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  1. Mar 4, 2013
    I'll keep this short and sweet. Own a PC? Like pinball? Get this game. It's available legally for download at (not an "ad" I have no affiliation with them) where there developers have recoded the three tables of the Pro Pinball series to run on modern PCs. The Pro Pinball series consists of these three classic tables: Timeshock!, Big Race USA, and Fantastic Journey. Within the pinball-playing community, this series is regarded as hands-down, the best at digitally recreating the experience of playing a real pinball table. The tables themselves are beautifully conceived. Fantastic Journey has a steampunk theme, Big Race a cross-country racing theme, and Timeshock! a sci fi time travel theme. I rate it a ten because amazingly, after all this time these tables remain head and shoulders above every other pinball simulation ever created on any platform (with the possible exception of The Pinball Arcade but they recreate classic tables found in arcades). Everything from the superb graphics, to the flawless ball physics, to the sound is as bang-on today as it was in the late-90's when these games were originally sold. At $5.99 per table from It's a no-brainer for anyone who likes pinball and owns a PC. Get them all. Full Review »