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  • Summary: Read between the lines of Pretentious Game to progress through the story, and let your feelings overcome you…
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  1. Jan 7, 2015
    Pretentious Game is supposedly (as implied by the title and Chapter 1) supposed to be making fun of all of the emotionally-stricken, simplePretentious Game is supposedly (as implied by the title and Chapter 1) supposed to be making fun of all of the emotionally-stricken, simple platformers that have been popular in the recent past; one's that tell love stories or something of the sort. But this game is supposedly saying that they're all pretentious and don't actually have such an intense story as they pretend to have.

    Well with that aside, I personally think Pretentious Game falls into the very same genre it's making fun of; it's about a love story, a few of them actually, and it's actually quite fitting in this genre as it executes the stories fairly decently. It feels like Chapter 1 used to be the whole game, and it was the actual parody that made fun of the other games, but after that the developer decided to turn Pretentious Game into the very type of game it just made fun of.

    All of that being said, Pretentious Game was surprisingly entertaining, as well as being incredibly clever with very simple mechanics. It gives you hints in the narration on how to complete each level, and each level (or few levels) has a theme it follows on how to beat it, and many of the techniques are very well thought out.

    The stories are also pretty interesting, and the ominous and scarce narration makes the stories somewhat mysterious, which adds to the interesting nature of them. They also all end up connecting at the end of each chapter, the player then seeing the same thing from last chapter but with more background and explanation; it makes each scenario more and more deep each time you see it.

    And might I say, that there are a few points in this game that were breathtaking, and you may not see how since it's an extremely simplistic platformer with like five colors total, but trust me, there are a couple scenarios that made me speechless.

    Pretentious Game isn't perfect; it only has like two songs (though the soundtrack is quite nice, and adds a large part to the love-story feel of it), but it can get old (You may have heard the song that's playing nonstop in the background of this game, it's called "Trois Gymnopédies: 1. Lent et douloureux"). Some puzzles are also "cheatable," meaning I could solve them in a MUCH simpler manner than was intended, which makes the game a bit too easy sometimes. The difficulty is about right, but it definitely could've been more difficult, but usually these games aren't too hard anyway. And some of the narration has spelling/grammatical errors. Also, the playtime is very short, and I usually don't complain about playtime as long as the game gave me good memories and was a joy to play, but I feel like it should've been slightly longer and went a tad more in-depth. Though it works pretty well as a short game.

    Overall, Pretentious Game is a decent title, though I see it more as one of the very games it's making fun of rather than a parody of said games, but that's for you to decide. But when looking at it as one of the love-story, emotional platformers with deep and intense stories, Pretentious Game scores a solid 6/10.