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  1. Dec 30, 2011
    This game was as long as it needed to be without overstaying it's welcome. Funny ,great puzzles , and a great new song by Jonathan Coulton. Then the addition of challenge maps , commentary on all levels with insight on the creation of the game , a Co-Op campaign , and Co-Op DLC just solidified this as one of Valve's Greatest
  2. Jun 27, 2011
    This game was just pure genius. The design, the character development, it was all done beautifully. I question why this game doesn't have at LEAST a score of 96. It was different from the first game in some ways, but I liked that. Using the exact same atmosphere of the first game would've just felt like more of an unoriginal repeat. Anyone reading this that enjoys Valve games but hasn't yet played Portal 2... I beg you, buy this game, you will grin from ear to ear till it hurts.

    And even then, you'll just keep grinning anyway.
  3. Feb 19, 2013
    I'm speechless. Speechless. Amazing game. Portal 1 was short, but Valve took that issue to heart and made Portal 2 5x longer. Made it funnier too. Just buy this game without thinking. I wanted to give it a 10, but I had to knock off 1 point because the game has an ending.
  4. Jul 2, 2011
    Wow, what can't I say about Portal 2?
    First off its amazing for its humor, game play, and puzzles.
    Oh god the puzzles. I was stumped more than once, but that didn't keep me from playing.
    I like keeping reviews short, so all I have to say is that Portal 2 is one of the first games in a long time that I've really, really wanted.
  5. Jul 2, 2011
    The sequel "makes the original look like the prototype it was" by expanding the game in gameplay and story. The graphics and sound are superior even though it's on the source engine .Overall it was a worthwhile game but did not live up to the massive amount of hype it created .
  6. Jul 4, 2011
    Portal 2 is an EXCELLENT GAME.... It starts off where portal 1 ended and the graphics are a slight improvement the game itself runs smooth, I have NOT had a single issue so far with 10 hours of game play. For those who gave this game a bad review shame on you, your style sucks anyway.
  7. Jul 7, 2011
    Buena historia, buenos escenarios. El juego es corto (no tanto como el anterior) pero muy intenso. La IA de los 2 robots tiene mas personalidad que la mayoría de los humanos de otros juegos. No le doy el 10 porque el modo coop tiene muy pocos niveles oficiales y se hace cortísimo.
  8. Jul 17, 2011
    This game is simply awesome, with the high quality level that Valve always puts on its games. This is a second part, so you MUST have played Portal before trying Portal 2. If you don't, then you'll miss a lot of plot related stuff and obviously the experience will be disappointing. The gameplay is more dynamic than in Portal. It is not a test room after test room journey until reaching the final boss. This time a lot of sudden events will drive you through huge scenarios where you'll have to use the Portal gun to make your way through. Moreover, the portal gun has to be combined with new elements to solve the puzzles. Graphics do their job. Physics related sequences (walls and structures falling apart) look pretty good. Music uses some weird effects to make it easily identified with robots. Sometimes it is a little annoying (specially if you play with headphones). It is a short game (around 6 hours), but you can't make a puzzle based game much longer without boring the player. In exchange, everything is incredibly polished in a nearly obsessive way. In my opinion, one of the best games of this year, but it is mandatory to be a Portal fan in order to properly enjoy it. Don't buy it if it is your first Portal game! Expand
  9. Dec 25, 2011
    This is my third review today and I've been quite positive as it is Christmas, but this game is without a doubt, the Best game of the year. I won't even talk about how great it is, it's simply made to perfection. Here are the top 4 games I recommend this year:

    1. Portal 2
    2. Modern Warfare 3
    3. Skyrim
    4. Battlefield 3
  10. Jul 9, 2011
    The story is absolutely great, and the game play equally as good. The only thing that let me down in this game is that a lot of the "puzzles" weren't really puzzles, just annoying tasks that detracted from the game. The co-op is amazing, the most fun I've had in a game in a very long time. Giving the robots character in the co-op added greatly to the experience, making it one to remember. All up, this is a great game with an awesome story (not to mention all the great humor in it), only being flawed by the some of the puzzles later on in the game being more annoying than anything else. Expand
  11. Jul 9, 2011
    This is an absolute masterpiece. The single player is amazing- featuring new types of puzzles. The story is merged with the adventure. The map design and atmosphere is amazing. I loved the hauntingly old "old Aperture levels"- The hidden areas were great. And the characters and comedy were the best.

    The only complaint was about the price/length of game. That argument is a load. I thought
    the length of the game was fine- as games that drag on lose their appeal to. The single player and co-op make up a great package.
    The ending was spectacular.
    Portal series is something everyone must play.
  12. Jul 10, 2011
    Definitely worth the money. Excellent sequel to the predecessor. Writing is witty, level design is great, and the fact that the Source Engine can still produce graphics like these is simply outstanding. Loved every moment of playing it.
  13. Jul 22, 2011
    Portal 2 is an overall fun experience. Based on how much me and my friends giggled and laughed aloud, it was funny. Portal 2 may not appeal to all Portal fans, but if you can look over some of the changes, the game is great fun for everyone. Pick it up when you can, and have a friend for the Co-op campaign.
  14. Jul 10, 2011
    TL;DR: Game of the year. FREE custom maps and DLC add much more enjoyable time to the game.

    Yes, the original Source engine is old. It's being patched, and not renamed. It's also one of the most stable and moddable engines that I know of (and I am a modder). Yes, there were day-one vanity purchasable items. Let me repeat that, however: there were _vanity_ items, similar to, say, hats in
    Team Fortress 2, or clothes in some other game. IT DOES NOT AFFECT GAMEPLAY. Yes, there is DLC that is for only the Razer Hydra, a $140 piece of motion gaming hardware for the PC. The concepts in the DLC will most likely be made through mods and custom maps.

    None of these affect how wonderfully good Portal 2 is. Gamesradar, for example, placed the original Portal at its #1 spot for games of all time. Portal 2 is better. Not only does Portal 2 have its own version of Hammer, the Source map editor, meaning that anyone with the know-how can make custom maps and distribute and play them, but Portal 2 also incorporates a number of features that Portal didn't have (which are in the trailers, I don't want to give out semi-spoilers).

    The voice-acting is wonderful and often hilarious. GLaDOS is as wonderful as she was in Portal. The graphics are top-notch. Don't listen to those who say that it has sub-par graphics; they're probably playing it on a console or with a really old graphics card; my GT130M, which was a low-middle-grade GPU for laptops two years ago, allows me to play Portal 2 at 1080p and full settings while maintaining a steady 30fps minimum.

    Also, all future DLC (for the PC) will be released for free. It's how Valve does things. (Note that the console DLC, notably the XBox 360 DLC, will have only one free DLC. This is due to Microsoft's policies, and has nothing to do with what Valve wants for its customers.)
  15. Jul 12, 2011
    Portal 2's single player campaign is three times as long as the original's, but at only 6-7 hours for a single playthrough it is still a bit short. Thankfully, every moment is packed with enjoyable visuals, sight gags and laugh-out-loud humor, effective audio, interesting puzzles, and a story that is artfully told through interaction with the environment. With the challenges and multiplayer co-op mode (a campaign unto itself) stacked on top, Portal 2 is like its predecessor easily one of Valve's best titles and a game that redefines the limits of the first person genre. Don't miss it. Expand
  16. Jul 12, 2011
    The only reason this game does not get a 10 is because it has no replay value. As far as difficulty goes, the multiplayer is much harder than the single player and the difficulty of the single player is about on par with Portal. I love the new mechanics, especially the light bridges, and they are used very creatively throughout the game. The art and presentation are amazing as well. Overall a great game that was worth what it cost me. Expand
  17. Jul 13, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is an another one example of Valve's skill.
    It has so much soul, every pixel is overfilled with it. And the final chapter with aria and GLaDOS' song absolutely awesome, I cried during it, no, seriously. The script is simply amazing, no match to the rest of the modern games.
    Game's atmosphere also supplemented with characters, they are just robots but so humanoid.
    No game had ever made me experience such strong emotions. Thank you, Valve.
  18. Jul 13, 2011
    This is a great game. Single-player is simply just awsome because if you played portal 1 you see level that you played.Co-op mode is also on great thing. You can play with you're friends and you also can equip so hats, suits, etc. I really appreciated the Gameplay because it not as easy as portal 1 was. I played portal one and It took me around two hours to complete the game. Portal 2 took me around 6 hours. I recommend this game to everyone. 10 out of 10. Expand
  19. Jul 14, 2011
    Nothing short of Fan-dibby-dabulous.
    I'll try and describe how awesome it is:
    It's so good...

    1) My Dog came back to life
    2) My Rubix Cube solved itself
    3) My water turned into wine
    4) I **** in my pants
    5) It gave me Blowjobs and ice cream
    6) Hitler got his gas bill

    What was I on about, again? The point is it's a damn good game and you should buy it because it's super awesome!
  20. Jul 14, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The negative reviews of this game are obviously by the fact that Valve added a store like the Mann Co. Store (TF2) into Portal 2. But the items that you buy here are only skins or taunts. However, the singleplayer has a GREAT plot, the best finale in the world, and the multiplayer it's funny to play. Best Game of 2011. Expand
  21. Jul 15, 2011
    A truly remarkable game, a work of art. The story is excellent, i enjoyed every minute of it. And the puzzles are more interesting than in the first game. Definitely a must buy game !
  22. Jul 20, 2011
    An intriguing sequel to Valve's great experiment, Portal, surpassed the original both graphically and via storytelling. I personally hate games with near linear action, but Portal 2 is something I completed a few times in a row without being bored with.

    What I like: the expansion on events and back-story of the original Portal, the unlikely plot twists (for someone that didn't watch
    spoilers, of course). And, of course, puzzle solving. All done in nearly perfect visual and sonic experience: the look of the game, dialogs, music and sound effects make this a really enjoyable game with large amount of sarcastic humor but also with a pinch of heartwarming gimmicks. After that, I'm still having a though time disabling a sentry turret even though I know it's only purpose in the game is to pack me with bullets.

    And, of course, there's that nice "that was IT?" feel after completing chambers and game chapters, which are reasonably paced and the difficulty level of them increases without making you frustrated about not knowing/finding the solution but rather leaving you curious about what is that something you've missed. There's also a fair amount of fast paced "action" sequences that require your quick thinking but without being extremely difficult though. As in original portal, there's inclusion of achievements - actions you need to perform in-game, some are pretty difficult, the other are funny, several you are given automatically after completing parts of the game.

    The absolute novelty is a very tight cooperation mode which requires interaction of two players. Word of advice: to spare yourself awkwardness, better train with somebody you know, because trying to find your game partner online may result with too much of a difference in experience between both of you - frustrating both ways.

    What I don't like: there's very little not to like, actually. There is some awkwardness in cooperative game such as controlling player gestures or communication, also you have to know that the game can and WILL use your microphone, which may result in awkward situations, unless you switch it to "push to talk" mode first - which I don't think is the default.
  23. Jul 21, 2011
    A very very good puzzle game with a brilliant story, great voices and sounds and a quite good graphic. I really like the portal games for the portals and that breathtaking story.
  24. CRL
    Jul 25, 2011
    Portal 2 is everything great from the original mixed with even greater stuff of its own. The puzzles are the same as always, but there are several new elements such as the repulsion and propulsion gels, the light bridge, and the funnel, that make them seem new again. It's even funnier than the original, with the Stephen Merchant-voiced Wheatley as the comic relief and GLaDOS as always providing the dark humor. The story delves into what happened before and after Portal and into the history of Aperture Science. It's still a bit short, but with a game like this who really cares? Expand
  25. Nov 25, 2011
    I halved with my friend for this game the other day on Steam and I must say that... This game is absolutely amazing!!! I thought Portal was okay but it got old quickly but Portal 2 has kept me enthused the whole way with it's puzzles, cynical enemy GLaDOS, and the comic relief of Steve Merchant who plays your only friend in the game. I have not tried Co-Op yet and definitely will try it as me and my friend went halves on the double pack to save a couple dollars because I've simply been enjoying the story of the single player so much! Thanks for another great game!!! Expand
  26. Dec 10, 2011
    One word: Kicka*s. Valve did good. REAL good.
  27. Nov 1, 2011
    Agree @ Vescosein completely. I can't say enough how much i appreciate Valve for their innovative creativity and fair pricing system in a world of the gimmies and scam oriented marketing Valve is truly a breath of fresh air paired with unique products that stand the test of time. Thank You Valve for being my friend=] oh ya and i only just started playing Portal 2 but i already know it deserves every bit of the 10 i'm giving it! Expand
  28. Jun 23, 2013
    Portal 2 is better than Portal in every way possible. There are more puzzles that are more complicated, a plot with an unexpected twist, online gameplay, and SDK which we can make our own maps with. Portal 1 was great, but Portal 2 is better
  29. Oct 6, 2013
    When I first started this game I thought it was way too similar to the first one. But until you've completed it, you ain't seen nothing. New levels, gameplay elements, a new character and the actual game is quite long. To do the original Portal without cheating (looking up solutions) it took about 4 hours or less but this is 9 hours. There's AT LEAST twice, if not quadrupple the content in terms of the length, so however long it took you to complete portal 1 in first try just triple it. From start to end, the game never fails to keep you entertained and laughing all the way. Very funny humour, easy to understand, excellent voice acting. Really, the only criticism I have of this game is the highly outdated graphics, but considering it's still using the Source engine it's not bad if you think of the graphics being 2004 standard. Want to know the greatest thing? The challenge mode no longer has least steps! YES!!!! No more stupid glitching. It's just least time and least portals. Considering the number of levels in this game, and the co-op there's easily enough content here to last even the most logical gamer a fair while. A must play if you've not played the original. It's better in every possible way. I don't think this game could have done more in any area. Gameplay objects such as bridges, propulsion gels and excursion funnels as well as drastic improvements in story-telling, level design, characters and overall length make this a true sequel. What's more, the co-op challenges are much more satisfying and fun than the campaign ones because of their witty humour and difficult but not frustrating (i.e. you can finish without a guide) level design. The ability to play cross-platform with PS3 players and official split-screen support make this game even more special. Add in the very intuitive level editor and community levels and you've got a complete package. Portal 2 is one of those games that defines the medium. It is educational, fun, funny and suitable for people of all ages and genders. There really is nothing like it. It's the only game which EVERYBODY should play due to its accessibility, quality and concept. Expand
  30. Sep 25, 2011
    Portal 2 is not Portal; to assume that the sequel should be simply more of the original would overlook its brilliant aspects which make the game shine. First off, the puzzles aren't as mind-boggling, simply because the original game was entirely about portals and portals alone, and that forced the player to get creative. That being said, Portal 2's puzzles are more diverse and varied, and carry important aspects of the game's story. Even if they don't have quite the same "WHOA" factor as the original Portal's puzzles, they're still incredibly fun, and are more central to the plot driving the game. That leads me to the best thing about Portal 2: its story. The story is intriguing, intricate, well-told, and incredibly funny. I actually really enjoyed the dark humor and eerie subtext surrounding the original Portal, but unfortunately, that wasn't a huge focus. This is not the case with Portal 2. The characters are fantastic! Wheatley has, in my mind, set a new bar for the fluidity a voice actor can achieve. All in all, this game is absolutely worth the purchase, whether or not you liked/played the original game. I gave it a 9 rather than a 10 because the "in-between chambers" sections were rather linear and lacked the same creativity of the actual test chambers, but since those comprised a minor part of the game, it's not a huge deal. Expand
  31. Sep 26, 2011
    First Person Puzzle game (not a shooter). A worthy sequel to the first one. Superb story, with interesting characters. Visually very impressive. Gameplay varies between solving puzzles and sightseeing around the environment with well balanced pacing. Great emotional impact with varied between laughs and a sense of weariness and drama. Developer Valve also has a history of all-free DLC. This game is worth every single penny. Expand
  32. Oct 2, 2011
    Have to say, they did this right. You can't knock them for the DRM. Piracy is rampant, and if they make more money, they make more games. Graphics were great, storyline goofy, scary and compelling. No technical issues encountered, and I bought it day 1 from Steam. Even the music was great.
  33. Oct 4, 2011
    I loved just about everything about Portal 2. With Portal 1 being one of my favorite games of all time, and Valve being one of my favorite companies, I was dying to play this game.
    When I finally did play it exceeded my expectations. The story in this sequel is phenomenal and much more immersed than the mysterious back story of Portal 1 (Not that it's a bad thing at all). The puzzles all
    felt fresh thanks to the new mechanics and the levels didn't fail to disappoint. I also liked how you weren't confined to just the upper, clean portion of Aperture Science. You were able to not only visit the same chambers as in Portal 1 but travel to the abandoned segments never seen before. This kept things going well and kept me more interested than before. The voice acting was great although I'm not the biggest Wheatly fan (Even just GLaDOS would have made my day) I still came to like both characters more by the end. The Graphics are anything I can expect from a game, and more. But I'd rather a great story than some eye candied piece of garbage. The only thing against this game is the length, I keep wanting to play more!
    10/10 from me, I can't see how anyone in their right minds could dislike this game but some people don't have the mind for a great story or the puzzles it seems. 11/10 from me
  34. Oct 7, 2011
    This is the best game of the year. It is interesting and fun. A lot longer then the previous game. Also the price of the game is very low. Valve just keeps on amazing us with awesome PC games.
  35. Nov 30, 2011
    portal 1: I just couldn't stop playing
    portal 2: speechless, wow, awesome, beautiful, great.....One of the best ******* thing i ever played in my entire life, dude, omg, i love vale and his awesome games
  36. Apr 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have to admit, I didn't have the slightest interest in playing portal 2 when it came it, mostly because it is a puzzle game, which I don't seem to buy into along with RPG's. After getting the Orange Box (including the original portal) and Skyrim and being proved wrong in both areas, I got P2 anyway. This may sound a bit fanboyish, but Portal 2 is perhaps the best game I've ever played: seemlessly mixing a well-told storyline plus a meaty co-op mode, I don't think I've ever had this much fun playing a video game. The puzzles are simple, but satisfying to solve and the characters remain endearing no matter what plot twists might occur. Then I had to put it down about 6 hours later, because I had finished it: don't get me wrong though, it was a perfect length, any longer and it would've just been more flabby than meaty, and I've still got about 75% of the co-op to play through. I throughly recommend this, along with every other valve title. I guess after saying that, I'll have to go play Left 4 Dead to prove my assumptions wrong again. Expand
  37. Oct 20, 2011
    One of the best games of 2011 if not the very best, there is almost nothing I can pick apart in this game that makes it bad in any way. The main campaign might seem a bit short for some but the co-op, and free dlc that was released can also make up for that. The game is just brilliant and must buy.
  38. May 21, 2012
    This is Portal plus a 1000 awesomes. Stephen Merchant is super funny as Wheatley and made me cry in laughter quite a bit. GLaDOS is as funny as ever and there are some great ideas thrown into this sequel. The story is pristine and the 7 to 8 hours you spend playing the story make up for the price. The game has replay-ability for sure and the puzzles like the first aren't to easy but not to hard either.
  39. Oct 26, 2011
    Incredible amount IF you are into puzzle solving and semi-complex humor (which I am). The story unfolds very well, ridiculous amount of laughs and the Graphics of the Source engine have been improved enough to no make it sub-par. A hands-down recommendation to anyone who has enjoyed Portal or any puzzle platformer etc ... Nice thing with Valve is you get free DLC and maps at a decent rate and coop with a friend can be amazing fun. Expand
  40. Oct 27, 2011
    Simply a great game. The story is interesting, puzzles are well-designed, plus the humour and co-op mode. You want to play, and play. A must-have for everyone. Keep up the good work, Valve!
  41. Oct 29, 2011
    In 2007 was launched on Orange Box, a collection with Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal, a game that among these heavyweights not gained much attention, but soon won the critics and audiences with its clever puzzles, a bizarre humor and a brand new sense of physical and space.

    Now, four years later, Valve launches Portal 2, which adds a dozen new features to the game, including
    the awaited multiplayer co-op.

    In Portal 2 we have the return of Chell, protagonist of the first game who wakes up back in Aperture Laboratories. But at this time the labs are in ruins, dominated by plants, which by the way are not able to perform tests.

    The changes in the game are featured early on the beginning. The lonely and depressed mood of the first game disappears with the arrival of Wheatley, a clumsy robot who helps the protagonist to flee from his room.

    In this game we have a charismatic cast, ranging from sarcastic GLaDOS, the villain of the first game until the aforementioned Wheatley, and Cave Johnson, president and founder of Aperture Laboratories. All these characters will serve to the unfolding of a complex plot full of twists, secrets and several references to the first game (and Half-Life), which will be able to crack a smile on the faces of fans.

    But not just story a game lives. The sequel has several new features for the mechanic, ranging from platforms that you throw into the air, to the entertained propulsion, repulsion and conversion gels, among other changes. All these things will help you go through the test chambers that are larger than those of his predecessor.

    To complete the package has the exhilarating multiplayer mode. Forget that thing of shooting alone zombies in Left4Dead. Here, if you do not work as a team, you'll never win.

    The mode has a clever system that allows players performs pings to understand even if they do not speak the same language or have a microphone. There is even an online store to buy and trade items to customize your robot. But the items are expensive and their purchase is not worth it, but it's a great idea from Valve. The Source, Valve's engine, continues to create a beautiful game, without lag the PC, even when there is a lot of action happening or huge scenarios.

    Another aspect that evolves over the first game is the soundtrack. Portal had virtually no music, something that has completely changed in the sequel. The soundtrack is much more relevant and present, accurately pointing out the moments of thriller and action, and changing over the player's progress in the chambers. The voice acting in this game is amazing. All voices are excellent. The cast of celebrities includes Stephen Merchant (of The Office) and J. K. Simons (J.J. Jameson from Spider-Man films) who give life and unique personality to the characters.

    Portal 2 presents few problems. One of them (and probably the worse) are the many loading screens. They annoy especially at moments of exploration, where they break the rhythm of the game.

    Another problem is the miss of what to do at the finish of the game. The achievements do not give much reason to play it again. Luckily the game provides hours of fun before finishing.

    Undoubtedly, Portal 2 is bigger and better than its predecessor. Some glitches here and there but nothing to spoil the integrity of the work which is already one of the best titles of the year so far.
  42. May 10, 2012
    I didn't expect that the sequel to Portal would be as nice as the original but in fact it was better. I enjoyed every bit of the story, the amazing end and most importantly the ability to play online with other people!
  43. Nov 2, 2011
    This game has more originality and character in one level than most big budget, 'big men with big guns' blockbusters have in all of their various iterations. Using the portal device to hurl yourself across a chasm to land perfectly on a precariously dangling platform gives the player a genuine sense of power and achievement unlike any other in computer gaming. A work of art, and most importantly, damn good fun. Expand
  44. Nov 7, 2011
    Hilarious, a complete and utter work of genius. Brilliantly designed and scripted. An absolute joy to play and probably the first game that actually made me belly laugh.
  45. Nov 30, 2011
    Bests the original in almost every way. Dialogue is spot on, graphics scale well for older computers, game-play is terrific and the difficulty curve is perfect. The only thing that it doesn't best from the original is how you almost get funneled into portals when you are falling. This is only a minor change though, as portal placement is still one of the harder skills in the game. GOTY for an action puzzler. Sorry Catherine. Expand
  46. Mar 7, 2012
    Portal 2 is absolutely incredible from start to finish. There is nothing not to like about this game and it shows in every scene that ValvE has STILL GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO KICK ASS! (even thought they release a game like once a decade.)

    At first your might think that they wonky robot that wakes you is a bad idea, but trust me he is awesome and everything fits PERFECTLY! (especially the
    potato, god I love that humor.)

    I really want to say thank you to Valve and I did say thank you by buying this game for both my PS3 and on STEAM for a friend.

    I did not want this experience to end, it was so much fun, especially by the time you get to the old aperture labs, and start hearing J.K. Simmons (Cave Johnson) with his unmatched, hilarious catch-22 wit. Cave johnson made this game for me!

    This is the difference between a company like Valve (REAL GAMERS) and a company like EA (MONEY GRUBBING CORPORATE WHORES). Both can make an obscene amount of dough, but only one can get you off, Valve.

    And now to rant - You see kids, EA hired Martin Sheen to voice act in ME2 and 3, because they are morons and don't know a damn thing about "atmosphere" EA did not re-hire the same guy who did the music from ME (big mistake). Martin Sheen is a very distinctive voice but it DOESN'T WORK, and the music from ME 2 and ME 3 is a complete re-hash of ME, but not nearly as complete as ME. There were more original and good tracks in ME than there were in ME2 and 3 combined. EA thinks that none of these things matter, that as long as the game box says "Mass Effect 3" you won't be able to tell the difference between it and a real BioWare game.

    Valve is not like that. Portal 2 did not cut corners. The atmosphere is dripping with real, underground, inspired, artistic, and imaginative futuristic robot armageddon. The music and sound effects are not simply resampled from the first game and the voice acting is superb and perfectly matched to the game. And, its also a damn funny game. AND (big and here) IT IS FUN TO PLAY!

    The mechanics are not boring, the puzzles are interesting, the game remains funny and fun and though provoking throughout the entire experience.

    All I can say is that I loved this game and I am pre-ordering ANY game that ValvE does in house.

    L4D = awesome
    HL2 = Awesome
    Portal = Awesome

    I used to say, I wish every game was made by either Valve, Id, or Bethesda. I used to say that until Rage came out and Skyrim really did not innovate (skyrim was fun but it was not more than oblivion with better graphics in a different location. I put three hundred hours into Oblivion and I put 75 into Skyrim... it just was not innovative enough to retain my attention, been there done that in Oblivion).

    Anyway, I'm rambling but the point is this. If you have not bought this game, buy it, end of story. I don't lie.
  47. Nov 8, 2011
    This is one of the best games that I have ever played. The best is TF2, but Portal 2 has the best single player in any game I have ever played. It is challenging, funny, and engaging all at the same time. By the end, I had fallen in love with all of the new characters they introduced and never wanted the game to end. I actually shed a tear when it was over. I wish I could forget everything about it so I could experience it all again. Expand
  48. Nov 8, 2011
    Here it is, VALVe taking advantage over their attempts once again, and let me say how well they succeeded at it this time. Pretty well. Portal 2 is the sequel to their "test" that was simply an extra on the Orange Box bundle pack and that was even free on steam for several times.

    This time, making it an official game, all their effort was put into it, taking the successful gimmick from
    the first game and enhancing it with additional features such as the repulsion/propulsion/conversiton gel, excursion funnel, faith plates and discouragement beams, filling it with a lot more pop culture than before, having more hilarious situations and now with an actual plot, this game is just steps away from being perfect.

    The game takes place around 200 years after the first one, Chell was put into life support because of a mysterios worker (see lab rat comic for details) and after waking up, you're greeted to a new character which is by far the most important in the whole game, Wheatley. This british accented core takes you back to the aperture science building just so you can notice that everything is destroyed and the building is filled with plants and sorts of forests.

    Even though it's using the source engine, the game has amazing graphics, showing that even source can be upgraded sometime without messing with anything else. Gameplay wise, it's pretty much the same from the last game, with the differences being the additional features presented in the game and the new layout of the test chambers. The soundtrack is simply incredible and it fits perfectly well with this game, being smooth in the background while you focus on solving the puzzles. All the voice acting in this game is perfect, the voice actors for Wheatley, GLaDOS and Cave were outstanding in their skill to do the voice of the characters and implement their personalities even more.

    Great Co-op, great SP, great DLC, great game, great everything, WONDERFUL ENDING. Totally worth the money
  49. Nov 22, 2011
    What happening with me i'll gonna be crazy with the puzzles and glados e the little robot, is the best game that i play, side by sibe whith skyrim. portal 2 is the best thing of 2011 and the better game of all time, emotion times, execiting times, crazys times with the puzzles is the fanstastic adventure i recommendy for everryone!
  50. Nov 13, 2011
    till like couple years back i was a "fancy games" gamer ... you know by fancy i mean any game that looked good and had a lot of action even if it was mindless. i took video games as a form of entertainment. but today i know and have felt very well that gaming is an unique art which actually is a beautiful amalgamation of many arts... a kind in which not only one art works well but everything goes together to bring in front of you a masterpiece. every masterpiece (if it's a masterpiece) is different from the others. i know not every game hits that spot but when they do they absorb you. PORTAL 2 is one of them. i actually was not sure if i'd enjoy this game cause when the last time i played portal 1, i was like "eh?! if i wanna solve puzzles i'll get a dedicated puzzle game" which don't interest me to be honest. so i admit i downloaded a pirated copy of this game to see if i could enjoy it or not. i mean ign, gamespot, whatnot etc. have been raving about this game giving it full or almost full. so even after downloading i didn't play it. when i finished playing a lot of other big title which actually didn't satisfy and met my expectations, then i thought let's try it out. and here my review goes:
    AUDIO- 10.0- i know i'm giving it too much to be true but when you'll play this game and if you agree with my view on "GAMING AS AN ART", you'll find that the audio totally supports the game's style and direction. i mean there are very few sound elements in this game that you can compare to their authentic real counter-parts which have been done well but the other elements are totally pure and beautiful imagination of the guys who are part of the sound department in this game. whether its music or the turret robots who are so cleanly showing they're "camouflaging" their "intentions" of hurting you, everything is just unique and perfect. the nature of ridicule & patronizing in their remarks were effortlessly working to irritate me so that my desperation to get rid of them is only catalyzed further like you wanna get rid of a bully who keeps annoying you or irritating you for no reason. YEAH so coming to the dialogues now. GLADdos was voiced in such a humane manner that you definitely could feel the conflict that's present subtly in her remarks. and the same goes for wheatly who was a typical example of the fact "you only get to know someone when you hand them the power." these characters despite being robots were only and actually characterizing humans in someway or other who, you can imagine, created them. that great the audio overall is.
    GRAPHICS- 8.0- this is for sure that this game was never meant to boast about it's graphics but it's art direction and visual quality is such that you are easily able to feel that you're a part of this game.. it's world (which actually is only a very gigantic lab) although it doesn't come close to anything that possibly can happen or exist in reality.
    GAMPLAY and STORY- 10.0- before i start for this, please note i took two categories together because this game calls for it. the gameplay is a part of the story. level design and the puzzles are just nothing short of awe and amazement. the mechanics involved in the game were the simplest i've come across since a long time. you only need to move, jump, crouch and shoot your portal gun. the devs did this with the purpose that i believe was so you don't have to keep track of your reflexes all the time (like generally you've to in today's FPS games) and you can easily concentrate on the puzzles using your highly intellectual, logical brain. (yes even i didn't know that i just wasn't a precise-key-hitting-at-the-right-moment-adrenaline-junky but also had a mind and a brain that worked for higher purposes of life.) but everytime it was the persistence and the actions of our silent character Chell that played one of the key elements in the story. And with that it was GLADdos and wheatley's reactions everytime that were complimentary to the story-telling. now to the story, usually some games, especially RPGs, are known to have protagonists that are morally or socially "clean-slate" for you to forge your own character. Well in portal 2, you've a morally, conclusively "clean-slate" story. At the end of the game you'll feel something about the characters, situations...etc. overall story that i think will be different for someone else's and which is something i don't have words for because that's how this game becomes so personal to you. (P.S.- don't compare your feelings or conclusions of this game to someone else's because Valve made this game for you and not someone else.)
    So after experiencing something like this game which not only satisfied me but also touched me to the core of my heart and gave me a reason to be proud of being a gamer, I knew this game is a must buy because again it was definitely made for me.
  51. Nov 11, 2011
    in one word this is game of the year great game in all areas voices graphic game play funny story and voices and we can't forget multiplier is very good and something new this is a fantastic game
  52. Nov 12, 2011
    Great game! The game let you play with runing and thinking. It gave us an new way to play FPS game witch is very exciting. The story is also pretty good. Valve never disappoints us.
  53. Nov 11, 2011
    I really loved this game. It has great puzzles and the story was really well put together. I personally thought Wheatly was awesome lol. I highly recommend this game if you like solving puzzles and are looking for an interesting story while you play your games. I can see how this game may not be for everyone but I think that if you give this game a chance then you will come to really enjoy it.
  54. Oct 3, 2012
    A really nice sequel to Portal. Much better graphics and gameplay. Valve took the brilliance of Portal and turned it into a full-blown title. Unlike Portal 1, where you could spawn NPCs and weapons from Halflife 2 using the command console, Portal 2 is using the newer source engine.

    The graphics are brilliant, the shading and physics were things that attracted me to get this.

    game, worth it definetely! Expand
  55. Nov 13, 2011
    Since MetaCritic only allows short reviews, I will keep this short and sweet. Portal 2 is an amazing game. Breakdown:

    Gameplay: 10/10. Awesome and challenging puzzles.
    Story: 7.5/10. It is funny and has awesome plot twists, but it really isn't deep at all.
    Graphics: 9/10. Great graphics and low system requirements.
    Sound: 10/10. Pretty good sound, but AWESOME music.

    Overall: 9.3/10
  56. May 11, 2012
    Portal 2, Game of the Year, and a must purchase.
    I find it so frustrating to see people putting scores in the mixed and negative end of the spectrum for reasons such as not appreciating the humour, or finding the game not aimed at their demographic. While I understand all reviews are going to be somewhat subjective are people really that incapable of understanding that if a game has to be
    based on what everyone likes then we are just going to have games that are half decent at everything instead of amazing at just a few things?

    How about recognising Portal 2's extension upon Portal's brilliance, how it took a game, so close to perfection and blew everyone's minds into oblivion when they developed a game that completely rewrote how perfection should be perceived. That is what the developers have done here. As a game enthusiast - but not a true gamer, I have great respect for a developer who develops behind the doors, responding little to the push and shove of corporate media and hungry investors, or the manipulative maneuvers of the gaming audience whom wish for nothing but a game designed just for them.

    Portal 1 was the true baby of the developers at Valve, and Portal 2 is what happens when the baby grows up into a full game. A laundry list of intuitive and complex puzzles, a handful of interesting and engaging characters and possibly the most rewarding gameplay that I have experienced from a single player in my lengthy 20 year gaming career.

    Completing each puzzle at first seems like a struggle, there is a moment where you think to yourself "How am I supposed to do this?" this is the moment where most games of today hold your hand unashamedly; deterring you from being intellectually challenged or even challenged at all. Not Portal 2, Portal 2 has a great set of tutorial levels at the start that provide story, structure and a learning curve that many developers could aspire to... copy. Not tiring for even the greatest of gamers these initial levels introduce the many facets of Portal gameplay for the new and experienced and get everyone ready for the challenges ahead. I never felt like I was drowning because of not being told about a certain aspect of a puzzle room - as each puzzle was cleverly marked with particular coloured panels that were capable of interacting with certain devices, such as your portal gun; however at the same time I was always challenged to work out how I could use the set of devices to complete a certain objective.

    All of the above is as true of co-op as it is in single player, but co-op just takes the cake (and makes it a lie). The cooperative experience here is as refined as any you would find in any game that ever existed, a great length and a great many puzzles, the same tutorial level structure that you experience in the singleplayer but to get you comfortable with having 4 portals and 2 people involved in the puzzle - as well as challenging 2 minds at the same time.

    If there is anything bad about this game, it's that some people unfortunately cannot see it's greatness.
  57. Nov 14, 2011
    Portal 2 delivers a great single player and probably the finest example of a fun puzzle co-op game to date.
    The source engine while is showing it's age is being pushed to it's very limits to provide some beautiful visuals and while the core gameplay mechanics remain very much true to the first game everything is expanded on and some great new physics features added providing entire newly
    scopes to the puzzles. Expand
  58. Nov 15, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The best puzzle game money can buy. You are in an underground research facility at the mercy of a sadistic AI, whoâ Expand
  59. Nov 14, 2011
    This game is just perfect, the dialogue, history, soundtrack, graphics, everything on the right place, the ending is one of the best endings in game history, every person in the world must play this game.
  60. Nov 15, 2011
    When I first completed the single-player portion of Portal 2 I couldn't believe how short it was. Then I looked at my Steam play time and realised something; it wasn't that the game was short, it was just that I'd been enjoying it so much, and was trying to beat the tests as fast as possible to find out what happened next in the story, that when the end came, I just couldn't accept it. So I did something that has probably only ever happened once or twice before; I immediately played the whole thing through again.
    Nobody crafts a game quite like Valve.
  61. Aug 9, 2012
    Portal 2 is an amazing successor to possibly one of the best games that were ever made in a unexpected genre. Portal 2 excels in all aspects that made the first game a success but brings it to a whole new level of quality and enjoyment. The puzzles, music and amazing gameplay will keep you hooked to your PC monitor, and if that is not enough the amazing character design and voice over work will make you coming back for more! Expand
  62. Feb 3, 2013
    Perfect gameplay, perfect dialogue, perfect art direction, perfect story, perfect music, perfect ending, perfect everything in a perfect game. 11 out of 10.
  63. Dec 28, 2011
    Quite simply, this is one of the best shooters and first person games ever made. There are so many clever ideas as well as the already brilliant portal gun. It's probably the biggest improvement seen in a sequel to its original ever. Everything is better than portal 1, more mechanics, more stellar voice acting (particularly from the hilarious Stephen Merchant as Wheatley) and a much deeper and interesting plot. The puzzles are complex yet always possible, making you feel like a science whizz at the end of each puzzle. The co-op is also a definate plus, one of the best co-op experiences available. Quite simply, this game is a masterpiece. Expand
  64. Dec 11, 2011
    This is one of the better games I have played. I have finished the multiplayer and single player. Most single player games can't hold my attention, and I move on to the multiplayer, but the story line was fantastic and I found myself laughing out loud at some of the story line comments as they were very funny. The maps were not super hard where you got frustrated. I think they walked a fine line to make the maps fun without being super hard to figure out. I would recommend this game to my friends. Expand
  65. Nov 23, 2011
    Now that the year of gaming has come to an end Portal is safe in it's spot as the best game of 2011. Despite a lot of good games released nothing came close. Not just GOTY but GOTD (D=decade).
  66. Jan 24, 2014
    Just great. I cant say nothing more, you must try it. Game world and plot forces you to beat game in one night. You can not resist - your butt will stuck to chair until final second of credits.
  67. Jan 1, 2012
    Good game as expected. Very worth to be played. There were only 2 personal minus points for me. The first one was that while portal 1 managed to suggest the feeling to be somehow lost in its world, leave predesigned tracks, "freely" explore its world within certain limits and solve puzzles in very different ways. In portal 2 i somehow felt to be kept on the very very short lead. Second was that i felt the architecture of the aperture science facilities to be out of touch with the half life universe. They tried to impress with ridiculous huge scales that do not seem to fit in anymore and damage its overal credibility. Expand
  68. Dec 4, 2011
    The best game i have ever played.Perfect story,excellent music and of course innovating gameplay,that was improved with new staff like gels,excursion tunnels and lasers.Valve did a really good job.
  69. Dec 6, 2011
    This is one of the most fun games that I have ever played. The down side of this Portal game, much like the 1st, is the lack of content. You will clear through all of the solo and multi-player content in a short amount of time. However, don't let the small time sink deter you from this game because you would be missing out on one of the best games ever created.
  70. Dec 13, 2011
    This is NOT the best Valve game ever (that's Half-Life 2), but Portal 2 is still a DAMN GOOD GAME, pretty much brilliant I'd say. The levels are just challenging enough to make your brain really work but easy enough so that you don't get frustrated (with the exception of a couple of the later levels). The visuals aren't exactly ground-breaking but they're a HUGE improvement over the first Portal and they still look really good.
    Apart from the actual game play, the sound is where Portal 2 really hits the spot. Ellen McLain does a perfect job of voicing GLaDOS (the villain) and Stephen Merchant and J.K. Simmons are both very good in their roles as Wheatley and Cave Johnson. The music is mostly techno and changes pace and volume according to what you're doing in the game, and this just adds to the already well established atmosphere and feel of the game.
    Portal 2 is NOT a perfect game, but everything it has adds up to make an absolutely, positively brilliant one.
  71. Dec 14, 2011
    There is a reason that Portal 2 got nominated for the 2011 Game of the Year. With a compelling storyline and more varied puzzles, this is a fitting sequel to what is likely the greatest experimental game of all time (which, if you haven't tried already, you should really pick up). Portal 2 comes back full-force with the blend of humor and dark mystery that made the original Portal such a success. The amount of voice work that they put into it is astonishing as well, for such a linear game. I found myself oftentimes in a situation where I had to complete some action, but would refuse to do so, if only to hear the hilarious comments that my counterpart or some other character would make. Portal 2 is best experienced through a slow playthrough. Rush through it and you'll never get the full experience. But when you're finally done with the awesome single player mode, hop on into co-op with a friend (no, not a stranger, a friend). It is an incredible addition to an already incredible game and adds a new dynamic to "thinking with portals". Those "Aha!" moments that you strike will hit you twice as hard when you're cooperatively solving GLaDOS' devious tests. As a final note, I would also like to remind those reading that the DLC, entitled Peer Review, included an entirely new course with about nine new tests that, amazingly enough, was all free of charge. Valve is a company that I will stick with until the very end, if only for their generosity. Expand
  72. Nov 15, 2013
    This game is great, but it does drag on a bit. At least in one-player mode. I must admit that I haven't played multiplayer, so I'm giving this game the benefit of the doubt. If i end up playing multi-player and it is fantastic and amazing, I'll come back and give it a '10'
  73. Dec 22, 2011
    The game builds onto the brilliant idea introduced in the first game, the portal gun, and finds new creative ways of using it. Instead of being as short as the original game, Portal 2 has about the same length as Half Life 2, and it is fun as hell along the whole way. An excellent game!
  74. Dec 21, 2011
    A really really good game, for me the best of 2011 ! I didn't like so much the first Portal, but this one is just... GREAT ! I loved the story, the new stuff, and of course the online mode ! The solo part is maybe too short, but I still giving this fabulous mark (I very rarely give).
  75. Dec 27, 2011
    This is a great game.Love the puzzles.Only thing concerning me that,it sometimes make me mad. :) The story is well based.Funny dialogues.Feels very good after every level.
  76. Jun 20, 2012
    I played the original Portal a few months after Portal 2 came out. I really enjoyed Valve's short experiment but I couldn't figure out how Valve would make a full game from a game I thought they couldn't expand on. However, I soon found that Valve, as usual exceeded my expectations. They didn't just make a full game out of a three hour experiment, but they made a puzzle game which never gets old with great co-op. The mindbending puzzles always provide a challenge, but are never frustrating. The stellar voice acting from Stephen Merchant as Wheatly was funny and it made me feel like I had an ally. I recommend this game to anyone, male or female, young or old Expand
  77. Dec 29, 2011
    This game is fun but once you do all the levels its kinda B O R I N G so im hoping they add like a random map genorator thing for single player and multiplayer so that no1 can tell u how to do things and u never get bored cuz u completed the game overall i did like it i did
  78. Dec 30, 2011
    I loved this game it's even better than the first one. portal is defiantly my favorite game series and i hope valave makes portal 3. this game is amazing and the ending is awesome
  79. Dec 31, 2011
    I got this game from a friend, played it on my PC. as soon as I hit that "start" button, I was addicted. This is certinly one of VALVe's best games. I like the music for credits, in fact I have gotten an mp3 for it. I'm also glad it wasn't bloody, I hate when my sisters look over my shoulder and see all the blood and gore, besides it disgusts me too. And my final statement of this game "It's what marks the new standard of what a TRUE game should be." Expand
  80. Jan 3, 2012
    As a game, it's epic. Truly amazing. But as a sequel to Portal, it's a letdown. Great voice acting, spot-on humor, linear, moderately challenging puzzles, plenty of cute and fun moments, and a climax that made me scream at my computer screen for... epicness? Whatever it was, it was awesome. But the story's fed to you in this one like a regular game, as opposed to Portal's more easter-egg-like hints. The plot is seamless, but formulaic. The twists are easily predicted, but still excite when they happen. And Chell, whose name was never even mentioned in the first game, becomes less of an in-game projection of the player, but a bit of a character herself. Not to mention the sexying her up by the developers (not complaining too much, she still has a bit of a harsh face, which I'm quite glad for. But that still doesn't discourage all the fan wanks, but now I'm on a tangent). My review, however, is only on the single player. I'll leave others for the co-op mode. Expand
  81. Jan 4, 2012
    This game is amazing. I originally bought the PS3 version, but in the end I just played the free PC version that came with it. It has great graphics, incredible gameplay, a hilarious, creative and well thought out story with some of the best dialogue I've ever seen, and some of the most challenging puzzles I've ever played. Portal 2 is a complete package. It never felt like it went on for too long, and I didn't want the game to go any longer at the end. It finished just at the right time. The puzzles progressively got more challenging as the game went on and eventually the game got quite hard. Portal 2 had the most likeable cast of characters I've ever seen in a video game with Wheatley stealing the show as a little robot who you meet at the start of the game. The Co-op is a lot of fun too and it works so well because you actually have to work together to succeed. Call of Duty survival this is not. Portal 2 is just incredible and an absolute must buy. Expand
  82. Jan 8, 2012
    Ok. This game rocks, i expected more because of its predecessor PORTAL , and i'd wish if were more complex in some puzzles.
    The coop part is just great =) The price was a bit high at the launch, but now u can get this for less than 20 dollars.
    (advice: go pick it up! now...!!!)
  83. Jan 10, 2012
    This game was incredible. Definitely the best 8 hours I've ever spent gaming. The story really holds you so tightly, there are moments where you laugh, where you are scared, sitting at the edge of your seat and when you stop breathing because you're so taken into the game. Everything is great from level design, to voice acting (which is simply stellar) to sound effects and visuals. You can't go wrong here, fantastic. 10/10 Expand
  84. Jul 6, 2012
    Again, Portal 2 brought me experience that was so uniquely fun. I enjoyed this game from the beginning to the end and I am looking forward to Portal 3. Praise, to their creativity.
  85. Jan 15, 2012
    Absolutely amazing, can't wait to try the recent additions to co-op. It would be nice if some advanced maps show up eventually like on portal 1. That would add a lot to this game.
  86. Feb 12, 2012
    While i am playing i'm delighted with the humor . I completed portal 1 and can say this sequel is better in every aspect. It's good to see that there are still adult , fun games that make use of brains out there and not just shooting stuff.
  87. Jan 18, 2012
    This is an awesome game, but it has it's own faults. It's got some nice brain-straining puzzles, but the lack of direction can mean an extreme amount of trial and error. Compared to the last game, Portal 2 seems a bit too long. The co-op is nice, but I would have liked to see a bit more customization options there. Still, a must buy if you don't already own it.
  88. Jan 24, 2012
    A masterpiece and eclipses the first by some margin. Do video games get any better than this? Perfectly polished in every respect. There is a surfeit of dross around in the games market these days. Cynical iterations of the same old formula pumped out with nothing more in mind than fleecing the drones who need another fix of the same old rubbish. It's not difficult to sense the sheer amount of effort, innovation and creativity that the Portal 2 team poured into this gem. Simply brilliant. Expand
  89. May 23, 2012
    Having never played the first Portal game, I played the first few levels of Portal 2 only for me to go back to the first Portal game and then finish Portal 2. I loved every step of the game and look forward to a possible Portal 3!
  90. May 12, 2012
    Portal 2 may be the most intresting game I've played, very, as anyone else said, innovating, but before getting it make sure you understand its a PUZZLE game. It has the same game mechanic as Half Life 2 and is even located in the same universe but sometimes I get the feeling the steam trying to sell it as a FPS which it is not- But if you put that aside, its a brilliant game with very nice puzzles, Just don't think you can play it twice or more, because the puzzles remain the same and even through the game offers "challenges" this is just a very cheap trick to make the game seem bigger then it is, because there is no point in the world to race in beating puzzles you have completed already. The Co-Op is brilliant, just make sure you make it with someone you know who haven't done it already, and like the single player don't bother re-playing puzzles unless your joy in the world is pretending the be smarter then you are by playing puzzles you know how to solve.

    The best figure of the game in my opinion is the in-games joke. The characters of Cave Johnson, GLADOS, and whitley are brilliantly funny. The only reason to play the game again is to listen to jokes you've missed. Just watch the game teasers if you want to know what I am talking about.

    I would have given this game 6 for being relatively short and unreplayable (Relatively to his price) but steam has finally added to the game what it should have had from the release- the Portal 2 workshop which pretty much solves the "I have dont with this game anything I could" Problem. The game is now being reinforced freely by everyone who wants to and the result is much more puzzles in any difficulty level you desire (Meaning Hard puzzles. No one admit wanting a easy one). Since every week new puzzles are added the game will now stay relevant as long as people imagination will, which makes me pretty optimistic. Shame the haven't done it from the start. But at least they added few jokes, which are like a very nice prize for completing a new puzzle.
  91. Mar 23, 2012
    the game is amazing. the ending blew me away. the graphics are awesome! i dont know why people are bashing the graphics, when it looks amazing. the gameplay is something to behold, and something..... original. something that some games these days are lacking.
  92. Feb 27, 2012
    Very good game.
    But it lacks some spirit from 1st Portal (just one small piece).
    Sarcastic, good looking and sounding.
    I love you, GLADOS! (thats why i kill you)
  93. Dec 11, 2012
    More puzzles, a new hilarious sidekick and more background story surrounding the enigmatic Aperture Science? It seems impossible but Portal 2 is harder, better, faster and stronger (to borrow a line from Daft Punk) than the original.
  94. Mar 10, 2012
    From a free game meant to test players reaction to a full sequel that ended up as one of the best, original and inovative games ever made: this is Portal (2)! I wouldn't go as far as naming it the best game made by Valve, but i would put these two together next to the first Half-Life anytime. Story and voice acting at their best, no cheesy moment, and emotionally engaging (especially at the end), this game was destined to become a cult game from the start. Expand
  95. Mar 13, 2012
    The thing that really separates Valve from other studios is that they have no time or resource constraints. Much like when artists are creating masterpieces, Valve has the absolute freedom to take as much time as it wants, and do whatever it wants with the game it's developing. Although other studios like Bethesda and Blizzard are pretty close to Valve in their approach to development, Valve games just have that extra something that pushes them past those two studios. It's a mix of absolutely flawless execution, immaculate scriptwriting, and sophistication of concepts. The close integration of these three factors in Valve games reminds me a lot of Apple and its products. Except in terms of what values they stand for, Valve is the polar opposite of the greedy Apple Inc. It just can't get any better. Now, going into a little more detail, the story of Portal 2 was actually a slight disappointment for me, as it just didn't have that subtle genius we saw in half life 2 or portal 1. It seemed A) little dumbed down for the console crowd (unlikely) OR B) somewhat hastily put together because of Valve's shuffling story ideas around before they got set on a definite path (They scrapped the original Portal 2 a year into its development I believe, and started over to make the current version). But besides that, the gameplay, map design, voicework, and set pieces -everything else, basically- is pure genius. It's just so damned creative that it boggles your mind. I give this game a 9.5 but unfortunately metacritic does not allow decimal scores, so I give it a 10, because it's definitely not a 9 point game as some would have you believe. There's really nothing else for me to say other than that you really need to play this game. It's one of the experiences that will define gaming history forever. Expand
  96. Mar 13, 2012
    Great game. Perhaps one of the best in 2011. Great voice, decent graphics and good storyline. So cool. By the way, be sure to check titles. I would also like to note co-op mode. It became decisive in the choice of purchase.
  97. Mar 21, 2012
    whats good about this game its original its challenging and very dynamic also has great humor one of the best valve games yet oh and only 9.99 at steam :D
  98. Mar 29, 2014
    When I first saw gameplay videos I thought it's a silly game. But when I played it I realised how silly I am. That's smart entertainment. When you finish a hard level without help tell me how do you feel. Especially after the congratulations.
  99. Aug 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Valve have done it again. It seems games that are their #1's improve when they reach #2, if only we got number 3's (Half-Life). Portal 2 takes place a good few years after Portal. Chell awakes in the dilapidated ruins of Aperture Science and is companied by a personality core named Wheatley (expertly voiced by Stephen Merchant). However things take a turn for the worst when you accidentally awake GLaDOS. After a confrontation you replace GLaDOS with Wheatley and then things get worse. You, now trapped in the ruins of Aperture Science of the 50's up till those seen in the previous game must escape with the help of GLaDOS and uncover the dark secrets to both her and Apertures past in order to defeat the power crazy Wheatley. The game looks much better than the original and now boasts a 12 hour campaign instead of a 90 minute one. It plays largely the same but includes some new components and lots of fresh ideas that keep the fun going. Expand
  100. May 22, 2012
    Simply the best game i played this year. Cool gameplay, mind blown, great storyline... everything is awesome except the truth that the story mode ends really fast, but since it have co-op mode, well who cares about how short the story is?! the main fun in this game is solving puzzles, with incredible portal gun, and you can enjoy it together with your dearest friend, and even you can make the hardest puzzles yourself and let people try it. So what do you think? do i have to put lesser score just because it have short story line?? HELL NO! Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 52 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 51 out of 52
  2. Negative: 0 out of 52
  1. Oct 20, 2011
    Almost as good as the first one. Main reasons are lack of cake, unfunny Wheatley and slightly boring one-solution middle-levels. Otherwise Portal 2 is as clever as it is well written. And now Half-Life 2: Ep 3, please. [May 2011]
  2. Oct 6, 2011
    The graphics may not be of the same caliber of other AAA titles, and the story may falter from time to time, but those are paltry excuses not to experience one of the best current generation games around.
  3. Jun 13, 2011
    A hilarious slice of gaming glory. [July 2011, p.92]