go sour and turn
    into a large scale arms war if the team does not work together. It gives the sense that the team has to work as one, instead of a single person doing all the work and makes it a game that truly makes use of co-op game play. Expand
  55. Aug 20, 2013
    I haven't had this much fun with my brother for awhile. There are many major improvements that they have made. One being the variety of missions. They have also added the ability to mod your weapons and customize your own masks and etc. This game is just an overall good time and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of PAYDAY: The Heist.
  56. Aug 29, 2013
    Jesus Christ Overkill. great job messing everything up with your absolutely genius idea of No one can stand the game cuz of this idea. SCRAP IT ALREADY!
    And what the hell is up with the 100% completely random loot? You think players WANTED that kind of a system? What the ****?

    The game is not horrendous. The actual gameplay is great. But dealing with to get into a
    match is too damn tedious, and random loot destroys any reward incentive to work for or progress towards in the game.

    The community gave you so many great ideas and not ONCE did anyone EVER suggest something was wrong with the old match making system, OR that a completely randomized loot system sounded like a great idea. That's absurd to even think.

    What could have been one of the greatest games this year was destroyed by these two dumbass features. It was pretty unwise to "experiment" with your second game ever made. Look what you did! Great job guys!
    Stop trying to force this failure of an idea down our throats and telling us "we will learn to like it" and just replace it before the hype dies out and no one will give it a second try. absolutely SUCKS.
    Random loot systems absolutely SUCK.
    Fix it.
  57. Sep 24, 2013
    Incredibly immersive cooperative fun, not a flawless experience but it's pretty close. Not the most graphically beautiful game available but it's still attractive. Already sank 100 hours of my life into this game which for a non-MMO is pretty impressive, and I'm not done yet.

    Definitely worth getting if you have a couple of friends to play it with you.
  58. Aug 17, 2013
    no idea why those people the 29 out of... I dunno, thousands of other players who have no problem with the game, when it was in beta there was some bugs but they fix nearly all of them, the connection ones were the 1st ones they did. For them to come here and rate it with 0 and bad remarks when its in a beta.. its called beta for a reason, then after release a couple mild iffy considered bugs and they fixing one after another, I am having no problems and enjoying the content and can't wait for them to add tons more like safehouse custmes and more. See ya then. Expand
  59. Oct 26, 2013
    Huge improvements over Payday 1, but they release early and patch it to full very slowly, but eventually the game will be even better as the devs actively listen to feedback and make changes according to community trends.
  60. Aug 19, 2013
    Great improvement over the original game. There's much more variety to mission types, skill trees, and weapon/mask customization. More dynamic events keep things fresh, and if a shootout becomes forced, there's less a feeling of "there's a million cops out there and they all have ridiculous amounts of HP." Worth every penny.
  61. Aug 19, 2013
    Just a pure fun when playing with the right people and people complain about bugs ,,really
    And 60,000 players who play on steam everyday can say that their game work perfect Stop whinning and handle the small problems cuz the devs aient meant to make the game work perfect on your pcs
  62. Mar 27, 2014
    I really think that CoD had combat right compared to this. HORDE AFTER HORDE of near invincible enemies attack you, with 1 minute breaks inbetween. The combat is repetitive, boring, uninspiring, and left a sour taste in my mouth. Difficulty changes randomly, with certain missions being easy one day, and impossible on a LOWER difficulty rating the next (real time. Not in-game days). The ONLY reason it isn't at 0, is because it's fun when it isn't broken. Other than that, the entirety of the game is a flop.
    Combat is worse than CoD and WarZ having a baby, with L4D2 staring at them from a chair in the hospital room. You have mobs of cannon fodder enemies who die in 2-3 hits. Then, you have enemies who take 3 entire magazines to kill, and can kill you in UNDER A SECOND.
    Here's a list of the special enemies:
    Shielder: Annoying enemy with a riot shield. Use teamwork and hope it doesn't aimbot-lock onto you.
    Tazer: Stuns you, causes your gun to go off spazmastically, and impairs the ability to look. When you're attacked by 7 at once (which usually happens), you can't do jack ****
    Cloakers: They jump in through vents, or exploit the game's pathetic physics and spawn behind you. They have this magically ability to start sprinting at over 40 MPH, and instantly down you. This is like a tazer, but worse, as they spawn more, more health etc.
    Bulldozer: Your standard juggernaut. Except that he, statistically, has over 100X more **** health than you. I've checked. He can also kill a fully armored character with max stats and perks in 5 hits, with a fast enough RPM to shoot 3 times per second.
    What I am trying to say is that this game is pathetically unfair, the combat is absolute **** the stealth is unrealistic with enemies and cameras that have X-Ray vision (Could be another of the MANY glitches), and no driving factor to keep playing. Most levels are copy-pasted with only a name that is changed. (There are about 5 levels, all with a different title, that are the same down to the VEHICLE PLACEMENT.)
    This game is a frustrating borefest not even worth 5 **** dollars. You MIGHT like it if you enjoy horde-type games where every enemy has more health than you, but if not, you're better off buying Ride to Hell.
  63. Aug 28, 2013
    Payday 2 has less content than a lot of $5 indie games I own, unless you count endlessly grinding for unlocks as content. There's about 10 heists, none of which are very grand or interesting as most are just grunt work. Three or so are one day heists, one or two is a two day heist, and three or four are three day heists. Past level 40 there's nothing new to unlock that's level gated. Drops are completely random and you can get the same item you already have, and never unlock what you want for a certain gun. A couple parts of heists are just other maps re-skinned or re-purposed. Classes are also poorly balanced with some talents being useless.

    The gameplay is okay, but the AI is horrendous. Cops will position hostages between themselves and you. Hostages will get up and run during firefights if not cable tied. If you play with allied bots they won't do anything but shoot cops and revive you. The enemy cops are also omniscient. You can't sneak up on them during a fire fight. This doesn't make the game hard, however as they're still fairly easy to dispatch. However, the lines the cops have are pretty hilarious. The only way to make Payday 2 difficult is to stealth missions instead of going guns blazing.

    A lot of features were left out that were promised, like Safehouse customization. The characters also do not talk to each other like in Left 4 Dead (except when you ask for ammo, someone to follow you, etc), something that's a bit off because you're working together on a heist. There's no banter.

    The game is also plagued with a myriad of bugs.

    I'm only giving it a 2 10 instead of a 0 10 because it is still enjoyable with friends. However, after about 20 hours each we're all rater burnt out and bored of farming the same 10 heists over and over. Without friends I do not think this game is worth $5.

    I recommend waiting for a deal, because the game is $30 and DLC is likely to be paid. I think it is very crummy to only include bad heists and then gate the good, epic ones behind DLC (if the DLC is even epic heists).
  64. Oct 21, 2013
    Absolute magnificence. Payday 2 walks the fine line between stealth gaming and shooting without compromising either. Skill trees that allow flexibility, while still limiting players from covering every role. They've even got the player feedback for stealth gameplay right. All I would like is more, more missions.
  65. Nov 24, 2013
    I played COD Ghosts multiplayer for over 40+ hour but when i tried this i have much more fun, very improved from first Payday and i definitely recommend to purchase this game because you will have alot of fun
  66. Aug 14, 2013
    I've never played Payday 1 but when I've got the beta I thought it was worth a try. I'm glad I made this decision. I seriously loved the music at first sight (or at first hearing, whatever). In my opinion the music is one of the strongest aspect of the game.

    The gameplay was new for me and seriously loved it. Each mission has it's own set of variations so you have to prepare multiple
    scenarios. (Plus you can choose between silent or brute way to get the loot which is another plus point.) The community is great in my experience. Most of the players are "well-educated" (low number of rage in the middle of a session, low number of verbal harassment).

    The graphics is average in my opinion but this is all right. I can play this game on my laptop with no problem. Honestly, I really don't care about the graphics if the game itself is awesome (which is true in this case).

    One thing I actually don't understand that's why i can't buy weapon extensions unless I've got it randomly. Level lock would be better than lottery.

    Although there are many bugs, many lost connection, missing Steam overlay or random crash I think the developer will fix those as soon as they can. Therefore the points I'll give is 8.
  67. Sep 18, 2013
    One of the best criminal game I ever played and It has multiplayer value too so It's worth it. I spent 100+ hours for playing with my friends and I still enjoyed it.
  68. Dec 17, 2013
    i have played on this a lot. I find it addictive. the combat its very well produced and feel just right. The music is very funky and cool and it never felt so right taking hostages to hamper police progress.

    when the police do come they come harder depending on how many hostages you have amassed but take long between swat assaults as they negotiate longer. if you shoot to may civilians
    they send in special hostage rescue units that are armored and a pain in the bum.

    The maps i personally feel are very good and really in keeping with the genre which is really in a league of its own. Although there are not a massive amount of jobs, they feel right, snatching jewelry and stuffing it in a rucksack while in an intense police standoff feels so exilirating and they have the atmosphere just right.

    The map dlc's are good, but my one consern is paying for content like guns without additional maps. that takes no effort in part from the dev team and is aimed at empying your wallet primarily, shame on you.

    other than the obvious money grab. the game is really good and you wont be able to stop playing it once it bites you.
  69. Aug 31, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Absolutely incredible game. Payday: The Heist seemed like a game that would be hard to usurp but OVERKILL went leaps and bounds over their initial expectations. Dynamic maps, mask and gun customization, a heist where your objective is literally to f**k sh*t up, there are very few things that you can take away from this game. Even when I get bored of it, I find myself coming back to it in a few hours or so. The only thing that's keeping this game from a 10/10 are a plethora of game-breaking bugs and glitches, which I'm sure will fixed in the coming weeks, thanks to the dedicated people at OVERKILL who release updates every weeks or so. Expand
  70. Aug 13, 2013
    Payday 2 is a massive improvement in every way over it's predecessor. This game is an absolute thrill when played cooperatively, with loads of content, especially when you consider it's reduced price tag. Make no mistake, this game is in NO WAY a single player game, and it doesn't even warrant to be reviewed as such. There is a single player aspect that was not originally intended to be added into the game, but was added due to fan feedback. Reviewers have bashed this optional component, which I feel is incredibly unwarranted. If this game were single player, it would receive a very low score, as the bot AI is mostly useless. Do NOT play this game for the Single Player. It's a fantastic game when played the way it was intended cooperatively. Expand
  71. Oct 30, 2013
    They improved on everything the original did, but there was some issues such as having the SECOND WORSE COMMUNITY, if you just bought the game the chances of finding a match are incredibly low. I got this on launch of steam and got to level 58 quite easily but whenever i joined a game there was always a new player trying to join and he kept getting kicked because he was too low a level. After this i hosted a new game just for new players. Not all people are dicks but a massive percentage of players are. There is also a massive amount of grinding required. I haven't played this game in a month and i still know the entire layout and tactics. Its not good level design its receptivity. Expand
  72. Sep 16, 2013
    Pew, Pew! Get on the f*cking ground!! Cops start comming, music starts building up, and money and blood start flowing until you win. Pumps me the f*ck up. Specially with good companions. AI sucks for now.
  73. Sep 2, 2013
    This is a true Co-Op game; If you wanted a game where you didnt have to play it with other people, then you wont enjoy PD2. The variety of maps is limited, but with a large amount of replayability as no two games will are the same (the bank vault mission will vary where the NPCs/Cameras and guards are) this makes stealthing a mission a real challenge. Teamwork and communication is vital to success! Overall a brilliant concept and game 5 expansion packs on their way too! Expand
  74. Aug 13, 2013
    It is one of the best co-op games in 2013, almost an improvement on every aspect of the first installment. More missions, more weapons, more variaty, what more can you ask?
  75. Aug 28, 2013
    A lot better than the first game. It adds mask creating, gun creating, more heists and much more than the original game. The music may not be as good but the heists are a lot more fun. The only heist I would want to see in this game from the original is First World Bank and another heist like diamond heist but with a lot more lasers. You can complete a heist without any gunfire as you can do it completely stealth, you have body bags, ECM jammers and silencers for most weapons. The random item drop at the end of each heist can give you money, weapon parts and mask parts. The skill tree gives the game an RPG feeling and is the perfect game to play with friends. Get it NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Please Expand
  76. Oct 21, 2013
    I couldn't ask for more out of a co-op game. Overkill have taken Payday 1 and given it steroids. That means more heists, more guns, more customization, more enemies, more things to do.

    Absolutely amazing.
  77. Aug 16, 2013
    So far for 2013, this is my favourite game released. There is a real story in the sequel, the game is addictive and its RPG element with customisable weapons, masks and equipment makes you want to keep playing the game. More over, the game has introduced a real stealth element this time as well as the heists being dynamic the layout of the rooms change every round. There are a limited amount of permeations but generally its a different layout every time you attempt a heist.
    There are a few minor bugs, nothing that ruins the entire game and myself and my co-op partners have not had any of the connectivity issues that have been noted by other users (and we are in New Zealand so being unable to connect to servers is a usual annoying issue for us down here). The game is designed for Co-Op however so don't be surprised if its not nearly as entertaining for one player but other than that a solid game.
  78. Sep 17, 2013
    Besides the Fact that robbing banksters is fun, this is one of the best games when it boils down to teamplay required. The overall gfx are not too goo, but the overkill team is great with fixing and ptching things, a few weeks after release there is already the No. 11 update out, sweet!
  79. Aug 28, 2013
    This game has everything a game should have.
    -Replay Value
    -Good Gameplay
    -Interesting Characters (not given information directly)
    -Random Generated Parts of the Maps (Not to be Confused with Random Generated Maps)
    -Pretty Graphics, though not Top-of-the-Line
    -Good Sound
    -More Replay Value
  80. Mar 26, 2014
    PAYDAY 2: the game where you and other 3 players kill mindless swarms of cops while always doing the same objectives.

    It was funny for the first 30 hours. Then I realized I wasted $30 usd on an arcade shooter of killing retarded cops for the sake of lvling and getting enough money for doing "Infamy", which is almost the exact thing that "Prestige" from CoD. You loose all your money,
    your level is reset to 0 and you can start lvling again. All for a mask and a supposed "buff" that gives you nothing.

    It's not funny. The whole game is based on hooking you to grinding exp and money. Heists are boring, limited and repetitive, with re-used maps and repetitive objectives. There used to be a simple stealth system that was rather fun and gave actual replay-ability to the game. You could challenge yourself and solo-stealth missions on the highest difficulty just by being level 35 or so and by having the right gear. After Update 24, the "Death Wish update", stealth and low levels got almost completely ruined. You can't solo stealth most missions now (and there aren't many missions), hell, you can't stealth most missions now, period. Low levels got ruined because of the new exp system, which is BS.

    Want more BS? There's no anti-cheaters protection. This game is swarmed by hackers. But I personally don't care. They actually enhance the game rather than annoy the community. They give tons of money and can make you lvl up fast if you're good to them, plus they can start custom game modes like pvp or a boss fight with a powerful Bulldozer and his henchmen.

    OVERKILL keeps saying they care about their community, but the proof they give is different. They keep releasing weapon pack DLCs with items that should have been included in the game and they barely release new, innovative maps. Grenades, which come in the "Gage weapon pack #1" and are very useful, are worth $5. And you buy that pack only for the grenades, the other content sucks. It makes me wonder sometimes if this is a p2w game and if they ruined stealth in purpose so you would go loud and buy their DLCs.

    Overall, this is not the big game of robbing big banks with lots of preparation, planification, etc we were promised. This is the lvling game. You play a lot to level up, or you hack and become bored when you find out there's not much to do on the game when you're level 100.
  81. OMM
    Aug 14, 2013
    A great game, vastly improved over the first. The new UI is fresh and reminds me of that new Clancy game. The skills tress are a welcomed improvement. The game is a blast with friends and communication is the key. Guys that run and gun are tuff to play with as the cops come down like rain.
    Their were a few times were I wasn't able to connect to a game but the large number of game
    available make this minor. Give it a try. Expand
  82. Aug 20, 2013
    [GERMAN REVIEW] Payday 2
    Wer wollte nicht schon mal eine Bank überfallen? Das Adrenalin während man eine Wache eliminiert, der Triumph beim zählen des Geldes! Niemand? Schade....
    Payday 2 handelt wie im Prolog unschwer zu erkennen ist von Verbrechern auf der Jagd nach Reichtum, man stürzt sich alleine oder mit bis zu 3 weiteren Spielern in die Welt der "Masterminds" was dem Spiel wie
    schon beim ersten Teil ein Tolles Gameplay verschafft womit ich zum Review selbst komme:

    Gameplay: Payday bietet ein wahrlich einzigartiges Gameplay mit verschiedensten Strategien, einem netten Maskensystem und natürlich: Payday! Aber leider sind auch ein paar Macken wie zum Beispiel ein höchst simples Waffensystem wenigen Maps und zu wenig Abwechslung...

    Grafik: Grafisch ist das Spiel scho recht nett anzusehen doch leider nur auf Distanz oder im dunklen denn bei genauerer Betrachtung muss man schnel feststellen, dass mehr als einmal schlampig und unschön gearbeitet wurde auch einige der Masken sowie ihre Träger wirken of "verpixelt" oder einfach unschön was dem Spiel leider schon 3 von 10 Punkten in der Wertung abzieht .

    Bewertung: Trotz vielen Fehlern und Macken habe ich doch immer viel Freude am Spielen, besonders mit einem guten Team oder mit Freunden deshalb bekommt das Spiel 6 von 10 Punkten hoffe es hat euch gefallen, Video-Review folgt LG Sol!
  83. Aug 13, 2013
    Payday 2 is without a doubt a large improvement on the first game, it does everything better but still falls short out of being a real standout shooter that the concept should be.

    The content is there, you have roughly 30+ mission to complete with AI or other players, a huge amount of guns and upgrades to unlock, customizable masks, talent trees, a hideout to decorate and several
    difficulties to choose from.

    The missions have far greater variation, from bank jobs to attacking rival gangs, assassinations, cooking meth or escaping the FBI after an ambush in the getaway, none feel the same.

    You can tackle most missions differently to suit your playstyle, you can try to be sneaky or go in all guns blazing and the success of each approach is can be affected by your loadout and talent choices, thankfully you can reset your talents at any time.

    The biggest let down and real atmosphere killer are the visuals. The world is completely static, there is no movement in trees, no objects have physics, the engine feels dated,I can't help but imagine how amazing this game would be on the Cryengine.

    The audio does it's job well, the music is once again excellent, creating tension and thrills where it is needed. The SFX are good but lack the quality of other FPS.

    Is payday 2 worth it? If you're a fan of the first one then it is a big YES, if you're new to the payday franchise then it is just yes.
  84. Aug 29, 2013
    This game is a blast to play, i had so much fun with it i loved it!... But it has so many flaws its unbelievable. The coop is Great!!! its alot of fun to play with friends but you cant play single player the AI is awful so multiplayer is the only options, But the saddest thing is that they say that there will be like 30 different unique heists, but instead we get very easy, other than one of them but they said there would be so many heists... nope it sucks they even confirmed these are the only heist(other than dlc) I was really looking forward to all the different heists but sadly there was very few and quick heists. The only thing that OVK confirmed was a cloaker... Really? that's it? All in all this game is fun but OVK lied to us and now we don't have that many heists i had a solid 30 hours but now i'm bored since there is no more heists. Expand
  85. Sep 23, 2013
    If you want PvP, don't buy.
    If you like playing on single-player, don't buy.
    If you easily get bored or frustrated, don't buy.

    Payday 2 is one of those games where it repeats maps, settings, and situations, and you can still have a lot of fun with it. Sure, the visuals are pretty shabby at times, everything else is, for lack of a better word, awesome. I found myself biting my lip
    talking about the stealth portion with my friends. My heart was pounding as the guard moved just a little closer for the stealth kill. I felt my body fill with adrenaline when another guard spotted us and called the police. I had my entire body shifting forward as I shot at police, the superb musical score relentlessly beating in my headphones, hostages' cries filling the air, the drill breaking again. I felt the sadness and tragedy as the FBI descended on us, the vault slowly opening as the smoke finally cleared. Expand
  86. Sep 22, 2013
    It's tons of fun to play with friends, but not so much with strangers, if you're lucky you can find some good people, but most of the time you will end up with a bunch of idiots who doesn't know what stealth means.
    It also updates quite often, adding new heists and whatever the developers can think of in the future.
    Throw in some bugs here and there, and you get a 7 out of 10 from me.
  87. Oct 25, 2013
    Great game ,but i give for this game 6,not more.Because I don't like this game. Here isn't good graphic and I think in this game is stupid missions...
  88. Nov 29, 2013
    FIX THE MOUSE LAG! Ok, now the real review.

    Mouse lag is a serious problem in this game, but I do hold out hope that it will be fixed eventually.

    The heists you can commit are honestly some of the best fun I've had in a video game in a while. The strategy that goes into committing a stealth heist is fun, and the feeling of accomplishment you get from going full stealth in a mission
    is unequaled.

    Sometimes the AI for the enemies seems like it cheats. This is only really when you are walking behind them or hiding and they see you anyway. It's ruined more that one heist for me, though it's still fun to shoot your way out.

    Pretty good game though, would highly recommend picking it up.
  89. Jan 27, 2014
    Payday 2 is the sequel to Payday: The Heist by Overkill Software. Payday 2 overall brings back the intense bank robbery feel from the first instalment, but triples the fun. With features such as mask/weapon customization and the card rewards system, payday 2 becomes a very addicting and enjoyable experience. Payday 2 is meant to be played with friends. Yes, the game does offer single player bots, but they are very frustrating and, in most circumstances, useless. If you have a group of 2-3 friends to play with, this game is a blast, if you like playing single player I don't recommend it. The newly released DLC "Payday 2: Armoured Transport" adds a lot more content to the game, such as new heists, masks and weapons (plus extra customization options). The new dlc brings faith to the buyer that content for this game is still coming, and in big chunks. Overall i highly recommend payday 2, it is an action packed rollercoaster of a game that will bring you and your friends hours of cop killing joy. Expand
  90. Feb 1, 2014
    TL;DR at the end of this wall text. I had mixed feelings for this game, for a while I liked it a lot, but with the latest updates and DLCs I eventually made up my mind and uninstalled it. I've seriously grown tired of the company policy, they keep adding stuff and make the game harder without fixing bugs that are well known since the dawn of time. I'm going to explain... Don't get me wrong, if we look at the gameplay/graphics/sound compartment the game is good, really good. You can customize your masks, your weapons, you can even build your carachter to be whatever you like and the music is damn good. All these things are major improvements over the previous chapter, well... except Hoxton speaking AmE instead of BrE.
    There are, however, some problems that, in my opinion, have been deliberately ignored, some of them are gamebreaking and are the result of poor judgement from the devs.

    I -FIRST- There are 21 missions, but many of them are staged in the same place, there are 5 bank heists that are simply identical, the only difference is the stuff you have to rob. You will play all these missions once and for the rest of the game you will keep playing the same 2 gamebraking heists: "Firesterter", that gives you a huge amount of money, and "Rats", that rewards you with a ridiculous amount of experience points. Since they are so rewarding they must be really hard to finish, right ? Well, Firestarter is quite hard, but Rats is so easy that you can finish it single player on the hardest difficulty in 5 minutes. So, you start farming these 2 missions until you get freaking bored and start thinking ... "why the devs don't give us more missions ?" There are already 3 DLCs, only one of them contains new missions; mission"S", yes with an ironic S, because you have to do the same thing in all of them, you can even consider them as one mission, only the map is different. Also, the game mechanic is always the same for every mission. 1. Open something with a drill, C4 or saw, 2. Grab what's inside, 3. Bring it to the escape point. No wonder this game is called "bag toss simulator 2014". At least Payday 1 had 2 missions with an hostage to escort; in payday 2 there is nothing like that, devs promised kidnapping mission but after 6 months nothing has come.

    II -SECOND- The DLCs of this game gave me cancer. I bought one and it really was a waste of money. All I got was 4 more masks (that need to be dropped except for 1) a few new guns (all useless except one or 2) and the above mentioned "4" missions (with a chance to spawn a random hard-as-hell mission once in a blue moon). This was the first DLC, the second one was a punch in the eye and a spit in the face for every gamer; the devs made the game considerably more difficult with the update, almost unplayable at the highest difficulties, overkill difficulty is ... overkill ok, can't argue with that, BUT they included grenades in the DLC, which you have to pay for, while the infernal difficulty is for free, I see what you did there dear devs. Now, with the third DLC they included a new special enemy for free (increasing the difficulty again) along with the stuff you have to pay for. So... I have to say that this is enough, I know DLCs are optional and If I don't like them I shouldn't pay for them, but here... you're kinda forced to buy at least the granade DLC. Ok, I have to add this bit, the only free, "original" (yes that's irony again) mission is a bank heist, the "GO Bank" ... which is a copy-paste of a map from CS GO.

    III -THIRD- At the end of each mission you get a reward, a random item that can be one of the following : weapon part, mask, mask pattern, mask colour, money, exp. Money and exp are totally useless since the amount given and the drop rate is very low; mask colours, patterns and masks are ... well, some are good while others not so much, so this is ok, i guess. Now, weapon mods are something frustrating, the droprate is so high that you will end up having more mods than weapons, masks, patterns and colours combined. Also, the chance to get an item you want is very, very,very low since there are thousands of items in the game.

    OK enough writing...

    For the TL;DR ppl out there.

    1. Lack of balanced and new unique missions
    2. Almost laughable content inside DLCs; make money policy.
    3. Mmorpg farm / grind style, frustrating drop rates

    NOT worth the price of 30€ let alone 45 (30€+ 3DLCx5€)
    Bought at 17€ + 1DLC 3€ and I kinda regret it.

    This game WOULD BE at least 7/10, it has a lot of potential but the way it gets updated is irritating. It could be much much better if the devs focused on the important things, but for some reason they don't. I'm sorely disappointed.
  91. Oct 3, 2013
    First, fantastic game with HIGH replayability. The implementation of stronger RPG elements compared to PAYDAY: THE HEIST was fantastic and I actually feel my toon is more unique this time around (granted there are optimal builds right now, I believe Overkill will get this balanced as they genuinely listen to the fan base and make changes). The four classes are unique and varied and there are not enough skill points to take everything from every tree meaning you have to plan things out. The weapons this time around are more varied with TONS of attachments and modifcations between them all. The graphics are not Titanfall/Skyrim/The Last of Us pretty, but they are fantastic with good lighting and are not a burden on the GPU, memory, or processor making it easier to play for aging systems! HUZZAH! Character customization comes in the form of changing and tweaking your masks for the crimes (otherwise you play the 4 heisters from the webseries and that doesn't change) and it is a fantastic system that is easy to understand. THe missions are varied, unique, and fun that most can be either stealthed (which adds a GREAT ammount of challenge) or run n' gun'ed (which is still fun). The shooting mechanics IMO are some of the best in any video game out today. The recoil on weapons feels realistic and weighty which is matched by supurb sound effects that makes the weapons feel and sound real. Furthermore on weapons, this is one of the FEW games that actually made the weapons cycle, reload, lock bolts, and use bolt releases correctly MAJOR points for that! Great coop of course as that is the focus. Overkill actively supports the game, community, and listens to us grip and praise them. They shower the game with updates and changes and have promised a TON of DLC and further support so more longevity.

    The bad, not a lot. Bad single player AI, just terrible, so stay online and you are good. Mission geometry randomization to me was not as varied as advertised and could be better adding further replay value. No tutorial for missions, you are going to have to learn on the fly so be ready and pay attention to the experianced players (as generally they are helpful, only met one player who was rude and called people F***ing retards).

    Not a lot of bad, GREAT pro's for the game. Drop the cash and support Overkill, they made a true gem with this title and fullfilled the dream of every man on the planet, to commit a Heist!
  92. Aug 25, 2013
    This game is awesome and well worth the cheap price tag. The developers kind of market it as a "Crime" simulator and that's really what it feels like most of the time. It's pretty fun by yourself, and a blast with a couple friends. From the tense moments of trying to sneak through a mission hoping you that guard doesn't spot you or that the pager operator will be fooled, to the high stakes of running across the street to get one more bag of loot out of the bank vault. This game is glorious. The only problem is the current lack of content that is hinted at in tutorials but not yet implemented. Expand
  93. Aug 15, 2013
    Great game. Better than the first one. More missions, more customization, more masks, and harder content. I've had no problem playing the game whatsoever as well and so far no glitches. The only complaint is that the Safehouse is useless even after launch.
  94. Aug 15, 2013
    A great, fun, enjoyable game. Everything runs smoothly. I've been playing for a while now.

    + gameplay
    + guns
    + skills
    + levels

    - friendly ai
    - graphics could be improved
    - stealth

    Some minor fixes will make the game a solid 9.
  95. Oct 17, 2013
    I really do like this game. I do wish they would add a bit more variety, and I do agree that the AI in single player mode should actually be able to do things. However, overall I really like this game. Great Lan game. The guns feel incredibly satisfying. Its worth the price.
  96. Sep 10, 2013
    PAYDAY 2 could have been a perfect game, but some evident laziness (or outright incompetence) on the part of the developers in some areas stopped it from reaching that point.

    I understand this game is intended to be a CO-OP game, but that doesn't mean it should be boring and even frustrating to play alone. The missions are obviously designed for multiple people, playing them alone can
    leave you lugging 6 bags from point A to point B one by one as your AI teammates will not assist you with anything except combat. On the topic of AI, even disregarding the atrocious allied AI, the enemy AI is equally as bad difficulty levels are lazy and don't add anything to the tactics enemy AI use, they simply do more damage and are harder to kill.

    On a positive note, the game is remarkably fun with a few friends, even with the problems with enemy AI. It's fast-paced, exciting, and rewarding. The specialization skill trees are subtle enough to be reasonable and yet still feel like there's a difference in terms of your ability as any particular role.

    Do the cons outweigh the pros? I'm not one to decide that, but this game has glaring issues that should have been addressed prior to launch. However, for a $30 game, it's most likely well worth your money if you have a few friends to play with.
  97. Aug 19, 2013
    Good game. Addictive and fluent gameplay ,the AI was really improved from the first game and the soundtrack and sound effects are awesome!
    All it needs to be a 10/10 is to have CLOAKERS ,more missions and Steam WORKSHOP (user made content) but even without this it still an 8/10
    well done overkill well done...
  98. Aug 23, 2013
    Im glad to see the metascore decline and more negative user reviews reflecting the direction this game and its developers have taken. The game was released with very little content, false advertising was used. Some of the maps are very short and reused and theres not many EPIC heists as the first game. The game has a host of bugs still and Crime net is a bit undesirable. You select missions that appear on a map of a DC metro area rather than just picking what you want. Its a fun game but it feels grindy the point of the game is to farm for experience to gain new levels to access new perks and to get Loot card drops for weapon mods and masks and materials to customize masks that all cost money and you cant customize a mask again after its already been touched. Not that many exciting weapons either and limited slots for weapons and masks.

    The mission variety isnt as stellar as I thought it would be and the worst offense is they plan to complete the game with 5 Dlcs you have to pay for. They sure learned some nasty marketing tricks from David Goldfarb who use to work at EA games notorious for these types of Practices.

    Sorry David, and Almir... the game is not finished by any means. This could of been such a memorable game that would last me well over 100 hours of gameplay. Still The game has given me many hours of enjoyment and beats most 60 dollar games but it didnt live up to the hype.

    I expect the Dlc will take more than a year to be finished releasing and will all be overpriced.
  99. Aug 13, 2013
    It is one of the best co-op games in 2013, almost an improvement on every aspect of the first installment. More missions, more weapons, more variaty. I love this game!
  100. Dec 9, 2013
    Pros: Lots of perks and guns, Awesome music, fair difficulty system, and well designed Net-code.
    Cons: Rage-quitters, poorly optimized, lots of reused heists, awful stealth, and horrible AI.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 51 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 40 out of 51
  2. Negative: 0 out of 51
  1. Oct 9, 2013
    PayDay 2 is one of the nicest surprises of the year. Overkill Software understands the atmosphere of gangster movies and wisely improves these pieces of gameplay, that might have been disappointing in the first game. The sequel is better in almost every way - you can play a thief and enjoy good character development and shooting systems. I really hope, that PayDay 3 will be even better.
  2. Oct 5, 2013
    Payday 2 is an excellent co-op shooter - a vast improvement over the first one. [Sept 2013]
  3. Oct 3, 2013
    A unique and captivating multiplayer experience that rewards team work over personal glory. But make sure you bring friends for the true experience. [Nov 2013, p.62]