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  1. While I originally left Planetside because of it’s balance issues and general stale nature, I’m happy to report that not only have changes in the last few months made the game much quicker on play (really, really good change, in my opinion), but have also tweaked the balance issues pretty damn good.
  2. While I wished the Core Combat expansion was in use by more of the player-base, I'm confident the devs will perform the necessary tweaks to draw more players in, because the idea of the subterranean combat is exciting and Core Combat provides a great foundation.
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  1. AndrewH.
    Nov 13, 2005
    The Best game by far not matter how long you play it for it keeps dragging you back i now hundreds of people that bought it when it came out and that still play it with the same excitement they had when when they first bought it. If you buy this you should be warned its a game for life and makes all other games rubbish as this doesn't have the best graphics but has the best game play than any other game to date and will have for years to come. :D Full Review »