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  1. Jul 26, 2011
    Good game which is ruined by how much of a poor port it is. You open this game and It screams 'console' at you. Even running in mid-low graphics the game still tends to give a poor performance. When I first downloaded the game from Steam I could not change the audio volume in game as it would stay the same to whatever I changed it to which meant that I could not listen to music or talk to friends while playing. The second thing is that the other day I launched the game and it started in a window. I took it out of the window and all the resolutions had disappeared.
    Poor Console Port!
  2. Oct 25, 2010
    Played this game twice through story mode, and once with the pc add-on marauders campaign, and it is an excellent piece of work! This is more like "GTA with WAY MORE cool stuff to do". Though it can get a little difficult to continually push back their attacks, should you set off too many alarms. Really nice FOV blurring, totally immerses you in your firefights from small to large scale. If you go exploring at night, expect to be ambushed by marauders! But they have their own unique weapons, so it's worth it. They also control a large piece of desert to the southeast on the map, which is worth exploring in detail once the story provides time. Bottom line, this game is easy on your gpu, is very well polished and optimized AND comes with an extra marauder campaign for when you finish the primary! Steam has had it on sale 3 times, I paid 10 bucks for it and was well worth the 40+ hours spent on it. Now it's on sale for 5, I hope many more people realize this game's greatness. Expand
  3. Jan 4, 2011
    RF:G doesn't have that many variety in missions. Any mission you do is some form or variation of destroying EDF property. At first, I thought I was playing the game wrong, it seemed like no matter what I did in the missions I would have a swarm of EDF troopers shooting at me from all sides, I would constantly die, and when I escaped it would barley be with enough health or unsatisfied mission complete and death that followed. I tried approaching the mission several different ways, I tried being stealthy, even though the game suggest that you can, no matter what direction you come in from even through the back or concealed in a vehicle you just can not be stealthy, then you have to complete you missions while your being shot at because your somehow expected to be a one man army with no one at your side to assist in the mission, but when you do get assistance it usually one or two people that quickly get shot to death. You can try to take one of the EDF armored vehicles only to find out that the same bullets they are shooting you with is piercing through the armored vehicle and destroying the vehicle quickly. The troops don't stop coming either, Even for a video game it just seems unrealistic to be shot at over and over again while you trying to get your missions done.

    Your suppose to be in a resistance against the EDF in this game and you will just get frustrated that nobody comes out to help you, after a while I just decided I wasn't playing this game cause I got tired of doing all the work while the underground resistance did nothing! As for destructible environments, not true, the only thing you can break is the structures, however unlike the first game the ground and hills your on can't be destroyed or altered, another annoyance in the mission is that the buildings don't crumble so easily and the missions aren't completed until they are completely decimated. This means that even though half a building is standing up, it won't collapse on its own you have to place more explosives. In closing I just want to say, having played this game several months after its release, I am really disappointed that every credible video game magazine and website gave this game a good review, I feel like they didn't play this game long enough or at all to see the issues. It makes me wonder what they are really reviewing.
  4. Jun 12, 2011
    Red Faction: Guerrilla is a game that takes some getting used to. The first couple of hours are a real frustrating bore. Early on, it takes one forever to get used to driving mechanics on the PC version. I felt they were horrendous, yet, as you move on and become more fluent with the game, the easier they become, and by the end of the game you're able to enjoy them. The only big flaw is how flimsy they are. You can be going so slow, accidently tap a rock and all your windows will shatter and the front end of your vehicle will be damaged. All vehicles are like this, and I felt as if NPC vehicles were much weaker than mine on the Normal difficulty. I would plow into an NPC vehicle and absolutely destroy the thing. And the lack of any sort of flying vehicle was a shame. Graphically the game looks pretty well, characters design here is solid. However, things tend to get boring environmentally. Every environment is virtually the same, just different shades of dirt. Oasis green, Parker red, Dust dust, Eos dust, Badlands darker red (but then again, it IS Mars, what can you really do for it?). The storyline is almost as bland as the color scheme. Mars is controlled by the evil corporations who just want moneymoneymoney and it's up to you, the downtrodden masses to rise up. Characters have no real character, and cut scenes always feel awkward for some reason. And what would a review be without talking about RF's destruction? Destruction is really fun, and probably the saving grace of the game. I really enjoyed being able to knock into a building, or place charges and watch a building implode on itself (my favorite being any of the games few massive bridges you're able to take down). The only real problem with it, is that the number of buildings to destroy are limited and over time they don't repair. Once you liberate a zone, targets go away. I kind of wish they wouldn't. The bigger buildings especially would be nice to be able to destroy again and again. When all is said and done, RF: Guerrilla is your typical shooter with the same bland taste in story as the franchise has come to know, held up by some entertaining free roam destruction and driving mechanics. Expand
  5. Sep 29, 2010
    Wonderful potential almost realized is my lead-in for this game. I honestly believe the next BIG thing in gaming is destructible environments using physics. This is a great attempt and loads of fun on that front. The nano rifle is by far my favorite weapon, the Mechs are fun, the jetpack is cool, but the vehicle driving has this strange "floaty" feeling. Overall I enjoyed the game and now that it is discounted from MSRP, it is a great value for anyone that has not had the opportunity to play it. I am a bit concerned with the upcoming sequel being underground, but we'll wait and see... Expand
  6. Feb 29, 2012
    The only other 'interesting' red faction game after the original. RFG does a lot right. It gives you a free roaming world, most of which you can level. It scatters most generic activities around, and basically gives you the keys to do whatever you want. Unlike the original red faction, this game takes away the ability to destroy the actual ground, and lets you destroy anything on top of it - I would have preferred both. The side content is mostly just 'go here and destroy this' 'destroy this is 30 seconds' 'bring there people over here' 'kill these guys'. It all get's repetitive really fast. That's why this game is best enjoyed in small spurts, a few generic quests and a dull storyline mission are perfectly fine if you just use them as an excuse to collect some parts for upgrades and level as much as you can. If you want a story focused game with quality side content. Look elsewhere. Expand
  7. Jun 2, 2011
    Interesting physics, decent story, but the controls ruined the game for me. It played like a poor console port, the controls just felt terrible. For an FPS, the controls felt spongy and imprecise, and badly needed some polish. This was the only Red Faction game I've bought, and I don't intend to buy another. Simple aweful.
  8. Aug 29, 2011
    From Volition Inc comes Red Faction Guerrilla an open world destruction game. I combines explosions with open world action. You are Alec Mason an explosives expert who is sent to Mars early in the game your brother is killed and the Red Faction takes you in and you get started with your destruction and killing the Earth Defense Force the main enemy. Or you could just run around blowing stuff up. The story missions are generally fantastic but there are one or two terrible ones. But all the missions are very wide open you can take different approaches. The game engine is geo mod 2.0 and unlike Red Faction 1 and 2 you only destroy every building instead of edit the land. The graphics are impressive but sometimes I got some bugs with the graphics. The explosions look and sound great. So it's a 9. This review will be on my blog at Expand
  9. Jul 26, 2011
    In a casual sense, RF:G's gameplay is a LOT of fun, I say casual because after an hour or so, things get monotonous (the objective of almost every mission is to destroy stuff), gameplay resembles Saints Row 2 somewhat, minus story, customisation and characters (I finished the game and can't recall what was happening) - you basically drive from location to location destroying stuff, sounds bad but it isn't really. Expand
  10. Feb 14, 2011
    One of the finest games of the 200#'s, Red Faction: Guerilla is the first mainstream game since Shadow of the Colossus to truly offer new technology and gameplay design.

    Additionally, the desolate atmosphere of Mars and the sense of paranoia - either of the EDF or of worse things in the desert is second to very few games, while the depth and variety of AI behaviours both in combat and in
    general are superior to any other open world game I've played.

    If you play at a high difficulty and let your imagination take you, Red Faction: Guerilla will straddle the lines between Action, Stealth, and RPG. Offering freedom, emotional engagement with the AI as they fight and die across Tharsis, and varied tactical opportunities as you are granted absolutely free reign and a wide variety of equipment to take out hundreds of optional targets by any means available.

    Expect difficulty, expect the AI to be both deadly and foolish in turns - expect them to act like fallible humans, and be prepared for the brutal collateral damage that will occur when civilian rebels play with explosives and large vehicles.

    The downsides of the game include a poorly ported Multiplayer experience, now utterly inactive - and at times bizarre spawn-rates of EDF vehicles that can mob you to death with a single-minded determination to ram you until your vehicle explodes. Additionally, while the setting is fantastic, the storyline as depicted in cutscenes and missions is very much a homage to the eighties, bearing more in common with the cliche and distinct Good and Evil moralism of Total Recall, or Robocop. It's cheesy as hell, and quite simplistic. The background depth of the world shown in the subtle behaviours of colonist AI and the hand-crafted designs of towns and ruined structures, however, is fantastic - you can believe in the Mars of Red Faction: Guerilla as you can in the worlds of few other open world games - here, it feels alive, more akin to Morrowind's Vvardenfel than any sterile, constantly-respawning city of Grand Theft Auto.

    Both technologically and atmospherically, RF:G provides an incredible gaming experience, one of very few action games that can satisfy my imagination like a classic RPG, or the freedom of Hitman: Codename 47.

    Give it a try - it costs very little today - and support Volition by trying out their next release; Red Faction: Armageddon.
  11. SDM
    Jun 21, 2011
    While the gimmick of a destructible environment brings enormous fun during the first few hours of gameplay, it also loses its appeal quite quickly and you're left with "just" a solid sandbox game.
  12. Oct 17, 2011
    An entertaining but ultimately repetitive Grand Theft Auto clone which makes it painfully obvious that to Volition, PC-gamers come second. The controls are RSI-inducing and the game seems to be wholly unoptimized when it comes to graphics; it's horizontal tearing one moment and frame lag the other. Combat can be both exciting and unexciting. The weapons have no feel to them, ammo is far too scarce to deal with the never-ending waves of enemies and aiming in this game is made far more difficult than it should be. It simply has poor console-port written all over it. Having Mason constantly obscure your vision isn't very useful either. (It's a third person game, not a first person game unlike Red Faction 1 and 2.) Your allies often get in the way as well as they tend to follow you into the buildings you're trying to blow up or they jump in front of you while you're in the process of launching several missiles. Sticking around in battle is a big no-no as you will lose friendly units (that randomly join your side and follow you around) and thus morale. Without morale, you'll get less salvage (read: money) and fewer reinforcements and ammo. The enemy will continuously send new units after you until you eventually run out of ammo, health and places to hide. You truly have to fight like a guerilla warrior and this can be somewhat overwhelming at times but does offer some cool combat when the circumstances are right. You will often be asked to blow up very large structures and you will find yourself running around the map frantically trying to regenerate health and throwing explosives around so that you can leave the area just to do the exact same in a different location a few minutes later on. The vehicles handle poorly. I am not sure if they are trying to simulate a low gravity environment (Your main character seems to be moving according to earth-standards. He can't even run up most ridges and often gets stuck in debris.) or if it's just poor handling in general. Cars bounce and fly all over the place and the handbrake doesn't work like you'd expect it to, sometimes causing your vehicle to spin out of control or just come to a complete stand still. Vehicle variety isn't very high but the design is interesting and driving around on Mars isn't something you do in every video game. The side-missions are repetitive, over-done and frustrating. The storyline is somewhat weak but not entirely uninteresting. Unfortunately, quite a few side-stories are delivered through the nearly inaudible (and without subtitles) news bulletins inside each rebel base so you're bound to miss out on those unless you enjoy standing still listening to 90's-era sound quality recordings Expand
  13. Mar 15, 2012
    What a great game.. Its awesome. To me its one of the best sandbox games i have ever played, it so **** underrated, i recommend it to every gamer out there
  14. Apr 11, 2012
    After starting the game, I spent 20 minutes just destroying walls, destroying the floor and just causing mayhem with a sledgehammer. When I finally decided to follow the mission I got trigger-happy with the explosives, becoming somewhat of a demoman. I majorly enjoyed the destruction engine, and the fact that pretty much anything can be blown up, smashed or shot. After finishing the tutorial, I hopped into one of the ute/truck like vehicles and started to run down people, run through walls and just causing more mayhem behind the wheel.
    I found Red Faction Guerilla an interesting game. What I adore about it is that its a sandbox where when it comes to destruction the skies the limit. However, what I did find was that many of the enemies are quite difficult to kill on Normal, as it takes close to a full clip (40 rounds) to defeat an opponent. The storyline is not bad, however the death at the start (not naming names) was unexpected. Overall, this deserves to be recognised along with games with a destruction engine similar like Battlefield, Brothers in arms Hells Highway and Quantum of Solace. This game deserves recognition as a game that is absolutely amazing. A few kinks but the rest very easily makes up for it.
  15. Apr 22, 2012
    Always wanted to destroy the world that is around you ?
    Never wanted to visit Mars ?
    Well this game is made for you, a mix of action with an amazing story and nicely made enemies AI, be ready cause they won't die easy, you will also have a big arsenal of weapons with all they're upgrades, save Mars and the people who became slaves under EDF control.
  16. Mar 24, 2011
    one of the cool things about the red faction series has always been how much stuff can be blown to hell . well RFG makes it even more fun by making it a free roam game and letting you blow the hell out of buildings and just about every thing els under the mars sun . which is alot of fun just taking a big vehicle and plowing it through a building flatting all the enimys inside . the story is fairly simplistic and nothing that grabs you . pretty much just out for revenge . the controls are good the wepon selection is just to small they had a much better one in the first RF game . the missions are fairly well put together and graphics ok . the online was also just ok . it kinda reminded me of lost planet abit with all theese back packs you get that give you certain powers. i did love the rampage mode or what ever it was called where you can just blow the hell out of a small town with out any one gettin in your way. its a pretty fun game that is fueled by your love of just blowin crap up. Expand
  17. Aug 24, 2010
    Blowing stuff up with the various weapons you're given is REALLY fun, and multiplayer is pretty cool with all the backpacks, adding a twist to an otherwise bog standard FPS.
    Fine, the story is not exactly amazing, and the whole game suffer from Far Cry 2-itis. That is, it's too long and repetitive to finish without wanting to kill yourself. Booting up the game every so often to blow up
    locations has made this game entertaining enough to gain a score of 8 in any case, but be warned that is all this game really excels at. Expand
  18. Jun 10, 2011
    If you like blowing **** up, this is definitely the game for you; an absolute hidden gem. The destruction physics are pretty amazing and they never get old. Grand Theft Auto sandbox play style--a good single player story with plenty of side missions. The multiplayer experience was kind of weak, but certainly playable. Pick it up when it's on sale for $5 for some good entertainment value.
  19. Jan 3, 2011
    I love the fact that you can destroy any building, you feel needs destroyed. I like the missions, yet they become repetitive and start to get boring. This game is mainly good for the free world and killing people. I enjoyed it but no where near Saints row 2.
  20. Aug 28, 2012
    Quite a dull game in my opinion. Blowing up stuff is kida fun, but the slaughtering of countless generic enemies is a real chore after a while, and they will just pop up out of thin air as soon as you set off some explosives. Besides, it's really hard to suspend disbelief: the enemy throws at you as if on a suicide mission, with police cars flying all around the place and crashing into each other. The physics aren't that good either, you can blow up three quarters of a large tower's base and find it balancing on the last remaining bit, but thankfully this doesn't happen with every kind of building. The combat is why I couldn't bring myself to finish this game tough. It seems this is a game about blowing things up, that does everything to make you spend less and less time blowing things up. It also needed a stealth component in my opinion. Expand
  21. May 25, 2011
    One of the greatest games this gen. Sure it's lax on story, but it's there and it's perfectly fine.

    It delivers loads of content to play around with and hours upon hours of destruction based gameplay.
  22. Jun 8, 2011
    Great game! I really enjoyed the storyline and the destruction. Multiplayer is alot of fun and the backpacks just add to the chaos.

    Overall this game is great and is a great time waster.
  23. Dec 11, 2011
    My first try in the Red Faction series... was pretty awesome. The game itself, meaning combination of plot, characters, world etc. is getting better and better every mission, but overall it's not any better than a "good" game. It could be an amazing production combining the best elements of open-world games, but it didn't really did that. Although I was AMAZED by how the world is big, it's empty. No houses, almost no buildings. Just a desert. Sick. Also, it's way too difficult, some of the missions were too hard to complete them even at the 5th try! But, at the same time, physics (maybe the best in the gaming history!), plot, missions - really worth buying. Might be the biggest surprise of 2009. Expand
  24. Mar 15, 2012
    What a great game.. Its awesome. To me its one of the best sandbox games i have ever played, it so **** underrated, i recommend it to every gamer out there
  25. Aug 3, 2012
    Given how better games like Crysis can be had for £2, I should not have paid £3.74 for this. The demolition is the only good thing here, and the music is ok, but the rest is your usual bland console port fare and way too arcade. While other ports like Assassins Creed have similar flaws, they just about make up for it while this one just about does not.
  26. Feb 16, 2013
    A half-hearted console port. As far as gameplay goes, its fine if you want a mid-tier third person shooter. The physics are cool if you just like breaking through walls with a sledge hammer. Otherwise, its model of structural damage and collapse isn't as good as some free 2d flash games. The storyline isn't anything meaningful or interesting. Level design is bad. There are no features of a console game to speak of, modders are almost non-existent, and the Games for Windows interface further blocks what you can do with the game.

    Each level is a reskin of the last, except with an arbitrary color scheme. The first level you start in is red, then orange, then green, then blue. Why? Its very ugly and plain. There's nothing cool to blow up except one huge bridge (which is one of the only really cool and interesting thing about the game) and two sky scrapers which have indestructible hard-points which make it only possible to destroy them one way. Why would they do this in a game who's only appeal is that you can destroy stuff?

    The multiplayer is pretty good. The different backpacks make gameplay interesting. For example, you can be a 'rhyno' backpack wielder with a sledge hammer, and wreck through walls to surprise targets. However, the multiplayer is buggier than on console and I don't think there are as many players.

    There is little moddability. With such potential with the destruction engine, why not a system where you can add and design buildings? This is an insult to PC gamers, just handing them a console port with no attention to the things PC gamers expect. You can't even use cheat codes to, for example, get rid of the bad guys so you can sandbox destroy stuff in the world. Even if you have a minimal destruction save file there's still not much to blow up in the world.

    The progression system feels so limiting. Just Cause 2 got guerrilla warfare right. In this game, there's no place to hide or anything. You just kill people and blow stuff up to unlock new areas. So lame. I don't want to have to sit through your bad storyline just to play the game the way I want to.

    I only payed $5 for this game I feel like I wasted my money. I was really disappointed that this is the only non-indy title that tries to emulate destruction physics and it totally fails. I liked it better on Xbox anyway.
  27. Aug 30, 2012
    It's insanely fun to break apart buildings, this has never been done so well before, with the physics engine and all. The controls and gameplay is fun, you'll enjoy fighting and shooting in the destrutible environment, wandering around in this sandbox game blowing **** up the many weapons offered to you. Now the bad. The story deserves a 0. It has no believability at all. It's so stupid I just skipped everything. The game could have been optimized better for PC, I find it runs slower than other games with better graphics. Thirdly, the overall terrain is repetitive and dull. Since breaking things is so fun I would have liked more of that, however the settlements are too few. Overall, fun game, fun while you're in the midst of the heat, in the core of the gameplay, and forget the all around ****ty package. Will last you about 10 hours. This game deserves a 6.5, I'll round that to a low 7. Reminds me of Just Cause 2 but about 100x less good, get that game instead. Expand
  28. Jul 20, 2012
    Personally I didn't like the singleplayer mode on this game, it becomes boring quite fast.
    That said, the Multiplayer is simply AMAZING alot like the old Red Faction1, awesome weapons, hammers and special ability backpacks. The gamecontrols are very easy to use and maps are very simple, I really enjoyed the MP in this game alot.
  29. Oct 2, 2012
    Recently picked up this game for 5 bucks on steam, I didn't regret it at all. It demostrates something that has been rare in recent games, some good ole explosions, most of the games recently have been shoot em ups, with little desctruction elements besides things like vehicles. Beautiful landscape and polished gameplay make this a treat to play
  30. Jun 13, 2013
    Played this game twice through story mode, and once with the pc add-on marauders campaign, and it is an excellent piece of work! This is more like "GTA with WAY MORE cool stuff to do". Though it can get a little difficult to continually push back their attacks, should you set off too many alarms. Really nice FOV blurring, totally immerses you in your firefights from small to large scale. If you go exploring at night, expect to be ambushed by marauders! But they have their own unique weapons, so it's worth it. They also control a large piece of desert to the southeast on the map, which is worth exploring in detail once the story provides time. Bottom line, this game is easy on your gpu, is very well polished and optimized AND comes with an extra marauder campaign for when you finish the primary! Steam has had it on sale 3 times, I paid 10 bucks for it and was well worth the 40+ hours spent on it. Now it's on sale for 5, I hope many more people realize this game's greatness Expand
  31. Nov 4, 2012
    love this game! i remember playing the older Red faction games and i missed the environment destruction from the older ones i love destroying the buildings which is why i got the game i wasn't paying attention to the story as much as i should have....but i the physics of destroyed buildings where there was only one support strut in place and the building didn't collapse under its own weight kinda killed the game play for me...would have liked more building to destroy though or ones that would be rebuilt so i could destroy them again would have kept me entertained for days.... Expand
  32. Oct 14, 2012
    Honestly, this is one of the best open world third person shooters i have ever played. The other games in the red faction series were not always that great but i greatly enjoyed this one. It helps make the game fun when you can destroy any building you see.
  33. Dec 21, 2012
    Every man-made structure in sight is made of cardboard and you're armed with explosives... *lightbulb* Who cares about the main plot when you can cause/watch the world burn?

    In all seriousness, a good game, but I still believe the main selling point is the destructible environment. Something about covering a residential building with demolition charges and then watching every piece fly
    off into the distance floods my brain with dopamine. Expand
  34. Nov 18, 2012
    This game is awesome! You play as Alec Mason. He is new to the Red Faction series. Anyway, you go around just blowing stuff up! IT's addicting, and fun. The only problem I found with the buildings is the fact that they don't rebuild. But even if the buildings don't rebuild, you can go around and murder the EDF (Earth Defense Force) It can get really bloody though, especially when you are using a sledge hammer, or the assault rifle. And if that doesn't satisfy you, than there is a lot of vehicles you can drive. From simple cars to missile tanks, you have your selection. And then you have bonus missions, which award you with scrap metal, which is the currency in this game. The bonus missions includes, Faction missions, defending missions, delivering EDF messages, and then destroying buildings. It is very addicting. But the main missions aren't that great though. The writing can be kinda cheesy or boring. But the missions over-all are decent enough. But the main missions are the only thing holding this game back from a 10. Expand
  35. Mar 23, 2013
    I tried liking this game so much, after seeing all those youtube videos of demolition and hammer kills. Now that I have tried for a few hours, I come away in disgust. This game has no cover system, an endless supply of suicidal enemies, and even more suicidal allies and civilians that will throw themselves in the line of fire at any possible time. Controls feel laggy and gunplay did not feel nice at all. On top of that there is a huge lack of guidance, you're just thrown in the middle of it and before you know it, you're surrounded by hordes of enemies on all sides, all the time. I cannot recommend it to anyone. Much nices games out there for the same price! Expand
  36. Jun 24, 2013
    The general idea and story behind this game is good, but the incredibly poor port of the PC version makes it unplayable. No, seriously, I can't even start the game anymore, it crashes at start-up.
  37. Mar 11, 2013
    Probably my favourite game ever, Beautiful colour scheme and art, but the terrain isn't destructible like the previous games whereas the scenery and buildings are instead, another thing, the keyboard controls are a tad clunky but you do get used to them after a good 2 hours of playing.
  38. Mar 1, 2012
    Bought this game based on cambria's review and all I gotta say is that it was a decent disappointment. My main gripes were the linear, same old missions over and over again, and the bland environment. I still haven't beat this game and I'm not rushing back to play it again :/
  39. Jun 29, 2012
    The best Red Faction because the freedom in the gam eplay. A good atmosphere. But the difficult level is only for mad Japanese. I have played the game hundred of hours, because the half of the gameworld it open at the start, i have never see the rest of the world. The game has only 1 difficult level for the story line missions: Hyper-Nightmare-Suicidal. As a sample: to open the first new region you will over life a destruction derby race, all your "friends" do nothing else as kill you, not enoth you drive under artillery fire as well. I have tried it 30 times, then i give up. Whithout this heavy bug, the game get a 9/10, but so... sorry. Expand
  40. Aug 5, 2012
    I don't understand the people that write **** reviews. this is the ONLY game I know where you can walk up to a sprawling tower and smash it into oblivion. and for the people that say that it is a bad port, I can run the game completely smooth at max settings, Ever consider that your PC sucks?
  41. Mar 16, 2013
    This game has so much potential but the graphical bugginess makes it impossible to receive a score any higher than 7. It becomes nearly impossible to drive, which you do a LOT of, when the game fails to render busy intersections that also have elaborate check points. You are literally driving blind. I love the effects when they render. Blowing up buildings, vehicles, etc. is very satisfying. The open world aspects are great but can be overly challenging at times as in occasionally unfair. The shooting is sort of bland despite having a great variety of weapons at your disposal. The pacing of the story is horrid and you should not expect that much from the story line. After liberating 3 of the six districts I find myself becoming a bit bored of the repetitive nature. The stealth in the game is not well developed. The AI is not great but at least it will not bug out completely. All in all its an enjoyable game but certainly one that you will want to pick up when its on sale on steam like I did. At 75% off its a steal considering what is good about this game graphics, open world and awesome destruction with bombs. launcher, gas cylinders, etc. Expand
  42. Dec 13, 2012
    GTA clone in space but with highly destructible environments. Main story is relatively short compared to other sandbox games but I think it's worth getting just to destroy peoples houses with your hammer & det packs. Overall it's pretty bland and not much unique about it besides the physics.
  43. Aug 14, 2013
    I actually don't think that this game represents an aweful port. The problems with this game is how repetitive the game is. To give you an example when I completed the game I had done 74 side missions to the 18 story missions in the game, the side missions are either get hostages, wreck a building, drive a car or defend a building; There is very little variety. The story missions are very similar to the side missions sadly seperated with 4 or 5 cut scenes through the game, there is very little vehicle choice in the game and they all feel the same. since 2009 there are so many better open world games and I really think that RFG is very average at best. Expand
  44. Nov 9, 2013
    A game that feels as though it could of been so much on PC but a very lack lustre port and poor performance on PC just means this game never quites hits the mark the way it should and becomes a chore to play.
  45. Jan 22, 2013
    Key word for this game is: meh. Gameplay is pretty polished but legitimately gets repetitive really quickly. But what saves it and saved for me is it's destruction physics. When i saw it for the first time, i thought it was awesome, and i still think. Everything gets much more fun when you start to figure out how you can destroy building, or, you're shooting baddies while destroying building! It's cool, but overall game is repetitive and forgettable. But it's okay, you can let it pass and it is an improvement after Red Faction 2. Expand
  46. Aug 1, 2013
    Had a couple of fun hours, then it was the same thing over and over. Very repetitive. Worth a low price, but don't buy it if it's over 10$, in my opinion.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. Red Faction: Guerrilla is a sandbox game in its purest form. Watching giant structures collapse is an absolute thrill, and although the characters and their backgrounds aren't very compelling, the awesome weapons and great amount of side missions will take players on a path of destruction for hours to come.
  2. 90
    Despite its lackluster storytelling, Red Faction: Guerrilla is a whole lot of fun to play, thanks to its meaty campaign and well-rounded multiplayer offerings.
  3. The best in-game destruction ever can't make up for a few major shortcomings, but when a game is built to blow up buildings, it's hard to find much fault when it does that so well. You'll definitely overlook the shortcomings and focus on what this game does well instead.