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  1. Dec 20, 2013
    Pool Nation is a beautiful game that plays great and has a long shelf life.
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  1. Oct 22, 2013
    This game is awesome myself as well as a large group on steam 50 members and rising would all highly recommend it.

    The physics are spot on
    and the graphics are stunning. the developers Cherry Pop Games deserve an award for everything they have done. this is not a simple port from the XBox and PS3 but a new version designed specifically for pc gamers.

    The developers are keen to listen to our feedback and have addressed everything there customers report as well as adding new things based on our requests. I have played many other pool games my favorites being virtual pool and hustle kings but this game hands down beats everything before it. Without aiming aids it will even improve your real game. Hands down the best pool game to date and hats off to Cherry pop games for providing a game and level of service a lot of other game companies could learn from,

    A straight ten from me.
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  2. Oct 18, 2013
    Keeping in mind that I'm not a pool expert, so I am not looking for the same things that an expert would, this game is almost everything I have always wanted in a game of computerized pool. The controls are very intuitive, even for very complicated trick shots. Controlling the cue stick feels natural, even with 5 degrees of freedom in 3D space (2 for where you strike the ball, 2 for the rotation along two axes, and one for pulling and pushing the stick). For a non-expert like me, having the projected trajectories indicated before the shot based on everything, including how strongly you plan to strike, makes even very complex shots feasible. The automatic slow motion, when a shot is successful, is fun sometimes, but it quickly starts to get old and it slows down the game. Fortunately, it can be turned off. I have only two complaints. The first is that the graphics are pretty, but very artificial, with just too much reflection and textures that are too smooth. It would be great if this were an option along with realistic graphics, but if realism is an option, I haven't found it yet. My other peeve is that the game is much too oriented toward a "career path". I have a job already, all I want to do is play pool. The game has a free play mode, but it's extremely limited. Maybe additional features unlock as you progress along your career path, but my opinion is that they got my money up front, so I should have all the features up front, even if I don't want to role play being a professional pool player. One thing that bothers me less, but might irritate some players is that the physics are perfect. Too perfect. Everything behaves according to an ideal, deterministic model. In the real world, the balls aren't perfect, the cue stick isn't perfect, the table isn't perfect, there are air currents, the cue stick's tip may not be evenly chalked, and even the most adept professional isn't a finely tuned machine that repeats the same moves without variation. Adding these imperfections to the model, even only as an option that people can turn on or off, would make the game feel just a bit more natural. But aside from these minor details, the game is well worth getting and it made me retire every other pool game I owned, except for the one on my iPad, which I'd replace in a second if Pool Nation were available for it. Full Review »
  3. Oct 26, 2013
    By far and away the best pool game I have seen in a long time.

    A lot of bugs still, but The guys who created this are working hard to
    remove them. There is a steam forum dedicated to this game with lots of feedback from both players and developers. For 6 English pound or 7 euros there is a lot of playtime for your cash.

    pros: cheap, good physics, online multiplay community already growing.

    conns: prone to crashing in certain aspects. This is recognised though, with full fixes imminent.
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