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  1. Apr 23, 2011
    That tagline is ripped straight from a Rock Band set-list - I never played the critically acclaimed 'Portal'. This was my first adventure with the magical portal gun, my first foray into Aperture science. This is my review of the highly anticipated sequel, Portal 2.

    At it's heart, Portal is a first-person shooter-puzzle hybrid, and the bizarre pairing works perfectly. The game
    alternates between two phases. In the first phase, you move from room to room, solving clever puzzles of increasing difficulty with your portal gun while being submitted to GlaDOS' highly sarcastic and hilarious insults. And just when the linear puzzling starts to get old, the game shifts gears into phase 2. During this phase, you break out of the sterile white testing rooms and journey into the darker, rusty innards of the Aperture Science Facility in your bid to escape a lifetime sentence of testing. The puzzles during this phase are more free-form and less rigidly constructed than those in phase 1, making for a welcome change of pace. Over the course of the game (just short of 10 hours for me) the game alternates back and forth between these stages while introducing new mechanics to freshen up the journey - including light bridges, anti-gravity beams, and 3 types of gels with various effects.

    Complimenting the clever puzzles is equally as clever writing. The dialogue ranges from delightful to laugh-out-loud funny, helped along by phenomenal voice acting. Between the puzzle action and the witty dialogue, the only dull moments involve you smacking your head against the desk trying to figure out an especially bedeviling puzzle.

    Built on Valve's Source Engine, the graphics look good, and fit the tone of the various levels quite well - clean, crisp, and sterile whites and greys when you're testing and GlaDOS is in control; dark, dingy, chaotic when you're trying to escape. The environments are spacious and detailed, giving the player a real sense of the impressive scale of the facility while running around. While not breathtaking in many instances, they're good enough to nicely compliment the story and gameplay.

    A beautiful ambient soundtrack is found throughout, with equally as pleasing sound effects. The sounds - whether it's the clang of boots on metal, the rubbery 'boing' from stepping on the bouncing gel, the clicks and hisses of pressure building up, the echo of a voice coming over the loudspeaker in a voluminous environment - give Portal 2 the level of polish that has come to be expected from Valve.

    The combination of these elements made for a game I could barely put down. Wonderfully paced, hilariously written, deliciously challenging, wholly satisfying, and totally different than anything else on the market, Portal 2 is one of the best games I've played in years.

  2. Apr 24, 2011
    Genius, perhaps the best game I've played. If you like things a little outside the box then you'll love this. Valve know how to make a game - it's also very funny indeed.
  3. Apr 23, 2011
    One of the greatest games ever made. This game is extremely entertaining with superb gameplay, writing, voice acting, and fun factor. Co-op and single player campaigns are both very satisfying.
  4. Apr 24, 2011
    It's amazing to see how far the Portal series has come in just two games. Once just a puzzle game with that devious GLaDOS providing some of the only story and background to Aperture Science, Portal 2 takes a leap and bounds right on into a full blown game full of new and creative puzzles, even better written dialogue (hard to imagine), a plethora of additions to the lovable cast without a single forced entry, and an ever deepening backdrop to Aperture Science that at times almost seems overwhelming, yet it never manages to overtake you.

    Its humor is stronger, the presence of a true story is wonderful, and not a single thing seems out of place.

    Portal 2 is the definition of what a game should be, without ever once scolding you for loving it.
  5. Apr 24, 2011
    This is a great game. i have always love Valve games and this keeps it going. And just like most of valves games it keeps you laughing the whole way to the end. Not a big fan of the whole "Buy stuff for your Robot" option. afraid there gonna try turn into Microsoft, but as far as the game goes its a ten. keep it up.... Just wish we would hear more about Half-Life 3 / HL2 EP3
  6. Apr 24, 2011
    A beautifully constructed SinglePlayer experience, with awesome puzzles, story and visuals even though the source engine is quite old. The SP mode surpasses the amazing HL2 and it's episodes and is a huge upgrade from Portal 1. The co-op is just as good and at times better with a lot of opportunities for co-op bonding, highly recommended for everyone. An exceptional game and one of the best video gaming experiences I've had in years. Stay tuned for later updates and community made levels and mods! Expand
  7. Apr 24, 2011
    Game of the year. Game of the decade. Game of the century. Game of the everything. Portal is the new Half-Life, you have to play it at some point in your gaming life. THAT TIME IS NOW.
  8. Apr 24, 2011
    Simply one of the best games I have played in years. Excellent story-telling, fantastic voice acting, and incredibly high production values support a puzzle game of exquisite brain-teasers. Pure class.

    The single player game takes approximately 8 hours to play though; the genius co-op game takes a similar amount of time. I simply did not want it to end, enjoyed every single second of it.
    Started to play through it again immediately after finishing, to go find all the hidden Easter eggs. A gem.

    Similar to other Valve games thereâ
  9. Apr 24, 2011
    Ok it may be shorter than other titles you can pick up for the price, but what Valve have succeeded in doing time and time again is to create a perfectly packaged experience. They have prioritized Quality over quantity, and although i may not want to play through it again, i feel completely fulfilled with just one play through. I also agree that it isn't particularly hard, but that's a testament to the game design that they subtly each you how to complete the puzzles in advance so you never get stuck. But i hope that valve follows up with some free DLC with some more challenging levels or more Co-op missions (that coop hub was too big for just 5 chapters) which will make the price point worthwhile. Expand
  10. Apr 24, 2011
    This game was completely breathtaking.. utterly outstanding.. phenomenal.. I can't express how much I loved it.. the BEST game I have ever played, and I've played a hell of a lot. Yes, ok, it wasn't the longest game ever.. but if you think about all the extra little bits they've put into it and all the back-story, it is incredible.. I cannot wait for more portal.. whether that be portal 3 (hopefully asap) or DLC I will be buying it.. And I would definitely recommend it to anyone.. even people who don't normally play games, it has something extra, something special.. 10/10 Expand
  11. Apr 24, 2011
    I really enjoyed Portal 2, it was by far the most awesome game I played in a while now. The game has a good storyline, cool characters and really good jokes and puzzles. The coop has a separate story which is as good as the singleplayer one. The editor will be released later, and I think, with community-made maps, Portal 2 will be one of the best games this year.
  12. Apr 24, 2011
    One of the best games out there. the game is a masterpiece the story keeps you interested the whole game and the game was about 8 hours long and after beating it i wanted to play right through it again.

    The co-op shows every other game company how co-op should be done one of the most fun on line games i have ever played
  13. Apr 24, 2011
    One of the best games ever. Amazing story, interesting puzzles, likeable characters, it's witty and funny withouth being retarded, psycological and original. It's just really fun! The first one was awesome, this one is epic. It explains what was missing in Portal one's plot withouth giving away everything. Even knowing the risks of being bad, I kinda want to see a third one.
  14. Apr 24, 2011
    An absolutely phenomenal gaming experience on so many levels. Valve just keep getting better and better... and even better. There is no end to their creative genius.
  15. Apr 24, 2011
    Well, because i'm not a massive **** I will be rating this game honestly and I gotta say, it's brilliant. The story progressed beautifully on from Portal 1 (especially with the Lab Rat comic) and it actually made me sad at the end. The gameplay is magnificent and the only downside to it was midway there was a lack of voice acting and it seemed a tad boring and sometimes the only reason you were stalled was because of poor level design (though i'm unsure whether it was honestly poor level design or just a hard puzzle to figure out). Easily the best game I have played in a long time and it's a shame to see so many retards review bombing it with blatant lies about how long the game took etc.
    I'd also like to point out that most, if not all, of the store items are unlockable through achievements and they're only cosmetic anyway so no need to **** about them.
  16. Apr 24, 2011
    I've played this through. Indeed it was rather short though this is what one should expect from a game like portal. There could have been endless test chambers with puzzle after puzzle but unless the gameplay is completely changed, there is no way to really keep the game interesting that way. This game is driven by a story that makes the puzzling less monotonous. I couldn't see myself playing a 20 hour long Portal campaign, there just simply isn't enough to the game. If you are looking for an extended challenge, they're called mods. Welcome to PC gaming.
    It also makes sense for the PC version to have the same loading levels as the console games. With the goals of cross platform compatibility, it would have taken Valve a long time to make two different versions that were compatible. The question of DLC. I didn't know there was any until I read reviews. Apparently it's enough to offend several users enough to rate this game 0/10. If I at any time felt like I was being sold to in game then maybe I'd support these reactions, but what I saw was a game that was on sale at pre-order that I had more fun with than any of the Gears of War games since the first, or any Call of Duty games for that matter.
    I loved this game. It was well worth the $35 I paid for it brand new and would have been worth $60 if I was dumb enough to not look for a deal.
  17. Apr 24, 2011
    An amazing game, It was fun and quirky and the puzzles where great. Some of the best voice acting and dialogue from a video game in a long time. The length is about 6-9 hours single player with a 6 hour or so co-op mode. The story will have you smiling the whole time.
  18. Apr 24, 2011
    An incredibly good game. I would be very surprised if I get to play something better this year. Fully recommended for everybody with a heart (at all) and a mind for videogames.

    Whining about COMPLETELY OPTIONAL DLCs which have NO EFFECT on the game whatsoever is ridiculous, and giving the game bad reviews because of it is childish and plain malicious.
  19. Apr 25, 2011
    This game was great. Some could argue that the 10-12 hours of game-play was insufficient, but the game made up for the short length with pure awesome. There's no hair-pulling difficulty, but neither is it too easy. Altogether a superbly balanced game that fulfilled my extremely high expectations. I look forward to the user maps to come.
  20. Apr 25, 2011
    What is with all the haters? 4 hour playthroughs? with breaks? total BS. You can probably run through it in 5 hours if you know exactly what to do in each chamber before you get there, trust me I've played it 3 times (1 ps3, 1 ps3 dev comm, 1 pc) now and each time I find new secrets and hidden rooms. And then there's coop which I've completed twice (1 ps3, 1 PC) (3 hours if you know it all). coop is amazingly fun especially when you are split screen (weird I know) but this type of multiplayer lends itself to split screen, communication is easier. i love being able to go from watching netflix to playing with my steam friends without having to get up and turn on my computer and sit at a desk. Of course if graphics are a problem for you then gtfo, i don't care how bad a game looks, which isn't at all the case here (people get confused with art styles, esp when the pallet consists of colors other than browns and grays), is it fun to play? yes, ok then shut up and play it. as for DLC the day 1 stuff is just to pimp out your bots, valve will most likely release new test chambers/courses and if their motto on "True" DLC stands there will be a sticker price of $0. I loved the continuation of the story, and the bungling moronic sphere that is wheatley. The one thing this game needs is a custom chamber creator and a way to share these creations. Oh and while not as amazing as "Still Alive" the new song is so cool. Valve cant wait for your next game, don't forget the map editor in portal 3 ;) Expand
  21. Apr 25, 2011
    The story in Portal 2 is fantastic but the puzzles offer little challenge and the game only offers about 7 hours of gameplay, MUCH too short for a $50 game. If Valve had just stuck more puzzles (and harder ones, at that) in between all the amazing story segments this title would be approaching perfection.

    So much potential, wasted.
  22. DSI
    Apr 25, 2011
    This is the best puzzle game I have ever played hands down. The co-op takes things to a whole new level. The humor is dead on, once again. Fantastic.
  23. Apr 25, 2011
    Portal 2 is one of those games you can't miss, it's innovative, creative, funny; every aspect of the game is in the right place, including the story, the gameplay, the pace, the level design, everything is just top quality, characters can make you laugh out loud all day long just of thinking about their dialogs in-game. Valve is showing us again why we gamers considered them as one of the best companies of the industry of pc games, this game is genius, it's fun and worth playing. And please, don't believe those comments that some people are writing here saying that this game is not good, I can tell you for sure they are not playing the same game we are reviewing in this page. ;) Expand
  24. Apr 25, 2011
    Outstanding game. The waiting was worth it. Its puzzles are pretty challenging and won't let you down whatsoever. The story is fantastic, and one of the best parts of the game is probably the Co-Op. If you have a friend, even if you don't know it too well, pick a microphone and some headphones, plug them in and have fun.
  25. Apr 25, 2011
    The writing is brilliant; the level design is fantastic; the art is top quality; and the sound/music is BY FAR the best I've ever experienced in a video game. It's truly an amazing experience.

    I love the new emphasis on cognitive puzzles instead of agility puzzles. You get the reward of solving the puzzle without the constant frustration of simple mechanical failure.

    The game play for
    me in single player was about 10 hours, but given the plot, that is perfect. You can beat the game in 5-6 hours if you don't really immerse yourself in the experience and instead just try to solve the puzzles as quickly as possible, but do yourself a favor and don't rush through it.

    The co-op is great too (the puzzles are more difficult in the later chambers), but the SP is definitely the main dish.

    It's a masterpiece. Enjoy it.
  26. Apr 25, 2011
    If you enjoyed the first Portal game, there is no way you cannot love this one. If you never played the first Portal game, welcome to a virtual roller coaster ride. To start with the bad: it has a few weird console things like pre-rendered cutscenes, which are not as good as the way Valve normally does things, and looks like crap when running at resolutions over 720p. That and taking me 3.7 hours to finish single player on my first run-through (granted, I've played the first game so many times, I really never got stuck on a puzzle).

    Looking past those few issues, the single player story: incredible. Most games you have maybe a 10-20 hour storyline, but only about 20-30% is pure fun. In Portal 2, the entire playtime is fun. Taking a look at Co-op play, it is flawlessly executed, and while none of the puzzles were overly challenging, they definitely were not easy. They were balanced basically perfectly for new players and old players alike.

    Very highly recommended game. Not sure why people keep voting it so low (honestly people, it was a marketing campaign that let you into the game several hours earlier than previously mentioned, how is that a bad thing? Also, the DLC doesn't modify your game experience, it's purely cosmetic, so why are you complaining?) I wish I could give the game a 9.5 as a user, as it is almost perfect, but has enough flaws to be kept away from a perfect 10 experience.
  27. Apr 25, 2011
    Brazilian Portuguese / Português Brasileiro: No inicio, o jogo é bastante apresentado, gráficos bons , trilha sonora ótima e gameplay consideravelmente bom. O grande problema desse titulo é a história que além de confusa tem uma pessima ligação com a história do portal 1. Além da grande espectativa criada pela valve com diversos videos altamente ufanicos. Outro problema encontrado é a falta dos "Pneumatic Diversity Ven" e que durante o jogo, gasta-se bastante tempo ensinando a usar os recursos e praticamente nada em realmente coloca-los em pratica em testes bem elaborados. Expand
  28. Apr 27, 2011
    Perfection has a name and it's Portal 2. Apart from brilliant gameplay mechanics, they perfectly mix with a hilarious story and voice acting. I think words cannot be fair with such good game. PLAY IT!
  29. Apr 27, 2011
    Excellently crafted, beautifully scripted and flawlessly executed. Rarely can a game profess to have the narrative quality and pacing more frequently attributed to the worlds of film or literature; Portal 2 is more than a simple conglomeration of gameplay and graphical fidelity (although it is far from lacking in either field), it is a multi-layered experience intent on generating an emotional response from the end-user, however that may manifest itself.

    Portal 2 is to date the finest and most completely successful example of gaming as an artform.
  30. May 1, 2011
    Very fun game, I found puzzles, characters and narration to be interesting. I'm giving it 9 stars due to me not wanting to replay the game, as I already know the solutions to puzzles.
  31. May 2, 2011
    Very fun, very funny, very short. Not worth the price of admission. Portal 2 should be priced at $30-$35, tops. It's a terrible value in gaming with very little replayability. And waiting for DLC to trickle in isn't worth paying $50-$60. If you don't mind the price, go for it. But don't complain if you feel ripped off despite the fun experience.
  32. May 18, 2011
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  33. May 22, 2011
    Valve delivers again with a game that is both witty in its mechanics as it is in its story and dialogue. Portal 1 was a flawless albeit short experience that shows that new ideas can be merged with old preconceptions. Always innovating, Portal 2 is an excellent puzzle challenge that will keep you amused for about 8 hours. It also has a nice co-op campaign that furthers the gameplay a lot more.
    It holds your hand a little bit, and some puzzles require more trial and error than thought & skill, but overall it is a very solid game.
  34. May 19, 2011
    10/10 - I struggle to give 10/10 for a game, and don't misunderstand - this game isn't absolutely perfect - but it is as close to perfection as a game is likely to get and 9/10 just doesn't seem good enough. The story and script is top notch, the graphics and controls are all but flawless and the sense of achievement is thoroughly satisfying.
    If I had to criticize - it would be out of a
    desire for more! The game isn't all that replayable until some time has passed for you to forget some of the puzzles. It would be nice to have a set of "challenge" levels to really stretch the old noggin.
    All-in-all, best game I have played in the last couple of years by quite a way.
  35. Aug 10, 2011
    I just bought this game a few days ago. I haven't beaten it yet (I know its short), but so far it has won me over. This game, like the first, has such a charm to it that your left flabbergasted at how well put together it is. From the graphics to the voice acting, to the story line and the way its put together to the puzzles. I know I will end up spending hours upon end on this game, probably not only with the main storyline, but also with custom content and MP. Thank you valve, you actually managed to create a game with a proper sense of humor (the reds apparently didn't "get it"). I don't mind that it's short, aslong as those hours spent completing the game are spent with a big-ass smile on my face I am good. With this game I am smiling after I shut it down for the night. Expand
  36. May 21, 2011
    The game's art is beautifully done, but in terms of difficulty, it;s much easier than the first one. I finished the game in 5 hours, finding all the hidden things and dens.

    Many tests are basically just find the patch of white wall now.

    The length of this game in relation to its price is simply atrocious. The length is less than half of what a normal game length should be. Its less than
    a third. Therefore I'll divide my score by 3. Expand
  37. May 25, 2011
    I love this game! With its amazing singleplayer, funny co-op, amazing gameplay and awesome story, it is one of the best games ever! The biggest problem with it is that the co-op isn't that replayible, but that is ok as long as it is awesome
  38. May 28, 2011
    Great, great, great game!! I, like many others, loved the first one and I am glad that the 2nd one comes back with just as much passion. In my mind it is just as good as the first one, but by that virtue it means that the novelty is not quite as high. That is a non-issue though. Everything that was awesome about the first one is awesome again in this one. I also still have the end credit song in my head. Expand
  39. Jun 2, 2011
    Valve did a good job story telling, but not a satisfying job entertaining and challenging the previous Portal players. I understand that people wanted to learn more about GlaDOs, but I feel the extra back-story about her was unnecessary. Once you finish the single and co-op campaigns, there's not much else you can do. Sure, you could replay the campaigns, but what happened to the extra bonus levels and challenges we saw in the first Portal game? Overall, I had a fun time progressing through the game, but at the end, I was disappointed. Expand
  40. Jun 20, 2011
    One of the best games made on a source engine. Better than first part, but have in mind that first Portal wasn't and standalone title, just small ad-don to Orange Box. This one could be more challengeable, but I know kids on consoles have problem with playing games that makes a challenge. ~8h of playing worth cash I spent on it.
  41. Jun 28, 2011
    Portal 2 is smart, funny, has a story, that keeps you interested the whole time and, of course, makes you think. There's no doubt - its a game masterpiece.
  42. Aug 4, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really liked this game. The controls are spot-on, Wheatley is hilarious, and GLaDOS is back and eviler than ever (in the first quarter of the game). Portal starts you off by awakening from cryogenic sleep and meeting Wheatley, an Intelligence Dampening Sphere (as referred to by GLaDOS) that is voiced by Stephen Merchant, who is remarkably funny. As Wheatley takes over Aperture Science, the puzzles tend to get more challenging. The end is spectacular, and left me satisfied. The co-op campaign is also remarkable, straying from the storytelling of the single-player campaign and going for a more entertaining approach. The only thing Portal is missing is the magic and awe of the first game. In the end, Portal 2 is an amazing game and leaves a lasting impression. Expand
  43. Aug 13, 2011
    This is an absolutely brilliant game. Everybody should own it, especially since the price dropped to only $30 on steam. The graphics are amazing, and the story was very entertaining.
  44. Sep 13, 2011
    Absolutely stunning. This is an epic scale game with new ways to interact with the environment, new puzzle types, new personalities, and a huge helping of witty quips. It's funny as hell, and the mechanics are incredibly rewarding. The only issue is that the puzzles are a little bit too easy and the campaign is therefore quite short (maybe 3-5 hrs). But throw in multiplayer and it's definitely worth $20. Expand
  45. Aug 24, 2011
    Perfectly braingcrash game from very cool developers
  46. Sep 10, 2011
    A great game that was funny and well made, the only 2 flaws are there are no extra hard challenges and after you compete the single player an multi player, there is no reason for you to keep playing.
  47. Sep 13, 2011
    There are two types of people I will write to in this review... those who are new to portal, and those who played the first and are wondering about the sequel. If you are new to Portal, go get Portal 2. Never fear, it will teach you the basic mechanics in the beginning. The single player campaign is masterfully entertaining. It's main downfall is the shorter than average single player campaign (which might actually be very long if you have trouble solving the puzzles). If you played Portal 1, my advice comes with some warnings. This game is not at all like Portal 1. Sure the puzzles can be similar, but once gels, lasers, and light bridges are added into the mix they become very different. Portal 2 is big, with an epic scale. Where Portal 1 was a contained, intimate experience. If you are like me, you played Portal 1 to death and became very good at "thinking with portals" If so, you may find all the puzzles in Portal 2 too easy with straight-forward solutions. This also led to the campaign feeling short, because I was breezing through the challenges. However, Valve has promised a more difficult map-pack, and I have played some brilliant community-made maps. So if you are a Portal 1 fan, be warned: this is a very good game, but it is not the same at all. Expand
  48. Sep 16, 2011
    I actually cried at the end of Portal 2. No, really. I did. I CRIED BUCKETS. Portal 2's ending was so happy. Yet, so sad. We hope this isn't the end of Portal. I'm sure that the 2000+ of us that gave Portal 2 a positive review would agree. Portal 2 is the best game I've played in my short, sad life yet. It passes Half-Life (not by much, though) It certainly passes ricochet. By miles.
  49. Apr 30, 2011
    For me best game of the year up to now. Im not one of those people that give a 10 if they like a game and a 0 if they dont , that is why the user score is not that good , but im giving it a 10 because i think it deserves it. The writing was EXCELLENT being one of the most funny games i have ever played , the music was OMG if your in to that type and the puzzles where not to difficult but well enough made to make you use your brain , which is fine with me . The major complaints about this game is about its day 1 dlc and its length. First of all you should not rate a game by its dlc but what comes in the package. What if the best game in the world for you comes out and the next day dlc comes out for it ? Whould your opinion about the game change in any way ? The correct answer is NO so stop reading reviews from people that gave the game a 2 because it dint have some hats ( wtf ? ) in it for free . Now about the time that it takes you to complete this game i can understand people complaining especially if they rarely buy a game . Thow this game is not short by any means ( about 12-18 hours with coop ) for a game at this age , its probably not enough for some people . If a game has just got single player it should last 60 hours or if it has multiplayer it should last someone a whole year . For me i believe that that VALVe has chosen quality over quantity ( as i said thow its not that short as people keep saying ) so i dont think i should reduct points from it. Before i finish i want to say that this is the ps3 version so you also get steam on your console which gives you steam achievements cross platform coop with the pc and mac steam cloud which allows you to save your ps3 progress and continue on your pc . Oh dint i mention ? if you puy the game for the ps3 you also get a code to download it for free on steam . FOR FREE PEOPLE so its not a complete waste of money is it ? VALVe i Expand
  50. Apr 25, 2011
    Easily one of the of the finest games I've played in a long time. Funny, inventive, challenging, memorable, great voice acting, and striking level design. Game of the year for sure.
  51. Apr 28, 2011
    This game is nothing short of fantastic, I stood up all night waiting for it to come out, and when it released... everyone on steam went mad. All my friends quickly started up the game and played for hours straight, and I did the same. I finished the game in 10 hours and the puzzles in Portal 2 are much harder than the first Portal, and I just love it. The ending is nothing short of Jaw-dropping, since it is completely un-expected, but i wont spoil it :D. The multiplayer is very funny also if you have a great friend if you want to play with, since you are always having to deal with the urge to kill your partner :D. There is so much about this game that I love, VALVE is showing the world that PC gaming is not dead! Expand
  52. May 6, 2011
    Not a bad game, but not a revolutionary step forward. It takes the same gameplay as the first Portal, expands it a little bit, and stretches the game time out a little. Even with co-op, I think the content is a little weak for the $60 price tag. The puzzles seem less aggravating as the first game - I never once had to read a walk-through online. But, now that it's beaten, I really don't have any inclination to pick it up and play again. Expand
  53. Apr 7, 2012
    Games that completely stimulates your mind are a rarity these days. When Portal came out, it was unlike anything I played. Portal 2 completely realises what Portal have achieved and expanded it into a full scale, mind boggling experience. Portal 2 is a one of a kind game. The simple controls, ingenious game mechanics, humorous storyline and overall mental satisfaction makes this game one of my favourites. Expand
  54. Apr 30, 2011
    Quite possibly the best game I have ever played. Don't listen to people who say its to short, or unfinished, or etc, because it is not. This game is perfect in just about every way, and worth closer to 100 dollars then 50.
  55. May 11, 2011
    Great quality. Not enough really complex puzzles though. The final puzzle was great, but I wish they would have added more that were equally complex.
  56. May 3, 2011
    A brilliant game made with amazing ideas, but lacking difficulty. Was I the only person that felt as if the game lacked? I felt like a little bit was missing when I completed the game. When I analyzed how the SP played, I figured out why. 1. The game is quite linear. As you progress, you begin to notice that if there is a white spot on the wall, you will more than likely have to use it to complete the puzzles. Most of them can only be done 1 way. 2. Gameplay never goes in depth. You never have to do anything nearly as difficult as the original Portal, which sometimes required quick reflexes, and double portal jumping. It seems as though the game is consolized a bit. I thought that by purchasing it on PC, I would be getting a better experience (minus graphics), but I found that to not be true because the responsiveness of a mouse and keyboard were not utilized throughout the game. You rarely have to incorporate more than 1 thing in order to solve a puzzle once you figure it out, and they begin to get easier to figure out as you progress due to the linear level design. The levels begin to lack variety and I never felt like it fully introduced me into using the gels as a way of solving levels. They felt more like they were introduced and left at that. You simply use them once a level and are done. 3. The game had too many loading screens which didn't help immerse me in the game. Sure, they were short, but very frequent, sometimes within a minute of each other. 4. Lack of Real-time destruction. The game nice scripted events that were very elaborate. Sadly, these grew tiresome to me toward the end of the game. I wanted to be able to break the glass myself (you can't). I wanted to pick up chairs and interact with broken glass shards (you can't). About the only thing you can interact with besides the main storyline things are cups.
    With the rant out of the way, I will say I was impressed with the storyline, and even the graphics in certain areas. The large scale of some of the maps were a nice change from the small rooms. The glass was the most realistic I have ever seen in a video game (sadly it is all scripted). The gels look amazing when put on high (on medium they look like floating pentagons). The vegetation looks like some of the most defined I have ever seen. The lighting and shadows were greatly improved to be close to the best I have seen (I have only played DX9 games). The ending was spectacular (although I can't remember the end-game song because I felt like it lacked a catchy tune). The coop ... well, that is interesting. It actually has some things the SP left out. When I complete a level on coop, I feel accomplished (unlike SP where I frequently said,"Is that it?"). The levels are more complex and require teamwork in order to complete them. The only problem with it is that I felt like the levels were a bit linear at times. Well, to wrap it up. I give the game a 9.3 due to the simple-minded, yet elegant SP and crisp coop. Hope you enjoyed reading and if you stayed this long I assume you agree with me.
  57. Apr 20, 2011
    I hate giving games 10/10, as I usually believe a game can always be better, but for me, Portal 2 really deserves it. To all those giving negative reviews, I think it's a little unjustified (unless you despise puzzle games, but even still, surely you can still appreciate it and see that it is a good game?) It irritates me when people complain that it's too short for a $50 game, when games such as Call of Duty are double the price (at least here in Australia), and half the length. And this game has coop, plus the satisfaction of knowing that Valve are the developers, aka, future free content. Secondly, to those saying that as it was 'finished' while users were unlocking it via the potato sack, Portal 2 was still being updated as event was going on. Have you seen TF2 recently? That's still being regularly updated, and is arguable not 'finished'. And the Potato sack saga was a fantastic way of drawing users into the hype, and advertising indie developers. Win Win. I'm not a rabid fan by any means, but when gamers whinge for the sake of whinging, it annoys me. I could talk about all the things I loved about it, but there are 742 other positive reviews that'll do the job just as well. Honestly, just buy it. Fantastic job here Valve, kudos to the development team. Expand
  58. Apr 27, 2011
    its a really good game, but its not THAT perfect as stated in the metacritic score. the 95 avg. is a hype score. it maybe deserves a 8.8 oder 9.0 but nothing higher that that. the game has a fantastic beginning and a fantasic ending, but in between it lacks a bit. its getting bored because you run from puzzle to puzzle without beeing really directed for one or two hours. that part was horrible and it was getting on my nerves. but as i mentioned.. overall a fantastisch game that deserves a 9 in my opinion (i'll give it a 9 because the beginning and the ending where one of the best things i ever saw in a video game. so the medicore part in the middle doesn't damage the game that much. with a better middlepart it would easily been a 10) Expand
  59. Jun 8, 2011
    A great game, certainly one of the best games ever made up till now. The fun factor is high, lots of humor, supreme art direction, great music, movie-like storyline, great graphics and sound. Another Valvian masterpiece indeed.
  60. Sep 6, 2011
    While improving on the length of the original game was not that difficult it also managed fairly well on producing more imaginative puzzles although this was expected. It is simply a game that did what i expected, it added more humour, became longer, had new and better puzzles, improved on the dialogue and graphics and was once again very fun as the original was but unlike the original it did nothing revolutionary. 8.5/10. Expand
  61. Jun 3, 2011
    I would rather score Portal 2 a 9.5 instead of just a straight 9, but whatever. This. Game. Is. Really. Good. Period. The plot is fantastic, the characters are well done, with the exception of the dude you encounter in the second section of the game. His jokes are kind of bland, and he is not characterized very well. But GLaDOS and Wheatley totally make up for it.
    The puzzles are good,
    but frustrating in a peculiar way. You'll struggle on one puzzle for a long time, then come to the sudden realization that the solution is really quite simple and you feel like an idiot for not seeing it. The Co-Op puzzles are much more challenging, thus more satisfying.
    It looks great, plays great, and the narrative is fantastic, especially the ending. The end song isn't nearly as good as "Still Alive" but it's still pretty damn good.
    All in all, you want this game. Do it for me. Or, if not for me, do it for the science.
  62. Apr 28, 2011
    This is a great game, and it is obvious that Valve put in a LOT of hard work. The effects are awesome, and the creativity is off the charts. Trolls are saying this is the same as Portal 1, and that is SO far from the truth it's unbelievable. Actually, I think that this game is not similar enough to the original. I loved this game, and basically played it straight through, but nevertheless the flaws really stood out to me. Firstly, it's WAY to goofy. The first one was funny, but it was subtle enough to not over do it. This one is in your face a fault. The jokes get old, and it negatively effects the main plot....since the main plot is based around the goofiness, which in my opinion is stupid. I don't like when it's hard to take a game seriously, and this game doesn't have an ounce of seriousness. Secondly, the puzzles are not as fun as in portal 1, often times being messy. I loved the streamlined clean-room puzzles in Portal 1, and there just aren't enough of them in this game. I don't want to say too much about me third problem with this game, because it has to do with the plot, but lets just say I did not like the role that GLADoS took in this game. All the being said, let me reiterate that this is a great game, and you will love it. It's just not quite what I was expecting. Oh, and multiplayer mode is AWESOME. To me, that is really where this game shines. Overall I would give this game an 8, but since all trolls early on tried to tarnish the scores, I'm going with a 10 to help balance it out. Valve is a great developer, and does not deserve this bull. Expand
  63. Aug 21, 2011
    Loved the first game. Loved the characters and the story. The puzzles were fun and just the right difficulty, where you might get stuck for 5-10 mins before realizing what to do. Loved this one!
  64. Dec 10, 2011
    Portal 2 is the all-time best puzzle game ever! It didn't take me long to finish it because I couldn't stop playing it. It is very addicting and one of the most hilarious games I can think of. I really can't think of anything bad to say about it, except it didn't really set itself up for a sequel, which would have been nice. It was a little slow, but that was only because I have Windows Vista, so that wasn't the game's fault. It had a good length, story, and had a great ending. Portal 2 is very quotable and memorable, although not very replayable. I wasn't a big fan of the online multiplayer mode, but I didn't take much time investing in it anyway. In video games, I usually get pretty irritated when I get stuck, but it wasn't like that in Portal 2 because of how interested I was in just figuring it out. This game is definitely worth buying off of Steam, because of the glory that you will eventually give it in time like I have. Expand
  65. Apr 25, 2011
    Portal 2 is definitely strong candidate for game of the year with its spot on pacing and great humor combined with excellent voice acting. I have heard that Wheatleys voice, but for me merchant is the perfect choice for the voice, reasons being revealed later in the game. Gameplay and portal physics are excellent as always, although the single player doesn't offer that much challenge. Luckily coop maps are more challenging and playing around with a friend is always fun, not mentioning now with portals!

    Only gripe i have with the game is the huge amount of coop altering merchandise. Luckily nothing alters the maps or gives you more tools, just the aesthetics of yourself. This is only a minor gripe though as i could never imagine myself buying something like that. Going to expect a lot more maps for portal 2 though as the way coop is right now, it doesn't offer much replay value.

    Valve wasn't far calling this the best single player game ever made. I do think though you need to combine portal 1 and 2 to compete with deus ex. Be it completely different genre or not.
  66. Apr 30, 2011
    I don't know why zero ratings are even allowed on Metacritic because the only people who choose them are trolls. Ten, on the other hand, is a rating reserved for the best of the best and Portal 2 is easily among them. Between the single player and co-op modes, it took me almost 12 hours to complete and I've already started a second playthrough. I feel like I got my money's worth ten times over.
  67. May 12, 2011
    Portal 2 is a good game, but I feel like I should open by saying it isn't worth the full $60 for console versions, nor $50 for PC. Although it does seem to go on sale regularly for around thirty to thirty five bucks and for that price its worth it. The game easily has many things working for it. The engine has received some polish and while it won't stand up to what Crytek is cranking out, the visuals are still very nice for the most part, and the environments are certainly more interesting and alive than the first game. This can also be counter-intuitive however as there are some points in the mid section of the game that put you in areas without a sense of direction, and leave you there until you find the 6'x6' area that you can toss a portal on to advance. Thankfully though those instances were rare for me, and the majority of the game proceeded at a decent pace. My first time run through the single player campaign took just under five hours, BUT -in my opinion- the game fluffs around a bit too much while introducing you to the new mechanics of the Gels (which come in three flavors: bouncy, speedy, and white which turns everything it touches into a portal-able surface). These chambers do introduce some backstory to the whole affair while letting you bounce and zip around, and they are pretty fun at first but became stale and repetitive somewhat fast.
    Oh, and speaking of story, it's honestly tied with the puzzles themselves on being the best part of the game. GLaDOS and Wheatley are both a riot, along with a couple new voices I can't say too much about without spoiling. Whenever I wasn't solving a puzzle I was being fed deeply engrossing and often hilarious dialog that I ate up whenever I could. The puzzles themselves I feel are a bit better designed than in portal one in my opinion, and revolve more around using pure ingenuity to solve rather than quick timing of a button press. Multiplayer will certainly add a whole new level to the puzzels as well, unfortunately I haven't gotten the chance to play the multiplayer challenges yet since no one I know has a copy themselves and I shy away from random match making online. Overall I think anyone who enjoyed Portal will enjoy Portal 2, unless they're bound and determined to find something at fault with it.
  68. May 9, 2011
    Here you have it. This game has a great chance of becoming the game of the year. The length of it isn't very impressive, but you know what I tend to say? Quality comes before quantity. And boy, if you knew the quality of this game.

    First of all, the single-player can be finished in between five and ten hours, depending on how fast you go, if you stay to listen at the hilarious dialogue
    the game has, and how much of a genius you are. It doesn't have too much of replayability, but it's likely that you play it twice. I'm at my second playthrough as of now, and I'm still enjoying it.
    The second part of the game is my favourite one. The co-op. I have always said that co-op makes any game better, and that still stands. But what valve gave me exceeded my highest expectations. I couldn't go anywhere without my friend, I couldn't achieve anything at all. I needed him as much as he needed me. A lot, that is. I loved it.

    With very loveable characters, a wonderful story and very original ideas, Valve once again shows us what they have to offer. And they only offer the best.
    So disregard the haters, and go buy the game. Because, you know what? Everything is fine here, Everything is more than fine.
  69. Apr 26, 2011
    great addition to vavle's amazing lineup. great characters and hilarious writing and not to mention that the final battle is incredible. if you liked portal one then you're sure as hell gonna like this, thanks again valve you genius bastards!
  70. May 17, 2011
    Superb game. Well paced single player experience, with the best storytelling, level design, art design, humour, dialogue and voice acting in a video game I can ever recall. And a terrific ending. While the game engine is starting to show its age, the game still looks very nice, with some fantastic special effects, and the direction and animation of the scripted events is spectacular. But how is it as a game? Truth be told, the game is a bit short at 8-10 hours for single player, and a further 4 hours or so for coop. However this is offset somewhat by the fact you will have a massive grin on your face the entire time. The single player puzzles are a tad on the easy side, with the game choosing to add new puzzle elements rather than ramp up the difficulty and complexity of puzzles. But it's always fresh and fun, and it's still hugely satisfying to solve. The coop missions are a bit more tricky, and it's very fun to bring about the demise of your partner in hilarious ways (eg carrying a turret around to shoot them with!), but nothing here is so difficult it will have you rage quitting. Sadly absent from this game are the challenge chambers from the first game. Once you've finished the game, there's little incentive to go back, except to experience the excellent voice acting over again, or to find new ways to 'accidently' destroy your partner in coop. Plus you can only resume the game from a save point, there's no option to skip back to individual chapters or test rooms in the single player game. The DLC is limited to overpriced customizations for your coop 'bots, so don't waste your time there. Plus it's just downright rude to sell DLC from day 0. Any content available from day 0 should be in the game that's shipped, it's cheap to try and gouge customers of more cash from the beginning. I do hope that new challenge chambers or more 'parallel' adventures will be released for Portal 2 in a future update, the game really suffers in longevity because of it. How about a random test chamber generator? But niggles aside, Portal 2 is the best gaming experience I've had for a long, long time. It could have had more bells and whistles, but it's still worth 10/10. Expand
  71. Apr 25, 2011
    It's got everything that I expected it to have and much, much more, such as... a loading screen between every single level! Huzzah! Oh.. wait... no. I almost forgot that I LOATH loading screens with the passion of a thousand blazing suns!! Seriously, ya think they could have come up with a more clever way of loading each level. Maybe something like, oh I dunno, using opaque windowlessâ
  72. Jun 14, 2011
    Good lord! Its gooooood stuff.

    I have yet to be disappointed with Valve. They seem cheery, good-humoured and understanding. Steam works well and practically gives games away sometimes. The Half-Life series have charm as well as a bit of brains. Left 4 Dead is just stupidly good fun. TF2 is like-wise. Portal is one of the best games ever created. Portal 2 is more of the same. Simply put,
    Valve have tried to scale a massive mountain of possible fan service and bringing over-all quality at the same time. Through flogging beta-testers over and over - According to the Developers Commentary (which is done better in this game by playing along side the main game) - they've shaved and polished everything to a shine. To the point where I swear the game plays better on my piddly little laptop than the original. Single Player is captivating, if not overly taxing on the old brains. I put that down to the fact that I've gone over the last game a few times and gotten rather used to that. People have complained that this game is easy but it might be more because of how well the last game trained you. Vary rarely did anyone I know spend particularly long trying to figure out how to get some where. Like a flying squirrel crossed with an acrobat, people were just flinging themselves in the general direction. Portal 2 actually made me have to stop and figure things out. Not for too long but I still had to stop and think (It could easily have been me being thick as I turned in circles, never really seeing the solution anywhere). A few of the puzzles had me completely stumped but it doesn't quite feel like Portal 2's main aim. Take that how you want but I'm happy with the fact that the game takes you into the absurd backstage of Aperture Science. While Portal Technology is perfectly reasonable for moving things around, they like to use a horribly complicated system of pipelines. Why demolish your previous labs when burying them below your new ones is a much better idea? Valve have placed a greater, eccentric charm on every place it can for the laboratories that brought you a weight-loss pudding that would make food bounce out of your body. Its treat to find all the idiosyncrasies that'll raise a smile or tell a tragic tail.

    Steve Merchant, the best mate of Ricky Gervais, plays Wheatley: a personality core that's bumbling, cheery and has an English accent. He will be your partner as you do battle and science with the re-awakened GlaDos. All characters, limited they maybe, are full of charm and excellent writing. Some of the best lines come from both Wheatley and GlaDos. Co-op has wrongly gotten a lot of stick too. Lets get this out of the way: the hats are optional. The damn are for sale if you truly want them, as well as new flags for the robots and new gestures. If anything, its more of a tip for Valve. If you enjoyed the game, throw them a few quid to say 'thank you'. They could do some good with it. Even if its another 1to 1 scale model of the Engineer's Turret...

    The Robot's are charming. Gromit from 'Wallace and Gromit' kind of charm, if that helps. Both of them are largely mute, communicating through gestures and weird noises. While they do show more personality in the trailers, they are allowed to express their little Laurel and Hardy inspired friendship through the adorable hugs and hi-fives they give them. As for gameplay, the most difficult puzzles lurk here. With two portals, your expected to do more and to do it safely twice. There are two of you trying to get through the course now. While any kind of story gets a massive back seat, mainly because its largely done in the main game, in favour of GlaDos' input and puzzles. It can either cause arguments or it can cement a bond between those playing. Its entertaining and challenging how the game places the safety of one player in the hands and skill of another. You have to work together or you will fail. We also have free DLC heading our way at some point. Its not certain what that DLC will contain but its a nice bit of frosting on an already rich game.
  73. Apr 28, 2011
    In trying to be completely unbiased about this review I tried to focus on the good/bad parts of this game and here they are. Bad: Entirely too short. You don't get to see the use of the gels in a complex puzzle in the single player game. I really wanted to see the complex puzzles we saw in trailers that we saw early on about the game. Bad: The loading screens between EVERY puzzle level (they are often less than 30 seconds, but still)
    Bad: Crashes to desktop. I don't know who is to blame, the graphics card companies or Valve but check the internet, there are many people with unexplained crash-to-desktop (CTD) issues
    Bad: An experienced gamer will have no problem finishing this in one day. Kind of wish you could choose a difficulty to extend the experience.
    Bad: The price. Honestly, what is with companies pushing the boundaries of PC game prices. Leave the $50-60 price tags for the suckers on consoles who pay more for a game with dumb-downed graphics. The game is good, but not for $50.
    Bad: Along the same vein as the price issue, no re-playability after you complete single player and co-op. Again, too expensive for the limited re-playability
    Bad: The ending song was better from the original.
    Good: Although there were some areas I was saying "What the f*&% !", most of it was based on the techniques you have learned so far (e.g, portal momentum on angled walls). Good: The storyline and voice acting. If you enjoy a good storyline to accompany an entertaining game, then you will love this game. It is really funny, and not the stupid-gotta-see-it-more-than-once-to-be-funny-Will-Ferrel-crap, it is well written. My memorable part "I'm going to try a manual override", then you are brought crashing through a wall. Good: Well polished game and physic mechanics that makes you admire how games really should be done (are you watching EA, Ubisoft, and other big game developers!)
    Good: At a price tag under $35, this game is a steal. Until then, it just depends if you will shell out the cash now, or wait till later. It isn't a question of should, but a question of when.
  74. Jun 7, 2011
    Genial. Un digno sucesor de Portal. Aunque Valve tenga algunos defectos, hay que reconocer que cuando se sientan a trabajar crean obras maestras. Además, ya han anunciado DLC gratuito para este verano (mientras otros recortan partes vitales del juego para revenderlas como DLC exclusivo para cierta consola).
  75. Apr 25, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is definitely game of the year, not only because it has a great gameplay, but also it has a good design, sound and plot.

    The story starts out with Wheatley trying to escape with Chell, while accidentally woke up GLaDOS, and later exchange GLaDOS's head with Wheatley, only to make Aperture Science in danger of exploding. While trying to exchange Wheatley with GLaDOS, GLaDOS found out that she was Caroline. After the reunion with Wheatley, Chell shot one Portal to the moon, and got Wheatley sucked into Space, and Chell leaved from Aperture Science. With Companion Cube.
    The story is great, with the twist that Wheatley is actually evil rather than friendly, and especially some part in the story, like Portal to the Moon, GLaDOS = Caroline, Reunion with Companion Cube, etc.
    Compared to the previous game, this game has quite a lot of new elements and new design, like main menu, Robot enrichment(TF2 loadout similar), Gels, Excursion Funnel, etc. While the levels are not really hard, it takes a while to find out, and has brilliant designs.

    While the game is so impressive, I don't know why quite some people are Foolishly rate the game bad, with bad or stupid reasons, like Dull level design(Boone), insufferably boring gameplay(Ravensroke), weak ending(bobreviews). Really? I don't find these problems. It's sad that those people hate this game, but it doesn't make the fact that this game doesn't deserve low or medium score.
  76. Apr 26, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. How could anyone mark this lower than a 10? It's a fantastic game, extremely fun, and unique. Amazing atmosphere. I wished there were more tie ins to HL3 but it'll do. Expand
  77. Apr 23, 2011
    After playing for a while I came to this conclusion. Portal 2 is one of the best games Valve has made. Adds more to the story and more game mechanics. The humor in this game is side splitting but really shows its self in the co-op mode.My only complaint is the in game store which allows you to purchase items like hats and skins which doesn't offer an bonuses other than the cool factor among your friends.But otherwise well worth every penny and I look forward to what Valve will do with further updates. Expand
  78. Sid
    May 9, 2011
    Makes the original look like a prototype. Valve has certainly done it again, and how.Portal 2 delivers in all the ways one can think of, and then some.Don't go on the baseless reviews with 0's,Portal 2 is definitely more challenging, more fun and much more portal-y than ever before.
  79. May 1, 2011
    For a sequel based on admired portal 1, Portal 2 is a very noble sequel.Lots of potential came from the original idea of first game that were untouched.and in this game we see some of them(not all) in a very good way of use all around the tricks like gels that changed the whole gameplay are so credible.and not just the existence of them,that their pervade in missions shows us a very good mind(and will) for makin' this game as a real valve's new game.the exact moment that your going to say oh its enough,you'll see a new element that injects to gameplay and somehow change it all.
    but sometimes we can see maker was empty of ideas,that time we see they cheat to push us very big map with mystify puzzles and bad path finding,yes they are cheats from maker!

    and co-op...nothing more to add but i assure you,,,you will experience a new brand entertainment with portal 2 co-op.a real hell with good timing rule!
  80. Apr 27, 2011
    Absolutely awesome story and dialogues in single player campaign and great co-op campaign on top of that. I was very skeptical about Portal 2 at first, but I did buy it in the end, and definitely don't regret it. The dialogues are a masterpiece, and one of these things you remember for years.
  81. Jul 7, 2011
    Portal 2 is great fun - it really is. The issue that I have is that it's too much, and at the same time too little.
    First the good - it's clever, it's funny, it's got a great story and it's gorgeously designed. Every level is beautiful, everything aspect of the game is polished to a shine.
    But for a full-price game it just doesn't have enough content or replay value. I'm sorry, what it has
    is outstanding, but 6-8 hours to play through it does not justify $50. This is not to say that the game should be longer, however, which brings me to my next quibble: as short as it was, it actually felt too long. What was great about Portal was its perfect length and pacing. It was over before you were tired of it. As much fun as Portal 2 is, there's only so much you can do with the concept, and what you can do is make about 4 hours of awesome fun.
    Overall, though, it's a great game, and if you find it for under $40 you couldn't make a better purchase for your money.
  82. Jul 20, 2011
    This is a great game. If you are on a Mac be aware that there are two bugs (swinging walls with no passage and portal in another wall that doesn't take) at the beginning of Chapter 5 that prevents moving forward. You need the cheat (contact Steam or get the online cheat commands because they don't know why it is happening) to move through the wall so you can progress further. If you don't know this can be very frustrating, took me 3 weeks to get past this point. Expand
  83. Apr 30, 2011
    Portal 2 is quite simply damn near perfect! Incredibly entertaining. Most definitely the funniest gaming experience I've ever had. The voice acting is bar none the best I've ever experienced. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and knowing VALVe, I know there is much more to come. That being said, my first of two real complaints are the total length of the actual campaigns, which, knowing VALVe, will be remedied with multiple free DLC packages that will most likely end up doubling, if not tripling, the total amount of content the game has to offer, and much of this content will most likely be fine tuned to meet the fans' wishes(VALVe is great like that!) which basically nullifies my first complaint. My second complaint is that the game was at times much too easy, again, I'm sure that VALVe will feed us some much tougher content in the coming months, but I think it would have been a great idea to incorporate a difficulty setting right off the bat, in the form of a sort of "realism mode"(sort of like L4D2), where you can choose to eliminate all the visual cues, the hints, etc. I have never given a perfect score to any game, and while I do not really believe it deserves a perfect 10(yet), I will score it so for lack of other options seeing as I believe it deserves a 9.5. Long live VALVe! ~ PS: Hated seeing a bunch of really negative reviews within 3-4 hours of release, these trolls and haters were ranting on about a game they could not have possibly finished within that time frame. Is there no way to ban such people from giving reviews? Expand
  84. Apr 21, 2011
    In short; Portal 2 is a funny, entertaining, and delightfully challenging game well worth anyone's time.

    The Game has a great sense of humor and undeniable charm to it. It balances great atmosphere, memorable characters, witty writing, and always changing but never dull gameplay. It's truly a work of art how well everything is weaved and balanced together, and is easily the best game of
    the year so far.

    The one downside I can think about it is that it has very little replay value. While other full priced games such as Gears of War might have a single player campaign as long as if not shorter than Portal 2's, at least it offers a variety of difficulty levels and a competitive multi-player. While Portal 2 does offer co-op, there is very little incentive to replay it after beating it once.

    If you played and loved Portal 1, I don't think you would regret paying full price for this. If you're interested but not sure if you will like the game, I would say wait for a few price drops. Regardless of the price though, it is a great game to experience.
  85. Apr 20, 2011
    If anyone tries to tell you Portal 2 isn't a good game, stop them right there, run to your nearest game store, and buy it right away. It's absolutely fantastic. The original 2007 title was amazing, but this is just so much better, with so many new additions and a much larger scale. It's also a lot tougher than the previous game, so be prepared for a brain-twisting challenge. One of the best games of 2011 thus far... It's official, Valve officially knows how to make a good game. The proved it with Half-Life, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and now with a sequel to Portal, so it's safe to say we can all trust them to being a great developer. Expand
  86. Apr 26, 2011
    The game is not flawless, but it is perfect. If you don't want to buy at $49.99 that's understandable, but make sure you do buy it eventually. It is a must play game.
  87. Apr 30, 2011
    Excellent game which will keep you interested right until the end. The new resources available to you add to the already innovative first game as do the new characters (Steven Merchant is superb) - If you don't laugh your head off at some of the comments Crippen wasn't guilty.
    I have two complaints. Some of the puzzles could have been made more difficult (only two gave me any trouble at
    all) and the game is short. OK it's not that short by today's standards but add to this that the game has almost no replayabilty value and you have a few hours entertainment for £30. Valve could have easily got an extra mark from me by putting in the challenges from the first game (least portals, steps etc) - why they didn't is a mystery (DLC maybe). This would have extended the playtime significantly.

    If you like puzzles, a decent story and some excellent humour all rolled into one this is a must play. Just depends how much you want to pay for it.
  88. Apr 27, 2011
    Nice game. But not a game which should get a clear 10 out of 10. This score is for legendary groundbraking historical games defining gaming like Half Life 2, WoW (deal with it, it was groundbraking and changed the history of gaming), maybe Baldurs gate 2, Ocarina of Time and so on... I dont see this Influence and general feeling here, so its an 8 for a "normal" perfect game.
  89. Apr 20, 2011
    Co-op is awesome. Solo campaign is more fun than anything Call of Duty has done since 4. Don't listen to the haters, extra cosmetic DLC does NOT make a game bad. If you loved Portal 1, you'll love this.
  90. Jun 1, 2011
    I honestly don't know what else you could ask of this game. It's fun, smooth, and polished. The single player campaign is affecting, and the co-op campaign is both fun and challenging without being frustrating. Some harder maps would be welcome, but that's just a bid to extend the experience; I don't think they're necessary. I felt that it would be impossible to equal the original Portal's greatness, but Valve has managed it. Expand
  91. Apr 22, 2011
    I loved every second of this game, from start till end it was just an amazing experience, including the most epic ending ive ever seen in my very long gaming life. Portal 2 is simply a masterpiece, game that will most likely be a good candidate for this years Game of the Year.
  92. Apr 20, 2011
    GAME OF THE YEAR... so far anywayz. I dont know what all the hate is about seriously get over it. This game is an absolute masterpiece, one of the first games make me laugh so much that i had to pause the game, perfect gameplay and sharp story well done valve, wel done sir!!!
  93. Apr 21, 2011
    Everything in Portal 2 is awesome. Gameplay is even better than in the original, graphics are better.... There is always something going on in maps, so many small details. Anyone who gave this red score is a troll or hater or insane or something.
  94. Apr 22, 2011
    Just finished the game and... wow, just.. wow ! It's funny, it"s engaging, sometimes makes you think real hard, but then, when you are getting frustrated it almost instantly cheers you up with a hilarious joke. Both the old and new mechanics work really great and even for new players who missed (If you did, it's a crime you should be in jail.. or at least testing with GLaDOS.). The graphics and music are great, and the voice acting is awesome, Ellen McLain and Stephen Merchant did a great job. 10/10 without question! Collapse
  95. Apr 30, 2011
    This game proves one thing and one thing only: You don't need blood, violence, and language to make a great game. Portal 2 is probably the game of the year SO FAR. The characters are likable, the story is funny, and it's not stop fun. If you never played Portal 1, then you should so yo can understand the mechanics and the story of the game, but it'll take you an afternoon to complete the first one. The Co-op is amazing. Valve proved me once again that they are the best game developers on planet earth. Valve, since you got Portal 2 out of your hands, it's about time to make Half-Life 2: Episode 3! Expand
  96. Apr 22, 2011
    I'm seeing a lot of negative reviews and it's making me very sad. This is a beautiful game, it is an excellent game. It exceeded my expectations. I see the most common complaints are the â
  97. May 4, 2011
    Brilliant game, Valve once again have shown why they are such a game-making powerhouse. The game is based on an already tested idea in half-life series and first portal, with only necessary tweaks done to vary the gameplay. So, basically we have the more the same but better. The strongest point of Portal two is definitely its narration and story presented. GLADOS and Whetley banter, hilarious black-humorous Announcer, an addition of retro Cave Jonhson lies the true power of Valve, because playing is said before, Portal with tweaks. In reality, the only low points of the game and the reason why some of hot headed reviewers gave game bad reviews, are not-so-long playing time. Nothing of big concern, the story is quite long, wraps itself nice and you feel only a little regret that it is over, but not, for example, an anger that you played while eating dinner and it was suddenly over. The second lowdown are simple ,as for part two of already developed idea, puzzles. On a commentary track authors actually admitted that it was intentional not make game too hard. With the first game, it wouldn't be a problem, but with a second release, there must be expectations to have some more sophisticated challenges. Saying as saying, those two arenâ Expand
  98. Aug 25, 2011
    Best game I've played yet. If someone asked me what was my favourite movie I'd almost say Portal 2, just because it's a movie-like experience with many details everywhere. The game is short but extremely detailed in it's lenght.
  99. May 15, 2011
    Graphics are OK. The game can be easily maxed out with a mid-range GPU. Dialogues are excellent, guaranteed to crack you up. Sound effects are very crisp and fits well within the environment. Never saw any game breaker bugs or whatsoever. A game that requires me to use my brain? Oh yes, it deserves nothing less than a 10/10.
  100. May 11, 2011
    If it was an option then this game would easily be getting a 9.5, because it is a brilliant mix of comedy, and ingenuity. The beginning is yourr first taste of what to come, and it starts off on a high note and gets you laughing at the comedy that has made many fans of this game series. But when you reach the puzzles is whenthe game really shows of its capabilities as a puzzle game. The puzzles are interesting, but never beyond your ability, and they truly do help you start "thinking with portals." Sadly, however, puzzles and comedy are not the only parts to this game. As you progress you see longer transitions between puzzles that try to be puzzles themselves but are really just a test of your observational abilities as you search for a far off wall that allows for portals. Another point is that after every puzzle there is a loading screen. This made sense for portal 1 because it was forced beside 4 other games in the orange box, but portal 2makes these loadings seem unexplainable. Luckly, the loads are in a spot that seem natural and do not affect gameplay. This review was only for singleplayer. Multiplayer looks to be more of the same but you are more limited trying to find a friend who has not played it before you lest you lose the ability to figure out the puzzles yourself, but I am satisfied with the single experience alone, so it is worth reviewing alone, though I cannot wait to try coop puzzles. Expand
  101. Apr 22, 2011
    Just finished the game and... wow, just.. wow ! It's funny, it"s engaging, sometimes makes you think real hard, but then, when you are getting frustrated it almost instantly cheers you up with a hilarious joke. Both the old and new mechanics work really great and even for new players who missed (If you did, it's a crime you should be in jail.. or at least testing with GLaDOS.). The graphics and music are great, and the voice acting is awesome, Ellen McLain and Stephen Merchant did a great job. 10/10 without question! Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 52 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 51 out of 52
  2. Negative: 0 out of 52
  1. Oct 20, 2011
    Almost as good as the first one. Main reasons are lack of cake, unfunny Wheatley and slightly boring one-solution middle-levels. Otherwise Portal 2 is as clever as it is well written. And now Half-Life 2: Ep 3, please. [May 2011]
  2. Oct 6, 2011
    The graphics may not be of the same caliber of other AAA titles, and the story may falter from time to time, but those are paltry excuses not to experience one of the best current generation games around.
  3. Jun 13, 2011
    A hilarious slice of gaming glory. [July 2011, p.92]