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  1. Apr 19, 2011
    Simply the best Valve game ever. It took the brilliance and innovation of Portal and formed it into an actual full fledged title.

    Proof that Valve still dominates PC gaming and knows how to bring the public high quality titles.
  2. Apr 19, 2011
    I really don't understand what's with all these bad reviews. Maybe they're trolls who can't stand that this is an EXCELLENT GAME and that DRAGON AGE 2 SUCKS. Deal with it and move on. Yes PC gamer prefers Portal 2 and gave it an editor's pick unlike DA 2. Well, this is an absolutely amazing game and nobody should miss it. doubt it? read the reviews! how could it be bad with some many 100s? 10/10
  3. Apr 19, 2011
    Pay no attention to the negative reviews, this is still a fantastic, funny, mind-bending experience that will go down in history. It takes all the good things about the first, and multiplies them, and also adds a handful of innovations. Game of The Year so far
  4. Apr 19, 2011
    So, I haven't finished the game yet, but I've played a good 2 hours worth and I must say that this game has met all of my expectations so far. Did I mention I've played for 2 hours and still not done? Instead of the 30-60 minutes Portal 1 offered? Valve definitely put a good amount of time into this game. Graphics are just as good as the ones seen on youtube in HD and most, if not all, of the glitches have been taken out of the game. Overall, (so far), Awesome game, definitely worth your money. If your not convinced, go watch all those demo vids on youtube that Valve probably stopped deleting. Expand
  5. Apr 19, 2011
    What is with all the Trolls and haters? Finished the game in 4 hours? Did you cheat? Are you just lying? Why are there so many (or so few, but with lots of accounts and too much free time) people with apparent vendettas against Valve? The "DLC" that these whiners are crying about in no way affects game play. They are hats and little dances for Co-Op mode. If you don't want them, don't buy them. It almost seems like they were put in as a joke anyway. Did these crybabies even try the Co-Op mode? As for the game engine, if they would trade in their 15" CRT monitors for something a little bigger and newer, they could see the game with a better resolution. Also, while you're at it, plop down another $50 to get a decent budget video card so you can play at something above minimum. And finally, as for a console port: Clearly, these trolls have not ever played an actual console port, such as Borderlands.

    Overall, i think Valve has outdone themselves once again. Yes, there has been some hype, but not enough to warrant this kind of "backlash".
  6. Apr 19, 2011
    OK, i've played 30 minutes this morning... But in this time i've had much more fun than in the whole 12 hours i've played Dragon Age 2 so far...
    I was sceptical if it would live up to the fantastic first part, but it definitively seems so...
  7. Apr 19, 2011
    This game was great. Some of the poor reviews have legitimate gripes, although the majority seem to be by people who a) don't get that its a puzzle game and expect some kickass story with awesome ending b) have difficulty solving puzzles c) got super hyped up and as usual dissapointed because it's not battlefield 3 with portal guns d) chucking a tanty over optional dlc that adds no value to the game.
    Giving this 10 out of 10 to save it from the retards of the world.
  8. Apr 19, 2011
    It's got everything that I expected it to have and much, much more, such as... a loading screen between every single level! Huzzah! Oh.. wait... no. I almost forgot that I LOATH loading screens with the passion of a thousand blazing suns!! Seriously, ya think they could have come up with a more clever way of loading each level. Maybe something like, oh I dunno, using opaque windowless elevators like they did in Portal 1??

    But, I digress. Ya know, when a few extra loading screens is the only reasonable imperfection that you can find in an otherwise perfect game, then you know you've got yourself a pretty damn epic piece of software. And portal 2 is epic. It's also extremely well polished. I dare speculate that the entire active bug list might fit on one sheet of paper, single sided, and double spaced. Other than a really minor sound stutter at the end of some levels, I've yet to run into anything even resembling a bug.

    There's nothing else to say. Valve's crew stuck to the formula and created a squeal that is not only worthy of the original, but also strong enough to stand entirely on its own. Portal 2 is a shoe-in for Game of the Year. This game is a home run in anyone's book.

    Bravo, Valve! Bravo.
  9. Apr 19, 2011
    Vivid Environments, Stunning Storytelling and an immense immersion of humour in what is the best of valves collection to date. Portal 2 has bumped the valve franchise up a notch with this co-op/single player First Person Puzzler (FPP), Its extremely enjoyable and lived up to the reputation as have all the Half-Life Series. Hopefully Episode three is tied up in with this story line somewhere.

    In a short Summation: "Kick-Ass"

    Valve has broken the tension between waiting for games to be made with this stunning work of art, yes, this game I would highly recommend to the gaming community. If you like the original Portal or Half-Life series, you will enjoy this TENFOLD!

    Have fun, Immerse yourselves.
  10. Apr 19, 2011
    I created an account on Metacritic just to make a review for this game to counter all of the **** that it's been unjustly receiving. Portal 2 is a great game. You'll play it and love it for its story, clever puzzles, top notch voice acting, and creativity. People are being stupid and butt-hurt because they expected the game to end world hunger and cure cancer, and now they're **** about it because they've forgotten to have fun while playing a video game.

    Play Portal 2. It's a hell of a lot of fun, and if you don't think so, you need to reexamine your definition of fun.
  11. Apr 20, 2011
    Just to warn you people, I have realized that there are groups of people who are in "teams" to bash a certain group, or these who made troll bots to make any games look bad. It has been heard by many that most of the "anticipated" games have these terrible 0's and 1's. So here is the general metacritic public review rules to follow. ALWAYS ignore scores from 0-4. A game getting a 0-4 is impossible, unless the game itself is completely unplayable from the beginning of the game, the soundtracks are terrible, and the UIs are also terrible. (Gameplay includes anything in-game). DO NOT take 10's very seriously. Most of the times when people gives 10, it is from the hype that they just played it. HOWEVER, some games DO deserve the score 10. Just like Portal 2, it deserves the full mark, 10.


    The only legit reviews are these reviews that take an in-dept view of the gameplay, storyline, soundtrack, graphics and etc. Anything outside these are not an accurate review. Now time for my own review. This game, I can only say is one of the most brilliant game that I've played in so many years. It has been too long ever since a game producing company has made a game that really focuses on storyline and dialog. After playing this, I noticed how Half-Life 2 looked so small compared to this. Any games out looked so small and unrivaled to this ultimated game. When ValvE says its they best game ever created, then it is the best game ever created. There is no game that outmatches the storyline of this game. While challenging indeed, they give you lines of dialog time by time to keep you active in-game. There are no timed pressured **** like some other games give. This is one of these games where you could relax, and make you brain fry depending on your intelligence. Thats singleplayer without spoil. Now about the co-op. I should say, co-op is a total brilliance. Unless you chose a terribly wrong partner, there wouldn't be any raging over why can't you do this and this. Rather than single player, co-op actually require you to think way out of the box. Of course, for creators, it is a pretty easier job to create a puzzle, but as more puzzles you solve, the harder it gets, even for the creator. I recommend you to play sp first before mp. The only reason is because there is s correlation between these 2 game modes. The graphics, it might not be a beast graphic, but I tell you, for a ten years old engine, they make some terribly good graphics. Every single textures are so clean, and the weapons are so shiny that you actually want to lick the **** out it. There are no major changes is game mechanics as it only gets better from the first one. And about the DLC ****. These are trolls. Don't listen to them. These of you who are new to valve's multiplayer such as TF2, they require you to pay for specific items you can get ( which doesn't affect gameplay) to customize yourself. However, it must be noted that these items can be gained for free by playing quite a lot of times. So don't waste your money there. Or, if you want support valve to make a better DLC, then do so. Portal 2 DLC comes out after L4D2 DLC. Also, just one reminder, don't rush the game. Go slowly and try to enjoy it. Total gaming hours including co-op: 15 Hours. Replayability: If your going for achievements -> Tons If your the type that just wants to play again -> about 3-5 times. And Im probably sure, when DLC comes out, the fun just increases so much more.

    Also to remind you, valve's DLCs are always free for PC. PS3 and XBOX360s are sometimes uncertain due to these corrupted company. But as far as I know, both console will have free DLC and PS3 now also supports steam, thus giving flexibility between PS3 and PC gaming.
  12. Apr 19, 2011
    Ignore all the whiners on here. Same as always with a Valve release you have people complaining about everything except the game itself. If you loved Portal, you'll love Portal 2. If you come here for the reviews (that is what this site is about right?) you'll notice most everyone loves it as well. It's funny, engaging, and one of the best co-op experiences you'll ever play. Don't want the DLC? Don't buy it. Expand
  13. Apr 19, 2011
    Excellent game, with some pretty unique puzzles in there that can take a while to complete.
    It's still rather short however.
    And I don't understand all the downvotes from DLC. It's not like they're holding out half the game on you. All you don't get is a few little optional extras that don't change the game in the slightest. The game isn't perfect, but could you honestly pick anything
    pettier to complain about? Collapse
  14. Apr 19, 2011
    First off, the DLC is OPTIONAL and it is very obviously just hats and stuff for co-op, if you feel the need to buy such things. NO ONE IS MAKING YOU BUY IT. Secondly the single player campaign is a good length, 3 times as long as the original and if you rush through it, you will miss so much the game has to offer. I found myself sitting still and listening or watching things going on because the game is so detailed and layered in terms of scripted background events and the dialogue itself is Class A comedy. Stephen Merchant and JK Simmons shine here. I feel like the game dragged in the middle, the new game play elements were hit and miss, the paint levels being somewhat more frustrating than they should have been but otherwise the level design is tight and smart. Really looking forward to the level editor. Load times have to be my biggest grievance against the game but when it does so much else right, I'll begrudge it these small issues.

    Buy the game, ignore the DLC if you want, find a friend and play the co-op. And most of all, enjoy the game. Not many comedies are as funny as it and very few games are as intelligent.
  15. Apr 19, 2011
    I'm writing this review purely to offset the uncalled for bashing against this game.
    Not to spoil the experience for those enjoying the game right now, let me tell you, you won't be disappointed. It's a shame to see people getting so upset over an optional DLC which adds little other than non-essential cosmetic changes. These reviews are exaggerated to say the least! If you enjoyed Portal
    1 then you will most definitely enjoy Portal 2. Expand
  16. Apr 19, 2011
    The best game Valve has ever made. The single player is short but perfectly written. The new game play elements are amazing, making every puzzle unique. The voice acting is probably the best I've ever seen in a video game. Valve has done it again.
  17. Apr 19, 2011
    I haven't completed it yet, but so far it's much, much better than I expected. Obvious GOTY.
    The characters are the most compelling I've ever experienced in any game, and tough the ending was spoiled by a stupid leak (why on earth didn't Valve just release this when it was done?), it seemed like a really good one.
    I won't give it full score, though, as the DLC **** HAS to stop.
  18. Apr 19, 2011
    Simply amazing.

    The game easily improves everything in the old one.

    The characters are great, the environments are varied, gameplay is fun and has a lot of twists with the different gels and stuff.

    co op mode is a blast, and easily the most fun Ive had online this year (Even better than Magicka).

    If you loved Portal 2, youll love this even more.
  19. Apr 19, 2011
    This game didn't really live up to the amount of hype created. It seems like a quick buck for valve to found episode 3. The gameplay has been improved from the original and the graphics+sound are superior even though it's on the source engine as well. I found the early puzzles to be amusing but hardly challenging, yet as the game progresses the difficulty is increased largely after the 13th area. Overall it was a worthwhile game but did not live up to the massive amount of hype it created. Expand
  20. Apr 19, 2011
    The big stink behind portal 2's low user reviews score is due to the fact that valve was charging outrageous amounts of money for cosmetic dlc. That being you said you don't have to buy it and it is a fantastic game outside of that and Valve has always done a good job of pleasing its fans. Don't buy the dlc if you don't want it, the game itself is fantastic as is.
  21. Apr 19, 2011
    Easily the best game I've played so far this year; all of the writing is excellent, especially the parts with Cave Johnson. The level design is very typical of Valve, very well executed and detailed with careful attention to even the littlest bits of foliage. The ending is apparently very easy to misinterpret, as I've seen quite a few people posting about how a sequel is inevitable but I really can't see that happening. Portal 2 actually wraps up the Aperture storyline quite nicely in my opinion, but we'll see.

    The game is definitely pretty lengthy compared to the first one, sporting two separate campaigns; Valve has publicly stated that the single player campaign is three times the length of the original, while the campaign for the co-op times at about twice the length of the original; having five times the content at a little over double the price seems like a very fair and generous trade off to me :)

    Ignore the hate and definitely check this title out if you're a Valve fan, you won't be disappointed. It's a shame a solid game can't be released anymore without a flood of miscreants who haven't even played the game rating it at a 0/10. Mais, c'est la vie~
  22. Apr 19, 2011
    Portal 2 is a 6 - 8 hour game, with another 6 - 8 hour co-op campaign, in total making this around 14 hours long. The game offers the opportunity to buy small vanity items for your co-op characters, however these have no affect on gameplay and are entirely optional. The ending isn't a cliffhanger, more of an open-ending. If anything, it wraps up the plot more than leaves you waiting for more.
    People are judging this game a bit too harshly, this really is up to Valve standard, and was definitely worth the wait.
  23. Apr 19, 2011
    Noh my god this is the best game ever this is in no way a strawman account used to artificially inflate the user score since certain grassroots nintendrones and xbots have conspired to spread libel to soothe their butthurt. You can type it here, but not there.
  24. Apr 19, 2011
    All these low reviews must have not bought the DLC. I bought the DLC as soon as I heard about it, it makes the game so much better. I've been telling all my friends to buy the full DLC pack, and I encourage you to do the same. Great game. Thanks, Valve.
  25. May 27, 2011
    Just a 10 of 10.. brilliant humor and fantastic and challenging levels.. something for the brain and soul! No bugs/problems during gameplay (three times) and multiplayer co-op. Everything i expect from a game
  26. Apr 19, 2011
    Absolutely no problems with this game. The puzzles are fun, yet take a lot of thinking. The sound is crisp and nice. The graphics are the graphics you expect from Valve's Source Engine, with a bit more detail. The whole concept of Aperture Science all abandoned and with a lot of vegetation growth only adds to the atmosphere. The story is confusing at first, but you'll pick up. Don't let the other user reviews let you think otherwise, this game is amazing. If you're new to Portal though, I suggest you play the first one then the second one. There's no DLC with this game at all, just some cosmetic skins for Co-Op. The skins change no game play and just add for decoration. This game deserves the score it got, it's fantastic. Expand
  27. Apr 19, 2011
    Another wonderful masterpiece brought to you by VALVe. This is A+ quality, well worth the $50 bucks.
    Everything looks so good in this game, the source engine seems to have evolved, it looks prettier than ever.
    If you liked the first installment of Portal, i'm sure you'll love Portal 2 with passion.
  28. Apr 19, 2011
    I think this game is brilliant! Nevertheless, I have only played it for three hour now, it's simply fantastic! The puzzles haven't lost their challenge and the plot seems to be again interesting. Co-op mode will surely add more complexity to the game like new pro- and repulsion gels. Some have complained about DLCs but as far as I understand, they're purely cosmetic and won't change gameplay or -mechanics. Expand
  29. Apr 19, 2011
    Let me preface this by saying I could give less than two **** about the DLCs. I didn't even know they existed to begin with. Since I just finished the single player campaign, I feel ready to write this review. Why? Because honestly, the single player campaign was awesome. Ridiculously varied from the first game and insanely brilliant puzzles. A lot of people are complaining about the
    "Please don't turn off your console" dialogue that shows up when you are saving. I don't understand how people can be so immature about this. The entire game feels just as PC tailored as the previous game, and any other fantastic Valve creation. If that little line of dialogue is enough to piss you off, boy you sure haven't played the other PC to console games yet. And rest assured, there is NO cliffhanger ending for Portal 2; everything wraps up perfectly, as you will experience. Honestly, you would be doing yourself an incredible injustice to yourself to dismiss this game on such trivial grounds. One thing that is true however is that the campaign is short. I finished it in 3.9 hours according to Steam (though it's strange because I started at 10:30 pm and ended at 6:00). However, just like with CoD4, this campaign is intensely satisfying, and making it longer would have definitely killed the fun. Personally Portal 2 would have been well worth $60 (I got the PS3 version for $55 with $20 Amazon credit and played the Steam version) but that's just me. Regardless of how much you are willing to pay for it, I definitely recommend that you eventually play this game if you loved the first one like I did. It is a sequel that improves upon its predecessor in every way imaginable. (P.S. This game ran full res/high textures on my Atom 330/nVidia ION netbook so it should run well in most computers) Expand
  30. Apr 21, 2011
    Don't misunderstand me - I loved the game... for about 6 hours. The maps are beautifully designed, the characters are fun to listened to, the storyline is great and I really liked the coop mode. For all those points the game would get 10/10 points. But what I didn't like was that the levels were much too easy compared to the first part. In most levels the solution was so predictable and I never had to think about it more than some minutes. And 6 hours of fun for that price is definitively not enough. Expand
  31. Apr 19, 2011
    Excellent game, with some pretty unique puzzles in there that can take a while to complete.
    It's still rather short however.
    And I don't understand all the downvotes from DLC. It's not like they're holding out half the game on you. All you don't get is a few little optional extras that don't change the game in the slightest. The game isn't perfect, but could you honestly pick anything
    pettier to complain about? Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 52 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 52
  1. Oct 20, 2011
    Almost as good as the first one. Main reasons are lack of cake, unfunny Wheatley and slightly boring one-solution middle-levels. Otherwise Portal 2 is as clever as it is well written. And now Half-Life 2: Ep 3, please. [May 2011]
  2. Oct 6, 2011
    The graphics may not be of the same caliber of other AAA titles, and the story may falter from time to time, but those are paltry excuses not to experience one of the best current generation games around.
  3. Jun 13, 2011
    A hilarious slice of gaming glory. [July 2011, p.92]