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  1. Oct 22, 2011
    Upon seeing some trailers of this game, i was skeptical at first. However, my when i bought the game and started playing it, it made me change my mind. The gameplay is fast-paced, tension building and also fun.
    The graphics are quite good for a 20 dollars game compared to other downloadable titles. Gunplay is also smooth. The interface however a quite clunky and can be improved. Co-op
    shines in this game and this game is best playing it with your friends. I hope that there will be more maps added soon. Expand
  2. Oct 21, 2011
    I'm giving this a 10 to offset the IDIOTS that think ANY game, no matter how bad, deserves a 0 (as they did for the PS3 review). In actuality, the game is about an 8.5. It has solid graphics (not the best, but clean), and great gameplay. Most heists are a huge challenge on normal, and I can't even imagine playing them on the higher difficulties yet. Decide what to unlock by pressing tab then numbers 1-3 ingame, and you get additional skills and unlocks. The downside to it is some of the sound work and lack of direction on some of the heists. Do NOT play single player, multiplayer is where it's at. Expand
  3. Nov 14, 2012
    Payday: The Heist is a low-budget, low-cost independent co-operative FPS. It features a 4 player co-op mode in six different heists (two more if you have the Wolfpack DLC). It features a level-up perk system that differs from Call of Duty's because you choose which of the three (four with Wolfpack) trees you level up. The max level without the DLC is 145, and it gets up to 193 with the purchase of Wolfpack (9.99$). You couldn't call Payday's graphics "amazing", but they are decent and enjoyable. Its fast pace is extremely captivating, when you have dozens of police officers marching at you at once. It's also a good feeling to be on the bad side for once. There are very little bugs (I haven't encountered any myself), and the heists aren't linear, they can change at several points (for example the game randomly decides whether the helicopter driver throws the C4 at the building's roof or in the back alley, etc.), and they all feel realistic and well-thought. Every heist is unique. The only thing that is bad with this game is that the AI can sometimes glitch out, making the officers just stand and do nothing. That happens rarely and they start moving after 2-3 seconds or after you shoot them. Overall, this game is fun, it'll take you some time to get to the max level (you can reset levels if you want to start from scratch again), it features unlockable masks which is also a pretty good system of customization and it costs mere 19.99$. You should definitely get it, and if you liked Left 4 Dead, this game is pretty similar to it, but with more diversity and a different setting. Expand
  4. Oct 22, 2011
    Summary: Taking everything into account, Payday: The Heist is an unpolished yet brilliant game. With all of the replayability, upgrade progression and fun to be had with your friends the price tag is more than reasonable. The team themselves have said they will be continuing to support, patch and provide DLC for the game so there is a stage for even more fun to come in the future. As it stands, this modestly priced game is still the most fun co-op experience I've had in a long time - there is something special to be said about robbing a bank and hearing your friends saying "Start the heist" or "I'm going to tie up the bank manager" that brings an extra level of excitement to the game, especially with the very cool, well placed soundtrack that adds to the tension in the background. The levels are frantic even on easy as they throw hundreds of cops at you to get the adrenaline pumping as you make your way through the objectives.
    In depth: The video options are incredibly bare, only allowing you to select the resolution and brightness you wish to play with. It has been stated that advanced settings will be patched in which is good to hear but possibly this is something that should have been included from launch on a PC title and not an afterthought. The graphics are not the the pinnacle of 2011 gaming but they aren't bad either. When the gameplay and price are as good as they are, you can definitely overlook the graphics imperfections. The upgrade system is not explained even a little bit and that in itself is slightly strange, as is the the way the upgrade system itself works. The customisation and upgrade process is rather hefty and it will be very confusing for every new player due to the lack of explanation.

    As for the actual gameplay, Payday ships with 6 maps which you can play co-operatively with friends, AI or you can play solo. They are not scaled around the number of people playing though so with more human players you should be able to crank the difficulty higher rather soon but playing solo or with just one buddy will mean you have to stick with easy-normal. The friendly AI is tremendously dumb and they only serve as cannon fodder and turrets with unlimited ammo - they will not contribute to the objective at hand and they will not drop any equipment items ie. Ammo/medic bags which can prove very frustrating. The co-op AI are good group fillers though; if you just want to play with a couple of friends and don't want to have to bring in a random player. On the other side of the AI-coin, the law enforcers are a lot better and more intelligent. They make interesting decisions and use different entry points to form attacks from different directions and as such no 2 heists will be identical.. They will free hostages, dive for cover when under fire and get more hesitant when you destroy CCTV cameras. There are also "Special" enemies just like in Left For Dead although these tend not to try and eat you. The special enemies you will face are snipers, shields, tasers, cloakers and bulldozers. They each have something unique about them and require a different approach to take them down for your crew to overcome the odds.

    On the subject of the maps, they appear to be made in brackets. There are 4 difficulty levels to choose from (Easy, Normal, Hard, OVERKILL) and 2 have a minimum difficulty of Easy, 2 a minimum difficulty of Normal and 2 have a minimum difficulty of Hard.
    The gunplay is good, but not perfect. There is no gore (so no loss of limbs when up close with a shotgun), no ragdoll effects (death animations are scripted and do not react to where you shot them) and the sound effects are punchy but not quite as perfect as in Killing Floor. The weapons feel good though, they look different as you upgrade them and the differences in statistical upgrades are noticable.
    The audio in Payday is interesting. The soundtrack fits very well, the guns sound good and the playable character voice acting is great. The sound effects set can set a very tense atmosphere. Sirens that sound like they are slowly getting closer, helicopters flying overhead, radio chatter, screams from civilians and all this backed with the tense soundtrack I mentioned just adds to the experience as a whole.
  5. May 28, 2013
    Payday is an amazingly fun game. I like how simple, independent games like these always manage to get me to sink many more hours into it than any of the higher budget titles that are out.
    Unlike most shooters out, Payday forces you to play realistically. Your goal is not to rack up a body count, but to perform a heist. When a Rambo tries to run into the open, and play the bad-ass, they
    end up getting horribly raped, arrested, and then left behind as his teammates progress through the stage. The game just has a really intense feel as you yell at civilians to drop to the floor and shoot out surveillance cameras in preparation for police arrival.
    I have seen quite a few complaints about the AI being 'too sentry,' but imo, it is very realistic. The task force units feel professional and trained as I would expect any officer charging into a bank heist, or general hostage situation, would be. However, they are quite careless about shooting around civilians and you will often find yourself feeling like you are trying to save innocents from a reckless police riot.
    Overall, this game is soo good I bought it twice. Once for PS3, and once for PC. The only reason I do not give this game a perfect score is because, regardless of how good it is, it could have been better. I would like to have seen more content in the game, and could come up with a huge list of easily implemented ideas that would have heavily deepened the game-play. Also, this game does not hold your hand. It took me too long to figure out how to access and change my progression tree. Many game features you may only discover through playing with others, such as hostage negotiations.
  6. Oct 22, 2011
    I'm giving a 9 to this as there are some problems atm with match finding and the lack of drop in gameplay. Hopefully that's something that can be easily changed but it's only a minor problem as once you're in game it's forgotten. The 9 is because WOW what a adrenaline rush. I installed the game expecting a bit of a left 4 dead clone (I mean come on who didn't) joined a hard game and about 20 seconds in was already down and cuffed. second time round we managed to get a bit further but it wasn't till I was in a good team that it started coming together. This game is hard and it is intense. Team work and 3 people who know what they are doing is absolutely essential on anything other than easy. The levels are all very unique from each other ranging from bankjobs to freeing prisoners from prison transports all of which require very different tactics. The skill progression is nice as well and makes you think "maybe I'll come back to this level on a higher difficulty once I've unlocked that". Graphically it is nice to look at and it all feels like you are a part of a bigger place and as a previous reviewer said they are clean. And the music track complements the gameplay perfectly with just the right amount of tension to really get the blood pumping. Overall Overkill software have managed to take the intensity of a game like left 4 dead's most nail biting moments and extended them to create something that never lets up and just keeps coming at you. Also everyone has guns aimed at YOU.

    PS vochaisl If you are going to give a 0 please give a justification other than "it sucks" cos otherwise you are just trolling.
  7. Oct 23, 2011
    When I saw the user score on metacritic and the critics score, I was a bit sceptical if this is a good game. At the end I bought it, because a friend had it and he said it was a good game. OH MY GOD, after I played it an hour I realised how awesome this game is. The idea of doing heists is just a very good idea for a game. Fortunately, there is an AI-Director like in l4d2, that means that everytime, the situation will be different (for example the bank manager will be at another place etc.) Also, if you kill civilians, more cops will come (and stronger types of cops, such as SWAT or special units). That means that the heists will never get boring. The gameplay is exactly what you want from a FPS, the weapons feel great and the controls are precise. There are also level ups (you can unlock weapons, perks etc), some kind of perks (you can choose between ammo bag or health bag or you can choose between having more ammo or being stronger for example). This class thing is also important, since you really need to work together and have a good plan. The game is quite challenging, so coop teamwork is essential. Because you have to work together its very fun and tactical, especially if you play with friends. The best thing is, that it only costs 20 bucks. The only contra thing I have is, that the upgrade stuff isnt explain very good (you have to press tab while in the game, and choose the class you want to upgrade in the next level up). The graphics arent exactly crysis, but they look good (in my opinion). Finally I can only say, if you are tired of all these military FPS or just want to experience something unique in FPS or love movies like heat or the town or just want to play a great game, then go and buy payday. PS: sorry for bad english^^ Expand
  8. Oct 22, 2011
    I was skeptical, and took a shot in the dark buying this game, and I'm honestly very impressed. Get this game right now. Except for there only being 6 maps, this game is as good as any AAA $60 game out there. DEFINITELY worth 20.

    The good things: Most of the game. It's only $20!! It has very solid shooting, about 15 different guns, 20-25 types of enemies including 4 special 'boss' type
    enemies that are difficult to fight alone if your not careful. It has leveling, skills, 'perk' type things, and requires teamwork to do well. It does only have 6 levels but they are all rather replayable. So far I have only gotten bored of one level, but the other 5 have no end in sight. Also, the hardest difficulty is actually really hard. Some games have an 'expert' and it's somewhat hard, but a group of good people can easily beat it, but in this its a challange even with the best. Also, this game has very few bugs, and no major gamebreaking ones.

    The bad: A few minor bugs, but nothing more annoying than some wall clipping, or getting stuck in a menu every once in a while. Only 6 levels, additional ones would be nice, again a really minor issue due to replayability. Voice chat cannot be bound to a key. It's either you have a mic in, and broadcast whenever you make noise, or you dont have a mic in at all.
  9. Oct 23, 2011
    Suprisingly good! Like all the upgrades possible, very replayable and an excellent cop-op game in the vein of L4D etc. For £14 you cannot go wrong, much fun!!
  10. Nov 8, 2011
    Even though a bit rough around the edges, Payday The Heist is... badass.
    For people who don't know what this all is: 4-Player L4D inspired(but not ripped off) co-op, with instead of infected, relentless police.

    Gameplay wise, this game borrows a bit from Left 4 Dead, but it has firefights, something L4D does NOT have.
    It's hard to describe how tense things get, when you are in a firefight
    with a lot of police, waiting for your drill to drill through a door.
    The rest can be guessed; good shooting, OK AI, a bit of a strange, bad, level up system and lackluster team AI(so play co-op, not singleplayer!).

    Visually Payday isn't stellar, but it isn't bad either; the game looks fine, and the guns have nice touches to them.
    Also, even though the visuals aren't top notch, the maps are.
    You'll make off with a bank's money and lift a panic room out of a building to name just a few.

    So, what to think of this game?
    Even though rough around the edges, and bad singleplayer, Payday The Heist is a game I'll be playing for a long time. Especially counting that it's a budget title(20 euros), you should get it now from Steam.
  11. Oct 24, 2011
    This game is reallly really fun, requires a fair bit of teamwork and good communitcation. Decent graphics that play very smoothy, gameplay is great, weapons are great. My only complaint is that it can be a bit tricky managing your ammo.. you can sometimes end up with no ammo at all and having your teammates needing to kill an enemy so you can pick up some of there ammo
  12. Oct 24, 2011
    This is pretty obviously what you get when you spend less focus on graphics, and more on game play. Thank you. Finaly. Perhaps Carmack can take a page from Overkill after the disaster of a game Rage was...
    F- the fancy graphics, and bring out the fancy gameplay! For 20$ this game is a steal. I've wasted more money on **** games all year! >:/ So far this game has made me very happy. I would
    like to see more weapons and ammo. Its not perfect, but at least its awesome. Builder out. Expand
  13. Aug 8, 2012
    If you have the money for it... Buy it. Right. Now. Most amount of hours I have ever spent playing on a video game has been wisely spent on PAYDAY. Buy it. Now.
  14. Oct 24, 2011
    Well, to be really honest I just pre-ordered this game when I saw the first few vids and read it's description. And I'm totally happy that it didn't disappoint me as of now, not only me, my group of friends were also amazed by the game-play and the way it levels up your progress. I can not understand why would some hate such a nice game? Probably they didn't figure out that you can change your class by pressing TAB+ 1 / 2 / 3 buttons ;) !!!
    Just get this game, and have fun.
    Hoping for more game-mode and DLCs in the future, soon maybe lol !!!
  15. Oct 26, 2011
    If this game were single player only, it'd get a 6 or so for the good graphics, fine sound, great gameplay and terrible, terrible team ai. Assuming you play it online (and it takes about maybe 20 seconds to find a group) it gets a 10 - all the positives are in, and there is no more team ai to worry about. The police don't have the best ai but it's not the worst either, I never really was shocked at how they acted. The game makes up for the weakness of the ai with sheer numbers - some people may be unhappy with this design choice, but for me, in this game, it works just fine. I'm not sure why the critic reviewers are bashing this game so much, but I am very happy with the purchase and think the 20 dollar price tag is a steal. for a game of this quality, I would have expected to pay 30 or 40. The only real downside in my mind is that there're only 6 different missions, but Overkill has stated that they'll be releasing more in dlc. Free would be nice, but paid is perfectly reasonable to me considering the low price of the base game. Get this game, play it, and give it a 10 when you realize that it's a lot of fun. Expand
  16. Oct 22, 2011
    very fun and challenging game. for $20 you get basically one of the most unique and rewarding shooters out on the market today. i'm truly impressed by what overkill has done and look forward to any of their future projects, as well as more dlc for payday which is forthcoming. get this if you like realistic FPS that requires tactics and good teamwork.
  17. Nov 4, 2011
    Payday: The Heist is an extremely fun game, but it wasn't what I hoped for it to be.
    What I expected was a stealthy game where you have to just steal money without anyone noticing, but it really isn't. Payday: The Heist is a game completely about fighting off wave after wave of police, but that doesn't mean it's not fun.
    It really felt like Left 4 Dead, but in a good way. It seems like
    they got everything that Left 4 Dead did right and put it into a game about robbing banks, but it still felt like it could stand up on it's own. It didn't feel like a Left 4 Dead rip-off, it was it's own game, but it's always a pleasant surprise to see some of the things they've taken from Left 4 Dead.
    It can get extremely hectic at times, and you need patience during these moments to be able to complete it.
    This game is a bold step towards the things that some governments would normally censor, like taking Civilians hostage or robbing banks, But I think this is a good thing. Video games is media too. People who play Video Games are not all children. This game really does a good job of practically rubbing itself in the face of the Australian government and governments that are like that, and that is always a plus.
    And for only $20 on STEAM, This is a really great deal.
    I really wanted to rate this an 8.58/10, but Metacritic doesn't let me, so I'm just rating it a 9 for now.
  18. Dec 1, 2011
    finally a heist game and a good one at that i puchased this for $10 dollers on steam and it was well worth it this co-op is very fun with so many different things to do it will never leave you bored it is fasted pased and its all about team play there is no solo to this it is also very polished and the hiest are not all the same, its replayable as challenges are not always in the same spot wich will make you rethink your tactics, the game play is quite good the game feels a little like lfd but thats not a bad this as it works quite well Expand
  19. Jan 13, 2012
    @Xalder1 I am sorry that your computer is suffering from low specs, but it is not a right way to rate a game. This is not just any game. Its released in the year 2011 for your information. So the graphics is that way, and I am sure you will rate Battlefield 3 the same way. Just get a better PC, then start rating games from year 2008 to 2012. As for the PayDay Heist review, I personally enjoyed the game. It is full of action and it keeps your mind on the go thinking of faster ways to get things done. Graphics are not as complex as some other first person shooter and its to be improved on. Gameplay? I think its great, especially when you are in a co-op game all four computers next to each another. It takes team cooperation to another whole new level. SINGLE PLAYER, the AI are intelligent, compared to the previously released Left 4 Dead 2. The AI's are more cooperative and more dependable. They don't do all the work, but yea, they got your back good. All in all, its a great game to get for just $20. Hey! and paying to rob a bank and not get yourself killed! Thats another point! :D Expand
  20. Jan 18, 2012
    It's rough around the edges, short in length, and aiming takes some time to get use to. However, in it's own way, it is very innovative. Each stage (lasting roughly 25-35 minutes) boasts with new surprises and situations depending on how you play and who you play with. No run through of any stage is ever the same. The stylish gameplay, cool concepts, and massive amounts of variety within it's few stages will keep players coming back for a very long time. Expand
  21. Nov 6, 2011
    absolutely brilliant recommend this to everyone, if you can find it cheaper even better but the current price is cheap enough! GET IT NOW! The re playability is astounding and its a truly wonderful experience.
  22. Nov 26, 2011
    It bugs me to no end how Activision can release the exact same game year after year and get striaght 9/10s across the board, meanwhile indie devs trying to do something different rarely break mediocre reviews. All the innovation in this generation has come from games like Minecraft, Mount and Blade, and Arma II. But since these guys cant pay off the big game reviewers, the mainstream generally shrugs them off. Rant aside, this game is great! you play as a team of 4 robbers in a co-op effort against waves of police officers in an effort to complete successful heists. The game manages to pull off a cinematic quality that ive yet to see in a multiplayer game. When you first walk into a bank you notice a sense of tranquility about to be shattered. It reminds me of the first moments of the Airport mission from Modern Warfare 2. This game succeeds in making you feel like the bad guy, but a pretty badass one at that. Once you start to do battle with the bank guards and the bullets start flying, its complete pandemonium. Bullets shatter glass, computers, statues lots of it. Civillians scream and run as you scream at them to GET THE F*** ON THE GROUND! and handcuff them to prevent escape attempts. Killing them is a no-no, you will need them to bargain with the police if they arrest any of your cohorts and will lose money if you kill one. Waves of increasingly difficult enemy types will swarm the building, trying to rescue hostages and kill you and your buddies. This game gets hard, trust me on that, but if you have good buddies to play with it is an absolute blast. Graphically the game is decent, but nothing breathtaking. It looks like a game from 2007, but a nice looking one. Considering what Skyrim was able to get away with, theres nothing graphically wrong with it. The music in the game is dark and energetic, but pretty repetitive. The Guns sound weak and weightless, and feel that way too. Reminds me of Left 4 Dead in that respect. Also there are not enough weapons. Beyond the basic shotgun, pistol, machine gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle etc. there is not much varation, which is a shame. I would love to test out some more weapons on the cops, who act like the brainless zombies in Left 4 Dead. Also, a versus mode where one team played as law enforcement would be nice. If you are looking for a game with nicely balanced weapons, competitive play and sharp graphics, this is not the game for you. If you want a game that tries to reenact the stylish gunplay and tense moments of movies like Resivior Dogs in a multiplayer setting, then there is no better way to spend 20 dollars (i spent 10 dollars on it, for a steam sale) I would normally give this game an 8.5 because of some of the flaws, but im just going to round it up because im looking forward to further output from this studio. Expand
  23. Mar 5, 2012
    When the game first released, I was willing to try, but the trailers I had seen didn't seem to make it worth while. After playing it on Steam's free weekend, my mind has been changed. The above average graphics, good level design, and surprisingly good re-playability for some maps makes me less bothered about the downside of occasional dim-witted AI, although it isn't always the case. I think my favourite part of the game is when you can get into the diamond vault without alerting any guards just because most times the security box spawns prevent you from hacking in fast enough. This game is best played with good, INTELLIGENT friends, and teamwork is essential. The other option of team AI is good in some cases, but it takes them a while to come to you if you call out to them. If they make a sequel, I'd like to see AI improvements mainly, but I would also like to see how they could fare in making missions have multiple endings, and not just one, with different paths to get to it. Expand
  24. Jan 16, 2012
    Payday: The Heist is a Left 4 Dead clone. It features First Person Shooting, objective-oriented gameplay and a maximum of 4 players that work co-operatively. You fight endless swarms of zomb.. I mean Police Officers while trying to complete the objectives that range from sawing open vehicles and escorting the prisoner to holding a bank manager hostage while robbing the bank's safe. At some point, the cops inevitably show up and they will increase in toughness as time passes. There are different types of police officers such as, but not limited to, "bulldozers" which is a cop with very thick body armour and SWAT infiltrants with taser guns that keep you or your team mates stun-locked, incapable of fighting back. When a player goes down, you've got 30 seconds to get him back up. If he isn't up by that time, he will be taken out of the game for 3 minutes ('in custody'). You can set him free by taking hostages in the forms of civilians. Killing these civilians nets you a money (used for leveling up) and a time penalty on negotations. It is therefore vital that you tell civilians to keep their heads down and protect them from hostage liberation units that the police sends out. As mentioned earlier on, you level up by hoarding cash. You gain money from performing objectives, even if you do not finish the map. Before the game starts, you can press TAB and select one of the three classes that each feature a different upgrade path. However, if you unlock something in the Assault class, you can also use that with the Sniper or Support class. The game makes use of the same engine used for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter but it plays and looks a lot like the Left 4 Dead engine. It's smooth, pretty and the game has no hick-ups whatsoever. The permanent upgrade system works very well, it gives you something to come back for and if you think it makes the game too easy, try playing on "hard" or "insane". A must-play for Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor fans. Expand
  25. Mar 3, 2012
    A very fun game! What's good about it that its original and its not another army or war fps... I'l give it a solid un-chewable 10 because its original and fun online :D
  26. Dec 11, 2011
    i thought for this price the game cant be too great, but after playing it i have to say its cool. a lot of fun, nice graphics, good maps, good sounds, enough enemies... for my opinion only the music is annoying but after i turned it off its perfect. team up with 1-3 friends for playing, of course you can also play with 3 bots in your team, but their skills are very limited. buy it and im sure you wont regret it. Expand
  27. Nov 6, 2011
    I have to say that I haven't had this much fun playing a PC game in a long time. I just picked up BF3 and find myself always coming back to this game because it offers a lot more fun factor to me.

    I would highly recommend this game if you are looking for a good co-op shooter with dynamic elements.
  28. Nov 11, 2011
    Amazing game ... just endless FUN !!
    145 lvls rep . weapons sites and abilities gives you lot of time to enjoy and changing your gameplay when u finish hiests . graphic is a bit old but still the great fast gameplay just let your forget about it !
    great idea for game . i hope that overkill will show us some more great thing with better graphic and same idea for story . and a single
    player campain with a story can be amazing ! :D thanks Expand
  29. Mar 5, 2012
    Do not let people tell you this is just a Left 4 Dead clone where the zombies have guns. Yes, this is a cooperative experience with up to four people loaded with guns. Unlike L4D, though, this one involves a lot more tactics.

    For example, you can order any civilians who are close by to lay low, and then you tie their hands behind their backs so they count as hostages. That will change the
    way the police deals with you (though they will still be trying to headshot you from afar). In the first mission I played, we had to free a felon who was being freed from prison - under a heavy stream of bullets from SWAT. The way the target is finally liberated from the scenario, just before you have to run away from the place, is... Epic, to say the least.

    I'm giving a 9 because the menus could be more intuitive, and it could have more explanation about the leveling system. But asides those, this game is a gem, and a must have.
  30. Nov 30, 2011
    Was rather skeptical about buying this game, looked at a few trailers online and it seemed rather good. I'm really glad with my purchase. For the price your paying you can't go wrong. As soon as I installed it, went straight into multiplayer so I could get the gist of things from other players. The moment I started it I could tell it was a decent game, with multiple ways to play it, tactical, guns blazing etc along with the fact the spawns are different every time so you can't just camp in certain places. My only criticism of this game is the fact it's not really newb friendly, but after the help of some friendly online players I understood everything a lot more and had a great experience with this game. Expand
  31. Dec 1, 2011
    The game is very nice for $20 dollers they put alot of thought in to it, there are many objectives to accomplish with in the game like drilling taking out cameras tieing up hostages destroying evidence it also has a leveling system and many upgrades it is very team based this is not a run and gun its not made for rambo if the team does not work together you will FAIL it is very challenging at times as swat and police seem endless not to mention the tasers and heavly armored police and its very replayable i can say this is one i will be playing for a wile and recomend it to every one i cant wait for the upcoming dlc Expand
  32. Jan 10, 2012
    Cool game, it's not short and little!
  33. Dec 25, 2011
    I've played almost 30 hours into this game now and have to say, the game is good. The heists are very well scripted and the whole game feels like it's from a movie (obviously what they were going for). The difficulty scales very well with the settings and overkill setting will make even a seasoned player like me struggle. New features have been added (for free) with every patch. The only real fault the game has is it relies on enemy ai which as anyone who's played these kind of games know, can do some weird things. It' s easy to exploit the ai, making the hardest and most pivotal moments of the heists a cakewalk. But this really just comes down to the play style. Another fault would be the lack of heists/weapons/enemies but the dev's tell us more is already on the way. Expand
  34. Feb 3, 2012
    If you are 4 players, this is a insane game, full of fun. And you need to coop. If everyone is just sitting without mic, the ruins very much, and get A LOT harder.
    So get 3 homies, and get ready for mayhem
  35. Jul 19, 2012
    This game was just a random purchase I made last week. It can be played single player and that's definitely a good experience. But it SHINES when you are playing with your mates. I was telling a friend of mine that I really haven't had as fun with a shooter co-op game like this since the first time me and him played Left 4 Dead together years ago.

    Indeed, the game shines in
    multiplayer and in addition to being quick with a gun, it builds on the features we loved so much with Left 4 Dead.

    1) It has an experience system. The more you play, the more perks you get. Extra ammo bags, more zip ties, etc. In Left 4 Dead, the game became stale to us after 3 years of basically playing the same thing over and over with no real difference. In this game, we're always trying to better our experience ratings and it's not a grind at all, merely a byproduct of enjoying the game with only adds to the overall experience.

    2) The mission system is perhaps one of the best I've seen. Not overly complicated but not as dull as "press the button, now live through a horde attack". Truthfully, at first this kind of annoyed us as some portions of the mission send you all over the map to perform various tasks, but after a few hours we got really into it and after a while of playing the game, I simply don't know how we did without it before.

    3) The enemies fire back! i.e. the AI in this game is fantastic! There are various difficulty modes and it does what it says on the tin. The easy modes are easy, but train you to better play the game. The normal difficulty is great after you've learned how to play the game. The hard modes are absolutely a blast to try with your mates just for giggles to see how badly you get creamed by the enemy. 4) Replay value - you get your money's worth with this game! The day L4D 1 and 2 came out we had beaten each level many times within the first day. After that there wasn't really anything new to do and we continued to play because we loved the randomness of it. This game is noticeably more difficult but in a fun way. Each map has a good 30 minutes worth of enjoyment and often times starting out it's very difficult to even complete the level without dying or being arrested.

    This game is definitely one I'd recommend to those who absolutely loved the Left 4 Dead series (people that like having fun and don't particularly enjoy hating life) but couldn't get into something like Dead Island or Borderlands due to those game's inherent RPG elements being both needless, bland and irritating to deal with as they feel tacked on. In Payday the Heist, the leveling system is very much streamlined so you've not constantly fidgeting with grossly misplaced tasks like repairing weapons or leveling up a skill tree. In a shooter I find RPG systems to be completely out of place, sucking out the fast paced intensity that provided all the fun from shooters. Buy this game now, get your friends to buy it (or gift it to them) and thank me later.
  36. Sep 21, 2012
    This game is not what I expected. After first playing it I thought it was generic. I've got a guy constantly healing me as I absorb 30 rounds of ammo, As I didn't pay much for it I was ready to discard it. I mentioned it to a buddy and he said oh no you're doing it wrong. So I gave it another shot and I have to say that he was right. You get right into the action on this game and the firefights are intense. Without that healing it would be impossible. Once I got over my preconceived notion of what the game should be I realize it's very good, and most importantly fun. Expand
  37. Feb 8, 2012
    Despite only having five heists currently, the game suprisingly gives a lot of hours of gameplay and has tons of replay value. The mechanics of the game are great and the music and graphics fit the mood of each heist. I really love this game and hope that the promised DLCs come out soon!
  38. Mar 14, 2012
    Un juego mas que aceptable para jugarlo en compañia y sobretodo para jugarlo con dificultad subida.
    El apartado grafico es excelente y la posibilidad de que las situaciones vayan cambiando le da siempre un toque diferente a cada partida. Para mi muy recomendable.
    Solo encuentro algo negativo: la falta de mapas. Esperemos que en breve pongan mas!
  39. Mar 18, 2012
    This game doesn't get enough credit in my opinion. It's a solid FPS shooter with objective based items to complete in order to finish the round. The voice acting is good and the style of play is a heck of a lot of fun. The community also seems pretty cool. If I had anything to gripe about, I'd like to see more missions, as it only comes with six. Occasionally Amazon will run it for $5.00 - $7.49. Purchase the game download and activate your CD key using Steam. You will still get all your Steam achievements. Good way to save money on such a great game. I give it a 9.5. Two thumbs way up! Expand
  40. Mar 20, 2012
    When the game was out for free to try the game out, it was amazing. An amazing FPS game with you and 3 other people robbing a bank or getting a criminal or etc. The graphics in this game is amazing too! This is a really great game to get and it is worth your money. The problems you will have is online. In online, if someone joins the game, the game gets paused and will wait for the guy to get ready and etc. Another problem is first connection problems but, this isn't a major problem. Some games you cannot connect to the host or the host left the game. Besides those two problems it game is amazing! Expand
  41. Jul 15, 2012
    A very fun game! What's good about it that its original and its not another army or war fps... I'l give it a solid un-chewable 10 because its original and fun online :D
  42. Jul 15, 2012
    A very fun game, look like Left 4 Dead !
    Dynamic environments and adaptive enemy tactics, teamwork is essential to survive.

    You must have this **** game !
  43. Nov 14, 2012
    A excellent, Jolly good game. The game's genre itself is an exception, being a game independent towards robbery. The gameplay itself is also quite good portraying one needs co-op if you want to be successful towards heisting. The game is considerably challenging leaving players to tactically make a run or try towards the goal. When playing this game it gives me a feel action at Its prime, original and very amusing. The set of law-enforcers or enemies within the game make you switch how you play the game, making the experience of a huge bulking man in a bomb defusal suit ( Bulldozer ) makes you strategically plan how to get rid of him. Bottom line_ get the game. It is very unknown and underscored, but believe me, It is one of the best FPS experiences I ever played that have had a somewhat low score. ( Killing Floor). Trust me, at the price this game is at, It's like Robbery. However not for you, only for OVERKILL for releasing such a game at only 20 USD. Expand
  44. Jan 20, 2013

    the idea of the game its to rob no to kill random people, i anderstand that you think its unrealistic but if they dont make those limits the game will change a lot.
  45. Jun 22, 2013
    A refreshing break from conventional arcade shoot em' ups, Payday: The Heist is an enthralling and wonderfully tactical shooter, with incredible depth, realism and endless replayability.
  46. Aug 11, 2013
    I feel like the rest, when I seen the trailer I was like ehhhhhh. When I played I felt like a real criminal lol! Sony and Overkill have done a fantastic job on this game. There is never any problems or crashes and I just love the Graphics! I would recommend this game to anyone 18 plus!
  47. Oct 30, 2012
    $4.99 on Steam sale, and I'm having a great time.. Yes co-op kicks ass! Nothing like getting some friends online and exececuting a flawless heist.. And killing a **** of cops..
  48. Aug 31, 2012
    Upon playing about 25 hours with my friends I think it´s time for a rundown.
    Let´s start with the good things:
    - Incredibly Atmospheric: The music is some of the best I heard in a while and it really makes you feel the intensity of the battle and the quiet moments + the music at the end of a completed heist makes you really feel like a smart gangster.
    - Great Leveldesign:
    For people who say they hate that this game is only shooting, you aren´t really that right. There are more then one way for a lot of the missions. For Example Mercy Hospital, you can go in and play a game of chance with the Teddybear Chainsaw (shooting) or hold people hostage, shoot down the cameras, dress up as Doctors and get the blood from him without even killing one person and there are more examples, some are really just shoot missions but incredibly stylistic.
    - Customization: While it takes some time to get all of the items it is not really annoying because you always have a reason to do what you do as a player since every mission should be 1-2 Levels up. Plus the Items really differ, from Health Packs to Sentry Guns or Shotgun to SMG you got it, except Sniper Riffle but why would you snipe on a heist?
    - Great Co-Op experience: This is the most important point, you need to have 3 to 4 people playing this game with you and a Teampseak or Skype Server but if you do, oh my is this game fun. You really need to come up with a strategy if you want to do Achievements or beat the Overkill difficulty, and only one of you needs the DLC so that everyone can play (You still don´t have the Technician class but what counts are the maps). And if you don´t have friends, or they don´t like Videogames, there probably are some cool people you can meet on the Internet.

    But there are also some bad things about this game:
    - No Explanation: Until I figured out I was able to Change my Class (Tab + 1-3) I was already level 11 and even if I love the level design you can get easily lost, you will be right on your track a few seconds later but nontheless annoying.
    - Unrealistic: While you have the feeling of being an amazing sophisticated Robber, you really start wondering if you just killed the entire Police department of ... the USA and I don´t know but it just bugs me that the enemies are so numerous but so weak.
    - Difficulty: It is always challenging which is a good thing but sometimes the game just feels to pull out a **** you Card by letting a Spec Ops leap into you from above and knocking out 1-3 People instantly.

    Resume: Payday is an incredibly immersive and fun Co-Op Shooter which has tons of replay value and variety but has some problems here and there. All in all, definitely worth to check out if you have friends
  49. Aug 4, 2012
    hahaha iu luv dis game fk hatres anyone hoo a8ts dis game is gayyyyyy lolololololololollololol i just think dis game deserves less bad reviews lulz haha
  50. Aug 8, 2012
    Some pretty good graphics, A fast paced fps robbery how much more can you ask for. I honestly tnk from watching the trailers it make it look like yo had more outside freedom but you really dont but it makes up for the robbery freedom and also gives you egleest a good half an hour for each hiest so its more realistic in a sense
  51. Aug 9, 2012
    Well besides getting this on sale on steam for ONLY 5 dollars, I am very pleased with my investment. The game-play is very original and can be challenging when it needs to. I failed the first bank heist 2 times but I had so much fun doing it that I kept playing again. The leveling system is not very polished but it is fair and gets the job done. Overall 9 out of 10
  52. Aug 26, 2012
    Well i don't have to repeat what most people already said. I'd rather like to advise that group of "negative" reviewers to play this game with friends and voip, talk to each other or die trying xD Random gameplay gets really hard in higher levels, but is still possible. My tip for "BattleKeks": Try to do the heist "Plan A" Style, the first door is not intended to be sawed open, you have to do the heist the "right" way to bypass this ;)

    The new level are really great and as expected very challenging. I don't know any shooter which is harder to complete/master/achieve the this one, maybe DayZ but thats kind of another genre so it's out of competition. It's the "I wanna be the Guy" of FPS xD

    Highly recommended to buy and enjoy and also the big advise to play this game with people you know !
  53. Sep 9, 2012
    Payday: The Heist is one of the best Indie shooters around at the moment, and with a growing community and DLC's in the wings, Overkill software have made a triumphant splash into the gaming world with their debut title.

    Like many others, I was skeptical when I first saw trailers for this game. It looked clunky and low quality, but I thought twenty dollars was not much of a risk.
    Looking back, I would have paid much, much more for this game than I did. The action is brutal and fast, the gunplay is awesome, and the gameplay is flawless. The upgrade system leaves for massive replay value.

    This is one of the best PC shooters around. Buy it now, you wont regret it.
  54. Oct 20, 2012
    I just bought this off of Steam on sale for $5. The single player really is quite boring, but the bots are smarter than the bots they put in Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. The co-op is just plain out FUN I haven't had this much fun with co-op. The missions I must admit are HARD. I can't even survive Normal. If your looking for a thrilling game that will keep your heart beating rapidly as you try to escape the police, this game is for you. For the PC the controls are a little quirky which gets kind of annoying. After you play this game you will feel that you want to rob a bank, trust me. If your getting this for $20 (which is it's retail price), then it's totally worth it. This is a MAJOR break from Old, Boring, Call of Duty. This game is also very fast paced so you need some quick reactions, now I don't mean Call of Duty quick reactions like dropshooting or anything like that just plain out REAL reactions. This game is fabulous. I HIGHLY recommend this game! Expand
  55. Nov 3, 2012
    Great game, exiting missions and challenging difficulty levels. The grafic is also ok. You can adjust your equip to your needs exactly. If you play as single player your KI-Mates will follow your calling. For the higher difficult grade its necessary to play with real people together.
  56. Nov 3, 2012
    Payday:the heist is a first person shooter indie game made by the company overkill, their first game and a very good job of it. It takes you to a group of 4 bank robbers (you being one of them) they are all controlled by players, although the game does have AI for robbers instead of players, this AI has a common phraise know as **** They dont complete mission objectives, making single player quite the pain in the ass, and will just be plain stupid. Like reviving you almost instantly in front of the entire pissed off Chinese army and wondering off like there's zero **** given. However these small errors can be overlooked by simply playing the game. It's a real joy, the music sounds like a continuing countdown to the next epic assault wave, the reloading and shooting feels real and powerful. You honestly feel like a hardcore robber without having to go into gregge and threaten the guy at the counter with a (clearly fake) water pistol, and later getting arrested.
    Although not explained, this game has a levelling up system, and a quite good one for that fact. The enemies aim very well with very powerful shots forcing you to take cover and work as a team, somthing not seen so often with new modern games. The graphics look very photo realistic and slick allowing you to dive into the games atmosphere even more. So you may think "well that's all good but there's a serious lack of content here I mean there's only like 9 missions?" we'll I can tell you that these are very long and very good missions, they are all extremely different from each other and all give you a new experience. There's different ways of doing them and they are all an average of 45 mins. And the game may say great replay ability, I thought this was meanly an excuse but they weren't kidding. I've played that first world bank mission close to 50 times give or take a few. Trust me I there's plenty of content. All In all payday is a wonderful game. Another thing is it doesn't have dedicated servers so playing can be annoying with unreliable hosts and bad servers but you can always host your own if your willing to wait five minuets. It's good all round and though it has some faults they can all be overlooked by the sheer fun and enjoyment you'll get out of it.
  57. Nov 7, 2012
    Best 20 bucks you could ever spend, really great game, great teamwork, great maps, or heists :P, would really recommend this game for anyone who wants a really good game.
  58. Nov 22, 2012
    When I read some papers this game was considered as a little brother of L4D only with cops instead of zombies. In that reviews the game look not very good. When I tried it I found that this game is amazing than L4D. The soundtrack is very good, the game isn't a only way from start point to end point but you need to move continuosly in the map for complete goals or take the police in the back. It's more strategic than most fps that I tried and is good to play in solo as in multiplayer (but if you have a good team with vocal chat is better)
    IA isn't very smart but this is a multiplayer game first so it's acceptable and the graphics isn't top, but in a game where you need online people is good because also old PCs can run it
    Replayability is high because cops don't spawn from the same areas (or if they, they can be of others tipe), also every heist have some story variables that can change the battlefield, so every game is a "new" game also if the map have the same name.
  59. Dec 8, 2012
    Fantastic Game.
    Great fun, good by yourself, but much better cooperative. Hours and hours of fun with your Mates!
    Great cooperative game and very well done, also considering this was their first game (Overkill) the deserve a high five. the only downside is there isn't more heists! although, 6 is actually good because they change every time you play it and there is the no mercy map (free
    for pc :D) and the 2 dlc maps which also give you a new unlock tree. :D :D :D :D :D BUY THIS GAME RIGHT NOW Expand
  60. Apr 22, 2013
    A very good game, not your usual twitch shooting, run in and kill 'em all first person shooter, which makes a nice change. My only criticisms are that it is very difficult to play the game solo and that it seems to take quite a while to rank up and unlock new guns (about 4 hours of gameplay and no new guns so far, I don't mind all that much though).
  61. May 31, 2013
    Very good game, full of fun... is the best game to play with your friends. I do not like that i need to pay for the DLC, but its ok, was a cheap game, i only payed 5 dollars for it. The game is for me a 9.5
  62. Jul 19, 2013
    PAYDAY The Heist is a brilliant game, that more than justifies its low price point.
    hopping in with friends or with other people online is very intense and challenging, not to mention incredibly fun.
    Besides pretty poor anti-aliasing (which can be overridden very easily from all cards, BTW), graphics are good and enviroments are detailed. Weapons and missions are a bit short, and yet it
    does little harm to this brilliant game.
    I suggest picking it up on a sale (it goes on sale rather often), especially with buddies, or waiting for the upcoming sequel. Worth every penny.
  63. May 4, 2013
    After hours of playing this game, all I can say is wow. This game is amazing. It focuses on teamwork and communicating with each other. The gameplay is very face-paced as the police attacks you wave after wave and the more bulldozers, tazers, and cloakers come, the more tension you build and the more fun it gets. The graphics, in my opinion, are gorgeous. It's not Battlefield 3 or Crysis, but for a $20 game, you can't go wrong. There are some minor problems I have with this game, though. When you're interacting with something like reviving your teammate, fixing a drill, etc, it doesn't let you look around you and the mouse acceleration. I don't really mind the 1st one but Overkill is fixing that in Payday 2 which is great news, but mouse acceleration was a huge problem for me when I first got the game. However, I soon got used to this and Overkill has also been trying to fix the problem. I was saddened when I found out there were no mods available because of the engine the game is running on. Hopefully Payday 2 will be more flexible with mods and such. If this game was a $50 title, I would grab it. Amazing co-op game.
  64. Aug 9, 2013
    Upon hearing of the game, I was hyped. It looked like the mission green leaf clover from gta 4 but instead in a full game. The missions are very good fun, especially if you have a full team of mates, but even in single player the AI does a very good job. The graphics are quite good for a 20 dollars game compared to other downloadable titles. The game play is fast paced and very good. the gunplay holds up well and there are enough maps and enough unlockables to keep payday interesting. Only some minor gripes would be that the AI is flawed, as they are clearly not a person, and the 1st mission is gthe only one where you rob a bank, and I wish there were a few more bank robbing missions, and the player had a bit more imput into the missions. Overall, the game is definitely worth the $20 and is worth your time. Expand
  65. Jun 13, 2013
    Hmm Payday... This game is just so much fun. But only the MP-part though. It's not really fun to play with the AI since it is kind of dull. But the game overall feels great. The guns have a certain kick in them, they feel power full and the enemies are tough. It is for once a shooter game that require a certain tactic. One person can't just run out in the open like a mad man, and expect to run from it in good shape.
    The game is very recommendable
  66. Jun 18, 2013
    Payday The Heist is one of those games where you are unsure of whether its good or not but when you eventually buy it it is very addicting. Payday's Graphics are very nice. The game play is a smooth experience and has great elements involved, there aren't a mountain of weapons like you see in some FPS' but theres enough for you to enjoy. The levelling system is a cool feature you have to acquire a certain amount of cash altogether and you can level up picking between which class tree you want to go down Assault, Sharpshooter or support, these can be changed at any time in-game by holding Tab and pressing the 1,2,3 or 4 (4 is a dlc class that is called the technician). Overall the game is amazing its great to play play with 3 other people (preferably friends because communication is key in this game although the in-game voice chat is pretty poor) and have a good time. For £14.99 this game is well worth it and if you're unsure there is always the steam sales. Expand
  67. Jul 21, 2013
    I dont know why this game got such a bad review really. They bashed it because the game had "different gameplay than current games" and "no instructions." In my opinion, this game was unique and if it was like other games it would be no fun at all. The instructions of what to do and how to rank up each category of combat was simple to understand. This game doesnt hold your hand nor does it need to. This game is designed specifically for those willingly to try at the game. If you dont take the time to learn and play the game, then you would have been confused. You also are playing the wrong game. Expand
  68. Nov 29, 2013
    Games like this are made to play non-stop for days and with friends. This is the first heist game that i have played that has turned out very good. The upgrade system/feature is well made and provides interesting experience by gaining experience and using that to upgrade your character. The way they have made it so each class is for a specific task. If you play this game with your mates the game will be a bit easier depending on your friends first person shooter experience, also a lot more fun.
    The range of maps is also something to like about this game, they are small and make it harder to escape the authority although some players don't like the type of maps or the size of the maps because they are too small. Sorry to ruin your fun but this isn't Call of duty.
    Anyway, If you and your mates are looking for a game to play then i recommend this game, it's a load of fun and you can sit down for hours and play without losing interest.

    This is AssassinReviews,
    Thanks for reading :D
  69. Dec 5, 2013
    all map is hard,big,fun,long
    if you want big heist
    this game better then 2
    and cool Characters,cool map,cool weapon,cool enemy
    most charming game ever
  70. Jan 22, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Great game, I like the differentiating enemy types throughout the wave with their special abilities. What makes it a true co-op game is that when you face special enemies alone, you are probably not going to succeed because they have abilities that can cripple you. I love the face that there are key bindings for aim down sight because many games do not have key bindings for laptops (: Expand
  71. Mar 4, 2014
    9/10 +Loads of fun +Skill tree to upgrade things YOU want +Heists change each time keeping it fresh and new +Different ways to do heists (ex. Stealth vs. Guns Blazin') +Very different heists that take place in unique environments +Heists REQUIRE cooperation which is nice to play with friends and see how you use teamwork to get that payday. -Not enough guns. There are only a select few guns, not to many to fit everybody's preference
    -No gun customization. It would be fun to upgrade gun by exactly what you want
    -No mods. This game would be super fun with mods because after awhile the heists do get boring and repetitive. It would be nice to see heists that people make.
  72. May 17, 2014
    Game already very good at base, its sequel is even better. This first Payday is also excellent as the second. Developers are excellent and we offer a game that shows in its field since almost no play makes competing in the steering of various buildings! In short, to buy, with his retinue, and all DLC!
  73. May 26, 2014
    I think this is one of the best games ever! If you want to know why than test it yourself! I played this game over 200 hours, and it was so much fun! I Love it!
  74. Jul 7, 2014
    This game, although has it's problems, holds up as a fantastic co-op FPS. The graphics are fine, on a higher setting they are quite good. The gameplay WITH FRIENDS is great. After 2 years, this still is a great game that I think everyone should try with a few friends.

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  1. 70
    Entertaining cooperative multiplayer is why you should try this unconventional shooter. Technical issues and obsolete visuals prevent a higher rating. [Jan 2012]
  2. Dec 22, 2011
    Quotation forthcoming.
  3. Dec 1, 2011
    Payday is the most exciting parts of your favorite movies cobbled together, swapping the brains for extra bullets. [Jan 2012, p.67]