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  1. Apr 23, 2011
    imho, Portal 1 had a much better skill gameplay, and was a complete better value than Portal 2 has been. If a game is going to have HL2 era graphics, then it should be cheap. This isn't the case, and let's not even get into the cash shop bs.
  2. Apr 20, 2011
    Somehow Portal 2 has surpassed Portal 1 and in doing so has earned its place as one of the best games of all time. The puzzles are all great and the co-op mode is a fantastic addition to the game which brings the puzzles to an all new level. Of course it's the writing that stands out the most, almost every line spoken is hilarious and the voice-acting is incredible. If you don't like this game you're probably a bad person or just stupid. Expand
  3. Apr 20, 2011
    Brilliant characters that shine till the very end, a story that makes you change your perspective multiple times, and fun gameplay make Portal 2 a must buy for everyone. One of the few games that feel like a work of art and love.
  4. Apr 20, 2011
    Portal 2 has the absolute BEST single player storyline of 2011, or anything since 2008. Maybe a few frustrating things like me not catching a few places to jump or place my portal on, the game was fun, it was funny, it was challenging, and it makes dry dead humor a pleasure to hear. The awesome thing about the game is that it makes impatient and non-observant people like me suffer, but even with those traits of missing an important white space to place your portal in, the gamer no matter what personality will continue to strive, and it's not to finish the game... Or get the cake... No, but to have all ears on the next joke, no matter how dry or funny, and then laugh, or have their feelings injured, which is good. One thing I love about this game is the stupidity one of the characters display; it's funny because his funniness distracts the player from the major flaw that the user can use to escape his/her dilemma. Great game. Expand
  5. Apr 20, 2011
    Portal 2 is simply awesome. the graphics are great, the voice-acting is good, the story is good although i saw the plot-twists coming from miles away. the length of the game was initially a tiny bit disappointing, but if i think about it: Portal 2 relies purely on the portal-gun and i suppose that after ~8 hours that can get repetitive for most average players. the only real weak spot in portal 2 is the Co-Op mode. apparently valve believes that everybody has a friend who has portal 2 as well which isn't the case for most players. this leads to an unequal gameplay for most when being partnered with random people (if one has done the test already and knows the solution then the other player can't discover the solution on his/her own and gets it explained to.which takes the fun out of it). i had the luck to be teamed up with one who has just started to play too, but there are other who won't be that lucky.
    that aside. Portal 2 is a great game and was definitely worth my time and money and i look forward to play trough it again in a month when i forgot most of the rooms. i don't understand why people are so furious at the game. its been quite a while since valve brought out any (large) single-player games and i do think they have done quite a good job. the only thing i do hate about portal 2 is the attempt to make money on in-game apparel for a Co-op mode that can be finished in a few hours during which only your partner sees you. i find that plain ridiculous
  6. Apr 20, 2011
    Portal 2 is frankly amazing. I suspect there won't be a better game this year. It is in every way grander, and is very pretty despite being DX9 still. If you liked Portal, you really shouldn't be disappointed.

    Never have I see so much furore about some totally crap DLC. People buy this stuff? People buy the TF2 stuff? Valve haven't realised that micro transactions are supposed to be small
    apparently, they'd sell a lot more pointless DLC if the pack didn't cost as much as Portal 2 does. Expand
  7. Sep 17, 2011
    Valve crafted Portal 2 well enough. Single play has a chaotic funny accidental story line. Although the puzzle twists are less challenging than Portal 1, the play is well balanced. But I am afraid that the multi play is unbalanced if a teammate doesn
  8. Apr 20, 2011
    The game is great and fun. And unlike other games where solo and co-op are the same. They are completely different. the 1 reviews really failed this time around on meta critic, and I'm pretty disappointed in them. You can tell the game was made for the PC. It still uses the source engine. It has dlc that doesn't matter, character skins. People care about that enough to down vote it? Nobody complained with Resistance 2, or Kill zone. Downvoting the game because when it came out? Since when do we do that? So does that mean Duke Nukem Forver is going to be an automatic 0? Sure the potato sack thing was neat the problem is a most of those games people already bought and were great games themselves. But that shouldn't be a part of the review of yours or mine. I have spent so far 6 hours playing it. I'm almost done with co-op. It was and is pretty fun. Solo isn't too bad. Some of the puzzles I don't always get right away, which gives me a sense of accomplishment when I do figure it out. Same thing happens in co-op, generally one of us can solve it right away, but there were a couple where we were stumped for a good 10-15 minutes. The communication controls are pretty good if you don't want to use voice. A ping communicates a lot of information that voice doesn't always do justice. Expand
  9. Nov 28, 2011
    most the people who are voting this game down are saying the following in fancier terms "ITS A PUZZLE GAME, YOU DONT SHOOT ANYTHING, ITS STUPID, HURR DURR" Guess what folks, they have COD AIDS! IF YOU DONT LIKE A PUZZLE GAME, DONT, BUY, A, PUZZLE GAME, but guess what, this game is more of an adventure game than it is a puzzle game, the expierience that you will have when you play through this will be one that you will never forget because its that awesome. I had a friend say "Portal is stupid because it makes you feel smart" well guess what, all games are supposed to make you feel somthing, so that argument is irrelevent. Expand
  10. Apr 21, 2011
    If I could describe Portal 2 with one word it would be: Masterpiece. This game is simply brilliant, and entertaining. How anyone could be disappointed in this sequel is beyond me. If you liked the original portal, you are out of your mind if you end up not liking this game-- in fact, you should immediately shut off your computer and go check yourself into the nearest mental institute. I do wonder if some people think they completed the game when they did not. 5 hours is quite fast for this game. I'm pretty sure I played single player for more than 5 hours and I'm pretty darn good at solving the puzzles, only getting hung up 2 or 3 times for a while trying to figure something out. I can see some people maybe getting frustrated, but if you put the game down and come back later, you'll eventually figure it out. As far as graphics go there is nothing here that is video card punishing, but the game looks beautiful, full of wide open areas of the complex and bottomless chasms to fall into. There are more technologies to play with in this game than the original, so there is plenty of variety. Some puzzles I can tell could be solved a couple different ways, but most are solved only the one way. What really sets this game apart from the others is the storyline and the characters. The humor can be laugh-out-loud funny at times, and should make anyone with a sense of humor laugh. I won't say how the game ends, but you may or may not be disappointed. I wasn't, and I laughed at the ending cut scene as it was a great joke. The game is certainly worth the money, and the addition of the MP mode where you can solve a different set of puzzles with a friend is a great addition to the game. Me and friend of mine solved nearly all of them in one night, but couldn't finish because it got too late. I look forward to seeing what DLC will become available for this game. Expand
  11. Jul 15, 2011
    This game definitely has a more "pixar" type feel to it than the first game. Still a great game, There are a lot of fun new elements. Co-op is very fun. I loved the storyline, but it is all based on personal preference. Do not listen to the people who say this game is only worth 4-6 hours of gameplay, Personally, i am right around 30 hours so far and i havn't even finished everything. I did dock the game 2 score points because i believe it is a little too easy, like other people have said, "find the white spots, shoot portals". Expand
  12. Apr 21, 2011
    On so many occasions a a sequel to a hugely popular game disappoints. Portal 2 does not disappoint. Throughout the game I was surprised by many new directions and story developments. Having read numerous negative reviews damning the 'same old levels' as the original game it becomes obvious that the reviewers have not played too far into the game before casting judgement. It should be made clear that the first few levels of Portal 2 ARE intended to be very similar to the first. Bear in mind there will be a raft of new gamers, especially on console, who have never used the portal gun before and so need to become accustomed to it. The levels did start to become very slightly 'samey' but it was precisely when I started feeling that the story lurched into another direction.

    Regarding the co-op mode, this is best played after single player It's not critical, but it doesn't give an extra dimension to the mode which works well.

    Design - The level design in this game is astonishing. I'm not going to provide any information on why but there is HUGE variation, and detail in all areas of the game and some are absolutely breathtaking

    Sound - there are thousands of lines of dialog within the game, meshed with environment effects which range from fantastic mechanical clanks and clunks to downright creepy ambiance. Graphics - It's the Source Engine. If you've played any recent Source games you'll know what it's capable of , it looks stunning and handles all the environments thrown at it with ease.

    Gameplay - Do not listen to people who say this game takes 3-4 hours to complete. If you let yourself enjoy the dialog and play the game as an average gamer it'll last a good 6-7 at least., and that's without attempting to find the numerous secrets areas. For replay value there's always the challenge of achievements and even with the original Portal's short length I found myself replaying it again just because it's FUN! All in all, I was absolutely impressed with Portal 2. While playing online co-op last night until the early hours my playing partner indicated that they had not played a game where they had the 'just one more level' for a long time. That in itself is a worthy testimonial!
  13. Apr 21, 2011
    Bloody fantastic game so far. PLayed about 4 hours and it's just getting better and better. The story telling is great, the atmosphere totally weird and bizarre, the sound interesting and engaging, the level design is outstanding. A great balance of puzzling and being sucked into a great and very different story. I mean, it's about sarcastic robots for christ sake! :) Love it so far.
  14. Apr 21, 2011
    Portal 2 is somewhat of a perfect game, with it's enticing sound and great characters, it also includes on of the most innovative puzzles of all time. This isn't your average mind-bending puzzle, Portal 2 is reasonable, it's easy once you know whats going on, but it stills proves a challenge. Portal 2 is an amazing game, with CO-OP which will always go on, this deserves to be game of the year. Perfect, no, but it is the best game we have seen so far in 2011. Portal 2 features chell and glados, the dynamic duo. with excellent voice work, and a great story, its length and that it is awesome, it might not be perfect but it deserves my ten Expand
  15. Apr 20, 2011
    Loved it! The dialogue is the most humourous I've heard in a long time. I laughed my head of at Stephen Merchant's character. I wasn't as big of a fan of Portal 1 but now I finally understand the hype behind it, Portal 2 is fantastic :)
  16. Apr 25, 2011
    Portal 2 is an example of game done right. It's great, fun, funny in a dark kind of way, it excels in writing, characters and above all awesome game and level design. A must have for everyone who likes fun. I just wish it was longer, because I can't get enough of it.
  17. Apr 19, 2011
    Can't exactly pinpoint why I wasn't happy with this game when I did enjoy Portal. But I guess sequels rarely ever do well.

    Although it is fair to say that I was expecting more out of single player. Total game play adds up to about 4 hours, 3 if you're quick and maybe 6 if you're not the type to pick up on things fast. The Portal series to me should be very single player focused.
    Unfortunately Valve has gone with the popular notion that a game can be carried by it's multiplayer component. NOW this can be true for FPSes like BC2, but a game like Portal where puzzle platforming is core gameplay does not hold to this principle. Now that being said. The game itself was a good, great voice acting too. Although the quality is somewhat lacking compared to the original, it seems more like an homage to the first Portal rather than a sequel. As for the score, I would've given it a 8 or a 9 if not for the blatant marketing ploys. A 4 hour game costing a good $50 is already pushing it but did they really have to push back a release date just to pressure sales on other games? And cash shop too, on the first day of release. That is funny and a bit tragic at the same time. Because up until 2 years ago Valve was still the shining beacon in the mire that is the game industry. Now it's just the same as the others, how naive of me to think it could be different! Expand
  18. Apr 20, 2011
    Good game, but expected not to have the awesomeness that the first has, since its hard for sequels to do so. Really love it.

    Also to those who think its bad because of day 1 dlc, they are retarded.
  19. Apr 24, 2011
    One game you should not miss. Genuinely funny and intelligent Portal 2 is the kind of game that makes me remember why i started gaming in the first place. Unlike its predecessor the game shines through story and character design. Not to say that Portal was bad in those categories. It's just that Portal 2 has so many "WOW" moments, so many vistas that show the immensity of Aperture Science, it just makes you feel small and insignificant. Like a rat rat in maze. I have never felt this way by playing a game before. Buy it. It is the a game for the ages. Expand
  20. Apr 20, 2011
    Man, I can't help but feel a little cheated from all that day 1 DLC... The game was pretty fun, and the single player campaign took me 4 hours and 21 minutes to beat. I haven't done co-op yet, so that might add a few more hours, but I still feel like the 40$ price tag isn't entirely justified for what I'm just assuming will fall into the 8-12 hour long range.
    But, there's a reason I
    haven't done co-op yet. Portal 2 has no easy to use LAN, and my ISP illegally blocks all peer to peer connections. Due to that, I literally cannot play co-op. If only it had LAN...
    Another problem was that whole potato thing, where we had to buy and play a bunch of games just to release the game like 12 hours early. The console version of the game was available for illegal download like, a week and a half before the PC version was released "early".
    All and all, I feel like Portal 2 is worth playing, but perhaps you should wait until it goes on sale for at least 50% off.
  21. Apr 20, 2011
    To all you hater Nerds, its a great game, go troll **** This game never pretended to be anything other than a 'short niche puzzle game' thats what Portal is! As for console port? go **** about that if the gameplay is impeded not because theres some left over strings.
  22. Apr 20, 2011
    Cynical humour, challenging mazes, good graphics, new content, co-op ability. Runs good on an older high end machine (unlike the C.O.D. crap...). This beats the original in every way. Definitely a 9 out of 10.
  23. Apr 23, 2011
    Fantastic. what a great game and excellent addition to the first Portal game. Would liked to have seen some more content, a bit longer solo play, and maybe co-op with an AI bot as a partner.
  24. Apr 20, 2011
    to find faults with this game would be absolutely pointless. It is the best example of clever level design and creative ideas coming together in a videogame you can find. The physics based puzzles all have logical and satisfying solutions, and require a degree of good reflexes and precision. But the real star of this game is the incredible writing and voice acting, which will consistently make you laugh and at times make you think. Yes, the game is hysterical, but if you examine the mythos of aperture science and the way it is run enough, you can pull some very deep morals out of it. Themes of artificial intelligence, sanity, and forgiveness are all present in the cleverly twisted story. This is not a game, it is a full on sensual experience that you can only enjoy by totally immersing yourself into the world Valve has created and be willing to think in ways you are not used to in a videogame. Whether you are playing the single player or co-operative online campaigns, the experience of Portal 2 is nothing short of masterful. There are games that come out every few years that defy normal genre conventions, impact the gamer like no game before it, and create lasting memories and experiences that are not normally found in a video game. Games among the ranks of Bioshock, , Half Life, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. These are not merely games that are incredible for their polish and perfection of conventional game design, but their originality and the way they create experiences that can only be felt in a video game. Portal 2 is one of those games. It is a gorgeously crafted, brilliantly designed and incredibly written. Whatever faults the game may have, you will be too caught up in its mysterious world and intricate puzzles to notice. You may not spend hundreds of hours into the game like a popular shooter, but the memories you'll get from the game will last for years. Expand
  25. Apr 25, 2011
    So many of these reviews are simply a referendum on Valve rather than a genuine evaluation of the game. While I will admit I have my own reservations with some of the things Valve have done over the last several years, this game should be judged on its individual merits and in that regard Portal 2 is an excellent game, but it is not perfect.

    Valve has taken a game that was a highly
    impressive part of The Orange Box and turned it into a highly impressive full sized version. Having said that though, the game is short. It took me about 10 hours to complete it and a better gamer than I could easily get it done in 8. (Those reviews that say 4-6 are Valve haters and clearly didn't play through the game)

    The first half of the game is exceptionally compelling thanks to the excellent story and the way it is told. The gameplay compliments the story as the player reacquaints themselves with the Portal gun and the world of Portal. The introduction of the personality Wheatley is a positive and humorous addition to the game. The second half of the game starts to drag however as you learn the history of aperture science and the puzzles that accompany it tend to reflect this by being somewhat tedious.

    Gone are the sterile levels from the first game, replaced by similar areas that are overgrown or more gritty areas later in the game. The exchange for this gritty realism seems to be a decrease in the difficulty and cleverness of each level. The puzzles lack some of the complexity and multi-dimensionality of the original game. Thankfully Valve has gotten rid of the balls of light that we had to tediously redirect in the first game and replaced them with lasers (no more waiting for the balls of light to bounce off of things!), however new in the game are three types of gel that you can bounce off of, move faster through or use to put portals in areas that you previously couldn't. I found the gels extremely tedious and irritating! The introduction of light bridges and light tunnels were good additions (Though the tunnels could use some physics tweaks) and should have been used far more extensively than the gels.

    The ending of the game while not terrible by any means is a little disappointing and the climax to the final battle actually had me saying "You are kidding me!" for its preposterousness. The visuals are stunning though and the wrap up of the plot satisfying.

    Overall Portal 2 is a great game and if I could give it an 8.5 I would. It suffers from having to compete with its exceptional, groundbreaking, and much cheaper predecessor. I dinged it a point for its $59.99 price and another point for a combination of simplicity of levels, tediousness and the silly nature of the final battle. I have not played the coop version yet however and if I find this to be an excellent addition I will revise my review to a 9. Valve has produced an excellent game that will be up for many Game of the Year awards from various publications.
  26. May 14, 2011
    How long Valve will create games using 7 years old source engine ? High price for an old looking game and shameless console port, is nothing more than a joke.
  27. Apr 19, 2011
    My 5 year old has been begging me for this game since Valve released all of the trailers. I honestly wasn't interested with this game and I haven't even played Portal 1. After purchasing the game and watching my son, I was instantly hooked with the graphics, humor, and easy controls. Suffice it to say, Portal 2 is mine--not my son's;)
  28. May 11, 2011
    Portal 2 suffers greatly from the console ports. Places where you would normally be able to explore are closed off by invisible walls, something that is rarely seen in the PC gaming market. More and more developers are succumbing to the console gaming market with limited releases. The level design, atmosphere, and gameplay are excellent. The loading screens look like 640x480 renderings from 1990's PC games, a resolution that seems to be the limit for older consoles like the PS3 and the XBox360. We, as PC gamers, understand that 5 year olds can operate a joystick attached to a console, but that PC games suffer from this conversion. It seems independent gaming is the last bastion of true PC games that usually goes untouched by console degeneration. Expand
  29. Apr 20, 2011
    Look at all the 0/1 scores. They all seem to say the exact same thing. The reason? These people have not played the game. If they did then they wouldn't be complaining. For my money, Portal 2 is the best game I've played in a long time. Not only is it fun to play and a challenge to complete, it actually makes you LAUGH. It will ENTERTAIN you. Plus, having to use your brain makes a great change to all this 'shoot anything that moves' games of recent times. Please do not pay attention to the copy+paste negative reviews, this game is incredible and worth every penny. Expand
  30. Apr 19, 2011
    I just had to make an account here when I saw the kotaku link posting about how player reviews were panning portal2 on metacritic. All I can assume is that people giving bad (red) reviews were not really portal1 fans at all. Some of the comments are just lies. 4 hour game? In what universe? As a veteran portal1 player (who has mastered 100% of challenges in p1), I completed the game on first run through in about 6.5 hours and thought it was amazing. Don't forget the COOP is a totally new game with new levels and also lasts at least 5 hours depending on the skill level of your partner.

    Really the only reason I've given it 9/10 instead of 10/10 is that I would have liked to see a 'Challenges' option for the hardcore among us to sink our teeth into after mastering the single and coop games. But getting a few of the harder achievements will suffice for now, hopefully a DLC will contain 'challenge' maps later on.

    It was worth the wait, worth the money and definitely worth the hype.
  31. Apr 19, 2011
    This game is not Portal 1, as it shouldn't be. It takes the Portal concept to a whole new level, showing the history, and the future of the concept. I enjoyed every minute I played of this game, beat the entire thing, and the co-op as well. I haven't had so much fun with co-op ever. I laughed and laughed at the trouble we got ourselves into. It's innovative, creative, and the most important thing, down right fun, both single player and co-op. I see people complaining about the DLC. This is the way DLC should be. Players should not be forced to pay extra money for story content that should be in the game already. DLC is supposed to be specifically bonus, unnecessary content. If it was necessary it should be in the game. As for the Alternate Reality Potato Sack content, it was new, and enjoyable. This "treasure hunt" was a great way to get players really involved in their games. It was very very immersive, and I have never felt so well connected with other players as I did with this. It caused us to work as a team. All in all, it was the most creative and intuitive gaming experience I have ever had. 10 out of 10 for down right fun. Expand
  32. Apr 19, 2011
    I want you to understand something. My 10/10 isn't a fanboy score.

    For a game as hyped as this, my expectations were met and / or exceeded. No, really. I was alternating between puzzled frown and grinning from ear to f*cking ear. And the ending was fabulous. As for the conclusion? No spoilers - well, I don't think anyone expected the ending to match the sheer glee of first hearing "Still
    alive" - we're all seeing it coming now and Valve have wisely decided not to try and out-do it. If you attempt to out-do something perfect, you become straight-up cheesy or completely failing.
    I was still cackling and giggling all through the conclusion, including a few genuine "No way!?" moments.

    The story is brilliant, fills out the narrative well, the acting is superb, the writing is pure quality, the pacing is absolutely perfect. And the rules of the universe are bent around and tied up in a neat little bow towards the end. Part way through you may feel betrayed by the game but it's all a ploy :) My only real gripe ( And I didn't reduce my score for it because it was still fun) is that I didn't feel the same sense of dread of the unknown during the final sequence that I did at when I faced GlaDOS for the first time in Portal 1. Such is the folly of the sequel, although I felt like my hand was held slightly too much. Or maybe I'm just clever :)

    Most of the complaints I see are the DLC and the length. I think this is just smart people who are more interested in the puzzles than the narrative and atmosphere. These people complaining about the length are the same sorts of people who go on to post speed runs to prove how clever they are. I'll bet they missed half the interesting stuff - these people should have played the ARG if they want seriously tricky stuff. Not because it was tricky, but because then they'd have played some of the games in the potato sack, and they have some fiendish logic in them. But they're also not mainstream games - Valve have done an amazing job of making the game accessible to all while still making players feel clever for solving some of the puzzles. It's tricky to get this balance right. Anyone who finished it in 4 hours, I'm guaranteeing you, did not see all the campaign had to offer. Or sit there listening to some of the fabulous dialogue. I could have done it in 4 hours if I didn't give a sh*t about the surroundings. And there is some wonderful hidden dialogue too if you're enjoying yourself enough to go looking for it.

    The DLC is optional. Yeah, Valve are missing the point of why cosmetic enhancements are good in the first place i.e. adding interest to something that's been out for a while, but most of the "clever people" who are **** about Valve making a grab for cash - it's cosmetic, doesn't change the game in any way. And you can earn some of them for achievements. These people are saying "We're too clever to buy optional DLC for that much", but I feel what they're really saying is "I wish I was able to make that much money out of the people stupid enough to pay for it". You feel insulted that these gamers are spending money doing something that you see as stupid. That's fine. You're clever, go make a game even a quarter as good as this and I'll start listening to you.

    Port clues? Maybe. But does it control badly with kb and mouse? Hell no, the response is tight and enjoyable. They took the time to polish the controls and interface on the PC, and the graphics at high-res are fabulous. Advanced graphics options are there too - Console Ports don't have to be bad if they get the attention they deserve. Anyway. 10/10. Seriously. I'll be playing it again and again like I did with the first. And you know what? If they bring out some story DLC, I'll pay for it.
  33. Apr 19, 2011
    Portal 2 is easily the equal of Portal 1, and a fantastic followup that adds much to the already established perfection. Not only is the humor easily as good as last time, the puzzle solving goes from okay, to Portal 1's equal, to amazing and beyond anything Portal ever did over the course of the 7 to 10 hour campaign. Addressing some concerns that other reviews have said (don't listen to them, they are mad about an ARG and DLC that have nothing to do with the actual game), no, the game is not 3 hours long. No, there is no game-enhancing DLC to get upset about, the DLC, which is PC only in the first place, is purely aesthetic and no one who isn't interested has any reason to buy it. Finally, the ARG that took place before this game was release not only resulted in a midnight release on Steam (as opposed to the planned 7am release), it also got everyone who got all of the "potatoes" in the ARG Valve's *entire library of games for free*. There is no reason to dislike this game, and many of the reviews are simply venting frustrations not at all related to the game's quality. It's better in every way than one than the original Portal, save one, originality. And let's face it, that magic has passed, we can't get that moment in time back, so we should enjoy an amazing game for what it is, the best possible sequel to Portal, and the best game of the year so far. Expand
  34. Apr 19, 2011
    Portal 2 completely lives up to what we have come to expect from a Valve game; great story, immersive gameplay and extremely creative mechanics. Rather than being dumped in at the deep end, players are slowly immersed and taught the gameplay mechanics as they go along.

    There were a couple of places in the game where I was stuck with no idea what to do for a few minutes. The game starts
    out in a fairly linear fashion with well designed test chambers, but as the game progresses and the player starts to explore the deep underground sections things become a lot more open ended and less obvious.

    The story is brilliant and introduces several new characters into the canon. As the game progresses, the player learns about the history of Aperature Science through a variety of ingame objects and dialogue. Visiting areas which were created during different periods of Aperature Science's development, the player is introduced to various gadgets.
  35. Apr 19, 2011
    I made an account on Metacritic just so I could give this game a 10. A more than worthy successor to one of the most phenomenal games ever made. I can't recommend it enough to anyone on the fence about it, and that's just off my experience of the single player. By all accounts the Co-op is even more amazing, so I've still got a lot to look forward to.
  36. Apr 19, 2011
    The game took me about 8 hours to beat, (I'd heard it would take 8-10) and I have to say I cant imagine it being any longer. It would have become too repetitive. I like my puzzle games to be medium to short in time so this was great, as well as the short Portal. I thing this game deserves a 9.5 but since that isn't an option I'm going with 10. I haven't even played the co-op yet but I'm really looking forward to it once some of my other friends finish the game. I even spotted on of the co-op players dancing around on a far away ledge at one point in the game. Anyway, the game was great and the graphics were good. The soundtrack fit perfectly and it was great how it would change whenever you started doing something like using the propulsion gel or pointing a laser into its hole. People that let advertisers get their hopes up are fools. Just enjoy the game for what it is, a good sequel to a good puzzle game. Expand
  37. Apr 19, 2011
    One of the best games I have played in a very long time, despite the many negative reviews that this game doesn't deserve.

    Although the negative reviews say otherwise, this game is certainly over 4 hours long. Portal 2 has provided me with about 10 hours (give or take, it really depends on your ability to solve puzzles) of spectacular gameplay, and I plan to replay the game for the
    developer commentary which was included in the game. Portal 2 also comes with developer tools, meaning that new puzzles will be created by users for all to enjoy, providing more replay value. The game has excellent graphics, which are complimented by the interactive environment provided by the Aperture Science Laboratories. The plot was deep and captivating, expanding on the mysteries left by the first game, and contains plot developments that will keep the player hooked until the very end. The game is quite humorous, and has had me laughing at several points in the game. Aside from the excellent mind-boggling puzzles that any puzzle game should provide, Portal 2 also presents dramatic and fast-paced action sequences and plot developments, which keep players on their toes while still refraining from overwhelming the player. Expand
  38. Apr 19, 2011
    game is brilliant no matter what the trolls say. People complaining its short seem to forget they stated months ago that it would be around 7 hours. This game has met all of my expectations and more.
  39. Apr 19, 2011
    Well, since I wasn't one of the people that bought the potato sack (which has some very decent indie games in it, also you supported the indie community, thanks for that!) I'm not automatically going to give this a 0. The game isn't short compared to today's standards, I've played a good 10 hours so far, which is the same as any other big release game on the market now, so stop whining. I'd rather pay $40 for a well polished, fun Valve game that I know is going to be great instead of wasting $80 on a disappointing game that I thought would have been good.

    The only downside of the game I can see so far is that Co Op won't be as repayable as I'd like it. Also, who cares about DLC, don't buy it but don't come onto metacritic and whine about it.

    It's a Valve game, you can expect only quality, buy the game and make your own mind up! Don't come to sites like these that have Youtube style voting systems where anyone can give anything an unjustified 0 or 10 to make up your mind.


    - An awesome addition to the Portal franchise, an outstanding game for what it is... A PUZZLE GAME.
    - A FULL game, 8 - 12 hours.
    - Co-op is fun and ORIGINAL.
    - Hilarious dialogue. A good story.
    - Great music, it suits the scene of the game.
    - The graphics are amazing, especially with the crumbling environments.
    - It links in with Half-Life.
    - It's a quality, polished Valve game.
    -Worth more playthroughs; achievements, secrets or just for fun.

    - Co-op Reply Value is fairly low. - hmm.. There's nothing else I can think of that's wrong with the game at the moment.
  40. Apr 19, 2011
    Great development of story, amazing finale. Awesome soundtrack! Some of the best voice acting I've ever heard in a game. Ridiculously good animations, it's a huge success!
  41. Apr 19, 2011
    Very, VERY good game. I played Portal 1 twice this past weekend in anticipation of Portal 2 and I feel that it absolutely delivered. Takes a bit of time at the beginning to train new players and refresh those who played Portal 1, the game then introduces new mechanics and consistently delivers them in interesting ways throughout the game.

    Single-player took me a total of six and a half
    hours to complete, and I have not finished co-op yet. The controversial "launch DLC" is nothing more than skins and such for the robots you play in co-op - purchase if you desire, but if you do not purchase you are missing out on nothing.

    Great game, would give it a 10/10 but I feel single-player is a bit on the short side. If Valve releases additional single-player content for free (ie. advanced test chambers like Portal 1), this game will then be a 10/10 to me.
  42. Apr 19, 2011
    I had never played the first portal so I didn't quite know what to expect, but the game is a lot of fun and most of all a lot more inventive than the usual fare from the first person shooter genre. Highly recommended.
  43. Apr 19, 2011
    Ignore the haters. They will always look at the glass is 1/10 empty. This game is solid and more than a cosmetic face lift take it from a game developer. The amount of work put into this is phenomenal, pure polish, had me laughing all the way, could not believe the attention to detail, there are some minor issues, but nothing to get in a spin about. I wish I had their resources, but in Australia thatâ Expand
  44. Apr 19, 2011
    This game doesn't get a 10 for its gameplay. The new tricks alone merit about an 8. The game earns a 10 for me because its writing is just as good as the original's, perhaps better. The story's fun, the characters are hilarious, and Portal 2 is the best time I've had gaming in years.
  45. Apr 19, 2011
    Very fun, yet over-hyped. Co-op is a blast. The game met my expectations and was worth the dosh. I don't plan on buying any of the superfluous shop items. The single player mode was a great way to introduce the new features, but so far I've spent most of my time playing co-op with friends. The co-op really is where this game shines.

    Haters gonna hate.
  46. Apr 19, 2011
    It's pretty awesome. My only complaint is that the price is high for how short it is, but.. it surpassed Portal 1 and became my new favorite game. I would have paid more.
  47. Apr 19, 2011
    The greatest game I have ever played. It is worth my money, it is not 4 hours long (unless you are ultra smart)
    this is my all around favorite game. I am just reviewing singleplayer but, playing singleplayer was the most satisfying gaming experience I have ever played.
  48. Apr 20, 2011
    I gave Portal 2 for the PC a perfect score because I really cannot find anything wrong with it, and I sincerely feel that it is just THAT good. Portal 2 maintains the elements of game-play that made the original Portal such a great game; but at the same time it adds a new "feel" to the game that definitely out does its predecessor. The addition of other elements being incorporated into the puzzles (ex. the different goos) definitely gives the game a new flair that expands the style its puzzles. The single player campaign took me about 6-7 hours to complete, and the entire time I never wanted to stop. The game really expands though when you get into the co-op modes. I believe that there are about 86? puzzles that you can do with a partner, and I would highly suggest playing with a friend, or someone you know. Collapse
  49. Apr 20, 2011
    This game far surpasses the first portal and is the most fun I have had from a video game in a long time. While everyone else is churning out repetitive realistic war shooters Valve is innovating and bringing genuine fun back to PC gaming. The DLC complaints are unwarranted. The DLC is in no way a necessary part of the game(just cosmetic addons and gestures for multiplayer) and so far is 100% unlockable. Expand
  50. Apr 20, 2011
    I was actually shocked when I read some of the bad reviews on here. It would appear that they are the kind of people who think Call of Duty is the example of a good game. Fantastic story, singleplayer campaign, the updated source engine looks brilliant, like a good book, I simply could not put this game down. I managed to complete it by literally not stepping out of my office until I had completed it. I managed to complete SP + Co-op with a friend in about 12 hours. 10am - 10pm. My only "complaint" is that the ending didn't really provide the satisfaction I was looking for. Yet the experience throughout was fantastic.

    If you're not into first person action puzzle games, don't buy this. Unless you're in it just for the fantastic story and characters.
  51. Apr 20, 2011
    The best game ever (Valve and not). Gameplay, graphic, soundtrack, story every single thing of this game it's simply wonderful. If you liked Portal, buy this, immediately.
  52. Apr 20, 2011
    Great Story, Great Puzzle!
    The new gel and laser are really fun to play with. The co-op mode is super fun to play with a firend. Wow!
    Worth every penny!
  53. Apr 20, 2011
    Can't say I've finished the game yet so maybe I shouldn't post here, but I don't care. Everything I've experienced within the first few hours simply astounds me - as a gamer this is the type of game I long for, deep, involving and innovating. Portal 2 may only build up on the original, however, it does it in such a way as to be judged an outright masterpiece - the original Portal now merely seems like a 'warm-up gig'.

    Put it this way - you can tell the devs at Valve had fun making this game, and their hard work and effort truely shows.

    There are some comments on here about consolification - ignore them. The ARG may not have been to everybody's taste, but this is Valve and they do things differently. They set an example to the many other PC devs out there who have sold out to the console crowds, the example being that if you truely support your fans - you will be rewarded.

    Thank you Valve.
  54. Apr 20, 2011
    This is my best game ever. I'm a fan of Portal and this new Opus is clearly extremly great. Good job writing, excellent level design, clever gameplay, good narrative rhythm, and the new character Weatley is extremely well located and efficiently. Only downside : the splashscreen during loading times and loading times too often. But with the quality behind it, we can only forgive him. A fine lesson in video games, Makes 99% of production videogame bland in comparison. Expand
  55. Apr 21, 2011
    People need to get over themselves. This is an amazing game. Well worth the money. Not everybody is as smart as you and can beat the game in 4-5 hours. Some people actually like to listen to the dialogue and look around for secret rooms and other things like that. There are secret rooms, you know? All I'm saying is the people complaining about the price or complaining that it's too short, GET OVER YOURSELVES! If you truly believe you can make a better game, then do it! Expand
  56. Apr 22, 2011
    The problem with highly anticipated sequels is the love of the original often will cover its problems. Portal 2 isn't a bad game, but it seems to be just a (slightly) longer version of the original. Much of what made Portal 1 so great was it was a innovative title, the concept and the humor was great. Portal 2 isn't much different. It has a new story with new characters and better graphics but thats a given with sequels does it really offer anything new. It is deserving of the the plethora of 10's or the 4 or lesses, i don't believe so. My biggest issue is the price, the value for your money simply isn't there its a short game for $50, based on the reviewers here it seems to take about 4-6 hours, that is a short game. Especially for a puzzle game because there is no replay value, once you figure out the puzzles there is really nothing you can extract from it. For that it loses 2 points for me 1 for value 1 for replayability. Another issue i have is, its very easy. For a puzzle game that is again a big detraction especially the section where you're simply looking for the special portal allowing walls in the otherwise portal-proof sections, and for that it loses another point. My last issue and point for that matter as i previously mentioned, there isn't anything that new from the last game. The gel things aren't that cool to be the only real new thing. The portal thing is cool, it really is, but not enough in the second game. To call this game the best valve game ever is ridiculous this isn't close to Half-Life. And lastly opinions are opinions, im not a troll for rating this game a 6, that just what i think is deserves. Expand
  57. Apr 23, 2011
    Gameplay is great but story and visuals really are disappointing. After finishing the game you most likely never play single player again co-op is fun but short. good game for a weekend but not worth 40£ (60$) if you are short of money
  58. Apr 23, 2011
    Absolutely fantastic game. a fast paced, witty and intelligent single player, with memorable characters and some hilarious plot twists. simply the funniest game ever, and one of the best. The co-op provides the same great portal experience, but this time with a friend which makes it even more enjoyable and hilarious. the graphics are sharp and pretty, Valve clearly know what they are doing with their Source technology, seeing as 7 years on it still provides great visuals. Portal 2 also has a fantastic soundtrack and superb voice acting. If you want a fun, challenging and worthwhile experience, Portal 2 is the game for you! Expand
  59. Apr 23, 2011
    one of the best games of the year so far. This has the best senses of humor i'v seen in a video game. One last think BUY THIS GAME its on steam so pick it up.
  60. Apr 24, 2011
    I am honestly rather ashamed to be a part of the PC gaming community right now. For a long time, I was proud of how PC gamers acted towards others. We, with some exceptions obviously, were a cordial lot, and **** was at a minimum. But looking at what has happened with Metacritic User scores of Portal Two has really brought the bile up in me. It's merely a bunch of little children acting like even littler children, holding their breath until they get a lollipop.

    4 hours? If this game took you four hours you cheated, or you rushed through or ignored dialogue (which was the funniest dialogue I have ever heard in a game, I might add). The game takes 7 hours at the least. It took me longer. I explored everything, and took my time soaking in the wonderful world Valve has created. And even this 7 hours is merely the single-player game. The co-op game has an entirely different storyline, and although I haven't had the chance to play it yet, I'm sure it's up to the same standard that the single-player is.

    Secondly; Day one DLC? Ha! If you call those purely cosmetic additions to the co-op game DLC, then you really are griping. Sure, in the strictest sense of the word, it is downloadable content. But so are the hats in TF2. Now, I think they are way over-priced to be honest, but they are entirely optional, and don't change how the game plays at all. Also, some of them get unlocked with achievements, so you can get them for free.

    Thirdly; The ARG. Sure, it only ended up being released a few hours before the actual release date, and that did annoy me to some extent. But it was, again, optional, and I had a good time participating in it, and I played some games I might never have that I am now a major fan of, such as Defense Grid. I also think that Valve MAY have overestimated the amount of people that would play the ARG. I myself was surprised at how few did. I think Valve had probably meant to release it a day early, over maybe even earlier than that, but unfortunately, not enough people participated. This is something that will be addressed when Valve issue a full statement about the ARG I'm sure.

    Lastly; a console port? Really? Grow the hell up people? One tiny little oversight by Valve on the saving screen and everyone starts screaming bloody murder. If you think this was a port by just that, then you're either just trolling, or are truly a moron. My rig is in dire dire need of being upgraded, but Portal Two worked wonderfully on it, and managed to stay remarkably pretty on it at the same time. A misplaced word does not a console port make.
    Overall, a fantastic game, with the newest build of the Source engine, that while still being clumsy in some regards, has held up remarkably well. The dialogue is funny where it should be, and poignant and moving where it should be, and throws in a few curve balls as well. I can't remember the last time I was so happy just sitting back and taking in the dialogue of other characters. I couldn't help but laugh out loud on numerous occasions, which is something that only rarely happens to me in games. Valve managed to expand the core concepts of the game, and add in a few new ones, all without the dreaded Sequel Bloat that seems to plague games these days. This game will go down in the hall of fame, trust me on that.
  61. Apr 24, 2011
    Simply one of the most fun and entertaining games in a long time. It's full of humor and plot twists. Playing co-op with a good friend is even better than single player.
  62. Apr 24, 2011
    If you are reading these reviews and are unaware, several popular forums started campaigns to lower the average score by giving zeros. No reason or logic behind the negativity, just to sh*t on something popular. Here are a few things Portal 2 is not:

    1) Portal 2 is not a 4 hour game, a 2 hour game, a 15 minute game or any other exaggeration that has been thrown out there in the zero score
    reviews. The length of the game is going to vary depending on your skill level and whether you do much exploring around or looking for Easter eggs (there are a couple of good ones to be found), but the single player lasted me 8 hours, getting stuck on two puzzles briefly. It also has a lengthy co-op campaign that is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT, they don't recycle the SP levels. 2) It is not a "console port". I bought the game on PS3 to play split screen co-op with my girlfriend, but I played the PC version that came with it for single player. I have a modest PC but am able to play at near max settings and it looks and plays brilliantly. After seeing and playing both, the PC version is the best version of the game, hands down.

    3) It is not a Day 1 DLC filled monstrosity that nickels and dimes you to death to play through any part of the game. The only DLC in the game is meaningless cosmetic items like hats for co-op. The co-op campaign is set up in a way that I expect there to be extra levels added, and given Valves track record in Team Fortress 2 and Left4Dead, I expect that DLC to be free. This seems to be the balance they have reached, TF2 updates have been plentiful and free, while hats make them money. Others can disagree with me on this, but if cosmetic crap = $$$ and maps/levels = free, I'm thrilled by that.

    4) Portal 2 is NOT a zero score game. A score of 0 should be reserved for the very worst of the worst garbage out there, probably games that are broken and unplayable. I respect the opinion of anyone who has written a reasonable low score review, some people simply didn't enjoy the game as much and that's fine, but the people who have written zero score reviews filled with nonsense or lies are just idiots. The campaign to lower the score of the game for no logical reason really shows off the worst of the internet, nerds with too much time on their hands and a false sense of empowerment from tearing down things other people enjoy. Pros: Exceptional writing and voice acting, genuinely funny and engaging. Expands the world of Portal and back story dramatically in funny and interesting ways. Same great portal gameplay expanded by tons of new elements that never feel out of place or too difficult to use with the portals. One of my favorite, most insane, funny, and unique endings to a game ever. If you enjoyed Portal or puzzle games in general, you'll love this game.
    Cons: Personally, my only gripe is the load screens. The source engine has always had a lot of load points, but this game uses a full screen load screen that kind of takes you out of the flow of the game momentarily.
  63. Apr 24, 2011
    Pretty awesome game, very nice dialogue with good humour, fun game play that builds on the first, perfect campaign time (Just cuts as I get bored at the 7 hour mark) and an actual a co-op campaign that some games that fits perfectly. Would have gave it 9/10, but all the morons saying its a 3 hour DLC ridden pile forced me to bump it up to 10 for the overall score.
  64. Apr 24, 2011
    Portal 2 is a good game. I don't care about DLC, so I won't mention it after here. It makes no difference to me, anyway. The 'story' is funny (it's not a proper story, but more of a story stub:- not that that necessarily detracts from the game!); and the new additions to the puzzle mechanics are clever, and well thought out. However, it's too easy. And therefore, too short. I get the impression that Valve may have dumbed the game down to appeal to a wider audience. This isn't vain bluster; I am sure that I lie in the average completion time for the game. But at 5 to 6 hours, that's not enough for a game of this price. Granted, the co-op adds another 3 or 4, but for a game that has, by its nature, no replay value, that is not enough to justify the price tag.

    Portal 1 was great because it was cheap, unique, and brilliantly challenging. Of course the old adage "If it ain't broke don't fix it" rings true here, but I personally feel that Valve could've employed a little extra time in padding out the game's length, because I didn't want to finish this within 48 hours of installing it.

    I also feel that the critic score here is too high, for the same reason. The score of 96 puts this game 2% higher than Mass Effect 2; and that (in my opinion) is just not right.
  65. Apr 24, 2011
    This is IMO the best game valve has made so far. It has incredible detail and varied level design, really fleshing out the history and characters of aperture science. Add to that new mechanics, greatly improved graphics (and graphic design) an interesting soundtrack and nice little easter eggs throughout you have a strong contender for single player experience of the year. The voice acting is freaking amazing as well.

    This is all before you even get to the co op (where playing for a friend makes up for not having the banter that your enemies/allies provide in sp). Which are more challenging and very fun with a friend. I await the patches valve will bring to this (for the simple reason that for the microtransaction store to work people will have to keep playing the co-op, or perhaps a revived challenge mode). I have to add that's speculation (but informed speculation given the ~ 4 year support valve gave to tf2 its other big multiplayer release with an in game store .

    All in all, best game so far this year, depending what BF3 and elderscrolls bring to the table its a strong contender for GOTY. Do not miss this! Its a prime example of what our industry is capable of.

    (current play time sp ~ 6-7 a few more if you go back for achieves, co-op was around the same length, maybe a little longer, definitely enough bang for your buck, very original charming, will make you laugh and care and even think a little bit.
  66. Apr 24, 2011
    Very fun game, visually amazing, and great characters. Easily Valve's best game yet, and instantly one of my all time favorites. 7 hour singleplayer and 5 hour coop. Anyone complaining about it being short is expecting an RPG or something. As for the DLC--it's microtransactions, not DLC. DLC would imply new content, not skins. Since it's just coop with a friend it really doesn't matter if one of you is wearing a hat, and if it bothers you that much--just don't buy one. Simple as that. Stop whining, it's an amazing game. Expand
  67. Apr 24, 2011
    THIS GAME IS NOTHING SHORT OF A MAGNIFICENT SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENT. GlaDOS would be proud. And believe me, you don't know GlaDOS until you've finished Portal 2. If you loved the original Portal, you're going to fall wildly in love with the sequel!! I wish I could give this 6 stars. This game is so rich and detailed that it is better than most Hollywood movies, let alone most videogames. I'll give you 2 words why this new Portal is so much better than the original: CAVE JOHNSON. One of the many new characters, Cave Johnson is the founder of Aperture Science... and he is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. But even better, Cave Johnson provides one of those crucial things that is missing from 99.9% of all videogames today: A STORY. A REAL, TRUE, HONEST-TO-GOODNESS BACK STORY. Oh sure, with Portal 2, you've got puzzles to solve, but you've also got an AMAZINGLY RICH BACKSTORY that satisfies and delights and humors you every step of the way. You will find yourself exploring & listening & laughing to the backstory of Aperture Science for just as long of a time as you spend solving puzzles!! And what could possibly be better than symbolically TRAVELING BACK IN TIME to solve the puzzles that Aperture Science put out in the 1950's and 1970's?! SO MUCH FUN!! SO HILARIOUS!! SO REWARDING!! It really is a testament to the geniuses at Valve Software that they SMARTLY KEPT EVERYTHING that was so perfect about the first game, and -- to prevent you from getting bored with the same ol', same ol' -- they improved upon it in every way humanly possible!! New types of objects to interact with keep the game fresh & exciting: objects like laser redirection cubes, propulsion gel, repulsion gel, and cute weighted cubes from the 1950's. If you thought you had fun flying through the air with momentum in the original Portal, wait until you start bouncing all over walls with repulsion gel, sliding down hallways with propulsion gel, and creating your own portal surfaces with conversion gel! Talk about FUN!! Adding gels to Portal was a simply magnificent idea, without making the gameplay mechanics any more difficult! I'd also like to take a minute to comment on the GORGEOUS ART DESIGN and the MESMERIZING MUSIC SOUNDTRACK throughout the entire game. It must have taken an entire team of genius artists & visionaries years to come up with the hundreds of gorgeously-rendered locations and perfect mood music that carry you through the entire game. If there is a downside to Portal 2, it is that the puzzles are shorter & easier to solve this time around. I felt like the puzzles were closer to a beginner's level this time around, and I wish they were slightly more challenging. (However, this may be because I was trained so well by the original Portal.) But what the puzzles lack in challenge is more than made up for in sheer fun, an amazing cast of characters, hilarious laugh-out-loud comedy, a wonderfully rich & deep plot, and the amazing Cave Johnson/Caroline backstory. So all of that taken together is really what makes Portal 2 shine beyond my wildest imagination. You will feel COMPLETELY SATISFIED INSIDE YOUR SOUL when you play and finish this game, because the game RICHLY REWARDS YOU for diving into this entire world. Outside of the original Portal, I can't think of ANY game I've played in the last 10 or 15 years that was as PURE FUN and RICHLY SATISFYING as Portal 2. NOTE: If you haven't played the first Portal, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you purchase & play the ORIGINAL PORTAL FIRST! If you don't play the original Portal, you're not going to understand much of the storyline in this Portal. Plus, you may be totally confused with the early puzzles in Portal 2, because they don't spend a lot of time retraining you on old skills. Don't gip yourself out of this experience by skipping over the first Portal. And, of course, the original Portal is a worldwide classic, so why WOULDN'T you want to play the original Portal first anyways? REGARDING THE PRICE OF PORTAL 2: There are some nincompoops here complaining that the game is too expensive. I personally found it a great value for my money. There are other people here complaining about the high cost of DLC (downloadable content)... this make no sense at all, because you don't NEED to purchase ANY DLC AT ALL to finish this game. The DLC is only for the most hardcore nerdiest of nerds, who need to dress up their robots in multiplayer mode with extra add-ons that are completely unnecessary. If you're THAT MUCH into this game and yet you're complaining about the price of the unnecessary/optional add-ons, then maybe you should get off your couch and look into getting a job so you can afford to dress up your robot? IN SUMMARY: This game is FANTASTIC. Kudos to the developers for not ruining what was a good thing to begin with, and for simply expanding upon the same winning formula!! I hope they create a Portal 3!!! Oh boy, do I hope they create a Portal 3. Expand
  68. Apr 24, 2011
    Totally epic game. No idea where all the negative reviews are coming from. It's most likely from people who got the original Portal free as an add-on. They want everything handed to them. Portal 2 is an expansive game unlike its short predecessor. While I agree that i wish it was longer, I can't take away points for that. To do so wouldn't be logical. The story was great. The plot its self stayed true and was a nice continuation of the story in the original Portal. The characters were great as well. GLaDoS still has her "love to hate"(or "hate to love") personality intact with a bit of a twist. I love the direction they took. Skill curve applies to all type of gamers not just egotistical "pros" which is a plus for the novice gamer. The co-op is brilliant however short.(DLC please or possibly some free courses . I'm lookin at you Valve. You can capitalize here) I was able to play thru the entire co-op with someone who didnt even speak english thanks to the reticule system Valve has in place. Well done there. All in all, I cant find a reason to subtract even a full point from this masterpiece. My only complaint is that I want more.

    I would love to see some more advanced chambers (hopefully valve has alot of DLC planned because I for one will buy any and all new content for this great game) Some free co-op courses would be a great addition. Take a note from the Super Meat Boy team on this one Valve. Also once the editor as out if co-op courses can be built and browsed in game, it would be excellent.

    Great job Portal 2 team. You have released the GOTY. If for some reason you dont get it it will be GOTY to me and to many others im sure.
  69. gio
    Apr 25, 2011
    Portal 2 is amazing. Almost perfect in fact. The puzzles are challenging but not too difficult that you won't figure them out and they are immensely satisfying to solve. The voice acting is top-notch, the environments superb and the new gameplay elements fit in perfectly with the ones introduced in Portal 1. The story is decent too, and keeps you enthusiastic to get you through the game the whole time. So why did I not give it a 10? Well, Portal 2 comes close to being perfect but here are the negatives:

    - It is essentially the same story as Portal 1. Without giving anything away, the story, right down to the final boss battle isn't too different from the first game..

    - There are some new gameplay elements (paint) which are great, but it basically features similar puzzles to the first game. In that sense, it is less original so it necessarily can't be the kind of breakthrough game the first Portal was.

    - While it is 2 to 3 times longer than the first game, it is still a short game and is much higher priced than the first portal. You can tell the money was well spent, though, the environments are more much detailed this time around. Still, there is actually less content as there are no challenge modes or levels. These will be probably be added in the future as paid DLC and big minus points for that. You can easily finish the game in the weekend and after that, there isn't anything more to do. - The ending lacked the awesomeness of the first game. Perhaps it is too much to expect another video game ending song as great as "Still Alive", though.

    - It was almost too easy. There was no level that was truly difficult. I hope this will change when challenge level DLC is made available.
  70. May 4, 2011
    eh...okay game. Not worth asking price though. I liked Portal, it was fresh. Popping holes in walls is like playing a complicated flash game...i.e. bloons or something. Enjoyable for the mechanic and physics of it all. Portal 2 has better graphics, but was far too easy, and the "hillarious" voice-overs the critics raved about became tiresome and annoying after a few levels. Maybe I have seen too many Ricky Gervais shows, but the expected sarcastic voice work at the start and end of a level never raised a laugh. I WANTED to laugh, I WANTED to love this game, but, in the end, eh...okay game. One of the more overrated games in a long time. I would suggest waiting for the price to drop by at least half before purchasing. Great mechanics, but then again, I get the same sense of joy out of free flash games with good physics. Expand
  71. May 14, 2013
    Portal 2 suffers from too much of a good thing syndrome. Yes this game is fun and yes the game mechanics are sound, but after the first portal game this one has a tough act to follow. It does everything right and very little wrong, but after awhile it does indeed become too much of a good thing and even though its not a bad thing. I found my self getting over exposed to the game while actually playing the game. Portal 2 doesn't really do anything wrong, but how much chocolate can you eat over and over again? Expand
  72. May 1, 2011
    Reasons to not to buy this game: NONE!!! (unless your husband or wife has recently warned you not to spend too much time on your PC or console playing games.) I have written several reviews on this Forum. But i have never been so enthusiastic about a game like this one. It is fascinating in many ways and great fun to play. Another game completely developed with the player in mind. Excellent value for money. Out of the box innovative, atmospheric puzzling game-play. I have played and enjoyed many good games in my life since the commodore 64 bit pc but this is one i will remember. I think that every year we find about 3 to 5 good games that are really worth buying. This one comes on top of my list list containing: World of goo, ME 3, Crysis 2, Dirt 2 and the Halflife series. Please do not let negative user reviews influence you on not buying this game. It is about 40-50 hours of fun and action on the single player campaign. (I haven't started the coöp mode yet.) Please give me a mark if you find this useful info. ps: There are a few easter eggs hidden in this game, check google if you wish to find them. Expand
  73. Sep 16, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is almost outstanding with some crucial technical flaws that gave this game rating a four for me. First, the game rating would have been retained as "T for Teen" since adventure and violence are too intense for young children. Second, one level in one map loading at a time makes a lot of players knew it was a ported PC game from the video console. Third, the story is great with some laughs, but redundant drama isn't making a good sense of keeping up the gameplay. Fourth, the SP game campaign is as long as any recent Call of Duty game with a "not-so-worth it" regular price. The co-op campaign was a great addition but having 100+ levels of puzzles and having additional DLC and MP features would have secured a outstanding deal out of this game. I loved the graphics with its recent engine but overall the best game by Valve is always the first Half-Life game, period. Expand
  74. Apr 24, 2011
    After seeing so many bad reviews lowering Portal 2's score, I felt compelled to write one review myself. In a nutshell, Portal 2 is a great game, definitely better than the original. It is probably three times longer, the single-player campaign is really funny and well designed. You will feel like a genius after solving many of the test chambers. The only difference between this game and the original Portal is that while the original game came out as an unexpected pleasant surprise, this one was preceded by insane levels of hype (particularly after being preceded by the mind boggling Valve ARG). In my opinion, this is the only reason this game is getting somewhat lower scores than the original Portal. There are many people that cannot make an objective review of something after so many hype, they will always feel letdown, no matter how great the game is. Expand
  75. Apr 22, 2011
    This game is a **** piece of art (look here, Mr. Ebert). It continuosly surprises you and pushes the limits, it's full of humor, the production values are outstanding.

    At a normal pace and looking around, it took me 9 hours to finish it. The coop is also excellent, I haven't finished it yet and I've played 4 hours already. Given today's standard length for games, that's very good,
    especially thinking that there's no filling here. Every single minute is excellent.

    The first thing I did when I finished the game was start again. This is game of the year, probably game of the decade.

    Any user that gives this less than a 9 because they didn't get to play it days earlier, or because Valve somehow put a gun in their heads and forced them to play some of the best indies out there at a fantastic price, is a **** IDIOT that should sell his or her computer, and never play a game again. Write down their names, and never ever again read whatever drivel they have to say. They have no soul.

    Stop reading this already and go buy the game. It's THAT good.
  76. Apr 23, 2011
    Absolutely wonderful. Keeps you on your toes, varies its visual style much more than the first Portal, is three times longer (it took me about 9 hours to complete not rushing), has even more easter eggs and lovely hidden things to find, doesn't stop throwing funny dialogue at you, challenges you more, offers more gameplay variety without breaking anything and everything is balanced nearly perfectly. I can't think of much at all that is at fault, and I have only played co-op for a little bit so far.

    I also started playing through with developer commentary and the opening sequence took them 92 days to complete. This is a labour of love guys, and it shows, it's non-stop hilarity and wonder throughout and has beaten Half-Life 2 to my favourite game of all time. It's gonna be a while until someone beats this in my mind.

    There are people complaining? I'm bewildered. Truly.
  77. Apr 20, 2011
    Let us just set the record straight, these reviews giving portal anything less than at least an 6 are just people who were fully prepared to hate the game upon release. I am by no means a Valve Fanboy, I too was upset by the marketing ploy of the Potato Sack and the false pretenses of the "release portal 2 early" but all that aside this game is by far the BEST GAME released in the last year. People who say that this game is "only 4 hours long" have to be some form of Ultra Mecha robot programmed to destroy games in the quickest way possible skipping all dialogue and ignoring any possible discovery of easter eggs. I consider myself an accomplished gamer and I wasnt even halfway through the game and I had playing for at least 4 hours. Factor in the added co-operative mode which is easily at least another 4 hours with its own unique characters and storyline, somehow the math doesnt add up.

    Portal 2 has the charm and feel of the original with better PhysX *pardon the pun* and updated graphics. Sadly I think those that say the graphics are dated honestly must be using the same Computer/Video card that they used to play the original. I personally was able to run the game at 16xMSAA and and 8xASF 1900x1200 and the game looks flawless. Sound is amazing as always *Hard Light bridges 60hz humming the theme song, what?* It almost has a feel of the music games where every action leads another piece of aural harmony. I would recommend using a headset to get the full effect however. I will say however that this is a PC game, users who got the Xbox version may be a little disappointed, the 360 is dated tech anyway. The PS3 version might be marginally better, but I know they myself personally would have a hard time trying to solve some of the puzzles using Dual Analog just for sheer reflex and accuracy alone. As I stated before I am not a MkVII Portal Puzzle Destruction Android. The puzzles are tricky, they start off slow and easy but quickly become harder and more fast paced. I found myself scratching my head in a few parts wondering not only what the point of the puzzle was but then how to solve it.

    Just to quickly touch on the "Day 1 DLC" claims... are you people retarded? They're hats and skins to make your co-op robot prettier... if you dont want a pretty robot... DONT BUY IT, IT HAS NO BEARING ON THE ACTUAL GAME! Sorry for that...

    TL;DR - Game of the Year. Red Reviews are Ignorant morons who need to go back to playing Madden. This game is art in every sense of the word, Visuals pop, Audio is aural ecstasy, story and gameplay are wedded in bliss. Stop being butthurt and allow yourself to enjoy this amazing game!
  78. Apr 20, 2011
    One of the only games I've ever played that actually met my high expectations.

    First off, the single-player mode is simply incredible. The writing is brilliant, the graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay is amazing. And the great thing is, the action and witty dialogue never stop or slow down as you play through the story. As soon as you start it, you'll want to keep on playing until
    you've finished it. As for the online co-op mode, I've yet to play it, but I hear it's just as good.

    Bottom line, buy it. The story mode alone is worth the price of admission.
  79. Apr 25, 2011
    Basically, as amazing as a sequel to Portal possibly could have been. Brilliant puzzles, new mechanics, new characters with new humor, the same old characters with the same old humor. And excellent co-op. There's nothing to criticize.
  80. Apr 21, 2011
    Pay no attention to the bad reviews, as an avid and old gamer on lots of platforms, I have never seen more intellectual and better narrated game. It is so polished that you can't believe it has just released 3 days ago. The atmosphere makes you feel lonely, sad, always monitored and thrilled at the same time. Flawless! 10.0
  81. Apr 20, 2011
    Definitely longer than 4 hours and I'm not sure why people keep saying that. I am about 4 to 5 hours into the game and I am on Chapter 5. There are 10 chapters in this game. Now I've played the first one and that was sweet and short and probably took me 2 to 3 hours. I imagine that this one is going to be 7 to 8 hours long and thats how long all the Half Life games have been as well.

    haven't even dove into the co-op too much yet but it is extra fun especially if you have a friend to play with.

    Day one DLC? Who cares its useless DLC anyway. I don't need a hat for my robot in the co-op. This game is way too hilarious, fun, and engaging to even began about crying about day one downloadable hats and shoes.
  82. Apr 21, 2011
    Simply amazing. I doubt even Episode 3 will beat such a masterpiece as this. Thank you, Valve, for another incredible game.

    I don't care if you're a woman, a pensioneer or a.. Baby.. This game is worth the price and more.
  83. May 16, 2011
    The game is well done for what it is - if you enjoyed Portal, you'll enjoy Portal 2. I have no qualms about the game quality itself.

    The problem is that there is nowhere near $50 worth of content. For $50, I expect 20 hours of content MINIMUM, and that's really pushing it. Portal 2 is barely half that if you're being generous. I'd be more forgiving if this was an indie studio, but this is
    Valve - they'll make plenty of money on it regardless, and charging this much for comparatively little content is sleazy. Expand
  84. Apr 24, 2011
    Filled with intricate puzzles, funny dialogue, an amazing story line and great music. A must for anyone who has already beaten the first Portal and looking for a challenge. Game play wise, Portal 2 friendly to those who are new to the Portal universe, easing them from simple puzzles to more complicated ones at a pace they can keep up with, but the story line may not make sense at certain points since some of it requires knowledge from the Portal 1. But then again, IT IS a sequel. What would you expect?

    Co-op is fun and keeps the player interested throughout the different chambers. With the "ping" tool players can communicate easier with each other, and the mic makes it even better. Though if players don't have access to a mic, communication can be a lot more difficult and make certain puzzles more frustrating to complete. That's only dependent on the player though, not the game, as the game provides various methods for players to "talk" to each other. Definitely impress by co-op.

    ... And the credit music is awesome too.
  85. Oct 5, 2011
    I've beat both Portal and Portal 2. Portal 1 is ok, and my favourite of the 2. Portal 2 is pretty boring, tedious, and is extremely drawn out for what it is. The hype surrounding this game is just that... hype.
  86. Apr 23, 2011
    There is nothing more that I can ask from a single player video game then "Let me enjoy the single player experience. Valve literally did nothing wrong with this game. This game is underrated. it should have 100.
  87. Apr 20, 2011
    Quite simply one of the best games of the year. Superior to the original in every way. Don't listen the reviews saying it's only a minigame. Like the game or not, that's a flat out lie. There's 6 to 8 hours of game time in the single player alone. Plus there's an entirely seperate co-op campaign that's just as long. And it's one of the best co op experiences I've ever played. If you liked the first're gonna love this one. Expand
  88. May 10, 2011
    The good: Great writing and presentation, awesome new mechanics, and just a real ambition for what a game can do.

    The bad: Short, less replayability than the first as this game focuses more on puzzles than action and acrobatics, and inevitable but perhaps still disappointing: P2 can't possibly recreate the surprise of P1 when discovering that what looked to be an amusing little puzzle
    game was actually packed with story, characterization and top notch dark humor. Expand
  89. Apr 22, 2011
    Absolutely 100% enjoyable game. Funny, challenging, polished. Just play it. Anyone who has a bad review of this game is sad. A wonderful sequel, but also terrific by itself to those who have never played the first one.
  90. Apr 22, 2011
    Great game but way to easy. Obviously has been dumbed down for the console controllers. Got to the end and it seemed like it should have been the mid point where the puzzles got actually challenging but not to be.
  91. Apr 23, 2011
    Best Game I Have EVER Played! The story is great, the level design in fantastic, and oh my God its so funny! It takes the original game and improves it in every way!
  92. Apr 21, 2011
    best game i've played all year. the negative reviews must come from idiots who didn't realize they were buying a puzzle game, and morons who don't like to use their brain. for those silly kids, go play COD, us intelligent adults like our gaming entertainment a bit more refined, thank you.
  93. Apr 21, 2011
    If you prefer quality over quantity, buy this game. It's the finest 8 hours of game I've ever played, and it was worth every penny. The writing is brilliant, the voice acting is superb, and the puzzles are challenging but not masochistic. This game is funny, innovative, and in all aspects magnificent. The only thing I can criticize this game for is an abrupt transition from one theme to the next. Don't listen to the reviews that give this game a 0: they're either over-entitled idiots who vote 0 because they find one aspect of the game they don't agree with or they're butthurt because of the ARG. Expand
  94. May 16, 2011
    The game is absolutely stunning. It took me about 8 hours for the single-player campaign according to Steam meter and these were the 8 hours of absolute brain candy. Some may say it is not enough for 50 bucks but I can tell you it is much better deal than paying 30 for a 2 hour movie and yet people are not complaining about that. Also it feels just right - add 30 minutes more and it would become either repetitive or would have to add more game elements making the game much longer. My guess is that Valve probably had much more material, probably enough for a good expansion pack or even Portal 3, but I think they have chosen to make the game shorter on purpose. This way it can be more polished and can be finished in one weekend so that player would not lose the immersion by interrupting it in the middle. I have not played the coop mission since it is hard to find time but I did not buy the game for the multiplayer option anyway.

    The design is beautiful, the story is great and has those sudden twists that remind me of some of the David Lynch movies. Puzzle difficulty is spot on - just hard enough to bring you to the verge of frustration but never carries you to the land of long wasted hours spent trying to figure out what you are supposed to do and cheating by going online. I even thought for the moment that it may be user adaptive since I was able to just blend into the story so well and solve everything without me being a typical puzzle gamer - I play mostly FPS but occasionally do the old style Myst type adventures. The quality of work is what I expect from Valve - not a single glitch and level design is done so carefully that each frame is a piece worthy of display. Games like this make video gaming an art form. I care less if it is is DX9 or 11 but one thing I would want is a little more world interactivity - perhaps in the style of Bioshock where player could read some diaries, e-mails etc. Also with all the vast number of objects in the game none can be manipulated even if just for the heck of it - feels somewhat 90s or early 00s. But I guess that is done on purpose so that puzzles would not become too easy in some cases. After all we are taken to a lab environment, meaning it is controlled.

    Is this the best game ever? Matter of taste. But it is definite 10 points and makes my personal list of the best games ever together with HL/HL2, Escape from Butcher Bay, Bioshock and S.T.A.L.K.E.R (this one after all the patches in place and if played in Russian) and perhaps Doom 3. Only these could capture and keep me in their world through entire game and that is how I judge a game.
  95. Apr 20, 2011
    This game looks very fun. So fun, in fact, I am considering buying it. The first was awesome, so I would only expect the sequel to be very similar in fashion.
  96. Apr 25, 2011
    Not the best VALVe game, but it is still great. Bugs, bad map design, short and easy, still enjoyable.

    Needs better support for 3+ players though.
  97. Apr 20, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Only problem with this game is it lacks the surprise element of the first game. Everything else is better: better gameplay with new elements like blue jelly and solid light, better graphics, awesome voice acting and nice script, interesting story, good puzzles, not too difficult though. Plus now there's a co-operative campaign to play with your friends online. Expand
  98. May 28, 2011
    Portal 2 is overrated. All these 100s and 10s are completely undeserved. Portal 2 is very good, sure. But it's flaws make what the game wanted to be disappear. For example, through most of the game, it's more of a hide-and-seek puzzle, for when you're looking for the white walls you can shoot portals on. And a LOT of the game is like this.

    Wheatley and GlaDOS are funny, but talk way too
    much. GlaDOS also has a change of character from the original portal, going from sarcasm/passive-aggressive to more of a blunt way of talking. And not many quotes are quotable that were made by GlaDOS.

    Still, this is an amazing game. I've laughed countless times, had fun solving puzzles, and more. The ending was by far the best ending I've ever seen in a video game.
  99. Apr 22, 2011
    This game reminds me what videogames should be about: fun, phantasy and fun. Oh did i mention fun already?

    An absolutely blast and I did not even try the coop mode! 2011 seems to be a great year for gamers, but every other game coming out this year has a real high bar to jump over!
  100. May 17, 2011
    I have to say i was going to be one of those "not worth the money... only 6hours of game play!" types then i was i finally got another to do CoOp If you feel like you have only got half the playtime you are expecting and have not done all of CoOp well to be honest that is only because you played half the game. BUT WAIT I FORGETTING HIDEOUS DLC THAT GIVE UNFAIR ADG... oh what is that it doe not give an advantages? When why are people complaining? They want it but do not want to buy it? Tell that to Porsche I would love one of their cars for free... they say no? How about a free hamburger Wendy's... sonic perhaps? Whataburger? oh to bad. Guess you have to pay for things that cost money... who knew. Expand
  101. Apr 20, 2011
    I gave Portal 2 for the PC a perfect score because I really cannot find anything wrong with it, and I sincerely feel that it is just THAT good. Portal 2 maintains the elements of game-play that made the original Portal such a great game; but at the same time it adds a new "feel" to the game that definitely out does its predecessor. The addition of other elements being incorporated into the puzzles (ex. the different goos) definitely gives the game a new flair that expands the style its puzzles. The single player campaign took me about 6-7 hours to complete, and the entire time I never wanted to stop. The game really expands though when you get into the co-op modes. I believe that there are about 86? puzzles that you can do with a partner, and I would highly suggest playing with a friend, or someone you know. Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 52 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 51 out of 52
  2. Negative: 0 out of 52
  1. Oct 20, 2011
    Almost as good as the first one. Main reasons are lack of cake, unfunny Wheatley and slightly boring one-solution middle-levels. Otherwise Portal 2 is as clever as it is well written. And now Half-Life 2: Ep 3, please. [May 2011]
  2. Oct 6, 2011
    The graphics may not be of the same caliber of other AAA titles, and the story may falter from time to time, but those are paltry excuses not to experience one of the best current generation games around.
  3. Jun 13, 2011
    A hilarious slice of gaming glory. [July 2011, p.92]