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  • Summary: Earth. Twenty-second century. Five years after the rebellion on Mars. For 15 years, Chancellor Victor Sopot has oppressed the people of the Commonwealth. His corrupt rule and a relentless war of unification with the United Republic has left the Commonwealth bloodied and impoverished. As distant battles rage, sewage taints Sopot City's rivers, pollution smudges the sky, and wretched citizens huddle in crumbling ruins. Condemned to death by Chancellor Sopot, six super-soldiers unite to save their country, vowing to overthrow Sopot using the unique powers that nano-technology has given them. Join the squad as Alias, a demolitions expert. Fight side-by-side with Molov, Repta, Shrike, Tangier, and Quill--each possessing unique attributes and specialties. Battle through diverse environments using vehicles, an arsenal of specialized weapons, and explosives in a mission to overthrow the government. Defeat Sopot and restore the honor of the Commonwealth! [THQ] Expand
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  1. An entertaining FPS experience. It isn’t perfect; it’s not going to leave an impression on you like Half-Life 2 or FarCry did, but at the same time it will entertain you and keep you glued to your seat.
  2. 74
    Fun, certainly, but single-player is a bit too linear and bit too short, even if the combat is engaging, well-thought out, and generally intense.
  3. An above-average time-killer for stupid-shooter fans who won't miss multiplay. [July 2003, p.70]
  4. A pretty good shooter overall, offering up a short but sweet single-player campaign and a decent botmatch mode for a little extra lasting value.
  5. For those of you who are online multiplayer fans though, an offline botmatch may just be seen as unacceptable … and that’s what you get with RFII. That’s a shame since the first one was fantastic.
  6. Short is never good, no matter which context you put it in. And this game is short. It's penis-envy short. It's the shortest single-player FPS game I've ever played. A four hour gameplay experience for a retail product is like a 20 second sexual intercourse. It just doesn't feel right, and you feel cheated.
  7. A perfect example of how cheap ports don't help anymore. First and foremost, the port has no multiplayer at all. None, nada, zippo. [July 2003, p.78]

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  1. May 7, 2011
    This game was amazing for it's time. Yes it is short, yes it doesn't have multiplayer. But who cares? When you can just terrorize the civilians? Or save them... The attention to detail is great. The music has some roots to the first game, but it has some of it's own tracks which are phenomenal. The story is interesting. The Geo Mod gives us nice looks, even though more scripted. I would recommend this only to people who like singleplayer experiences. People hate it for being less of the first game. But i played this one first and i know that the first game was bigger, but it laked detail and polish. While this is simply what the game probably should have been. I give it a 10/10 to keep the score higher then what it is. Expand
  2. Mar 11, 2014
    - Fast paced, excellent arcade shooter with large variety of standard and more interesting weapons.
    - Destructible environments
    - Fun
    and intense game play
    - Cheats for a more over the top experience
    - You get to use a Mech
    - Offline Bot matches
    - Jason Statham is a voice actor in this

    - Too short, easily completed within 3-4 hours
    - Very linear
    - No ported co-op, even in offline local
    - Not much of a story

    Personal Preferences
    - It has a Helicopter and tank turret level
    - Outdated graphic - but has a charm to it
    - No actual reason for replaying the game apart from to use the cheats

    If you are looking for a quick, solid FPS game with loads of fast paced action and explosions, with a story that is good enough just to keep the ball rolling and don't mind older graphics and play style, then this game is for you. If you are looking for anything more than this, then you should probably look elsewhere.
  3. Sep 13, 2013
    A solid action shooter but really does not stand out from similar games of the era.
    Was relatively popular due to the success of the original
    but really did not stick to its roots and a was a blatant cash in from publishers.

    No real link between this and the first, borrowing name only and you won't miss a great deal if you do not play this. Still provides some easy fast paced action.
  4. Aug 10, 2014
    I can't complain too loudly since I got this game on sale from Steam. It provided me with a few hours of so-so FPS fun. I finally chucked the game in frustration since I had to replay the same level one too many times. That is, after finishing a level and exiting the game, this silly game takes me back to this same completed level the next time I open the game. The save progress is non-existent. Didn't the programmers test their work? Little wonder the RF franchise didn't survive. Expand
  5. Jan 22, 2013
    This game should not exist even logically. But logic aside, there's just nothing new, they just enhanced destruction physics a bit (and there's not much different) and added Jason Statehem (is that right?). Rushed story with not really polished gameplay equals - unworthy of it's first game sequel that must be avoided by any FPS or Sci-fi fans. Seriously, i passed through it, like after 4 hours, A.I. is broken and it's hard to die even if you'll try to, It's one of the first games, that used regeneration and you're just invincible there. Expand
  6. Feb 23, 2012
    This game is terrible. The game is short. The maps are obtuse. The plot is generic and stupid. The enemies are either bullet sponges OR they are hidden around every corner and hit you almost immediately after you see them. The worst part of this game is how unsatisfying the guns are. I play FPS games to shoot things, and the shooting in this game is AWFUL. Expand

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