Pro Cycling Manager Season 2010: Le Tour de France Image

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  • Summary: In order to provide a more realistic and a more intense experience, the game features high resolution textures and a new handling of the flora, which is now more luxuriant and diverse. Many advanced visual effects complete the ultimate rendering of the game: the bloom effect simulates image exposure to light, the depth of field enhances the focus of the TV cameras that follow cyclists during each race, while the motion blur simulates speed. Expand
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  1. Pro Cycling Manager 2010 offers everything a cycling fan would want. It has lots of variety in its game mode, a powerful graphics engine, and an overwhelming amount of options and statistics.
  2. Even if Pro Cycling Manager is complete and realistic as usual, this edition may result a little bit tricky for newbies and a "déjà vu" for the veterans.
  3. In this year's Pro Cycling Manager, the graphics engine has gotten a complete overhaul, giving us both very beautiful and realistic environments. The core gameplay stays the same, as you lead your team through exciting cycling triumphs. Though mostly a game for cycling fans, PCM Season 2010 can offer many hours of entertainment.
  4. A wasted opportunity: same old gameplay, as full of praises as it is flawed by bugs. At least, the product keeps a good mix beetwen simulation and management that will be appreciated by newbie and experts.
  5. Pro Cycling Manager 2010 isn't the best game of the series. It brings little new features to the table, the technical problems of the last games are still there and little effort was put into the database. But at the same time this is a game that will be loved by all cycling fans. Though next year the series really has to make a step forward!
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  1. Apr 12, 2011
    Entertaining game in a genre not found in many other games. Graphically it is adequate however the collision detection is abysmal. Also I found it was very difficult for anybody who is not interested in the concept of the world of cycling to understand even on an easy level.
    In saying this if you persevere with finding you way around the game you uncover a challenging and enjoyable experience. If you like cycling the give it a shot, if not then probably best that you look elsewhere.