Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 23
  2. Negative: 1 out of 23
  1. On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode 1 exists in somewhere in the hinterland between casual game and serious RPG, and it’s a very comfortable position indeed. As a palate-cleanser between playing larger games, or simply as an opportunity to experience Penny Arcade in a fresh way, it’s easy to recommend the game.
  2. The short-length and other minor nitpickings aside, Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One is absolutely worth every cent of its $20 price tag.
  3. PC Zone UK
    The dialogue is effortlessly hilarious and seriously crass. This game is the crudest in recent memory. [July 2008, p.72]
  4. While there could have been more variety in the enemies, and the sound definitely should have been better, I was left thoroughly pleased with the game. It may seem a bit expensive at 1,600 Microsoft points ($20), but if you are looking for a few good laughs and an interesting story line packed into a five- to eight-hour package, you really won't find anything better than this.
  5. If you're a Penny Arcade fan then Episode One is an enjoyable if overpriced and short-lived experience.
  6. Of course, the real star of PAA isn’t the gameplay, but the humor. It’s a lot like playing a comic strip, and should be approached as such.
  7. PC Gamer
    Fans of Penny Arcade will get a good laugh out of playing alongside Gabe and Tycho, but the game is a little more than interactive comic strip fun. [July 2008, p.82]
  8. While the light RPG elements aren't suited for more hardcore RPG fans, the game's humor and wit make it worth a look for fans of the web comic.
  9. As a first episode, Rain Slick succeeds in leaving you wanting more, and anxious to drag your party and stats on into Episode 2. Sure at its core, it’s an extremely light weight JRPG, but if you’re playing this game for ingenious game design then you’re missing the point.
  10. 80
    The good news is even those who've never seen the comic strip can enjoy the fun combat system and great artwork. And if the storyline is only moderately interesting to those not familiar with the series' in-jokes, it's serviceable enough to hold the game together for its roughly six-hour play time.
  11. Play (Poland)
    The fights in this adventure are quite rewarding, but the best part are the hilarious dialogues, biting humor and absurd jokes. Finding all the easter eggs and little winks will keep fans of the webcomic busy for hours, but one can enjoy this game without even knowing about the existence of Penny Arcade. [July 2008]
  12. This game just cannot be recommended to everyone for that price, but your decision should be based entirely on the demo itself.
  13. An excellent piece of fan-service, but the actual game part doesn't stand up to much dispassionate scrutiny. And now, if you're not a Penny Arcade fan, you can't criticize it for that. It's not for you. [June 2008, p.74]
  14. 78
    To its credit, the Penny Arcade team doesn't attempt to pimp its own website and nothing about this smells of marketing tripe. It's a smart, fun game that would have been truly great with a wider range of enemies and environments and a touch more depth to the gameplay.
  15. But for those of us who are members of the PA cult, Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 1 is just what the doctor (Dr. Raven DarkTalon Blood that is) ordered.
  16. Pelit (Finland)
    Respectably faithful to the Penny Arcade style. The battle system is fun, but otherwise the lack of meaningful content brings the game down; a story-based game should have a story that grabs you and won't let go. [Sept 2008]
  17. 75
    Well, yeah. I think it's pretty darn fun.
  18. Penny Arcade Adventures is slick with rain, hobo stew, and all sorts of awesome, but it's for fans of the comic's brand of humor only.
  19. 70
    $20 might seem like a bit much for a little over five hours of gameplay, although there's a lot of content packed into this first installment: Four largish 3-D environments, a dozen or so main characters, and reams of funny dialogue.
  20. PC PowerPlay
    The kind of eccentric humour and senseless attention to detail makes this worth a look, even if it can seem somewhat short, repetitive and claustrophobic. [Aug 2008, p.61]
  21. PC Format
    A frustrating experience. [June 2008, p.106]
  22. Total PC Gaming
    A great accompaniment to the Penny Arcade canon, but ultimately feels a little thin on its own in the RPG field. [Issue#9, p.54]
  23. Edge Magazine
    With the episodic development cycle all but demanding that structure and form be locked down in the first instalment, with content added thereafter, the series' future looks precarious at best. [June 2008, p.90]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 90 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 49
  2. Negative: 4 out of 49
  1. JoeT.
    May 24, 2008
    I was hoping for a humorous and innovative take on the RPG & point-and-click conventions. Unfortunately, after the novelty of bygone era I was hoping for a humorous and innovative take on the RPG & point-and-click conventions. Unfortunately, after the novelty of bygone era cartoon-inspired visuals wares off, it's a pretty run-of-the-mill game and nothing special. Despite its fairly inexpensive cost, I feel slightly cheated in the fact there are many more creative and enjoyable games available for free. (Regardless, I recommend trying the free demo available before forking over any cash.) You might get something out of it if you're familiar with the online comic (which I am not), but otherwise... yawn.... Full Review »
  2. May 26, 2012
    I have always been a rather big fan of Penny Arcade the the views they have on the gaming industry, they have never been afraid to tell theI have always been a rather big fan of Penny Arcade the the views they have on the gaming industry, they have never been afraid to tell the industry and their fans how they felt about a certain game or events that were happening at the time. It has always been very refreshing to see this in a market clogged with fakers, idiots and sellouts.

    From the way they talk about games and their views and thoughts on the industry and how games are designed, I have always thought I'd see a much different game title then what they actually produced and I think that is why my disappointment is so much more here, then it would have been with any other title, simply because my expectations were so much higher.

    Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness really boils down to a J-RPG style of role playing game, which actually isn't very unique, nor is it very ambitious. It's very mediocre at best.

    The most difficult part of the entire game is learning to use it's system in order to be able to beat swarms of enemies. Like other rpgs in the past, the combat systems a level of interaction with the player in order to successfully win battles.

    By timing to win battles, you can decrease the amount of damage taken, but the game gives no indication wither or not timed keystrokes on attacks actually increase damage. It is integral that you take advantage of this system or you will never survive the game. The game features almost no currency to speak of, barely any character crafting or building and almost no equipment upgrading what so ever, in the end, it revolves around collecting parts to upgrade a single weapon for each playable character and leveling up. That's it.

    What's even more annoying is the sudden spike in difficulty. In the "normal" setting of the game, one moment you can be playing a nice, smooth RPG, in the next moment a area the game directly sends you to, the enemies can (and will) 1-HKO you, this sudden and unhelpful spike in enemy difficulty is not welcome in my opinion. In the end, it's one of the most basic, simple and some times annoying J-RPG style games I have played for the computer, all lacking the actual humor of Penny Arcade. I am glad I picked this up on sale, because had I paid full price for this title when it first came out, I would have been quite upset.
    Full Review »
  3. PaulO
    Jul 12, 2008
    If you are one of those annoying nerds who thinks Penny Arcade is a quality comic, you may enjoy this game. Otherwise, go play Sam&Max instead.