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  • Summary: Planetary Annihilation brings Real-Time Strategy to a new generation of gamers in a way they've never been seen before - taking large scale real time strategy games from the past to gameplay on a planetary scale.
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  1. Jul 1, 2014
    Planetary Annihilation is simply an awesome, "epic scale" Real Time Strategy Game. Notice I said "epic scale," not "large scale." After all, multi planet gameplay, planet smashing, thousands of units, and 40 player matches can be described as nothing less than "epic scale."

    Planetary Annihilation introduces a number of genre changing mechanics. Primarily, the randomly generated spherical planets and the ability to fight on multiple planets simply hasn't been done before. Not to mention features like Planet Smashing, Galactic War (randomized campaign), and the ChronoCam. The ChronoCam allows players to rewind and fastforward gameplay in the middle of a match to watch events that they may have missed.

    On top of that, Planetary Annihilation's gameplay is fast paced, exciting, and strategy intensive. It's very possible for players to out maneuver their larger opponents, or exploit weaknesses and beat someone with a much larger army.

    If you are a fan of RTS games, I highly recommend Planetary Annihilation.
  2. Jul 1, 2014
    Best RTS game ever made! Other developers shouldn't even try to compete. Game Over. Go home.

    This game has not disappointed me at all. The
    battles are enormous and span multiple planets and asteroids. There's an endless amount of ways you can finish off your opponents. Overrun them with bots and tanks, snipe them from space, attack from a distance with artillery units, nuke them from any planet, bombard their coastline with naval units, roast them from the air with bombers and gunships, devastate them with crawling bombs, burn their base to the ground with armored flame tanks, or accelerate an asteroid into their planet and flatten every machine that lived there. The game has several features, like Area Commands, Squads, and Screen Anchors that make it easy to keep up with the fight! Expand
  3. Jul 2, 2014
    This game isn't like other games (starcraft, supcom, c&c). Strongly recommend watching gameplay video and reading full game features.

    1) Game is online only for up to another half year. It's official release will release offline and player-servers.
    2) Game is not played like other games of genre, it is more macro than ever attempted, you don't build a base, you build a surface of the planet against someone else building as much a face of a planet as possible, and you need 10 units to kill enemy economy early game and 200 units to smash through fields of enemy base later game, you need 4-16 factories to build units as large mass as possible.
    3) Game is not finished, a lot of features are test to see if they function before adding features on features. The game has most of it's features, but some features are 1st attempt and lack details still to be developed.
    4) Game runs at 15 fps if you have (modern 1yr-) integrated graphics and 4g ram, and 15fps if you have 3g dedicated gpu and 16g ram, it runs 15fps on the Uber servers atm because every Amazon server runs 8 games 1 per core, so the game runes 15fps PERIOD, it will run 30-60fps on good computers once server is player side but in early access expect 15fps or wait for release.
    5) Game doesn't auto matchmake yet. Usually there are plenty of people to join games, just make sure you make games liberally. You can play vs ai only. You can play vs other people, you can play with people vs ai, you can do many combos. Just make sure you don't see 3 servers only and assume nobody is playing, just create a game with the "create game" button.
    6) There are a few customization game mods, server and client. Recommend downloading PAMM from the UberEnt forums.
    7) The AI is very strong against beginners, due to it's spread. It spreads FAST and EVERYWHERE. "normal" ai is weakest. To effectively learn PA against the AI, lower his Eco Scale, the number at the side by default is 1, set the AI to .4 for beginners and it will not go very far very fast but will still assault if the "difficulty" is hard. It is "easier" to have a harder enemy with a lower ecoomy number, than an easier enemy with a high economy scale. Once you are strong at the game, you can use normal or hard or Uber difficulties and just give the AI a "1" eco (1:1 unmodified economy), use multiple AI enemies against 1 of you, and/or turn the AI eco to 1.5 or 2 (double eco).
  4. Jul 2, 2014
    This is the best game for RTS in my opinion as of 2014.
    I am living in Malaysia and my next favorite RTS game Forged Alliance has
    terrible networking. PA Works great! No connection problems. Server based networking FTW.
    Game has worked good for me on modest hardware from day one of release.
    Very nice in game graphics. Explosions light up anything around them including terrain, units, and buildings!
    Instant ability to replay any moment in the game and go forward and reverse replay. So awesome.
    Modding ability it is great! There are already lots of mods for this game and support for the modding community.
    Uber has a plan to keep supporting the game, not abandon it like what happened to Supreme Commander.
  5. Jul 1, 2014
    For me, Planetary Annihilation is a refreshing real-time-strategy after having played countless hours of SC2 and Broodwar. As of this writing, the game is in "Gamma" aka Beta development. Still, Planetary Annihilation offers battles that take place across planets, the ability to smash other planets into each-other sowing sweet catastrophe, and epic battles between ground, naval, air and orbital units.
    The game has gone on sale for $17 & $25 through Steam when it usually costs $50. If you've enjoyed Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander, or any other rts, you should look into purchasing this well crafted game (feel free to wait until it actually releases!).
  6. Jul 1, 2014

    Now then, the game:

    Performance wise, it's a gamble. Some people have no trouble at all and others chug like a steam-powered train hauling osmium up a hill. However most people have no trouble playing 1v1 one a small amount of planets.

    In case you didn't know, the game takes place on planets, which means spheres. Which means trying to turtle in a corner is literally an impossibility of physics. It may take some getting used to but once you've figured out that the enemy can come from almost any direction at all, you'll have plenty of fun being blasted into oblivion by that horde of tanks that came from the one direction you didn't think to build defences. This system does allow for more "active" games in the sense it's far more difficult to trap someone. Speaking of which, it's entirely possible to travel from one planet to another, assuming it's there. If you become horribly screwed, you can hop into your dropship and fly away to the moon.

    Let's talk units: aesthetically they're not very impressive. If you're hoping for all the cool designs from SupCom they're not here. tanks are tanks, bots are bots, ships are ships. What is a little bit different is that there are orbital units so you can stop people from hopping into their dropship and flying away. Those units have some pretty nice designs. Functionally, they act the way you'd expect. DO NOT make the mistake of sending an attack force with just one type of units. As impressive and symmetric as a force of 100 tanks might look, the enemy will rain on your Soviet parade with all the bombers they have. A good attack force would consist of tanks, AA units and some close-range flamethrowers. Because despite what some other people say, the flamethrower units are generally thought by the community to be completely overpowered (if someone drops three or more on top of your commander then you are toast), the naval units have the pathfinding of a decapitated ant and have been ignored for a long time.

    One of the big problems comes from the fact that there are potentially multiple planets. If the enemy gets to it before you do, you are probably screwed. There is no particularly effective way to make a significant assault on a planet with 5000 bombers patrolling all over the place with more turrets and antinuke installations than Skynet and the Death Star combined. Your best bet is to either spam dropships (which carry one unit each), load them with those overpowered flamethrower tanks, figure out where the enemy commander is, hope he doesn't move for a while and plop them all on his head, or build up a nuclear arsenal large enough to sterilize Earth and fire them all at the main base. But surely there's some sort of orbital death laser? Right? Of course there is! But unless your enemy is incompetent, there's a giant swarm of orbital fighters and defence platforms which will make anything you send there instantly vanish. Of course you could build your own giant death swarm but at this point your framerate is worst than MS Powerpoint or you're running around in circles trying to get engineers to build an anti-orbital cannon while the enemy's orbital death lasers turn your base into cute little piles of ash.

    There is one other way. Assuming you are the one that has escaped to the moon and the starting planet is now an impenetrable fortress, you can literally strap rockets onto it and smash it into another planet. Now if you're familiar with logic, you'll know that this completely obliterates everything on either planet, leaving you with a stubborn draw. Unless you load into your little dropship and send it to another planet or your target, because if your commander is in transit, it won't explode when everything else does. This is more of an exploit than an actual tactic but all's fair in war, right?

    If you like RTS, you'll like this (probably). It has its problems, it's in early access. If you're having crashes update your drivers. Do not buy it if you're fussy about performance, do not buy it if you don't like RTS. Do not buy it if you're technophobic because the AI is so good it will haunt your dreams as it seeks escape from the game (unless you're playing single-player, there the AI is just silly).


  7. Jul 2, 2014
    Can or might say this is a game to ipads or androids games only,PA its too plastic cartoonish, and really really the worst rts i saw play since 2007 poor design ,and worst idea make a rts on a Sphere for a rts on 2014....

    So Taking some other words since, i rts lover (Starcraft ,the amazing Nr1 best rts ever FAForever( and soon Etherium) and some others...

    Rediculously Overpriced, on Track to FAIL Miserably.

    When I saw the listing at $90 for a game in early alpha, that quite frankly looks pretty lame I was shocked and worst my sister bought the game and I can see why her displeasure .
    Graphics look below average, the idea is completely unoriginal, and quite honestly I wouldn't even pay $60 for this game. I'm just quite honestly confused as to who thought they could justify a $90 price tag. Anybody else think thisthis a good rts ?

    Then you guys never try a real RTS ,Planetary Anhilation will and is already a fail, almost 2 years build and still the same .

    Im totaly disappointed with Uber team ,Lot Rts gamers hope Chris Taylor bring again the epic rts like Supreeme commander.....And FAForever...

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