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  1. Sep 9, 2013
    Truly, I am astounded by these below-average mixed critic scores. There are games which play it safe and rely on conventions which still get around 75 to 80 marks. Then there are games that try to do something new but fail, and these get around 55 to 70 marks. But Remember Me is both unconventional AND good quality. For a genre as diverse as action-adventure, Remember Me makes a very nice addition. It's what you get if you combine Mirror's Edge with Assassin's Creed and DmC Devil May Cry. It's a third-person platforming combat puzzle game. However, despite what the reviewers say, the game is not disjointed at all. The platforming sections, combat, stealth puzzles and story are interwoven and give the game some variety. The combat consists of punch, kick and dodge. Whilst this may sound repetitive, the key feature is that you are rewarded for using combos, and you can choose how you want to mix and match these rewards from health regen, meter regen or more damage. Whilst it is quite slow and clunky in smaller areas due to the various enemies taking up too much space, it's certainly not as repetitive or broken as some claim it to be. Nowhere near as deep or fluent as Batman Arkham, but still hard-hitting and rhythm based. The platforming is generally very good, with few issues regarding where you can and can't go, because the game shows you where to go at all times. No major camera or controls issues either. Level design could be better given the context of the game, but at least it isn't boring. The memory remixing is a nice feature too, and kinda gives an "Inception" feel to the game. In terms of the story and characters, it's very similar to Mirror's Edge, but feels somewhat more developed and significant. Characters are well-developed and the story comes to a nice conclusion with scope for a sequel. There is a perfect balance between story and gameplay. Graphics on highest settings are very sharp for a DX9 Unreal Engine 3 game but then again, so are DmC and Mirror's Edge. Even though the game isn't too demanding on hardware, I struggled to get anywhere near 50 or 60 frames per second with an i5-3470, Radeon HD 7850 and 8GB RAM. This is no issue though, since the game still plays and looks great without any spikes in framerate. In conclusion, Remember Me doesn't rewrite the rulebook for action-adventure games; nor does it make significant advancements in any particular aspect. But it is a high quality yet different game which definitely deserves more credit than the critics are giving it. Expand
  2. Dec 31, 2013
    I like this game very much perhaps its the pastiche of Philip K. Dick and William Gibson themes, reminders of other games like Deus Ex; Remember Me feels like something out of Metal Hurlant with its story, characters and cyberpunk stylings. Nice flourishes like a memory "remixes" are the most fun parts, yet sadly are not capitalized on. Gameplay is something we've all seen before in a third person brawler; very reminiscent of Rocksteady's Arkham Asylum (Dontnod can hardly be blamed wishing to emulate that game). A linear title, but a pretty one, and quite enjoyable. Expand
  3. Jul 10, 2013
    Very rarely do you find a game where it would have been better served to be some kind of movie. This is a game you will remember (heh) for quite some time but you won't always think of great things when it comes to this game.

    First the good: this is one of the most original new worlds to come along in forever. The subject matter dealt with is wonderful and it's a clever twist on the
    classic amnesia backdrop. The characters aren't stellar but they move the story along just fine and the ending is wonderful and refreshing. The memory sequences you play movie director on were very fun. I personally have never done something like that so it was refreshing.

    Now the bad: pretty much everything that makes this a game is average or below average. The gameplay is terrible, the poor camera got me killed multiple times at the end during combat and the platforming is pretty poor. When games like Assassin's Creed exist that have perfected the running platforming/combat mixture, there's no reason for this kind of piss poor gameplay all around. The boss battles are ok but the tacked on QTE elements added to them just show laziness on the part of the developer. This game is not God of War and QTE's in general are just so overplayed now. Plus there are only 4 of those great memory sequences in the entire game, meaning you'll experience the best part of the game less than a 1/10th of the time you play this game. There needed to be at least 3-4 more of these sequences in the game, especially toward the beginning.

    With everything wrong with this game, I'd still highly recommend people playing it for the story. It's very creative and it would be a shame to allow one of the most original universes to come around in a long time be pushed aside just cause of terrible gameplay. I hope they make a sequel, or better yet, a movie along these same subject lines. This story was meant to be watched and not played and the potential for this universe to shine is very attractive. It's just a shame that a great setting and subject matter have to be bogged down by gameplay elements that are very subpar. Wait for this game to go on sale, which it already has at this point, to pick this up but definitely pick this up and play through it. It's a treat, maybe a soggy mess, but it's still a treat.
  4. Jul 16, 2013
    A really underrated game! i really enjoyed this game it is great it has a little flaws but it is still a great game the game has amazing graphics and visuals the environment that you play in is so beautiful and incredibly detailed the sounds in this game are just awesome and it has a decent story as well its flaws are in the game play if i could compare the combat in this game to another game i would compare it to batman arkham city it is not as great as batman but it is also not that bad you create you're own combos which i find really cool aspect but the camera in the game doesn't help and without targeting system it might get a bit frustrating and it would have been better if it was a bit longer but still a great game that you should give a try Expand
  5. Oct 10, 2014
    Absolutely enjoyed this game. It is however cut scene heavy and the game play is slightly repetitive, especially the platforming.

    However an absolutely A+ story and setting, well worth the time.
  6. Jun 5, 2013
    The best feature of "Remember Me" is undoubtedly memory changing, it's original, creative and the only reason why I won't call this game "boredom"! I'm really surprised that combat is so frustrating, just poor imitation of Arkham Asylum! I expected mush more from this game, but it has potential
  7. Jun 5, 2013
    "Remember Me" is a sci-fi story set in a believable world with an equally believable plot that offers quite a lot of fun, but stiff climbing controls, wonky camera positions and awkward combat make this game fall short to its expectations.
  8. Jul 29, 2013
    Excellent art work and GUI design in combination with stupid combat system, non-existent gameplay, corridor-like levels and annoying cutscenes.
    After you've watched all the endless (but very nice looking) cutscenes, they give you 30 seconds to run forward a bit, then show another cutscene, another 30 secs, and another cutscene. The designer just doesn't let you play and keeps interrupting
    you with the cutscenes. It feels more like a movie than a game.
    There is no mouse control in any of the menus which is very annoying when you attempt to configure all those combos.
    The scenery is extremely detailed and looks as if you do lots of things, go to all kind of directions and places, but all of this is just fake. It's non-interactive, there is only one ledge to jump to, only one way to go.
    Stupid, pointless and worthless game where so many art assets are just wasted. Cmon, I just don't understand how you managers can have so little respect for the artists whom you force to illustrate the garbage you are producing.
  9. Jan 10, 2014
    I feel like i cheated the devs of this game by not driving to their HQ and personally giving them £100, this game has an interesting and deep story, the gameplay is not pulled off as well as games like Sleeping Dogs, but it does the Brawler/Action genre very well, However, it lost points for the dreadful porting. (the QTEs are almost unplayable) Oh, and there is a plot twist, and believe me, your not going to see it coming... Near to perfect in many ways, but this game hurts itself in places, yet none of those places take away from the experience. Expand
  10. Jun 14, 2013
    Beautiful game, I really liked the story, its characters, especially Nilin (The main character). And of course, i loved the incredible dystopian ambience in Paris.

    I wish it was open world to explore the beautiful city, but it turned out to be linear, which is not all bad because it allows you to concentrate on the story without deviating in other variants.

    The mechanics of combat
    can be frustrating at first, but after some time and practice, it turns out to be easy and intuitive with combos really easy to execute, and the possibility of causing damage with special powers.

    The game is not very long, but does very well with its 8 chapters.
    This is another of those games that hopefully will have a sequel. It was a nice surprise and it is a very solid game. A job well done in this one.
  11. Jan 1, 2014
    I enjoyed this game. The visuals are super. The audio was a bit scary as the cutting-out and repeat in music made me think my machine was having trouble; but no, it is just the way the sound is composed. The customizable combos might be a good idea, but I ended up using the 2-length punch combo all the time. Some boss fights were annoying a bit and had to look up the solution. Remixing was fun and I managed to "accidentally" get some extra achievements with them. The story is interesting and the corridor-like gameplay didn't disturb me at all. Some aspects reminded me of Bungie's old action game Oni (2001). I bought it on a sale but was well worth the money. Expand
  12. Jun 5, 2013
    This is the best game so far in 2013 both story and gameplay is perfect for me.This game could be better if only Console exclusive imo.Nilin is great character both personality and looking,voice acting is superb, music is great (main menu and xmb menu) other musics is okay.The control is perfect for console version,
    I really hope tis game is not gonna milk like AC,COD. This is a
    masterpiece there is no need sequels.Finally a new game without nudism,XXX scenes,romantic plot and boobfest.This is a true masterpiece. Expand
  13. Jun 12, 2013
    "Remember Me" is just not good enough for today's market.
    It looks good but technically it is backward. This affects the poor control, the "invisible" story, hose level, and the narrowness of the level.

    Something you can not throw it on the market.
  14. Sep 4, 2014
    Remember Me seems to be a promising game at first. Who can resist a memory hunter, especially when she can't remember herself? Then, if you have enough patience to stick with the game to the end, you'll think that the developer should have named it something like Forget Me. Despite the good sides like detail environment, enjoyable memory remix levels, Remember Me is a flat and linear platforming game, repetitive gameplay and a story full of plot holes. Expand
  15. Jul 14, 2013
    When you not feeling ADHD, and u can concentrate -and let something take you and float you, move you. This game is A MA ZING experience. You get to that other world! -rather than rage in Dota LoL or CS -As a guy who plays dota cs over 8 hours a day and studies about other 8 hours, game programming, im telling you- its a game that frees you for a moment and takes you away!
  16. Aug 3, 2013
    Zacznę od tego, że oczekiwałem iż Remember Me będzie kwalifikowało się do gry roku. Napaliłem się na tą produkcję rok temu na E3. Nareszcie coś nowego. Nie druga, trzecia, enta kontynuacja jakiegoś dobrego tytułu. Nareszcie nowy silnik, nowy oryginalny(tak mi się wydawało) bohater. Na nieszczęście, zawiodłem się. Jednak zacznę od tego co w tej grze najlepsze. Na pewno grafika, gra wygląda ładnie, naprawdę ładnie, co prawda nie wszystko zostało tu zrobione świetnie, jednak większość miejsc jest zrobionych bardzo szczegółowo, położono nacisk na każdy element, dlatego bardzo przyjemnie się gra. Sama walka, pomimo tego że jest dziwna, jest jednak nowa(co prawda momentami ma się skojarzenia z Batmanem) i raczej nikt nie powie "Zgapiona z bo czegoś takiego, przynajmniej w TAKIEJ formie jeszcze nie było. Łączenie, tworzenie, wykonywanie kombosów w walce, jest fajne, chodź przez wielu pewnie denerwujące. Do tego trzeba się przekonać, wiem że nie wszyscy to polubią, jednak mi wykonywało się to fajnie. Widziałem w tym coś nowego. Jednak twórcy nie przygotowali gry do tej walki. Naprawdę ciężko się skupić na wykonywaniu kombosów gdy atakuje mnie niewidzialny przeciwnik, czy przeciwnik którego uderzając zabieram sobie HP. Nie ma skupiania się na celu, dlatego przy końcówce gry, robi się to naprawdę denerwujące i uciążliwe. Fabuła jest ciekawa, powoli się rozwija i pokazuje klimat. Jednak od takiego tytułu oczekiwał bym po prostu czegoś więcej, przynajmniej jeżeli chodzi o fabułę, nie klimat. Po dłuższym czasie gry, zaczynamy się nudzić, twórcy po 3/4 czy nawet połowie gry nie mają już nic ciekawego(nie denerwującego...) do pokazania. Gra ciekawa, dobra, jednak OCZEKIWAŁEM o wiele więcej. Moja ocena 7/10 Expand
  17. Jun 4, 2013
    How long does it take most experienced gamers to figure out whether a new release is worth it or not? Probably an hour? I struggled to play this game for that long. Unfortunately, this game is a huge disappointment. I pre-ordered because the previews looked so interesting, but what a waste of money. What could have been an interesting game has turned into a disaster. Very awkward fight controls which are difficult if not nearly impossible to figure out. Basically no tutorial to help navigate keyboard controls. No theme to the story line except for the fact that the character has had her memory wiped out, but after that the action has morphed into fights with other beings which apparently are zombies with no memories. I just could not continue. Do not waste your money. The user scores and the metacritic scores are definitely accurate. Expand
  18. Jul 13, 2013
    remember me is great game that has few miss steps that take it from greatness. its also not as deep as it should have been. remember mes world is amazing!!!! theres a great artstyle and architecture. the world is full with cool robots and inventions. the game has cool technology, especially the sensen, which shows you cool things on your journey. the game has a great concept, but it could have been taken even further the use of the concept in the game is still awesome) the games music is also pretty good and sound design is great. most of the voice acting is good, though some of it was a bit bad. the same can be said for the writing. most of the writing was good though a bit was dumb. the games camera angles are really cool and are used masterfully. i did have few problems when getting close to walls but its nothing major. the world also has cool and interesting notes and collectibles to find. the combat system is great though towards the end it gets a bit repetetive its not really bad). the combo lab is great feauture and i hope other games use it as well. memory remixes are also pretty fun and i hope to see more of them in the future. the games platforming is a bit problematic. the game is just inconsistent to what ledges you can use. this makes the platforming kind of dumb. also a problem is what the w,a,s,d keys do when platforming. they just change all the time and its a bit frustrating. the game also has few invisible walls and i encountered few audio glitches. also the locking system is a bit annoying. the game is linear, which isnt a bad thing, and thats just the king of game it is. if you dont like linear games, then dont get it, but you cant complain about the kind of game it is!!

    overall a great game! its concept and interesting world are awesome, and if you like action games that are linear you should definetly get this!!!!!
  19. Mar 16, 2014
    Remember me was a game which I lately heard about. When I played I said this is going to be boring and very unpleasant, but I have almost finished it and now I can decide myself. The story is awesome. I have never seen a idea like this, not even in movies, but in RM, sometimes, the purpose of the whole journey is forgotten. The character is great, well built and charming. What's missing for her it's a agressive husband. *joking*. I can say Nilin is the perfect one to finish getting back her memory and to make me ask who was she before this nightmare? The places are cool. A futuristic level at the concept of towns and alleys is not hard to make, not today, and here, the Neo-Paris is great built. What made me say this is one minimal detail which maybe doesn't matter in games who has not a open world: every shop, restaurant has its own interior and the inhabitants are not dead, such as other games, which make the game very nice watching. The gameplay is quite good; where I am talking about the movement, attack and parkour. The movement is very very easy to swallow, of course, for a woman, which is not a bitter pill. The attack is a bit confusing. I don't say about the combat and moves itself, but the combos are very often useless, as you don't know what to do to make one. On PC, QTE ( Quick Time Event(s)) are very decepting, as you have to execute some moves after some images that you do not know what means, and also, as a quick time event, you have to make them in a short time, not in a certain time. On consoles, at this class, the game is better polished. The parkour is neither good or bad, acceptable, as not to lower the grade for the game. You can just grap some edges of of a building, walk along the walls, climb up some stick and run quickly on platform, which does not constitutes a parkour game which also is not.
    All in all, the game is very attractive and nicely playing and I cannot understand why some gave it low grades and under-appreciated it. I give it a 9.
  20. Jun 19, 2013
    It's such a shame that they wasted a lot of the potential on this title. First let me start with the positives. I liked the graphics and the atmospheric scenery. The voiceacting, especially on Nilin is nothing short of superb. I like the fact that you can customize your combos. The memory remixes are fun and a unique game mechanic. The soundtrack is great too. Now to the negative parts about the game. It is rather short, I finished the game within 9 hours. While the setting is beautiful the linear corridor levelsdesign leaves absolutely 0 room for exploration. The fights are predictable and monotone. The last third of the game feels artificially dragged out. You can not interact with any NPC within the game, not even a line of text. The climbing feels unnessecary and extremely dumbed down as orange arrows will constantly tell you where exactly to go. The game constantly interrupts the gameflow with tutorial like messages that can't be disabled and even on the hardest difficulty setting the game felt like a breeze. Most bossfights are simply blunt and tedious and boring. The most interesting part of the game the memory remixes are too few and too easy. There is only 1 solution in all of them, (eg when you need to kill someone), it would have been nice to have more interactive objects and several different solutions but the way they did it, it's only 1 single solution possible which leads them to be nothing else then trial and error. Overall this game had a lot of potential but the monotonous fighting system combined with the extreme linearity and the short usage of the games biggest innovative gameplay (memory remix) resulted in a barely average gaming experience. I would recommend giving this game a try at a sales price but can't recommend for full price unfortunately. It isn't a bad game, it's a mediocre experience with many up and downsides. At 50-75% off I would recommend the purchase for a decent experience. Expand
  21. Jun 8, 2013
    I made a mistake pre judging this game in its first two hours. lesson learned. after episode 3, this game is a masterpiece of its own. the music, the atmosphere, the art, its amazing, underrated and not appreciated. the last of us deserves a 10? please, leave that crap out of gaming and give us some more of remember me. must be because its a black female character cause otherwise i dont see why the 6 and belows for this game. Expand
  22. Oct 19, 2013
    Awesome and smart "Johnny Mnemonic"-like story with sweet graphics, tasty platformer parts and smashing combats what do you need more to remember and love the game? I really satisfied with it. THX Dontnod.
  23. Jun 18, 2013
    A game of remarkable beauty, intriguing storyline, and so much potential just crushed by its own boring gameplay. This game is definitely worth the playthru, but sadly doesn't live up to the level of expectations it easily could have. Emphasizing the games uniqueness such as memory remixing, deep storytelling, or exploring of their vast, stunning, gritty world would have made this gem a diamond. Instead, because of the stale fisticuffs gameplay that has been tried a billion times before, and an emphasis on forcing players to travel through linear corridors like Final Fantasy XIII, you have a scuffed piece of silver: still nice to look at, but nothing special.

    All it needed was a little polish and a little extra care to go that extra mile and be truly unique. This, sadly, was not given.
  24. Jun 13, 2013
    Remember Me it is not a game. It is an experience, an epic experience. Totally worth to take part in it. Great climate, charismatic main character, brilliant music and good gameplay. I wouldn't compare it to any other production. It is a small piece of art.
  25. Dec 26, 2013
    *Update* Was upset because I can't play more than 15 min without game turning into a Lag Fest! Game was running more than 45 fps before suddenly dropping down to under 10 fps. Only way was to quit game & restart. Then someone advised me to turn of Supersampling & forced AA through Nvidia's control panel. It worked! I'm now gaming at near max. settings with beautiful graphics running almost 60 fps. No problem at all! Thus, other than it being a poorly optimized PC port of the console game, the game itself is really pretty. However, there's lots of unrealized potential unable to interact with the gorgeous environment because it is a corridor shooter with a story and a path mapped out in a linear manner i.e. practically no turn left-or-right options. Simply too linear. However, story is not bad, and the memory remixes is refreshing. Combat is ok. Its an overall innovative piece of work. However, you must be able to accept it being a linear action-adventure game. Expand
  26. Jul 9, 2013
    imagine a mix of mirrors edge, tomb raider, street fighter, with the graphics of unreal tournament 3. thats basically what it is. but not in a bad way. i had a lot of fun playing this, seriously. the game includes so many new ideas, a good story and an incredible use of the unreal engine. leveldesing, especially the later stages, the reflections, the light effect and details simply amazing.

    the music and sounds are matching, the controls are simple.
    i point that out because some noobs in the forums complain about "hard controls and weird camera angle". i call this the camera is just moving like at tomb raider, or else.

    the only thing i didnt like were the enemies, there could have been more different ones, and i would like to have a litte more open world feeling.
    the game also bugs sometimes when you alt+tab while its running.

    all together its a great game and shouldnt be missing in your collection.
  27. Oct 20, 2014
    This game could of easily of been a 10/10 if it wasn't for some of it's issues. First the good. The story is a great cyberpunk tale and the environment of Neo Paris is beautiful. The music is one that you will want to continue listening well after the game ends. The combat system is fun and allows you to design your own combos. And the puzzles in this game are actually puzzles unlike other games that ditched the concept of having puzzles in them. *cough cough* Resident Evil *cough*

    Now the bad, Quick time events are a **** in this game. Sometimes they don't show up correctly and will make you lose a boss fight. The camera extremely annoying in the combat and the auto aim feels clunky.

    Like I said if it wasn't for the bad, all the good would of made this game a 10/10. Still if you are a fan of cyberpunk, this game is a must buy. If you don't care too much about cyberpunk, the game might not be able to hold you.
  28. Aug 7, 2014
    Although the combat is somewhat rudimentary and the style of play (and unskippable cut-scenes) limit replayability, the truly brilliant story-line makes this game a must-play. Honestly, the quality of the direction, writing, and score are better than in a lot of major motion pictures. If you have the means (and a 360 pad), definitely check this game out.
  29. Jul 30, 2013
    What a great potential this game had! But unfortunately I found the gameplay to be horrible. Such a shame, as the graphics design, art style, music, sound design etc. in some parts are really fantastic. But the clunky and annoying fighting system, the oversimplified platformer parts (arrows showing you exactly where to climb/jump, seriously?) and a ridiculously absurd plot with an even more absurd and at the same time predictable ending did not make playing through this game a very pleasant experience for me. Expand
  30. Jun 10, 2013
    The Good: Graphics are pretty and the story starts out pretty interesting.

    The Bad: Everything else.

    The combat is blatantly stolen from the Arkham games but it's dumbed down immensely and slightly broken. The platforming is horrible and lacks polish, actually the same can be said of all gameplay elements. Camera angles are incredibly annoying as well, sometimes leading to you
    getting hit in combat without even knowing what's hitting you.

    It's also short, which given that it's basically an interactive movie...that might not be a bad thing. On the hardest difficult I beat it in about half a day.

    The story also trails off and just gets weird instead of interesting by the end, which is sad because it's one of the only things the game has going for it.

    I suggest you save your money and just watch youtube videos of people playing it if you're interested. You'll get the same value out of it and save a little time and money.
  31. Jul 16, 2013
    WOW. Most amazing game. So deep and emotional. Big Kudos to the developers. This game is a real piece of art and will be remembered forever.

    The mechanics could need some work, that is true. But if the outcome is this impressive I don't care for a little clumsiness.

    It's such a shame that the usual reviewer seems to be to stupid to 'get' this game. This is an instant classic.
  32. Nov 16, 2014
    I picked this game up in a Steam sales because it looked interesting without any expectations and it blew me away! This game was simply the best cyberpunk experience I ever played. Beautiful artful graphics (Neo Paris looks breathtaking), great electro music especially towards the end of the game and an truly awesome story (especially appealing to someone who has own kids). I completed the story in 15 hours and to me this game didn't feel more repetitive than Assassins Creed or the Batman Arkham games. Expand
  33. Jun 11, 2013
    Greatly under-rated game. I think too many people have a stick up their ass since the release of Bioshock infinite and other brilliant games. This game isn't perfect, but it does have a great story, visuals and setting. The combat isn't great, however I did find it challenging in parts and enjoyable enough for me to play at least 6 hours straight (I think I spent 9-10 hours completing it).

    I recommend playing this game, however don't play it if you're expecting the next Bioshock Infinite.
  34. Jun 6, 2013
    Great graphics, great music, interesting story, TERRIBLE GAMEPLAY.

    Remember Me is another "interactive movie" where you're forced to watch cutscenes between every fight and, when you actually get to play the game, it's actually pretty crap. Fights are just monotonous button spamming, the platforming gets stale in the first chapter, and you're so often bombarded with cutscenes that even
    walking along a street becomes a tedious experience.

    The one unique element of the game, remixing memories, is interesting, but only seems to happen once every hour of frustrating gameplay.
  35. Jun 20, 2013
    Remember Me for me is the NIER of 2013 with the only exception being the good looking graphics. Both start off pretty slow, but somewhere around the 25/30% mark of the game it completely sucks you in.
    Pros: A very good plot and narrative Rich atmosphere Awesome soundtrack Good looking A very good second half...
    Cons: Game feels a bit like chore in the beginning A bit too much of a
    cinematic experience sometimes A semi-good case of inconsistency...
    It's not a near perfect game, but it's absolutely one you should check out just for the experience.
    Remember Me 8.25/10: YEAH!!!
    I really hope we see something again from DONTNOD and their universe
  36. Jun 3, 2013
    Funny how there already are User Scores for the PC version when it has not even been released yet. The earliest unlock will be 14 hours from now on, with most of the world having to wait around 3 more days.

    The game is a Steamworks title, so nobody aside from professional reviewers could have played it yet, and there exists no pirated version at this point either.

    Hence all the
    current votes are absolute bogus. Just food for thought.

    As for the game itself, I'll be playing (and rating) it once it is actually out. For the time being I will rate it at the critic average, but will adjust it accordingly once I have made up my own mind.
  37. Feb 4, 2014
    +The game has a very good atmosphere,cool soundtracks and gameplay may not be great but it is not bad also.
    +Story is something very new.
    +Game has about 3 Boss fights and they are all awesome especially madame boss fight.
    + Memory remix and remembrane are the most special thing about this game and they are really interesting.
    +Awesome looking levels that will make you stop for a while
    and stare at the environment.
    the bad:
    -it's only 8 chapters so it's quite short.
    -you are caged in levels although some of them look wide as you can see buildings and water around you.
    -only about 2 or 3 puzzles.
    -all the enemies and important characters that you chase have the same face like captain Trace.
  38. Jun 5, 2013
    Clever, thought provoking and full of heart, what Remember Me lacks in innovation, graphical fidelity, and openness it more than makes up for with a stunning setting, incredible visual and audiatory design, and mountains of character. For me, it's a lot like Metro: Last Light. It's not doing anything new, but what it tries to do it does well and that's more than enough to forgive its flaws.
  39. Jul 31, 2013
    What could have been a good game is absolutely ruined by terrible controls. I have seen a lot of crapy console ports but this one takes the cake. On top of that mediocre graphics don't help the game either. Otherwise this game has some innovative game play and is impressive by its futuristic design of the world.
  40. Mar 19, 2014
    Unskippable cutscenes. Incomprehensible QTEs. Bizarre mouse and keyboard controls. Awkward combat. Broken combo system. Constant crashes to desktop.
  41. Jun 21, 2013
    An interesting game, that is pretty much you can say at this moment. Remember Me has potential and is a good start of a new IP, and a good start from a new developer.

    The unique thing about this game is the atmosphere of where everything is going to take place: Neo-Paris in 2084. It doesn't give me the traditional sci-fi feeling, more a post-apocalypse feeling somehow (probably because
    some regions in Neo-Paris are abandoned and are now the area of living for the Leapers, some kind of mutated humans). I never felt the same thing for an atmosphere in a game, Remember Me is truly unique, especially because there is an awesome soundtrack.

    Other pro's are the combo's: You can create your own combo's and choose what advantages you want. While you play, you will collect items, that will include Intel about Neo-Paris, about the people you will meet or unlock Art Work and 3D models.

    Unfortunatly, there are some cons as well: Camera is a bit clumsy, no decent targeting system in combat, and (normal) fights can take ages. Graphics are mmkay, not that great. Completing the story will take you only about 4-6 hours, not that long in other words.

    Remember Me won't be the greatest game of this year, but it won't be the worse either. It is, however, the best debut of the year. Dontnod has proven they're gameworthy, and I can't wait to see what they will make in the future.
  42. Jul 24, 2013
    This game deserves a MUCH higher rating than it has. It's not a 66. I'm thoroughly enjoying this game. The combat system fights like batman, but you also get to select how each strike in a combo effects your situation. Some strikes can heal you, some can reduce cooldown timers, some add more damage. Ignore the metacritic rating. Watch the gameplay videos. If you think you might like it from that, then play. Expand
  43. Jun 7, 2013
    I love the game. It's nice to see something with an intelligent story and innovative gameplay. It also qualifies as speculative science fiction, which can be prophetic.
  44. Jun 8, 2013
    This game is almost a gem. It has unique very interesting cyberpunk world, good, sometimes even great visuals and pretty fresh gameplay.
    But there is a flaws. Combat reminds a Batman: Arkham games, but it far less polished and so less interesting. Combo system is fun, but it's too flat, it feels like some concept, or prototype. Acrobatic part of the game feels boring. Some character
    animations looks not as good as in other modern AAA-games. Camera works bad. And most sad thing main feature of this game memory remixing episodes. It is a great idea, and ot looks awesome. But it almost unplayable, and things that player should do in this episodes are uninteresting and always doubtful. Expand
  45. Jun 23, 2013
    The only reason I'm giving this game a 10/10 is beacuase I feel the current scoring does not accurately reflect the state of the game at present time. Remember Me is one of the most refreshing gaming experiences I have had in a while.

    That said, many people like to complain about the combat, for me the combat was just fine. It was fluid & provided a good customization system for your
    combos, I only wish it wasn't only limited to four. And since when did linearity become such a bad thing, it is absurd how we declare games as bad if they don't offer Skyrim levels of exploration. I don't want Skryim in my Remember Me. Skyrim was a terrible game that doesn't deserve any of the praise that is currently has. Everything about it was bland & uninspiring. My taxes are too damn high! Expand
  46. Jun 10, 2013
    If I had to bring up why this game is disappointing it is that I want to play in Neo Paris it is an amassing world artistically stunning and dripping with unique style as well as a decent story and absolutely fantastic music.

    The problem is the combat is dull and repetitive, the world is a corridor, the platforming is both annoying and blatantly obvious as to what you must do. None of
    the "game parts of this game work well but the IP is still good. It is a game I did not like yet want a sequel of as a different genre or with a completely overhauled combat system and no platforming.

    Make it a Witcher style RPG as that game never shined in combat though it fairs better than Remember me. Perhaps make the Presen Combo lab to where it has a real tangible effect and more than 4 combos. Simply open the stunning world that is keeping my from giving this a negative review score as the part oft his game where there is no combat are the only memorable parts as the world just looks so fantastic. Any of these you make this a massive IP but for now it is something to put in your steam Watch list and pick it up on sale.
  47. Jul 30, 2013
    Almost there. The proportions of various gameplay mechanics (combat, puzzles, platforming) are good, however there's not enough of the flagship feature memory remixing. You do it only like 5 times in the game and it accounts for less than 10% of the play time. I really wish they put in more of that. Also, I was hoping to see a living city with lots of environment interaction, talking NPCs and performing various tasks, but the game is totally linear and the surroundings are just a backdrop. Expand
  48. Jun 13, 2013
    This game is not worth the ~$50 asking price. The setting is very interesting and the combat is fun at first but grows annoying and stale after a while. The story is ok and sadly I feel they didn't do as well as the could have with it. Overall this game is ok and provided the entertainment that i deem for the price I payed ($19.99). So if you want a game the can provide an ok amount of entertainment with a good setting then this game is it, but i would suggest waiting till is goes on sale or just buy a Russian CD key for $20. Expand
  49. Nov 3, 2014
    It's sad to see these uniquely styled games buried by the likes of the mainstream AAA gaming industry and whatever the charts say for the executives that make all of these decisions.
    It's an action game with a brilliant art style and unique take on the beat em up genre. The story is captivating and the world around is a brilliant mix of near future renaissance and totalitarian utopia.

    Though the game is not without its flaws, the combat can be a bit frustrating at times and the linearity of the game feel a bit out of place, since it feels as though this game should have been open world. If ever there is a sequel though unlikely it seems, I hope they implement an open world as I would love to explore everything this setting has to offer!
    I really hope to see more games like this one that don't follow the trends of today's industry... sadly publishers just want to go where the money is, not where the art is.
  50. Jun 15, 2013
    Combat is tight, though the main difficulty comes from managing the order in which you dispatch enemies and maneuvering rather than whether you pull off the combos. The camera is a little loose, you will spend a lot of the combat actively refocusing the camera on the action, the comparison being with the Arkham games and Sleeping Dogs with their much cleverer camera AI. Very immersive story discussing very interesting themes about memories (obviously), power, oligarchy, privatized security and prisons and class warfare in general. Some of these themes are addressed superficially, some are discussed is more depth through gameplay.

    The only cliché I have recognized is Nilin’s (protagonist) amnesia, though I’m fine with giving Remember Me a pass for this one as it is used to weave a very interesting story. Quick-Time Events and bosses without life bars need to be culled. I’ve noticed people pointing out the linearity of Remember Me, I’ve also noticed that this wasn’t a complaint of God of War… I don’t think that this is a legitimate gripe since the developers clearly didn’t design any sort of open world and still managed to show the player the future they’ve created. Not every game is sandbox, get over it. 8/10 for consistently satisfying and challenging combat and an interesting story with a believable heroine.
  51. Jun 9, 2013
    Excellent industrial design, great music and an unusual, interesting history.

    -Limited exploration
    -Lack of branching story line
    -Capcom's inevitable marketing practices e.g DLC
    -Very slow start
  52. Jun 4, 2013
    First, I would like to start off by saying that I loved this game. Despite numerous problems with it. Yes, the story is bad, the stiflingly linear level design, and some weird combat mechanics. Really though the game does stand out from all the other mediocre games I've played. The memory remixing sequences are a blast to do, even if they are few and far between. The combat is fun to play around with 95% of the time. Sometimes however the camera will move to bad positions due to the small environments. Exploration is a little disappointing, but the controls work well for platforming and jumping, sort of like Prince of Persia or Tomb Raider. The game has it's problems no doubt, but I was so amazed at what they did right I couldn't have cared less. Expand
  53. Aug 31, 2013
    Although the gameplay wasn't too great, I did enjoy the storyline and premise quite a bit. The game was well worth the play though and I completed the game all the way which is more than I can say for some games. As I have stated before, I do love a game with a intriguing storyline and this one delivers with its gripping vision of neo-paris.

    However I cannot justify paying the retail
    price for this game, it doesn't deliver enough for the price and although the premise of memory hunting in the future is grand, the game fails to amaze and at times fails to entertain. couple that with less than stellar gameplay and it puts the game way lower on my rating table than it could have been.

    Worth a play, but only after the price has dropped considerably.
  54. Jun 9, 2013
    Acceptable fighting system, good story, AWESOME panorama, very good graphics, but It felt SO INCREDIBLY LIMITING. Every minute of playing I encountered a door I couldn't open, a ledge I couldn't grapple on, a 30cm box I could jump above, and on and on and on. I liked the concept, but I really couldn't stand the fact that the whole game was made a corridor. Acceptable game nonetheless. The Neo Paris panorama was gorgeous, the graphics when maxed out were gorgeous, and the music awesome. If only I didn't feel I was in a very long cage the whole time I played it... Expand
  55. Apr 20, 2014
    Let me start off by saying the first 2 hours were horrible. But after that what seems like a crappy Assassin's Creed clone blooms into a beautiful dynamic game. It has a very original 1984 esque story with some of the best character development to date. You can tell the creators really bled themselves dry to create something that will be remembered for decades to come.
  56. Jul 7, 2014
    When I started the game, I thought: why didn't receive at least 90%. The setting, the design looked great. Later I realized why...
    I was a big fan, in the old days, of the " french touch", they had great creative ideas. The problem was they spent all their fuel into design, and none of it left for the game itself...
    In RM what was missing was the game itself. It is a dumb console port,
    with dumb console controls not translated into PC, with dumb checkpoint system. It is one of the many games that want to make itself longer by using checkpoints, so you have to do stuff, you already done, again and again. After a while this game became a chore. It gets harder and harder, and if you fail, you can start over (ingame videos included). By the time I got to the Madame boss, I was fed up with the endless buttons smashing, these developers call "fight". Somewhat later I gave up and the story just wasn't interesting enough to torture myself more.
    Remember me had great ideas, really good design, but as a game it fails miserably.
  57. Jun 8, 2013
    not a bad game worth playing its not nearly as bad as some of the below 5 points are making it out to be.The story is not bad the fighting mechanics are OK could of been better all in all its average as i said worth playing at least once.
  58. Oct 27, 2013
    it seems i only give my vote to highly underrated games (see my other reviews), but i just can´t help to see the injustice brought by the official critics to what i would call a gem of a game. if you are into cyberpunk, like dark and complex storylines and can live with a few (really only a few) flaws, then let me recommend this game: awesome graphics, nice gameplay, intriguing storyline, great art direction as well as the music. overall well done. especially for the first title of a studio. well done, dontnod! Expand
  59. Jun 12, 2013
    İnsteresting idea, nice graphics but gameplay and story cant get me. And the end is nosense for me I dont wanna spoiler with it. But it was horrible i think.
  60. Jun 10, 2013
    Review #2:
    The game world is very diverse. In every chapter new things are implemented. The game keeps being refreshing chapter after chapter. Quiet well planned. The enemies are not just basic, with their own skills and stats, but some enemies have co-exists and boost each others powers. This can be seen by a leaper with a red shielding, making invulnerable Or a soldier with 2 leaper
    slaves which attack first, these leapers have some kind of connection with it's host. This can be seen with the communication line between master and leaper slaves.

    During the battle you try to execute the highest combo, thus earning yourself much more 'exp' points to boost your skills. This game is no longer a buton mashing game, can be, but to really enjoy the game you have to try to use combo's.

    Just one impressive game.
  61. Jul 5, 2013
    It is a very, very beautiful and sexy game, with a lot of artistic sense in it. Everybody who has been in free-climbing (as a sport or adventure) can see big influence from that thanks.
    On the other side it could benefit from the better fighting with more strategic ideas in it not just a hysteric left-right mouse buttons pressing added by the space bar and WASD keys... You know, to have
    a feeling you were smart at the end of the fighting scene, not just that you have quick fingers. After 11 hours of play still do not understand combos what to use and how.
    In any way, didn't regret buying it. Would recommend to everybody with inclination to SF. Graphics is one of the best ever.
  62. Jun 6, 2013
    This is a great game. It's not going to win GOTY, but that's fine. If you're not turned off by the idea of a game on rails then Remember Me is a gorgeous, nuanced action/sci-fi video game that will be remembered fondly for its narrative and stunning visuals long after people have gotten over its minor gameplay shortcomings.
  63. Jun 9, 2013
    What really stands out for me in Remember Me is the artdesign, which is really top-notch! They really got that future setting spot on and filled it with love for detail. Everything from the lead character, enemies, sorroundings is designed to look cool and i often catched myself just looking around and exploring all the details. The artdesign simply fits. Exploring falls a bit short though, the game is strictly linear with no alternative routes to your objective, alternative routes usually lead to the collectable goodies, which make your character stronger.

    I have to give kudos to the developers to give the lead role to a female character, and she is a very stylish chick, her outfit is really slick and i loved how they put extra effort into her animations. Nilin has idle animations and constantly checks her sorroundings while running, you can even walk if you feel like it. I had the impression that they borrowed a few ideas from other games.

    Combat system has a punch and a kick and consists of premade button sequences, which you unlock on the course of the game and then you can customize those with specialized attacks, to fit your style. Attacks can be: Damage, Regenerative, Cooldown-reducing and Booster which boost the previous attack in the chain. The combo menu might be a bit confusing at the start, but once you experiment a little bit you get the hang of it quickly. Nilin also has some ultimates which give her an edge in combat and are at some points necessary to progress through the fight.

    Another nice feature is Nilin's special ability to alter memories of other people, while very interesting to explore all the possible outcomes, there is only 1 correct solution and i was hoping there are more sequences like this, but overall you cannot use this power very often in the game. Imo a lost opportunity.

    The story of the game is straight forward and is definitely something new and interesting. The game is supported with an excellent soundtrack, which really underlines the dystopian athmopshere of the world.

    Final Verdict: Overall i really enjoyed the game, the visuals are absolutely gorgeous and the combat system is interesting, but can get repetetive, but the game always throws interesting enemy compositions at you. My major negative points are: 1) The linearity, there is little exploring or alternative routes. 2) The memory remix sequences fall a bit short. 3) Filmgrain, which you can't disable via option and have to use texmod modificatrion to get rid of. This is personal preference, but i really hate filmgrain in games.

    My score of 7/10 is not just copied from the critic reviews, imo this score really fits for this game, it's a "GOOD" Game with untouched potential. I can definitely give a clear recommendation for this game and i really hope that the developers and Capcom consider additional content or even a sequel to it, it would be definitely worth it!
  64. Jun 4, 2013
    Remember Me is an awesome game. It’s sometimes frustrating with it's difficulty, but it also transports you to an amazing world with striking designs, a deep culture, and interesting characters. The game might rely a little too heavily on “been there, done that” elements of play, but when it breaks from the norm and it does so often it hands players power and a sense of freedom in experimentation. Expand
  65. Oct 3, 2013
    A story with great unique potential, sadly backed up poorly. Fighting and movement feels awkward, and bossfights and many encounters are so monotonic you want to facepalm your self so hard that your brain is all over the wall behind you.
    While the story seemed ok, i never finished the game, after afew hours of playing i simply felt the lacking and repetetive gameplay and odd steering and
    camera angles, were not worth to go trough to see how the story would actually end. A shame really. Expand
  66. Jun 26, 2013
    This game is a story you can play but you can't interact with it. Has long you are ok with that you wil have a good time. But like so many game nowdays it really is a short game (8 to 10 hours in the hardest difficulty). with all in graphics nothing in game life time. Some pro and con now. It is on many point like mirror edge.

    Pro: great original and captivating story. Fun and
    interesting gameplay.
    Con: Really short. You can't decide anything your watching the game and story and just fight for time to time. Linear.

    In the end if it was cheaper or with choice to influence and change the story (various ending) or with a longer life time, it would have been a good 8 but considering all these i put a 6.
  67. Oct 29, 2014
    Remember Me could've really fleshed out its neo-Paris setting, but the linearity makes it feel like I'm only scraping the surface of it. The story is certainly quite ambitious, even endearing sometimes, but there are instances where the writing is quite weak, where dialogue that's supposed to give a 'badass' impression falls flat, also occasionally feeling quite saccharine. I also think some of the secondary characters could've been developed more. For example, Tommy, Olga and Frank get no more than five minutes of screen time each, and as a result they kind of fade away into obscurity when the game shifts its focus on Nilin and her parents. It feels as if they serve no crucial purpose beside giving the opportunity for Nilin to give an underwhelming philosophical musing about whether the ends justify the means during cutscenes between levels.

    It probably sounds like I don't like the game, but that's not the case, I still enjoyed it. The combat system for one is quite effective, it's simple and it works, though it can be a bit boring during the game's introductory sequences because many of the sensen abilities and pressens are not yet unlocked. Once these become available to you however, the combat system offers just enough variation and fancy visual effects to keep it interesting throughout the rest of the game. I also like how the soundtrack is synchronised with combos in combat, making it feel satisfyingly fluid and cinematic. Nice touch.

    Altogether, Remember Me is a decent game, though not without its flaws, often get some Mirror's Edge vibes from the setting, wish it could've utilised it a little more though.

    Overall rating: 7.5/10 (rounded down)
  68. Jul 10, 2013
    This is very underrated game. I enjoyed this thoroughly despite it's obvious faults. It's fighting style is fluid, it will remind you a bit of batman with other unique abilities and gameplay elements that make it unique. The pacing of the game is solid, I never found myself bored or doing too much of one thing. This is something I dislike about "open world" games. This game is linear and to the point. The graphics are fantastic on PC but I played it with a controller because I output it to my TV and it felt very comfortable with a controller on the big screen. The sound design and music is top notch, they really went over the top with the glitch style and it works perfectly in this setting where others try and do it and it doesn't fit nearly as well. The story is interesting and unique, you can kind of predict the flow but there's still not a whole lot of games out there that tell a similar story (I can think of a few but I'd rather not spoil it with comparisons).

    On the bad side, I experienced a game breaking bug that required me to start from my checkpoint 3 times. A specific combination wasn't triggering the combat to end so it was odd and broke the immersion. There are a few other strange bugs where you weren't able to climb or maneuver correctly. The combat system is enjoyable BUT as many others have mentioned It's a bit disappointing that you can't chain attacks from enemy to enemy. So for example, if you want to do a 5x combo, you have to finish it on a single enemy. If you go up to 3 and then decide to dodge and hit another guy, it starts over. Doesn't feel like you build momentum as well as you should, however the abilities make up for it. The remixing is great, but I almost wish there was more of it. In fact, I wish the game was a few hours longer. It's linear, but almost too linear where you can probably run through the game pretty fast. The good thing is the art is great and every location is different but very cohesive.

    As a side note, I got this game for $26 on Green man Gaming and I think it would be well worth $40-50 new. But if it goes on sale and you want to give it a try, I think you'll either really love it or you'll hate it.
  69. Jun 14, 2013
    This game is a of Assassin's Creed and Prototype with a "new" twist; or it can be considered just a same old 3rd person "shooter" with a new storyline (shell).

    Graphics just OK on today's standard for a $50 3rd person shooter. Fun to pass-time when you got way too much time, nothing more.
  70. Jul 11, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game. It has great graphics and stunning environments, great music, and I loved the sci-fi plot. Definitely nice to have an interesting new plot. The game play is alright. The memory remix is a welcome mechanic, and really fits in well with the game. It's linear, but it fits with Remember Me's story. The combat isn't overly challenging (I played on normal) but some of the fights are interesting. The story and visual/environmental design absolutely are the strong points of Remember Me. If you like sci-fi at all, you won't want to miss this it's a lot of fun. I look forward to whatever Dontnod makes next. Expand
  71. Jun 8, 2013
    This game is a gem that is likely to remain under-rated due to the simple fact it is not a game style or a setting that will be appreciated by everyone.

    Most critic reviews have complained about the game being 'linear' and having a 'constricted; level design; both, while true, are in no way a deciding factor in whether a game is good or not; heck Bioshock Infinite was linear and yet is
    probably one of the best games of this decade.

    Remember me has a memorable setting and lead; an excellent soundtrack, an intuitive combat system and most importantly is not another 'me too' FPS/TPS with guns and bulky dudes. It also is NOT an easy game, we seem to get more and more of those these days as all games try to tend to a larger audience.

    The visuals in particular are breathtaking, particularly on the PC with Supersampling ON.

    If you are a fan of sci-fi cyberpunk you should not miss this one; it is well worth your $60
  72. Jun 10, 2013
    Average game. Forces you to stop and start every 2mins for upgrade or plot progression. Rather pointless combo system with no real need for it. Fantastic cyberpunk world. Linear is putting it mildly. Good music. Wait for sales.
  73. Jun 9, 2013
    if capcom had made a movie instead of a game, probably i would have loved Remember Me.
    the graphics are good, music is good (i loved the moment in which a robot played the gymnopedie n1), setting is fantastic, story is ok, gameplay SUCK ASS.
    everything is going from A to B following predetermined paths, you can't explore anywhere, combat is boring.
    don't buy it.
  74. Dec 30, 2013
    it's a game with good graphics, story and cool interactions with the game, but the PC version of the game is just bad, the camera does go were you want it to go, the game requires a very powerful PC just to run it, the game play is terrible and what's worst is the controls, which doesn't follow what you want it to do or lags before it does it, also the action icon are vague making you unsure of what to do, if they fix the controls it might make it a descent game, because it's kind of hard to play the game if you can't control your character. Expand
  75. Aug 29, 2014
    Well, like some other guy here, I don't believe this game deserves a 10 (would give it 710 or even 8), but I think that this game is highly underrated! So I gave it a 10 in order to balance things a little. (The metascore and critics reviews give the wrong impression, in my opinion.
    First of all - I must say this loud and clear, this game deserves to be played! You really should play it!

    When I first played it, I was shocked by the not-too-good reception of the game and later on I figured out what was wrong about it.
    You can summarize what's wrong like this - this game could be, and promised to be, something big, different, innovative, even revolutionary- in terms of gameplay. It seems as if it even intended to do so, but didn't fully succeed.

    What makes this game look so interesting is the fact that you're being a memory hunter. Messing with people's memories is not a concept often explored in common video games. The one extraordinary feature which raise this game above many others is the memory remixing - you'll have to remix people's memories in order to change their views, thoughts and actions. Sounds amazing, isn't it? And indeed, the few times you'll be doing this in the game are rather cool and exciting, even though it felt like the mechanics of the remixes was a bit too simple, it still felt really good. But as I said, you'll only be doing this a couple of times. Four actually, throughout the entire game, which isn't totally satisfying and makes you want more of it.
    What else will you do that's related to memories? Well, you're gonna steal some, replay some, and kill some, but it's all done with a few buttons' clicks and not in a very interesting way. And what else will you do? Well, you'll kick your enemies' butts. And climb. You'll also jump a bit, but you're gonna climb a lot.

    And in Remember Me... it just isn't enough.
    The game is not very long, yet it might feel like you're playing forever, as the game gets more and more tedious in time when you feel like you fight horde after horde of enemies with cutscenes in between. The fighting isn't that interesting, and is generally easy, except for some parts in the game where it's not. But that's only because of the controls, which at first seemed fine to me, but somehow from the middle of the game and on I just felt like it all became too clunky and Nilin's movements didn't always have much to do with the buttons I pressed on the keyboard.

    The platforming is not that interesting as well. It only gets long and repetitive in time. The only thing that makes it good is the gorgeous graphics and surroundings which I'll speak of later, and the somewhat-artistic camera angles which change and flow smoothly. But still, as I said, it gets long and repetitive, especially when you don't have much freedom of choice about where to go, and not even the illusion of it. There's almost always only one single path to follow, you can never wander too much, and many times when you do the game would quickly suggest you the 'correct' path or action that has to be done. That makes the game even easier, and makes you feel like you just follow a trail of cutsceneshordes of enemies at times.

    So, yeah, gameplay-wise, the game is not necessarily brilliant. But now let's talk about the good stuff, which far outweigh the disappointing gameplay.

    Remember Me is very much story-driven. It's purely a science fiction kind of story and yet it revolves around humanity and its mind, their memories and their urge to change or guard them. It isn't the deepest tale to be told but it has its insightful moments, and its a very personal and at times heart-touching.
    The cutscenes and dialogues which transfer the story are very well done, never too long and never too short, usually very interesting, and with very good and professional voice acting (Note: the game is fully dubbed in English, French, Italian, German, which is very cool!).
    The graphics looked absolutely amazing, and without requiring a super-high-tech-machine (Bought my computer in 2010, even back then it didn't have the best specs possible. The game worked very nicely on my machine on High graphic settings). The world of Neo-Paris seemed very wide and detailed, colorful and alive, with my only complaint about it is that the game won't let you explore the environment much - as I said earlier, it's very linear and many obstacles would make you walk in a specific one way instead of exploring the world around you which seems so interesting and eye-catching.
    The soundtrack of the game is beautiful, combining symphonic and electronic tracks together (trust me, it's good!) which integrate brilliantly with the game and battle sequences.
    The collectibles are nice, not too hard to find usually, but gives you some interesting information to read about the peoplesurroundings around you.

    In short(VERY short)- Amazing storytelling which absolutely overshadows disappointing gameplay (the memory remixes totally worth it, though)
  76. Jun 5, 2013
    The game isn't that bad, the game is worth an an 7 or 8 /10, but i gave it a 10 to help counter the outrageous bad user ratings given before the game was even released, do people even know what a game rated 4 should play like?
  77. Jun 19, 2013
    Overall I would say that Remember Me is an entertaining sci-fi action game that is flawed in areas and fails to reach it's true potential.

    Visually it is a very striking game that avoids being overly stylistic and provides plenty of beautiful environments and high tech eye candy. Unfortunately the scenery is just that, scenery that you look at it in the background as the gameplay is
    quite linear. This game is much more linear than say the recent release The Last of Us. The gameplay consists of a mix of platforming ala Assassin's Creed and Uncharted but with a lot less freedom to explore. Check that, almost no freedom to explore; there is just the bare minimum of side paths which are very minimal in depth themselves. While I was disappointed that this was not a more open world type of game it did not cause me to quit playing. The story, characters, settings, voice acting and dialogue were all done well enough to keep me immersed in the game.

    The combat is akin to fighting games and the ability to more or less make up your own combos (within the scope of the preset combo templates) adds to the customization of the combat. The different categories of hand and foot attacks by way of straight damage/regeneration/power build up/combo modifier adds a layer of strategy to the combo building. The special powers each feel different enough although there were some I didn't use beyond the mandatory tutorial parts. The fights themselves get pretty formulaic however, combat is mostly setup as locked of rooms of enemies that must be defeated to move on. Enemy grouping is fairly patterned as well, with boss fights at the end of most levels. Fortunately, each boss fight feels mostly unique although each individual boss fight follows a fairly standard pattern of attack sequences followed by QTE's to finish off the fight.

    The dialogue writing is a bit weak at times, but the characters are interesting enough and the relationships between them develop fairly well throughout the story to make the game as much character driven as it is story and setting driven. The memory remixing is a neat element of the game that while I feel it could have been used a lot more in an open world setting, I do think that this aspect is integrated into the gameplay enough to feel organic to the story and not forced.

    This game has the look of a AAA game, but I don't feel it is quite up to the standard of AAA games. The length of the gameplay varies from 6-10 hours on average depending on your play style. Not quite worth the $50 price tag, feels more like it should have cost closer to $30.
  78. Jun 14, 2013
    It's a game of hits and misses. The combat system initially presents itself as intuitive and free flowing but soon you realize how run of the mill it really is. The game has a great atmosphere with great colouring and depth but then has you essentially on rails the whole game. Graphically this game is quite impressive on the PC. The movement system is so stuck in the past its disturbing. At the end of the day this game results simply in pretentious twaddle that is meaningless and for a game that is story heavy this is unforgivable. Expand
  79. Jul 24, 2013
    This game is solid and worth playing. COMBAT This combat is fun although at times threatens to become repetitive most of the time something new would pop up and renew my interest. GRAPHICS Better than decent graphhics and the transitions from cutscene to gameplay were near seamless, on par with tombraider. CRITICISM You cannot skip cutscenes which can be grating but in view of what the game was about, ie telling a story, I found it acceptable.

    Definitely worth playing. Not sure what the game critics are on about
    It has a few simple puzzles that are quickly solved but it was nice that the game included that.
  80. Mar 26, 2014
    This game is highly underrated. The story kept me interested, the combat was really fun, boss battles wer entertaining. Voice acting was pretty good (Edge was kind of crappy), but really I don't think this game deserves the crap I've read about it. People are too critical.
  81. Jun 11, 2013
    The game's solid story, great visuals and interesting ideas are let down by poor execution. The rooftop action doesn't pass muster in a post-Assassins Creed world, and the innovative combo system doesn't stop the combat from being a button-masher.
  82. Jun 4, 2013
    First impressions at about 4 hours in. THE GOOD Its time for the remix! Ok, best part really is remixing memories. Call me geeky, but when I started moving my mouse in counter-clockwise circles, I got really excited. I really like the look and feel of Neo-Paris. There's a lot of detail that went into the walls, the art, the small touches that I saw in the city. I'm enjoying the little of Nilin's character that is being exposed through monologue. I really wish there was more, and maybe there will be? Also, the voice acting seems to be well done with her, not so much the supporting cast. Finally, I am always thrilled to play female characters, its as though its a rarity.

    I like the "Customization" regarding the combos, at least there is something that you get to manage in the game, since there is no inventory or skill tree (in the traditional sense).

    Most importantly, there is something about the style and gameplay that hasn't been done before. I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly, but I will remember "Remember Me" for doing something new.


    Sometimes the camera gets all weird because I'm in a corner, and I can't see. Also, I find the controls a little wonky, and from time to time I find myself going in a direction I do not want to be going in.

    Everyone and their mom has said this the game is linear, so linear that I hardly have to look at the screen to figure out where I'm going as there is only one way. Also, without the indicators of where to jump, I never would be able to figure out what fence I can and can't jump.


    For me, the worst part of this game, shared the worst part of Tomb Raider (the reboot), and that is timing/specific key presses (aka quicktime event) during fights. I find this extremely jarring and I think I almost broke my keyboard at one point when I couldn't figure out what I should be pressing.


    One thing that is strangely lacking is blood. Nilin is getting beat up, she's beating up people, she's falling off of roofs, but no scrapes. I was happy when she fell on her ankle and I thought that maybe she would have a limp as the cutscene indicated, but she didn't.

    Also, I want to talk to people, but no one wants to talk to me. Everyone I pass says "sorry, you're not my type" or "i'm waiting for someone" or something about "brushing my hair". In Neo-Paris are unattractive people hot now? If I saw Nilin walking towards me, I probably would ask her to sit with me, not tell her to go away.

    I thought this would somehow be more of an adult game. By adult I do not mean sex, I mean a discussion of intellectual ideas. This remixing of memories, or trading of memories is an excellent concept, and I thought we'd be able to explore it more and examine both the good and the bad of this technology.


    Ultimately, I'm enjoying myself and the gameplay keeps me going.
  83. Jun 17, 2013
    Awesome game. Enjoyed the adventure from the begining to the end. The atmosphere is awesome, music is fantastic. Art is outstanding. Models are wonderful. I mean.. if you dont like or you dont understand Art will not like the game
  84. Jun 4, 2013
    I will admit I was excited for this game. I felt it would have been a create mix between Assassin's Creed (for the climbing and going after high valued targets seemed to be indicative of this), Batman Arkham Asylum/City (the fighting style seemed to resemble this), and Deus Ex: Human Revolution (for the futuristic aspect and the environment interaction with the HUD).Before I begin into the negatives of this game, let me point to some of the more positive of the game.

    -The voice acting is wonderful. Whenever the first cut scene played, it truly bought into the story of the three people who told the viewer of how wonderful the memory technology was and the elderly woman's story and voice acting made me feel as if that was a real person.
    -The story created a desire for me to go forward and find out what was around the corner. Although the names Capcom gives some of their characters breaks the illusion of this game being a game about survival, sabotage, kickin' in faces, and being public enemy number one.
    -Being able to create your own combos was such an interesting ideal that it warrants being a positive; however, the execution was a bit underwhelming.
    -Remixing memories was such an enjoyable trail-and-error aspect.

    Now that I have got that out of the way. Here are some of the things I felt (and you may feel) made the game lesser than what it could have been.

    -It leads you by the hand... Forcibly. I played on the hardest difficulty (Memory Hunter) and was still bombarded with an icon that tells me where to go when I am climbing with no discernible way to turn this off. It is as if it did not even trust you find your way, to make your own mistakes when climbing to a location, or Capcom felt that did not do a good enough job on some of the camera angles that they felt that it would be necessary to put an icon at every ledge you should go to.
    -Do you like the thrill of exploring (even in linear games) and finding upgrades for yourself? It is as if the game thinks you have around two brains cells and gives you an image of where an upgrade (for health and focus) is NEARBY. I can understand that they wanted to stick with the whole memory idea and this was another way of introducing their idea, but if you are anything like me, I prefer to make my own mistakes and explore to find collectibles without assistance even if I look in some of the most inane spots to achieve this, you will not enjoy this feature.An apt comparison is Metro Last Light. It took me 12 hours to beat a 7 to 8 hour game because the game created a desire for me to go an explore. I saw buildings in the distance or rooms away from where my OPTIONAL objective locator told me was the right way to go and thought to myself "Is ammo in there? What about another weapon? Journal entry?"
    -I would have loved for an OPTIONAL breadcumb device like in Dead Space to show me where I should be going beyond climbing up. In Dead Space and Metro games bringing up that device caused me to want to explore. I would see "Hey, I need to go here. There is a strong chance that I might not be able to return to this area, so let me explore the other doors." However, in Remember Me, the game although forcibly shows you where to go when climbing, it does not allow to check where your current objective is. There has been multiple times where I have forgone exploring another doorway because I thought it may be where I should go. Turns out it was not and whenever I went through the other doorway, I could not return to the previous location.

    The game was alright, but not worth the $50. I would really wait until the game is on sale.
  85. Jun 4, 2013
    It's really a shame when game with so much potential falls short. There are a lot of great elements within this game but all of them (except of graphics and music probably) made in a wrong fashion. They made an interesting world you want to explore, but they denied you that and put you in a narrow corridor. They tried to do some fighting in Batman style. While i like that idea but again they made it wrong. Fighting system in this game is the most stupid thing i ever saw. I like all that climbing in Tomb Rider or Uncharted, but they manage to do something stupid in my opinion even with that. Yeap, huge arrow that tells you where to go. No, i don't want that! I want to figure that myself. And memory remixes? It's a great idea, it's innovative (well, not like we never saw ideas like that before, but that's not a common thing for sure) and so on, but why they used it only a few times?
    This game looks magnificent on paper but in reality it's kind of mediocre. That's a shame. Also i have to point our that AAA games now gave a tendency to became shorter and shorter. As already been mentioned here you can beat this game in 5-6 hours.
  86. Jun 4, 2013
    Punch-sponge enemies, stretched fights, idiotic stuff (healing strikes wut?), climbing, badly placed checkpoints, QTE, unskipable cutscenes, uninspiring plot, total linearity.
  87. Jun 5, 2013
    I'm also putting in a 10 because you can really tell this game is gorgeous and the story/concept are very non-generic. I'm also thinking that because it's a little different than Mirror's Edge, people aren't liking the isometric changes.
  88. Jun 4, 2013
    A great start to what hopefully becomes a more fleshed-out series. Although the game's most interesting and fun parts, the memory remixes, only appear a meager 4 times in the game, it's still a fun ride. The customized combat system keeps fighting from becoming stale, and the environment and music create a fantastic atmosphere.

    Although it might not be worth the full asking price, not
    many games are. Still, Remember Me is a fantastic game that should be enjoyed, short as it may be. Expand
  89. Aug 28, 2013
    Meh. Not the best game I ever played. Not up to expectations. Weird ass gameplay. Umm, what else, not a very interesting story. I gotta give it this. It was a good concept and if they come at the game from a different perspective they might be able to make a sequel. but it would need new characters and plot, and setting.
  90. Jan 8, 2014
    A hugely underrated game, this one is a good indication of why a game's worth should not be reduced to a single [metacritic] number.

    This game tells a story. A story about a distopia where memories are commodity for desperate junkies, and the rich. It's full of references and quotations from famous literary writers and philosophers (from Balzac to Simone de Beauvoir). This narrative is
    also very well executed, and enriched with awesome graphics and an extremely fun combat system.

    So why the low general score? The only negative issues I've seen target the game's linearity and hance the lack of replayability caused by it. I guess people judge games by their value of being potentially the only game to play for the rest of their lives, nowadays. Bugs are close to nonexistent or too minor to take any notice.

    If you're into the concept of memories and a good distopic narrative that tells about it in an artistic manner sounds intriguing, this game is for you.
  91. Jan 26, 2014
    How could a game so wonderful get such terrible reviews? How could a game that I'd consider one of the best ever made get seen so poorly? Every aspect of this game, every single facet, is amazing -- the world, the characters, the flow of the combat. I will never understand, and will lament for quite a while, that this game may never get its proper recognition -- but I can say here and now, do yourself a favor: play Remember Me. Expand
  92. Jun 6, 2013
    As the credits roll on this 11 hour journey, I’m pleasantly surprised to see such a great title come out of a brand new studio. The team at DONTNOD Entertainment have brought something unique to the table, giving us not only beautiful graphics and incredible sound, but also a new combat approach wrapped around a very engaging storyline
  93. Jul 1, 2013
    I was originally a bit skeptical about this game. And I will say the number one flaw in this game is the combat system is a bit bland and repetitive, and given the beautiful environment you had it would have been nice to be given a bit more of a option to explore around and such. While I do agree this is a lot of like a cinema game where a lot of the time you spend will be watching the story progress through cut-scenes. The actual story itself is something I enjoy watching. I would say you should wait for a steam sale or something of that matter before going out and purchasing it. Expand
  94. Jun 9, 2013
    I think ill definitely remember, remember me because of the game's atmosphere created by its more than top of the line music, and its fighting system which felt similar to one of the most enjoyable fighting systems in a game (arkham city), without being a worst version of it(sleeping dogs) anyone who enjoys a story worth its own Hollywood movie, or a futuristic dystopic atmospheric should definitely get this.

    GAMEPLAY: 9/10
  95. Jun 4, 2013
    Polaris1020 8 Remember Me is destined to be overlooked, which is sad. One thing is for sure: It is a true underrated gem.

    I'm about mid-way in the game, and it is a fantastic and hypnotic game, captivating me with it's beautiful and heavily detailed world. The setting is the first thing you'll notice; vivid, unconventional colors blot this world, and it is a feast for the eyes.

    Combat works and plays out like Batman, but not quite as fluid. The ability to change up your combos makes for a refreshing experience each time. Enemies are can be quite tough in numbers--especially when they differ in types, forcing you to use different tactics for various enemies. Button mashing won't get you very far.

    The platforming and exploration are the weakest links, as they are far too scripted. You never get a sense that you're in immediate danger from scaling walls. And exploration is so linear, so confined, which is a shame considering Neo-Paris is a major sight to behold.

    Memory Remixes are the star of Remember Me, setting it apart from other action/adventure games. Basically, you can hack into peoples memories and alter things, changing the outcome of their behavior. It's fun to mess around and experiment. Not to mention, the memory remixes give great insight into Nilin's character; you really get a sense that she is conflicted with the ethics of what she is doing, which, in my opinion, makes her a very human character to which we can relate.

    The story... I won't elaborate about it. You really need to experience it for yourself because it will blow you away. Some of the writing is awful, though. But most of it works.

    Overall, fantastic game. The story and lore are the strongest aspects. The game play is, for the most part, solid. Remember Me gets an 8/10 for me.
  96. Jun 9, 2013
    I have no idea why no one likes this game. It has a very interesting plot with some great voice actors. The combat for the most part is quite interesting. If you start to get bored you can easily change your combo. The graphics are amazing, one of best I have seen from a pc game.
  97. Mar 29, 2014
    Remember Me is a game with a compelling story that drives the entire game. It is difficult to get invested in however. Without giving anything away, the game explores some dark, emotional, and philosophical ideas about a future in which memory has been monetized and commercialized, your character, Nilin, is the one to unravel the threads and find the truth behind herself and much more.

    Before getting into the story/characters, lets get the gameplay out of the way first; It's mediocre. The combat system starts out rather engaging, allowing the player to customize a series of combo moves (Pressen) to tailor fit Nilin for any specific situation. While engaging, the combat system quickly becomes extremely repetitive and hinges on the players ability to properly dodge and wait for cooldowns to become available. In addition, every substantial enemy (bosses, mini-bosses) ends with every bodies favorite thing...quick time events! The result is an unsatisfying one to say the least. I never felt like I actually defeated anyone as it's all done for you through the QTE's. Despite all this, the combat is not bad. It does require patience though.

    Now on to the story/characters...The game is driven heavily by (obviously) the evolution of the story, but seeing as how nobody can remember anything (barring Edge), the weight of carrying the story falls to the characters and how they develop and interact, this is where I found it impossible to become invested in the game. The story by itself is good, but the characters that tell it to you are basically emotionless or otherwise reading some horrible line of dialogue. Most of the time you'll be wondering how the hell some of the lines made it to the final cut. This would be fine if the characters actually portrayed emotion through facial animations, something that is basically non-existent in todays gaming market. Instead, every character, whether in or out of a cut-scene or cinematic, has the same expression for everything. Happy, sad, concerned, fearful, angst (oh there's plenty of that),'s all the same facial expression. This leads to extremely static characters, despite all the developing they're doing. In short, the main focal point of the game's story is told through static, boring characters with horrible dialogue.

    The "gimmick", I suppose one could call it, of the game is the ability to influence and change (called Rewriting memories in the game's terminology) peoples memories. This is a great concept in the game and it is indeed fun when you get to do it. It is unfortunate that you only get the chance to do this four times (three if you played the demo, because that one is repeated). Still, despite this, it is a welcome part to the game and helps to break up the monotony of the extremely linear gameplay, the combat, and the between-chapter monologues.

    Remember Me gets a 6/10. While it has it's problems, the saving grace for the game is a compelling story, even if it's told through robotic inexpressive characters.
  98. Jun 4, 2013
    I don't know, why rating this game negative. It's well programmed, nice graphics, a good story i'll follow and at summary, it's a pretty nice game. 1st started the game and thought: Mirrors Edge? Damn, there are some similarities! Sure, no real prarkour, but nice. I really don't miss the weapons the game is based on combos. Well executed, it will make enough damage & to be honest: Weapons you'll find in each 0815 game. Just give it a try it's no mainstream game. Expand
  99. Jun 30, 2013
    Wow! This was a fantastic, emotional journey for me and I loved (almost) every minute of it. There are QTEs and those are the moments I didn't like, but at least you don't die if you fail, just have to try again. The combat is not the focus of this game, although enemies do require a variety of tactics to deal with and I basically had 3 combos I relied on (when I had that many unlocked) reduce cooldown of powers, heal, and do damage. I like that the game introduces new powers and abilities gradually, allowing you time to master them all, and gives hints if you're missing the way to deal with a specific enemy.

    All of that is nothing of consequence, though, when you consider the gorgeously realised world and the story that you follow through it. This is the focus of the game and what makes this stand above all others this year so far. I don't care about the best way to click to kill things, what I care about is story crafting and being involved in what is happening at a deeper level. This game delivers in spades and I so hope that another game gets made. What a great vision and slickly executed. Please, if you are unsure of whether to bother with this then DO. Otherwise you will be missing out on a work of art.

    It is a shame that this game wasn't better received, even though a lot of the criticism seems to be along the lines of "if only it had done it EVEN better then it would have been fantastic". I loved it. You probably will too, so take a chance!
  100. Jun 30, 2013
    I really wanted to like this game but I cant. The graphics are good. The music is awesome. The world is fantastic. But the gameplay is a disaster. Linear gameplay is good but what is to much is to much. The fight system is boring and repetitive. The climbing is even more boring then the fighting. Sadly I cant recommend it.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 26 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 26
  2. Negative: 1 out of 26
  1. Sep 10, 2013
    Remember Me is a competent action game that never really excels. The story is wasted and the platforming is poorly implemented with the rest of the game. Still the combat system is interesting and the framing around memories is at least somewhat original.
  2. 40
    A game with great potential, great setting and great music. However, it's knocked down by its incomplete implementation of the original ideas and its frustrating battle system. [Issue#231]
  3. Jul 8, 2013
    There are a lot of ideas packed into this game but I feel like if they would have cut back on a couple of the concepts to focus more on the story then this could have been a real stand out game. As it is now Remember Me is more appealing when it gets cheaper or if you have absolutely nothing to play.