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  1. May 2, 2013
    Ragnarok Online 2 has the same hunt, fetch, messenger quest as every other MMORPG, but lays it on thick. Some quest requiring you to talk to the same person you were just talking to. It felt repetitive and got boring fast. The visuals were decent to good and it was nice to have a npc say something to you when you clicked on it (though it may have just been a yawn or random phrase). The only difference between RO2 and other F2P MMOs I have tried was the games class and card system. The game really needed to set itself apart from the others, but it felt like a re-skin of the common F2P MMORPG. The only reason I continued to play was because of nostalgia.

    -Decent to good visuals
    -Class System
    -Card System

    -MMORPG Clone
    -Same missions as other MMORPG's
    -Feels repetitive

    I didn't get to try the PVP but I couldn't get to it because the game got boring really fast. The Kafra shop when I glanced through it looked like it was mostly visual/aesthetic stuff so I don't think it will be pay to win. I did wish this game was going to be way better cause I did enjoy RO1.
  2. May 2, 2013
    Very generic. Lack of real character customization, card system very bland, constant kill this fetch that quests. Generic, unimaginative, and poorly thought out.

    Players returning from RO1 will find a lot of what made RO1 good removed, or redone with a lackluster finish. Casualized down to its core. Players new to RO might like it if they prefer an easy game that requires little
    learning of its systems and lack of real customization for characters, making it all grab and go.

    Gets boring fast.
  3. May 11, 2013
    This game sucks need I say more? ok...I'll elaborate.

    1. Your generic f2p mmo with outdated graphics, poor optimaztion not even AA is enabled.
    2. Music is uninspiring and forgettable, I found myself muting the game and listening to RO1 sound tracks.
    3. HORRIBLE voice acting, people's voice do not match their appearance (a young looking npc sounding like a 70 year old lady) and the
    same phrase being repeated by all NPC (Something with my sword honour with my shield, rings a bell?)
    3. Combat extremely boring, mixed in with the same quest over and over again.
    5. Combat extremely easy, I have not died a single time this entire time.
    4. The quest system can be summarized into 3 sections: meet people, kill stuff, fedex. (not kidding, not a single variety)

    Overall this is a just another horrible, bland, generic and boring mmo branded with a title of a once great game, I see this game dying very soon like all the other low budget f2p mmos out there

    RIP my childhood
  4. May 3, 2013
    An absolute borefest of a game, and an almost carbon copy of every other unimaginative free to play Korean mmorpg ever made. I'm not a veteran of this games predecessor, but having heard good things about the original Ragnarok Online, I decided to give this a shot.

    Having circumvented the usual login issues that are pretty much standard with today's mmo releases, I was greeted with some
    cheerful music cool looking character creation screen, however it was all downhill from here. The first thing that jumped out at me was a lack of racial choices, you can either be a human or nothing at all. Next up you get to customize your character, when I say customize I actually mean you can change their hair and facial features. That's right no height adjustment or body build, you pick your pre-set over the top anime hair, give it a weird color, decide if your character is moody or off his face on cocaine levels of happy and off you go. This naturally means that every character in this entire game looks the same, also the hyper feminine males mean that telling the difference based even on sex is almost impossible without some serious investigation.

    Upon entering the world your greeted by a short story detailing a classic struggle against good and evil (probably relating to the original Ragnarok Online), and your set loose. Set loose to perform endless fetch quests that is. That's right every single quest in this game is a fetch quest, even old school games like wow managed to add a little bit of variety into their quest repertoire. As for graphics, they're mediocre, a bit better than wow, but you rarely notice due to the bland area's they're rendering and the fact that all the characters look the same.

    I played a acolyte, which to the uninitiated is a healer class. Now standard mmo fare is to give healers a reasonable set of offensive skills that they can use to level up, but that at endgame are greatly outclassed by DPS classes. In Ragnarok Online II however you get a grand total of one useful offensive spell, a useless multi target spell, a dot (damage over time) and a weak instant cast offensive spell. So my entire time was spent pulling enemies with a dot and casting the same spell over, and over, and over again. Now before I get a bunch of flak, I don't expect healers to be as fun to dps with as other classes, I do however expect to have more than one useful attack.

    And finally upon reaching level 25 I was able to change from a acolyte to a cleric, and get a bunch of shiny new skills. Oh wait, you want to reset your skills to make best use of your new class? Cash shop time! It costs $10 to reset your skills or stats, and $15 to reset both, so if you want to modify your character to fit your play style this Ragnarok Online II is not going to be cheap. Also this Ragnarok Online II has some sneaky play to win features cleverly hidden in the cash shop as "VIP accounts". These give you a flat set of stat boosts along with a hefty movement speed increase for those who want to pay to have the edge over their compatriots.

    The UI is a mess of spelling mistakes, poor English and glitches with some windows not even opening upon clicking the relevant icon. This would be acceptable if this were the first release of this game, but it's not, this was released over a year ago in Korea meaning they've had over a year to iron these issues out prior to international release. The fact that this hasn't happened is testament to the pure laziness that permeates almost every aspect of this game, and to top it all off the voice acting, is incredibly annoying, over the top, and poorly volumed.

    Finally, in conclusion Ragnarok Online II takes what was a cornerstone of classic mmo gaming, and completely destroys it, while dancing on the ashes and sticking two fingers up at you. While i'm sure there's some nostalgia value here for veterans of Ragnarok Online, the tedium you have to bear to get at it is certainly not worth it.

    In short avoid this game.
  5. May 4, 2013
    The controls were decently smooth, it had a bit of a rough time with some bugs/server issues, but it's overall mildly entertaining and interesting for a short time while being surprisingly unimpressive.

    Ultimately though, if you are new to "Ragnarok" this will just be like a low-budget amalgamation of all the other MMOs that are out, making a lot of "safe" decisions while showing no
    attempt to do any of it particularly well. If you've played any other MMO, you've probably seen everything this one has to offer and then some.

    For RO1 vets, it will be extremely different from the game it is named as a successor to and lacking in the charms that now aged game drew you in with. The musical score is lackluster in comparison. The character customization has been dashed away, with the stylish combat moves and sense of adventure forgotten. Everything is extremely predictable, mathematic and uninteresting.

    I wanted to like the game, but I found more enjoyment listening to the song composed for the launch screen than I did actually playing it. A sad disappointment.
  6. Jun 7, 2013
    The Good- Pretty visuals, nice armour designs. Cute creatures to ride when you hit level 15.
    The Bad-Long, slow and boring levelling, very boring and repetitive quests. Quests for Khara giving no xp and dungeons giving very poor low level rewards.
    The Ugly- No dungeon finder, buggy and inadequate search functions in brokers, lack of availability of armours, crafting poorly executed and
    unrewarding. Difficult to make money without resorting to cash shop. NO FISHING, NO HAIRDRESSERS, NO OTHER WAY TO MAKE XP ONLY GRIND GRIND GRIND...
    I really feel as if I wasted my time on this game, two characters made it as far as mid twenties and no further due to boredom and difficulty levelling as a solo player.
    Oh and the chat box scrolls so fast there is no chance to read it. Oh and the game 'gifts' you get occasionally are terrible, really bad potions and a fix it kit? Items for levels miles above? Who made this game? Maybe 5 year olds.
  7. May 5, 2013
    It's an MMO, one could expect some issues, but RO2's are far worse then just the usual problems when an MMO launches. First, it's an MMO with quests, very generic, nothing new, nothing fancy. It's F2P so you won't waste any hard earned money but you'll waste time. Second, it's very repetitive and if you want action, you'll get bored fast. third, good luck logging into the game, that alone is a quest by itself. Expand
  8. May 16, 2013
    Well I set a second place for quitting a game, 1 min. Everything about this game is DATED. What do you mean I have to hold the left mouse button to move the camera? The ground textures are just a flat mat with no layering. IE, no grass or dirt under the vegetation.

    It actually took me about 30 seconds to figure out how to talk to a npc. Its really counter intuitive to have to left click
    on them when we right click for everything.

    The questing system is also very DATED. Just a text box and nothing else.
  9. Jun 16, 2013
    After playing the original Ragnarok Online, this "Sequel", wich has been in development for more than 6 years, almost feels like an insult.

    The game lacks options, the graphics feel outdated and it doesnt feel any different from playing any other generic MMORPG. The UI lacks options, the controls are slightly acceptable.
    The only thing that is there from the first Ragnarok Online, are
    the easy recognizable Porings and some other monsters that are poorly scattered all around this tiny world.
    The animation of the skills, wich used to be fancy and funny to use in the predecessor, are poorly made in RO2 and its hard to spot if someone is using a particular skill at all. Its impossible to recognize even a single skill from Ragnarok Online 1.
    The quests are all the same, kill X monsters, collect X things from that monster. The Dungeon Finder is completely broken and doesnt work as intended. After hitting the level cap, wich is 50, there is absolutely nothing to do rather than raiding, the daily Union quests or starting a new character.
    The game gets easely boring.

    Good intentions, extremely poor execution.
  10. Jun 26, 2013
    Don't be tricked by any of the "good reviews". After being a gamer for over 20 years, after playing over 10 different MMORPGs, and after playing Ragnarok Online for nearly 5-6 years straight, this has to be the worse game I've ever picked up and I'll tell you why. Pros: - Good Artwork. - Character models. - Khara System - Various amount of channels - Job outfits Cons: - Zero Customization
    - The Combat System
    - The VERY poor coding
    - The "Stat" System
    - The "forced" cash shop.
    - Generic Quests
    - Ran by Warp Portal

    Ragnarok Online continues it's cycle of spiraling downhill in this laughable joke of a MMORPG. I'll tell you, I was first intrigued by this game because of the beautiful artwork and the nostalgia of wanting to see 3D Prontera and the 3d monsters, but I feel that the talents used to create this game could have been used on a much more worthwhile project.

    I generally play hunters in ever MMORPG, so after creating mine and logging in, the first thing I notice is the horrible graphics. Take note, I'm not one of those people who define a game by its' graphics. The best games were made on lower resolution graphics-- But what irked me was the graphics seemed -very- lazy and rushed. They seemed extremely out of date and much of it looked like cardboard. TBH the graphics on WoW are far better than on RO2, it just looked..well..sloppy as to say.

    Well the game is pretty generic, everyone starts off in the same area, you get a quest. it leads you to another area, you kill x amount of monsters, return to the NPC, gather items on the ground etc. As I was questing, one thing that really irked me was my ability to kill monsters.

    So as a hunter, our biggest thing in any game is that were supposed to be able to kite and kill, well RO2 doesn't let you do that. The monsters RESET about... I'd say 5 meters from their spawning point, yes 5 meters. (IN higher level areas they reset up to 10 meters out, but honestly it's still a very small distance.) So as a hunter you get two "kiting" skills up front, one being ankle snare and the other being backflip (that's all I remember.) well often times when you lay down the trap (ankle snare) half the time it doesn't even go off, because the monster is so badly programmed it doesn't even recognize the trap and it just walks right over it like you never put it down at all. What's even more horrible is sometimes when the monster DOES get in the trap, it will melee you from a meter or two away. Yes.. it will close range melee you from a meter or two away. This is just bad programming, where the monster still thinks it's in contact with you when it's not. (You will run through the game and see every ranged class up close and personal in combat with all the monsters, because of this.) The other hilarious skill they give you is back flip, or whatever it's called. When you use it, your character looks like a Popsicle stick that's been twirled and thrown. It doesn't even look realistic what-so-ever, and in fact, it's kind of confusing. Most of the time when you use that skill you'll backflip out of range and the monsters will reset, gaining all their HP back. Sorc is really bad too. You can frost driver, cold bolt, but all your damage comes from wind spells when the monster is frozen, and you can only freeze the monster once per fight. If you try it a second time, the monster get's free in under half a second (before you can even cast a spell.)

    Oh there's also no auto attack on ranged, so you have to recycle keys. (1,2,3,4)

    When it comes to skills, there's really.. no..thought to put into what you get for your class. I had a wizard, sorcerer, ranger, and a thief. There's no real customization our thought to put into different skills, you just get what you need for your class. Combat is always mindless and boring, no strategy needed.

    Stat system is pointless. Your stats don't really effect you as much as you would think-- they only had maybe 3-4% more onto your character's ability to crit etc. All your stats come from your gear, and everyone gets the same gear.

    Card system is bad. Everyone gets the same cards, because all they do is boost your stats. Very boring, very generic, no customization.

    Raids are boring. The boss monsters often time slide across screen, because the coding is bad. Takes little strategy to kill them. (Even on hard mode.)

    Cash shop is a forced feature. The costumes are only obtained through the cash shop and they boost your stats a lot. VIP is required to win PVP and is a requirement for raids. Some costumes expire, so you have to pay money each month to renew them. That's a VERY bad marketing scheme. No one likes their to expire. You have to buy spinels to res in raids. (0.75 per res.)

    No space left. Game is so bad that it's not even worth talking about the "good." Just go play something else.
  11. May 8, 2013
    I enjoyed playing the first Ragnarok, and mat that is why I don't like this one. The repetition borders on the obscene. I have only played two hours and have uninstalled. It did not get 0, as the graphics were nice, and the audio passable. But the game seems to have lost all its charm. A real pity.
  12. May 9, 2013
    As a huge fan of the original game, I can say that Ragnarok Online 2 is just about the biggest disappointment it could have possibly been. Repetitive, dull, haphazard in its design and lacking all of the charm of the original. Customization has been heavily reduced, voices feel awkward and out of place 99% of the time...just completely uninspired.

    This is an obvious attempt at cashing
    in on the original game's popularity by name recognition alone a game created for quick profit, not to share a lore with gamers or provide great entertainment. Gravity Corporation has clearly taken a turn for the worse. Expand
  13. May 10, 2013
    Honestly, i'm deeply disgusted by this game. Being someone who played the original Ragnarok, the game has strayed so far from its roots that I no long recognise it. The gameplay has became linear, taking on the MMO style "trinity" system, boring linear quests that anyone who has played an MMO will be sick to death of completing. My third complaint, and probably the biggest for me, is that the animation and art style is actually worse. The sprites from the old game had better detail, depth and animations compared to this newer version. Overall I would suggest this game to nobody, maybe those who have yet to touch an MMO as it will be a new experience but what this game does is nothing new and that they have deeply upset me by calling this game the sequel to a great game. Expand
  14. May 13, 2013
    My key problem with this game is that it is not Ragnarok. At most, it is a dumbed down generic theme park MMO set in the realm of Ragnarok where complexity has been heavily disregarded. The game is a sequel and cannot be approached without the comparison of the initial title.

    Class system:
    Is limited and abilities are restricted. No more can a priest heal undead to death. No more does
    a mage have to choose his fights or choose what spells to use on what mobs- each class has one or two damage rotations, and these do not have any situational elements. Classes are all unique- but if we compare other modern mmos, they are actually quiet bland- unless you like being restricted to 1 or 2 combo chains.

    Are more varied visually, whereby before often just size and colour changed, now they wear cute accessories that define them. Sadly they are not as threatening or varied. E.g They no longer have elemental affinities, and their abilities are pretty much just ranged poke or melee poke with slow or stun at best.

    It is a mechanic that worked great in the first game, and will be the main reason for the retention of players. It is just a shame that while the number of cards has increased, and useful features such as the Album were added- cards were dumbed down and their effects restricted to just stats. No more skill giving cards/mechanic changing cards and similar.

    The music in RO1 was not top notch. Fun but no cigar. However, do not forget that Legend of the Second is a re-launch and remake of RO2. While there have been arguably many improvements as opposed to GOTW, the fact that they did not use the music is a literal crime. Those who do not know what I am talking about search for Yoko Kanno and Ragnarok on youtube.

    Questing and Replay ability:
    I know that people are now used to fetch quests, kill quests and expect to be led from zone a to b via a logical mission set. However, this game is a train track. Only one path, and all replay ability being in what cards drop for you. Old RO had multiple cities where each class would start up, giving each person a choice of where they wanted to level. Albeit- the levelling was self-driven grind.

    Grind and Community:
    Grinding the mobs of your choice has been replaced with kill quests- which still require you to….grind. However, due to the model of people running from field to field like on a train track- interaction has been minimised between players. This affects the community negatively.

    One Realm and Lots of Shards & Instancing:
    This is one system that works great in the new game. If implemented in other versions it would be able to reduce lots of issues that scared people away from those titles. However, instancing in terms of dungeons, albeit being a modern trend, is a more dubious decision. Whereby again community forming elements lose out.

    This was a great choice for the game, i.e to utilise the new services of steam payment for MMO transactions. To a large extent this will prolong the life of the title. In a way this may also compensate for other community forming elements that were lost in this game.

    Will people play the title? YES.
    It is a pleasant nostalgic melody to those who have played RO in the past. And for new players it is accessible and offers a nice cute gameplay style with no real learning curve required.

    Will people stay in the game after the initial rush is over? YES.
    Cards and luxury items will increase retention of collectors. Nostalgia will secure a returning population to the game. Low barrier to entry and fast levelling time will allow new players to join the game with greater ease. Availability on steam will also support the games blood.

    Is this the game that many of us have been waiting for in the guise of RO2?
    For me, it is not the case. But what about you folks?
  15. May 25, 2013
    Very average game poorly made by Korean company. It has money grabs to a degree and just nothing exciting about it. Makes the Ragnarok franchise look worse
  16. Jun 4, 2013
    This game is a terrible broken mess.

    -The game is consumed with animation, geographical, skill, monster glitches...I even stopped reading some quests as the translation was poor.

    -The cash shop is unethical, some "permanent" cash items expire despite what you're told. A Extra Large bag which only holds ten more then a medium bag is 20 real world dollars. Btw there is no Large bag.
    Their only response to this is "We'll look into this" Otherwise so many of the items you want you have to play a gambling system. Also with the VIP it only last 30 days, and it honestly the only thing worth paying for.

    -Very little end of game content. Only a few raids.

    -There is a coliseum that is extremely unbalanced and glitchy, unfortunately it's required to get some of the best gear in the game. Prepare to drown in the mess that it is.

    -Coming by enough Zeny without buying cash items and selling them is almost impossible and requires long hours of tedious mind numbing repetition. Which is problem as repair and travel costs become ridiculous especially if you wanna travel around be help fellow players/guildies

    -As far as the forums go they hardcore censor people to hide how bad they're failing. It's rather sad.

    Basically it feels like they want you to be silenced paying sheep to what is a broken game. If you pay any cash for anything you're not getting a fair return.

  17. Jun 28, 2013
    Do not play RO2. The Mods here are very annoying! I have never seen a game where they always change their decisions on the very last minute.. Even though I enjoyed this game "A little bit", they can't seem to fix the economy anymore. They can try, but I'm sure they won't succeed. PVP(Player vs Player) is excruciatingly awful, they don't even balance the classes. This game has a lot of BUGS, BUGS, BUGS, that they can't seem to fix as soon as possible or they didn't try to fix.
    There are better games out there and for sure RO2 doesn't stand a chance when compared to them.
    Again, don't play this game!!!
  18. Jul 23, 2013
    This game is awful. Poor, cartoony graphics, clunky gameplay, and bizarre game mechanics makes for a terrible game. Ragnarok tries combine a million different MMO style into one and does it poorly. Avoid this game
  19. Aug 18, 2013
    If you were a fan of the original Ragnarok, i seriously recommend you not play this one

    What made the original unique has been gutted out in this quick grab for cash "game". With a tremendous amount of glitches and a very limited job class range, Ragnarok online 2 does not live up to the name of Ragnarok online.
  20. May 19, 2013
    The game is somewhat decent (especially for a free to play MMORPG) on the surface but once you put a little more time into it you soon start to see some issues with it. First of all the combat has a much more grinding quality than I've seen in other MMOs. The combat feels more like a chore than a major part of the game. The camera angles are terrible and give off the feeling that the devs don't want you admiring the view, so to speak. Animations are choppy even on highest graphic settings.

    The style of the game was another thing that rubbed me the wrong way. There is very little customization and everyone essentially ends up looking like some pre-teen protagonist in a generic anime. The voice acting in the game is horrendous, many of the voices just DO NOT fit the characters that are speaking them. I played RO1 so I understand the style of the game but it just comes off as cheap and silly in a 3d environment.

    The biggest complaint I have is how the game seems to push paying real money. I get that its F2P and they want to still make some money but c'mon... making people pay to respec your skills points? That is just asinine.

    I wanted to like this game since I have rather fond memories of RO1. But when you compare it to games like Guild Wars 2 and even the dreaded World of Warcraft you start to see that it really does fall short, even for a F2P game.
  21. Sep 7, 2013
    MY REVIEW are changed able as long as GRAVITY have the courage to complete revamp things up....

    Itemization, unique skill mechanics, unique cards mechanics are always RO 1 strong points.
    Gravity completely RIP off every strong points that RO 1 HAVE.
    Gravity will lost momentum to keep up if some developer decides to copy RO 1 mechanics to their new game if they disband RO 2......

    My Bloody honest Review:
    The game is extremely generic. One dimensional and extremely un-imaginative.
    Makes you wonder "HOW FLAWED" the core game engine was.

    Really, bloody honest here. Please look at the skills each class have.
    They are extremely generic, one dimensional, its all about damage.
    You don't get interesting skill rogue disarming your weapon, or helm, or armor(like previous RO 1 has).
    Acolyte doesnt have teleportation skill.
    Really, there is no interesting strange mechanics in this new RO 2...
    I even questioned the core mechanics that this game has..
    Really, why do they reduced everything to just attack skills and no more strange effects on cards...
    I suspect that their core mechanics doesnt support any weird and cool stuff that RO 1 can.
    Really, check it for yourself.
    Youll notice that RO 2 skills are very generic.
    Attack, damage, heal, buff, debuff, resurrect, invisible, they just change the name and how they behave.
    Extremely good example of this is Priest skill,
    Why the hell they put the same mechanics, doing Damage over time skill OVER and over their skill tree.
    They only change the name, increase the damage and increase the duration... This further increase my suspicion on how shallow and flawed the CORE game engine was..
    Where is the other. Steal, mug, disarm, pneuma, etc etc.(I thing the RO 2 core engine doesnt support any complex mechanics, simplification of cards proof this..)

    To make it worse, they REMOVE of elements, makes the suspicion on flawed core mechanics even higher.....

    And THe most strange thing is that they IMPROVE card mechanics in RO 2.
    I dont see any improvement.
    They just remove everything fun in cards.
    Now cards is just stat sticks.
    Gravity should really learn from Diablo 3 failure on itemization......

    Complete failure....
    There is no reason to grind and doing fun raids on lower level.
    High level people will be polarized in High level dungeon.
    Ragnarok online 1 itemization is GOOD, they just need to make Special item(lvl 4 items that doesnt have card slot) to became stronger so that using them is not a disadvantage...
    Other than that RO 1 itemization is bloody good.

    There is a reason on WHY RO 1 Still being PLAYED today...
  22. May 24, 2013
    RO2 Review

    I'd like to begin by saying, I went into this game with some initial bias. I played RO1 extensively, and was bitter that the company (Gravity Inc., ran by South Korea) chose to invest money into a new game (that has been in production since the mid 2000's, and failed twice, before its current release) instead of improving the game that led them to a relatively high popularity
    in the first place. But, despite my bias, I have attempted to put that aside, and judge the game for what it is. I will do this through general gameplay first, and then through modern game comparison second. I have played numerous f2p, and p2p games. From Tibia in my earliest gaming days, to RO1, to World of Warcraft, to many more modern mmo's (pc and platform), including obviously RO2. I believe that through my multi-generational and platformal experience, I am in a position to accurately judge the quality of a game.

    Now, let me say, this review will not be positive. Like I said, I have managed to set my bias aside, this review will be based on the quality of the game itself, and has been, and will be echoed through many other reviews (for anyone not believing I have put my bias aside).
    So, let's dive into the game.
    When you dive into the game on the login screen, you are captured by a beautiful voice in the background, some ambient tree setting, and a giant airship (or one would assume, considering distance) flying far in the background sky. It seems enthralling, enticing and makes you want more! Unfortunately, that's pretty much where the good parts end. Yep, you heard me. The login screen is the epitome of this game. You'll put in your account and password, and be greeted by a "pin number" system present in other games to protect account security. It's slightly annoying (though refreshing to know they appear to care about the individuals accounts) but bearable.

    Character Creation
    Let's move onto the character select. This is where the game gets pretty bland. As far as classes are concerned, you have 5 (currently, there is one more planned to be released shortly) to choose from. Each class will eventually be able to "class change" into one of two of its secondary classes. The 5 starter classes are the usual swordman, magician, archer, thief, and acolyte. The swordman will turn into your usual tank or offensive classes. The magician will be your glass cannons. Archers will either remain ranged, or become a "beastmaster" which resembles a mock druid class from World of Warcraft. Thief's will be your average stealthing class, and acolytes will either be your healer class, or your jack of all trades class (the monk) which resembles a non transforming version of the beastmaster. You will be able to change your job at level 25 (which currently, is literally half the game. Max level at the time of this writing is level 50. So you have to travel through half the game before you truly get to experience your desired class).
    After you've chosen your class, you have to choose your "job", which is absolutely no different than choosing a profession in any other game. The difference from most is that you obtain this profession in the very beginning of the game. The only way you can change it is with a purchaseable cash shop item.
    As far as looks are concerned, you'll have limited hairstyles (like many f2p games), a few different face styles to choose from (this primarily changes the eye shapes, the other features are so subtle you'll hardly notice them), and eye styles (which is pretty much differently shaped iris'/pupil's). You can change your hair and eye color based on preset colors (no color bar or wheel sliding for uniqueness). You also have a choice between 5 separate voices for both the male and female characters.
    So the character creation as you can see, is not complex. There's really nothing about it that stands out. Nothing that makes it special at all. But we don't play games for character creation do we? So lets dive into the gameplay.

    When you first get into the game you will notice your interface. You can change your interface only slightly through options in the game settings. You're limited to 3 different positions (not very different from how you are limited to controller configurations for consoles), there is no customization to be had with the interface in this game. You have a maximum of 3 rows of action bars (in my opinion, it needed at least 1 more, though 2 would have been great).

    Next you will notice their quest system. You will be greeted by npc's with the usual exclamation (quest you need) and question marks (quests you've finished) over their heads, and a quest log with a quest tracker. Very standard, again nothing special here. Not going to go much in depth on this one as it's a generic quest system. You'll be asked to deliver items, kill x amount of monsters for whatever reason the npc's want them dead, and gather items lying on the ground.

    Next, let's break into the comb
  23. Mar 12, 2014
    Amazing they had the guts to put this trash on the market. Guess that's what whoring for money does to people.

    I went through hell just trying to get this game to download and install. After going to 4 sites finally able to then it was more hell to get the patch to work. Finally got in game only to find bland graphics. The movement and mechanics are simply terrible. My caster wouldn't
    even cast a spell until after she ran up to the mob. Targeting a mob was very aggravating, especially if the mob moved. I was done after an hour. This is more of a kid's game anyway and maybe they will have the patience to put up with it. Expand
  24. Jul 30, 2013
    The game starts out enjoyable and addicting. Getting to level 50 (the current max) is fast and easy.

    That, unfortunately, is where the game play and the overall enjoyment falls off a cliff.

    Once you reach level 50 you will enjoy doing the same five or six dungeons over and over and over in hopes of getting something valuable out of the 'old blue box' which will usually only give you
    a potion anyway.

    The level fifty raids are buggy, and although they continue to claim to fix things like aoe bugs, they still remain. Most raids are completed by glitching the bosses, which is a testament to the game design and mechanics (not to mention the level of bug exploitation that is typical game play at level 50).

    The pvp is atrocious. Other players move around sporadically making them nearly impossible to target. Frame-rate drops severely with any decently sized pvp, especially if there are wizards or sorcerers casting AOE. Don't bother playing a support healer--ever. The Colosseum is a joke, press the tab button and hope to KS someone is all it comes down to. Other players are likely to jump through the wall to escape targetting, enjoy that.

    Game crashes frequently in raids, dungeons, transportation, Colosseum, etc, etc.

    When there is more high-level content, and more importantly when (or if) the bugs are fixed it might be worth giving another chance. Until then, don't waste your time.
  25. Sep 27, 2013
    This game lacks so many features of typical mmos it's hardly even a skeleton of a game. You'll be spending hours grinding on fetch quest with nearly every quest being identical go here kill or gather a certain amount of quest items dropped from monsters repeat sometimes with some boring dialogue inbetween to try and add in a story. The combat is simply clicking a single button repeatedly over and over to do more damage. if you can get past the first 30ish levels you'll be able to promote your class to the next tier problem is the game has no refunds, so if your placed points into skills to simply test them out guess what your screwed and stuck with that build unless you pay for in the cash shop. There's 4 job classes in the game that gather materials off the corpses of enemies to make items on paper it seems nice having a huge variety of different items for each job, problem is that every item in that list are horribly generic and do the same thing as something made previously except slightly better.
    The loot is boring the only thing remotely interesting is the card system which is used to insert cards into equipment but that's also fairly limited.
    Avoid spending money on this game wait until they either add new content or completely remake the game as it is right now it's horribly dull and repetitive.
  26. Oct 22, 2013
    This game was released in working order and with every patch they create more bugs. The common term most people used before 99% of the community up and left in rage was BUGNORAK. Not only this they seem to spend 99% of the office hours on keeping up with moderating the forums because sooo many people have negative things to say not only concerning bugs. The publishers also play the game and give out free items only playing favorites. Whole guilds leave constantly because the end game content is so buggy everyone exploits it and every time they play favorites by taking the castle away from one exploiter only to give it to another. There are soooo many things wrong with this game and blatant lack of care shown by the developers and publishers.

    That being said they will wrongfully ban people not using exploits and not ban the people actually using them. There is nothing but case after case of poor customer support and seriously this games redeeming qualitys are being ruined by a greedy company every day. No apologies have ever been given out for any game breaking bugs, and believe me every patch there is dozens of bugs and exploits introduced.
  27. Apr 5, 2014
    Like Diablo 3 to Diablo 2. This game fail its predecessor. But unlike Diablo 3. This game FAIL like a LOT. Tons of mechanics are gone. All skills are uninteresting. If you notice. all skills are boring and straightforwardly dull. Its about damage and damage and damage again and again and again. Youll get about 2 same skills on the same skill tree that does dot. The higher one does the same thing but more damage...

    The skill that does strange thing like disarming your opponents and many other things in RO 1 is gone.

    And the card system is not an improvement.
    RO 2 card system is a major fallback from the whole series.
    Its all about stats, stats and stats.
    No cool/ strange mechanics. Its all bout stats.
    not to mention now there is no cool weapon that does this or that.
    Higher level weapon means more damage and stats. Thats it.
    It suffers from the same problem with D3 vanilla. Stats sticks everywhere.
  28. Jul 18, 2014
    absolute disgrace, this game don't deserve to bears the name of the Legendary Ragnarok
    this game is just like regular standard RPG, or should i say "mainstream RPG"
    walking here and there to do quest, slow, camera movement is absolutely terrible, even the graphic is very mainstream.. boring as hell, for a game who use the name of ragnarok, this is a total shame.
    this game have exactly
    same feels with Luna, Heva or Seal Online
    you know ragnarok for android?
    that's how Ragnarok 2 should be
    not like this...
    not like this..
  29. Sep 21, 2014
    Another crappy Korean grindfest with terrible graphics, Kill X amount of Y gameplay, and a completely unoriginal clone of every other crappy Asian-developed MMORPG. Don't bother with this chore of a game.
  30. Jun 4, 2013
    This game is a terrible broken mess.

    -The game is consumed with animation, geographical, skill, monster glitches...I even stopped reading some quests as the translation was poor.

    -The cash shop is unethical, some "permanent" cash items expire despite what you're told. A Extra Large bag which only holds ten more then a medium bag is 20 real world dollars. Btw there is no Large bag.
    Their only response to this is "We'll look into this" Otherwise so many of the items you want you have to play a gambling system. Also with the VIP it only last 30 days, and it honestly the only thing worth paying for.

    -Very little end of game content. Only a few raids.

    -There is a coliseum that is extremely unbalanced and glitchy, unfortunately it's required to get some of the best gear in the game. Prepare to drown in the mess that it is.

    -Coming by enough Zeny without buying cash items and selling them is almost impossible and requires long hours of tedious mind numbing repetition. Which is problem as repair and travel costs become ridiculous especially if you wanna travel around be help fellow players/guildies

    -As far as the forums go they hardcore censor people to hide how bad they're failing. It's rather sad.

    Basically it feels like they want you to be silenced paying sheep to what is a broken game. If you pay any cash for anything you're not getting a fair return.


No score yet - based on 2 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 2
  1. Jun 4, 2013
    It tries to balance between tried and true mechanics of World of Warcraft and the ideas that made the first Ragnarok popular. The outcome is mediocre – boring combat, gameplay based on uninspired quests (‘kill 20 of those’) and small, almost linear world. [CD-Action 07/2013, p.65]
  2. Jun 4, 2013
    Ragnarok Online 2, at the end of the day, is an interesting MMO with some tragic design decisions. The good news is that most of these issues can be fixed, so long as the companies choose to fix them. I imagine the Ragnarok IP of old could be popular again one day, but for the time being, most people will want to let leave this title for the carrion.