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  1. May 29, 2014
    There is a buy message on every screen where they want you to spend your money, there are guns for sale, voice packs for sale, camos for sale, decals for sale and all kinds of other useless crap for sale. There is also a membership for sale and this membership gives you discounts on items so that you can buy even more! Avoid this or chargeback everything you've spend on this game and buy a new game with the money. Expand
  2. Jan 29, 2013
    You play for 4 hours to capture or defend a base, next day its lost again. yes the battles are epic but it all seems so pointless. Air dominates, spawn camping gets frustrating. pay 2 win scheme. it was fun for a week but i'll be moving on to games with actual progress
  3. Oct 14, 2013
    Could have been a good game but the pay to win structure of the game ruins it. Don't bother trying to earn anything by actually playing the game unless you're willing to blow a week or more just to get a gun. I found the more I played it the more futile any efforts towards progressing became. Frustrating and not fun.
  4. Nov 23, 2012
    Bad attempt to make awesome multiplayer. First this game have one of uglier graphics this year, but this is not crucial for multiplayer game anyways. But, game fail in all other aspects. Glitchy, bad spawn points ruining the action, bad shooting are only few of bad thins this game bring to the table. Only good thing is free to play because if they charge for this would be really cheating.
  5. Jan 7, 2013
    When I first heard about Planetside2 I was beyond psyched for the release. I was a die-hard fan/junkie/addict of Planetside 1 and the thought of a new, up-to-date version of what I would have considered to be one of the most groundbreaking FPS games of my generation gave me goose bumps. I was fortunate to get into late beta and played for the final 3 weeks of beta through release. I've currently logged well over 300 hours of post release play time.

    That being said. I really wanted to like this game. Every time I log into the game I don't think, "this game is so awesome". I think, "Man, I really miss Planetside 1". The truth is that the developers, Sony Online Entertainment, took what was an amazing original game and essentially threw it away. This is NOT a sequel to Planetside 1. It is a dumbed down, watered down, shallow ghost of the original. They managed to turn what was an amazing online shooter with a rich degree of depth and character into little more than a large scale COD-like fragfest with virtually no strategy or depth of play and where everyone is focused on K/D instead of teamwork and strategy. Combine this with massive in-game vehicle and infantry balance issues and the fact that that the development team has very little interaction with the player base and you have a recipe for low population of players on most servers where the term "Massive" is starting to become a bit of a stretch.

    Planetside2 was clearly released to market way too soon. The game should have stayed in Beta for at least another 4 months. There are many bugs in the game and way too many balance issues at this time to retain a strong player base. At its core I think its clear that the folks in charge of this title (with such amazing potential) at SOE are the wrong people for the job and are basically steering this title into the ground.
  6. Jan 29, 2013
    Oh. God. The. Bugs. 2/4 times I have played this the game glitches on respawn, the whole world becomes this half transparent mess were you can no longer see buildings or cover and requires a complete computer restart to fix. When the game does run it still has major problems. I managed to get enough cert points for the longest range sniper scope in the game. Turns out its completely unusable because the world draw distance is shorter then distance the scope zooms to making the scope completely useless. Iv been in fights were I see our teammates dieing, I zoom in on my scope from the rear of the fight and see absolutely nothing. but when I move to the front of the fight suddenly an entire army appears. An army I should have easily been able to see from my elevated snipeing spot behind our lines. Iv played Alpha Builds that had less bugs then this "finished" game. Expand
  7. Feb 2, 2013
    Oh god when will the bugs end? I've put up with it since release, but I'm done now. After the most recent game update the game has become unplayable for me. I highly regret the money I've spent on this game as things continue to grow worse. In large battles I'm lucky to get 4-10 fps when a month ago I was getting 30-40. I have a Phenom II 960T and a 6870. It's ridiculous.
  8. May 28, 2014
    I have had a love/hate relationship with this game. At the best times, there are no kill-farms and it requires skill. At the worst times, there are tanks and planes shooting at spawn doors and level 100 people going on massive killing sprees, or max units being continously healed. It was fun sometimes, but it will frustrate you when the tank or plane you have waited so long for blows up 5 seconds after getting it. The community is overall poor. After many hours, I finally deleted my character. Goodbye, Planetside 2. Expand
  9. Jun 5, 2013
    Not many shooters can keep me hooked like Planetside 2 can. The combination of addicting and compelling gameplay and teamwork with the responsiveness of the dev team make this a game that will last
  10. Jul 21, 2014
    There are no thousands of players as the previous review mentioned. If you're playing during the night you can barely find a 10 player fight across the whole continent and that says something. After playing this I felt like I accomplished nothing and in order for me to advance I had to buy a new weapon with real money.
  11. Nov 9, 2013
    I have nothing against games that are free to play in fact I quite like them, however I would appreciate it if they said pay to win instead of free to play when that is the case, Planetside2 is an example of pay to win. Yes items are obtainable via game play if you have 100 years to spare... You are fighting to achieve nothing, you can't win your contribution doesn't matter because there is no goal there is no aim just shooting, anything you capture would have swapped hands by the time you log back on again. So yeh mindless shooting without achieving anything this game is simply for those who like shooting. Expand
  12. Oct 6, 2013
    This is a Free2Play game and I still feel like I got ripped off. It's THAT bad. Great concept, absolutely terrible execution.
    1) Better have a high end PC or it's a no-go for playing.
    2) It's not a steep learning curve, it's a learning wall. One that you will pound your head against for hours upon hours.
    3) Vehicle controls...They are so bad that I have to wonder if SoE deliberately
    made them difficult or if they are actually THAT incompetent.
    4) This game is PAY TO WIN. Anyone saying different is LYING to you.

    Game looks great on the surface. Just don't look to closely or you'll see all the cracks (that happened to be filled with crap)
  13. Nov 22, 2012
    The biggest problem with Planetside 2 though is that is commits the cardinal sin of free to play games. Players that pay have a marked advantage over those who don't. Earning enough free credits for basic upgrades is agonizingly slow. If you want to play, expect to pony up some cash up front or be left in the dust.

    Now to cover the other problems. Its poorly optimized. The servers
    aren't very good. The game looks bland on max settings. The controls aren't very tight. I've put in about 12 hours now, and every battle ends up being the exact same thing, one team corralling the other team in their base. There's no hope of a mass break out or of winning, yet the game can drag on for hours on end. The lack of any kind of tutorial is frustrating and will surely turn away casual players in droves the first time they're dropped into the middle of an active combat zone.

    Players that participated in the beta are at a clear advantage with their knowledge of the maps and classes. New players are mere cannon fodder, which would be fine except for the fact that the learning curve is made steeper by the fact that those players that invested money in the game have an even bigger advantage.

    Yes, the scale is impressive, but when it comes to balance and pure fun, Battlefield 3 has it beat hands down. For pure multi-player joy, CoD: Black Ops II is a much better and polished product with moments of grin inducing mayhem. And for those of you PC guys with an Xbox 360, Halo 4 multiplayer stomps PS2.

    The game just feels low budget and generic. PS2 would have greatly benefitted if they had simply charged for the game up front instead of nickle and diming players.
  14. Jan 6, 2013
    Where to even begin? Well, it's buggy, laggy, poorly optimized, and completely imbalanced.

    "Oh, it's got it's problems, sure," the other reviews say. "But it's all worth it for the huge glorious battles!" Those don't happen. Sure, you'll have ~100 people one one side of the battle, attacking in a giant convoy of vehicles. And they'll dominate the half a dozen brave souls who try to
    defend, rather than joining their attacking teammates. Who are on another continent. Because enemy numbers are lower there.

    See, the whole "huge world" thing sounds good on paper, but in actuality it just encourages most people to take the path of least resistance. Battles are always lopsided, and the attackers always win because they have more people.

    Now, ignoring all that, let's assume for the moment that this is actually a good game, rather than a bad game. A good game does deserve to be paid for, even if it's a free-to-play that borders on pay-to-win. However, Planetside 2 goes far beyond pay-to-win; it's more like "pay-a-substantial-amount-to-be-good-at-a-single-class-or-vehicle."

    In short: complete garbage with no redeeming characteristics. I have nothing good to say about this game.
  15. Nov 27, 2012
    AS a PS1 player it wasn't hard for me to get into PS2, and its by far a better game from the get go. The game runs pretty smooth for me and its got to be one of the most beautiful games to date, especially for how many players can be active at one time. It tops all multiplayer games in epicness. Its got its issues, but what new game doesn't, especially in the mmo department. The vehicles could be better but I feel I cannot judge them as you have to unlock so much potential which leaves me to this: I would rate it a 10/10 if it weren't for the FTP system. I think this game should have had a price tag and FTP system for cosmetics, but the unlocks take far to long to unlock and I'm not a fan of spending cash on items I don't even know if I will like. But for the base free game, spend a few dollars and you can have a butt load of fun in battles larger than anything you will see in that **** COD game. Expand
  16. Jun 24, 2013
    Oh dear. I don't think I've come across any shooter that's so cumbersome. When you make a game free to play, the point is for it to be as simple as possible, since you're going to have a lot of people just trying it out casually. What's embarrassing is how PlanetSide 2 makes the simplest of genres a first-person shooter- far too complicated. The tutorial is pointless it just tells you how to move and shoot. The controls are good and graphics are decent for an F2P game but the game makes a horrible first impression. It's got to be the least intuitive, user-friendly shooter experience ever created. The map, the spawn, the objective, the vehicles etc. are given zero explanation. Any game which requires someone else to teach you how to play at even the most basic level is garbage and seriously needs to rethink its design or at least implement some game modes to divide the experience up into small learning experiences rather than dumping you into a map the size of the moon and having no idea what you're supposed to do. Expand
  17. Nov 30, 2012
    I'm giving this game a 10 to counter balance all the scorers who have given it a 0 cause their machines suck. That being said in reality this game is a solid 8, it has its faults, and can be glitchy at times, but if you are an FPS fan you will get an experience in PS2 that no other game in this generation will be able to touch. It is also NOT pay to win, some the the upgrades in the planes may be a little OP or need a tune, but this isn't anywhere close to being pay to win, so Ignore those idiots as well. Plus how can you give a 0 to something that is FREAKING FREE! Expand
  18. Jan 24, 2013
    For me, this game is frustrating, not fun, and essentially pointless. I suppose part of the problem is the learning curve. You start out just thrown into the map somewhere, with no clear assistance in figuring out where you should go, what you should do, why you should be doing it, or how to succeed. In my experience, I just ran towards some apparent objective getting murdered over and over again. Either that, or I just ran around the humongous map with no one at all anywhere near me. The whole experience was just terrible. I pored several hours into this, but just couldn't find the motivation to stick it out to see if things would get better. Expand
  19. Jan 17, 2013
    My rig can play all the F2P games with no issues, except for this game. The FPS is so bad I could not be bothered to finish the training level. Optimization for this game is typical for many PC titles very poor as usual.
  20. Jun 29, 2013
    This is a pay to win game so it is more relevant to comment on the business model because pay to win games are just that and nothing more.

    It's almost unreal but then cheating in games has been around for like forever now you just buy the cheats from the source itself; the developers.
    This is how simple is really is by the way; Weak wheals will pay big bucks to win! Whoa simply

    What makes this business model tasteless tho is that they encourage cheating in games played with other people as a cool thing all while denying that they are in fact selling cheats; anyone making money on this model will jump through hoops telling you that you are not buying the win; this is of course annoying as any fairly sensible person that's not completely self-deluded will just by the use of there own common sense know better.

    Words you should associate with pay to win games;
    caveman, loudmouth, villain, doofus, nut, cheat, birdbrain, dope, half-wit, imbecile, brat, nuisance, pest, rip-off, gimmick, trick, hoax, humbug, phony, charlatan, quack.
  21. Jul 9, 2013
    Overall a pretty bad game. It runs so awful it is not even funny. It will finally be getting multicore support when it comes to the Playstation 4. Why? More money. Their resource system is quickly turning into a pay to win model. SOE seems hellbent on making sure there is always a huge nerf/buff cycle almost every major patch. The development team for the most part, seems unable to properly do their job. Bad game. Expand
  22. Nov 29, 2012
    I love it in every single way, the maps are beautiful, the factions are balanced, the scale is massive, and it requires more than just a quick trigger finger to be good at. I've only played for a few hours and it's all been massively entertaining. If there's any game I would've wanted for Christmas, it would have been this, but it's free.

    However, there are still a lot of glitches,
    especially clipping after death animations, and even sometimes falling through the map. Also, the fact that only one person can drive a vehicle is slightly aggravating, especially when your teammate is an idiot......

    But Why am I complaining? IT'S FREEEEEEEEEEEE
  23. Nov 29, 2012
    In my opinion this is what Battlefield should have aspired to be. This is a multiplayer FPS that goes beyond your normal COD rip off. The game is huge but navigable, the classes are fun to play and you actually feel like you are taking part in a real war not put in a sand box arena for 20 minutes to shot at each other. Other developers should take note, this is the future of FPS. And as an added bonus its FREE (which actually bumped my review score up). The game isn't perfect. There should be a system where more experienced players get to allocate objectives for platoons and squads to follow with incentives for people to follow them, I've kind of been spoiled by MAG in this respects and miss it in all games now, but the shear scale and confusing nature of capture points in this game actually warrants some kind of top down, overall control. I can see the game getting a bit stale after playing for a long time, especially after maxing out all the upgrades, so I hope to see some updates in the future (new weapons, classes, vehicles etc). I might even be prepared to pay for them. Expand
  24. Aug 20, 2013
    I felt I needed to do an updated review. I'll use bullet points to outline the main problems after recently playing and uninstalling again.

    -Pay2Compete; Pay gain access to the latest OP weapons before they are nerfed once they've had sufficient sales.

    -Art design; This game has sub-par art design. The only things that are decent are weapons. Vehicles, character armor and cosmetics
    look what people thought sci-fi would look like in the 80s. Skull masks & Lightbright helmets are a complete joke, and I might of thought they were cool when I was 13. Takes the seriousness out of the game.

    -Nickel & Diming; BF3 launched without the classic horn for the jeep. Outraged, players asked for it. EA of all companies eventually put it in via patch FOR FREE. If you would like to enjoy a 2.5 second mp3 sound every time you pressed the mouse button while driving a vehicle in PS2, please insert $7. The argument "You don't have to pay for it if you dont want" is moot. It is the fact they charge $7 for a 2.5 second mp3. It's not hard to take a stock horn sound and edit it nicely.

    -Lack of Vision; Even after so much time has passed, I can see the fundamental flaws have not been fixed. Bases seem to be upgraded with more cover, a jeep was added, and a plethora of new weapons were added to the store yet I didn't particularly see any performance increases or any kind of point to the battles. It is quite simply still a giant, semi-laggy TDM with vehicles with no permanence of end. In BF3 for example there is an end. A screen pops up and announces you won, with battle statistics after the fact. It feels complete. The war has ended. In PS2, it simply goes on for ever with no end ever in sight. This fact alone eventually makes the player feel what he's doing is pointless, which it is. It is this feeling of pointlessness that helped me hate this game.

    Cutting Corners; From what I read, SOE pays their employees below the standard wage for people in the industry. This means the bulk of developers working there are probably fresh out of school or new to the industry. This would explains a lot of the low quality production values in PS2. With Sony's huge money, there was no reason why the factions could not all their own unique common pool vehicle models. I could understand the reason in planetside 1, to save money since a game like planetside hadn't been done before. But today its simply lazy. Playing Vanu is pointless, because you are not a cool alien tech faction since most of your vehicles are wheeled, tracked or use conventional propulsion. All factions having the exact same common pool vehicle models also creates problems. Many times have I accidently shot a friendly vehicle thinking it was enemy. There is absolutely no excuse for SOE not to have launched with empire specific common pool vehicle models. It will probably never be done, as it would not make them money.

    It is dozens of small details like this that piss me off, and make me deeply regret spending close to $200 on the shop. The only reason I did so was because I was already bored and thought buying the new weapons or cool new camo would re-energize my spirit to continue playing.

    It didn't.
  25. Jan 9, 2013
    This game looks good; that's about the only good thing about it. There's no backstory or reason why these factions are fighting each other. There's a 30 second intro video and then you get dropped into battle. The first couple hours of me playing was me trying to look for a fight (playing at midnight) and when I did, I instantly got killed. High learning curve. Also, in a fight, you'll mostly be trying to get outside of your base because there's constant spawn camping. I REALLY REALLY tried to enjoy this game, but I couldn't. There's nothing to pull you in. This game isn't necessarily hard; it's more annoying or frustrating. Expand
  26. Jan 13, 2013
    I wouldn't bother with this game, but chances are you will try it just due to all the hype.
    Let me start with the main problem with planetside - It is far too graphically demanding. Even some of the top end PC's and gaming laptops struggle to make this game run smoothly and it may cause you to buy better software and still discover the game cannot run. "But wait!" I hear you cry "My PC is
    amazing!" Then go play a far more enjoyable Free to play FPS such as Team Fortress. There is nothing unique about planetside other than its large scale gameplay, and if MAG taught us anything it's that this simply doesn't work. Combat is frantic and guns have no attachment to the player since they all feel generally similar and scenarios often involve two players meeting and the one winning being the one who clicks first. After a while this just gets boring and repetitive.
    Lastly, although it is beneficial for the creators to advertise this game as "Free" it is a micro transaction game, meaning if you really want to get anywhere with it your going to have to fork out.
    To conclude, I'd just say it's shocking how some people would rather play this than decent FPS' like battlefield or Halo.
  27. Jan 26, 2013
    John Smedley failed with SWG sinking it into the ground. Within one year he took a game with 1,000,000 copies sold down to nearly 10,000 subscribers still playing, then lied to the public on his failures. Why anyone let him be in charge of Planetside 2 is beyond me..
  28. Sep 18, 2013
    A decent free-to-play team based shooter with elements and influences taken from a variety of sources but a game completely ruined by pay2win mechanics. Disappointing.
  29. Jun 22, 2013
    Game came out and was pretty solid out of the gate. In the last two months (writing this in June 2013), the development staff has made a ton of stupid decisions that have butchered what could have been a great game.

    The Creative Director, Matt Higby, came out last week talking about why he's instating these inane "gameplay rules" and the necessity of them, but the changes show nothing
    but a lack of imagination and critical thought.

    While in minor cases, they listen to the community at large, they seem to ignore what the playerbase is asking for a majority of the time. As time goes on, it becomes more and more apparent that this is just a money grab and not even remotely F2P.

    The game becomes more P2W with every update and gets less fun to play every day. I'm sorry I spent a dime on this game and I hope others will think twice before they do.
  30. Oct 22, 2013
    Terrible terrible. No real feel of accomplishment, flying is impossible, or using any vehicle really. Everything dies in about 2 seconds, and your respawn timers are 20 seconds for inf, 15+ minutes for vehicles. Its dreadfully boring and you are forced to play infantry. Only the elite get to play with vehicles. And even then the Elites are stopped from playing because pleb guns like lock on rocket launchers literally shoot a rocket out that goes directly to the closest enemy vehicle u were looking at and hits it. People spend about 1000 hours of playtime to be able to fly and brand new players need about an hour to get lock on rockets and ruin everyone's fun.

    It's interesting at first, but play it for more then a week with at least 2 hours a day playtime and you will realize getting any new weapon from earning certifications is impossibly elongated. This is due to the Free To play model that it has. Which also forces SOE to make weapons/vehicles over powered when they first release them, so that they sell better, which they then nerf to the ground, wasting your money or time you have spent. Everything is about seven dollars each, a gun, a camo, a hat, you name it. And most of the time you will accidentally realize what you bought was a waste, due to not exactly understanding how precisely the weapon or game works.

    In this game you can level up. There is no point in leveling up, you get nothing for it, and when you cap to 100 you still get nothing. People don't even acknowledge it in the game. Even the people who are lvl 100 don't really like the game, because they too know all of the above and have just exploited it against other players.

    Go play battlefield 4.
  31. Nov 29, 2013
    I played this game for over a year, I've seen it's ups and downs, it's failures and successes. Let me tell you that I had some truly epic moments that immersed me in the world and that I will remember forever. But that's not the kind of thing the game promotes, you see, SOE has a very unclear goal for this game. It started of as a game that seemed to take itself pretty seriously, there were clearly defined factions, lots of robust lore, and it at least made an attempt to immerse the player in it's world.

    Since then Planetside 2 has been on a downward spiral. with SOE needing more funding they turned to sillier and sillier ways of milking people for money. It started off fairly tame, a couple hockey masks and a skull mask as cosmetics. But it just kept going and going, eventually ending at to the point where it is today. There are ridiculous camo options ranging from palm tree to zebra stripes, there are fireworks launchers, evil laugh horns, confetti C4, MLG decals, overt promotions, etc.

    Don't expect to get immersed enough to enjoy the game after the novelty of big battles wears off and reveals the abhorrent money grubbing underneath.
  32. Mar 9, 2013
    Really loved this game when it first came out. The persistent world, the graphics and I found it ran smoothly. However, it felt repetitive, without a sense of finale. The gunplay doesn't match up to other FPS I enjoy. Also not a huge fan of the credit of monetization model. I did purchase some weapons to give some support to the devs and for free or however much you want to pay the game is great value. Expand
  33. Jun 17, 2013
    I am not sure if it is my failure or there's but I had technical issues with this game across several machines which I never resolved. This had the effect of having a rather basic looking graphical experience.

    In terms of the game play I never understood what the fuss was about. Extremely mediocre.

    Personally, I found it extremely buggy, poorly supported and not worth the effort
    to work through the bugs because the game is just not good enough. Expand
  34. Apr 1, 2013
    Planetside 2 is the best MMO of the last 5 years, it is very fun and pretty and addictive, if your PC can run it I highly recommend it (I use a midrange CPU from 3 years ago and a midrange video card I bought in 2012 and I run the game on Ultra just fine)

    I'm not sure where the anger comes with regard to difficulty yes, if you try to charge out of your spawn room when you're alone and
    2 platoons are capturing your base you are going to have a bad time, that's how the game works, you're supposed to spawn elsewhere if you get overrun. Also, the cash shop is very reasonable given that the game is totally free to download and all weapons can be earned through gameplay. Many of the most powerful and widely used weapons, like the CARV and the SAW and MBT HEAT rounds are available by default: the SAW and HEAT Rounds in particlar have only become more popular with successive patches. There's no conspiracy by SOE to make default guns worthless Expand
  35. Dec 19, 2012
    Great idea, poor execution. Overall, it's not a bad game, and it's pretty fun to play (but only if you have friends to play it with -- playing solo is significantly less entertaining due to how the game is structured). It is HUGELY demanding on your PC, even high-end gaming rigs like my own still sometimes struggle handling this game (not due to lack of PC power, but rather due to lack of optimization in the game itself). I'm the type of person who enjoys options and variety -- sometimes I feel like playing an engineer type, sometimes a medic, etc. But in PS2 you would need to shell out HUNDREDS of dollars in order to have "decent" gear for your characters. Focusing on a single character with a focused skill(s) would be expensive by itself, but you can forget about having multiple characters and any sort of variety in your options without shelling out cash. They have definitely gone as far as they could when it comes to milking players for their money. However, the battles in this game can be very huge, intense and downright amazing at times. But expect yourself to pay, either in huge amounts of invested time, or huge amounts of invested cash, in order to really experience this game to it's full potential. Expand
  36. Nov 23, 2012
    i have to give props to sony online entertainment for actually trying to make a triple-A MMOFPS title AND doing a great job at it!!!!!! most FPS games that come out now have a story mode and an online mode, while i believe that it should be one or the other (story mode OR online mode). if you love online FPS, you're gonna love planetside 2!!!!!!
  37. Jun 6, 2013
    I'm not a big FPS player, but Planetside has me hooked. A tremendously fun game that involves thousands of people battling for control of (at this time) 3 continents. All kinds of classes and 3 distinct factions. Absolutely awesome.
  38. Dec 11, 2012
    Planetside 2, some mix Massive shooter with RPG (?), in my opinion idea this game is great and underdone.
    On the + : Big maps, vehicles, graphic (not bad textures for that big game maps), re-spawn protect (!),
    On the - : Fight and flight too much arcade style, where is RPG system (?), after 40 min. is boring
  39. Jan 16, 2013
    The game is only free to play if your intentions are dying to spawn campers and the constant feel of losing. The game ultimately feels like a massive grind-fest if you do not give into their high priced bonuses and items.
  40. Jan 21, 2013
    Hackers. Hackers everywhere. Now the new hack added to all the regular ones is to somehow mess with the collision in the game to send you flying from the spawn half way across a continent to fall and die. This game is riddled with bugs and hackers everywhere.
  41. Jan 26, 2013
    The graphics are decent, the game play isn't bad. But the weapon physics are dreadful, paying players get everything immediately and you're either dropped right into battle (which for new joiners is a dreadful notion), or you're in the middle of frickin' no where with nothing around you and you can't jump on a vehicle because you don't have the necessary XP to activate one. Bull. ****
  42. Mar 16, 2013
    Ok as much as i'd love to sing planetside2's praised there are certain elements that have to be addressed. First lets start with the positives -Huge scale maps -Exciting gameplay -Actual point in snipers as maps are so huge -Amazing fun with friends -When the battle gets going IT GETS GOING Negatives -There's no real tutorial, a friend of mine had to teach me the ropes -Gun prices are extortionate
    - Requires a beefy rig to run on anything more than medium
    - Gun balancing is poor, for example the Terran republic first sniper takes 3 body shots or 2 head shots. a new conglomerate sniper will kill in 1 clean body shot.
    - Hackers. They aren't there much but when they are you know about it.
    - On your own can get very boring.
  43. Aug 7, 2013
    This game was just bad honestly its a game where you can be terrible and win. The reason being is grab lock ons against vehicles. The client side programming means two major league bad things should you have a really bad connection you can go to town on people and they cant even see you. Also like 90% of the games files are on your pc thus making it extremely easy to patch and modify your game files; hence all the hackers found it the game(many are sneaky about it now however its still a huge problem). While your at it why not just buff one faction above the others time and time again without any consideration of balance or skill based weaponry. Oh and just to put the cherry on top of the cake they will ban you should you do good, don't believe me get a K/D of 20+ and you will shortly. As for the bugs planetside 2 is FULL of them LITERALLY most of which have been around since the alpha days. such as; falling through the ground being killed but being able to move around and look at people but not die when shot, graphical errors, floating buildings. And then the bugs that they think helps balance the game such as lock ons going right through walls, infantry not even rendering in many cases, huge de-sync problems when in a harasser. As for the content added--I don't think SOE knows the meaning of that because all they do is add generic guns and buff lock on rockets consistently. If you don't believe me look at the patch notes since the beta all they added was change around the warpgates(new only two times) the latus system(Which is horrendously worse then the system before) the harasser that is riddled with bugs and glitches to this day. Now speaking from a knowledgeable programmers perspective you know that SOE could not be dumber in using dx9 vs dx11 and also trying to make they're own engines just to save a little amount of money. Just to top it all off they released a TESTING server that what do you know they don't even USE TO TEST THINGS BEFORE RELEASE! I give this game a rating of 1 just for the sake that they tried to make the first game of its kind but they blew it so hard that I regret playing in the alpha/beta testing phase because that game was better when it was in testing phase otherwise it would be a solid zero. Expand
  44. Oct 10, 2013
    When it launched, I thought PlanetSide 2 was going to be THE Game that was going to make me delete all my other ones. Huge maps with lots of enemies to fights, colorful graphics, lots of weapons, vehicles and other unique features. But after playing for a while I realized the game has no goal at all. It is a neverending deathmatch where no team can really win the game. I still log on once in a while and I find that there are less and less players on the servers, and those that remain are hardcore gamers with 1000's of hours played who have already reached the maximum level (makes it hard for noobies to get started). There appear to be a lot of balance issues between factions and vehicles vs infantry. In conclusion, the game has lots of potential but really lacks some very important features that would keep the players interested. Expand
  45. Dec 18, 2013
    The game started off fantastic but like any SOE game, SOE's habit of ruining a good thing through updates has happened once more. Balance is horrid, updates are nearly always lopsided adding almost absurd advantages/disadvantages for factions, vehicles or weaponry.

    While that's to be expected perhaps with any SOE game, given that the game relies on a certification point system that is
    earned over time, it's infuriating to spend your precious certs on items, vehicles or classes only to have those choices irrevocably nerfed or broken without any way to get a refund on the certification points you spent.

    The ability to refund/re-certify has been on their development plan for far over a year at this point but continues to be pushed off while huge, untested and bug-ridden patches are put out in odd succession.

    Let alone that the game itself has 3 continents, each in a different stage of development making the game lopsided and uneven, the game suffers horribly from a fourth faction issue (where you can make alts for each faction and swap immediately to whatever faction is winning) has been a known issue since launch and unfixed despite that it makes the game a contest of who can swap to the winning side first.

    Avoid at all costs. The game is now in a stale development cycle as SOE looks to launch it on PS4 and the latest update (PU2) has once again brought the servers down for the last 2-3 days.
  46. Dec 2, 2012
    Sorry but having to pay $7 for a single weapon for a single class that doesn't even look unique but is only a complete copy design-wise just isn't acceptable.
  47. Jun 21, 2013
    This game is utter trash. Its a fun idea ruined by alienating new players, rewarding pay to win, and confusing and bad game controls, mechanics UI and a waste of in game time doing nothing.

    The fun idea
    A large actively changing map where all three factions fight for total dominance of the planet. With 3 large maps, it fills a niche I've yet to experience and thought would be really

    This game's tutorial consists of showing you how to play a generic first person shooter then throws you into combat without knowing what objectives are, and how to interact with other players. Hell you don't even get taught about vehicles. This isn't a FPS with a campaign mode, if it did It wouldn't need to tell me a thing. But it does because without any nice tut, I am lost.

    pay to win
    striaght forward, pay money, get an advantage. Better armor, better weapons, more upgrades. This is what we call ignoring game balance. The devs obviously just wanted a quick dollar. In the long run they may have money, but I will never play a game from these people, and certainly not this one.

    Lets have 3 factions: red, blue and purple. Now let us make allies show up blue in the UI and enemies in red... So red team has blue allies who are red and blue enemies who are red. Orange and green and yellow also exist..

    The best part is the spawning system. Instead of having variable induvidual spawn points within a base or outpost, everyone is spawned in safe buildings within those areas. In other words Prime spawn camping material. 2 tanks and a location is ready to spawn camp. Then reinforcements come and the defending side tries to poke their heads out and fire rockets hoping they don't die and can save their base. While the offensive are simply aiming at the doors hoping to react fast enough to shoot an enemy to death. Not like it matters, you can die inside a safe spawn anyhow or life for a moment outside of it. Then often times the spawn locations are hundreds, sometimes past a thousand Kilometers from any enemy location/combat region. This means(I kid you not) about 5-60 minutes of aimless or monotonous walking and running to actually start playing the game. Good thing is there is an orbital drop spawn! Sadly though, you only get to use it every 15 minutes or so.

    The UI is atrocious, nothing about it makes sense. The minimap only randomly shows you structures and enemies, its not clear at all what causes something to show up on the map. Often snipers or vehicles kill you before you hear, see or detect them on the minimap unless you are scouting ahead with a sniper rifle.

    menus are a joke. These devs seem to think words are a sin. I click on one of several icons without words. You have to hover over them for a few seconds to see what they are. By this time, you forget what one icon was and are constantly searching until you memorize everything.

    No clear objectives. While you see icons in the distance it isn't clear what you are supposed to do, what it does, or why you might want to go there. Good thing the game doesn't let you know you can't capture a point if it is land locked by enemy territory. Why that is a rule is beyond me. This game is nothing like real combat, its just a chaotic mess with no one telling anyone what to do, and the game certainly doesn't care to tell you what you should do.

    Waste of time
    Just plain and simple. When you spend more time traveling than you do fighting, you know you should be spending your time elsewhere. I was hoping to play a game, not walk it.

    If you have $100 you don't care about and no goals in life, this is the game for you. It will eat your time and money and make you feel right at home. However, like most people, I cherish both my time and money and my dignity. I won't be fooled by this puke garbage. This is the result of people who wanted money and had no passion at all and who have never played an FPS in their lives.
  48. Nov 21, 2012
    The concept of this game blew me away, I couldn't imagine such a great idea! The Graphics are so impressive, the World is so big and there are so many players. The gameplay is great aswell, it's similiar to a lot of other games out there but when that gameplay meets that big scale, then it just... Dies, litteraly dies. I hate running for 5 to 10 minutes just to get killed when I even get to the fight. The big World and the gameplay doesn't really fit, if you love to fight. Oh, and about those fights, then the classes you can play are so unbalanced, it's crazy. I know they all got some pros and cons which is good, but it isn't balanced enough. The conclusion: It's a game with great potential, putting all those great aspects together, but not all those great Things fit together, which is sad, when I really want to love the game. Expand
  49. Jan 29, 2013
    Pros: Free. Graphics. Scale. Vehicles. Teamwork. Base designs.
    Cons: Repetitive. Guns. Lag. Lots of traveling. Pay 2 Win. Pointless.

    To sum it up... this game is a lot of fun if you just want to login to shoot other people and try to find the next big battle. It would be more rewarding if trying to level up wasn't so painfully slow. Also, the gun mechanics feel terrible. With the
    terrible recoil every gun has in combination with lag, you'd be lucky if 5% of your shots landed on your target. Luckily, this game is free and looks amazing... and when you actually have a large group that communicates and knows what they are doing the game is much more enjoyable. Expand
  50. Feb 15, 2013
    I would like this game. If it wasn't so much pay to win. Say, you want a gun so you play for 5 hours straight and then you get it (only if you play good) BUT if you have the money, you buy expensive credits and get the gun instantly. Game should be called Pay 2 Winside 2
  51. Jun 22, 2013
    After playing this game from Alpha, sinking a couple hundred Smed Bucks and spending a great deal of time playing the original Planetside, I'm incredibly disappointed in the sequel. The dev's are too obsessed with making new cosmetic items to milk the dwindling population, instead of making PS2 into the great game it should be.

    The business model is completely warped. When they should
    be addressing fundamental issues, they're busy buggering up the balance with new OP weapons (which are nerfed as soon as they hit their sales target).

    Honestly, if the dev's put as much time into developing the gameplay experience as they do generating cash items, the player base would be ten times as big. And the game would be so much more profitable than it is now.

    The main issues:

    1. Lack of Meta-game. It's just massive TDM at the moment, there's no real sense of goals or achievements and it's really stale. There's been a number of great ideas floating around since release (NTU's/Caverns/Cont. Locking), but they've not been integrated, and the game is fundamentally boring.

    2. No real MMO character development. There's no real individual character development found in other MMO's, just a constant grind to earn 'certs', which means you can basically upgrade everything. There's no individual roles, as you can change class at whim. I can see how this is difficult in an FPS, but PS1 had an excellent system whereby a player would really have to think about a finite number of cert's, before locking them into a role for a set period of time.

    3. Performance. I currently own a £2k 1 year old gaming rig, and I have to run this game on low settings to get decent FPS. Sorry, but this really has gone on long enough, and needs sorting.

    4. Constant balance changes. Nerfing and buffing with every update undermines player confidence in purchasing weapons, and the development team. So, air was OP when the game was released the solution? Nerf air, buff all AA and introduce new AA weapons. Where any one of those options would have been sufficient, all three have destroyed the air game. Players who like to fly feel alienated. Balance is delicate, and SOE seems to deal with changes like a bull at a gate.

    5. New weapons affect on balance not thought through. In their quest to milk the population, new weapons are rushed and not tested properly. A good example of this? ZOE. Players cried that it was ridiculously OP when it was on test and all of this feedback was ignored. So ZOE goes live, and lo and behold, it's crazy OP and destroy's the game in favour of one fraction for 2 3 weeks before SOE smacked it with the nerf bat. Then we have players who certed into ZOE complaining about the amount certs they dropped in it! IDEAS AND CHANGES NEED TO BE THOUGHT THROUGH.

    6. Minor bugs that have been in since Alpha still aren't fixed. Seriously, why the hell do ESF wheels STILL stay out on spawn until you land. It's the little things that make a great game. Unfortunately, bugs which should NOT be in a game are still present. It makes the whole game feel somehow 'sloppy'.

    7. New players are not eased into what's quite a complicated game. There needs to be a bunch of IN GAME tutorials and missions which give new players an overview of what the games all about, and give them a fighting chance. As it is, you have heavily experienced players flattening the new players. The experienced players feel bad, the new players leave. It's not a good system.

    8. Outfits. This game is about team play, but as a new players there's no incentive to join an outfit, or any outfits welcoming enough for new players (depending on the server). You should automatically be signed up to a large fraction outfit, with players dedicated to getting new players into the battle fast.

    9. No CR (command rank). Players in PS1 had to earn squad leader status through well, leading squads, which earns a player command ranks. There's no leader development, so it's a bunch of idiot's trying to command the battlefield with no experience. At least with CR you had to earn the right to command.

    I won't go on, although this list could go on forever.

    The bottom line. Avoid for another 6 months (if it lasts that long). If the dev's shape up and really start looking into the above issue's then this game will be unbelievably good. As it stands, it's not worth the time, and if you're a PS1 vet like me, you'll feel let down and betrayed.
  52. Dec 4, 2012
    If you like futuristic FPS with setting in 27th century, somewhere in the space, with unrealistic projectile weapons and unguided missiles like from WW2 then this game will suit your needs. You may even try flying a machine which seems to have an antigravity engine but is controlled like biplane. If you like hugely unbalanced challenge with one side designed to win and one to loose then feel free to try it as you really don't have to pay for extra content which gives your opponents extreme boost.

    Great concept of MMO FPS and design of the game world are two reasons I give it 2.
  53. Jan 7, 2013
    This game had potential, but SoE's pay structure ruined it. Anyone with skill who doesn't want to spend money on the game can't enjoy the game because it's a struggle to level. While children with equally childish player names who spent their allowance on Station Cash sky rocket to level 30+ and then commence to harass anyone with unearned levels. Games with pay structures that affect direct purchase of gear and leveling just don't work and won't last. Expand
  54. Feb 17, 2013
    Free to play? lol. More like free to hack. Have fun spending $50+ dollars on items that are bound to a single character to get you your competitive edge, only to have a hacker spawn kill you for 10 minutes. This game is the most overrated game I have ever had the displeasure of playing. There are no active GMs, there is no anti-cheat detection. The only method SOE uses is reports from players followed by stats tracking. Sometimes it will take days to ban a hacker. Oh, but the game is FTP so what is stopping the banned hacker from just creating a new account? Nothing. Expand
  55. Jul 26, 2013
    Honestly, I like the concept and the gameplay. I really do. I love the advancement system and the many options of guns, apparel and accessories. But the reason I scored this game so low is because in it's current state, it is broken. I have a high-end PC that runs the game at a steady 60fps even in really big battles. But there is this server-lag that happens ALL THE TIME that makes the game unplayable. First off you have this lag where all players are constantly disappearing and reappearing and popping in and out of the world. it's impossible to shoot or kill anyone. When this isn't happening there is another sort of server lag where no matter how many times you shoot someone the hit does not register. They can be 2 feet in front of me and I cannot get a hit marker for anything. Now, I would be okay with this if it happened once in a while. This happens ALL THE TIME. Last night I played for an hour and 45 min. out of the hour these problems existed. The game was only playable for 1/4 of my time played. Tonight I also played an hour and it was the SAME THING. The game would work fine for 5 or 10 minutes but then I would have 30 minutes of this horrible server lag. Even other people in chat were talking about it so I know it's not my computer. Again, I have a high end system that runs more graphic intensive games than planetside just fine. ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 are two of those games. I wish I could give this game an 8 or 9 I really do. But in it's current state I would stay away from it. I have only been playing the game for a week but I am very discouraged and do not want to touch it again until it's fixed because it is a waste of my time. I'm not going to play a game for hours of my time when only 1/4th of it it's actually playable. I advise anyone looking to spend money on it or use HD space to wait until SOE does something about this because the game is literally broken. I think this game is too big for their britches and there's too many players for them to handle. Again, I really wish I could give it a better score because it is a great game but in it's current state... BROKEN! This is my honest review and opinion. Expand
  56. Feb 11, 2014
    I've been waiting for a stellar MMOFPS title. A friend recommended I give Planetside 2 a try, and try it I did. Planetside 2 is massive, as the genre classification would suggest, and offers tons of places to go. But the glaring problem is that PS2 is completely aimless, cheap, and at times ugly in its presentation. There is little rhyme or reason to what you're doing. There is next to zero help in getting started. There are several vehicles which are somewhat appealing but anything in the air is tough to control and requires an insanely high level of precision and mastery to be effective with. PS2 is perhaps the worst FPS experience for newcomers on the market. The graphics always look like they're stuck in beta builds no matter how powerful your graphics card is. I constantly wished for more cohesion amongst players and objectives but was constantly disappointed. The freedom aspect is a nice IDEA that is entirely left undeveloped. If you wish to do anything in this game, you MUST go where the hordes are. Taking bases can be fun but there's a heavy amount of patience required whether you're on offense or defense. PS2 made me long for Guild Wars 2's World vs World PVP, which I felt was a bit too massive and tough to work with. There is a pillar or two upon which Planetside 2 can stand on. It's a free to play game so there's no such thing as a waste of money, only time (but time is money, right?). There is some variation to play styles and classes and, when you finally do get the hang of the game after numerous hours and a terrible learning curve, there is some intense fun that can be had. But the fun is fleeting - coming and going almost in an instant. The best moments tend to be when a smaller pocket of resistance is met where you aren't potentially being targeted by 400 enemies. MMOFPS is a genre that is guaranteed to work, but titles like Destiny or The Division, which are on their way for PCs and consoles in 2014, find better balances and won't force you to constantly play with complete strangers or unorganized factions/guilds. If Planetside 2 could offer some good fun away from the large battles, maybe there would be something special here. But nothing is special, beautiful, reasonable or interesting about Planetside 2. Unless Sony completely overhauls a future title and I receive credible word about this franchise evolving into a complete game experience, I won't even bother with a free-to-play Planetside 3 and beyond. Expand
  57. Dec 1, 2012
    This game is far from being completed and will likely be added to for years. What they have already is amazing, and they are constantly patching and adding more stuff. If you are not working with a group, the game is not the same honestly. If you have a full platoon of 48 people all working together? Oh my god the feeling is unmatched. The feeling of turning the tide of a major battle involving hundreds of players? It is amazing! Orders are given and things get done and it is one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever had in any game ever. The game still needs a ton of work, but it is getting better daily. It is also free to play so really, there is no reason not to try it. Expand
  58. Oct 28, 2013
    The game is not newbie friendly, you cannot accomplish anything, solo. While I realize it is meant to be a huge battlefield game, there are limits. The shop is intended to make people, including people with a subscription, to spend extra money on an inferior game.

    Planetside 1 had a whole host of issues... planetside 2 has almost all of the same issues, but is free to play. Take my
    advise, go buy a battlefield game, save for titanfall, etc. This is not worth the hard disk space. How it has an overwhelmingly positive review is far beyond me.

    I can see some good in it but it cannot overshadow the bad. Takes a thousand and one anti-vehicle weapons to take out a friggin BUGGY!!! AN ARMED CAR!!!! Let alone a tank... There are so many things that could have made this game, one of the BEST SHOOTERS, in history, but they just took it the wrong direction. I realize this is an opinion but at least make it so infantry can KILL TANKS WITHOUT HAVING TO HOSE IT DOWN WITH A THOUSAND ROCKETS!!!! ESPECIALLY SINCE THERE CAN BE SEVERAL HUNDRED IN AN AREA IN AT A GIVEN TIME!!!! Oh sure, you can justify that it has a long cooldown before you can order another but... by the time its destroyed most drivers will have spent around 30+ minutes in one...

    The health/shield system is appalling, it makes halo's system look bloody brilliant! The starter weapons are akin to pellet guns. Try taking on more than 3 at a time when you are alone? Doesnt work, does it? Nope you just die instantly... What is the point of playing a game where you cannot 'feel like you are making a difference' in a persistent universe. 1v1, about who can aim, 2v1 you will die unless you are lucky, 3v1 you are dead. They do not reward skill! While I realize this is not one of those types of games it does not do the shooter genre any justice.
  59. Mar 6, 2013
    At first glance, Planetside 2 looks like what FPS fans would describe as a perfect FPS. Heaps of guns, huge maps, people running everywhere, vehicles and just generally massive scale warfare. Sadly, it is far from it, it could have been, but isn't. Planetside 2 is a game plagued with bugs that haven't been fixed, pay to win business model, especially when it comes to vehicles, optimization easily the worst I have ever seen (20-30 fps on my high end machine with every setting on dead low), disgusting textures (1997ish textures on low, impossible to play it higher), hackers everywhere with no solid attempt to overcome them (even though it is impossible to get rid of them in a F2P shooter so why bother i guess), awfully confusing UI, so bad that it actually causes performance issues, horrifically slow progression (after playing 70 hours I have unlocked 1 weapon which is the cheapest ones). Balance is pretty bad, players will never be able to be a pilot without spending money to unlock the must have items for the aircraft, and tanks can be improved as the default machine gun that most of the vehicles have are god awful. The price of the items are ridiculous, as usual with all free to play games, $15 subscriptions basically get you nothing and guns are like $7-10 dollars. Seriously, has any company actually tried selling their products at an acceptable price? Perhaps they would be more successful if they catered to people who aren't rich or have no sense of value with currency.

    Planetside 2 could have easily been that amazing MMO-FPS game that fans are really wanting, but with all these horrible issues that still haven't been fixed, or even improved upon after I returned to playing Planetside 2, I am quite skeptical that this game will ever be worth your time.
  60. Nov 21, 2012
    Great game that will continue to get better! Love it...while there are a few bugs that need some ironing out, this game has a bright future ahead of itself.
  61. May 22, 2013
    I find it amusing the people giving this game low scores are crying it is too hard or you need to spend hours getting the 'good' weapons. I have been playing this game for a while now and still haven't spent a cent and manage to more than hold my own. If you came from a COD background then this game is definitely too hard for you it involves tactics and skill. Battlefield players will feel much more at home and the depth of customisation is a breath of fresh air in this game genre. The large scale battles and varying roles you can play make for some great extended gaming sessions and unique battles. Having a mike is essential as there is no time to type and noone pays attention to the typers anyhow. The only issue is the same as with most other online games gen i jerkoffs who think they are gods gift polluting the airwaves with their ridiculous dribble. Expand
  62. Nov 21, 2012
    I wanted to like the game but, sadly, it comes short at a bit of points. 1st up, you will die. A LOT. VERY EASY.
    2nd, snipers will kill you. A LOT. VERY EASY. This is very annoying as it seems a lot of players do nothing but sit on roofs and shoot at everything that moves, meaning that as soon as you walk outside of a building, you're a dead man. One of the gazillion enemy snipers will 1
    shot you.

    There is hardly any strafing as you won't hit anything without aiming and when you aim you move really slow and can't strafe.

    Something else annoying is that you walk quite a lot to get to the fight, provided a sniper doesn't kill you on the way there, and then die in 2 seconds.
  63. Jan 16, 2013
    Planetside 2 is an FPS MMO. And right from the get-go the player is thrown into a conflict on a huge map that is divided up in sectors. Each sector offers the team he plays for (there are three teams to choose from, each with a different look) an advantage and the player is tasked, along with everyone else to either hold or capture a sector with the use of six different play-able classes and several vehicles that can be spawned. There is an item store but it seems that so far, all of the items can be unlocked by simply playing the game. I've never played anything like this before but I could best describe it as Battlefield 2142 meets APB: Reloaded and not just because they're both exciting games but also because they're rather buggy. Planetside 2 can be horribly laggy, flickering screens will force you to quit the game and start it up again and you'll find other people rubberbanding all over the place . The launch wasn't exactly easy either but Sony fixed the problem and it seems like EU players can play now. There are plenty of people on-line and there is more teamwork going on than I would have expected from a free MMO despite people still learning the ropes. This is one of the few times that I genuinly like a free-to-play game and I think it might have a future if they get to work on the performance issues and graphical glitches. If you're an FPS fan and love large scale combat and vehicles, you'll want to check out PlanetSide 2. Just don't expect a tutorial or storyline. The former doesn't exist and the latter is restricted to an extremely brief story told after you create a new character. As I have quit playing the game due to its highly repetitive nature, dwindling server populations (rendering certain continents completely unplayable) and Sony's lack of response to these issues I have lowered the score to 5 (from 8). Planetside 2 was a good idea but it was poorly executed. All that awaits now are server mergers and eventually, cancellation. Expand
  64. Nov 29, 2012
    This is a great concept. poorly implemented. Pay to win feel but that's typical of F2P shooters. Biggest complaint is that battles are too large. Great idea in large scale battles, but cutting the maps into a 4th of their size would make combat more consistent. Instead you get a long period of firefights followed by monotonous base capturing without resistance because the other team is off doing something else. Capturing bases also feels way too long sometimes, my whole team stood at an enemy free base to capture it. Took 15mins of us standing around. The shooter mechanics are cool, but some of the classes feel strange. Only the heavy assault and medic feels right, all the others feel underpowered and the Max is way too beefy. Definitely worth a try, and I love how ambitious the developers were. Still, Blacklight and even Tribes:Ascend are better, albeit less original, F2P FPS games. Expand
  65. Nov 14, 2013
    Often a 1v1 close encounter will result in whoever gets a head-shot or who is a Vanu. If you use aim-down sights, your strafing ability is wrecked (even with the guns which only cut it by 50%), if you use hip fire you'll probably be lucky to get a head-shot which gives you an annoying choice where one is rarely better than the other and you regret not doing it the other way. No sniping would encourage more infantry since sniping is the reason why you wouldn't play infantry at all. No headshots and you could keep sniping because then you couldn't pin down any inferior number of infantry. Knifing is awesome though. This game is totally the opposite of traditional FPS and it's such a shame because without all the modern features and mechanics it would be amazing. Sometimes it's obvious you should play World of Tanks/Planes when you actually want to play infantry other than Infiltrator. Vehicle and air play is really good but if you're not into it, you'll really tire of waiting to invade the enemy base only to find they give up really fast and you sit around for 3-10 minutes for capture because you cannot move on to take the next base. Stealth-killing is risky but it doesn't really suit this game since it is very anti-rush and there should be power in numbers and should not reward luck. Cloak is easy to spot and triggering it on/off is very audible. Any class can be stealthy but with a lot of open areas and places to snipe, sometimes the game becomes incredibly frustrating. Engineers have to be vulnerable to repair vehicles which doesn't really make sense when you're using a damn gun to repair stuff, a lot of fights are just explosives blowing up everything and driving back to try and push towards the enemy base. The choice of armors is pretty much either reduced bullet damage or reduced explosive damage, but even with flak armor, you can get 1 shot by rockets fired by infantry (it's still useful though (just not much)). Nanoweave is a necessity if you're interested in close/mid-range infantry combat. Often a nade/c4 or air fire will likely result in you being useless anyway. Sadly the game is not very well optimized and has some crash problems. Then there's the issue where you cannot pre-load areas you are going to deploy to which means less action! Instant action sometimes doesn't work and honestly there is zero sense to this feature since drop podding into an enemy base and pod-crashing air units is very unfair. By the way I can fly a plane into another one and mine will blow up while the other continues on it's merry way with no damage taken. Instant action is for solo players and PS2 is NOT for solo gamers. Killing's fun but not rewarding in the context of credits...objectives are the most important thing which I feel is a bit silly since taking over bases with a big group is rarely fun (usually the numbers are heavily one-sided). PS2 had potential but got some of the fundamentals wrong. Smaller worlds with less paths to go through would result in more intense battles and less running around. More corridors would encourage confrontation rather than waiting for more players and limit the usefulness of vehicles. Instead it's scrap battles everywhere and a platoon of players who stomp one place, while one of your platoons stomps some other place which is absolutely boring, most of the problem is that there are THREE worlds and when you're losing in one world, you go to another world. I don't know why, but this is a fatal flaw in PS2, I've seen it ruin other games. Expand
  66. Nov 28, 2012
    Key points ~ It's a shooter, and a persistent world. You can play any class at any time and optimize as you see fit . It has ground vehicle/infantry/aircraft mixture. It is a strategy game, caveat being it's largely MMO shooter based .. so can tend be be fairly random as to it's nature. Sometimes this emergence is fun, sometimes it's frustrating and defeating.

    This is not a pay to win
    game. This is not a free to play game either in a sense of fairness, there are basic weapons you will want to buy.

    this is a grind game, so in the initial start for instance very few .. very very few have even optimized a single class the way they see fit. You have to grindand even a scope may take you a couple hours to work toward. Advatage unanimously goes to the game whales, this means people paying money will be better off buying farmed characters than paying for gold (I don't recommend either the game is actually fun). The most disconcerting thing in this game is the sheer rockface of farming that ust happen to achieve, it is likely to create a very selective player base .. which has nothng to do with "what" type of game they prefer .. but what a couple hoursof your freetime a night will profit an average player.

    This game is a descendent of tanarus and then planetside 1 both of which came out over 10 years ago.
    The strategy and fun is still there even while farming for weapon upgrades ect. But the whales will have a significant advantage maybe 20% over the new guy .

    I give this game an 7- 8 (going with 8 for now under benefit of doubt) for 2 reasons mainly ~ too many indistinguishable hacks/glitches, and 2 much farming. Otherwise I would give this game a 9 for it's creative / sandboxy feel and gameplay. This is also a very difficult game, in the sense a new player is going to have a rough time trying to get their feet in~ which is fine. But because it's bot farmy and difficult I think 2 strikes will not attract new players .. but rather only game abuses.
  67. Viy
    Feb 19, 2013
    This game is free to play as a spectator, If you want to help your team or be anything other than cannon fodder then you have to spend money. I was looking for a game to play that I wouldn't mind paying some money for a couple extras, but, being defenseless and building my char around my credit card, terrible.
  68. Dec 2, 2012
    Planetside 2 is an ambitious FPS. Unfortunately it suffers from a high system requirements (don't even bother unless you have a 64 bit OS), laggy servers and unfriendly user interface. The lack of tutorials will hobble new players and the demanding system requirements will hamper your gameplay. If you do have a 64 bit OS on the other hand, it is fun...when the servers work. If you have a 32 bit OS, avoid. Expand
  69. Aug 1, 2013
    This is the worst gaming experience I have ever experienced. I play BF3 on high settings with under 50 ping, but in PS2, players are teleporting everywhere with the worst lag I've ever seen in a multiplayer game. This is why I stay clear of free to play games. Awful, just awful.
  70. Nov 21, 2012
    Unoptimized beta. Bugs.
    Don't get me wrong, every software has bugs but how can you release a game in beta stage? I sank into the ground 3 times for less than 1 hour. Just an example of what kind of bugs you will come across.
    I like the idea of the game I'm looking forward to play it but please, Sony... Before you release a game make sure doesn't have at least trivial bugs.
  71. Nov 27, 2012
    This is a very addictive game and one that is well thought out although the execution is rough. It is a bit rushed and there are some HUGE balance issues (objective data has been assembled showing a massive advantage to the VS over the TR - slightly - but especially over the NC being in the basement in terms of Infantry and vehicles - particularly in the time to kill ratings) but this game is MUCH more about team work. If you try to Rambo this game and run and gun like any idiot in BF3 you will find you are killing your team mates, getting weapon locked and being hated by your side. In this game - friendly fire WILL kill you and no there are no servers where you can turn that off. The action is intense and the coordination required is at times mind blowing. The biggest issues in the game currently are technical followed by the need to better balance the factions. But this is an amazing game. You can be very effective with base equipment, but if you are like me and have a particular way you like to play, you will need to unlock a gun or two and some features for your vehicles. Realistically I would say that you could invest $25 and be set. The membership is only needed if you don't like standing in a queue. Expand
  72. Nov 29, 2012
    The game is phenomenal. Its restored my faith in MMOs. There's nothing quite like shooting at a rational target for a change over NPC mobs with deterministic AIs. Player driven content is the future.
  73. Dec 3, 2012
    This game is EPIC, massive battles, medium and small skirmishes in 3 different continents. If you liked any of the Battlefield saga games you will love this one. It takes some time to get used to the mechanics of the game but now there are hundreds of videos showing the basic features/gameplay.. The game gains a lot if you play it along with some friends, up to 12 players in 1 squad. You can join 4 squads to create a platoon so there's enough room for everyone. The unlock system it's a little bit slow, so it's important which upgrades/unlocks you pick, decide carefully. The game requires a good connection and a decent pc. Probably one of the best shooters of the year. Expand
  74. Nov 21, 2012
    Planetside 2 is a VERY solid game if you're the lover of the FPS genre. I tell my friends the following when trying to describe PS2: "Think of it as Halo, Battlefield 2142, WoW, Battlefield 3 and Crysis all melded into one", basically meaning that this game is futuristic, is massive in sheer scale, has amazing graphics and a great multiplayer experience.

    I've been playing this game
    through the majority of beta, and the development team have changed so much throughout the process. They listen to our feedback, and have made changes accordingly.

    However, the game still feels like it's under development, as there are minor bugs still apparent in the game. The biggest one for me however is the crashing to desktop bugs that are currently plaguing the game. There has been a lot of posts on the forums regarding this, and while SOE have made strides in correcting such problems, quite a lot of users are still experiencing bugs. However, thankfully, these bugs aren't affecting everyone. If you love FPS, and you love killing LOTS of people, all while looking at very pretty visuals and a streamlined experience, then this is the game for you.

    Oh, I forgot to mention... its free!
  75. Nov 22, 2012
    This game offers everything: action, strategy, graphics, free to play, action, and even more free to play. The game play is amazing and just what a lot of people have been looking for in a game. While most in most games, a lot is 64 people to a server, this game increases all previous limits of game play. The maps are bigger, the player number is bigger, and altogether, it makes it seem like any war that would take place in real life. There is almost no way for one person to carry the entire race, no matter how much skill they have. With most games, skill is the most important factor, but with this game, while it still plays its part, strategy and numbers bring themselves in as dominating forces, making the game so much more realistic and exceeding all the expectations that I had for this game. SOE has done a brilliant job, and I hope to see more games like this in the future. Expand
  76. Nov 23, 2012
    Personally so far with the game it is great. The game is rough around the edges but for what it is its very good. The first game sacrificed so much to have what it had and yet people say its better, the shooting was horrible. This game has fixed that, the devs listen to the community. And so many people also complain about technical difficulties, that's not really a game flaw. If you actually searched for the problem you would find it is most likely the render distance option. The lack of in game tutorials is mostly solved by the fact that there are lots of people willing to help you, the game automatically puts you in a squad so you can just ask them. But is it really hard to point and shoot at the people in different colours? My experience with the game was great, seeing huge battles last for days and finally after lots of work taking that continent and then dropping over to another to fight there. I love the game, and for a free game it beats any others I know of. Expand
  77. Nov 27, 2012
    It seems most of the poor reviews are by people who have technical trouble. As someone with a decent gaming computer, I have no such issues and I'm thoroughly enjoying Planetside 2. As an Australian I find it an extra positive that theres a local server. The only negatives to me are the slowness of gaining certification points if you're a free player, and the lack of in game tutorials - the game is a little overwhelming at first if you don't spend the time to watch the tutorial videos.

    These negatives are far outweighed by the sheer joy of joining a huge tank convoy and rolling across the map, or doing tactical air drops into strategic points and paving the way for your armor to roll in, or flying air support for airborne transports, or simply operating an anti aircraft turret.
  78. Nov 27, 2012
    Planetside 2 although it has potential, is fun and addictive (when it works) has many issues, bugs, glitches that ruin the game.

    The lag issue sees enemy infantry turn invisible or teleport around your screen making it impossible to get a shot off. The terrain bug making the world invisible can be a minor issue (restart game or mess with full screen/windowed mode to fix) but is an issue
    that should not happen in a "release".
    The games graphics look better on low than high and have less issues, why even have settings in the first place.
    Balance I can't say much about since I have only played 1 faction but weapons are far from equivalent, and they are all far overpriced, this game gives a large advantage to people willing to pay for a free to play game.
    The trial period so that you can use a weapon/mod is helpful in making a choice to buy a specific weapon but if you cannot compare weapons (8 hour cooldown between trials) then how useful of a tool is it really for comparisons, it is simply so you can see what that specific weapon is like, not to help you make a choice between multiple unobtained weapons. It might be better designed to give you the ability to trial all weapons for a short period so that you can compare your choices.
    Anti-Spawn Camping Barriers allowing people to shoot out but not in, this is just reversing the grief in places that the offensive faction wants to get past. The offensive side if smart can still grief by just sitting just out of line of sight until they exit the barrier, yes they can run back inside but will likely not get that chance with 10+ people waiting for that free kill.

    This game is NOT"polished" or even close to it yet, with the free to play model I would doubt it will ever be a priority to make the game what it could be, it seems much more likely that it will fix the major issues with time make some money and not worry about ever "polishing" the game.

    The game is playable most of the time and I would still recommend it to people who are looking for something to do that is free for a few hours a day but there are much better games out there to spend money on, especially when you can buy and own a game instead of just 6 or so weapons.
  79. Nov 28, 2012
    Planetside 2 is truly a groundbreaking idea - however the current state of the game could be better described as open beta rather than a final release. Although the game is extremely fun in the odd chance it is running without problems you will often find yourself frustrated with extremely buggy gameplay, a horrid framerate, and unstable servers. You will find your jet packs not working, or you will find yourself dying from taking an innocent boost to a landing pad, or nobody will be moving and you will get shot through walls due to lag and extrapolation, or you will find tanks floating in mid air, or your VOIP won't work like it does not work for a big population of players, or you will find your current generation super computer can't pull more than 20fps in big battles. With all these problems this game does not deserve a positive score, no matter how much I would like to give it one.

    I will revisit this review in two months by when hopefully this game will leave the open beta stage.
  80. Nov 29, 2012
    Huge scale battles and absolutely no game crashes or bugs. Huge scale battles and absolutely no game crashes or bugs. Huge scale battles and absolutely no game crashes or bugs. Huge scale battles and absolutely no game crashes or bugs. Huge scale battles and absolutely no game crashes or bugs. Huge scale battles and absolutely no game crashes or bugs.
  81. Nov 29, 2012
    This game is amazing, the environment, the vehicles, the battle, just everything is great. I am not going to say that the game is perfect, but it is pretty friggin' close. You do have to have a semi decent machine to run it at a decent frame rate, but you do not need the newest tech out there. Of course there are still some bugs, but one can easily overlook them when in the heat of a massive, and i do mean truly massive, battle. I love this game, since it is free to play, I would say at least give it a shot. Expand
  82. Dec 1, 2012
    Okay, for a free to play its a masterpiece, but thats not saying anything now is it. Lets see here, its a bit of a free to play, the physics are BLEH (First time I bought a tank... i moved 3 feet, then fell out the world, and a few other players did the same). The gameplay consists mainly of finding where the action is, and when you find it, the game starts to open up and you see the beautiful flour that is Plantside 2, and it is beautiful. But when the action stops, you notice what a smelly flour the game is. The UI is complicated like all F2Ps, the flight controls are dumbed down, the exact opposite of a simulator, meaning your jet (that looks like a box with jet engines on the side of them) flys tight, so tight that it makes flying boring and dull. I did say the graphics are good, but the textures are bad when you look at them closely. The world is large, true, but its filled with nothing besides a few out posts and 3 massive structures for the main spawn. While we are on the spawn, spawn camping is a bit of a problem, you can have a firing squad outside your spawn and you cant do much about it besides pushing and grinding your way past. And while we are on grinding... this game is a grinding simulator, you need to spend hours and hours just to get a scope for your **** weapon. The bolt action sniper rifle is a 2 hit kill... whats wrong with that you might ask? Simple, it takes about 3 seconds to rechamber a round, and by then your opponent will be behind cover, rendering the rifle relativly useless for the player jumping into the game. This game deserves a 6. What the game can improve on is the physics, balancing, and optimization. My 7970 can run bf3 on ultra and have an average of 60 fps. In this I get an average of 50 on high... if I put everything on low... I get 53... so it needs tweaking. Go play it since its free, there really isnt anything interesting holding you there besides waiting for the next epic battle so you can watch your frames plumit Expand
  83. Dec 2, 2012
    Pros: - Beautiful graphics - Vehicles CONS = - No win condition. You fight over bases for Cert points. There's no other point. It seems like the whole game revolves around high Cert prices for items so players will be enticed to spend Station Cash on items instead. - Persistence does not matter. The game play is thus: Merry-Go-Round, Whack-A-Mole. It's like logging into a round of BF3 Conquest with an Infinite score limit.
    - Sluggish weapon feel. There isn't any crispness here. If you're used to CS, COD, or BF, prepared to be disappointed.
    - Abysmal base design. Bases are indefensible and are designed as simple TDM maps with a few Sabotage elements.
    - Unoptimized. ATI users suffer the most.
    - Boring and unappealing weapon unlocks. While listed as specific weapons most are copy/paste with a slight variation in stats and change to allowed accessories or firing modes. I.E.: Gun1 has burst, Gun2 has full auto.
  84. Jun 5, 2013
    I have been playing this game since launch and it has gotten much better since then! I have increased my score for the game because the devs have added so much to it since launch and because they continue to add new content every week.
  85. Jan 5, 2013
    Its Great that there're a lot of people to play with and to communicate with, the gun play isnt reall skill based and isnt any fun really to play over long grinds. Plus the Beginning sucks
  86. Jan 29, 2013
    It is awesome to play and extremely addictive. It's got a very long learning curve but most people are willing to give out tips as there's no tutorial. Just stick with it, always find cover and expect to die a lot for a time. The games a little shallow if you have not got a mic but the teamwork and banter can be fantastic if you do have one. It's easy to make friends and I now play with regulars everyday. Joining an outfit and befriending a few select veterans really helps to keep the game fresh and you'll soon learn who the best platoon and squad leaders are within your chosen faction on your server. The sheer scale of the battles can be brilliant and being in a squad is essential to survival and capping territory. The game has got quite a few issues which will hopefully be addressed as it is still early days. There are lots of little bugs such as being killed by a turret when you finish repairing it and hackers sometimes ruin things etc etc but its still a great experience. My game lags like crazy when the scale of battle gets too large so having a decent setup helps. I'm worried that the novelty will ware off soon as there isnt any real sense of accomplishment in the grand scale of things, all you gain is XP and certs and leveling up doesnt really mean anything. Hopefully they will make the game more rewarding in the furture and give people reason to stick with it. As a game that is free it is pretty epic and a must try for anyone interetsed in team work and large scale battles. TR forever Expand
  87. Jan 22, 2013
    At best, I would say "meh." I think the price is about right though.....I would have been upset if I paid for it. The graphics are alright, but the action is chaotic at times, but that's only when you find it. I am not sure exactly what it was, but I kept thinking about the fact that I had a perfectly good BF3 game in the next room....
  88. Feb 4, 2013
    Don't be fooled by the people that ragequit from this game because they only played 10 minutes. I will admit this game has bugs, and in your first few hours you will be a little overwhelmed. But as long as you bring a friend with you that already knows the game, then you will be fine. In the last update bugs sprouted like crazy, but within a day, SOE (the creators) Fixed most of them, and made the game normal once again. There are a huge amount of players in every server, so most of the time, you may be fighting a losing battle, if you are, simply retreat, or go to another continent until it cools down. Most of the bad reviews here are from a few weeks to a month after the game was released, and most, if not all of the bugs they are speaking of have all been patched. The graphics are really good for a MMOFPS F2P game, and can be turned down if needed. Teamwork is a must in this game, so the first thing you NEED to do is join a squad, or outfit. The game is greatly more fun when your playing with other people, and most people don't understand that. Next up is that the developers have now implemented their new "roadmap" system, which gives players the chance to say what, and how, they want certain features added, if at all. i have already seen three or four ideas not used in the newest update, due to players not wanting it in the game. This "roadmap" is MUCH more than i have seen any F2P game developers use to gauge a player wanting certain things. Most developers will just add it, and say "Meh, they will have to like it". Next on the list is that this game IS NOT "Pay 2 Win" Every gun is used in a specific way, and, while some are better than others, there is no "Super gun" that kills everyone and is unbeatable. each and every gun has it's strengths and weaknesses, like the gun i currently use has a small mag, for a LMG (50 bullets, instead of the usual 100), as well as lower power, but a higher fire rate than most LMG's used by the Heavy Gunner. At this point in the game, there isn't much Metagame, but the developers are planning on an achievement system, as well as a system that allows you to capture whole continents until one of the opposing teams has to FORCE their way back into a warpgate, making the conquerors feel accomplished that they have taken all the land in the area and continue to hold it. Some people say Max's (a Mech like suit) and Main battle Tanks are Too Overpowered. But As long as you know how to deal with them, you are fine. Tanks may be OP, but If you get hit with an HE shell in a battle in real life, you're going to get blown to pieces. Now, lets touch on the factions. There are three, The Vanu Sovereignty, The New Conglomerate, and The Terran Republic. Each one with their own strengths and weaknesses. Borrowed from a guide on steam about this*** The Vanu Sovereignty favors futuristic directed energy weapons. These weapons reload quite swiftly and generally don't require much deflection shooting ("leading the target"), but don't quite pack the punch of the New Conglomerate or have the numbers of the Terran Republic." "The Terran Republic favors standard bullet weapons that pack little damage per shot, but have high capacity cartridges, high fire rates, and high reload times." "The New Conglomerate believes in brute force. With a strong focus on massive, deliberate strength, the New Conglomerate can easily outgun the other factions, but only if they can make their shots count." Showing each faction has it's own strengths and weaknesses. This game is about as realistic as i have EVER seen a full-scale battle on another world, and i will continue to support it, until it dies out, or we Get Planetside 3. I give this game a ten, even if it has bugs and annoying people, because it is a great all around game, and the developers are at the very least TRYING to always game it better. As a final little thing, if you get bored, go try playing another faction on a different server, it will bring the game back, at the very least a little bit. *** Expand
  89. Mar 9, 2013
    The game is really fun but, but it is far from perfect.. It needs more ways to get into combat faster. I do understand that you can spawn vehicles, and being on big maps is part of the fun, seriously. The size isn't the problem. There also should be a variety of gametypes instead of going around and capturing bases. The level design is pretty good. The game is more fun IMO if you are on the losing side. You see enemies more frequent and it gets pretty fast paced when you charge out of your base and attack the enemy.

    The shooting mechanics are excellent in PlanetSide 2. I wanted to give it an 8.5)

    If I were to rate this on shotting mechanics, it would have a 9/10
  90. Jun 5, 2013
    If you love FPS you will love PS2. It has a lot of potencial with the metagame if they develop more tools for leadership. of course, its difficult to understand concepts, remeber structure of a lots of bases but one more time. the potential is enourmous. I dont play a lot of games too much. I always get bored a few months later. But with ps2 iam really addicted. Its´s massives fights are really incredible. Of course, sometimes you have moments of borings because a base take too many time to capture or you have to move 3000 METERS with your tank, buts it worth it!!! sometimes some unbalanced weapons or situations frustrates you but those are details. it´s imposible to have a really full balanced game when you have dozens of guns, lots of air and ground vehicles. I really love this game. And of course, ITS FREE TO PLAY. Expand
  91. Jun 5, 2013
    Planetside 2 is very harsh for new players because there's barely any tutorial BUT as soon as you understand it its awesome you like big fights but most fps don't deliver that scale? Try Planetside! you easily get 100+ player fights and sometimes around 300 on each team fighting in one base against each other
  92. Jun 5, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a FPS MMO game with similarities to Battlefield series. At first this game was really confusing when it first came out you had no much help and were pretty much launched into the deep end. Since release however a lot more help has been added so if you played it once and got lost I suggest you try again.

    The game is massively open, it's like being on a every battlefield
    map sewn together but the map will tell you where the fighting is most intense so you don't end up capping bases with no resistance unless you like waiting for free points). If you are not winning a battle at one base you can simply jump into a jet or vehicle and go somewhere else to fight. The environment is amazing and the game does look great even in low graphics, this does mean that you need a decent PC to play it which may be a disadvantage to some people. The battles get big like over 200 people fighting for a base which may sound great but sometimes isn't as fun as you think unless as they can go on for a long time without moving much ground.

    The game is fun as a lone wolf but is best played with a platoon of 40 people who are organised in team-speak/mumble. You can also get a few friends a fly out in a bomber or some tanks which can be awesome as well. The vehicles are easier to use compared to other games but you can defiantly tell a more experienced driver to a noobie.

    Now to my problems with the game, the game is free to play but you guns and some of the upgrades are super expensive which can be a little annoying since there is so much to upgrade. You can by gear with cert points and you get them from getting assists, kills and helping your faction take bases. On a good day on Planetside I get about 60-100 certs and most weapons in the game cost around 1000 to buy, which means it takes about 10+ days for me to farm just one weapon. I think this is a little high but they have started adding in sales now to make this more manageable. The main focus of the game is to capture different locations and bases but sometimes this does get a little repetitive especially when there is not many people around to fight you or it is not an even fight.

    Overall I think the game for free is really great and defiantly worth a try if you have a decent computer. I f you want to be serious at it I do think you need to spend some money but you can be competitive without if you put the time in.
  93. Jun 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Planetside 2 is one of the most disappointing games i've played. Some people think thousands of players battling on one big server is cool, but for me it makes the game laggy and frustrating. i cant walk out of spawn for three minutes without being bombarded with bullets to the point that i need to restart my computer. aside from that, the game is just a slightly hilly plain were snipers pick off everybody that walks out of a building, and if you escape that you find yourself in front of hundreds of enemy tanks and aircraft. There is no auto balancing of any kind that allows for players to face equally skilled foes. instead you spawn in, the game tells which button shoots and pushes you straight into battle. No vehicle piloting or aiming, what your enemies even look like. Another thing is that there is no way to earn better weapons other then buying them with real money, not in game credits or something. so unless you want to spend $500 on a game you haven't even really seen yet just so you don't die every two seconds, DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!

    one more thing I forgot to mention is that when you try to log off it turns your screen black for about an hour and a half then just restarts the launcher. Its more of adware or some sort of troll virus then a game really.
  94. Dec 22, 2013
    Alright so where to start I'm an avid gamer and I gotta say planetside 2 I am a shamed to say I put a sum of money(200$+) and 1 year and almost 1 month later all I have to see for it is this -tons generic guns -Low to no skill gameplay -1 new vehicle -a engine -massive amount of flaws and bugs SOE really messed up and I really hope if you read this you don't put money into that terrible game. Expand
  95. Dec 30, 2013
    Game is riddled with bugs and balance issues, the community is infested with trolls and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s and the amount of time you have to sink in till you have gear to compete with the rest of the players in the game is huge.
    The game is more about being fair then accuracy. Small arms fire can destroy a tank in a few seconds and aircraft in even less time. They have these wonderfully high end
    weapons that you can purchase with real money and when you get them into the game they unmodifiable compared to their counterparts as to be obsolete immediately. To keep things real fair anything you spent hard cash and not game certs on has little to no ability to hit most targets unless they are conveniently standing still. An assault rifle has better effective range and does more damage then a sniper rifle of the same type with a a better scope. The effective rang of most of your weapons is close range or beyond what the games render distance will allow you to see, and there fore lock onto and hit. This does not stop players who use (supposedly illegal and banned) add ons to hit you beyond ranges you can effectively return the favor. There is no combat and tactics just the almighty zerg push. One side gets enough players together and rolls over anything in their way.
    Until they redesign the unlock progress for weapons, fix a lot of major bugs that cause crashes or other frustrating issues and finally fix the balance problems between the 3 empires. than it's worth trying out till than ignore the game, don't let it suck you in so you don't end up being surrounded by and trolls all day. For what is supposed to be a future based game many of the game toys and tools are amazingly primitive and difficult to use

    I only play the game because there's nothing else to play, every other Multilayer game I ahve tried multiple times is somehow even worse and even more boring than Planet side 2, i guess that's the only good thing i have to say about PS2, it's at least not as bad as Battlefield,Call Of Duty or the new horrible Team Fortress 2 aka Hat Fortress 2 called nowadays.
  96. Jan 18, 2014
    Good premise, and false promises.

    The game is only starting to deliver one year after launch, but expect it to be open beta until at least mid 2014, until then you can still have simple-minded fun on the biggest team deathmatch ever made.
  97. Jun 5, 2014
    Oh Planetside 2. How you fail to grasp the concept on what "Fun" is. Did your community trick around in the game engine and found some cool looking glitch that had no chance of being used practically whatsoever? Ban & Remove it.

    Did your veteran fans have the audacity to contact you in order to perhaps get on an unannounced & not planned double SC weekend at Saturday 00:01 as they
    bought SC at regular value at Friday, 23:59? Tell em to go f*ck off.

    Then again, people should have known better than to spend valuable money on people that have no idea on how to run a business, and even less so, develop a video-game. As of today with only 3,000 players left from 10,000-30,000, Planetside 2 and Sony Online Entertainment are the leading prime-examples on how to not run a business.
  98. Jan 9, 2013
    Impossibly huge in scope and scale. I can't believe that it's a free game. The fact that it's an MMO astounds me. Nowhere do I see the slightest gameplay sacrifices because of it, even though the game can support literally thousands of players in a server. This game is a gameplay gem, and a technical masterpiece. There just isn't anything else like it.
  99. Dec 8, 2012
    (Forewarning; I apologize for the inevitable slaughter of my format by Metacritic, huge walls of text are the only option :c) The PROS:

    +The game has the largest battles to be found in any game, ever. Barring very special cases in certain strategy games (Namely, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance and Total War) you will never see larger battles. It simply dwarves all contemporary games
    in sheer scale.

    +Many of the mechanics from the original game (PlanetSide) have been completely revamped and/or replaced. It is no longer a chore to play. In fact, the gameplay is VASTLY improved, featuring full hitboxes, well-defined class roles and strategic thought simply not present before. Quite simply, its a blast

    +The futuristic setting is very interesting visually and audibly. The lighting, draw distances, shadows and SFX are stunning. I especially enjoy when you fight at night, as it is one of the only modern games where the dark of night is... dark. I have a feeling you will enjoy looking at the immense star and moonscapes in awe, they're spectacular.

    + The game is Free to Play! In case you didn't know, "F2P" means "Free to Play"; Huzzuah! + There are three teams per server, as opposed to the regular two-sided fights that are the norm. This introduces an interesting dynamic with three-sided battles. Extremely fun.

    + While the factions share several things in common, notably certain vehicles and the classes, they each have a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that give you incentive to play as all three. While the lore is not particularly strong (This is an MMO after all), I suspect you will choose your first faction based on their backstory. I prefer the Vanu, being a transhumanist scum in real life.

    +As goes naturally with the large player counts, the maps are enormous; expect to travel in various gunships and APC's more than on foot when trying to get from place-to-place.

    The CONS:

    - My primary concern with the game is the system requirements; you will require a very powerful rig to run the game at a level of 30 FPS or higher. Lower-end computers or older ones will have some problems, most notably in the larger battles. I had no problems with this, as I very recently constructed my own computer with high-end parts, but for the majority of people performance will be a factor.

    - There are quite a few bugs and glitches int he game as-is; friendly tanks running you over push you into geometry, muzzle flash sometimes continues even when not firing,You spawn from a "slanted" perspective... You know, pretty typical stuff.

    - Game-enders; Every now and then, you will have a CATASTROPHIC crash that may require you to disable/reset your router and modem, or at least restart your computer. These are very infrequent (I've had it happen once) but keep this in mind.

    -There are some balancing issues, most relating to the MAX quasi-class/mech and to the power of air vehicles/Anti-Air weaponry.

    - The "Certification" system in the game allows you to purchase weapons and other gear/perks with in-game experience. You "buy" them with things called "Certs" (Short for certifications) which are earned in gameplay for doing essentially everything. The number of Certs you need to buy some things (Notably weapons) is huge, and you earn them very slowly. I place huge emphasis on "slowly" . You can, optionally, circumvent this problem by directly buying things with real money through microtransactions, or buying a $15/month subscription (Which isn't mandatory in any way!) to increase the rate at which you earn things.

    - I mentioned the lighting effects, particle effects and such earlier? Those are great, but the actual TEXTURES in the game are not particularly good, on-par with the industry standard five years ago. This is for the sake of game performance, a necessary evil, but it is still a definite weakness.

    -Tutorials are very weak, you are simply thrust into the game for lack of a better term. I suggest watching youtube videos to get a grasp of the game before you play


    PlanetSide 2 is FILLED with great times to be had if you have a decent computer, all for the low, low price of $0. Keep in mind the game is somewhat hindered graphically and in terms of performance by the large player counts and huge maps, but simultaneously remember the good vastly outweighs the bad!

    It gets an 8/10 - The game is superb with several minor problems and one somewhat big one. I expect the developers will support the game for years to come, so I will likely amend my score to 9/10 in the future as the performance is boosted and the bigs patched. You have nothing to lose by downloading it, just do it!
  100. Apr 22, 2013
    The TTK or "time to kill" is absurdly low; 0.49 for most guns. That's crazy for a laggy game like Planetside 2. If you don't discover the person first then you'll be dead. There isn't any time to react. This is what brings Planetside 2 down. Not to mention the fact that using the Auto Join Squad feature puts you in squads that clans use who then proceed to kick you from said squad. Crappy UI mechanics also bring Planetside 2 down. Expand
  101. Jan 7, 2013
    When I first heard about Planetside2 I was beyond psyched for the release. I was a die-hard fan/junkie/addict of Planetside 1 and the thought of a new, up-to-date version of what I would have considered to be one of the most groundbreaking FPS games of my generation gave me goose bumps. I was fortunate to get into late beta and played for the final 3 weeks of beta through release. I've currently logged well over 300 hours of post release play time.

    That being said. I really wanted to like this game. Every time I log into the game I don't think, "this game is so awesome". I think, "Man, I really miss Planetside 1". The truth is that the developers, Sony Online Entertainment, took what was an amazing original game and essentially threw it away. This is NOT a sequel to Planetside 1. It is a dumbed down, watered down, shallow ghost of the original. They managed to turn what was an amazing online shooter with a rich degree of depth and character into little more than a large scale COD-like fragfest with virtually no strategy or depth of play and where everyone is focused on K/D instead of teamwork and strategy. Combine this with massive in-game vehicle and infantry balance issues and the fact that that the development team has very little interaction with the player base and you have a recipe for low population of players on most servers where the term "Massive" is starting to become a bit of a stretch.

    Planetside2 was clearly released to market way too soon. The game should have stayed in Beta for at least another 4 months. There are many bugs in the game and way too many balance issues at this time to retain a strong player base. At its core I think its clear that the folks in charge of this title (with such amazing potential) at SOE are the wrong people for the job and are basically steering this title into the ground.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. May 10, 2013
    The shooter fundamentals are all there. The visuals are great but the progression just doesn't seem to deliver any payoff for players outside of the hardcore. It's not quite as much of a shameless cash grab as something out of Zynga, but it definitely sours the experience.
  2. Feb 19, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a good free-to-play, strong functional and very funny, which does not envy anything to the founders of the first-person shooter genre.
  3. 89
    It might look overly complicated, but PlanetSide 2 is nothing more than your average class-based, objective-oriented competitive FPS. What makes it stand apart from other F2P games (aside from the huge servers, of course) is the co-operation factor with other players. [February 2013]