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  1. Apr 11, 2014
    This game is fantastic. In my opinion, it's better than EA's garbage child - BF4. I actually played this game awhile back. Back when it was in it's **** condition. You know, poor optimizations and stuff. I hopped into it again, and was surprised on how much the performance improved. Which is amazing! Now I can enjoy the game fully.

  2. Apr 9, 2014
    easily one of my all time favorite games. no other game keeps me coming back like planet side 2. constant updates with new guns and features, and after the optimization update the game runs really well for me. i would agree that guns are a bit pricey, but after i got a membership that includes a 50% boost, certs (in game currency) were no longer a issue for me. and i was free to upgrade and buy as many new guns and abilities as i wanted. i will say that a big factor of enjoyment in this game for me is the community. devs listen to player feedback, and players are nice and helpful in game and in the forums. i would suggest checking out the planetside subredit and the official forums to see more about the game. the game does have a learning curve i will admit, i would suggest checking out some you tubers if you want to see game play or want to understand how to play the game. the you tubers in no order are: stl youngblood, wrel, zoran the bear, drathamus gaming. my closing statement is this, it is a free game you will lose nothing by downloading it, trying it, not enjoying it, and deleting it. but if you give the game a chance you may find a beautiful game full of player progression and endless hours of fun, supported by a helpful and positive community. at least that is what i found. go to www.planetside or steam and download the game, who knows what adventures will await :) Expand
  3. Apr 3, 2014
    Amazing game. Huge battles including 200 soldiers on one side and 200 more on the other side. There is a lack of tutorial ingame but you can find a lot of helpful videos in youtube. Every update makes this game even better.
  4. Mar 27, 2014
    Planetside 2 used to be a bit hard to get into but with improved tutorials and better objective setting, I'd say this is my favorite massively multiplayer game at this point. If you're interested in something with a bit more complexity and a bigger scale than the recent battlefield installments: go with this.
  5. Mar 27, 2014
    I sincerely hope this game is a joke. The lack of balance here is ridiculous, and the free to play model here is so pay-to-win that it's fairly impossible to win without a significant amount of players who have payed for the game. In fact, it's difficult to win without a decent amount of people on your team at all. The game is a total steamroll, and a luck based one at that, for the amount of players on your team is totally random. The lack of killcam promotes camping, and there's no strategy required once you've found a corner to spam from. The entire game feels unfinished and soulless, only play this if you're a call of duty fan with no regard for well-crafted game design. Expand
  6. Mar 26, 2014
    >Frustrating and not fun describes my initial reaction to this game This guy said it best in his review bi0mech81 Frustrating and not fun describes my initial reaction to this game. First and foremost is the learning curve. from the start you spawn in the middle of a fight with nothing telling you what your objectives are, or even where your teammates are. Should you be unfortunate enough to spawn in the middle of a tank fight (as was my first experience) you feel helpless as you die, respawn, and die again as soon as you respawn. An in-game "Newbie" area, some kind of zone where you go only when you first start a character would be greatly appreciated as throughout my first hour of gameplay I was consistantly pitted against players of level 38 or higher. The extremely large playing area makes snipers and tanks gods on the ground. I have not been able to fly any of the aircraft, yet because everytime I spawn an air vehicle it is destroyed immediately. I'm not an avid FPS player by any stretch of the means- I grew up on Doom, Quake, and UT, and I manage about a 1:1 Kill to death ratio in CoD, and tend to play support roles in TF2. On average I have 2 kills and over 50 deaths in planet side due to spawn camping. spawning at a point that is distant from the battle just means I get to run for 10 minutes to die from a sniper that I can't see. Playing a supporting role in PS2 is down right rage-inducing. Healing a friendly player may or may not reward XP, and unlike TF2, you cannot heal a heavy to keep them up while they sustain gunfire. Reviving fallen players is fairly pointless unless they died less than 2 seconds in front of you. The Engineer's turret is too inaccurate for the distances at which forces are regularly engaged in. The tanks are done well- and in many cases are over-powered. many of the bases are designed so you can just snipe away at the enemy generator with your tank and destroy it without worry of being engaged by the defenders. Running over your own teammates results in a suicide for them, and no penalty for yourself- great if you just want to troll your own team, as is often the case. What this game direly needs is level segregation of some form- whether it's designated levels for zones where as you out level the zone you do less damage, or you cannot respawn into a zone you are out leveled for, something needs to give a new player some fudge-factor to learn how the game works besides dropping you straight into a fight that you are grossly under leveled for.

    I completely agree with everything he said, it's like he was reading my mind.

    Uninstalled after 2 hours of playing and I was even with my brother which should have helped the overall fun factor.
    >walking simulator
    >friendly fire
    >poor balance
    >no level separation
  7. Mar 26, 2014
    This game really deserves some more appreciation. It's been a while since its release, and many problems including the existence of bugs, performance issues, and a lacking introduction are fixed. This is NOT a p2w, as everything other than aesthetics can be unlocked using certification points earned from game-play. It does indeed deliver truly amazing graphics on an epic scale (even on my middle class laptop), and all weapons are balanced. Expand
  8. Mar 24, 2014
    I've played this game since beta... even played planetside 1 which I enjoyed(the base fights were awesome!). This game is never fun... here are some reasons:

    1) you spend 99% of the time bored, running in vast empty lands just to get to a fight. running 20 mins to get to a 5 min fight is not my idea of "epic".

    2) Almost all spawns are dependant on other players deciding where to
    deploy. So your left with extremely fustrating options...(see my previous point)

    3) Game is 100% pay to win/avoid grinding. 7.50$ to buy each gun... that's a ripoff and it ruins the gaming experience. So unless your spending 300$, you are essentially not enjoying the full experience of this game.

    4) The bases are extremely bland and boring. It amounts to nothing but a copy paste of the same pixels

    5) Everyone is forced to squad/platoon together and this is not fine when your gaming revolves spending your time camping empty bases with no enemy's to kill "just because" it's the team objective. YOU HAVE NO OPTIONS, this is the gameplay, follow the zerg or DO NOTHING.

    6. The bases and fights are incredibly bland. Nothing special about them... there's no epic element about the MMO aspect.... after 2-3 hours you'll realise the first 10 mins is exactly like your 50th hour.

    7. Everyone wants to play a tank or vehicle class. The problem is it only takes 1 or 2 of these to paralyze 50+ infantry. Why is this bad? Basically, this game has NO INFANTRY battles... almost all fights are just zergfests between Vehicles killing each other. You never actually duel other "soldiers".

    I keep reinstalling the game, reminding myself how stupid of an idea it was.

    After 10 mins, I get fustrated and log off...
  9. Mar 16, 2014
    Alright so this is the garbage that can be produced by 30+ million dollars, the game seemed to look decent at best but it seems these developers are absolutely clueless on how to make a proper game its been over a year and literally all they have to show for it is a bunch of generic or op weapons that a player whom has brain damage could use. To top it off its networking code is horrendously bad and they seem to want to buy the cheapest possible servers and think they can get away with it. Instead of doing any real content to maps the edit old ones since they seem completely incompetent towards making a new map. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone but my 6 year old son but oh wait he doesn't even like it because he knows its no better than a glorified tdm, and he actually would prefer to play cod since he can even tell that its networking code is better. Expand
  10. Mar 9, 2014
    A great game, great concept and excellent setting that suffers from a number of baffling design decisions and poor 'knee jerk' balancing. The Microtransaction model also loses another point for me as done right it's great, but feels like SoE are starting to 'milk' it a bit.

    They are getting better at it, and the gameplay in an organised outfit (BRTD in my case) is incredible (this is
    not a CoD/BF4 style log-on play solo game). Overall it could be better, but is still currently head & shoulders above the rest of it's modern peers. Expand
  11. Mar 6, 2014
    Very good game its better with friends but if u dont have strong PC dont play because u will have some lags!!! This is best FPS game i have ever played in my life its all about skills. Players please stop using tanks and aircraft so muck because u ruin the experience of the game.
  12. Feb 27, 2014
    It's a great game in all but they love to screw over their customs as much as possible few nerfing weapons and to deleting times/remaking it with a different features. So I am not very happy on how the deal with customer loyalty.
  13. Feb 23, 2014
    Heard about this from a friend. 'Yeah its more fun if you have some friends to play with.' he said. Little did I know how right he was. If there's one thing I've learned over the years its that the phrase "If its too good to be true, it probably is." and this phrase fits PlanetSide 2 PERFECTLY. Most of the information on the official website is half lies, outdated information, or flat out lies.

    For example:

    "PlanetSide 2 features incredible continent maps with dozens of square kilometers of seamless gameplay space; every inch of which is hand-crafted, contestable space. With the territorial control meta-game, landmass has intrinsic value."

    The continents' layouts are about as bland as can be. Yet another victim of "symmetry = balance" as if planets are supposedly symmetrical in nature. In reality its more of copy pasted a third of a continent then rotated and add some unique name. Literally. The same mountain you just past there's another two more somewhere. They honestly thought that because of the size you wouldn't notice it. Its noticeable. Most of the special points (such as biolabs or domes or whatever they call it) are exactly the same as they are on other continents. Just a different tileset. Then there's the 'massive' part of the game. It states there can be up to 1000's of players in a battle. Remember: the players are spread out over these large continents. So the actual saturation of players is fairly low except at one or two points.

    "...PlanetSide 2 battles can last for days or even weeks, and finally taking control of the base means it's yours until someone can take it back. Working strategically as a team to capture key tactical positions such as power plants and ammo depots have long-lasting effects that can shift the tide of battle. Victory requires strategic teamwork and a quick trigger finger to survive the massive battles."

    Do they mean the war for the continent or the battle for a territory? The territorial battles could last anywhere from about 3 minutes (its just you sitting around waiting praying some resistance) to a couple of hours (very rare). The amp stations (power plants), bio-domes and tank factories (I forget their names) don't do as much as the site makes you want to believe. The only incentive you have to capturing these are: 1.) you get more experience for capturing it. 2.) Each of these special points gives you a mediocre bonus: the bio-domes add a really minor regeneration to your health, the tank factories allow you to acquire main battle tanks outside of your warpgate and the amp stations increase the time it takes for a turret to overheat by about 1 second or so (when if you pause for a couple of seconds just before you overheat you'll be fine). I believe they don't even stack.

    Then we have the supposed 'victory'.

    So after running around capping one point after another for some experience and certs, you get the continent capped. Victory right? Wrong. You don't even get a message let alone any sort of reward. There's absolutely no reason why you should hold a point or cap a point except for experience for capping it. The only thing you get for completely capturing a continent is a puny cost decrease to aircraft, infantry stuff, or vehicles (a whole 10% or 15%!). That's it. Not even an anti-climatic "your empire has captured the continent of ___." No experience reward, no congratulations, no climatic battle. Then as soon as you leave the enemy empire you now warpgated just captures the territory back.

    What they don't tell you:

    - It takes you an absurdly long time to get any of the 1000 cert weapons (upwards of 1 month) without paying for a subscription. Once you hit battle about rank 37, it takes literally ages to get to the next rank without a subscription.

    - The guns are absurdly overpriced (normal guns are about (US)$5.75 (or is it 7.50) for a 500 or 250 cert one and ~$10.00 for a 1000 cert one. Then for the golden guns they're $20.00 or so. Remember: 100 SC = $1.00.

    - Everyone says its "Not pay-to-win" they are correct in one way: you pay, but you can't win (there's no victory objectives outside of capture a point move on to the next). You start off horribly ill equipped compared to people who've been playing and need months to get better equipped.

    - It is horribly optimised. Expect frame rates of less than 15 in big battles or even moderate battles with anything less than a mid-range PC.

    - You WILL be killed every 10 or so deaths by an infiltrator with an SMG that decloaks behind you and kills you in about 3.2 seconds.

    - You CAN/WILL be sniped by an enemy you cant even render!

    -- The verdict --
    The fun really dies out after you screw around for a little while then only becomes fun with friends. Just don't expect to meet many here. The community is full of trolls and immature kids (LOTS of 10yr olds).

    Player experience will vary greatly. Try it yourself. Just don't spend a dime until you know you like it and will play it for a long time.
  14. Feb 23, 2014
    Best scale of warfare on the market, NOT P2W,100+ players in a single battle with tanks, gunships and other vehicles. Has some problems because of its F2P nature like really slow progression if you don't want to pay, but is definitely not P2W, more like Pay-2-skip-some-grind, or purchase cosmetics. GOOD Huge scale makes you really feel like participating in a battle, with tanks bombarding enemy base, fighters flying over your head in deadly dogfights and infantry charging.

    Great customization of classes, vehicles and equipment, many many weapons and gadgets to suit your playstyle (but very slow progression if you don't pay).

    Map is huge (split between 3, and soon 4 continets) and has decent variety, while it may get repetetive it makes you really feel the epic scale when you see your faction advance or lose ground, giving the battles a nice touch of consequence for win/loss

    Game heavily supports playing with an outfit (clan) making coop very satisfying (while at the same time lone wolves have it harder).

    Constant patches with new content from SOE makes the game interesting and even if you get bored there's typically more goodies in a few months to come back to and check out


    Extremely slow progression to force you into paying for micro transactions is annoying and makes the game grindy and repetetive

    Not really a game for lone wolves, you can do very little impact on your own, which makes the game a bit more boring

    Total lack of destructible terrain and ragdoll physics makes it kinda static, even after an hour-long battle battlefield looks exactly the same ruining the illusion

    Cheaters ! Due to F2P nature and lack of reliable banning mechanics there are many cheaters with aimbots and other idiotic things that try to ruin your experience, and SOE is not really capable of handling them properly

    I recommend this game to fan of large-scale warfare like Battlefield, this game is rather similar to it, but anyone who likes good FPS should try it, it's free so it's worth trying for everyne.
  15. Feb 11, 2014
    I've been waiting for a stellar MMOFPS title. A friend recommended I give Planetside 2 a try, and try it I did. Planetside 2 is massive, as the genre classification would suggest, and offers tons of places to go. But the glaring problem is that PS2 is completely aimless, cheap, and at times ugly in its presentation. There is little rhyme or reason to what you're doing. There is next to zero help in getting started. There are several vehicles which are somewhat appealing but anything in the air is tough to control and requires an insanely high level of precision and mastery to be effective with. PS2 is perhaps the worst FPS experience for newcomers on the market. The graphics always look like they're stuck in beta builds no matter how powerful your graphics card is. I constantly wished for more cohesion amongst players and objectives but was constantly disappointed. The freedom aspect is a nice IDEA that is entirely left undeveloped. If you wish to do anything in this game, you MUST go where the hordes are. Taking bases can be fun but there's a heavy amount of patience required whether you're on offense or defense. PS2 made me long for Guild Wars 2's World vs World PVP, which I felt was a bit too massive and tough to work with. There is a pillar or two upon which Planetside 2 can stand on. It's a free to play game so there's no such thing as a waste of money, only time (but time is money, right?). There is some variation to play styles and classes and, when you finally do get the hang of the game after numerous hours and a terrible learning curve, there is some intense fun that can be had. But the fun is fleeting - coming and going almost in an instant. The best moments tend to be when a smaller pocket of resistance is met where you aren't potentially being targeted by 400 enemies. MMOFPS is a genre that is guaranteed to work, but titles like Destiny or The Division, which are on their way for PCs and consoles in 2014, find better balances and won't force you to constantly play with complete strangers or unorganized factions/guilds. If Planetside 2 could offer some good fun away from the large battles, maybe there would be something special here. But nothing is special, beautiful, reasonable or interesting about Planetside 2. Unless Sony completely overhauls a future title and I receive credible word about this franchise evolving into a complete game experience, I won't even bother with a free-to-play Planetside 3 and beyond. Expand
  16. Feb 3, 2014
    I created an account to write this review. I am normally an anti-fps, anti-competitive type gamer because of the awful community it attracts and that 'twitch' skill requirement in order to compete. In PlanetSide 2 you can start off playing a support role as an engineer or medic and stay in the rear of the fight. Be sure to keep an eye on your mini-map for enemy positions and surround yourself with friendlies (green dots). Doing so will extend your life expectancy significantly until you are comfortable leading the assault.

    If you want to avoid the chaos of close-quarters combat and slow down game some, you can be a tank or apc driver or man the turret. Just don't advance alone and be weary of aerial bombers. Park under trees or near some rocks so you don't get spotted so easily. Coordination and teamwork is very important in this game. These support roles, team play, and RPG elements makes this FPS more than a mindless shooter. I've only played the game for three days, but it's very addicting. My favorite memory so far is running with 100 other infantry, tanks, apcs, under air support across a relatively flat desert towards an enemy fortress while under enemy tracer and mortar fire. As one of the few medics, I saved a lot people that day. It was epic.
  17. Jan 25, 2014
    You can easily feel the hate in this game. Hate flows through Planetside 2's community. When you jump out of a "plane" that is going to be blown up and live, your earlier pursuers will find you and blow you up with rockets. Most weapons are really inaccurate. Graphics and shadows suck. Don't play this game, it'll just make you frustrated and sad.
  18. Jan 25, 2014
    Planetside 2 is an intriguing mix of FPS, open world tactics, ATV driving madness. The game is very fun and the battles are gigantic, but it falls short on its "Pay to Win" pathways. Just because you've spent weeks on the game trying to get enough certifications to buy the next cardboard box doesn't mean you stand a chance against a level 1 who used real money to get the gold-plated cardboard box with a scope. That aside, the action is fast-paced, classes and factions are mostly well balanced and all around it's a game about teamwork, which adds a refreshing element to modern online FPS games. Expand
  19. Jan 22, 2014
    palnetside 2 is not other FPS, it not other big f2p game that everyone will forget, this is one of the bigest games ever, from the amzing grhapic to the huge maps, with the massive number of players and massive battles you cannot forget that kind of game, even so it really hard in the start cuse of the game just trhow you to battle without you even know waht to do, you proboly going to spend you first hours in the game try to understand wtf you need to do, but in the end you found out this amzing game, if it wasent free2play i could easy see it sold in 60 and I was even pay 70$ for it, but no it free so thank the dev team and play, of course you cant play alone this game ment to be play with at least 5 friends cuse alone you not going to do much, so find good team and play. Expand
  20. Jan 18, 2014
    Good premise, and false promises.

    The game is only starting to deliver one year after launch, but expect it to be open beta until at least mid 2014, until then you can still have simple-minded fun on the biggest team deathmatch ever made.
  21. Jan 11, 2014
    The original learning curve was a pain in the ass. But, now, because SOE has listened to the people who have the potential to give them money, they added links to tutorials right in the launcher. Honestly, the alerts are not all that fun. They turn the game from strategy to just masses of people in a tiny spot and COD.

    Each update provides... problems with balance. If you want to have
    an easy time before getting in to the whole "shoot before getting shot" idea, go for a medic position, or an engineer driving a sunder/medium battle tank. You get certs like crazy from healing or repairing, and sunderer spawns get you a massive amount of experience, for parking a bus.

    Also, an important fact is that each faction is suited to a certain type of play style. The NC is for people who like doing lots of damage, without using a lot of ammo. They require you to be fairly accurate, and account for bullet drop on the spot, or go CQC.

    TR is mostly for COD players, where they move quickly, and spam bullets. After all, they have the fastest firing weapons in the game. Their real strength seems to lie within their airforce, as they are incredibly fast compared to any others, and dodge most small arms fire.

    The Vanu have the best accuracy and very little bullet drop, if any. However, their weapons just don't do enough damage if you don't aim. Their weapons are best suited to medium range combat, where you don't need to worry so much about getting hit by the NC, and the TR are even less accurate.

    I have problems with running this game on older computers, as I seem to get ~30 FPS on an ATI Radeon HD 5570, but it is still more than playable.

    I honestly think there are so many scenarios, you should try the game out. The download time is worth it, I promise :)
  22. Jan 10, 2014
    Funny but beyond of a masterpiece.
    It's not pay per win but you must play for a few months just to get 1 decent weapon with attachments for a class and basic gear to not die in seconds with tanks and aircraft.
  23. Jan 2, 2014
    This game wow, 9/10. Always have an absolute blast when I play this game. Game is admiringly beautiful and freakin' huge. Only thing I don't like about this game is the progression speed, takes way to long to unlock a new weapon, not only that but none of your gun progression can be used in other classes which kind of sucks. There is a payment option to quicken that or buy other stuff like armour. But this game isn't a pay to win. All guns and classes are perfectly balanced. Nothing is OP in this game, if there is, thank god I wasn't abused by it. Overall, great game, it's free so why not Expand
  24. Dec 30, 2013
    Game is riddled with bugs and balance issues, the community is infested with trolls and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s and the amount of time you have to sink in till you have gear to compete with the rest of the players in the game is huge.
    The game is more about being fair then accuracy. Small arms fire can destroy a tank in a few seconds and aircraft in even less time. They have these wonderfully high end
    weapons that you can purchase with real money and when you get them into the game they unmodifiable compared to their counterparts as to be obsolete immediately. To keep things real fair anything you spent hard cash and not game certs on has little to no ability to hit most targets unless they are conveniently standing still. An assault rifle has better effective range and does more damage then a sniper rifle of the same type with a a better scope. The effective rang of most of your weapons is close range or beyond what the games render distance will allow you to see, and there fore lock onto and hit. This does not stop players who use (supposedly illegal and banned) add ons to hit you beyond ranges you can effectively return the favor. There is no combat and tactics just the almighty zerg push. One side gets enough players together and rolls over anything in their way.
    Until they redesign the unlock progress for weapons, fix a lot of major bugs that cause crashes or other frustrating issues and finally fix the balance problems between the 3 empires. than it's worth trying out till than ignore the game, don't let it suck you in so you don't end up being surrounded by and trolls all day. For what is supposed to be a future based game many of the game toys and tools are amazingly primitive and difficult to use

    I only play the game because there's nothing else to play, every other Multilayer game I ahve tried multiple times is somehow even worse and even more boring than Planet side 2, i guess that's the only good thing i have to say about PS2, it's at least not as bad as Battlefield,Call Of Duty or the new horrible Team Fortress 2 aka Hat Fortress 2 called nowadays.
  25. Dec 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I love this Game. The epic battles ars so awsome, and its freetoplay its so nice. The Grapic ist not the best but for an freetoPlay game its amacing. when physx is on its so beatyfull. It makes lots of fun so i rated 10 points of 10 Expand
  26. Dec 23, 2013
    This game is amazing! There is a few bugs here and there, but nothing big. The reason why I love this game so much, is because it is a VERY large, futuristic, battlefield. If you love Battlefield, You will love PS2.
  27. Dec 22, 2013
    Alright so where to start I'm an avid gamer and I gotta say planetside 2 I am a shamed to say I put a sum of money(200$+) and 1 year and almost 1 month later all I have to see for it is this -tons generic guns -Low to no skill gameplay -1 new vehicle -a engine -massive amount of flaws and bugs SOE really messed up and I really hope if you read this you don't put money into that terrible game. Expand
  28. Dec 20, 2013
    I have written a different review about a year ago but since then the game got faster, better, and much more balanced.
    Planetside 2 is now the dream of OC gaming at it's finest hundreds of players on lag free servers, inside a real war run all by people, not AI.
    It. Also runs much better, and I am now able to Max the game on my mid range rig (core i5 650@4.5ghz, MSI gtx 760@1280mhz,
    6750mem and 8gb 1333mhz RAM).
    It only has 1 downside, and that is you need at least 4gb of RAM.
    If you have a fair PC you will be able to enjoy planetside at it's full potential.
    Also, I haven't paid a dollar and I never felt underpowered- it's not pay to win.
    I highly recommend.
  29. Dec 19, 2013
    I'm just wowed by people giving this bad reviews because of a learning curve or the "Pay 2 Win" aspects. You do know that almost every game now has a learning curve? Yes this is a semi-large one because it is such a massive game but it is actually pretty simple. Go to a territory, find A. B, C point and capture them and hold them for however long till it flips. Done. Want a vehicle? Go to a terminal. Want a new class? Go to a terminal. It is not that hard, you are just giving it probably 15 minutes then say "screw this" then pay 2 win? really? every single thing can be unlocked WITHOUT station cash besides camo and certain decals and such that don't even effect gameplay. Yes you have to put some time in effort to get the certs, but I played the game for a year without buying a single station cash or a membership and enjoyed every minute of it. Even Call of Duty or Battlefield have "good guns" which you have to progress to get. Guess what? Station Cash CANNOT be converted to certs and character abilities CANNOT be bought with Station Cash. So you cannot be level one with a fully certed Character, you can have a good gun if you decided to drop 10 dollars into the game just starting a character, but guns do not mean that much. I've seen people get 2 KDR with just starting weapons like the Gauss Rifle or SAW, you have to find a gun that fits your play style, and if you are dying a lot its because most likely you are using a ranged weapon for CQC or a CQC weapon for range. Its not that complicated of a game, I learned it in about an hour or two, and yes I died a lot, but as I played I got better, they don't hold your hand along like other games, and that's why I like it, most of you are adults, you don't need to be told every little aspect of something, learn it yourself by actually playing. Yes you do feel helpless when tanks come rolling over you as infantry because guess what, that's how it happens, if infantry could kill tanks easily then you wouldn't waste your time in a tank. Are you screaming at Battlefield when a tank cuts you down? So suck it up, this game is meant to be that way. Pull a heavy assault and shoot some rockets at it, or cert your guy up to get some C4. As you level up you get better equipment, you guys act like you've never seen this concept before, most FPS games are going for progression systems, high levels will beat you a lot, that's how it happens, and as you get better you will kill them. You can't just start a game and go killing BR 100s right off the bat because they've been in your shoes and know the game better and have had time and experience. The balancing is good, graphics are good, optimization is getting better, updated often. My only complaint with this game is it can get repetitive, but I have to tell myself to STOP playing it so I do not get bored of it because it is such a great game I can sit down for hours and play it. Unlike other shooters it requires some thinking, also the game is played better in a platoon, if you solo the game its fun for a while but you'll most likely be ghost capping and zerging your way along, outfits and platoons make the game a new level of fun. KDR in this game DOES NOT MATTER. Get that out of your head quick, a lot of the people I know that play are good players and still are under 1.0 KDR because this game is massive and especially as infantry if you come face to face with a tank you will probably die, that's how the game works, so get this whole CoD mentality of KDR out of your head when you play this game. Enjoy the massive fights and charges and taking over a continent with your faction. Teamwork makes this game fun, because a win over a territory and alert is more to brag about than a KDR. If you want a game that will entertain you and wow you then Planetside 2 is your game. It is massive, has progression, is one of the few free to play games that is not pay to win, if you put some time and effort into it you will probably get just as addicted to it as the large player-base the game has. Expand
  30. Dec 18, 2013
    The game started off fantastic but like any SOE game, SOE's habit of ruining a good thing through updates has happened once more. Balance is horrid, updates are nearly always lopsided adding almost absurd advantages/disadvantages for factions, vehicles or weaponry.

    While that's to be expected perhaps with any SOE game, given that the game relies on a certification point system that is
    earned over time, it's infuriating to spend your precious certs on items, vehicles or classes only to have those choices irrevocably nerfed or broken without any way to get a refund on the certification points you spent.

    The ability to refund/re-certify has been on their development plan for far over a year at this point but continues to be pushed off while huge, untested and bug-ridden patches are put out in odd succession.

    Let alone that the game itself has 3 continents, each in a different stage of development making the game lopsided and uneven, the game suffers horribly from a fourth faction issue (where you can make alts for each faction and swap immediately to whatever faction is winning) has been a known issue since launch and unfixed despite that it makes the game a contest of who can swap to the winning side first.

    Avoid at all costs. The game is now in a stale development cycle as SOE looks to launch it on PS4 and the latest update (PU2) has once again brought the servers down for the last 2-3 days.
  31. Dec 13, 2013
    The game is hard, i will start with that. It is very hard to learn. Having said that its time to look at it from the players point of view, the game looks amazing, the maps are enormous, and since its PvP, its going to be hard. I have read all these reviews of this game and were disgusted by the way people give it zero chance. You spawned once and got killed and you quit? I have been playing for a long time now and i will say right now that i have died a ton.. want proof? SerchAndDestry on the server Connery. Thats my name and where i am you can look me up. My KDR is 0.375. 3 months ago it was 0.185. You learn and you get better.

    How to survive your first month:
    1: Pick Infiltrator and HIDE. You dont know how to play, no shame in that, so what you have to do is get the infiltrator (sniper) and get away from the battle toward your color, (blue, red, purple). Sit on the edge of a battle and get your kills from long shots. As a Infil, you can go invisible. Plus the infiltrators are the only class that has a built in scope. Watch fights from safety while learning controls saving up certs for your other classes.

    2: If you dont have an outfit, find a squad! If you look in your social tab there is a button for squads, find an open squad and join. They will give you objectives with waypoints and orders, which makes the game easier when you have a goal.

    3: DO NOT FRIENDLY FIRE! Watch your shots, friendly fire is a hallmark of a noob.

    4: Using your certs wisely. Certs are sometimes hard to come by. Your first 30 better go toward a sight for another class gun. If you are over being a sniper and are ready to get into the battle, Heavy or Light Assault are a great place to start, Heavys have massive machine guns and built in shields so you can take a little more shots and they have rocket launchers, its wildly inaccurate from far away but still deadly at medium range. Light has jet packs and Carbine rifles, basically the close combat bread and butter. Spend your 30 certs on a red dot sight for either of these classes and you have a platform to build on, plus guns upgraded on lights can be used on engineers as well. There are alot of options that only need 1 cert on the customization window, one wont break the bank so get it while its hot.

    5: Everyone Dies. Really this is the thing you must remember, EVERYONE DIES! The guy that killed you? He was probably killed 3 seconds after killing you so dont get angry, get back in the fight and kill him back (extra points for revenge kills), its a way of life on Auraxis (the planet)

    6: You cant Fly. Airplanes are hard as f*** to fly. Spend some time in the training room practicing before trying to do the Top Gun thing. You will just get shot down in 34 seconds and be butt hurt. Liberators and Galaxys have multiple seats with guns. You wanna fly? Be a gunner.

    7: Pick your faction carefully! You like red? Who cares. Aside from the elaborate back stories for the teams, there are very distinct differences in the teams. Each faction has a color related to their team; the Terran Republic (Red) boast faster firing rates and chainguns, but are ugly as sin. Vanu Sovereignty (purple) are people who use alien tech so they have lasers which feature no bullet drop but damage drops significantly at range. But it doesnt mean you cant headshot someone from 1000 yds with a pistol. And the best for last The New Conglomerate (blue) The Rebels. We (as in im NC) have high damage weapons. Our tank is the most powerful weapon in the game, and our guns put out the most dps. Our firing rate is standard, our bullet drop is normal, but when you hit a target they will know.

    Well I could go on with lots of things but really these are the most important things, Dont listen to whiners who can spend 1 day learning the game before they start crying over how many times they get killed. Because like rule number 5, EVERYONE DIES. So come try the game come to the NC on my server and add me, i will personally show you the ropes and help you in any way i can.
  32. Dec 13, 2013
    This game has kept me playing for so many hours... It has been many years I didn't play the same game for so long. It's hard, it's huge, it's free to play and absolutely not pay to win. Skill matters here, as much as strategy and tactics. You have so many choices you just can play in a different way every time you die (and it happens a lot but it's not frustrating since you can respawn quite fast). The dev team gives a lot of attention to the community and keeps releasing patches to make the game better and better. New features and patches will continue to be released in the next years, plans for this game are ambitious and really long term lasting.

    I must be honest here, I play since Wolfenstein 3D and I never seen in my life this epic fights with infantry, vehicles and aircrafts. Visuals are simply great. Teamplay is wonderfully made up.

    It's free. Try this game. It is an absolute must for every FPS player out there.
  33. Dec 12, 2013
    Planetside 2, is one of the most impressive games I have played in terms of scale. The maps, or "continents" that you fight on are enormous and simulates a real war, requiring both skill and strategy in order to be successful. For a F2P game it is definitely worth a try. Saying this, however, planetside 2 has some frustrating flaws in ts presentation.
    Pros: The game is huge in scale and
    beautiful in look. Large fights with Platoons can be very fast-paced and exciting. Free-to play.
    Cons: Planetside 2 requires a decently strong computer to play and its scale can lead to a lot of travelling on foot just to get into a gunfight. Newcomers have very little room to improve and the game is easily dominated by those who have more experience. "Certs" the points with which you use to purchase upgrades take a long time to get and in order to unlock a gun you must play for a great deal of time. Lastly, the any vehicle can quickly kill you, which leads to many frustrating moments while playing.
  34. Dec 11, 2013
    A brilliant game, smooth mechanics a good progression system and the best thing? one word SCALE it elevates the game to a epic level of brilliance. Also unbelievably it's FREE GET IT NOW
  35. Dec 7, 2013
    Game is good should give it a try,that being all the neg reviews...

    So many recent neg's omg wtf ppl....Sitting here reading alot of them and its the same thing for most of them(i suck,so it has to be the games fault
  36. Dec 6, 2013
    A really great game that everyone that likes "First Person Shooters" should have installed on there PC.

    I cant recommend this for the Playstation because I will never own one to play games on. I will only game on a PC.

    Some minor bugs shows up now and then but that's todays reality with a company's ability to patch on the fly. Its really that games hit the market with flaws at
    all, but they do, and this is no exception. It is getting better and better every week, and this game still is one of my all time favorite FPS that I plan on playing as often as I am able to. This is coming from a gamer that has owned all Battlefield games and COD. This time though I spent that money on PS2 instead of the other AAA titles.

    I would have a score of 10, but the bugs drops it to a score of 9

    Download it today and find out for yourself what MMOFPS is all about.
  37. Nov 29, 2013
    I played this game for over a year, I've seen it's ups and downs, it's failures and successes. Let me tell you that I had some truly epic moments that immersed me in the world and that I will remember forever. But that's not the kind of thing the game promotes, you see, SOE has a very unclear goal for this game. It started of as a game that seemed to take itself pretty seriously, there were clearly defined factions, lots of robust lore, and it at least made an attempt to immerse the player in it's world.

    Since then Planetside 2 has been on a downward spiral. with SOE needing more funding they turned to sillier and sillier ways of milking people for money. It started off fairly tame, a couple hockey masks and a skull mask as cosmetics. But it just kept going and going, eventually ending at to the point where it is today. There are ridiculous camo options ranging from palm tree to zebra stripes, there are fireworks launchers, evil laugh horns, confetti C4, MLG decals, overt promotions, etc.

    Don't expect to get immersed enough to enjoy the game after the novelty of big battles wears off and reveals the abhorrent money grubbing underneath.
  38. Nov 27, 2013
    Okay, So I see a lot of negative reviews here. From what I can tell most of these negative reviews are negative because the game lags on peoples machines well its not their fault your computer sucks. The other ones seem to be from people who suck at the game, again not their fault. This game is awesome. Hands down favorite shooter to play online. You just need the machine and skill to have fun.
  39. Nov 24, 2013
    Brilliant. The start can be grinding but once you've learn what to do then it's amazing! 250+ hours in game and I am not stopping. The combined arms can be frustrating but with a little planning and teamwork can be pure bliss. A year on and this game is only getting better. 10/10
  40. Nov 23, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a really fun and relieving game when it works well. It's absolutely beautiful with a huge variety of customisation and different classes. You get a massive amount of satisfaction from very large, well balanced battles in which there are many different vehicles, weapons and strategies to use to your advantage. Of course, there are quite a few problems, but with the constant updates these will usually get fixed quite quickly. The "pay-to-win" aspect isn't all that bad either; most of the things you can that can only be bought with real money are camouflages for your weapons, character and vehicles. Due to it mostly being only aesthetic customisation that can be bought with real money, it does not cause many balancing issues. I don't see what more you can possibly want with a free to play game. It has gigantic, beautiful maps with huge, endless battles between 3 different teams. A truly amazing and addicting game. Expand
  41. Nov 22, 2013
    So this game is addicting, but is definitely more fun with others. Although it is bugged and alot of times that gets you killed, it is still fun. They really need to fix a lot, when there are a TON of people playing you can barely get into the game if at all. Since the optimization patch, the performance of the game has been much better but there is way more to be desired such as weapon equilization and distance rendering. I find it utterly ridiculous that you can be shot out of the sky by aa that you cant even see. I know its free but the weapons and gear you buy is extremely overpriced. 7 dollars for pretty much every weapon is crap especially if it doesnt carry over to all you characters no matter the faction. (such as vehicle weapons that arent faction specific i.e halberd, m60, liberator weapons etc. I shouldnt have to pay 7 dollars for a weapon for every faction of character. There are plenty more upsides than downsides for sure but this game, as with any other, has many flaws. Overall it is definitely a game worth playing especially with a group of friends. Expand
  42. Nov 19, 2013
    Played it a bit when it first came out, but got bored with it fairly quickly. Took a long time to get to any real combat. Once you finaly got there it all just didn't feel very fun or exciting.

    Then just for the heck of it i tried it again a few weeks ago. This is a decision i do not regret.. The game has improved massively since i last played it. The gameplay is fun and challenging.

    This game is what Battlefield was. A TEAM PLAYER game. You don't win anything by playing alone. You win by working as a team. That's where the game shines most. The teamwork.. You can have amazing fun and epic battles when battles are led by commanders that know their tactics. And squads work together.
    If you expect to play this by yourself as you would Battlefield 3. You might aswell head back to that, cause you won't find this fun.

    It takes time to get better gear in this game. You can't play for a couple of days and expect to have unlocked 7 new guns and 15 new attachments. You earn Certs as you play the game and with these you can buy new weapons, attachments, vehicle upgrades and upgrades for your Individual classes.
    If you want the better gear, you gotta play longer to get the Certs to buy it. It is not a pay to win game. You can do just fine playing without paying. Though if you are impatient, you will find that it helps, buying a premium account. You really don't need to though. You will find that just buying a grip for you gun for 100 certs/5 good hours of playtime, will show huge improvements. Though it will take a long time to get certs enough for the best gear.
  43. Nov 18, 2013
    All these reviews are WAY old. The current Planetside 2 is awesome with a massive game update to optimize game performance and graphics. Why is everyone disliking this game. I've seen some people's reviews about being killed as a starter, and complaints about the full-on battles, and to put it out for those people, EVERYONE IN THE GAME HAS GONE THROUGH THAT. and yet millions of people still play it. Overall, THIS GAME IS AWESOME Expand
  44. Nov 17, 2013
    Great pick up and play shooter. Looks amazing at highest graphical settings, I'll often just pause to take it all in as thousands of lasers shoot past. Very easy to get immersed into it and a great feeling when you infiltrate enemy bases and take over to allow your team to proceed.
  45. Nov 16, 2013
    Simply put, I play on the worst computer possible to run this game. Lowest possible graphics settings and I've hit 5 fps. However, even with all that I can safely say this is by far the best free to play shooter out there. The scale is just epic.
  46. Nov 16, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a game that would obviously get ALOT of hate. Its not made for everyone and thats easy to see after about 10 hours of gameplay.

    Like games such as Team Fortress 2, Natural Selection 2 and Mount & Blade: Warband, the first few hours of Planetside are incredibly hard and frustrating due to the highly experienced community. The way the games works is also very hard to get
    used to. If you aren't enjoying the game after about 8-10 hours then you might as well stop playing, if not then you will most likely be having an amazing time.

    The graphics, controls, mechanics, and pretty much everything in this is outstanding. The only negative thing I have against the game is the fact that you will have to spare about 30 mintues to about an hour to play a decent game and, unless you have a friend to play with, it gets pretty boring after a while.

    Its fun and you might as well download the free-to-play title, as you may enojy it very much.
  47. Nov 14, 2013
    Often a 1v1 close encounter will result in whoever gets a head-shot or who is a Vanu. If you use aim-down sights, your strafing ability is wrecked (even with the guns which only cut it by 50%), if you use hip fire you'll probably be lucky to get a head-shot which gives you an annoying choice where one is rarely better than the other and you regret not doing it the other way. No sniping would encourage more infantry since sniping is the reason why you wouldn't play infantry at all. No headshots and you could keep sniping because then you couldn't pin down any inferior number of infantry. Knifing is awesome though. This game is totally the opposite of traditional FPS and it's such a shame because without all the modern features and mechanics it would be amazing. Sometimes it's obvious you should play World of Tanks/Planes when you actually want to play infantry other than Infiltrator. Vehicle and air play is really good but if you're not into it, you'll really tire of waiting to invade the enemy base only to find they give up really fast and you sit around for 3-10 minutes for capture because you cannot move on to take the next base. Stealth-killing is risky but it doesn't really suit this game since it is very anti-rush and there should be power in numbers and should not reward luck. Cloak is easy to spot and triggering it on/off is very audible. Any class can be stealthy but with a lot of open areas and places to snipe, sometimes the game becomes incredibly frustrating. Engineers have to be vulnerable to repair vehicles which doesn't really make sense when you're using a damn gun to repair stuff, a lot of fights are just explosives blowing up everything and driving back to try and push towards the enemy base. The choice of armors is pretty much either reduced bullet damage or reduced explosive damage, but even with flak armor, you can get 1 shot by rockets fired by infantry (it's still useful though (just not much)). Nanoweave is a necessity if you're interested in close/mid-range infantry combat. Often a nade/c4 or air fire will likely result in you being useless anyway. Sadly the game is not very well optimized and has some crash problems. Then there's the issue where you cannot pre-load areas you are going to deploy to which means less action! Instant action sometimes doesn't work and honestly there is zero sense to this feature since drop podding into an enemy base and pod-crashing air units is very unfair. By the way I can fly a plane into another one and mine will blow up while the other continues on it's merry way with no damage taken. Instant action is for solo players and PS2 is NOT for solo gamers. Killing's fun but not rewarding in the context of credits...objectives are the most important thing which I feel is a bit silly since taking over bases with a big group is rarely fun (usually the numbers are heavily one-sided). PS2 had potential but got some of the fundamentals wrong. Smaller worlds with less paths to go through would result in more intense battles and less running around. More corridors would encourage confrontation rather than waiting for more players and limit the usefulness of vehicles. Instead it's scrap battles everywhere and a platoon of players who stomp one place, while one of your platoons stomps some other place which is absolutely boring, most of the problem is that there are THREE worlds and when you're losing in one world, you go to another world. I don't know why, but this is a fatal flaw in PS2, I've seen it ruin other games. Expand
  48. Nov 12, 2013
    Never ending wars with hundreds of players on three diverse groups on three different, massive continents. What else? Oh yeah, it's free! If you can run this game, play it! Be anything: from a silent, patient sniper picking off enemy forces from great distances, to being a pilot, massacring ground forces and dog fighting enemy pilots! Join one of three major military groups and even join communities of players in outfits! Play Now! Expand
  49. Nov 9, 2013
    I have nothing against games that are free to play in fact I quite like them, however I would appreciate it if they said pay to win instead of free to play when that is the case, Planetside2 is an example of pay to win. Yes items are obtainable via game play if you have 100 years to spare... You are fighting to achieve nothing, you can't win your contribution doesn't matter because there is no goal there is no aim just shooting, anything you capture would have swapped hands by the time you log back on again. So yeh mindless shooting without achieving anything this game is simply for those who like shooting. Expand
  50. Nov 3, 2013
    Okay, imagine a game like Battlefield (without the destruction)- great battles, with ground, infantry, and air vehicles battling eachother. Now imagine those battles, but on a MASSIVE scale- and I mean like an entire planet being the the map, and three 200-man armies fighting against each other.

    That is Planetside 2- epic battles on a MASSIVE scale.
  51. Oct 28, 2013
    The game is not newbie friendly, you cannot accomplish anything, solo. While I realize it is meant to be a huge battlefield game, there are limits. The shop is intended to make people, including people with a subscription, to spend extra money on an inferior game.

    Planetside 1 had a whole host of issues... planetside 2 has almost all of the same issues, but is free to play. Take my
    advise, go buy a battlefield game, save for titanfall, etc. This is not worth the hard disk space. How it has an overwhelmingly positive review is far beyond me.

    I can see some good in it but it cannot overshadow the bad. Takes a thousand and one anti-vehicle weapons to take out a friggin BUGGY!!! AN ARMED CAR!!!! Let alone a tank... There are so many things that could have made this game, one of the BEST SHOOTERS, in history, but they just took it the wrong direction. I realize this is an opinion but at least make it so infantry can KILL TANKS WITHOUT HAVING TO HOSE IT DOWN WITH A THOUSAND ROCKETS!!!! ESPECIALLY SINCE THERE CAN BE SEVERAL HUNDRED IN AN AREA IN AT A GIVEN TIME!!!! Oh sure, you can justify that it has a long cooldown before you can order another but... by the time its destroyed most drivers will have spent around 30+ minutes in one...

    The health/shield system is appalling, it makes halo's system look bloody brilliant! The starter weapons are akin to pellet guns. Try taking on more than 3 at a time when you are alone? Doesnt work, does it? Nope you just die instantly... What is the point of playing a game where you cannot 'feel like you are making a difference' in a persistent universe. 1v1, about who can aim, 2v1 you will die unless you are lucky, 3v1 you are dead. They do not reward skill! While I realize this is not one of those types of games it does not do the shooter genre any justice.
  52. Oct 27, 2013
    Great fun for those who learn to play it, Most of the performance problems have been taken care of as well as the balance problems. There is simply nothing else like it.
  53. Oct 26, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a definitive First Person Shooter. This game will change your perception of what is and isn't a truly massive war title. The open world, massive player base, and pure fun this game brings to the table makes this a good title for any PC gamer. That's not to say PS2 is flawless. Far from it. The learning curve is much too steep, and I personally dislike their pay-to-win-esque profit style. Still, any FPS aviciando should definitely give Planetside 2 a look. Expand
  54. Oct 26, 2013
    This is a good game that suffers from the demanding specs. If you have a good pc then you'll love PlanetSide 2.
    Just remember guns are like the price of a Triple A title!
  55. Oct 22, 2013
    Terrible terrible. No real feel of accomplishment, flying is impossible, or using any vehicle really. Everything dies in about 2 seconds, and your respawn timers are 20 seconds for inf, 15+ minutes for vehicles. Its dreadfully boring and you are forced to play infantry. Only the elite get to play with vehicles. And even then the Elites are stopped from playing because pleb guns like lock on rocket launchers literally shoot a rocket out that goes directly to the closest enemy vehicle u were looking at and hits it. People spend about 1000 hours of playtime to be able to fly and brand new players need about an hour to get lock on rockets and ruin everyone's fun.

    It's interesting at first, but play it for more then a week with at least 2 hours a day playtime and you will realize getting any new weapon from earning certifications is impossibly elongated. This is due to the Free To play model that it has. Which also forces SOE to make weapons/vehicles over powered when they first release them, so that they sell better, which they then nerf to the ground, wasting your money or time you have spent. Everything is about seven dollars each, a gun, a camo, a hat, you name it. And most of the time you will accidentally realize what you bought was a waste, due to not exactly understanding how precisely the weapon or game works.

    In this game you can level up. There is no point in leveling up, you get nothing for it, and when you cap to 100 you still get nothing. People don't even acknowledge it in the game. Even the people who are lvl 100 don't really like the game, because they too know all of the above and have just exploited it against other players.

    Go play battlefield 4.
  56. Oct 14, 2013
    Could have been a good game but the pay to win structure of the game ruins it. Don't bother trying to earn anything by actually playing the game unless you're willing to blow a week or more just to get a gun. I found the more I played it the more futile any efforts towards progressing became. Frustrating and not fun.
  57. Oct 10, 2013
    When it launched, I thought PlanetSide 2 was going to be THE Game that was going to make me delete all my other ones. Huge maps with lots of enemies to fights, colorful graphics, lots of weapons, vehicles and other unique features. But after playing for a while I realized the game has no goal at all. It is a neverending deathmatch where no team can really win the game. I still log on once in a while and I find that there are less and less players on the servers, and those that remain are hardcore gamers with 1000's of hours played who have already reached the maximum level (makes it hard for noobies to get started). There appear to be a lot of balance issues between factions and vehicles vs infantry. In conclusion, the game has lots of potential but really lacks some very important features that would keep the players interested. Expand
  58. Oct 6, 2013
    This is a Free2Play game and I still feel like I got ripped off. It's THAT bad. Great concept, absolutely terrible execution.
    1) Better have a high end PC or it's a no-go for playing.
    2) It's not a steep learning curve, it's a learning wall. One that you will pound your head against for hours upon hours.
    3) Vehicle controls...They are so bad that I have to wonder if SoE deliberately
    made them difficult or if they are actually THAT incompetent.
    4) This game is PAY TO WIN. Anyone saying different is LYING to you.

    Game looks great on the surface. Just don't look to closely or you'll see all the cracks (that happened to be filled with crap)
  59. Oct 6, 2013
    Before i start i would like to point out that this game is FREE, to those of you giving a FREE game of this quality a zero your quite frankly completely wrong. Unlike many free games Planetside 2 is not a pay to win although you can pay to unlock weapons they can all be unlocked without paying a penny, only skins require real money to obtain.

    The game is by no means perfect there's a
    steep learning curve that can be a pain to get passed and getting dropped into the action when its on such a huge scale can be disorientating and frustrating to new players. The weapons unlock quite slowly and there is no real end game no faction can actually lose.

    Now with that out the way Planetside 2 is possibly the most epic experience you can have on any game, thousands of people fighting epic battles with aircraft tanks and infantry is just amazing to be apart of. Especially with some friends or a decent squad or outfit where you work as a team to capture of defend strongholds. This game far surfaces other FPS games like Halo and COD in my opinion and does so on a scale that's beyond belief and all this from a free game.

    There is no reason not to try this game its free and wont cost you a penny get some friends on Skype or teamspeak and you will have a great time.
  60. Sep 26, 2013
    This game is the best free to play game I have ever played. The battles are huge! probably more than 200 players in a fight. The game however is badly optimized but the game play is great. It requires lots of teamwork and this game is amazing. It is free after all.
  61. Sep 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is the best game im lvl 17 and i like big battles in this on north america im red team join it and fun and enjoy.All players dont like this game is styuped Expand
  62. Sep 20, 2013
    Game was good in the beginning months now it's on it's last dying legs. Extremely bad management and design. They took out everything that was good about the game and threw it out the window. Recent SOE layoffs have resulted in the road map being completely abandoned. By the time they release Hossin everyone will already be playing Battlefield 4. There's nothing free about this game, they just want your money. SOE even threaten players with banning if they dare criticize the game on social media. Beware avoid this atrocious pure excuse for a game and company at all costs as you will regret it later. Expand
  63. Sep 18, 2013
    A decent free-to-play team based shooter with elements and influences taken from a variety of sources but a game completely ruined by pay2win mechanics. Disappointing.
  64. Sep 14, 2013
    as a child i dreamed of having a massive battle with hundreds of soldiers in the comfort of my home.
    Planetside 2 has fulfilled my desires. but... just at a low framerate. but really... it runs like ass. it fails to run on acceptable framerates on any Intel i7 processer. and every AMD processer will have trouble running the game because the developers cant optimize for sh*t. the only
    thing that can run this game is an Intel I5 processer. small improvements have been seen but AMD processer users are screwed until the ps4 comes out with the 8 core AMD apu inside it. now for the shop system/ balance: this game is pay to win. i do not care what anybody states. the only guns you get are rifles, machine guns and AUTOMATIC SNIPERS. (the auto snipers are sh*t compared to bolt action). most guns cost around 5-10 dollars. but that can be overlooked. now the vehicles are fine in the sense that their default weapons get the job done just fine. but the jets on each team come with only a machine gun on them. you can buy rocket pods or heat seekers. heat seekers are generally useless since the machine gun is plenty to take down enemy aircraft. but the pods are a major thing. you can destroy infantry and vehicles in a matter of seconds with these. and they cost TEN DOLLARS. i have played 100 hours of this game and i earned a total of 1142 credits. that is eleven dollars.

    -but why do i give this game a seven? because its the only game of its kind that can pull it off. and the developers are actually working on it, slowly, but they are. in the last patch my sister gained TEN FRAMES on her AMD machine that had an APU. from 15 to 25. the developers are working and in a year this game will be perfect. just need to be patient
  65. Sep 11, 2013
    Three distinct factions, fighting on three huge continents for the supremacy on the planet. Many classes to choose from with a detailed and durable character growth system. There is no need to spend money to be competitive. Deep, immense and fast-paced: PlanetSide 2 is a MMOFPS that played in a group offers hours of pure fun. Unfortunately it still lacks of a solid outfit system and it's bad optimized for most personal computers. Expand
  66. Sep 10, 2013
    Solid 7 for this game. When several terms are met this game is extremely fun to play...Outside that it´s road of corpses and most of them are yours. Gameplay wise this is pretty straight forward. You tunnel something and that´s it. Attacking and Defending gets new meaning when you see massive number of aircraft and ground army going towards an enemy base. It takes breath away to see that this game is huge in scale.

    But where does it go south? Unless you have voice program with some friends in it the game is very dull. You run around and get killed, people with higher Battle Rank will dominate in every machine battle and gun battle. Trying to take out a sniper who has stealth more dmg in hes weapon is absolutely stupid. Killing you takes 1 shot, killing him 2.

    Solo playing this game equals that i try to kill couple of guys before i log in after 10+ deaths...Group play means lots of laughing, shooting and playing like it´s war game. Organized attack into something huge and have enough classes to overcome all difficulties....Or just take a people carrying tank and drive it over a mine or cliff....You choose.
  67. Sep 6, 2013
    Man, this game is awesome! When I was a kid, I was look like: "Why do this fps games need to have maps? Why not have an open world?"
    And then, Sony came to us with this wonderful game...thank you so much, Sony!
  68. Aug 30, 2013
    I played planetside 1 for many years and looked forward to PS2 in 2012. But on release I hated so much about it that I walked away (back to BF3). Roll on several months to June 2013 and I decided to give it another go and I'm sooooo glad I did. PS2 is now fantastic fun. It feels very polished and there is a huge amount of varied fun to be had. Interestingly in PS1 I played in an outfit throughout but for PS2 I play solo as heavy assault my k/d is nearly 2:1 and contrary to other reviewers I find it very easy to have fun without joining a squad. However I do recommend you walk away from battles which are clearly unwinnable. I'm having so much fun that the ps4/xbox one choice became simple for me PS4 simply because it will have PS2 on it. Expand
  69. Aug 23, 2013
    This game really ticks a lot of boxes for me, it has everything I could ask for; large scale warfare, intense firefights, even a little bit of strategy is present!
    The only problem is is that the game is a very power-hungry game, and my computer has trouble running it even at the lowest settings.
    For anyone who has a top end computer, this futuristic shooter is a must have!
  70. Aug 20, 2013
    I felt I needed to do an updated review. I'll use bullet points to outline the main problems after recently playing and uninstalling again.

    -Pay2Compete; Pay gain access to the latest OP weapons before they are nerfed once they've had sufficient sales.

    -Art design; This game has sub-par art design. The only things that are decent are weapons. Vehicles, character armor and cosmetics
    look what people thought sci-fi would look like in the 80s. Skull masks & Lightbright helmets are a complete joke, and I might of thought they were cool when I was 13. Takes the seriousness out of the game.

    -Nickel & Diming; BF3 launched without the classic horn for the jeep. Outraged, players asked for it. EA of all companies eventually put it in via patch FOR FREE. If you would like to enjoy a 2.5 second mp3 sound every time you pressed the mouse button while driving a vehicle in PS2, please insert $7. The argument "You don't have to pay for it if you dont want" is moot. It is the fact they charge $7 for a 2.5 second mp3. It's not hard to take a stock horn sound and edit it nicely.

    -Lack of Vision; Even after so much time has passed, I can see the fundamental flaws have not been fixed. Bases seem to be upgraded with more cover, a jeep was added, and a plethora of new weapons were added to the store yet I didn't particularly see any performance increases or any kind of point to the battles. It is quite simply still a giant, semi-laggy TDM with vehicles with no permanence of end. In BF3 for example there is an end. A screen pops up and announces you won, with battle statistics after the fact. It feels complete. The war has ended. In PS2, it simply goes on for ever with no end ever in sight. This fact alone eventually makes the player feel what he's doing is pointless, which it is. It is this feeling of pointlessness that helped me hate this game.

    Cutting Corners; From what I read, SOE pays their employees below the standard wage for people in the industry. This means the bulk of developers working there are probably fresh out of school or new to the industry. This would explains a lot of the low quality production values in PS2. With Sony's huge money, there was no reason why the factions could not all their own unique common pool vehicle models. I could understand the reason in planetside 1, to save money since a game like planetside hadn't been done before. But today its simply lazy. Playing Vanu is pointless, because you are not a cool alien tech faction since most of your vehicles are wheeled, tracked or use conventional propulsion. All factions having the exact same common pool vehicle models also creates problems. Many times have I accidently shot a friendly vehicle thinking it was enemy. There is absolutely no excuse for SOE not to have launched with empire specific common pool vehicle models. It will probably never be done, as it would not make them money.

    It is dozens of small details like this that piss me off, and make me deeply regret spending close to $200 on the shop. The only reason I did so was because I was already bored and thought buying the new weapons or cool new camo would re-energize my spirit to continue playing.

    It didn't.
  71. Aug 7, 2013
    the game's scale is, quite frankly, amazing. The fact that you can spawn vehicles that are not overpowered in every way, shape, or form. the guns recoil is quite nice, but the learning curve is a bit much. Weather this is a curse or a blessing, i will leave this up to you. The RPG does nearly no damage, especially to tanks. UNTIL you get an air-locking rocket launcher. then you see the potential for damage. The game looks great, graphically and aesthetically, but NEEDS to be optimized (i am running an i3 @3.3 GHZ with 4GB of RAM and a DDR3 Nvidia 545) it runs at good a good framerate on low graphics, but an occasional framerate drop REALLY gets on your nerves Expand
  72. Aug 7, 2013
    This game was just bad honestly its a game where you can be terrible and win. The reason being is grab lock ons against vehicles. The client side programming means two major league bad things should you have a really bad connection you can go to town on people and they cant even see you. Also like 90% of the games files are on your pc thus making it extremely easy to patch and modify your game files; hence all the hackers found it the game(many are sneaky about it now however its still a huge problem). While your at it why not just buff one faction above the others time and time again without any consideration of balance or skill based weaponry. Oh and just to put the cherry on top of the cake they will ban you should you do good, don't believe me get a K/D of 20+ and you will shortly. As for the bugs planetside 2 is FULL of them LITERALLY most of which have been around since the alpha days. such as; falling through the ground being killed but being able to move around and look at people but not die when shot, graphical errors, floating buildings. And then the bugs that they think helps balance the game such as lock ons going right through walls, infantry not even rendering in many cases, huge de-sync problems when in a harasser. As for the content added--I don't think SOE knows the meaning of that because all they do is add generic guns and buff lock on rockets consistently. If you don't believe me look at the patch notes since the beta all they added was change around the warpgates(new only two times) the latus system(Which is horrendously worse then the system before) the harasser that is riddled with bugs and glitches to this day. Now speaking from a knowledgeable programmers perspective you know that SOE could not be dumber in using dx9 vs dx11 and also trying to make they're own engines just to save a little amount of money. Just to top it all off they released a TESTING server that what do you know they don't even USE TO TEST THINGS BEFORE RELEASE! I give this game a rating of 1 just for the sake that they tried to make the first game of its kind but they blew it so hard that I regret playing in the alpha/beta testing phase because that game was better when it was in testing phase otherwise it would be a solid zero. Expand
  73. Aug 6, 2013
    This game is halo/battlefield on steroids, and surprisingly its free. I use a weapon that has the highest RPM in my faction. So I win most close to mid range encounters and I only paid 250 creds for it, so the game is not pay to win. The only down side is the story line is simple, and the game takes a while to get used to because the tutorial is crap. In conclusion, it is probably the best fps I have played in a long time, and that is mainly because of the enormity of the battles and number of players involved is something to be seen to be believed. Expand
  74. Aug 5, 2013
    Aside from being extremely taxing on your pc, meaning you need a nice rig to run this game, and from being a clearly pay to win game, the free player can still have fun. This is one of the most thought out games of 2012 into 2013, its a stellar MMOFPS, the first of its title to actually get it right, and as long as they continue to improve the game as they have this game will remain a 10/10 for time to come. Expand
  75. Aug 3, 2013
    After reading reviews here, I got good news: a lot of issues described early were fixed. There is a tutorial, tapping "home" drops in in combat (in a pod) in 10 seconds, tapping delete lets you respawn at a different spawn point in 10-30 seconds. I'm getting decent FPS on an average RIG with GTS 250. The game has a lot of promise, but the fun quickly dies down, once you realize that every gun, every ability and every vehicle sucks unless you spend money (to buy new guns) and time to grind upgrades for these guns. After I spent 20 hours grinding upgrades, it hit me that I'm a veteran FPS player, have positive K/D here, but am not having that much fun. Killing infantry is not satisfying. Guns all look the same, sound the same and are kinda bland. There's no character to guns whatsover (for example Brink had similar attachment/customization for guns, and somehow guns were more satisfying). The "wow factor" of this game is huge scale, but you will quickly learn that just like in all MMOs, there are small groups and zergs running around the map, capping points that are not contested. I saw some large balanced battles in the 20 hours I played, but those are fairly rare. Most of the time it is one zerg camping the spawn building in a base for 5 minutes before moving on. There's a small number of fighting vehicles in this game 2 tanks, 2 planes, 2 light vehicles. Yet they feel bland and lifeless. Everything is nerfed to avoid 1 hit kills. Compare a tank from Battlefield 2 or a mech from Battlefield 2142 to "lightining" tank from planetside or a MAX unit, and you see just how boring planetside vehicles are. There's a lot of grinding in this game, and if you like it, you will enjoy the game. Expand
  76. Aug 2, 2013
    This review comes from a bad fps player, who stopped playing games 6 years ago.

    For the last 3 months I´ve been playing this one daily and I still find it fresh. Why? I´m glad to say that even though this is a FPS game, hitting the target it´s only a small part of the game. As or more important than that, one must read the flow of the battle and act according to it. It´s not an easy
    task and some times extremely frustrating (try to battle 3 to 1 fights...). But the variety of actions one can perform to help his team even if they are completely strangers is enormous. And believe me, every action count. Be it a medic or engineer or heavy or sniper or tank or plane... so on.

    It can also be a very socially active game. A player can be part of platoons and share objectives with other players. Even if you don´t have a mic or english isn´t your natural language, your actions will speak for yourself. In my experience the community have been helpful and friendly and the team leaders are usually nice and cool headed guys.

    Being this a MMOFPS, good solo players and teams know that you can affect psychologically other players and alter the flow of the battle. They create choke points, distrat them, etc, whatever necessary to achieve their team's goals. It´s not capture the flag or deathmatch. It´s conquering territory.

    That being said, this is a great game for many types of gamers with very diferent natural skills. If you´re a good strategist, play it. If you're a good shooter, play it. If you´re a good driver, play it. If you´re good at splinter cell, play it.

    So, here´s the downside: It´s not a casual game. There is a learning curve to climb and it can be a frustrating process even for FPS veterans (or not, lol). There´s lots of helpfull stuff in the forums and youtube but the real lesson is in the battlefield. And if you´re like me, you´ll die a lot. What get me going is the acknowledgment that this is a very good and unique game. And after 3 months I die a little less often.

    And it is free.
  77. Aug 1, 2013
    This is the worst gaming experience I have ever experienced. I play BF3 on high settings with under 50 ping, but in PS2, players are teleporting everywhere with the worst lag I've ever seen in a multiplayer game. This is why I stay clear of free to play games. Awful, just awful.
  78. Jul 26, 2013
    Honestly, I like the concept and the gameplay. I really do. I love the advancement system and the many options of guns, apparel and accessories. But the reason I scored this game so low is because in it's current state, it is broken. I have a high-end PC that runs the game at a steady 60fps even in really big battles. But there is this server-lag that happens ALL THE TIME that makes the game unplayable. First off you have this lag where all players are constantly disappearing and reappearing and popping in and out of the world. it's impossible to shoot or kill anyone. When this isn't happening there is another sort of server lag where no matter how many times you shoot someone the hit does not register. They can be 2 feet in front of me and I cannot get a hit marker for anything. Now, I would be okay with this if it happened once in a while. This happens ALL THE TIME. Last night I played for an hour and 45 min. out of the hour these problems existed. The game was only playable for 1/4 of my time played. Tonight I also played an hour and it was the SAME THING. The game would work fine for 5 or 10 minutes but then I would have 30 minutes of this horrible server lag. Even other people in chat were talking about it so I know it's not my computer. Again, I have a high end system that runs more graphic intensive games than planetside just fine. ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 are two of those games. I wish I could give this game an 8 or 9 I really do. But in it's current state I would stay away from it. I have only been playing the game for a week but I am very discouraged and do not want to touch it again until it's fixed because it is a waste of my time. I'm not going to play a game for hours of my time when only 1/4th of it it's actually playable. I advise anyone looking to spend money on it or use HD space to wait until SOE does something about this because the game is literally broken. I think this game is too big for their britches and there's too many players for them to handle. Again, I really wish I could give it a better score because it is a great game but in it's current state... BROKEN! This is my honest review and opinion. Expand
  79. Jul 24, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a game where the execution does not live up to the potential of the concept. It's just about better than average, but far too often your enjoyment will be overshadowed by frustration at the developers' bad decisions. Let's list a few.

    1 Bad approach to population balance. During beta, the character population was skewed towards NC. That's not surprising, since the
    NC is presented as freedom fighters, while the TR are presented as fascist oppressors and the VS as cultist weirdos. Turns out not too many people want to play as fascists or cultists who knew? The smart solution would have been to directly address the problem by making the TR and VS more appealing (for example, by giving VS characters less ridiculous attire). Instead, SOE decided to give those two factions buffs while nerfing the NC so to solve an unbalanced population, we got unbalanced game play.

    2 Bad approach to game balance. The game developers made a bunch of balance decisions early in the game's life cycle, before the game had a chance to mature. For example, in the early months of the game, air units were very effective because many players had not yet unlocked viable anti-air weapons (and none of the default weapons can play a meaningful anti-air role). The smart option would have been to make AA weapons easier to unlock, so more players could start using those weapons and the true Air vs. Ground balance could be observed. Instead, SOE buffed existing AA weapons and added new ones while the game was still young and players were still figuring it out. Fast-forward a month or two, and now everybody and their dog has unlocked a bunch of buffed AA options, and to fly aircraft anywhere near a meaningful battle is to invite a metric ton of flak fire and a few dozen lock-on missiles.

    3 No account verification. SOE decided to let anyone create an account with no verification procedure (e.g., no credit card check, no telephone number check, no address check, etc.). This means that anyone who wants to hack, exploit, or otherwise cheat can very easily make a new dummy account for that purpose. If they're caught, who cares? They can just go back to their main account, or simply make a new account.

    4 Over-reliance on player reports to catch cheaters. Instead of investing in automated cheat-detection, SOE decided it would be easier to just let the players report cheaters. Unfortunately, this approach will only catch out the obvious cheats, and will take a lot longer to find the subtle hackers, if it every catches them at all.

    5 Players can create characters on opposing factions on the same server. Initially, SOE did not allow this, which made sense. Then for no good reason whatsoever, they decided to make it possible. Now, a player can have characters from all three factions on the same server. Why is that a problem? Well, let's say a player has an NC character as his main, but also maintains an alternative TR character. If at any point this player is using his main NC character and is being overrun by the TR, he can go switch to his TR character and start sabotaging the attacking TR forces from behind to relieve the pressure on his real NC teammates. Way to think ahead.

    6 Too much MMO and not enough FPS. Bottom line, this game is decided more by who has unlocked (or paid to unlock) more powerful weapons and upgrades, instead of being decided by who is the more skilled player. SOE is very happy releasing more and more easy-to-use weapons that it can sell (e.g., spray-and-pray SMGs, lock-on rocket launchers, and the recently cancelled implants) instead of trying to find ways to raise the skill ceiling and create more rewarding gameplay.
  80. Jul 18, 2013
    Planetside 2 is what I as a shooter and wargame lover has been dreaming about since childhood. If you were one of those who played the first battlefield 1942 and got blown away by the scale of the conflict prepare to be so again. With a persistent battle going on 24/7 across 3 different continents (maps) each sporting an area over 64 square kilometers in size, with up to 2000 simultaneous players going at each other this is insane! And in the first game I have played where actual organization of soldiers take place become part of a greater battle for control over the planet. It is a true combined arms game where you can run as many classes of infantry, pilot aircraft or a multitude of ground vehicles. Just plain epic.

    I have been playing this game since it came out and I't still going strong.

    PS. If you want to join a good EU outfit (ingame clan) hit up Trident on the Cobalt server playing for the Vanu Sovreignty faction.
  81. Jul 14, 2013
    The game is absolutely amazing. However, it is quiet a bit complicated to learn, (but substantially easier than the original Planetside) and it is SPRAWLING with hackers. Certain weapons are over-powered and some are under-powered. The system they use to show a gun's damage, fire rate, etc. is screwed up. And if you want to have a better playing experience, you'll have to pay for a membership. But let's look at the positive things: If you like Multiplayer FPS, then this is for you. The size of each of the three maps blows my mind. You're familiar with your Call of Duty maps? Well try putting 20+ of those on a map and spacing them well apart. That's how big these maps are. The entire originality of this game is appealing and the fun never stops. The people who don't like it? most likely the same people who only play COD... on xbox. Once you get the hang of this game, you'll have a blast! Expand
  82. Jul 13, 2013
    This game is amazing, I've never played anything quite like it. The sense of scale and the huge battles can't be beat. The graphics are quite beautiful, especially during night battles, and you can easily get distracted by the attractive scenery. The developers are very active and continue to improve the game at a fast pace.Overall I would highly recommend this game anyone who likes large scale battles! Expand
  83. Jul 9, 2013
    Overall a pretty bad game. It runs so awful it is not even funny. It will finally be getting multicore support when it comes to the Playstation 4. Why? More money. Their resource system is quickly turning into a pay to win model. SOE seems hellbent on making sure there is always a huge nerf/buff cycle almost every major patch. The development team for the most part, seems unable to properly do their job. Bad game. Expand
  84. Jul 8, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a very solid game, Beautiful graphics and fun vehicles and weapons. And some advice join a squad for the best experience. There are a few bugs and glitches, very few are game breaking but I have there have been a few time's where I would empty a entire magazine of 40 rounds in to a enemies head and it wouldn't hurt them yet they shoot me 2 and I die. Make sure you find out which of the 3 factions have the best attributes. The Terren Republic have large magazine's and high fire rates and fast vehicles. The New Conglomerate have hard hitting weapons, powerful and strong vehicles, and awesome music. The Vanu Sovereighnty have the best air vehicles along, High accuracy and laser weapons. Expand
  85. Jul 5, 2013
    planet side 2 is definitely one of the better FPS games of 2012. the main thing that people tend to forget when they rate this game is that this game is for FREE! this game is better than some games that charge full price. planet side2 is a multiplayer only first person shooter for FREE. the gameplay feels a lot like halo multiplayer at times. honestly, they are pretty similar. there are some bugs and glitches but they can be overlooked. the graphics are good and the gameplay is fun and massive. you can engage in huge multiplayer battles as your faction fights for control over 3 continents. i highly recommend this game, not only because of its quality, but the fact that its free. Expand
  86. Jul 3, 2013
    I love this game. I have been playing for about 3-4 months now. I have become a subscriber, and joined the SturmGrenadier outfit for the Mattherson Server.

    If you want to have fun, join an Outfit! This game can be very hard and overwhelming for newcomers. Once you get through the growing pains, this game provides you with moments no other comes close to.

    It's as if Halo met
    Battlefield with 2000 people. Simply amazing. Expand
  87. Jul 2, 2013
    needs better faster servers,internet. or allow personal servers to play.
    soooo recommend high ram for this game. along graphics1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
  88. Jun 29, 2013
    This is a pay to win game so it is more relevant to comment on the business model because pay to win games are just that and nothing more.

    It's almost unreal but then cheating in games has been around for like forever now you just buy the cheats from the source itself; the developers.
    This is how simple is really is by the way; Weak wheals will pay big bucks to win! Whoa simply

    What makes this business model tasteless tho is that they encourage cheating in games played with other people as a cool thing all while denying that they are in fact selling cheats; anyone making money on this model will jump through hoops telling you that you are not buying the win; this is of course annoying as any fairly sensible person that's not completely self-deluded will just by the use of there own common sense know better.

    Words you should associate with pay to win games;
    caveman, loudmouth, villain, doofus, nut, cheat, birdbrain, dope, half-wit, imbecile, brat, nuisance, pest, rip-off, gimmick, trick, hoax, humbug, phony, charlatan, quack.
  89. Jun 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Planetside 2 is one of the most disappointing games i've played. Some people think thousands of players battling on one big server is cool, but for me it makes the game laggy and frustrating. i cant walk out of spawn for three minutes without being bombarded with bullets to the point that i need to restart my computer. aside from that, the game is just a slightly hilly plain were snipers pick off everybody that walks out of a building, and if you escape that you find yourself in front of hundreds of enemy tanks and aircraft. There is no auto balancing of any kind that allows for players to face equally skilled foes. instead you spawn in, the game tells which button shoots and pushes you straight into battle. No vehicle piloting or aiming, what your enemies even look like. Another thing is that there is no way to earn better weapons other then buying them with real money, not in game credits or something. so unless you want to spend $500 on a game you haven't even really seen yet just so you don't die every two seconds, DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!

    one more thing I forgot to mention is that when you try to log off it turns your screen black for about an hour and a half then just restarts the launcher. Its more of adware or some sort of troll virus then a game really.
  90. Jun 24, 2013
    Oh dear. I don't think I've come across any shooter that's so cumbersome. When you make a game free to play, the point is for it to be as simple as possible, since you're going to have a lot of people just trying it out casually. What's embarrassing is how PlanetSide 2 makes the simplest of genres a first-person shooter- far too complicated. The tutorial is pointless it just tells you how to move and shoot. The controls are good and graphics are decent for an F2P game but the game makes a horrible first impression. It's got to be the least intuitive, user-friendly shooter experience ever created. The map, the spawn, the objective, the vehicles etc. are given zero explanation. Any game which requires someone else to teach you how to play at even the most basic level is garbage and seriously needs to rethink its design or at least implement some game modes to divide the experience up into small learning experiences rather than dumping you into a map the size of the moon and having no idea what you're supposed to do. Expand
  91. Jun 22, 2013
    Game came out and was pretty solid out of the gate. In the last two months (writing this in June 2013), the development staff has made a ton of stupid decisions that have butchered what could have been a great game.

    The Creative Director, Matt Higby, came out last week talking about why he's instating these inane "gameplay rules" and the necessity of them, but the changes show nothing
    but a lack of imagination and critical thought.

    While in minor cases, they listen to the community at large, they seem to ignore what the playerbase is asking for a majority of the time. As time goes on, it becomes more and more apparent that this is just a money grab and not even remotely F2P.

    The game becomes more P2W with every update and gets less fun to play every day. I'm sorry I spent a dime on this game and I hope others will think twice before they do.
  92. Jun 22, 2013
    After playing this game from Alpha, sinking a couple hundred Smed Bucks and spending a great deal of time playing the original Planetside, I'm incredibly disappointed in the sequel. The dev's are too obsessed with making new cosmetic items to milk the dwindling population, instead of making PS2 into the great game it should be.

    The business model is completely warped. When they should
    be addressing fundamental issues, they're busy buggering up the balance with new OP weapons (which are nerfed as soon as they hit their sales target).

    Honestly, if the dev's put as much time into developing the gameplay experience as they do generating cash items, the player base would be ten times as big. And the game would be so much more profitable than it is now.

    The main issues:

    1. Lack of Meta-game. It's just massive TDM at the moment, there's no real sense of goals or achievements and it's really stale. There's been a number of great ideas floating around since release (NTU's/Caverns/Cont. Locking), but they've not been integrated, and the game is fundamentally boring.

    2. No real MMO character development. There's no real individual character development found in other MMO's, just a constant grind to earn 'certs', which means you can basically upgrade everything. There's no individual roles, as you can change class at whim. I can see how this is difficult in an FPS, but PS1 had an excellent system whereby a player would really have to think about a finite number of cert's, before locking them into a role for a set period of time.

    3. Performance. I currently own a £2k 1 year old gaming rig, and I have to run this game on low settings to get decent FPS. Sorry, but this really has gone on long enough, and needs sorting.

    4. Constant balance changes. Nerfing and buffing with every update undermines player confidence in purchasing weapons, and the development team. So, air was OP when the game was released the solution? Nerf air, buff all AA and introduce new AA weapons. Where any one of those options would have been sufficient, all three have destroyed the air game. Players who like to fly feel alienated. Balance is delicate, and SOE seems to deal with changes like a bull at a gate.

    5. New weapons affect on balance not thought through. In their quest to milk the population, new weapons are rushed and not tested properly. A good example of this? ZOE. Players cried that it was ridiculously OP when it was on test and all of this feedback was ignored. So ZOE goes live, and lo and behold, it's crazy OP and destroy's the game in favour of one fraction for 2 3 weeks before SOE smacked it with the nerf bat. Then we have players who certed into ZOE complaining about the amount certs they dropped in it! IDEAS AND CHANGES NEED TO BE THOUGHT THROUGH.

    6. Minor bugs that have been in since Alpha still aren't fixed. Seriously, why the hell do ESF wheels STILL stay out on spawn until you land. It's the little things that make a great game. Unfortunately, bugs which should NOT be in a game are still present. It makes the whole game feel somehow 'sloppy'.

    7. New players are not eased into what's quite a complicated game. There needs to be a bunch of IN GAME tutorials and missions which give new players an overview of what the games all about, and give them a fighting chance. As it is, you have heavily experienced players flattening the new players. The experienced players feel bad, the new players leave. It's not a good system.

    8. Outfits. This game is about team play, but as a new players there's no incentive to join an outfit, or any outfits welcoming enough for new players (depending on the server). You should automatically be signed up to a large fraction outfit, with players dedicated to getting new players into the battle fast.

    9. No CR (command rank). Players in PS1 had to earn squad leader status through well, leading squads, which earns a player command ranks. There's no leader development, so it's a bunch of idiot's trying to command the battlefield with no experience. At least with CR you had to earn the right to command.

    I won't go on, although this list could go on forever.

    The bottom line. Avoid for another 6 months (if it lasts that long). If the dev's shape up and really start looking into the above issue's then this game will be unbelievably good. As it stands, it's not worth the time, and if you're a PS1 vet like me, you'll feel let down and betrayed.
  93. Jun 21, 2013
    This game is utter trash. Its a fun idea ruined by alienating new players, rewarding pay to win, and confusing and bad game controls, mechanics UI and a waste of in game time doing nothing.

    The fun idea
    A large actively changing map where all three factions fight for total dominance of the planet. With 3 large maps, it fills a niche I've yet to experience and thought would be really

    This game's tutorial consists of showing you how to play a generic first person shooter then throws you into combat without knowing what objectives are, and how to interact with other players. Hell you don't even get taught about vehicles. This isn't a FPS with a campaign mode, if it did It wouldn't need to tell me a thing. But it does because without any nice tut, I am lost.

    pay to win
    striaght forward, pay money, get an advantage. Better armor, better weapons, more upgrades. This is what we call ignoring game balance. The devs obviously just wanted a quick dollar. In the long run they may have money, but I will never play a game from these people, and certainly not this one.

    Lets have 3 factions: red, blue and purple. Now let us make allies show up blue in the UI and enemies in red... So red team has blue allies who are red and blue enemies who are red. Orange and green and yellow also exist..

    The best part is the spawning system. Instead of having variable induvidual spawn points within a base or outpost, everyone is spawned in safe buildings within those areas. In other words Prime spawn camping material. 2 tanks and a location is ready to spawn camp. Then reinforcements come and the defending side tries to poke their heads out and fire rockets hoping they don't die and can save their base. While the offensive are simply aiming at the doors hoping to react fast enough to shoot an enemy to death. Not like it matters, you can die inside a safe spawn anyhow or life for a moment outside of it. Then often times the spawn locations are hundreds, sometimes past a thousand Kilometers from any enemy location/combat region. This means(I kid you not) about 5-60 minutes of aimless or monotonous walking and running to actually start playing the game. Good thing is there is an orbital drop spawn! Sadly though, you only get to use it every 15 minutes or so.

    The UI is atrocious, nothing about it makes sense. The minimap only randomly shows you structures and enemies, its not clear at all what causes something to show up on the map. Often snipers or vehicles kill you before you hear, see or detect them on the minimap unless you are scouting ahead with a sniper rifle.

    menus are a joke. These devs seem to think words are a sin. I click on one of several icons without words. You have to hover over them for a few seconds to see what they are. By this time, you forget what one icon was and are constantly searching until you memorize everything.

    No clear objectives. While you see icons in the distance it isn't clear what you are supposed to do, what it does, or why you might want to go there. Good thing the game doesn't let you know you can't capture a point if it is land locked by enemy territory. Why that is a rule is beyond me. This game is nothing like real combat, its just a chaotic mess with no one telling anyone what to do, and the game certainly doesn't care to tell you what you should do.

    Waste of time
    Just plain and simple. When you spend more time traveling than you do fighting, you know you should be spending your time elsewhere. I was hoping to play a game, not walk it.

    If you have $100 you don't care about and no goals in life, this is the game for you. It will eat your time and money and make you feel right at home. However, like most people, I cherish both my time and money and my dignity. I won't be fooled by this puke garbage. This is the result of people who wanted money and had no passion at all and who have never played an FPS in their lives.
  94. Jun 20, 2013
    This is a good f2p game it is not pay to win yes the beginning is chaotic but after an hour or two or with the help of some good leaders you the game becomes really enjoyable it is the best simulation of a real chaotic war this game is not really great if you try being a lone wolf but if you play with others the game is so much fun and ive ranked up without paying a dime
  95. Jun 19, 2013
    4/10 has potential but is just frustrating. No orientation or clear objective, nothing to acclimatize the player to the controls or HUD, just pick a class and shoot things. My experience of the game consisted of being killed by massively over-levelled players with better equipment who I couldn't even touch because starter equipment I had did as much damage as a water pistol. Constantly re-spawning and dying is not my idea of fun, thanks. Expand
  96. Jun 18, 2013
    This game is a waste of time if you don't have a $2000 system. Please don't support this game at all, don't play it. Although yes it is fun at times. It never stops lagging unless you have a newer NiVidia graphics card or a high end processor.
  97. Jun 17, 2013
    I am not sure if it is my failure or there's but I had technical issues with this game across several machines which I never resolved. This had the effect of having a rather basic looking graphical experience.

    In terms of the game play I never understood what the fuss was about. Extremely mediocre.

    Personally, I found it extremely buggy, poorly supported and not worth the effort
    to work through the bugs because the game is just not good enough. Expand
  98. Jun 17, 2013
    Review Last Updated: 6/17/13

    Current Opinion & Thoughts on Planetside 2:
    This game is addicting for me, it is not about the kills, it prioritizes objectives and relies on the player's patience and actual skill. Planetside 2 truly relates to Battlefield on a larger scale, and I say this as a compliment because Battlefield is a well designed game with usually balance flaws instead of
    gameplay experience flaws.

    Learning Curve & Tutorial:
    Let's admit it, the game has a large learning curve, especially with vehicles and how weapons function. The tutorial does not nearly cover all of that, and I do hope they update the tutorial to add most of the controls within Planetside 2 (does not include vehicles currently, and some certain Infantry controls). The tutorial does not cover usage of the map or certs which I find are core components of the game. My suggestion is, learn all the infantry controls at least along with some vehicular controls (mainly the flash and harasser that can be used for transport, aircrafts are too difficult for those unaware of how to use them) and play in VR Training to understand the game more. As of now, the game basically forces you into immediate combat which is relatively daunting and difficult to adapt towards for those not familiar towards the game.

    This game utilizes projectile based weapons, meaning all of the weapons requires some form of skill and usage of accuracy. Hitscan requires little to no tactics behind using the gun whereas the projectile system (similar to Battlefield 3) adds another dimension towards weapons and adds to the game's already high skill cap. Planetside 2 is addicting if you're patient in the game, you cannot expect a kill every minute unfortunately, and you cannot kill people as fast as you would be able to in other First Persion Shooters. There will always be flaws in balancing weapons in an FPS and balance in general. The default weapons you receive is average and quite useful thankfully and all weapons serve their own purpose. Alerts (2 hours events with a 15 minute preparation time) only add to the depth of the experience. Alerts are events that demand all 3 factions to conquer certain territories over the course of 2 hours and grants experience from a pool of 10 split into 3 based on how well each faction did.

    Vehicular gameplay only expands the entertainment, usage of vehicles are important for control of the map. Having different vehicles which serve different purposes definitely makes the gameplay more dynamic especially with both ground and aerial vehicles. However, mastering the vehicle takes time (because of both certification points and actual experience), they cost resources (they are more expensive after Game Update 11) and have a cooldown. This prevents spamming of vehicles and the ability to actually savor the vehicle you buy.

    Again, like everything in this game, it takes a while to memorize the HUD and actual interface. I can't imagine someone memorizing everything after 1 hour of gameplay but after you do memorize it, the HUD/GUI is clean and useful. It's not too cluttered and everything has its purpose. However I would like to note to use the centralized HUD option that is found in the settings (it's much cleaner and easier to use).

    Planetside 2 is a beautiful game. The environment at max settings is just stunning and the beauty of the game is what makes it more attractive. When driving across environments, I always look around to see the amazing textures and details around me (especially in Amerish). However, even at the lowest settings, I do not believe this game is optimized for that because this is quite a demanding game. Even some of my friends cannot play this game while being able to run others perfectly. I can play on Ultra at 50 FPS but that's just me.Being able to play this game at its max settings personally enhances the experience for me.

    I personally felt that currency needed to have its own section. This game utilizes certification points or certs as an abbreviation for the free currency. You earn 1 cert every 250 XP you receive in the game. Upgrades to your class and weapons can be purchased with this currency. However, some upgrades can cost up to 400 certs while some weapons can cost up to 1,000 certs which means you may have to spend days of playing just to receive a new weapon or ability. However you do have the option of trying out a weapon. The main issue is that if you intend to buy a weapon, you have to sacrifice not upgrading your class or vehicles and the weapon only applies to one class meaning everything you buy is only for the class you purchased it for. Same goes for everything else. I cannot comment on Station Cash due to character limit.

    In closing, Planetside 2 is a an aesthetically pleasing and entertaining game that also happens to be free to play. It's been an enjoyable experience so far and offers a new variety of gameplay.
  99. Jun 15, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a success from multiple standpoints. It manages to create an incredible sense of scale, and keep that scale well maintained (as well as fairly light on lag). It is a fair successor to the original Planetside, but retains little of its mechanics. Gameplay, unless operating with an outfit can by trying and tedious at best. There are plenty of extremely skilled players who will trounce your ass good, as well. Continent locking mechanics, and metagame seem to be on the backburner for SOE, who seem to be more concerned with setting up 'battle lanes' (read; Planetside's Lattice System Copy-Paste) to create a 'flow' of combat, to prevent back-capping (read; capturing undefended territories away from the main fight.) This means that the overall 'quality' of the game, and the feeling of success when capturing territory, or trouncing your foes is short lived at best.

    Between the glitches, the fair amount of hackers, the pricey items, and the wayward dev focus, I can't give this game any more than 6.8/10 at the moment.
  100. Jun 13, 2013
    Planetside 2 can be summed up in two words: mediocre mess.

    I've played this game since release using only stock weapons and not spending any money on the game. While the start weapons are fine, the deck is stacked against you if you only use these weapons and not purchase or farm 1000 certs for "sidegrade" weapons. Which most, you will see for yourself if you trial weapons in game, are
    flat out better than the starting weapons. While not technically pay-to-win, you certainly are paying to win until your opponent has a comparable weapon.

    First time players will be overwhelmed by the massive battles which, to be fair, can be really entertaining. But you will also be overwhelmed by how much you'll be staring at the respawn timer. Starting with nothing, certification wise, puts you at a severe disadvantage from veteran players who have many vehicle, suit, and weapon upgrades that will test even the most patient player. Using vehicles comes with a stupid high learning curve for flying and the worst ground vehicle physics of any game I've played; every ground surface acts like ice and a piece of debris will destroy a full health tank.

    Players rave how pretty the game is and how great the reload animations are, but I don't care about that crap and focus on gameplay. The game has its moments, but they are few and far between the frustrations of bugs and how shallow the game is. Strategy is used as a selling point of the game, but the only real strategy is zerging. The base designs are terrible, and encourage this type of playstyle to conquer bases. Making the large battles stale and flat-out boring as you just sit and wait for the base to turn over; which take 5 to 10 minutes of just standing around waiting for capture experience.

    The best way to play this game is with friends or in a large outfit to get the handle of things. There is a lot to learn and SOE added tutorials seven months late to help out new players. You'll certainly have more fun than playing solo and maybe the game won't get so boring so quickly. Best way to get certs? Get the cheese weapons as soon as possible. This game caters to and encourages cheese play to farm certs the fastest. Farming or buying a shotgun, SMG or other cheese weapons like the AV turret will bring in a stupid amount of cert points and make you into a Planetside 2 all-star.

    Planetside 2 could of, no, should of been a great game. But it's just a short-sighted, cash grab, cert farm that is hemorrhaging players even though it's a free game. They've merged like 6 or 7 servers now, and I would be surprised if there wasn't at least 3 more by years end.
  101. Jun 17, 2013
    Review Last Updated: 6/17/13

    Current Opinion & Thoughts on Planetside 2:
    This game is addicting for me, it is not about the kills, it prioritizes objectives and relies on the player's patience and actual skill. Planetside 2 truly relates to Battlefield on a larger scale, and I say this as a compliment because Battlefield is a well designed game with usually balance flaws instead of
    gameplay experience flaws.

    Learning Curve & Tutorial:
    Let's admit it, the game has a large learning curve, especially with vehicles and how weapons function. The tutorial does not nearly cover all of that, and I do hope they update the tutorial to add most of the controls within Planetside 2 (does not include vehicles currently, and some certain Infantry controls). The tutorial does not cover usage of the map or certs which I find are core components of the game. My suggestion is, learn all the infantry controls at least along with some vehicular controls (mainly the flash and harasser that can be used for transport, aircrafts are too difficult for those unaware of how to use them) and play in VR Training to understand the game more. As of now, the game basically forces you into immediate combat which is relatively daunting and difficult to adapt towards for those not familiar towards the game.

    This game utilizes projectile based weapons, meaning all of the weapons requires some form of skill and usage of accuracy. Hitscan requires little to no tactics behind using the gun whereas the projectile system (similar to Battlefield 3) adds another dimension towards weapons and adds to the game's already high skill cap. Planetside 2 is addicting if you're patient in the game, you cannot expect a kill every minute unfortunately, and you cannot kill people as fast as you would be able to in other First Persion Shooters. There will always be flaws in balancing weapons in an FPS and balance in general. The default weapons you receive is average and quite useful thankfully and all weapons serve their own purpose. Alerts (2 hours events with a 15 minute preparation time) only add to the depth of the experience. Alerts are events that demand all 3 factions to conquer certain territories over the course of 2 hours and grants experience from a pool of 10 split into 3 based on how well each faction did.

    Vehicular gameplay only expands the entertainment, usage of vehicles are important for control of the map. Having different vehicles which serve different purposes definitely makes the gameplay more dynamic especially with both ground and aerial vehicles. However, mastering the vehicle takes time (because of both certification points and actual experience), they cost resources (they are more expensive after Game Update 11) and have a cooldown. This prevents spamming of vehicles and the ability to actually savor the vehicle you buy.

    Again, like everything in this game, it takes a while to memorize the HUD and actual interface. I can't imagine someone memorizing everything after 1 hour of gameplay but after you do memorize it, the HUD/GUI is clean and useful. It's not too cluttered and everything has its purpose. However I would like to note to use the centralized HUD option that is found in the settings (it's much cleaner and easier to use).

    Planetside 2 is a beautiful game. The environment at max settings is just stunning and the beauty of the game is what makes it more attractive. When driving across environments, I always look around to see the amazing textures and details around me (especially in Amerish). However, even at the lowest settings, I do not believe this game is optimized for that because this is quite a demanding game. Even some of my friends cannot play this game while being able to run others perfectly. I can play on Ultra at 50 FPS but that's just me.Being able to play this game at its max settings personally enhances the experience for me.

    I personally felt that currency needed to have its own section. This game utilizes certification points or certs as an abbreviation for the free currency. You earn 1 cert every 250 XP you receive in the game. Upgrades to your class and weapons can be purchased with this currency. However, some upgrades can cost up to 400 certs while some weapons can cost up to 1,000 certs which means you may have to spend days of playing just to receive a new weapon or ability. However you do have the option of trying out a weapon. The main issue is that if you intend to buy a weapon, you have to sacrifice not upgrading your class or vehicles and the weapon only applies to one class meaning everything you buy is only for the class you purchased it for. Same goes for everything else. I cannot comment on Station Cash due to character limit.

    In closing, Planetside 2 is a an aesthetically pleasing and entertaining game that also happens to be free to play. It's been an enjoyable experience so far and offers a new variety of gameplay.

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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. May 10, 2013
    The shooter fundamentals are all there. The visuals are great but the progression just doesn't seem to deliver any payoff for players outside of the hardcore. It's not quite as much of a shameless cash grab as something out of Zynga, but it definitely sours the experience.
  2. Feb 19, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a good free-to-play, strong functional and very funny, which does not envy anything to the founders of the first-person shooter genre.
  3. 89
    It might look overly complicated, but PlanetSide 2 is nothing more than your average class-based, objective-oriented competitive FPS. What makes it stand apart from other F2P games (aside from the huge servers, of course) is the co-operation factor with other players. [February 2013]