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  • Summary: A wonderful and compelling RTS SIM. Unscripted, completely dynamic, open ended world, set in a real historic location. Some of the best graphics on any game in this genre. A unique and fluid gameplay style and content that contains trading, sea battles, expeditions, voyages, missions and hunt for buried treasure. Endless gameplay. [Tri Synergy] Expand
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  1. With a strong AI, a tried and true game concept, and beautiful graphics and sound, Port Royale is a great game.
  2. Port Royale has depth of gameplay and presents this enjoyable but challenging escapade against a rich background of a battle for power in the Caribbean.
  3. Port Royale takes advantage of this amazing time and creates a wonderfully fun economic simulation. The graphics are great, and the sound fits the bill.
  4. Despite the shortcomings of getting started, beware once you finally do. Port Royale is a wonderfully addictive game that is loaded with grand possibilities.
  5. A detailed trading sim for merchants, but too much budgeting and not enough buccaneering to recommend to pirate fans.
  6. "SimCity" elements tend to bog down the fun factor, but if you don't mind some biz sim with your strategy, you'll find this game pretty entertaining. [Sept 2003, p.77]
  7. I wouldn’t recommend Port Royale unless you’re looking for a slow-paced game that challenges your brain more than your reflexes, and unless you’re only planning to play an hour or two each night. If you play any more than that, the game will get too repetitive and too boring too quickly.

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