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  • Summary: Unlike many other flashy games, Rayman 2's excellence extends to its relentlessly inventive gameplay.
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  1. Feb 23, 2013
    My childhood favourite and still one of my favourite games.
    The world is beautiful and amazing (thanks to Michel Ancel a real genius), the
    gameplay is smooth and fun, the characters are awesome, and the plot, as a part of the brilliant world of Rayman, is also amazing. Expand
  2. Mar 6, 2012
    This was one of the first games i played as a kid on my PC, and I can honestly say, that it is still one of my favourites. Beautiful surroundings, graphics and characters; fun and challenging puzzles; a simple and strong story; and just an amazing playing experience.
    By far, one of the top games of its genre.
  3. Apr 14, 2013
    Beautiful, original art style. Great characters, especially their gibberish languages. Incredible, melodic orchestral soundtrack which ranges from mysterious to triumphal. Creative, varied, and challenging gameplay. Just a brilliant game. Expand
  4. May 19, 2012
    A true classic. Nearly a masterpiece. A lot of memories in this game. Without a doubt the best Rayman game
  5. Mar 1, 2014
    Rayman 2 has a dark atmosphere (too dark for little kids if you ask me) and still a fairy and some minor stereotype scenes. The characters are good, but I don't know why they can't speak normal. But these are relatively insignificant picks and generally I enjoy this game! Expand
  6. Nov 3, 2013
    It's one of the best platform game ever created. It has music which is pretty good (especially final boss theme). Boss fights are a bit boring though. Some levels look pretty much the same, but they are still different. Game is pretty easy and can get boring after completing it few times.
    Every gamer that loves platform games should play this game.
  7. Mar 28, 2013
    2013 review: On PC, the 3D platformer has never had a golden age in the same way as on Playstation and N64. There's just something about a gamepad that invites finger-gymnastics and intense focus. The most highly polished N64 games were often exclusives. Mario 64 pioneered many things in 3D gaming, and with the high praise for Rayman 2, one could expect similar exclusivities in this game. But most of this game refines elements from Mario64 and Rare's platformer games. It doesn't make Rayman 2 a bad game... Just not the self-evident classic that Mario 64 still is. It's a different take, but it's a 'take' nonetheless. So is there any reason to play it in 2013? Yes, I think so, for the interested. The main reason is that the racing elements are on a level I've not seen in other platformer games. By racing I mean various sorts of fast motion through a terrain, with collectibles strewn throughout to catch in the high speed. These parts are uniquely well crafted. The other major achievement is the soundtrack. It makes inventive use of organic sounding instruments to undermine an atmosphere of fresh adventure. I can't imagine it could have been done better. The graphics, in high resolution, look up to date and very sharp, and I ran the game on a '07 midrange laptop without any hiccups. The difficulty level is tough, with several semi-impossible spikes. The difficult moments are made harder by the game's relatively unforgiving and old school save system. Some savepoints are placed at reasonable points in each level, but if Rayman loses all his health, a bigger portion of a level might have to be replayed (more than a couple of minutes). On PC with the notorious keyboard as input, some finer handling of Rayman can get lost in the pressed-or-not-pressed button states, whereas with a gamepad, one might find precision-gameplay more enjoyable. When I think of Mario 64, it's all those details that make it special: The haunted piano. The bigger/smaller level. The pyramid. The barking round thing. Stuff like that, that makes you wonder what the next level might be like. Rayman 2 is more like one long travel through the same kinds of terrain (varied with lava, grass, jumping, sailing etc... but never as wildly imaginative as Mario 64), with the pirate theme going throughout. I wasn't compelled by wonder of what could be next, but purely by the gameplay itself, and how there was little 'fat' so to speak, to enhance the gameplay experience, whether such would have been gimmicky or not. In short: I managed to make it through the game in a couple of days, it was mostly compelling throughout, but I would have liked more puzzles and less stress over the savepoints. I would also have liked for the levels to be more inhabited with various things, since the entire game reuses the same models and ideas a lot, although inventively. I'd also liked to be warned that this is hardcore gameplay in the same oftentimes frustrating manner as Mario 64 and other precision-platformers, although it looks kid-friendly on the box. (Conclusion: Solid above-average game, recommended at bargain prices, moreso if you're into precision platformers) Expand

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