Generally favorable reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
  1. There are countless tense moments playing as Jack and my only complaint is not playing as the featured star more than we were given the opportunity.
  2. The production values are amazing with top-notch graphics and sound found nearly everywhere. Though the game runs a little short – we played a little over six hours – you’ll have a blast every step of the way.
  3. One of the most enjoyable if short-lived gameplay experiences. The game is practically a work of art, but that may not be enough for everyone.
  4. Minus the camera issues with Kong, whose gameplay is more of a “tension-breaker” than a titular role, Peter Jackson’s King Kong on the current-gen consoles is definitely a must play!
  5. 84
    While the experience is short-lived, the seven or so hours of gameplay you get from it are truly amazing and for once, I can say a film-to-game conversion has successfully been achieved.
  6. The sense of immersion is increased by the game's first-person perspective and an absence of on-screen clutter. There is no health gauge blocking your view; if a dinosaur bites you, your vision blurs, indicating that one more bite will kill you.
  7. Yep, King Kong is one very slick package and certainly the best movie tie-in game since The "Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay." If only they'd thought to slap a wig and roller-skates on the big monkey fella, we could've been looking at a classic. [PC Zone]
  8. By movie-to-game standards, King Kong is an instant classic. Just don't hold it to any greater standard.
  9. It isn't quite as impressive looking as its console counterparts, and it's a short ride, but there's still a great time to be had with King Kong on the PC.
  10. The gameplay is a mixture of a quality FPS and third-person action game but with some interesting gameplay choices. The lack of a health meter is an innovative idea that works but not without some issues.
  11. This dazzling, determinedly populist experience was not made according to the standards other games are made by, and when judged – or even just described – by those standards, it might seem slender to the point of frailty. [Christmas 2005, p.101]
  12. 80
    A short but memorable game packed with high-level artistic aesthetics and production values. If you have a stereo system, be sure to play Kong through it. It sounds incredible!
  13. Certain aspects of the game work brilliantly although (such as the ecology) with the world of Skull Island coming to life quite naturally. It does tend to drag a bit in places and the pacing can be less than consistant but overall its a good title.
  14. Full of novel ideas and ultimately is a magnificent action title. Unlike most formulaic games based on movies, what you experience here is always fresh and exciting.
  15. Short but sweet - and you get to be a giant gorilla. [Feb 2006, p.75]
  16. There is absolutely no multiplayer, for example, and the measly extras unlocked as you progress through the game are scant reward for your labor. Nonetheless, you’re likely to see King Kong through to the end, a testament to its compelling, succinct gameplay.
  17. Exciting, suspenseful gameplay is an innovative twist on survival-horror. [Feb 2006, p.38]
  18. What matters in the end is if a game is entertaining. Kong is, in spades.
  19. This is yet another movie-based game that offers next to no replay value and is extremely short. But, like I said before, the game will scare you when you play as a human character and when you're Kong you get to battle huge monsters in a captivating action-packed Jackson-flavored ambiance.
  20. Sure it looks good and sounds great, but not ‘the next generation of gaming’, in fact given the current availability and quality of FPS games I’m not sure in terms of gameplay it’s even this generation.
  21. The graphics were amazing, and the story unfolded in a quick, action-packed manner.
  22. 70
    During its best moments, it's certainly one of the most exciting and engrossing games I've played in a long time. It's just unfortunate that the apparent cut corners take the wind out of its sails sometimes.
  23. With a rather abrupt final sequence it does seem to rush to its climax, but despite its brevity, this is an unforgettable trip through the realm of Kong.
  24. Because of the technical problems, it's tough to solely recommend the PC version of Kong over the other platform versions.
  25. Beautiful but muddy environments, frustrating puzzles, repetitious opponents and clunky Kong controls.
  26. King Kong is perhaps a redefinition of the cinematic videogame – entirely based on peaks and troughs of excitement, and devoid of any sense of choice. Just like a movie, but interactive. [Christmas 2005, p.98]
  27. A series of fantastic moments dragged down by a lot of incredibly dull, repetitive, and contrived ones. [Feb 2006, p.68]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 29 Ratings

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  1. Dec 3, 2011
    Despite slight improvements in the graphics department and sound; the PC version of King Kong offers little more than the PS2 version. Nevertheless, on with the actual game. If there was ever an award for Best Movie tie-in game, then this tightly plotted epic would no doubt be on top. Though the graphics aren't likely to push your PC to boiling point, they run a lot smoother than the PS2 version. The sound is also even more brilliant on the PC (I'm not sure if this may be down to the wire between my PS2 and the sound system, but either way the sound seems better). For everything else about this game, refer to my PS2 review. Full Review »
  2. Sep 16, 2010
    A very Kong game indeed. Great game! Get it! lol i really cant remember the good parts since i played this a while ago. However i got this title in my best games folder. Full Review »
  3. GeneP.
    Apr 5, 2006
    A very original experience which was refreshing in this age of WWII and other common themes of FPS especially. The graphics are beautiful, the creatures imaginative, the action heart pounding and the variety is engaging. There was a lot of opportunity to play Kong sprinkled through the game so I'm not sure what others are saying. It was linear, but it did what it was intended to do. It wasn't supposed to be a game where the environment was wide open. It is a game where you are placed on a path leading to successive missions/situations/confrontations which lead to an end. During that time, the experience is very fun while you fight giant millipedes, dinosaurs and other savage creatures which act and look simply amazing. It also balanced nicely with opportunities to fight as Kong. This game is much like a great roller coaster. It stays on the track while giving you a crazy ride. Full Review »