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  • Summary: Step up to the tee and take on the pros in this year's only real-world golf simulation. Craft your technique, groove your swing, feel the pressure, compete and become a champion. ProStroke Golf is a faithful adaptation of the world's most challenging sport; including licensed players and commentary from the international voices of golf. Put yourself to the ultimate test - challenge your skill, stamina and mental agility as you take on the best in the world. Control your nerves, feel the power of your drive, stare victory in the face and hear the crowd adore you. Licensed players: Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, Colin Montgomerie, Ben Curtis, Zhang Lian Wei, and more...TV commentators : Sam Torrance, Ian Baker Finch and Alan Green. Courses include The Brabazon at The Belfry and Lake Nona. Innovative 'ProStroke' controls allow you to groove your own swing – just like the Pros do. Game Modes; From Match Play to Multiplayer through to training exercises and a comprehensive career mode, as well as short scorecard challenges. Caddy Feature offering Golf Pro Training exercises. Course and Tournament creator, allowing you to design and develop your own courses. [Oxygen Interactive] Expand
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  1. Tiger Woods remains the most accessible golf game, but ProStroke is easily the title for those who find a lack of challenge in its competitors. [Oct 2006, p.124]
  2. If you're a purist for how hard it is in real life, you need to give this one a swing.
  3. Great ides, then, and if only the execution had matched it we might have had a contest in the world of PC golf. [Dec 2006, p.98]
  4. ProStroke Golf could have a bright future, if they would address the technical issues and bring the presentation up to par. As it stands, the game is worth a shot, but it may not hold your interest for very long.
  5. ProStroke Golf - World Tour 2007 is a deeply flawed game that fails to bring anything new to the world of golf games.
  6. ProStroke Golf could have been a contender. But its solid play mechanics aren't enough to overcome the near-complete lack of licensed courses and golfers, or the various other oversights and issues that plague it.
  7. The "innovative" controls publisher Oxygen Interactive has been bragging about these last couple of months aren't that innovative at all, and aren't really even necessary. The graphics look like they are from a game made 10 years ago, and the gameplay modes that are offered are very limited and nothing special.

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