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  1. Oct 31, 2013
    It's a 9 on alpha and very likely to hit 10 when it's finished.
    (Almost) anything is possible. From the hole with forced labor and solitary
    confinement just for harassment and lots of beating to the human-rights-activists-utopia-penal-spa that will make your prisoners eager to kill someone as soon as they're released just to be allowed back in.

    Unlike what other reviews said, I didn't have any problems playing the game. The prisoners will try to escape if they're not happy and will riot if their condition makes it look worth getting beat up for a chance on escaping. That's what prisoners do. They smuggle stuff, they dig tunnels, they fight... they're not highly-educated and moralist citizens in a hotel. They want to get out. If things are really bad they'll die trying.

    But the alpha and the "early access" aren't just for show. The game is still under development and they make it very clear that they're focusing on new content rather than bug fixing. You'll notice lots of useless features (that will mention that they're useless in this alpha build). You'll have prisons stop working after monthly new release. The cool glitches you exploited may be fixed while the bugs that annoyed you are still there.

    It's really expensive. But it's fun enough to make it worth.

    If you have no problems with paying lots of money for the alpha early access, it's a good purchase. But you can always wait until the development is done and hope for price to go down or a cool sale to make it less expensive.
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  2. Sep 1, 2013
    Bought on sale for $17.99 in the alpha stages. I understand exactly what buying in the alpha means, and I wasn't expecting a polished or even completed game of any sort. That being said, what I did not expect was not being able to play the game at all, as prisoners spend 24/7 trying to escape from the moment they entered (yes there was a double-fence around the entire compound with no cracks), or standing in their cells unresponsive to any schedule I set or orders I placed. Staff would stand there doing nothing, janitors wouldn't sweep no matter what I tried.

    I'm fine with bugs, and helping the devs find those bugs, but I was kinda hoping the game was playable for that price.

    Positives are it looks great, handles pretty nicely, and is very intuitive right up until it stops working.
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  3. May 17, 2014
    Nice little game, it should have been labelled Theme: Prison to be honest, as its in that same line of games. There's nothing in the way of progression, even though I liked the idea of selling your prison, it has no bearing on the game other than to start again with the money you received selling the former creation.
    Becomes tedious rather quickly
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