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  1. Nov 16, 2014
    I picked this game up in a Steam sales because it looked interesting without any expectations and it blew me away! This game was simply the best cyberpunk experience I ever played. Beautiful artful graphics (Neo Paris looks breathtaking), great electro music especially towards the end of the game and an truly awesome story (especially appealing to someone who has own kids). I completed the story in 15 hours and to me this game didn't feel more repetitive than Assassins Creed or the Batman Arkham games. Expand
  2. Nov 14, 2014
    I do not understand **** ratings people give this amazing game. The story is very good, the graphics are of the highest level, the soundtrack is one of the best I've enjoyed in any game before, well fitted perfectly in the turns of history. If it's a linear game, and is perhaps the only reasonable criticism I've read, but is not it true that "The Last Of Us" is linear and has 10/10 in over 200 publications as long and wide the world?

    "Remember Me" is like a good glass of wine. Not everyone likes it, but everybody should be able to recognize the work involved in running a job of this exquisite quality.

    The Spanish translation is a little bad sync with the mouth movements of the characters, but it is somewhat understandable given the differences in the oral articulation and existing sentences in French and Castilian. Evidently motion capture is based on models that spoke French, but not overlook it an outstanding job.

    If you like intense stories and twists in the story lines, plus futuristic scenarios this is your game. I say that not many titles in the video game market at the height of "Remember Me"
  3. Nov 13, 2014
    I cannot stress how much people have been hood winked into thinking this is not worth there time or money.

    This is a Gem of a game, yes its a bit linear and you don't interact with everything in the world but to be honest I think this would slow the pace. Awesome in ever way and some what pioneering.

    To me this is a AAA Game without doubt
    Miss it at your peril.

    Easy 8.9/10
  4. Nov 3, 2014
    It's sad to see these uniquely styled games buried by the likes of the mainstream AAA gaming industry and whatever the charts say for the executives that make all of these decisions.
    It's an action game with a brilliant art style and unique take on the beat em up genre. The story is captivating and the world around is a brilliant mix of near future renaissance and totalitarian utopia.

    Though the game is not without its flaws, the combat can be a bit frustrating at times and the linearity of the game feel a bit out of place, since it feels as though this game should have been open world. If ever there is a sequel though unlikely it seems, I hope they implement an open world as I would love to explore everything this setting has to offer!
    I really hope to see more games like this one that don't follow the trends of today's industry... sadly publishers just want to go where the money is, not where the art is.
  5. Oct 29, 2014
    Remember Me could've really fleshed out its neo-Paris setting, but the linearity makes it feel like I'm only scraping the surface of it. The story is certainly quite ambitious, even endearing sometimes, but there are instances where the writing is quite weak, where dialogue that's supposed to give a 'badass' impression falls flat, also occasionally feeling quite saccharine. I also think some of the secondary characters could've been developed more. For example, Tommy, Olga and Frank get no more than five minutes of screen time each, and as a result they kind of fade away into obscurity when the game shifts its focus on Nilin and her parents. It feels as if they serve no crucial purpose beside giving the opportunity for Nilin to give an underwhelming philosophical musing about whether the ends justify the means during cutscenes between levels.

    It probably sounds like I don't like the game, but that's not the case, I still enjoyed it. The combat system for one is quite effective, it's simple and it works, though it can be a bit boring during the game's introductory sequences because many of the sensen abilities and pressens are not yet unlocked. Once these become available to you however, the combat system offers just enough variation and fancy visual effects to keep it interesting throughout the rest of the game. I also like how the soundtrack is synchronised with combos in combat, making it feel satisfyingly fluid and cinematic. Nice touch.

    Altogether, Remember Me is a decent game, though not without its flaws, often get some Mirror's Edge vibes from the setting, wish it could've utilised it a little more though.

    Overall rating: 7.5/10 (rounded down)
  6. Oct 20, 2014
    This game could of easily of been a 10/10 if it wasn't for some of it's issues. First the good. The story is a great cyberpunk tale and the environment of Neo Paris is beautiful. The music is one that you will want to continue listening well after the game ends. The combat system is fun and allows you to design your own combos. And the puzzles in this game are actually puzzles unlike other games that ditched the concept of having puzzles in them. *cough cough* Resident Evil *cough*

    Now the bad, Quick time events are a **** in this game. Sometimes they don't show up correctly and will make you lose a boss fight. The camera extremely annoying in the combat and the auto aim feels clunky.

    Like I said if it wasn't for the bad, all the good would of made this game a 10/10. Still if you are a fan of cyberpunk, this game is a must buy. If you don't care too much about cyberpunk, the game might not be able to hold you.
  7. Oct 10, 2014
    Absolutely enjoyed this game. It is however cut scene heavy and the game play is slightly repetitive, especially the platforming.

    However an absolutely A+ story and setting, well worth the time.
  8. Oct 4, 2014
    IMO, this capcom's best game in years. it isn't perfect but as a new IP. it does sometings right like the story,voice acting, & combat system. What it does wrong, the breaking of combos due to dodging, the lead by the hand platforming, & not going the full way with the create a combo system. This game is worth at least a one time play through
  9. Sep 26, 2014
    game is highly underrated blame the reviewer sites for giving mediocre scores it deserves 8.5/10.graphic details in episode 2 is amazing.very good story evoking emotions(makes me remember last of us not as emotional journey as last of us).involves morality,politics in backdrop(makes me remember story of bio shock series) its told in an interesting manner.clunky controls and ridiculous icon for jumping,after you get hang of it fighting system with combos keeps fights interesting.story telling in form of memories is very good Expand
  10. Sep 12, 2014
    I was always interested in this game since I first saw it. It looked like it could have some real potential.
    I then proceeded to forget about the game until I saw it on special offer on Steam. I figured why not and downloaded it. Sadly it doesn't compete with almost any game released in the past 10 years or so.
    The graphics are in dire need of some work, mainly the poor textures and
    shaders make it look a little dated.
    Sadly it doesn't only fall short there, the gameplay is extremely linear. The game isn't so much a game as a story with a menu screen. You are directed, with no perceivable allowance for exploration, to each objective. Episode 0 is a good indication of that as it sets multiple waypoints just a few metres apart for you to follow. The only control you have is with the "combat" system. You can choose how to beat up some truly terrible AI opponents, as in do you punch or kick them. That's it, but in all fairness they're so stupid that you only need that much choice.
    Platforming sections? Of which there are quite a few, are a poor mans version of tomb raider. No alternate routes, no challenges. Simply follow the only direction you can possibly take.
    Then there are the memory remix parts. Rewind to start and look for blurs, then slow it down and click. Move to next blur and repeat.... yawn. Though clever in concept it's too simple and basic in application.
    The voice acting is pretty good though, I liked the voice acting.
  11. Sep 4, 2014
    Remember Me seems to be a promising game at first. Who can resist a memory hunter, especially when she can't remember herself? Then, if you have enough patience to stick with the game to the end, you'll think that the developer should have named it something like Forget Me. Despite the good sides like detail environment, enjoyable memory remix levels, Remember Me is a flat and linear platforming game, repetitive gameplay and a story full of plot holes. Expand
  12. Aug 29, 2014
    Well, like some other guy here, I don't believe this game deserves a 10 (would give it 710 or even 8), but I think that this game is highly underrated! So I gave it a 10 in order to balance things a little. (The metascore and critics reviews give the wrong impression, in my opinion.
    First of all - I must say this loud and clear, this game deserves to be played! You really should play it!

    When I first played it, I was shocked by the not-too-good reception of the game and later on I figured out what was wrong about it.
    You can summarize what's wrong like this - this game could be, and promised to be, something big, different, innovative, even revolutionary- in terms of gameplay. It seems as if it even intended to do so, but didn't fully succeed.

    What makes this game look so interesting is the fact that you're being a memory hunter. Messing with people's memories is not a concept often explored in common video games. The one extraordinary feature which raise this game above many others is the memory remixing - you'll have to remix people's memories in order to change their views, thoughts and actions. Sounds amazing, isn't it? And indeed, the few times you'll be doing this in the game are rather cool and exciting, even though it felt like the mechanics of the remixes was a bit too simple, it still felt really good. But as I said, you'll only be doing this a couple of times. Four actually, throughout the entire game, which isn't totally satisfying and makes you want more of it.
    What else will you do that's related to memories? Well, you're gonna steal some, replay some, and kill some, but it's all done with a few buttons' clicks and not in a very interesting way. And what else will you do? Well, you'll kick your enemies' butts. And climb. You'll also jump a bit, but you're gonna climb a lot.

    And in Remember Me... it just isn't enough.
    The game is not very long, yet it might feel like you're playing forever, as the game gets more and more tedious in time when you feel like you fight horde after horde of enemies with cutscenes in between. The fighting isn't that interesting, and is generally easy, except for some parts in the game where it's not. But that's only because of the controls, which at first seemed fine to me, but somehow from the middle of the game and on I just felt like it all became too clunky and Nilin's movements didn't always have much to do with the buttons I pressed on the keyboard.

    The platforming is not that interesting as well. It only gets long and repetitive in time. The only thing that makes it good is the gorgeous graphics and surroundings which I'll speak of later, and the somewhat-artistic camera angles which change and flow smoothly. But still, as I said, it gets long and repetitive, especially when you don't have much freedom of choice about where to go, and not even the illusion of it. There's almost always only one single path to follow, you can never wander too much, and many times when you do the game would quickly suggest you the 'correct' path or action that has to be done. That makes the game even easier, and makes you feel like you just follow a trail of cutsceneshordes of enemies at times.

    So, yeah, gameplay-wise, the game is not necessarily brilliant. But now let's talk about the good stuff, which far outweigh the disappointing gameplay.

    Remember Me is very much story-driven. It's purely a science fiction kind of story and yet it revolves around humanity and its mind, their memories and their urge to change or guard them. It isn't the deepest tale to be told but it has its insightful moments, and its a very personal and at times heart-touching.
    The cutscenes and dialogues which transfer the story are very well done, never too long and never too short, usually very interesting, and with very good and professional voice acting (Note: the game is fully dubbed in English, French, Italian, German, which is very cool!).
    The graphics looked absolutely amazing, and without requiring a super-high-tech-machine (Bought my computer in 2010, even back then it didn't have the best specs possible. The game worked very nicely on my machine on High graphic settings). The world of Neo-Paris seemed very wide and detailed, colorful and alive, with my only complaint about it is that the game won't let you explore the environment much - as I said earlier, it's very linear and many obstacles would make you walk in a specific one way instead of exploring the world around you which seems so interesting and eye-catching.
    The soundtrack of the game is beautiful, combining symphonic and electronic tracks together (trust me, it's good!) which integrate brilliantly with the game and battle sequences.
    The collectibles are nice, not too hard to find usually, but gives you some interesting information to read about the peoplesurroundings around you.

    In short(VERY short)- Amazing storytelling which absolutely overshadows disappointing gameplay (the memory remixes totally worth it, though)
  13. Aug 7, 2014
    Although the combat is somewhat rudimentary and the style of play (and unskippable cut-scenes) limit replayability, the truly brilliant story-line makes this game a must-play. Honestly, the quality of the direction, writing, and score are better than in a lot of major motion pictures. If you have the means (and a 360 pad), definitely check this game out.
  14. Jul 7, 2014
    When I started the game, I thought: why didn't receive at least 90%. The setting, the design looked great. Later I realized why...
    I was a big fan, in the old days, of the " french touch", they had great creative ideas. The problem was they spent all their fuel into design, and none of it left for the game itself...
    In RM what was missing was the game itself. It is a dumb console port,
    with dumb console controls not translated into PC, with dumb checkpoint system. It is one of the many games that want to make itself longer by using checkpoints, so you have to do stuff, you already done, again and again. After a while this game became a chore. It gets harder and harder, and if you fail, you can start over (ingame videos included). By the time I got to the Madame boss, I was fed up with the endless buttons smashing, these developers call "fight". Somewhat later I gave up and the story just wasn't interesting enough to torture myself more.
    Remember me had great ideas, really good design, but as a game it fails miserably.
  15. Jun 3, 2014
    A terribly underrated game, which was obviously very tightly developed. Amazing setting of Neo-Paris, where the only currency are memories - the juicier, the better. Incredible music, blending instrumental sound with a glitchy electronic vibe. The gameplay is a bit simpler and slightly unrefined, since it all boils down to just having the longest, most varied combo and doing it over and over again but the fact that you can customize your own combos is something fresh and interesting.
    The writing could have been better at some points but it can hold it's own.

    Overall it's a very good game and it's not just a simple button-masher, it has depth as well.
  16. Apr 20, 2014
    Let me start off by saying the first 2 hours were horrible. But after that what seems like a crappy Assassin's Creed clone blooms into a beautiful dynamic game. It has a very original 1984 esque story with some of the best character development to date. You can tell the creators really bled themselves dry to create something that will be remembered for decades to come.
  17. Apr 20, 2014
    One of the most overlooked games of its year, possibly due to the misguided advertising. I played this game without having no prior knowledge of its existence and boy oh boy, was I in for a surprise. This game is definitely ahead of its time and I was really amazed by how overlooked this gem was. Capcom really went above and beyond with this one. The funny thing is though, it's not that the game introduces some new element to gaming but that it uses a familiar game formula so brilliantly! It's the perfect example of what happens when game developers take their time when making a game. Asides from the awesome graphics, the gameplay mechanics are great and the storyline is awesome! It definitely raises your standards in gaming if not done right. That is, IF done right. This was meant to be an immersive game so quality headphones, a comfortable seat and a 360 controller are a must (after owning a strong rig of course). Expand
  18. Apr 11, 2014
    POSITIVE for being awesome and trying something new and exciting and in most parts, succeding, even though it's DONTNOD's first game ever. Pros: • Combat: - There are 3 types of attacks: Damage, Heal and Cooldown Reduction (for Special Powers), you unlock different and longer combos as the game progresses and as you level up you choose to unlock a new Kick or Punch for some type of the attacks and se on your combos, you can mix them or use a specific one for each type.
    - The longer the combo, the better the effect (Damage, Heal, Cooldown Reduction).
    - No blocking or auto-counter, only dodging.
    - Smooth and good looking animation.

    • Story: Awesome, gets very personal.
  19. Apr 2, 2014
    Extremely underrated game, Beautiful graphics, great visuals, unique combat system, original story.

    The combat system is kind of like a mix between Magicka and Batman where you put together long strings of combos using different types of attacks that do things like reduce time your cooldowns, heal, extra dmg, amplify the previous rune etc. there several different types of cooldowns you
    can use to boost dps, crowd control, mind control etc.

    Where the game loses points is the parts that are actually challenging are a bit too spread out during the game but the great visuals and story more than make up for it imo.
  20. Mar 29, 2014
    Remember Me is a game with a compelling story that drives the entire game. It is difficult to get invested in however. Without giving anything away, the game explores some dark, emotional, and philosophical ideas about a future in which memory has been monetized and commercialized, your character, Nilin, is the one to unravel the threads and find the truth behind herself and much more.

    Before getting into the story/characters, lets get the gameplay out of the way first; It's mediocre. The combat system starts out rather engaging, allowing the player to customize a series of combo moves (Pressen) to tailor fit Nilin for any specific situation. While engaging, the combat system quickly becomes extremely repetitive and hinges on the players ability to properly dodge and wait for cooldowns to become available. In addition, every substantial enemy (bosses, mini-bosses) ends with every bodies favorite thing...quick time events! The result is an unsatisfying one to say the least. I never felt like I actually defeated anyone as it's all done for you through the QTE's. Despite all this, the combat is not bad. It does require patience though.

    Now on to the story/characters...The game is driven heavily by (obviously) the evolution of the story, but seeing as how nobody can remember anything (barring Edge), the weight of carrying the story falls to the characters and how they develop and interact, this is where I found it impossible to become invested in the game. The story by itself is good, but the characters that tell it to you are basically emotionless or otherwise reading some horrible line of dialogue. Most of the time you'll be wondering how the hell some of the lines made it to the final cut. This would be fine if the characters actually portrayed emotion through facial animations, something that is basically non-existent in todays gaming market. Instead, every character, whether in or out of a cut-scene or cinematic, has the same expression for everything. Happy, sad, concerned, fearful, angst (oh there's plenty of that),'s all the same facial expression. This leads to extremely static characters, despite all the developing they're doing. In short, the main focal point of the game's story is told through static, boring characters with horrible dialogue.

    The "gimmick", I suppose one could call it, of the game is the ability to influence and change (called Rewriting memories in the game's terminology) peoples memories. This is a great concept in the game and it is indeed fun when you get to do it. It is unfortunate that you only get the chance to do this four times (three if you played the demo, because that one is repeated). Still, despite this, it is a welcome part to the game and helps to break up the monotony of the extremely linear gameplay, the combat, and the between-chapter monologues.

    Remember Me gets a 6/10. While it has it's problems, the saving grace for the game is a compelling story, even if it's told through robotic inexpressive characters.
  21. Mar 26, 2014
    This game is highly underrated. The story kept me interested, the combat was really fun, boss battles wer entertaining. Voice acting was pretty good (Edge was kind of crappy), but really I don't think this game deserves the crap I've read about it. People are too critical.
  22. Mar 21, 2014
    Like many, I have to give this game my protest vote of 10, even though in a world that was just I could give it the 7 that I actually think it deserves. I do not understand the people who have rated this a zero. PROS: Graphically stunning Excellent soundtrack New, unique IP that is well thought out Strong voice acting Interesting story CONS: Unintuitive control structure. It would have been nice to be told "to rewind memories don't just tweak the mouse to the left like the icon shows, make large counterclockwise circles around your mouse pad" which is cool, but just not obvious.

    The fighting system has a great premise (customize your attack/healing/special moves) but a bit clunky in the execution for a mouse and keyboard port (key mappings maybe would have been better).

    The open world isn't nearly open enough. You have a fairly linear path through most of the game, and I would have loved to explored some of what I could see.
  23. Mar 20, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It is simply fantastic! Great Setting. The combats are a bit tricky at the beginning but in no-time you will be a decent hero! Climbing is easy, too. All you have to do is to believe that you already are aiming to the right side ;). I really enjoyed it! Nice Dystopia. Expand
  24. Mar 19, 2014
    Picked this game up on Steam for $10 on sale - I absolutely urge anyone who is an avid gamer to buy it.

    I have seen a lot of griping about a number of things, and I hope to put some of them to rest. One example is that someone mentioned a seeming lack of imagination when it comes to enemies. To that, all I have to point out is that great games like Bioshock, for example, literally had
    like two types of enemies - Splicers and Big Daddies. That game is still widely regarded as a great title and this one is no different. Enemy archetypes are low in number, but the variance in enemies is by no means small. I found myself constantly enthralled by the evolution of enemies over time. It definitely felt like they were ramping up the the difficulty as time went on (when playing on the hardest difficulty) and therefore I think they did fine in this department.

    Another thing people have mentioned is that they felt as though the combat system was strange or too simple - what have you. The combat system is exactly like what you would see in Batman: Arkham Asylum. It has that sort-of fluid momentum to it that I, personally, praise in video games. So, if you liked Arkham Asylum's combat system, you will like Remember Me's.

    Things like the plot (I am about 50% of the way done) and the world seem to be wonderfully crafted. The world especially is breathtaking. In every chapter so far, there seems to be a subtle moment handed to the player to let them know that the environment is expansive and enveloping. It really does well, with the majorly-accredited musical score that accompanies it, in making the player feel immersed. The plot is interesting and holds up well to what I originally anticipated from the game.

    Another major gripe seemed to be the interaction with memories and the player's ability to alter them. This was a minor pitfall in the sense that I felt like there needed to be more examples of this throughout the game. Still, in the examples that have occurred up to where I am currently at in the game, I have had plenty of fun trying to solve the puzzles. Sometimes you screw yourself, sometimes you accidentally alter it the wrong way - it /has/ to be limited to some extent but it is still really fun.

    I gave the game a 10/10 simply because I think it is a fantastic game overall, an wonderfully immersive experience for players, and a great addition to any gamer's collection. If you can pick it up at $10, I would say it is entirely worth the cash if you have it on hand.

    As an afterthought, here are some games that it contains elements of as a means of comparison to your tastes: The Bioshock Series, Batman: Arkham Asylum, elements of horror similar to those in parts of Dead Space and Dead Space 2, Mirror's Edge, Assassin's Creed, and even some relation to Dishonored. Super fun game, check it out in the very least and, if you get it, I definitely recommend tackling it with a controller.
  25. Mar 19, 2014
    Unskippable cutscenes. Incomprehensible QTEs. Bizarre mouse and keyboard controls. Awkward combat. Broken combo system. Constant crashes to desktop.
  26. Mar 16, 2014
    Remember me was a game which I lately heard about. When I played I said this is going to be boring and very unpleasant, but I have almost finished it and now I can decide myself. The story is awesome. I have never seen a idea like this, not even in movies, but in RM, sometimes, the purpose of the whole journey is forgotten. The character is great, well built and charming. What's missing for her it's a agressive husband. *joking*. I can say Nilin is the perfect one to finish getting back her memory and to make me ask who was she before this nightmare? The places are cool. A futuristic level at the concept of towns and alleys is not hard to make, not today, and here, the Neo-Paris is great built. What made me say this is one minimal detail which maybe doesn't matter in games who has not a open world: every shop, restaurant has its own interior and the inhabitants are not dead, such as other games, which make the game very nice watching. The gameplay is quite good; where I am talking about the movement, attack and parkour. The movement is very very easy to swallow, of course, for a woman, which is not a bitter pill. The attack is a bit confusing. I don't say about the combat and moves itself, but the combos are very often useless, as you don't know what to do to make one. On PC, QTE ( Quick Time Event(s)) are very decepting, as you have to execute some moves after some images that you do not know what means, and also, as a quick time event, you have to make them in a short time, not in a certain time. On consoles, at this class, the game is better polished. The parkour is neither good or bad, acceptable, as not to lower the grade for the game. You can just grap some edges of of a building, walk along the walls, climb up some stick and run quickly on platform, which does not constitutes a parkour game which also is not.
    All in all, the game is very attractive and nicely playing and I cannot understand why some gave it low grades and under-appreciated it. I give it a 9.
  27. Feb 4, 2014
    +The game has a very good atmosphere,cool soundtracks and gameplay may not be great but it is not bad also.
    +Story is something very new.
    +Game has about 3 Boss fights and they are all awesome especially madame boss fight.
    + Memory remix and remembrane are the most special thing about this game and they are really interesting.
    +Awesome looking levels that will make you stop for a while
    and stare at the environment.
    the bad:
    -it's only 8 chapters so it's quite short.
    -you are caged in levels although some of them look wide as you can see buildings and water around you.
    -only about 2 or 3 puzzles.
    -all the enemies and important characters that you chase have the same face like captain Trace.
  28. Jan 26, 2014
    How could a game so wonderful get such terrible reviews? How could a game that I'd consider one of the best ever made get seen so poorly? Every aspect of this game, every single facet, is amazing -- the world, the characters, the flow of the combat. I will never understand, and will lament for quite a while, that this game may never get its proper recognition -- but I can say here and now, do yourself a favor: play Remember Me. Expand
  29. Jan 10, 2014
    I feel like i cheated the devs of this game by not driving to their HQ and personally giving them £100, this game has an interesting and deep story, the gameplay is not pulled off as well as games like Sleeping Dogs, but it does the Brawler/Action genre very well, However, it lost points for the dreadful porting. (the QTEs are almost unplayable) Oh, and there is a plot twist, and believe me, your not going to see it coming... Near to perfect in many ways, but this game hurts itself in places, yet none of those places take away from the experience. Expand
  30. Jan 8, 2014
    A hugely underrated game, this one is a good indication of why a game's worth should not be reduced to a single [metacritic] number.

    This game tells a story. A story about a distopia where memories are commodity for desperate junkies, and the rich. It's full of references and quotations from famous literary writers and philosophers (from Balzac to Simone de Beauvoir). This narrative is
    also very well executed, and enriched with awesome graphics and an extremely fun combat system.

    So why the low general score? The only negative issues I've seen target the game's linearity and hance the lack of replayability caused by it. I guess people judge games by their value of being potentially the only game to play for the rest of their lives, nowadays. Bugs are close to nonexistent or too minor to take any notice.

    If you're into the concept of memories and a good distopic narrative that tells about it in an artistic manner sounds intriguing, this game is for you.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 26 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 26
  2. Negative: 1 out of 26
  1. Sep 10, 2013
    Remember Me is a competent action game that never really excels. The story is wasted and the platforming is poorly implemented with the rest of the game. Still the combat system is interesting and the framing around memories is at least somewhat original.
  2. 40
    A game with great potential, great setting and great music. However, it's knocked down by its incomplete implementation of the original ideas and its frustrating battle system. [Issue#231]
  3. Jul 8, 2013
    There are a lot of ideas packed into this game but I feel like if they would have cut back on a couple of the concepts to focus more on the story then this could have been a real stand out game. As it is now Remember Me is more appealing when it gets cheaper or if you have absolutely nothing to play.