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  1. Mar 24, 2013
    I'll be synthetic. The game is filled to the brim with entirely gratuitous scripted actions. I hate those. Many scenarios are likewise gratuitously slow. I hate that. Zombies' reactions to attacks reek of brawler games. Tekken wasn't as clumsy though.
    The interface reeks of console design. It's insulting on PC.
    A lightly dressed guy in the opening scenario apparently holds a dozen
    different guns on him, with negligible amounts of ammo for each. Immersion: zero.

    It's amazing how a game which starts so similarly to say, RE3, fails to convey any basic feature which made such an old game fun. You can't feel alone (you're not), you can't feel lost (press the Q key), you can't feel in danger ("Continue?" As if it were Tekken), you don't feel scared. I'll never even try a RE game again after this.
  2. Mar 22, 2013
    Explosions, Quick Time Events, horrible AI. I grieve for the gaming industry, they only try to impress using visual effects and just forget everything that made old video-games really fun. They try to compensate the lack of depth and atmosphere using cutscenes all the time. It just doesn't work for me, it is not a video game anymore just a generic hollywood movie like the Resident Evil movie franchise, a total failure. Expand
  3. Mar 23, 2013
    I loved Resident Evil 5, and in a way this game is inferior to that in so many ways. Let me start off by talking about the hideous amounts of bugs, crashes, and just bad programming. For a game that took tons of time to port over to PC, you'd think Capcom could have nailed it. Did they care? It looks like they didn't. From the constant frame rate drops, to AMD video card crashes, to the fact you can't mute the voice chat in co-op games (there is a function but it doesn't work), and there is no push to talk button.

    The game itself is not a linear game, and in this case I use that term in a bad way. The characters have 5-6 campaign chapters, and really only of them provides any sense of terror. The others seem to be explosion after explosion. What I liked about Resident Evil 5, was there was a storyline, and a mystery. I don't get that with this game at all. Overall, bad programming, a bad port of a generally flawed game. Very disappointed!
  4. Mar 24, 2013
    Poor console port, crappy control, and the game performance is not optimized for PC. Frequent cut scenes just break the atmosphere, and there are creatures that use modern weapons, and fire at you, how come the game has such wonderful creative idea! Further, the frequency of QTE increases drastically compared to resident evil 4 and 5, it seems the game developer never listen to fans' complaints in the past. Absolutely zero! Expand
  5. Mar 23, 2013
    It doesn't have nice graphics, everything is so dark, it's not a fun shooter, it's not a horror game, it doesn't really feel like a survivor game either, and playing it feels like work. As a matter of fact, I'd rather go pull an eight hour shift right now than to spend another half hour playing this game. Entertainment value is less than zero. Save yourself $40 and pull a double at your workplace instead. It will be much more enjoyable. Expand
  6. Mar 24, 2013
    Sadly, a huge disappointment. Huge RE fan here, but this is just intolerable. Porting job to PC is pretty decent, but the fundamental gameplay is just not fun. I suffered through half of Leon's dumb but kinda-ok gameplay-wise campaign and through two chapters of the 3rd person Call of Duty mod that is Chris's campaign and then just gave up. Writing and plot are just missing, even RE5 made more sense. Characters and dialogue are bland and annoying as hell too. Gameplay, especially with Chris, is absolutely terrible. Leon is kinda ok, only the levels are mostly boring. No weapon upgrades, costumes in the retail game, mostly horrible gameplay. Sorry, Capcom, but just... no. Expand
  7. Mar 28, 2013
    Resident evil isn't a bad game. It does many things fairly well, the zombies look and act like zombies. The lighting and atmosphere are dark and oppressive. Then come the "escort quests", in the prologue and first chapter alone there are 2 escort quests. But I could have dealt with that. The graphics aren't to bad, though I was saddened at the lack of effort on certain textures (i'm looking at you papers that are omnipresent and grainy). But I could have dealt with that to. The camera controls just somehow don't feel right giving the character a feeling of being perpetually dizzy when aiming. But that again I could have dealt with. The default keyboard and mouse control scheme is horrific (Z S D X for movement? really?) but that can be rebound without to much of a hassle. The clincher for me is the quick time events. They are legion, without fail every time that I was grappled by a zombie (which was often since i'm not particularly good at RE games) there were 1-2 (yes 2) quick time events(QTE) to get the zombie off and that I can not deal with. I appreciate the cinematic qualities of a QTE and they have their place in games, such as the end of a major boss fight, but not every single flipping time a zombie gets close. For me that just comes across as busywork and a lack of creativity on the part of the developers. I would rather play a game where if I so much as get touched by a zombie I die than have QTE's constantly bombarding me.

    The sound the sound quality is pretty nice as are some of the atmospheric animations (like the character wincing at a surprise lighting crack outside). Sadly however the game is nigh unplayable for me due to the depth of my hatred of the terrible practice that is QTE's they ruin any possibility of fun for me they occur with such regularity.

    If QTE's and a slightly wonky control scheme don't bug you you'll probably have a really good time with the game the atmosphere is by far the best in the business. If however either of those things is a deal-breaker for you then save your money and pick up Left for Dead 2 if you don't already have it.
  8. Mar 27, 2013
    Not funny, not scary, not a good shooter game (aim is terrible), what i miss more from the old resident evil? the fact that you had to explore a manor, a city or an old castle this is just a straight road whit no enigma on it. No on e else miss the room with trap? or the key needed to open secret room in the police station?... this R.E. is just not a R.E. at all
  9. Mar 28, 2013
    This is not resident evil, just a shooter and a below decent one. All the elements are gone, no scary scenes and just feels plain sloppy and lame from beginning to end. I have played all the resident evil games from 1-5 (including zero) and this is the worst one from the series, even worse than operation raccoon city. And I'm talking about the gameplay, not the graphics. I could replay a game forever its fun no matter how bad the graphics are, but if its not then why bother. What is the point of having a beautiful cake if you can't eat it. Expand
  10. Apr 26, 2013
    When I played Dead Space 3 i thought it was a bad game. When I played the new Tomb Raider I thought it was a bad movie. But when I played RE6 I realized that Capcom had managed to combine the WORST elements of the former two attempts to create the ULTIMATE abomination. I CANNOT understand how they have managed to obliterate the main series while RE:Revelations is so much better. I hope Capcom realizes, in turn, what path they should follow hence forth. Also a little fun fact about the directors name (I always love those); Sasaki in Greek is the dimunitive for the girl's name "Sa(n)sa". As I am referring to the director (he also directed the "RE: Outbreak" series), I have to give him my most profound congratulations for, finally, creating his personal masterpiece. The complete and TOTAL "Outbreak" of the series... Expand
  11. May 1, 2013
    In quite possibly the dumbest move in game marketing ever, Capcom doesn't listen to it's fans and instead makes the exact opposite of what they want: a 3rd-person linear action game with little to no exploration
  12. Gar
    Mar 30, 2013
    Still the same broken turd it was when it was released on consoles. The most awful writing even video games have seen. Awful uninspired locales with dumb puzzles, or even better, dumb puzzles combined with immortal enemies. The game still lacks a tutorial and you get all the actual gameplay tips from loading menus which load too fast on PC so you can't actually read even those if the text is a bit longer than 1 line. Most quick time events can be disabled, but not all so you can still get stuck on a stupid thing like a QTE that is too hard.

    Bad controls. Awful story, Awful locales, Awful dialog. Awful everything

    Do NOT buy this game.
  13. Sep 5, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 is spit into faces of all true Resident Evil fans. Unbelievable how terrible game can be in present accepted as "good" game. Lets face the truth. Resident Evil 6 is boring, its parody on Call of Duty and Helen Harper is always like: "Not now, its complicated, I wont tell you a sh*t until we came there." Leon S. Kennedy campaign is embarrassing. When bus drive off the road because on the road was one half-dead zombie, you will laugh really hard. Then you will wander through cemetery few times from start to beginning like a fool and end up in some ridiculous underground catacombs.
    But the best has not yet to come. Campaign of Chris Redfield is pure joke. Truly this is some parody on Call of Duty or I don't know. In some eastern Europe village you shoot probably some ugly zombie-communists armed with guns and you feel like you play everything else, but not Resident Evil.
    So, finally you can walk when you aim or shoot, but that will not change anything this game is pure crap. I don't even finished Chris Redfield campaign, because it sucks really hard. This is typical game for naive new-gamers who don't know and never played finest old Resident Evil games. Remember Resident Evil is dead, this new Resident Evil is just fake. Ugly, bad, horrible fake. Don't dare call this game Resident Evil, its offensive. Rename this on: Call of Zombies.
  14. Apr 1, 2013
    This game wanted to be good, but it has the same crappy camera angle the series has had since RE4 and alot of scenes where one mistake and you die, usually caused by the camera or terrible controls. Not worth the cost.
  15. Mar 29, 2013
    The game play is good but the speed you need for the video séance fen sux I'm31 and I can't keep up it has ruined it for me I cant get any further in the game they have not mad allowances for people on a realistic ability to play.
  16. Apr 16, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 is a different take on what we have been seeing in the most recent successes from the franchise. Resident Evil 4 and 5 both looked through the prospective of one character, with the help of a companion (or not so much help in the case of RE4). Both games are fantastic, with RE4 at the top of the list because of its third person shooting aspects along with scary monsters and a dynamic story. RE6 had all of these, but it took out everything else that complimented the gameplay in an attempt to add prospective through different characters.

    What the game has that is completely different is the separate stories. Each follows there own character, and includes bits and pieces of a larger picture that is the story. This was a bad move, because it seemed to make Capcom completely overlook the things that complimented RE 4 and 5.

    There is no longer a way of buying and selling things in RE6. Any and all RPG elements were taken out, making the use of only a few weapons that are basically the same through the game. You eventually find new ones, but you end up using only the guns you have ammo for, making the need for some weapons vanish. Each character in the individual stories have their own weapons and the stories give them new weapons accordingly, however it all follows the same basic agenda. There is a shotgun, sniper, assault rifle, pistol etc.

    Well maybe the new story idea panned out, and it worked by including a gripping tale right? RE6 does nothing but show you a generic story that is very predictable if you are a fan of the series. When you complete a story, it just feels like you played a game but skipped levels, and the ending of each story isn't enough for me to really get excited over playing another 5-7 hour campaign just to have to wait again. Sure some new plot is revealed, but all in all, the pacing just doesn't work. It would have been better if there was one campaign where you felt like you were actually getting somewhere.

    Some of the things they kept from the previous titles were turned into overused events that did nothing but make you want to turn off your computer. The MILLION of button mashing events will annoy you, and detract from the gameplay a lot. There is also the new inventory system which is annoying to use, and rather small (it is even a step down from RE5) There is also the ability to kick and apply your body more. This is a pretty cool addition, that would have been welcomed in the previous games, but it just isn't enough to make up for everything.

    There is a lot to say about this game, and if you can look past the annoying gameplay, slow and anti climactic story, and no way of seeing anything new other than a few kicks, than this is the game for you. If you liked RE4 and 5, chances are you will not like this
  17. May 24, 2013
    I loved Resident Evil 5, and i can´t understand why Capcom build on this epic ground. I also played Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and become very frustrated about this game. (I played it 2h and have deleted it). Now, Capcom has learned nothing from all that critics. Now the continuing from its downward spiral and Capcom produces more waste games under this great title.It was finally my last Resident Evil title that I have ever bought. Expand
  18. May 16, 2013
    really boring and disspointing
  19. May 22, 2013
    id thoug i should give it a tryt but what a mess i regret the day i buy it, even as a shooter is a disaster mess im not trholling it even if you buy it at the pirate bay you dont want this camera mess........
  20. May 31, 2013
    I could not find myself to finish this game. It's depressingly boring. I played through the entirety of Leon's campaign, which was okay, had a few scares. Chris's campaign was a complete bore fest and caused me just to give up on the game. I am disappointed Capcom. I really looked forward to this game.
  21. Jul 26, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 was yet another blow to Capcom's reputation. This thing was AWFUL! It reeks of poor porting but I'm sure they've patched things but I'm never going to find out because I'll never touch this again. EVER! I don't even wanna do this review but I feel obligated to. BTW this game is not horror at all. It's pure action. As many explosions happen in this... it's just... yeah.

    If it had a decent story I'd talk about it but right now I'm still trying to figure out what I just played and why I played it. Maybe it's because I paid money for this turd. It's extremely generic. Bad guys are at it again. Go stop them. No idea how they got their resources or who the bad guy really is I'm still confused about a lot.

    I only remember the characters that were in Resident Evil 1 2 and 3. Beyond that I don't know who the hell was in this and nor will I ever be able to recall them. The voice acting was poor, their impact was poor, the overall placement of them was poor.

    Well the game has decent graphics and visuals so I gotta give them credit for that. The zombies and monsters were really well detailed. Only everything was exploding everywhere. Just like an American action film. Can't figure out good plot? Blow everything the hell up! There were at times polygon errors. One time Ada's dressed stretched into the ground, my gun disappeared, and I fell through the level a few times.

    Gameplay was just polished RE4. Nothing new or something to talk about. It handles really well and overall it was great feeling. The controls on PC were a tad wonky at times like I said with poor porting and what not. It has multiplayer? I don't know. I was so disgusted after the campaign I uninstalled it quick.

    This game presented little challenge. I had no problem beating this game on... what was the highest difficulty at the start? We'll just say Very Hard. Ammo was barely enough so it has some prretty good challenge there.

    Would I recommend this game. NO!
  22. Oct 13, 2013
    Capcom, what have you done with Resident Evil?! I should have listened to the bad reviews and stayed away. This is one of the most awfully designed games of all time. You don't play this game, you are being dragged through it. It's like watching a bad action film, except you have to push some buttons from time to time to keep the sequence going. They never let you immerse in the experience or get engaged, because they felt the need to distract you every five minutes with an annoying cutscene, which are pain to watch thanks to the shaky camera movement and the dull content. The little stuff you have to do is pushed in your face, even the most obvious goals. Feels like it was made for mentally challenged people (and I think it is really the case). Dear Capcom, this was the last time I wasted money on your games. Expand
  23. Jun 4, 2013
    What did this reeking trash cost new? Sixty bucks? What a rank ripoff. I'm glad I came here and read the reviews first. After about 30 minutes of struggling with the controls and the screen prompts I deleted this load of steaming offal. Just read the reviews. I can't possibly add anything else for a reason this game is pure liquified s***. and I truly enjoyed RE 5.
  24. Oct 4, 2013
    My biggest problem is how this game feels. No i do not mean controls, I mean it's pace, it's movement, how the game played. Resident Evil 4 gave us a new RE experience, and it was a great one. The feel of that game was unique to itself. Such as the way you had to hold down a button to run, or not being able to move when shooting, which in turn made the player back away from any enemys before proceeding with firing again. Even RE5 had this feeling, it may have lost the creepy environment, but it felt like RE4 which was a good thing. Hell RE: Revelations should of been RE6. Cause that was a GOOD RE game.

    RE6 throws these away for some kind of cheap action experience. No longer is the player in much danger when he is constantly running, no longer does the player have to back away from fights. It all comes down to the way it plays. If RE6 played like Revelations, 5, or 4. I would of loved this game.

    Capcom seems to be confused on what they should deliver to it's public. They better figure out quickly before shoving trash like this out to us again.
  25. Jul 26, 2013
    I gave this game a 1 simply because the graphics are nice and detailed but otherwise I would say it's absolutely terrible and I would not recommend that anyone pay full price for it. Luckily for me a friend of mine gifted it to me over Steam so I didn't waste my hard earned cash on this monstrosity of a game. If you love cinematic cut scene's and Quick Time Events you might like it. I felt demystified and I sincerely doubt that the developers took the time to imagine themselves in zombie apocalypse situation before they scripted some of the dialogue and events that happen here. The game looks pretty, but like I said it is lacking in so many other ways that I would never suggest this game to any kind of friend. Expand
  26. Mar 31, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I will summarize for people who don't want to read this entire review, this is the WORST RE game i have ever played in my life. Period. I actually signed up just to write a review about this game. I will start by saying what I liked about this game. The play control is alright and the game runs well and stable for the most part, a fact that is a pleasant surprise for a console port. Additionally my partners always seemed to have HUGE breasts!

    What I did not like:
    The plot is terrible, the story line jumps all over the place. The game is filled with a multitude of plot contrivances we call Deus Ex Machina, in order to keep the characters in an unending circle of misfortunate accidents, to refocus your attention away the fact that there is no plot development. Opening doors would often result in an attack and loss of life that is scripted and unavoidable. While walking through a graveyard a flash of lightning would suddenly surround me with undead. While navigating a subway filled with speeding trains, zombies would indeed be killed by them but the ones down the track and around the corner somehow managed to nimbly avoid said train. Why and how are the trains still running you ask? Good question...

    Play control KEY MASHING! Ever time a zombie gets a hold of you. On more than one occasion I would press the wrong keys while hitting the correct ones, opening up my inventory. Needless to say this resulted in a loss of life. The knife is by far the most devastating weapon in the game, it is quite normal for zombies to suck back an entire clip of ammunition, all while taking 3 or more to the head. That being said, the melee combat system is clumsy. Zombies crawling on the ground are far more dangerous than the vertical kind, and require much more effort to dispatch unharmed. On one occasion a zombie took to the air to attack me and in dazzling display dexterity and swiftness I turned and filled his face with buckshot! Only to have it grapple attack and begin feasting on my flesh, the moment it was shaken off it fell dead with no more help from myself.

    The kicker for this game came when I was forced into a confrontation with a powerful ugly thing that spewed the C-virus in gaseous form from pustules on its abdomen, subsequently infecting every living soul inside the church i was taking refuge in... and even though it took mere seconds to infect and turn a healthy human being into the walking dead, my partner and myself simply took a tiny bit of damage. This added to the fact that the creature in questions needed to be targeted in the head, made evident by the effervescent red diamond floating above its head the entire fight, (good thing Leon got that retinal HUD upgrade). Two levels worth of hoarded ammunition later, and the wonder infector still alive, I quit the game, and registered with Metacritic in an attempt to save anyone who reads this, time, money, heartache, headache, sanity, and a small measure of their soul.

  27. Apr 1, 2013
    This game is just terrible. It plays really bad, crashes, ftp drops, out of memory errors on a system with 3GB of dedicated video RAM. Missing walls. How can you even enjoy it with all the clunky combat. I didn't know "very frustrating" was a good thing as mentioned below. Seriously, I love the original, I loved what they did with 4 and like 5. But this? number 6? What where they thinking, it doesn't even flow right, every 2 min you have to do a QTE event. I would not recommend this game. And if you can get a refund get it. But more than a waste of money, it's just a waste of time. Expand
  28. Apr 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This review is based mostly on Leon’s campaign. Combat. The first problem I had with this game was that the identity of the combat was lost to me. Is it a shooter? Is it a brawler? If they focused on one aspect I think it would have been much more successful. In the old games, melee combat was a last resort option and it worked very well. Range combat feels so weak in this game. You can empty an entire mag into a zombies head and they still do not go down. Reading a faq, it seems you need to melee the zombie to death, using a combination of stuns and melee finishers. Would be ok, but the camera does not give a good overview, no room to maneuver, low stamina and low health, which result in too many deaths. It almost feel as if they looked at a number of successful games and wanted to implement a mix of all these COD/Batman/Darksouls/Random fighter game. In the end they fail and create a very unrewarding combat system. I cringed every time Leon did a wrestlers slam with a zombie. If you are going for melee combat, at least but more melee weapons in the game, like a baseball bat, axe, crowbar. Hell the zombies have them, why not the player? Oh and inventory is a horrible console port. The controls are all over the place.

    Helena. Talk about an over sexualized design, she just looks like a blow up doll with glossy lips. I get it, sex sells and this game is probably for younger players. For me it backfires and it’s very off putting. She just doesn’t feel real. Even the nuns in Hitman absolution feel more real than this poor excuse for a heroin. Japan, please go back to the 80/90 and bring back those heroines, they were bad ass. But I guess this is an East vs West thing, they just see women as sex objects after all. I love new outfits for characters. I when through linking hell to check out the previews and my worst fears were confirmed. I just face palmed. School girl outfit? Stripper cop outfit? Really? I much rather have seen a combat/commando outfit. Again very off putting.

    Story. This will probably appeal to the younger players among us, lots of flash and boom. I also started Chris’s campaign and after seeing the intro, I just stopped. It’s been used to death in many movies. Pretty cut scenes don’t make a game and they also don’t make a movie. A movie is more than action scene paste together. The game also conviently kills off NPC’s you save so they don’t need to be factored into the rest of the story, this shows a lack of skill and inability to create a rounded story. In short, they tried too much and failed at the basics, A for effort, but this one is a 4 out of 10. If I can’t even get through the campaigns why do the extra stuff? Japanese Devs really need to see women in a better light. Come on, we are in 2013 and I keep asking myself why there thinking is still so backwards. And as a result the final score becomes 2 out of 10.

    Result in the long term for me, I bought this game because I liked the previous games, I looked at the reviews and didn’t believe them, I’ll know better in the future.
  29. Apr 6, 2013
    Loads of bad, overlong quick-time events
    Excruciating overemphasis on mediocre set piece events
    Ruins the pace by constantly ripping control from you
    Poorly executed scripted events lead to unavoidable deaths
  30. Apr 14, 2013
    I have played RE4, 5, Operation Raccoon City and now 6. Re4 had very nice story and interesting gameplay, Re5 had better graphics, not as good story and gameplay as Re4, but not bad, Raccon city story idea was brilliant, but game was big fail in Re series and now we've got Re6. Well, after playing an hour, I can say game is very frustrating for me, first you need to use key combinations on your keyboard very often which i hate in games, second I was hoping it would had improvement in graphics since it's 2013 year, but graphics is same and you can notice low textures in graphics if you go too close to an objects, third there is again console intended camera movement in game, which is terrible for PC gaming. In short, this game was dissapointed and step back from Re series. Expand
  31. Apr 24, 2013
    Gonna make this one fast:
    - Jake's campaing has alot of glitches and overall is pretty boring story. Didnt do anything to make me care about it.
    - Christ campaing is.... Call of Duty plain and simple. The enmies are smarter than before but the fact they turned a HORROR game into a below average third person shooter is painful and unfogiving.
    - Leon's campain, now this is diferent here
    it captures most of what we fans love RE from the beguining: its Dark, Scary at times and gives you that lonelyness feeling at times. Of course untile you meet whit CHrist and all goes "SHOOT AND RUN RAMBO" booring style.... way to go Capcom....

    I gave this a 4 just because part of Leon's campaing and the Mercenaries is still fun to play.
  32. May 20, 2013
    A let down to this series let RE die now please because I frankly had enough of all the RE games being clones of other games now. Also they is only 5 chapters in this game that's it, was that how many in RE4 & RE5 too? the answer is YES so why only 5 chapters? Put more work in this game please cos 5 is not enough maybe 8 or 10 or..... soo but having 5 chapters is never enough and to me a bit short and since 1 and 5 chapters are the same thing as Leon I find out as I had to redo all the chase the chopper on the streets all over again and I hated it complete waste of my time why copy the same acts? Complete rubbish thats why!!!

    Next time put more effect in this game please then we won't moan about how lousy job you guys done.

    Don't play this game it will annoy you xD
  33. Jun 23, 2013
    Repetitive and boring. Few options for weapons, plenty of ammo and simply no scare to justify a horror survival titlle. There are no puzzles to be solved. Not recommend.
  34. Oct 14, 2013
    This game could barely be considered a "good try" if amateur developers had put it together. But, when competing with previous versions of the same franchise and the onslaught of new zombie genre successes like Left 4 Dead, it seems insulting.

    The controls aren't unintuitive, they are counter intuitive. The story is vague and bland and death occurs due to controller glitch far more
    often than player mistakes.

    Worst for me is that they reduced a once great franchise to a more boring version of Dragon's Lair-They made the whole thing a slightly dolled up, linear, rail-shooter. What's next, midi soundtracks?

    There is no excuse for this game.
  35. May 27, 2013
    Terrible, just terrible. I've rarely played a game that was so poorly designed that I got stuck on the graphics options. This was quite obviously solely designed for the console market and then quick-ported over to the pc.

    Once I started playing the game I couldn't grasp how poor the graphics were (for such a big title). Textures look washed out, overly dark and the 3d models look
    The lag on my gamepad made aiming (and hence the whole game) worthless. Now gamepad integration is a hard thing to get right at times but bare in mind that this is a game primarily designed for consoles.

    This game manages to do the one thing worse than boring its audience, it manages to frustrate them into turning the damn thing of after 5 minutes or gameplay.
    Speaking of turning the game off this is roughly the process:

    1)Disconnect the controller battery pack

    2)select 'end game session'

    3)go back to graphic properties

    4)select no for 'full screen'

    5)close the game window by clicking the 'x' on the window with your mouse.

    Complete waste of time and money.
  36. Nov 22, 2013
    Crapcom has done it again. Making garbage poorly designed games. This is just a cash grab. Everything about this game is garbage. Gameplay, story, graphics, characters etc.
  37. Apr 23, 2013
    I'll be brief. There are a few small campaigns in this game from different characters. I have just completed the first one which is Leon Kennedy. If you are a fan of the old school Resident Evil's don't bother. Luckily I heard about the awfulness beforehand so I just torrented the PC version, which still feels like a waste. I'll probably finish the other campaigns but only because I have nothing much going on during the week.

    What others have said is true, the game is 100% action and the action part isn't really that great compared to games such as Gears of War 3. Literally every 10-30 seconds theres some kind of gigantic explosion or random harrier jets crashing or cars flipping. The game attempts to wow you by throwing gigantic scripted explosions at you similar to CoD but if your a little bit older gamer it gets boring fast.---- Gamers these days might be won over by giant explosions 24/7 or random nonsensical violence but I'm simply not. I think in all genres like comedy, action, horror and others need to have correct pacing or the viewer becomes disinterested. For example a sitcom can't have a joke after a joke for 20 minutes because after awhile people are overwhelmed. The same principle applies here. When every 2 seconds the side of a building is blowing up, followed by a tanker exploding, followed by you jumping into a helicopter, then crashing said helicopter in a giant explosion all right after each other you can tell really fast these scripted sequences are the main game.------Instead of supporting the characters, story or plot the action BECOMES the plot. The story takes a dive yet again with the typical "Evil bad man releases t-virus on city/world".------------If you are looking for true survival horror look up The Evil Within being developed by Shinji Makimi, the original director of RE1-4 and inventor of the survival horror genre itself.
  38. Apr 8, 2013
    i loved bh4 bh5 but not this...

    what a button acton QTE game is this? so game resident evil 6

    and i dont like moving shot system ..

    cant moving shot system it was bh's identity but they throw it and suck it
  39. May 16, 2013
    Honestly, this game sounds and looks great from the trailers down to the artwork. But the moment you play it, the game play itself is choppy not to mention the graphics. Tearing and unneeded shadowing appears right in front of you. Even enhancing the brightness levels can ruin the game visually for you. Also you might as well put on subtitles as the sound is very distorted. Even with a 5.1 or enhanced headset, voices are almost nonexistent. The story line has its fair of twist and turns like any other resident evil. Cinematic game play always leave you at the edge of your chair. Good selection of weapons as well. I personally love resident evil and playing this made me think it may be possible that the resident evil franchise is done. Expand
  40. Jul 11, 2013
    What a let down My how far the Resident Evil franchise has fallen. This game, while visually stunning, is hardly worthy of being called a Resident Evil (it's more like those cheesy films that share the name). I could spend ages listing all of the reasons this fails as a game, but I'll just summarise them here instead; - You'll spend most of your time running around looking for ammunition and health, while collecting an inordinate amount of skill points.

    I know item scarcity is a hallmark of survival horror, but this series left survival horror behind long ago

    - Pretty much every enemy can knock you down, and it happens for too often (also accounting for my rubbish gaming skills)

    - I know what the serpent embent emblems are used for, you don't need to tell me every time I collect one damnit!

    - Stupid AI. And I really mean stupid.

    - Stop moving the damn camera! Seriously, when you are running from something or another and the camera decides to focus on something when you are trying to run, which throws off the control scheme, it gets ridiculously frustrating.

    - Bosses that get recycled over and over. Here is a hint for you game developers, how about making us kill them only once, then try tasking your imagination to come up with something other than 'Let's have them kill it again!'.

    - Without warning, if you are stood in the wrong place, something will kill you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it! Ect when you pick Ada and you try to hide from Chris in a shaft like (ok it's like a tunnel of metal) and these things crawl around but they come from out of nowhere they drop from the sky they is no open space for them to drop on your head anyway they drop on your head then you fall in the gap in the celling then Chris holds his gun to your head and you see you are dead screen see uncool guys.

    And the list could go on, but I prefer not to waste too much time ranting about rubbish!
  41. Jul 14, 2013
    Wow what happened?.. Oh wait i'll tell you what happened.

    Resident Evil 5 made so much money (probably because Resident Evil 4 was a massive hit) and never truly lived up to the hype of Res 4. In my honest opinion they sold out to make more money and break into the COD target audience (12-16 year males) with action, action, action.
    Then there was Resident Evil 6, with 1700 different
    playable characters (where lets be honest 95 of us just wanted to play as Leon and maybe the other 5% as Chris) and more quick time events then you could handle. It seems they are just more interested in making a action based game for the yung'uns to make money then making a horror survival for a smaller audience.

    You would think they would of learnt their mistake with Res 5 but nope they saw that it took loads of money so decided to stick with that action horror genre (and even calling it action 'HORROR' is being grateful)

    If you enjoy playing as characters you don't care about and you have to have action every 2 seconds and just wanna shot some zombars then go for it, this is the game for you.

    If you are a fan of the series (well until Res4 that is) then i suggest that you don't go anywhere near it as Capcom are not catering for your needs anymore.

    They had such potential with Leon & maybe Chris that they could of done something so much better but as i read from a critic on this very website that apparently 600 people went into making this game then it is literally like a game where they didn't know what direction they wanted to take so just chucked random stuff together and then went "taaa daaaa" "please buy this game, we have explosions and quick time events for all you kiddies that don't have to work out any puzzles or even think a little"

    i get frustrated because they had it all and once again like EA they wanted to make as much money as possible and stick two fingers up at you..

    I apologize for keep repeating myself about the action and quick time events but imagine Res 1 when you first encounter the dogs through the windows in the hall way or the Licker on the ceiling or either res 2 with the zombies at the beginning or that bastard on the bus and it was all quick time events and you had to press the shoulder buttons to move left and right, it wouldn't feel the same now would it. They dumbed it down and made it in to a movie and lets be honest who gives a f about Jake or whats her name.
  42. Oct 17, 2013
    Bullet points: +Great graphics and sound +One of the lengthiest Resident Evils -poor mechanics (no methodology to killing enemies. Example: takes 3-7 headshots while micromanaging a flimsy reticule to kill a standard zombie) -clumsy controls (you will kick into space often) -loss of control of protagonist (most damage incurred feels "cheap" and unavoidable) Essentially this is a step back for the series; where as Resident Evil 4 and 5 had horror and action elements, this has almost only action. The best way I can describe it: whether you are playing RE1 on the PS1, or RE5 on the PC, by the end of the game you are far more skilled at dispatching enemies. The cheap hits preclude this skill curve and you will feel no more adept at the end of the game than in your first hour. I can say that this was first Resident Evil that genuinely not fun to play a few hours, which is surprising considering the obvious expense and time it took developing the game.

    Capcom; please enlist more play-testers from multiple nationalities if you want to continue this franchise, preferably some who can give you the raw truth as to whether your game is fun or not before pushing it out the door.
  43. Oct 21, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 is like buying a lottery ticket, you always regret buying one later. The game franchise started out as when of the best survival horror games on the PS1, but through every game, the quality slowly went downhill (with the exception of the remake on the gamecube). Fans of the original games will be very disappointed in the game. It is a complete run and gun game with little to no strategy, you just turn off your brain and kill zombies and little to no difficulty. The game on the hardest difficulty just increases enemy health and numbers while giving you less ammo, which if you know how to aim (which is really easy on the PC version) is a cakewalk. There is no exploring a location, you just keep moving forward killing zombies. After beating Leon’s campaign I found it very hard to move on. This is the one game that should’ve never been made. Expand
  44. Dec 28, 2013
    This game is just bad, it seems Capcom no longer has any clue as to what RE is and what direction the fans want it to go RE4 was a great game but it should have been called something else, ever since that game RE has been a joke and RE6 being the biggest .
    Capcom have already said they will listen to the fans for the next game but I can tell you now they wont RE is dead and the only
    thing that could bring it back is another remake of the first 3 with survival horror at it core not QTE action or Capcom letting go of the license Expand
  45. Dec 7, 2013
    Loved the campaign idea with 4 different stories, and based on that I thought I would be replaying this game over and over as I did RE5. Sadly it did not work out that way. 1 Play through on normal and done.
    This game is TERRIBLE, an absolute embarrassement of the RE series. The RPG element capcom added in RE4 & RE5 was exactly what the series needed, so they totally destroy it with this
    new stale skill system. I'm sure it looked good on paper being able to switch 3 different sets of skills around, but just doesn't work and it's not fun.

    I get that this game was set to be more action packed...but the QTE's are just a total buzzkill. If I wanted to play "track n field" every few minutes, I'd fire my NES up.

    When you figure in the bad camera angles, and controls into the mix... you have a pile of hot garbage.
  46. Dec 5, 2013
    All that Resident Evil has best been simply discarded in this horrible game (horrible in the worst sense there). It really is the worst game in the franchise. An ambitious project of a game that abandons all backgrounds deserve the total contempt of fans. The only things that this game has to Resident evil are names of people (Chris, Leon, Sherry, Ada) and zombies.
  47. Dec 8, 2013
    Why don't I just watch a movie. This game once again abandons everything that made resident evil 4 such a good game. Sure the graphics are good and the invisible snake fight is pretty awesome but the game is basically everything people hate about call of duty.
  48. May 7, 2014
    this was the most terrifying most hated most stupid most most awful most vs..vs.. its actualy the worst resident evil i ve played in my life in fact its not resident evil its something CrapCom SHOULD give a new name to this game because its not resident evil....! i gave you ZERO point which means nothing
  49. Jun 22, 2014
    How CLOSE TO THE SCREEN DO YOU WANNA BE!!!!!!!!!! such a joke.The game would be a good game but the dude takes up half of the screen what the hell? Resident evil 5 was much better at least that was playable.
  50. Jan 6, 2014
    Resident Evil 6 was so bad that I didn't even finished the whole game. It had difficult controls, annoying texture glitches, and bad camera angles. But the story, setting, and character design was pretty good.
  51. Jul 12, 2014
    Oh my God, the QTE!
    Launched the game. Got to first zombie. Dead. Continue. Next QTE. Dead. Continue. Next QTE. Dead Con...
    R.I.P. Resident Evil.
  52. Jan 27, 2014
    Awful. Where should i start? The graphics, not suitable for the time it is published. The audio seems ok. The controlling is just pure crap. Capcom did made a game that you cant really control and that is their difficult lever, ergo a fake difficulty because of the lack in programming an intresting combat system. Additional to that, the savepoints are set horrible so that you really have to be in luck to survive and has nothing to do with skill in gameplay. This biohazardpart is the most ugliest Resident Evil of all time. Capcom destroyed this wonderful franchise, please stop making more! Expand
  53. May 9, 2014
    It's sad. Capcom does not know what they are trying to do. This game is nothing and still everything. The story has plotholes. It's filled with QTE which suck. It's not even remotely scary. But the graphics are good.
    Well Dead Space 1 and 2 are much better then this. Looks like the Survival Horror genre can only be saved by indie developers.
  54. Apr 23, 2014
    As a long time fan of the Resident Evil series this by far destroyed my dreams. This game could not have been less fun to play, its no longer a survival horror game. This is a action adventure game with more quick time events than I care to count. There are multiple stories playing out in this game at the same time. Somehow they all manage to converge on each other in someway or another. Yet somehow the original game in the series started off with zombies and actual scares this game seems to make me laugh more than scare me.

    Gameplay: Overall controls are easy to get the hang of and its not a difficult game by any means. It is however a terrible and boring and if you are familiar with the series at all then I don’t know how you can even consider this game worthy of the name Resident Evil. It’s a confusing mess with quick time events and stop and shot tactics that get old very quickly.

    Graphics: Game runs smoothly and is up to date on todays graphic engines, isn’t anything you haven’t seen before but it maybe the only saving grace this game has is the fact that it looks decent.

    Replay Value: None, beat the game and you will never want to touch it again. That is if your lucky and do manage to play through the entire game!

    Overall this game is a complete waste of time and money. Wouldn't even want to play this game if it was free.
  55. Jun 3, 2014
    I'll be synthetic. The game is filled to the brim with entirely gratuitous scripted actions. I hate those. Many scenarios are likewise gratuitously slow. I hate that. Zombies' reactions to attacks reek of brawler games. Tekken wasn't as clumsy though.
    The interface reeks of console design. It's insulting on PC.
    A lightly dressed guy in the opening scenario apparently holds a dozen
    different guns on him, with negligible amounts of ammo for each. Immersion: zero.

    It's amazing how a game which starts so similarly to say, RE3, fails to convey any basic feature which made such an old game fun. You can't feel alone (you're not), you can't feel lost (press the Q key), you can't feel in danger ("Continue?" As if it were Tekken), you don't feel scared. I'll never even try a RE game again after this.
  56. Sep 14, 2014
    After playing such games as Skyrim, Fallout 3 & New Vegas, the entire Crysis series, Fear 1, 2, 3. Deus Ex series, RE6 is not worth the time. If you want to run through a scripted to the 9s game, then knock yourself out. Even the Half Life series feels less scripted. Is there an option to not kick that can, hit that switch, turn on that alarm? nope, script does not allow it. When we want you the have a zombie fight, your going to get one!

    Zombies have axes, but can you pick up one so you don't have to make as much noise or waste ammo? Nope, cause that's not in the script! Can you shoot a body on the floor that will get up as you walk past it? Nope, not in the script, your red dot for aiming blinks out when you aim at their heads before they are active. You vill run zee maze our vay und you vill like it!

    Even on normal mode it is easy to run out of ammo. The aiming is useless when a zombie is close. Even when they are 20 feet away shooting at the head can take 2-7 shoots to put it down with the 9mm. First shot half the head is missing, but they are still active? Leon can stab one up through the jaw into the brain and that stops it? Knife through the brain down, missing half the head still going strong?!?!? You can run the game with infinite ammo, but then why have a knife?

    Then there are the save points, you can't save where you want, you have to reach the save point. So you have to go back and play the 5-10 minutes of stuff before the big fight.
  57. Oct 3, 2014
    The problem with this game is, it doesn't feel like a resident evil game. Massive action sequences, dull story, ridiculous enemies.

    Resident evil was once king of the survival horror realm; however the only horror you'll find here is in its numerous quick time events and poor excuse for a story, "C-virus cough cough".

    Its ultimately tries to be something big but stumbles even bigger.
  58. Aug 26, 2014
    I wanted to love this game, I truly did... But, I used to be a RE Fan, then i took a QTE in the knee...

    I loved the hell out of the series before this game, i still play my PSX copy of RE:DC and RE 2, I play Raccoon city somewhat regularly, because i love the atmosphere, feel, and the story of the game... But this Abomination we know as Resident Evil 6... Does not deserve to be called a
    Game, It should be called a torture device, Where someone invites their friend who does not know better, For some "Co-Op".

    -The good:

    -Graphics: 7/10 are not as good as you would think, but they get their job done, and are not overly polished Except the ice, and snow (after a certain snow mobile chase) which sometimes looks like polished marble or "desert glass"

    -Sounds: I would rate them 7/10. They are good, but they could be better, especially some of the weapon sounds... just sound odd.

    -Atmosphere of the game,6/10 (Jake and sherry 9/10). the campaign with jake and sherry, has a nice atmosphere, and i think they nailed it with that one.... the others, not so much.

    Now the bad....

    The controls: Are just awfull, and most of the time you get screwed over by them, not to mention, you do not have the freedom of opting out from key combinations, you have to have some Combined keys in bindings, othervise the game snarles at you and tells you "some keys have not been configured" and does not let you get out of the bindings menu until they are -.-

    QTE: I like a good QTE here and there.... But when they shovel them down your throat at the same pace as you goble minutes for game time.... That is just too much. Not to mention alot of the QTE's and action scenes, have elements which you have no control over, which end up killing you, either due to crappy level design, or bad camera angle, or colliding with your partner.... Yeah, even when running, you touch your partner = you get slowed down a bit -.-

    Weapon and inventory system; Just fugly, cant say anything else about, you have to experience it yourself...

    The skill point system: not only is it reduntant(you in no way need to have skills to beat the campaigns)
    You wount be able to acces most of the skills during your first 2 campaigns anyway, Take for example Melee skill upgrade, level one takes 11K skill points, does not sound that much, except the character you want to use it with, jake, hes campaign will be about 50% done when you get that... Yeah, level 2 takes 22500 points if i remember correctly, Yeah... Get the point?

    The physics of the game; This is the one have the most grief with, Imagine a hole, You see it, You step closer, you get to 2-3 meters from the hole... And you get an animation that shows you falling down to it -.- that is basically the physics of this game in a nutshell... Anything even slightly dangerous looking, assume it is alive, and has telekinetic vortex or something that sucks you in if you go anywhere near. Oh and holes and ledges, assume they are blackholes during the action sequences.

    Last but not least, The stupid combat system: Unless you take the combat block upgrade... You are out of stamina after 5-7 melee moves -.- this is especially annoying with jakes campaign, since he has some awesome moves :( like a piledriver.

    If you are a resident evil fan, Dont play this game, unless you are into Masochism
  59. Oct 12, 2014
    I have loved the RE franchise since RE2. I've been a long time fan and was looking forward to playing this game... that is... until I played it. To be fair, the mercenaries mode is still a lot of fun, especially with a (human) partner; but the campaign is largely frustrating and repetitive.

    List of Complaints:

    Some cutscenes occur during a fight and leave you actually getting
    killed during a scene wherein you cannot control your player.

    The random forced camera angles to show you your target destination is a nice touch, but again, it will happen during fight scenes and leave you stranded, unable to keep the enemy in your sights while you're getting shot.

    The controls are less intuitive than previous games. While running, the character cannot seem to corner without first running against a wall for several steps. While walking or jogging, the character will often times move in a completely different direction than the direction you are wanting to go for the first several steps.

    The computer controlled players hardly ever do what you ask them to do and also let you die quite frequently without helping you. When they do help you, it's with a shot that only gets you back on your feet, there is no way for them to actually heal you. You also can't control what weapon(s) your AI controlled partner uses like in RE5 so they will fight bosses with the weakest weapon possible.

    The new in-game menu is way too much for in-flight response.

    In all campaigns you will find yourself walking slowly (or swimming) through entire sections of the story, unable to fire weapon, unable to run, it's just filler time, and what seems to be a huge waste of time. It seems that this was done to enhance the "fear factor" of the game. This works fine for the first playthrough but once you have finished a playthrough, these scenes seem arbitrarily long and quite dull, not to mention all too frequent.

    The addition of more vehicles would have been a nice touch if the creators could have actually made them more user friendly. However, it seems that the poor controls that plague the characters in this game become exponentially worse with the player controlled vehicles.

    Upgrading weapons in this game is far less rewarding for two reasons. 1) even the strongest weapons seem to be somewhat ineffective against even normal enemies, and 2) different campaigns have a lot of different weapons. This was cool at first but if you're a player like me that favors one particular weapon, and then there is an entire campaign in which you cannot use it, this makes for a much less rewarding experience to earn the points to buy the upgrades for your weapon of choice.

    RE5 had a few annoying spots during cutscenes where it seemed like you're pushing buttons more than being captivated by the story, but it wasn't terrible. RE6, however, has taken this annoyance to another level and has made it a complete burden. I found that throughout the story (all 4 stories), I was not enjoying the fullness of the story because I was so distracted by pushing buttons that it took away from the richness that should be felt.

    Needs to breakup the story line more like RE5 did. Not everyone had 1.5-2 hours per stage to play every day. I made time, but it felt forced, it's not because I wanted to take that long on one level.

    Where is the Rocket Launcher for completing the game in under 5 hours? Sure this isn't something that every player enjoys, but when you work hard to get an awesome reward so you can one-hit kill a boss every once in a while, it should feel rewarding. Again, going back to weapon upgrades from earlier, you never quite feel rewarded... at least, not at the level of prior games.

    With so much negative, is there any positive? Yes.

    The added ability to dodge-roll from enemy attacks is nice.

    Some of the new enemies being more difficult is also fun (within reason).

    Although some critics complained that the story was too large having 4 campaigns, I felt like it was finally a game returning to the old days when it took longer to beat a good game. Had this game been everything I had hoped it would be, the length to complete it would have been welcomed.

    Mercenaries (almost) makes up for the disappointment of the campaign, almost.
  60. Oct 25, 2014
    I could never have played this damn game if I didn't have a friend, my god it's horrendous. Enemies are extremely unfun to fight in every campaign and it only gets worse the further along in whatever story you are playing, the "LOL WE WERENT REALLY DEAD xD" trick the bosses do ad naseum is stupid to the point it's hilarious. I can't believe people keep saying that Leon's campaign is the better one. What the hell? It's just as actiony and crap as the rest of it, except made worse by Leon's absolutely brutally unfunny dialogue and boring partner. At least Shelly x Jake had some fun little chemistry to them, and had some tense moments with the nemesis knockoff.

    Anyways, really can't recommend you buy this unless you have a friend with a good sense of humor. You can have fun with this game if you have 0 expectations and laugh at everything it tries to do.
  61. Jun 3, 2014
    I'll be synthetic. The game is filled to the brim with entirely gratuitous scripted actions. I hate those. Many scenarios are likewise gratuitously slow. I hate that. Zombies' reactions to attacks reek of brawler games. Tekken wasn't as clumsy though.
    The interface reeks of console design. It's insulting on PC.
    A lightly dressed guy in the opening scenario apparently holds a dozen
    different guns on him, with negligible amounts of ammo for each. Immersion: zero.

    It's amazing how a game which starts so similarly to say, RE3, fails to convey any basic feature which made such an old game fun. You can't feel alone (you're not), you can't feel lost (press the Q key), you can't feel in danger ("Continue?" As if it were Tekken), you don't feel scared. I'll never even try a RE game again after this.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 18
  2. Negative: 2 out of 18
  1. Feb 4, 2014
    Perhaps it's still too experimental and difficult than the sixth entry in a series ought to be, but despite everything, RE6 offers top-tier cinematic action and series-high storytelling. For fans who've yet to try it, the PC version is the right choice.
  2. 80
    If we forget the roots of the franchise, we have ourselves a pretty awesome and addictive 3rd person shooter. [May 2013]
  3. May 21, 2013
    An apocalyptic disappointment that never rises above mediocrity, but often sinks into tedium. [July 2013, p.72]