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  1. Dec 3, 2012
    Incredibly addictive. Just as I thought I'd finally "grown up" and stopped playing PC games for good, Planetside 2 comes out and I find myself completely immersed in the gameplay. This game takes advantage of my decent PC hardware, so I am able to max out all settings and WOW the game really does look incredibly beautiful. At night, playing as Vanu, I see my empire mates' tank shells fly and they cast a blinding bright light that itself casts shadows as it wheezes by. I do have a deep concern about this game, though, which is why I've lowered my score from 10 to 8. It's addictive today, it'll be addictive tomorrow, .. but unlike some other sci-fi MMOs like, say, EVE Online, Planetside 2 really has absolutely no depth. There's no point in the chaotic fighting, except to just fight. After seeing my empire capture entire continents now four or five times since the game's launch (this review comes just a week or to after launch) I'm certain I'm going to get bored by the fact that there really is no point. Capturing a continent gets you bonus spending "money" for vehicles and aircraft, but there's no other real point. There's certainly no real story; I've come across a couple hack story ideas (some from Sony) on forums and blogs but there really is no story within the game, you're just out there fighting and respawning, ad nauseum.

    There's also no real point in which empire you choose other than favorite music and colors. They're all pretty much the same. Oh, there are variations in vehicle speeds and power, but Sony played it very safe here on the balancing act and trying to keep all factions equal.

    The shooter side of the game is solid, if sometimes a little bit plastic. Usually not, but sometimes I feel like I'm using a toy gun from Wal-mart. Sometimes the sound is weak and damage effect is light. The sniper rifle and the shotgun, for example, have no oomph, I suppose the sound engineers must not have very good speakers because I have studio monitors and these feel thin.

    Overall, this is a fun game and being free it's definitely worth a shot. I would compare it best to Tribes: Ascend but on a much, much larger map scale in a persistent universe of equally absent meaning.
  2. Nov 25, 2012
    Planetside 2 is a very good game. the graphics are phenomenal, the controls feel tight and the sheer scale of the game is just astonishing. it's like playing 30 battlefield 3 matches at once in an area part of a gigantic continent in the world of Auraxis. The hit detection is also remarkable and the gunplay is very tight which would make any FPS fan squeal with joy. But since the game requires a lot of teamwork, i felt that finding friends could've been more simpler. Also, the game feels a bit unfinished, for example, the "Basic training" tutorial videos should've been part of the game instead of being only on their youtube channel which is inconvenient because the game is very complex and it makes you think that the developers were just lazy and didn't think about the newcomers for Planetside 2. But overall, Planetside 2 is an uncut diamond, it's not perfect and it feels a bit unfinished but if the developers shape it and polish it, then everyone will see the real beauty of Planetside 2. Expand
  3. Nov 25, 2012
    The core gameplay is fun, albeit with a few annoyances. The epic scale with smooth gameplay is very impressive. The game is addicting and causes time to fly by.

    Pros: Massive scale, very fun, extremely team oriented. VOIP communication is critical for tactical gameplay. Play the way you want. Support classes are totally viable. Air combat is amazingly fun.

    Cons: The business model.
    Free to play, but takes 6 months at 25 hours a week to max just one infantry and one vehicle. Subscribers who have bought a few weapons and boosts can do that in 3 weeks. Costs maybe $50 + $15 a month. Simply put, infrequent free players are going to be at a disadvantage. The game is definitely designed to sucker people into buying station cash. I have already spent $180 on the game and have a moderate advantage over new players, but hopefully that advantage will fade after 6 months or so.

    The graphics do not appear to be state of the art because the ultra setting was removed from the game at the very end of beta due to stability issues. The game is not multithreaded, which is a big problem for people with slower CPUs or even high end AMD CPUs. i5 and i7 CPUs are required to have satisfactory framerates on high settings. CPU clock speed directly affects framerates (GPU not so much), so overclockers benefit a lot.

    The annoyances to which I was refering are the invulnerable shield spawn locations where stalemate battles may continue for often 30 minutes at a time. I find these annoying and they are the epitome of spawning camping. You can literally die 20 times in 5 minutes to spawn camping. Some people like this, but I hate it.
  4. Nov 28, 2012
    Large battles featuring up to 2000 players per continent and is a complete blast, never had so much fun with an online FPS in my whole gaming-life PlanetSide 2 is awesometacular
  5. Dec 2, 2012
    It is a shame that it is released too quickly, you can definitely spot a lot of thing that are wrong with the game at this point, but whatever the case, i feel like this game deserves to do well, i wasn't sure if an FPS and MMO mixed together would work, but i was luckily very wrong, it's so good,
  6. Nov 28, 2012
    I hate it when I see people try to compare games like this to black ops or halo. We live in an age where people want to be great at a game from the start, instead of investing time into a game that requires some skill. I wonder what these people would have rated such classic games such as Team Fortress Classic, which had such a high skill curve that beginners would be demolished for a couple of weeks before learning some of the more difficult ways of moving around. When I first started playing I was so happy that the game lacked the super accurate Iron Sights of COD, that the scale of the game was massive, and that each faction was unique. Sure, there isn't a great tutorial, and at first the game is can be confusing and frustrating. After an hour or two of playing, you will quickly figure out where you should be, and get the gist of the classes. Pay to win exists to an extent in this game, but skill really will triumph in most cases. With any game of this scale, you can only expect it to improve with time, and SEO has stated mentioned some plans for the future. As it stands now, the game is a solid 8 and it looks to improve. Don't listen to the naysayers, the game offers a lot of good reasons to play, and as people get it better, it will only continue to offer a great MMOFPS experience. Expand
  7. Dec 10, 2012
    The game is fun none the less but has fllaws.. Graphics: + Phsyx is in this game (but currently turned off) + The environment and changing of day and night is a nice touch - blurry/low res areas - Not really something special compared to other games but due to the size of the planet... its good Gameplay: + The game is a nice futuristic game and plays out well and is much more exciting than halo 4
    + It really draws you into the war feeling since there is a lot going on
    + Vehicles are fun and useful
    + You can upgrade basically anything you want to and use the classes you like the best or all of them
    - When you are cornered the game feels like a repetitive camp fest where the other team wont back off and you continuously die BUT if you spawn elsewhere there isn't really any helping the team fight at all.
    - bugs, bugs , bugs, bugs, and more bugs... Some people with lag or bad computers teleport and go through walls... some people can be looking 1 way on your screen and actually be looking at you on yours.

    + Nice in game music (AT TIMES)
    + Have their own sounds for guns
    - You can randomly hear people talk on their mic that aren't in your squad - Not really the best "killed by" screen..

    + You can buy skins, etc. to pimp out your characters/vehicles
    - You can buy weapons, etc. instead of saving up to purchase them with in game currency so in a way it's too easy for some to have much better weapons.

    The game is fun, new, frustrating at times, and buggy. Basically it evens out although it still needs some polishing and the performance isn't really the best I've seen but that's okay since it just came out.
  8. Dec 16, 2012
    After experiencing more than 3 hours of Planet Side I have to take back my previous review. Starting out you are going to get owned. You have to climb a huge wall just to become good enough where you have a good chance of killing someone without dying 5 times. You will rage (maybe break a keyboard like I did) but once you get passed this "introduction period" you will enjoy yourself like no other game has ever provided. Fighting along side 20-100 other people in 1-5 hour attacks on a single base is amazing and by playing this I now realize how much **** other fps are. The only thing that can come close is BF3. Planet Side 2 is just bigger, better, and more compared to other games. If you really want to feel like you're in a war this game will satisfy and more. Just be willing to sacrifice a keyboard or 2 for that fun (Luckily I had a spare). Expand
  9. Nov 27, 2012
    This is a very addictive game and one that is well thought out although the execution is rough. It is a bit rushed and there are some HUGE balance issues (objective data has been assembled showing a massive advantage to the VS over the TR - slightly - but especially over the NC being in the basement in terms of Infantry and vehicles - particularly in the time to kill ratings) but this game is MUCH more about team work. If you try to Rambo this game and run and gun like any idiot in BF3 you will find you are killing your team mates, getting weapon locked and being hated by your side. In this game - friendly fire WILL kill you and no there are no servers where you can turn that off. The action is intense and the coordination required is at times mind blowing. The biggest issues in the game currently are technical followed by the need to better balance the factions. But this is an amazing game. You can be very effective with base equipment, but if you are like me and have a particular way you like to play, you will need to unlock a gun or two and some features for your vehicles. Realistically I would say that you could invest $25 and be set. The membership is only needed if you don't like standing in a queue. Expand
  10. Jan 26, 2013
    There is a lot of people who write that the game is riddled with bugs and hackers. But that's a straight up lie. I play on lithcorp EU and have only experienced minor bugs, that's it.

    The good part is the massive battles, solid gameplay, the good graphics and faction difference.
    If you play in a squad or in a outfit you will have the most fun, coordinating attacks and executing squad
    strategies. it's a awesome sight when a horde of soldiers is pushing trough a chockepoint, or a zerg of tanks is rolling trough the indar desert devestating the opposition. That feeling is not found in any other game. The Bad part: many of the weapons look and feel similar, the unlock prosess feel a littlebit grindy, some minor bugs, some balance issues (smal ones) and a steep learningcurve (no tutorial and explanation for what's going on).
    You CAN ulock everything (not cosmetic items) just by playing, but it will take alot of time.
    And the starting weapons and loadouts are very good, it's almost all skillbased how good you will do in the game.
    So it's a OK Microtransactions system, but time-consuming if you don't want to spend a dime.

    Download and try it for yourself, You have nothing to loose since it's F2P =)
  11. Oct 26, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a definitive First Person Shooter. This game will change your perception of what is and isn't a truly massive war title. The open world, massive player base, and pure fun this game brings to the table makes this a good title for any PC gamer. That's not to say PS2 is flawless. Far from it. The learning curve is much too steep, and I personally dislike their pay-to-win-esque profit style. Still, any FPS aviciando should definitely give Planetside 2 a look. Expand
  12. Nov 20, 2012
    This game is a FPS on massive scale. The point is to play together cohesively as vehicle, infantry, and air support, and compete against 2 other factions to hold your own, with hundreds of other online players on the same map. On a smaller scale, you can form squads with friends or randomly, and work together to take objectives. If that's not your style, you can go lone wolf as well, but the game rewards group play more, simply because you'll die less in a tight group. I've played since beta, there's a few kinks but those are just slight balancing issues. Overall, a solid multiplayer FPS. Expand
  13. Nov 28, 2012
    Thoroughly fun and well executed game. You are a soldier allied to one of three factions partaking in massive battles across three large continents. There are various air and land vehicles you can drive, as well as several different classes of infantry. The combat is pretty solidly implemented with only minor changes necessary to certain aspects (such as the Infiltrator infantry class). The game looks good and I have had no performance problems on a high end i7 dekstop PC; which I am honestly very impressed with as MMOs traditionally have huge problems with lag at launch.

    The bad parts of this game that I feel worth mentioning are the actual cost if you want all the bells and whistles, minor class problems (as previously mentioned), the continent system and vehicle zergs. Regarding the cost, if you want to buy everything it will cost you a large chunk of money. A lot of items are merely cosmetic, however, I wouldn't go so far as to say they all are (as SOE has claimed in the past). The continent system often leads to each faction dominating a continent each because people have swapped to the winning location. This means you don't get epic battles as often as you should, a lot of the time you are either being steamrolled or steamrolling. During peak times vehicles can become a little too numerous, forming massive groups that blow everything to shreds.
  14. Nov 20, 2012
    Planet Side 2 is all about size. Just 1 of the 3 continents is larger than all the MW3 maps put together. The small skirmishes in this game tend to be 20 on 20, medium ones can easily be 50 plus. But where this game really shines is the big battles. Hundreds of people split up across 3 armies all fighting for control of the same zones with dozens of tanks and aircraft supporting them. If you are a lone wolf you will probably become easily bored, but if you enjoy team/squad based tactics there is nothing on the market that compares with PS2.

    The big battles when you get lots of particle effects flying around can be a bit of a resource hog. I have heard of people using AMD builds having more issues but can not testify to that as I run AMD and Nvidia. You also want a broadband network connection, being a shooter latency is very important. The good news if you are unsure about what your system can run the game is F2P so there is no reason not to try it.

    The one part we need to keep an eye on is the F2P element. While it is nice that anyone can try it time will tell if it becomes pay to win. So far it does not seem to do that. Mostly you buy XP boosts or cosmetic items. You can spend money on purchasing weapons also, so far there are not that many weapons to purchase and none of those that I have tried have been ridiculously overpowered. Most have trade offs like higher rate of fire but greater bullet spread. In the end they so far seem to balance themselves out.

    In the end it is a great change of pace from most all modern shooters on the market. As someone who enjoys being another soldier instead of a 1 man army I find the team based game play to be amazing. If you have the machine to do it the graphics look amazing good at higher settings. The servers also seem to be well made, even in the largest of battles I do not experience any real lag. You will occasionally see the random guy blinking across the battlefield but that is them lagging not the server. I would give it 8.5 if I could but will go with an 8. It has room to improve but so far so good.
  15. Nov 21, 2012
    Great game. Massive battles with unlimited potential. The dev team listens to the community and really cares about their game. Look forward to a game that will evolve instead of being replaced by a new game 1 year after its release.
  16. Nov 27, 2012
    I am loving the game so far, it is the only game of it's kind out there for FPS's. The game shines at large combined combat with you Oufit and faction. The down side I think it needed a few more map for launch, example home continents and a bases that link continents from your home one like the first game. I now this in coming but I have to take some off for the early launch.
  17. Nov 21, 2012
    Planetside 2 is a VERY solid game if you're the lover of the FPS genre. I tell my friends the following when trying to describe PS2: "Think of it as Halo, Battlefield 2142, WoW, Battlefield 3 and Crysis all melded into one", basically meaning that this game is futuristic, is massive in sheer scale, has amazing graphics and a great multiplayer experience.

    I've been playing this game
    through the majority of beta, and the development team have changed so much throughout the process. They listen to our feedback, and have made changes accordingly.

    However, the game still feels like it's under development, as there are minor bugs still apparent in the game. The biggest one for me however is the crashing to desktop bugs that are currently plaguing the game. There has been a lot of posts on the forums regarding this, and while SOE have made strides in correcting such problems, quite a lot of users are still experiencing bugs. However, thankfully, these bugs aren't affecting everyone. If you love FPS, and you love killing LOTS of people, all while looking at very pretty visuals and a streamlined experience, then this is the game for you.

    Oh, I forgot to mention... its free!
  18. Nov 22, 2012
    This game offers everything: action, strategy, graphics, free to play, action, and even more free to play. The game play is amazing and just what a lot of people have been looking for in a game. While most in most games, a lot is 64 people to a server, this game increases all previous limits of game play. The maps are bigger, the player number is bigger, and altogether, it makes it seem like any war that would take place in real life. There is almost no way for one person to carry the entire race, no matter how much skill they have. With most games, skill is the most important factor, but with this game, while it still plays its part, strategy and numbers bring themselves in as dominating forces, making the game so much more realistic and exceeding all the expectations that I had for this game. SOE has done a brilliant job, and I hope to see more games like this in the future. Expand
  19. Nov 27, 2012
    It seems most of the poor reviews are by people who have technical trouble. As someone with a decent gaming computer, I have no such issues and I'm thoroughly enjoying Planetside 2. As an Australian I find it an extra positive that theres a local server. The only negatives to me are the slowness of gaining certification points if you're a free player, and the lack of in game tutorials - the game is a little overwhelming at first if you don't spend the time to watch the tutorial videos.

    These negatives are far outweighed by the sheer joy of joining a huge tank convoy and rolling across the map, or doing tactical air drops into strategic points and paving the way for your armor to roll in, or flying air support for airborne transports, or simply operating an anti aircraft turret.
  20. Nov 27, 2012
    With all due respect, this is honestly a great game, with great mechanics, and a fantastic atmosphere. In other words - it was a success.

    However, in many areas - it falls short. Please note I have not played the original planetside, so this review is unbiased to the previous game.

    Where does this game succeed? In scale. The sheer scale of planetside 2 is enough to make you play it,
    it is highly addicting - and wtih a group of friends can be very fun. Coupled with modern day gunplay mechanics, this game seriously sets itself up to be a great game. However, aside from the good mechanics, and addictive gameplay - there are a few places where planetside 2 falls very very short.

    First of all, the game does not feel rewarding to me. This is a subjective opinion - but I did not save up one thousand certs to buy a gun that looks nearly - if not exactly, the same as my default gun. While the guns are well rounded function wise, LMG's on the same faction - will have remarkable resemblance to each other. In other words - the design in some areas is very bland and uninspired.

    I would also like to mention balancing issues, the TR as a whole, are an overpowered bullet spraying killing machine. To put it mildly TR vs NC. The TR can afford to miss, while the NC simply can't. However, there are always trade offs - so I do believe personally, that I am just nitpicking.

    Other than menial balancing issues, the game is incredibly buggy, and there are dozens of exploits. (Such as getting the health of a max suit on your light assault class.) I will not mention them all - but that is just the gist of many problems.

    Furthermore, the game lacks any sense of depth. The reason is that it is almost impossible to use even tactics to take an enemy base. The game heavily relies on zerg rush tactics. So all you can do is kill kill kill until one team or another overcomes eachother. (Or more likely quits.) I really wish, that there was another way to manage spawns even at smaller bases. (There used to be SCU's at smaller bases during early beta, which was a good addition - however, now they've been taken away. They need them back. Camping spawns is a stupid idea for spawn suppression! The devs should be ASHAMED of themselves!)

    However on a positive note, the game is still a very solid game. And will surely improve over time content and functionality-wise. Initial release for most MMO games is bland, so let us hope this one comes a long way. The game gets a solid 8 out of 10 in my opinion. Anymore would be overrated, any less would be bashing it.
  21. Nov 29, 2012
    I love it in every single way, the maps are beautiful, the factions are balanced, the scale is massive, and it requires more than just a quick trigger finger to be good at. I've only played for a few hours and it's all been massively entertaining. If there's any game I would've wanted for Christmas, it would have been this, but it's free.

    However, there are still a lot of glitches,
    especially clipping after death animations, and even sometimes falling through the map. Also, the fact that only one person can drive a vehicle is slightly aggravating, especially when your teammate is an idiot......

    But Why am I complaining? IT'S FREEEEEEEEEEEE
  22. Nov 29, 2012
    In my opinion this is what Battlefield should have aspired to be. This is a multiplayer FPS that goes beyond your normal COD rip off. The game is huge but navigable, the classes are fun to play and you actually feel like you are taking part in a real war not put in a sand box arena for 20 minutes to shot at each other. Other developers should take note, this is the future of FPS. And as an added bonus its FREE (which actually bumped my review score up). The game isn't perfect. There should be a system where more experienced players get to allocate objectives for platoons and squads to follow with incentives for people to follow them, I've kind of been spoiled by MAG in this respects and miss it in all games now, but the shear scale and confusing nature of capture points in this game actually warrants some kind of top down, overall control. I can see the game getting a bit stale after playing for a long time, especially after maxing out all the upgrades, so I hope to see some updates in the future (new weapons, classes, vehicles etc). I might even be prepared to pay for them. Expand
  23. Dec 4, 2012
    So.... When I first looked at Planetside2, it was being described as an RTS/FPS, which made me slightly curious how something like that could be pulled off on the scale this game was being done in. Turns out, it's actually just an MMOFPS that takes the MMO part VERY seriously. Really, there are other games out there that call themselves MMOFPS, but aren't on the sort of scale that Planetside2 is. That alone was enough to make me want to stick around and play the game, being in a shooter where there aren't arena like battlefields that you have to let load up first, but a persistent world where there is always a battle happen some where that you can just jump right into!

    It's a concept I'd never seen done for a shooter before, and I love it! It of course, isn't without a few gripes that I have despite obviously liking this game. To start, the game probably would have been even bigger and more epic if it was made on a megaserver, like how a game such as Eve Online is done, rather than being split up into different regional servers, but that's ultimately just nitpicking compared to my next point. There isn't a tutorial or training mode.

    Some people might think this isn't a big deal since it's a shooter, but think about this. Planetside2 has ALOT of things happening in it at all times, and there are a few options you have, even when on foot, that you might not think about being able to do, since most other shooters only ever give you the options of, "walk, run, shoot, throw grenade, use that other thing your carrying". Planetside2 has that, and also adds in, "use the OTHER, other thing your carrying, whip out your squad command gear, oh, and we have other things to so you can practically micromanage your equipment! =D" and it's like that for the vehicles too! Now, that's all fine and dandy, it's always nice when a game gives you options, but if you don't know how to use those options then you've got a problem.

    For those out there like myself who had never played the original Planetside, we're going into this totally blind. While it's good that the people running the game went out of their way to make some "training videos" for the game, unless someone actually knows they exist and are looking for them, then it's not going to help them much. From what I understand, the original game had a VR training mode that you could go into any time you wanted to dick around and experiment with what was available to you, so you could get a better feeling for the game, so why doesn't Planetside2 have this? What was so hard about putting the VR system in the new game? I proved a quick study for this game and was able to get down almost everything it had for features, but there are still people in the game that are as clueless as I was going in, and questions that in most other MMO style games that would be common sense and immediately flamed if asked, I can't really fault anyone for asking in this since the game tells you nothing about what you can do. It needs some kind of training mode... BADLY.

    My other gripe is that I'd heard there would be some kind of mission system for the game to make the gameplay more diverse. Again, awesome thing! So... Where is it Planetside2? As much as I enjoy running raids against enemy buildings, or running defense against a raid on one of the buildings my people control, that can only hold my attention for a couple hours at a time at most without something more varied to do when the straight up combat isn't something I want to dive into. No recon work? Patrol missions? Escorts? Nothing? I don't know for sure if what I heard is true, but that is something I really want to see happen for Planetside2 as well.

    My gripes about it aside though, this game has proven itself capable of impressing me with what it does have, and since the game is an MMO, it can stand to reason the some of the things I've heard will be in the game, or things that the game needs, will be put in at a later date, so for now, I'll have my fingers crossed that it will happen, and just enjoy the mayhem that presently exists.
  24. Feb 8, 2013
    Great MMOFPS. It requires team-play and concentration. Although it has solid graphics, there are way to many bugs. Shooting, sound, the ideas and the maps are great. This game is Pay2Win that sucks But, you don't have to pay a dime to be pro at it.
  25. Feb 24, 2013
    Never played a first person shooter to this extent, with team work that comes into play, which makes this great. A lot of different ways to play the game, but its not as fun if your not in an outfit or team with friends. IT IS VERY DEMANDING, in terms of the amount of time it takes to earn enough points to get a new gear, but keep in mind its possible and unlockable, except for cosmetics which you need to pay. I've played MANY hours then i did with any game. ONLY negatives i like to bring out is that the game feels like a BETA, still a lot of bugs and aren't managed well. Playing this game on high or ultra graphics look outstanding with the amount of players this game holds though. Just keep in mind, MOST of the people complaining are the ones that refuse to pay a dime. Although i do agree if you dont have much time, then it can perhaps get frustrating not having what others already have. Overall though, very great game, just give it sometime, afterall its free. Expand
  26. Dec 19, 2012
    Planetside 2 certainly has flaws. The game will drop you into combat without any real direction. You can spend the first few hours dying constantly, leaving you with a sense of frustration. Which is understandable, because those first few hours are frustrating.

    I stuck with the game and after a day found myself grinning from ear to ear. The scale of the battles is what keeps me
    coming back. I still die all the time and my kill-death ratio is a horrendous .4, yet I keep logging back in. The scene of a dozen tanks and aircraft vying for supremacy alongside dozens of infantry is just...stunning.

    Unfortunately, there is a bit of Pay2Win in the game. The game is F2P, and you can unlock all the weapons in time without paying a dime, provided you're willing to spend several years at it. The certification points accrue slowly. After several days of game play I've managed to reach 255, just over 25% of what's necessary to unlock one of the better weapons.

    If you can overlook the bugs and the fact that you'll be blown up by some guy who just dropped $100 on his aircraft then you'll be happy. I certainly am. If you're looking to be competitive without spending any money? Yeah, that's not happening.
  27. Dec 19, 2012
    To be able to enjoy this game completely you must join an outfit. Very frustrating at times but rewarding as well, scale is enormous but the entire war is repetitive and often you will find yourself pushing back the enemies advance only for your efforts to be undone soon after and enter a vicious cycle. Graphics are amazing on good rigs but of course that means lower powered computers can struggle in large battles(i myself have crashed aircraft numerous times after i temporarily freeze during a dogfight). It is a long grind to unlock new weapons and the alternative payment of Station Cash is $1 per 100 SC(often ending up a weapon costing around $7. Expand
  28. Dec 26, 2012
    PS2 get tops marks for innovation, something that is rare in today's market. They also get pretty good marks for execution. This is war on a grand scale. It's hard to pick faults. The game itself is free. Despite what some people say it doesn't feel like a play to win model. Yes the certs (ingame reward currency) take a long time to accumulate to unlock items but apart from guns, there is not actually that much that can be bought to make a real difference on the battlefield and nothing that you couldn't eventually unlock with certs anyway.

    For a game that has just launched the balance feels excellent (apart from rocket pods decimating infantry too easily *shakes fist*). I've seen the odd aim botter but when you spot them it's very obvious and you can /report them.

    This game really shines when you find a good squad, with a leader who is setting objectives and even some voice communication and coordination going. There is nothing like a few squads supported by air and amour assets rolling into a bio lab to crush the opposition.

    Give it a whirl.
  29. Dec 29, 2012
    For people that feel that the game could use improvements they are righ for the most part. like with certs, though i dont feel like it is such a big issue, but that just me.For people that spend 30 hour and only get about 100 certs try to find a outfit that you like, that you have fun. that when the game get fun. true they should spen a small amount of time to make new player feel like they are helping the team and getting the use to the game. just like many people are saying with lag and the fps i usally alt tab out the game and just go to task manager and find planet side 2 in the 2end tab and right click it then set the priority i think it is and set it to high and that should help some though it might not Expand
  30. Jan 25, 2013
    The scale of the game and the sheer excitement of being in an epic battle will have you smiling ear to ear. Fantastic game, great graphics and well balanced. Way more fun if you are playing with friends though and my only gripe is that I played it about 15-20 hours and felt a bit burnt out after and have yet to go back to it. Its F2P though so it honestly deserves a chance from everyone who enjoys shooters. Expand
  31. Feb 14, 2013
    Planetside 2 is one of the more enjoyable multiplayer FPS games I have spent time in. Better than Blackops 2 in many respects. The combat is solid and I feel competitive even against veteran players. I do die a lot, but I get killed repeatedly in every FPS game I play. The land mass is huge and I have a lot of fun flying, riding vehicles, or just running between capture points. The game excels when a epic battle occurs. I have had some spectacular battle scenes containing seemingly hundreds of people fighting to capture a point. Of course, there are flaws. You die fast and it can take a significant amount of time to level. However, the negatives are very similar to those in Blackops or Modern Warfare in general (fast death, re-spawns, lack of real objective other than leveling, unlocks can take a lot of patience). The game has a cash shop which is a plus and a minus (you can get just about everything free if you are patient enough). I liked the game enough to purchase in game currency for a few appearance items, and a experience buff. Overall, I think the huge world, vehicles, and large scale multiplayer set the game apart from the competition. Expand
  32. Feb 11, 2013
    Decent game for a Free FPS.

    The good:
    Decent class balance
    Small and large battle can be really fun
    Tactics and team work over brute force. (for the most part)

    The bad:
    A little on the slow side.
    learning curve for new players (go watch a bunch of youtube vids before starting)
  33. Feb 16, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a really good simulation of a massive multiplayer war that just never ends although there are some things that do need fixing. The first major issue is the lack of a tutorial, it's just a 2-3 minute video and then the game just drops you right in the middle of the fight before you can change any of your settings for try to figure out what's happening. Second issue is that you unlock certification points really slowly and it's pretty much pay to win. But the gameplay makes up for all of the games flaws. Planetside 2 is worth playing and it's absolutely free. 8/10 Expand
  34. Mar 9, 2013
    The game is really fun but, but it is far from perfect.. It needs more ways to get into combat faster. I do understand that you can spawn vehicles, and being on big maps is part of the fun, seriously. The size isn't the problem. There also should be a variety of gametypes instead of going around and capturing bases. The level design is pretty good. The game is more fun IMO if you are on the losing side. You see enemies more frequent and it gets pretty fast paced when you charge out of your base and attack the enemy.

    The shooting mechanics are excellent in PlanetSide 2. I wanted to give it an 8.5)

    If I were to rate this on shotting mechanics, it would have a 9/10
  35. Mar 24, 2013
    It is clearly pay 2 win, the balance is a piece of (shotguns anybody?), every patch brins in new inbalances and bugs, however it's still lots of fun to play for some reason
  36. Apr 29, 2013
    I've played this game since release, and there have been many improvements since launch. I've got over 600 hours in, at BR82, with a good sampling of all the factions.

    The new player experience has been streamlined significantly. Players can expect to end up in a friendly spawn at a large battle to start things out. The addition of a virtual reality training area, in which all items and
    all attachments can be trialed, is a huge benefit to old and new players you no longer have to guess at how effective an item will be. The VR area also includes vehicles, and all attachments now as well. I feel much more comfortable introducing new players to the game now, as opposed to release.

    The action itself has benefited from many recent additions as well. There is now an 'alert system' which gives all the players on a server a territory objective, specific to one of the continents. The expansion of this system will lend itself to more of an 'objective-based' feel as more content is added.

    The combat will feel familiar to those who have played Battlefield 3, or the original Planetside. Infantry play forms the core of the Planetside 2 experience during base battles, while vehicle play is most of the non-base combat. Infantry engagements are fairly short-ranged, the only notable exceptions being snipers in open areas, and the New Conglomerate being able to use longer-range infantry weaponry.

    The game still has flaws; there are some frustrating mechanics in the form of one-hit kill weapons: shotguns, high explosive tank shells, and high explosive liberator shelling. The devs, however, have been responsive to balancing these issues for a better experience.

    Overall, I'd recommend this game to any first person shooter fans who want to experience combat on a huge scale often in the area of 96 versus 96, or more.
  37. May 12, 2013
    its fun sometimes, but most of the times you have no clue whats going on and the second you spawn in you get shipped into a battlezone,no tutorial or anything.and if you are in the middle of a bombing raid lke me. your in for some bad luck, not to mention theres a form of "energy" you NEED to spawn in anything.But, the game is really fun if you have a buddy or a platoon.
  38. May 17, 2013
    I've been having a lot of fun in Planetside 2. There is no other shooter of this scope on the market. With vehicles, weapons, and terrain galore, this game truly feels like war. 2000 players on a giant single continent fighting each other with tanks, planes, bombers, etc, etc? Cmon, have you seen anything more awesome? There are so many things to do! My favorites are flying a fighter jet, flanking enemy platoons with a dune buggy, and raking up kills as an engineer. I find the game as enjoyable solo as when playing in a squad. If you get bored of one playstyle, there's a plethora of other options to try.

    That said, the game isn't perfect. While SOE is doing a great job (in my opinion) of ironing out bugs (compare the game at launch and now!) and adding new content (the Harasser FAV just came out, the lattice system is coming out with the next update), there are balance issues, occasional server-side lag, and numerous small quirks that need to be addressed. But I am happy to know that the developers are on top of it. Future content is also very exciting.

    Oh, and the game is free to play. It's a AAA title with high production values and you don't have to drop a penny into it if you don't want to (there are various things that can be purchased with money, such as XP boosts and cosmetics to make your character stand out, but that's entirely optional). There's absolutely no excuse why you shouldn't give PS2 a try!
  39. Jun 5, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a great Free to play FPS game that doesn't severely suffer from the pay 2 win model that so many other games do. If you don't want to pay you'll have to invest some time in order to get enough certification points to buy the weapons or equipment you'll need to fill your desired roll, depending on which classes you like to play. Until that time you can still contribute and get some kills. The game itself isn't newbie friendly but the community is very good at teaching people the ropes and is welcoming to new players. When you get into the game it's as easy as hitting a single key to join a group. If there are enough players you'll be joined to a platoon(several groups joined together with a platoon leader) where you can get orders and immediately spawn into the action.

    The action is hectic and fast paced. At this point the game is fairly well balanced and the developers continue to add new features and tweak the balance.

    If you find yourself defending a base and it becomes a lost cause, then is the time to abandon that base and move to a greener field or you'll find yourself spawn camped and that is no fun. Fortunately it's easy to de-spawn and go somewhere else. From the map you can see what bases your faction controls, which are in the process of being taken and which are under attack. Or you can click the instant action button to be taken to a battle in progress. With features like this it's easy to find a good fight. Battles can be quick or sometimes they can be long and drawn out sieges. Both are loads of fun.
  40. Jun 5, 2013
    I started playing this game in early December and thought, like many others, that the game was really frustrating, unfair and imbalanced. The only reason i kept playing it was because some of my friends played it as well.

    It's been almost 6 months since then, and i have to say i love the game. Not only i found an amazing group of people (which is key in any MMO, even if it is a shooter
    like this), but every new patch tells me that the Dev team is amazing. Whenever the community asks for something, they will surely deliver.


    - Beautiful game, the art team really did a great job
    - Massive fights. Sometimes hundreds of people on a single base .
    - Dev team REALLY listens to the community
    - Each faction feels different from the other two.
    - One of the few shooters out there that really emphasises team play over individual skill. A single player can rarely affect the outcome of a massive battle.


    - Takes time to understand how to play it properly (the new tutorial will surely help with this)
    - Guns are expensive. It takes me about 4 hours to gather enough cert points (in-game currency) by killing people and capping bases to purchase the cheapest gun.

    Also, the fact that team play individual skills makes some people mad because they cant have a nice KD ratio. This does not mean that you cant have a 2 kdr or higher, it means you cant just throw yourself to the enemy forces and expect to win because you can aim better.

    TL;DR If you played this game before and didn't like it, please give it another try. The imbalances have been balanced, the bugs have been fixed and the game flow is overall much better
  41. Jun 5, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a FPS MMO game with similarities to Battlefield series. At first this game was really confusing when it first came out you had no much help and were pretty much launched into the deep end. Since release however a lot more help has been added so if you played it once and got lost I suggest you try again.

    The game is massively open, it's like being on a every battlefield
    map sewn together but the map will tell you where the fighting is most intense so you don't end up capping bases with no resistance unless you like waiting for free points). If you are not winning a battle at one base you can simply jump into a jet or vehicle and go somewhere else to fight. The environment is amazing and the game does look great even in low graphics, this does mean that you need a decent PC to play it which may be a disadvantage to some people. The battles get big like over 200 people fighting for a base which may sound great but sometimes isn't as fun as you think unless as they can go on for a long time without moving much ground.

    The game is fun as a lone wolf but is best played with a platoon of 40 people who are organised in team-speak/mumble. You can also get a few friends a fly out in a bomber or some tanks which can be awesome as well. The vehicles are easier to use compared to other games but you can defiantly tell a more experienced driver to a noobie.

    Now to my problems with the game, the game is free to play but you guns and some of the upgrades are super expensive which can be a little annoying since there is so much to upgrade. You can by gear with cert points and you get them from getting assists, kills and helping your faction take bases. On a good day on Planetside I get about 60-100 certs and most weapons in the game cost around 1000 to buy, which means it takes about 10+ days for me to farm just one weapon. I think this is a little high but they have started adding in sales now to make this more manageable. The main focus of the game is to capture different locations and bases but sometimes this does get a little repetitive especially when there is not many people around to fight you or it is not an even fight.

    Overall I think the game for free is really great and defiantly worth a try if you have a decent computer. I f you want to be serious at it I do think you need to spend some money but you can be competitive without if you put the time in.
  42. Jun 6, 2013
    I've been playing the game on and off again since it came out... and it keeps getting better with age. If you tried it out when it first came out, you owe it to yourself to log back in, find a group to play with, and get into the fight!

    I am continually surprised at how good this game is, and find it even harder to believe that this game truly is a Free to Play game. While there are
    benefits to subscribe, and there are some great time-saving offers via in-game purchases, there's honestly nothing you have to buy in this game to 'win' this game really is free-to-play, and certainly not pay-to-win. Expand
  43. Jul 8, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a very solid game, Beautiful graphics and fun vehicles and weapons. And some advice join a squad for the best experience. There are a few bugs and glitches, very few are game breaking but I have there have been a few time's where I would empty a entire magazine of 40 rounds in to a enemies head and it wouldn't hurt them yet they shoot me 2 and I die. Make sure you find out which of the 3 factions have the best attributes. The Terren Republic have large magazine's and high fire rates and fast vehicles. The New Conglomerate have hard hitting weapons, powerful and strong vehicles, and awesome music. The Vanu Sovereighnty have the best air vehicles along, High accuracy and laser weapons. Expand
  44. Jul 14, 2013
    The game is absolutely amazing. However, it is quiet a bit complicated to learn, (but substantially easier than the original Planetside) and it is SPRAWLING with hackers. Certain weapons are over-powered and some are under-powered. The system they use to show a gun's damage, fire rate, etc. is screwed up. And if you want to have a better playing experience, you'll have to pay for a membership. But let's look at the positive things: If you like Multiplayer FPS, then this is for you. The size of each of the three maps blows my mind. You're familiar with your Call of Duty maps? Well try putting 20+ of those on a map and spacing them well apart. That's how big these maps are. The entire originality of this game is appealing and the fun never stops. The people who don't like it? most likely the same people who only play COD... on xbox. Once you get the hang of this game, you'll have a blast! Expand
  45. Aug 7, 2013
    the game's scale is, quite frankly, amazing. The fact that you can spawn vehicles that are not overpowered in every way, shape, or form. the guns recoil is quite nice, but the learning curve is a bit much. Weather this is a curse or a blessing, i will leave this up to you. The RPG does nearly no damage, especially to tanks. UNTIL you get an air-locking rocket launcher. then you see the potential for damage. The game looks great, graphically and aesthetically, but NEEDS to be optimized (i am running an i3 @3.3 GHZ with 4GB of RAM and a DDR3 Nvidia 545) it runs at good a good framerate on low graphics, but an occasional framerate drop REALLY gets on your nerves Expand
  46. Sep 11, 2013
    Three distinct factions, fighting on three huge continents for the supremacy on the planet. Many classes to choose from with a detailed and durable character growth system. There is no need to spend money to be competitive. Deep, immense and fast-paced: PlanetSide 2 is a MMOFPS that played in a group offers hours of pure fun. Unfortunately it still lacks of a solid outfit system and it's bad optimized for most personal computers. Expand
  47. Oct 26, 2013
    This is a good game that suffers from the demanding specs. If you have a good pc then you'll love PlanetSide 2.
    Just remember guns are like the price of a Triple A title!
  48. Nov 16, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a game that would obviously get ALOT of hate. Its not made for everyone and thats easy to see after about 10 hours of gameplay.

    Like games such as Team Fortress 2, Natural Selection 2 and Mount & Blade: Warband, the first few hours of Planetside are incredibly hard and frustrating due to the highly experienced community. The way the games works is also very hard to get
    used to. If you aren't enjoying the game after about 8-10 hours then you might as well stop playing, if not then you will most likely be having an amazing time.

    The graphics, controls, mechanics, and pretty much everything in this is outstanding. The only negative thing I have against the game is the fact that you will have to spare about 30 mintues to about an hour to play a decent game and, unless you have a friend to play with, it gets pretty boring after a while.

    Its fun and you might as well download the free-to-play title, as you may enojy it very much.
  49. Nov 17, 2013
    Great pick up and play shooter. Looks amazing at highest graphical settings, I'll often just pause to take it all in as thousands of lasers shoot past. Very easy to get immersed into it and a great feeling when you infiltrate enemy bases and take over to allow your team to proceed.
  50. Dec 12, 2013
    Planetside 2, is one of the most impressive games I have played in terms of scale. The maps, or "continents" that you fight on are enormous and simulates a real war, requiring both skill and strategy in order to be successful. For a F2P game it is definitely worth a try. Saying this, however, planetside 2 has some frustrating flaws in ts presentation.
    Pros: The game is huge in scale and
    beautiful in look. Large fights with Platoons can be very fast-paced and exciting. Free-to play.
    Cons: Planetside 2 requires a decently strong computer to play and its scale can lead to a lot of travelling on foot just to get into a gunfight. Newcomers have very little room to improve and the game is easily dominated by those who have more experience. "Certs" the points with which you use to purchase upgrades take a long time to get and in order to unlock a gun you must play for a great deal of time. Lastly, the any vehicle can quickly kill you, which leads to many frustrating moments while playing.
  51. Dec 23, 2013
    This game is amazing! There is a few bugs here and there, but nothing big. The reason why I love this game so much, is because it is a VERY large, futuristic, battlefield. If you love Battlefield, You will love PS2.
  52. Jan 11, 2014
    The original learning curve was a pain in the ass. But, now, because SOE has listened to the people who have the potential to give them money, they added links to tutorials right in the launcher. Honestly, the alerts are not all that fun. They turn the game from strategy to just masses of people in a tiny spot and COD.

    Each update provides... problems with balance. If you want to have
    an easy time before getting in to the whole "shoot before getting shot" idea, go for a medic position, or an engineer driving a sunder/medium battle tank. You get certs like crazy from healing or repairing, and sunderer spawns get you a massive amount of experience, for parking a bus.

    Also, an important fact is that each faction is suited to a certain type of play style. The NC is for people who like doing lots of damage, without using a lot of ammo. They require you to be fairly accurate, and account for bullet drop on the spot, or go CQC.

    TR is mostly for COD players, where they move quickly, and spam bullets. After all, they have the fastest firing weapons in the game. Their real strength seems to lie within their airforce, as they are incredibly fast compared to any others, and dodge most small arms fire.

    The Vanu have the best accuracy and very little bullet drop, if any. However, their weapons just don't do enough damage if you don't aim. Their weapons are best suited to medium range combat, where you don't need to worry so much about getting hit by the NC, and the TR are even less accurate.

    I have problems with running this game on older computers, as I seem to get ~30 FPS on an ATI Radeon HD 5570, but it is still more than playable.

    I honestly think there are so many scenarios, you should try the game out. The download time is worth it, I promise :)
  53. Mar 9, 2014
    A great game, great concept and excellent setting that suffers from a number of baffling design decisions and poor 'knee jerk' balancing. The Microtransaction model also loses another point for me as done right it's great, but feels like SoE are starting to 'milk' it a bit.

    They are getting better at it, and the gameplay in an organised outfit (BRTD in my case) is incredible (this is
    not a CoD/BF4 style log-on play solo game). Overall it could be better, but is still currently head & shoulders above the rest of it's modern peers. Expand
  54. May 18, 2014
    Planetside 2 is an open world FPS with maps that are huge and expansive. This game is free to play and would I recommend you get this? Yes. This game is great fun and due to its expansiveness, four to five major battles happen on the same continent at the same time and each containing 100 - 500 people! This was an amazing idea and it is executed perfectly. However, the expansiveness comes with a price, a very hefty price. You will need a very good PC to run this game on Medium - High graphic settings and to of stolen a NASA computer to run it on Ultra, especially in huge battles. Like most free to play games, there is micro-transactions and that can lead to difficulty if you start out. For people who love games like Battlefield and Arma, get the futuristic version of those games which is Planetside 2! Expand
  55. Mar 9, 2013
    Really loved this game when it first came out. The persistent world, the graphics and I found it ran smoothly. However, it felt repetitive, without a sense of finale. The gunplay doesn't match up to other FPS I enjoy. Also not a huge fan of the credit of monetization model. I did purchase some weapons to give some support to the devs and for free or however much you want to pay the game is great value. Expand
  56. Dec 6, 2012
    I'd give the game a 7.5 out of 10 just because the game seems rushed and unfinished. It has a lot of potential later on, but I don't see the game doing very well unless they start working hard to fix the numerous problems in the game. From ridiculously poor optimization, bugs, lack of a tutorial, borderline pay2win, no story or lore to dig into for your factions, it makes this game hard to recommend to anyone in it's current state. Expand
  57. Jan 2, 2013
    The PS2 isn't to bad for a F2P. Graphics are... ok could be better but whatever and they are doing pretty good with bug fixes. Big battles are pretty fun I have to say. I do hope they change a few things. Sometimes it just feels like you just zerg areas and why not they don't really reward you for defending a point. Why would you defend a point other than to just shoot enemies. Now if lets say point A would give you the ability to spawn air craft (like the 1st PlanetSide) unlike now when you can do it from day one. I think maybe the battles would be more... meaningful? Or maybe just boasts like extra ammo or faster travel speeds? Also the constant Nerf to items (IE hill climb which I don't know if its broken or a Nerf to he honest) Yes I know it happens but they should refund cert if that do major changes like this. Maybe I'm just not a F2P kinda gamer. But for a F2P game it's a good time with friends. Expand
  58. Jul 27, 2014
    Game can be very fun , and there is nothing that has the scale and scope of battles like it does, but poor netcode and level design favors shotguns, making them very overpowered. Hope you like dying in one shot cause it's gonna happen, a lot.
  59. Sep 10, 2013
    Solid 7 for this game. When several terms are met this game is extremely fun to play...Outside that it´s road of corpses and most of them are yours. Gameplay wise this is pretty straight forward. You tunnel something and that´s it. Attacking and Defending gets new meaning when you see massive number of aircraft and ground army going towards an enemy base. It takes breath away to see that this game is huge in scale.

    But where does it go south? Unless you have voice program with some friends in it the game is very dull. You run around and get killed, people with higher Battle Rank will dominate in every machine battle and gun battle. Trying to take out a sniper who has stealth more dmg in hes weapon is absolutely stupid. Killing you takes 1 shot, killing him 2.

    Solo playing this game equals that i try to kill couple of guys before i log in after 10+ deaths...Group play means lots of laughing, shooting and playing like it´s war game. Organized attack into something huge and have enough classes to overcome all difficulties....Or just take a people carrying tank and drive it over a mine or cliff....You choose.
  60. Mar 7, 2013
    At times Planetside 2 feels like the best game I've played in a long time, but then all the little and not always so little things kick sand in my eyes reminding me why I also sometimes hate the damned game so much. I've been playing PS2 since closed beta.

    People who like combined arms tactics and large fights with infantry, vehicles and air will most likely like this game if there
    computers can handle the stress, that said PS2 is not a light game, to run the game properly with high settings in all fights even those ~2000 player ones at 30fps or more, you'll need a proper i5/i7 system coupled with a descent graphics card HD7xxx series or GTX6xx series.

    Being a MMOFPS it means the game is in a constant state of development, more content is being added, old content revamped redone. Stuff removed, or just plain moved around, stats tweaked. Weapons nerfed, others boosted, and so on. This is the stuff that might annoy the non MMO crowd who came for the FPS part and who might not be used to stuff being in a constant state of flux.

    Each update adds, stuff, changes stuff and fixes bugs, adds new ones, changes old bugs into new ones, etc. So yea be in a MMO mindset and don't expect stuff to be ever constant and you might enjoy the game a lot. And as always in MMO's the community/players are the true content of the game, no NPC fights (yet) in the game so everyone and every vehicle you fight is another human being somewhere on the globe.
  61. Nov 28, 2012
    It's fun. But be warned: you need a RIG to play this. On low settings with a good PC you'll still be at 20-30 fps. If your PC is outdated don't bother. The minimum requirements for this are not even close. ...As far as the game, It's just TDM. There's nothing really epic about it. --It'll feel epic at first. Give it a week though.
  62. Sep 18, 2014
    Surely the UNIQUE AND BEST thing about Planetside 2 2 is the size of the battles. There can be literally hundreds of players, some infantry, others in tanks or aircrafts. This is not some rare occurance, this happens every day on every server.
    To achieve this the game has to be F2P, this can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference.
    Importantly the game IS NOT P2W ! Devs are
    handling the slippery ground F2P quite well.
    You can only pay for cosmetics and faster progress, but the progress had been made significally faster (it used to be very slow which was my major complaint some months ago).
    You get 3 factions with mostly unique equipment. There are 4 distinct continets each with its own battles going on. Tons of weapons and unlockables, 8 different vehicles with unique unlockables for each. Surely the game doesn't lack content.
    Also new free content patches come out every few months, with new weapons, vehicles and other goodies.
    Gunplay is VERY Battlefield-esque, which may again be good or bad depending on your gunplay taste.
    The game heavily supports playing in a squad, and there are many outfits looking for new members as well as public platoons to join. It is comparable to Battlefield 4 but lone wolfing is still fun.
    Graphics are decent for such a huge game and performance is...okayish but you may have problems on older machines.

    So why does this game doesn't score 10/10 then ?
    Well... the gameplay CAN GET BLAND after you unlock most stuff.
    After all in the game there isn't much to do other than play giant TDM/Domination all the time.
    Sure the game gives you ton of ways to fight or support your team but it never really deviates from "Take the base and move to the next one !" formula.
    Another problem is STEEP LEARNING CURVE that put me off several times until I finally got through it and hooked on. It's not nearly as bad as it used to be but a new player should watch some youtube video guides or he/she will struggle a lot.
    Last but not least, there are a lot of microtransactions and the game really wants you to buy stuff, which can get annoying sometimes. Everything in the game store is expensive so if you want to look cool like the guy you just saw you have to suck it up (you cant buy ANY cosmetics for in-game points) or have your wallet emptied by the devs.
  63. Dec 13, 2012
    An addicting and and pleasant surprise to the MMO genre in short. The impressive draw distance coupled with impressive graphical fidelity for such a massive game does give the good impression of a massive, persistent open world. While the landscape and locations are decently varied from location to location somewhat less care was given to player assets such as weapons and vehicles. Roughly half of the vehicles available to each race are the same as the ones available to the others. As well as the vast majority of the weapons are shamelessly visual copy and pastes with very minor changes if any at all, only having changes in their stats. Despite this each race has a unique look and style that works for them. The game play is the old tried and true class based multi-player first person shooter. Each class has their own special abilities and equipment that can be upgraded using "certs". This is where the balance issues start to glare at you. Acquiring certs is paced like dragging a 1000 pound bag of sand down an endless road through 2 feet of snow, stopping every ten miles to receive a dollar to put towards a million dollar sleigh to help you pull the bag faster. What I'm trying to say is that it's a free to play game, but it's pay to win. The people who choose to invest in the game will stand head and shoulders above those who actually want a free to play game. This obvious issue turns certain players into bullet sponges while leaving others as glass tissues on the battlefield. While you're given bonuses for investing larger amounts in the game, the cost of weapons in the game probably lies between 6 and 7 dollars on average. Given that there are hundreds of things to buy, and certs and spent money don't carry over to other characters you create, this is a huge problem. I might be focusing a lot on this, but it really is a glaring issue. If you can find the time to acquire enough certs however you'll find a functional and enjoyable FPS that offers massive battles on a scale that we haven't seen in games since the total war franchise. The levels are laid out on a honeycomb gird that shows territories that are fought over by the three factions. The levels have varying terrain with strong holds and towns dotting the landscape. There's a unique feel to each of the continents you fight on, and each base type have a different strategy required to take control. While the actual bases and building are going to start to seem familiar to frequent players it's the area around the bases that creates a new and distinct feel at each location. A strange bit of poor design, being a little richer due to better environmental design. Overall, I give PlanetSide 2 a 7 out of 10. Expand
  64. Apr 17, 2013
    -April 3rd patch destroyed all confidence in this game i.e. tons of lag (and no, I know it is NOT on my end)
    -Default weapons are not worthless (I used default only for 2/3 months I've been playing)
    -Squad-based fighting is freakin' awesome and the battles get really intense
    -Overall game is a BLAST, they just need to get their asses in gear and actually work out the bugs
  65. Jun 19, 2014
    To the tune of the Blue Danube Waltz. Zerg zerg zerg zerg zerg (zerg zerg, zerg zerg). Zerg zerg zerg zerg zerg (zerg zerg, zerg zerg) Zerg zerg zerg zerg zerg, zerg zerg zerg, zerg zerg zergergerg zerg zerg. Zerg zerg zerg zerg zerg. Zerg zerg zerg zerg zerg. Zerg zerg zerg zerg. Zerg zerg zerg zerg. Zerg zerg zerg zerg zerg. Zerg zerg zerg zerg zerg. Zerg zerg zerg, zerg zerg, zerg zerg-ergergerg. Expand
  66. Nov 22, 2013
    So this game is addicting, but is definitely more fun with others. Although it is bugged and alot of times that gets you killed, it is still fun. They really need to fix a lot, when there are a TON of people playing you can barely get into the game if at all. Since the optimization patch, the performance of the game has been much better but there is way more to be desired such as weapon equilization and distance rendering. I find it utterly ridiculous that you can be shot out of the sky by aa that you cant even see. I know its free but the weapons and gear you buy is extremely overpriced. 7 dollars for pretty much every weapon is crap especially if it doesnt carry over to all you characters no matter the faction. (such as vehicle weapons that arent faction specific i.e halberd, m60, liberator weapons etc. I shouldnt have to pay 7 dollars for a weapon for every faction of character. There are plenty more upsides than downsides for sure but this game, as with any other, has many flaws. Overall it is definitely a game worth playing especially with a group of friends. Expand
  67. Jun 14, 2014
    Planetside 2 is an achievement. The engine used is nothing but amazing since it can draw tons of stuff over a huge map, with so much detail and still handle tons of players. You might have experienced these type of battles over in Battlefield but Planetside 2 are on a much larger scale and I'm very excited to see future projects like H1Z1 using the same engine.

    The gameplay is also
    good, the weapons are responsive, the controls are what you can except from a shooter and everything feels quite balanced. There are a lot of different weapons with tons of add-ons and a ton of camouflage to make it more personal but it all comes at a cost.

    Planetside 2 is a grind, and this might be the only problem I have with the game but its a big one. Unless you're willing to pay real money to get a new gun, you gonna have to play an enormous amount or grind your way through with repetitive tasks.
    Paying real money wouldn't be such a deal since its a free game but the fact that they charge $7 for a submachine gun with zero add-ons is laughable. The gun might be race and class-specific too. And I would never consider buying a cool camo before I got the gear I want, and this makes everything feel so out of reach. Other games using this type of f2p like Blacklight:Retribution does this a lot better.

    I think you should give Planetside 2 a try, all the features and buttons might be overwhelming at first so you might wanna check out an introduction on youtube before heading in. Just remember that in order to have the full experience, you gonna have to bring your wallet or all your free-time.
  68. Jan 14, 2013
    Having seen many negative reviews I was expecting a very flawed game. But on the contrary, I found Planetsi
    de 2 to be a very enjoyable game. And its free!
    I found the gun mechanics of the game very nice. The scale of it is amazing, specially when there are enough people in the server and 2 "zergs" clash. If that doesnt happen you might be facing boring moments, but these are avoidable
    most of the time. And seeing those huge battles is amazing. When I started the game I decided to play as medic to learn the game. I was expecting to get a crappy default gun and not being able to kill anyone. Not at all! Default gun (TR) was great. I found out the infantry gameplay very balanced. The things you purchase with Cert points (gained through experience) dont make such a huge difference, they are very cheap upgrades at first and there are plenty of ways to get constant (yet slow) stream of experience doing many different actions, not just plain killing. You get nearly the same ammount of exp for reviving a teammate as for killing someone. Who kills who in infantry gameplay is generally determined by a mixture of tactics and luck. Want some kills? Flank the enemy And if theres enough people in the server and you know the basics you can get to the frontline with no waiting time since there is generally always a mobile span point placed that will get you right into action.

    Now for the cons. First of all the game definetely lacks a tutorial. You can spend a lot of time reading beginners guides in the internet before you start and still you will be completely clueless for a couple of hours until you learn the basics.
    The optimization is horrible. But hey once I set the graphics to look like a game from a decade ago the game runs with perfect fps even in huge battles so thats great. I dont really care about graphics so much anyway as long as the fps is nice.
    Strategical and teamplay is not encouraged and unless you are in an outfit it is generally nonexistent. This is generally mitigated by the fact that there are so many people but not that much. So generally fighting will be a mass of people behaving like cattle. So try to find a friend or join an outfit or otherwise you will be very dissappointed with your teamamtes. And resources are so abundant that no one really cares what gets captured or not.
    One of the things that I liked most about this game was that it was free and to my surprise there was not a huge advantage to people that payed real money ... in infantry combat. People who pay get great advantages when using tanks or aircraft. You can see aircraft completely wiping out masses of infantry or vehicles while these cant do much against them. I just hope the developers now dont leave things as they are and strive to balance the game and encourage teamplay. If they do it could get to be a great game. But the game right now is very enjoyable for most of the time.
  69. Nov 27, 2012
    While any attempt at a massively multiplayer FPS is an ambitious one, Planetside 2 does a fair job of executing. By far the worst part of the game is the community. Whiny, self-appointed video game "experts" with an unfounded sense of individual entitlement love to cry about balance issues or that it's "pay to win". These players completely miss the point of the game. I guess this is to be expected in a F2P model though. The best part of the game, for me at least, is the massive power that can be acquired through organizing or becoming a part of an outfit, platoon or squad. There is no other game that can make you feel quite as powerful (or powerless). For example, there's nothing like watching fully loaded, 12-person Galaxy dropships headed right towards the outpost you're trying to defend. This is one of those "holy sh*t" moments when you can FEEL the inevitability of the situation ahead of you. It's quite amazing to be able to wield that kind of power to change the course of a large-scale battle. The challenge is getting organized. "Skills" in this game are much less focused on the individual, as in most other FPS games. Nor is there much character skill variation, even among the higher ranked players. A rank 1 player can take out a rank 20 player fairly easily. The real skill involved here is effective communication, organization and strategy. You'll have lots of communication tools at your disposal, and in this respect PS2 is a successful (and fun) game. Expand
  70. Jan 28, 2013
    It's hard to describe how I feel about this game. It goes from hot to cold so quickly, and infantry combat feels so secondary to tanks and aircraft. But when you're in a big battle, it's the most fun and exciting thing every conceived. It's like you're in a Star Wars movie. So much is happening all around you, it's just so intense. I can't say it's for everyone, but it's free, and worth the time to try it and see for yourself. Expand
  71. Jan 9, 2013
    Fun to play, missing prone / vault though and weapons could be cheaper for ingame currency, other than that like i said before: Planetside 2 offers alot of EPIC fun for a free game, dont hesitate to try it, its free!
  72. Mar 8, 2013
    I am an original Tech Tester from wave 1. I have seen a LOT of improvements, overall the game is moving in the right direction all be it very slowly. I can't help but feel this is still in Beta, there's a LOT of major features that should have launched with the game. As of right now Planetside 2 is simply an enjoyable FPS and the promised massive emersive metagame is non existant. Some of my biggest gripes are uncapturable warpgates, bases that can be back capped by 1 or 2 people, the ability for anyone to pilot any vehicle at any time (No vehicle certs are required), The total lack of an actual front line, Cutting off enemy the enemy gives no real benefits. No inventory system, no way of picking up enemy equipment off of dead soliders, no way of hacking or capping enemy vehicles. So the entire "Immersive metagame" is missing. It's not all bad, the scale of the battles are incredible, but again, with no metagame it still feels like battlefield. You could spend a solid 1-2 hours fighting over a territory and once capped you move on pushing deeper into enemy territory... 20 minutes later you open your map only to find that 2 or 3 enemy troops were able to ghost cap all that hard work you've done because nobody is interested in chasing 3 rogue soldiers all over the map at abondoned zones. So what took you and 100 of your buddies 2 hours of hard fighting takes them 3 men and 10 minutes. Wheres the metagame in that? where's the feeling of a lasting victory? However dispite its glaring flaws, PS2 is still a very enjoyable game if played simply as a FPS. If you're looking for any kind of grand strategy you will only get frustrated and disappointed
    Hopefully SOE will change that and fast, because people like me are simply starting to lose interest in the same grind.
  73. Nov 25, 2012
    It's a decent shooter. Has a sense of Battlefield 3 injected with armored steroids with it. The factions are somewhat balanced: I played all three factions during the beta and kept a stable K:D for all of them. The New Conglomerate guns do a little bit of work though. Large scale battles allow you to choose from multiple sites to play from, and you have a variety of vehicles to fight with, if that's what you prefer. There are three major problems in my opinion: 1) It's not player friendly. There is no handson tutorial that shows you what to really do. You are literally dropped onto the middle of the battlefield hoping you know what to do and who's who. 2) The cert grind (which allows you to unlock new weapons) is a big grind. An average player can get around 50-80 certs per hour if they're in active battlefields, but you need to play a few of those hours to unlock one weapon. You also have the opportunity cost of saving those certs and just buying Station Cash, each weapon costing $3-$7. That's not a bad price compared to other games where perm weapons are $25+, but this is per character only so caveat. 3) The biggest problem of them all: THE STABILITY. There are times where your whole screen flashes rapidly, risking problems prone to seizure. The stability of the servers during peak hours are horrible. Players will jump around and phase in and out, making it almost impossible to actually hit them. There have been reports on some large servers that grenades, vehicles, and explosives dont actually explode. Abilities won't work. Granted, this game just came out and it's been pretty popular so far, but it really needs some work on the stability side. Outposts are currently being worked on to have a more defensive fortress type layout instead of "whack-a-mole" location system, so that's another plus. Expand
  74. Nov 28, 2012
    Planetside 2 is truly a groundbreaking idea - however the current state of the game could be better described as open beta rather than a final release. Although the game is extremely fun in the odd chance it is running without problems you will often find yourself frustrated with extremely buggy gameplay, a horrid framerate, and unstable servers. You will find your jet packs not working, or you will find yourself dying from taking an innocent boost to a landing pad, or nobody will be moving and you will get shot through walls due to lag and extrapolation, or you will find tanks floating in mid air, or your VOIP won't work like it does not work for a big population of players, or you will find your current generation super computer can't pull more than 20fps in big battles. With all these problems this game does not deserve a positive score, no matter how much I would like to give it one.

    I will revisit this review in two months by when hopefully this game will leave the open beta stage.
  75. Dec 3, 2012
    Not the best performance but iam sure they fix it later. The graphic is ok the landscape is acceptable. After 10h of playing Planetside 2 its not a game i can play every day. Its a Battlefield 3 in the future with more players, up 2000 players on one map. There is a great reward-system so you get much thinks to unlock. And its also Free to Play. Just test this game its worth.
  76. Dec 6, 2012
    "OMG it has bugs! And my computer sucks!" Seriously? This game is miles ahead of every first person shooter on the market right now and people nitpick it? It has flaws, the render distance needs to be increased and there are a couple of balance issues, and there are aformentioned bugs...... but did I mention its a 3 faction all out war on a miles wide map with hundreds of people?
  77. Dec 10, 2012
    Having never played PlanetSide, but having heard lots about it, I was quite intrigued to try PlanetSide 2. The whole idea of scale and options within a FREE game seem very appealing to me. I knew what i was getting in for though. It's a pay to pwn game, but not as much as others in its class and I don't hold that against it. For first time players like me, the first few games are a little daunting - once you get over the learning curve and figure out whats actually going on - The game opens up and consumes the minutes, hours, days of your life and replaces them with some sort of satisfaction. The game is fast paced, its tactical, it has all of the elements of squad based FPS you would expect but at the same time adds more, the scale is unbelievable and theres a very cool feeling that washes over you as you convoy towards an enemy's base with 50 tanks and 100 troops around you.. Graphics: - Are okay, they obviously had to make some compromises to manage the scale, it's not a huge let down though. I play on a laptop (high spec gaming laptop) and it handles the settings on max without any problems. A fun game, worth picking up and enjoying! Expand
  78. Dec 23, 2012
    some people are so insanely stupid that they forget to consider that this game is free...even though it suffers from a pay-to-win disease that is not something new to free to play games and especially the fps genre the game is quite balanced...and to be honest you have no reason to buy new weapons (excluding the rockets and machine guns that you can buy for the vehicles) since all of them look the same and almost all of them are well balanced...this game can get pretty boring only when you are not playing the game correctly and you keep dieing like me drawback of this game is the certs (ingame currency) you have to use them for talent trees for each class individually,for each vehicle individually,for buying weapons for your classes and for your vehicles individually...and all that for only 1 out of the 3 characters you can create.. if you also consider the fact that certs are acquired in a slow rate and an assault rifle (for example) can have a price of 1000 and simple talents can reach more than 100 certs then this is a very very big drawback.Overall this game is quite fun but it still needs a few changes such as cert prices decrease or faster rates of cert acquirement..also some servers are either laggy or my pc needs a big update since im playing on low graphics and im still lagging... Expand
  79. Dec 26, 2012
    This game is Amazing its amazing what technology has brought us, but wow did Sony go the extra mile this game is fun if you can actually run it, the developers tried to make it to nice and in turn made one of the most advanced games requiring a fairly new graphics card and a bit more ram than typical these days, most games require 2-4 gigs of ram the recommended ram for this game is a whopping 8 gigs or was. But all in all if you can actually run this game you will have a fun time with the large map and constant battles for continents. Expand
  80. Jan 10, 2013
    Great game altogether, but if it wasn't for those moments where you get into large battalions of tanks, aircraft, and infantry, the lack luster gun play would bring this game down, not to mention its many issues/bugs. But hey, its a Free-2-Play game that deserves to get more gratitude then most AAA titled games that will rip $60 and soon after lose its luster
  81. Jan 8, 2013
    Best suited to people with a lot of friends, i got this game from the steam free to play section as i thought i would try it out, and found it very enjoyable, there is a huge map and you are constantly in the heat of the action all the time, whether on foot besieging control points, or in tanks and planes destroy vehicles for your huge army to move up with. This is a very good game and something i had always dreamed of playing in my younger years. The UI and HUD is a bit clunky and the races have nothing to deter themselves from each other, in terms of weapon stats etc. every class race has a machine gun, rifle, LMG etc. a tad disappointing but still nothing to be knocked, and hey, its free Expand
  82. Jan 13, 2013
    This game has freemium written all over it.
    For starters, the game looks pretty good.
    Another great aspect is that this game is very strategic; provided there are these kinds of people online.
    It's true that this game just throws you into battle but this is to make sure you don't meander your way into battle. Your thrown in and go.
    The three factions are also well balanced with
    benefits given if your side has less people.
    People are both a benefit and a drawback to this game. More people = more fun. Less people = less fun. This is very much an MMO.
    One of the biggest drawbacks for Planetside 2 is the store. Everything just costs too much and it doesn't seem worth giving actual money to because no real advantage is given; just a few perks here and there.
    This game is still very much not finished so it would be best to keep an eye on it but no necessarily get it.
    This is a game I recommend with an asterix the size of the moon and you should consider carefully, even if it is free, whether this is for you.
  83. Jan 29, 2013
    It is awesome to play and extremely addictive. It's got a very long learning curve but most people are willing to give out tips as there's no tutorial. Just stick with it, always find cover and expect to die a lot for a time. The games a little shallow if you have not got a mic but the teamwork and banter can be fantastic if you do have one. It's easy to make friends and I now play with regulars everyday. Joining an outfit and befriending a few select veterans really helps to keep the game fresh and you'll soon learn who the best platoon and squad leaders are within your chosen faction on your server. The sheer scale of the battles can be brilliant and being in a squad is essential to survival and capping territory. The game has got quite a few issues which will hopefully be addressed as it is still early days. There are lots of little bugs such as being killed by a turret when you finish repairing it and hackers sometimes ruin things etc etc but its still a great experience. My game lags like crazy when the scale of battle gets too large so having a decent setup helps. I'm worried that the novelty will ware off soon as there isnt any real sense of accomplishment in the grand scale of things, all you gain is XP and certs and leveling up doesnt really mean anything. Hopefully they will make the game more rewarding in the furture and give people reason to stick with it. As a game that is free it is pretty epic and a must try for anyone interetsed in team work and large scale battles. TR forever Expand
  84. Jan 28, 2013
    this game is so fun, i must say that saying this is not a pay to win game is pushing it for vehicles but infantry you don't need to pay. the scale of battles is unmatched by other games. playing alone is not the best you will need to get into an outfit or have a couple of friends in a squad to feel like you have a massive impact in the game. most bugs have been fix and i don't see many hacker has most people say there is. it has the worst tutorial i have seen has you are throw into the battle field. you will need to have a really good computer to run this on high with no fps drop. but through all the bad this is a good game. Expand
  85. Jan 29, 2013
    Awesome looking game, the closest to war you can get on PC. It's amazing to spawn into a fully functioning airbase where there are fighters reloading and air transports loading up troops. The demanding graphics makes sure that the game looks like crap for any setting below high. Gunplay was solid. However game progress is going to be slow if you are not aiming to spend money, if you are aiming to get for example missle pods on aircraft be prepared to grind. Expand
  86. Feb 8, 2013
    MMO/FPS Planetside gets you in never ending war between three factions. You must choose your factioand server n in the begining and you cant swich sides as you could i Battlefield. Game is free to play, which means oh yes you guess it, mictrotransactions. This game is simply pay to win, sometimes less, sometimes more but you have to accept it. Your character gains experience for killing, capturing bases, assist kills, healing, repairing etc. With experience you level up and gain certification points that unlocks you better abilities (better armor, more ammo, grenades, faster repair etc). But you will gain them pretty slowly, you will spend alot of time with basic equpment (if you dont want to buy them for and you will be crushed by players who does spend Your player skill means nothing when you meet enemy with top-notch equipment, he will hammers you with his worth equipment. If you are tough and endure this, you can offcourse get the same equipment without spending but it will be a realy hard work when you will spend more time on the deploy map when in the game. This counts not only for infantry, but also for aircraft and tanks. There are squads you can join, but mostly not cooperating together, or you can join a guild its called outfit here) But you have to be lucky that first thing you ever hear from your outfit leader wont be "spend some god damn dollars on equipment or go away" But the game itself is solid, often patched, player base is strong, servers are stable, atmosphere of the battle is awesome, graphics is awesome so the game is silod experince for every FPS player. Expand
  87. Mar 11, 2013
    A Game that is interesting enough initially to make it easy to keep on playing, being free to play is important. The dollar cost of the pay to win model is pricey however, so I've gotten used to dying easy. I will say that once the developers put out a practice area to use all the weapons available so You can actually start being competent before you land in battle then a lot of complaints will be put off. I will continue playing this game until Firefall actually gets released. Expand
  88. Mar 16, 2013
    Ok as much as i'd love to sing planetside2's praised there are certain elements that have to be addressed. First lets start with the positives -Huge scale maps -Exciting gameplay -Actual point in snipers as maps are so huge -Amazing fun with friends -When the battle gets going IT GETS GOING Negatives -There's no real tutorial, a friend of mine had to teach me the ropes -Gun prices are extortionate
    - Requires a beefy rig to run on anything more than medium
    - Gun balancing is poor, for example the Terran republic first sniper takes 3 body shots or 2 head shots. a new conglomerate sniper will kill in 1 clean body shot.
    - Hackers. They aren't there much but when they are you know about it.
    - On your own can get very boring.
  89. Apr 29, 2013
    Don't get me wrong, this game is great but does have a few downfalls. I love the maps being huge but sometimes gets really boring not seeing a enemy for ages and spending the majority of time with team mates. To actually get any decent weapons in this game you have to pay which is sometimes really annoying when your a low level and the enemy's are high levels spending money and having really good weapons. Playing with friends is possible but finding them (even when their in your squad) is quite difficult when your one of those guys that dies allot.

    The good points! This game is one of the most EPICist games i have ever played. Once your whole faction is together on the map you feel unstoppable and feels like your taking part in star wars. Hundreds of tanks, Jets & Carriers overhead and just troops running along side your tanks is a great experience.
  90. Jun 5, 2013
    This is a fairly unique game on the market. It attempts to cater to two markets one of the Battlefield variety, and one of the open-world faction-based PVP crowd (think DAoC or Warhammer Online's Realm vs. Realm mode). While the learning curve is above average for a multiplayer first-person shooter, it can be quickly grasped by veterans of open-world PVP MMOs. At the same time, to fight effectively, a reasonable degree of personal aiming/reflex abilities are required as well. This is the game for you if you enjoy both styles of play in a single game.

    Due to the large scale of the game, the balance philosophy of this game relies on a rock-paper-scissors dichotomy rather than having everything balanced evenly. If you are in it for yourself, this is not the game for you. Group play, on the other hand, is rewarded highly for coordinated squads and platoons, as is the case for any multiplayer title that emphasize teamwork (such as the ArmA series). At its best, PlanetSide 2 truly delivers in its massive battles.

    The only true downsides of the game are that (a) balance is always in a state of flux, and (b) it is not a particularly polished game, even after 6 months of release. In terms of balance, PS2 is in its own, unique place and while it is not perfect, the devs are constantly at work, and they communicate with their fanbase quite frequently. In terms of polish, it is as any other MMO would be; there are many rough edges, and there are many little quality of life issues that, while not game-breaking, are indeed problems that if solved, could greatly improve the game as a whole. Again, the devs are constantly at work in this aspect of the game as well.

    Overall, if you don't mind the rough edges and is willing to experience something that is unique only to PlanetSide 2's sheer scale, definitely give it a go. You may surprise yourself (in a very good way).
  91. Jun 15, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a success from multiple standpoints. It manages to create an incredible sense of scale, and keep that scale well maintained (as well as fairly light on lag). It is a fair successor to the original Planetside, but retains little of its mechanics. Gameplay, unless operating with an outfit can by trying and tedious at best. There are plenty of extremely skilled players who will trounce your ass good, as well. Continent locking mechanics, and metagame seem to be on the backburner for SOE, who seem to be more concerned with setting up 'battle lanes' (read; Planetside's Lattice System Copy-Paste) to create a 'flow' of combat, to prevent back-capping (read; capturing undefended territories away from the main fight.) This means that the overall 'quality' of the game, and the feeling of success when capturing territory, or trouncing your foes is short lived at best.

    Between the glitches, the fair amount of hackers, the pricey items, and the wayward dev focus, I can't give this game any more than 6.8/10 at the moment.
  92. Oct 6, 2013
    Before i start i would like to point out that this game is FREE, to those of you giving a FREE game of this quality a zero your quite frankly completely wrong. Unlike many free games Planetside 2 is not a pay to win although you can pay to unlock weapons they can all be unlocked without paying a penny, only skins require real money to obtain.

    The game is by no means perfect there's a
    steep learning curve that can be a pain to get passed and getting dropped into the action when its on such a huge scale can be disorientating and frustrating to new players. The weapons unlock quite slowly and there is no real end game no faction can actually lose.

    Now with that out the way Planetside 2 is possibly the most epic experience you can have on any game, thousands of people fighting epic battles with aircraft tanks and infantry is just amazing to be apart of. Especially with some friends or a decent squad or outfit where you work as a team to capture of defend strongholds. This game far surfaces other FPS games like Halo and COD in my opinion and does so on a scale that's beyond belief and all this from a free game.

    There is no reason not to try this game its free and wont cost you a penny get some friends on Skype or teamspeak and you will have a great time.
  93. Aug 23, 2013
    This game really ticks a lot of boxes for me, it has everything I could ask for; large scale warfare, intense firefights, even a little bit of strategy is present!
    The only problem is is that the game is a very power-hungry game, and my computer has trouble running it even at the lowest settings.
    For anyone who has a top end computer, this futuristic shooter is a must have!
  94. Sep 14, 2013
    as a child i dreamed of having a massive battle with hundreds of soldiers in the comfort of my home.
    Planetside 2 has fulfilled my desires. but... just at a low framerate. but really... it runs like ass. it fails to run on acceptable framerates on any Intel i7 processer. and every AMD processer will have trouble running the game because the developers cant optimize for sh*t. the only
    thing that can run this game is an Intel I5 processer. small improvements have been seen but AMD processer users are screwed until the ps4 comes out with the 8 core AMD apu inside it. now for the shop system/ balance: this game is pay to win. i do not care what anybody states. the only guns you get are rifles, machine guns and AUTOMATIC SNIPERS. (the auto snipers are sh*t compared to bolt action). most guns cost around 5-10 dollars. but that can be overlooked. now the vehicles are fine in the sense that their default weapons get the job done just fine. but the jets on each team come with only a machine gun on them. you can buy rocket pods or heat seekers. heat seekers are generally useless since the machine gun is plenty to take down enemy aircraft. but the pods are a major thing. you can destroy infantry and vehicles in a matter of seconds with these. and they cost TEN DOLLARS. i have played 100 hours of this game and i earned a total of 1142 credits. that is eleven dollars.

    -but why do i give this game a seven? because its the only game of its kind that can pull it off. and the developers are actually working on it, slowly, but they are. in the last patch my sister gained TEN FRAMES on her AMD machine that had an APU. from 15 to 25. the developers are working and in a year this game will be perfect. just need to be patient
  95. May 18, 2014
    I played about 6 hours PlanetSide 2, and I can tell you that this free game is good enough to the point that it should be a paid game. This is a great game to play, the sets are well detailed, vehicles are easy to handle except air. The game itself, which is to integrate the three nations to fight the other two is excellent, but choose a crowded server, if you get bored. In short, a good game to play with friends ! Expand
  96. Oct 6, 2014
    I first have to confess, Planetside 2 is the first FPS I have ever tried. I rated it an 7 due to overall playabliity and enjoyment. I have a couple of issues with it performance wise/development wise. But other than that it's pretty solid. Yes there are several older critiques of this game that are negative, but by and large a lot of the quote game breaking mechanics have been fixed/removed or optimised over all. For me, the average player who is older and has less twitch skill, I gotta say it's a blast to run.

    One improvement off the bat is the player tutorial in the beginning. It will allow beginning players to get a feel for the controls and basic level mechanics. This didn't exist untill recently so the dev's did right on this. Without it, the learning curve is pretty ugly. If you are new to this game, take the tutorial, it's worth your time and effort. There are several player made tutorials out there to help you as well.

    The vast scenery: You feel you are on a real world. Terrain does matter. The hitch though is that anything beyond a 45 deg angle, you will waste valuable time bunny hopping up. Even then, it isn't gauranteed. Still, being able to shoot from diffferent angles and diffferent approaches is pretty epic in my book. Getting the drop on some one from a high angle or from cover is fantastic.

    Weapon mechanics: I like the challenge of dealing with bullet drop and cone of fire accuracy issues. While snipers are still a pain in the a$$, gun fights aren't insta death at range. Keep moving, don't sit in one spot for too long and you have a decent chance of getting into a solid fight. Now, I will say that some of the factions are out of balance power wise, but if you are with an outfit that has solid tactics, you can still crush your enemy.

    Vehicles: Pilot everything from ground to air (wish they had water but that ain't coming, deal with it). This puts 3 dimensions into the combat field. It makes you get really aware of your surroundings if you want to live past 3 minutes. The variety is pretty solid: tanks, scout vehicles, personnel carriers, fighter aircraft and troop transports. You can customize them as you need for specific effects.

    Scope of battles: Might be a squad skirmish...could be a huge battle of 100+ per side. Taking and defending objectives give specific advantages to the winners, locking down a continent even more. Tactics both at the personal and stratigic level count. No, you can't 1 man rambo it, you need teamwork. But bounding and suppression fire help when people coordinate and work together. The epic scenery from desert, to frozen to forest to jungle is just massive.

    Gear: you unlock modifications and upgrades through spending cert points. It can be a grind for the beginner, but get with some vets they will share with you strategies for getting more certs faster. It isn't nearly as harsh as it was during opening phases. Gear isn't game breaking though it does give slight edges which can save your butt in really tough fights. Even still, as a newbie player I've knocked down people with maxed gear through use of movement and tactics. This is something I love. Now you can buy swag gear from thier depot. Mostly it's just cosmetic stuff for fun. There are weapons that you can buy, but none that convince me of pay to win. You can buy skill certs with station cash if you want but to me that's kind of wasting money. It isn't hard to knock out 50-150 certs per hour with proper technique (even for new players).

    I'll tell you now, this isn't a complete free to play. Yes, you can do so, but it's far better if you go premium all access if you are a SOE fan. If you aren't, the good part of the portion that is free to play will allow you more than enough exposure to the game to decide if you want to commit to paying. It doesn't break your gaming fun either, you just earn XP and certs at a slower rate. All continents are still playable, nothing is locked to you.

    Things I wish they would fix: In game comms is one of thier selling points. It sucks. It doesn't always work correctly and prone to timing out completely in large fights. I recommend TS3 or vent or something. Patch days really suck, it usually takes about 72 hours for them to hotfix all the crap they broke trying to fix other issues or intrduce new stuff. New real content beyond weapons or vehicles is pretty scarce. Respawn/redeploy mechanics are dicey at times. You will need a pretty solid rig to play this full blast. I own an X51 Alienware that I purchased at the beginning of this year and can run it with graphics about 80% of max and maintain a 30-40fps during really populated fights. Overall, very enjoyable with just a few hitches that need smoothing out.
  97. Dec 16, 2012
    Promising game by SOE, maps are huge and battles have an epic feel to it (when during peak hrs). Graphics are beautiful but overall the game is marred by the following:
    1) poor tutorial - after creating character game throws player into battle immediately without allowing them to even bind keys or figure out what to do.
    2) bugs - flickering screen, falling thru the maps.
    3) sloppy cheat
    detection and policing by GMs - well-known aimbot hackers are able to keep playing to ruin the game even after being reported in game and outside of game via support tickets. 4) overpriced cash shop items - 7 USD for a gun that is single class only, single character. 5 USD for a weapon skin. To earn some essential weapons (like anti air missiles or rocket pods) normally in game, need over 50hrs of playtime on average. Expand
  98. Aug 3, 2013
    After reading reviews here, I got good news: a lot of issues described early were fixed. There is a tutorial, tapping "home" drops in in combat (in a pod) in 10 seconds, tapping delete lets you respawn at a different spawn point in 10-30 seconds. I'm getting decent FPS on an average RIG with GTS 250. The game has a lot of promise, but the fun quickly dies down, once you realize that every gun, every ability and every vehicle sucks unless you spend money (to buy new guns) and time to grind upgrades for these guns. After I spent 20 hours grinding upgrades, it hit me that I'm a veteran FPS player, have positive K/D here, but am not having that much fun. Killing infantry is not satisfying. Guns all look the same, sound the same and are kinda bland. There's no character to guns whatsover (for example Brink had similar attachment/customization for guns, and somehow guns were more satisfying). The "wow factor" of this game is huge scale, but you will quickly learn that just like in all MMOs, there are small groups and zergs running around the map, capping points that are not contested. I saw some large balanced battles in the 20 hours I played, but those are fairly rare. Most of the time it is one zerg camping the spawn building in a base for 5 minutes before moving on. There's a small number of fighting vehicles in this game 2 tanks, 2 planes, 2 light vehicles. Yet they feel bland and lifeless. Everything is nerfed to avoid 1 hit kills. Compare a tank from Battlefield 2 or a mech from Battlefield 2142 to "lightining" tank from planetside or a MAX unit, and you see just how boring planetside vehicles are. There's a lot of grinding in this game, and if you like it, you will enjoy the game. Expand
  99. Jan 23, 2013
    This game is a fun Free 2 Play game and will cost you nothing to experience battles that range across a huge continents. At first this game was really addicting, but on the second day of playing it dawned on me to stop.... I will explain why later. The game is like the Battlefield series, but on a grander scale. Which immediately stood out for me. The game is free and will cost you nothing to get into. Also the range of weapons and modifications and upgrades are huge. But, after about 8 hours of game-play is became apparent to me that this game is the pinnacle of Pay-2-Win concept games. In order to progress and upgrade your character (Which at starting your weapons and abilities are so crappy.) You need to earn what is called cert points. This is fine and okay. But, what SOE decided to do with these cert points is beyond me besides an attempt to push you to buy Cash Points. After 8+ Hours of play time I only accumulated about.. 80 Cert points. ALL upgrades require cert points... so there are NO weapons that can be gained otherwise. So in 8 hours I get 80 cert points... 10 points per hour and each item/gun costs about 500-1000+ cert points... do the math. You will find yourself constantly being killed by high level players who payed to win to get the best weapons and upgrades. Progression is horribly slow and such a grind if you intend on playing without paying. The game is playable and fun, the graphics are 'Meh' at most and still suck up a lot of GPU juice. But, I can't have fun in a game no matter how fun it is in a Pay-2-Win environment. I also wont spent 2-3 weeks of playing nothing but Planetside 2 like a job just to buy 2-3 weapons or upgrades. Making you eager to pay money to buy cash points just to speed things up. Expand
  100. Nov 21, 2012
    I wanted to like the game but, sadly, it comes short at a bit of points. 1st up, you will die. A LOT. VERY EASY.
    2nd, snipers will kill you. A LOT. VERY EASY. This is very annoying as it seems a lot of players do nothing but sit on roofs and shoot at everything that moves, meaning that as soon as you walk outside of a building, you're a dead man. One of the gazillion enemy snipers will 1
    shot you.

    There is hardly any strafing as you won't hit anything without aiming and when you aim you move really slow and can't strafe.

    Something else annoying is that you walk quite a lot to get to the fight, provided a sniper doesn't kill you on the way there, and then die in 2 seconds.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. May 10, 2013
    The shooter fundamentals are all there. The visuals are great but the progression just doesn't seem to deliver any payoff for players outside of the hardcore. It's not quite as much of a shameless cash grab as something out of Zynga, but it definitely sours the experience.
  2. Feb 19, 2013
    Planetside 2 is a good free-to-play, strong functional and very funny, which does not envy anything to the founders of the first-person shooter genre.
  3. 89
    It might look overly complicated, but PlanetSide 2 is nothing more than your average class-based, objective-oriented competitive FPS. What makes it stand apart from other F2P games (aside from the huge servers, of course) is the co-operation factor with other players. [February 2013]