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  1. Mar 24, 2013
    I'll be synthetic. The game is filled to the brim with entirely gratuitous scripted actions. I hate those. Many scenarios are likewise gratuitously slow. I hate that. Zombies' reactions to attacks reek of brawler games. Tekken wasn't as clumsy though.
    The interface reeks of console design. It's insulting on PC.
    A lightly dressed guy in the opening scenario apparently holds a dozen
    different guns on him, with negligible amounts of ammo for each. Immersion: zero.

    It's amazing how a game which starts so similarly to say, RE3, fails to convey any basic feature which made such an old game fun. You can't feel alone (you're not), you can't feel lost (press the Q key), you can't feel in danger ("Continue?" As if it were Tekken), you don't feel scared. I'll never even try a RE game again after this.
  2. Mar 27, 2013
    I played enough of this game to recommend it to you. There's everything to love and nothing to hate. If we consider the last trilogy, Resident Evil from 4 to 6 this is easily the best of them all, the culmination of the action Capcom offers. You can do all sort of new moves which are awesome, you can slide, dodge, land on your back and shoot from the ground (which can be done when enemies drop you too), you can fight in melee with combos or switching to a melee weapon. I really like the fluidity of the game and it's even more fun with a friend. The coop of this game is great, you are not helpless per sé, you can counter enemies' grapples, you can even "stand up" for yourself if you survive long enough in a down state, but, of course, it's a lot easier if there's a team mate helping you out but that may not be always possible due to tactics gone wrong or levels where you have to stay apart for some time.
    There is much to explore, some campaigns have more exploration than others, graphics are really good for my standards (which may be low since I don't really care) and it goes at 60 fps even if the benchmark told me it would go at 20-30. The campaigns are a great idea, different enemies, different characters, different playstyles and it's a hard game too! I play at Professional difficulty, invested 23 hours in the game right now and I'm something as halfway through (I'm doing chapter 3 with Chris now after doing 3 chapters with Jake and Leon). I really can't find anything wrong with this game, it gives me the challenge I seek, the adrenaline, the fear (the fear of dying but there are some jumps too), the gameplay is perfect as I see it, this was much more than I anticipated, I'll definitely play this multiple times. I'm giving it a 10 because as I said before, I can't find much wrong with it and I didn't have such fun with an action game for a while.
  3. Mar 22, 2013
    Explosions, Quick Time Events, horrible AI. I grieve for the gaming industry, they only try to impress using visual effects and just forget everything that made old video-games really fun. They try to compensate the lack of depth and atmosphere using cutscenes all the time. It just doesn't work for me, it is not a video game anymore just a generic hollywood movie like the Resident Evil movie franchise, a total failure. Expand
  4. Mar 22, 2013
    Well first of all I will rate this game regardless of what was in their deliveries of yore like action game is a delight from head to toe entertaining from beginning to end in every way, with 4 campaigns and mythical characters that we all know. leon campaign is perfect, it is the closest to the action and horror survivar moderate, chris is pure action but have certain times of retention and so in other campaigns, I've only played 4 hours testing each campaign but is sufficient to realize how the overall game. the perfect narrative is a story quite interesting, the gameplay has some flaws as a bit robotic animation but not serious fits perfectly what I'm playing with mouse and keyboard and am very pleased with the good work of Capcom with the PC port and did well to leave that crap games for windows live as the graphics are almost like those of consoles with some improvements like the softness of the shadows and some highlights filters foremost conclusion for those who have not yet decided to buy the game, try it yourselves see videos on youtube enough to draw their own conclusions from the game itself does not value it for you because someone else says, because everyone has a different view but in my humble analysis so far I've played enough games is recommended for those who likes action survivar combined with horror that not all the time but if you have it and appreciate the game regardless of what was in their deliveries old Expand
  5. Mar 23, 2013
    Gameplay is really fun, but very frustrating at times. You will die A LOT. The camera angles are simply awful at times, and aiming is super cumbersome, even though you're using a mouse. If an enemy is close to you, you're better off unloading a whole magazine then trying to aim for the head, because 9/10 times you will just completely miss even though the crosshair is right on the head. Graphics are pretty mediocre, as can be expected from DX9 technology, but the game runs rather poorly on my AMD 1090t and 4gb 2000mhz ram and a 6970 2gb GPU. It bogs down and stutters randomly. Oh and there's plenty of screen tearing too if you disable vsync, which with it enabled, induces input lag. Not a bad game. I just hope they start patching the bugs soon. Expand
  6. Mar 22, 2013
    Back in PSX era Resident Evil was one of my favorite series, and i even like it as an action shooter (i would prefer a horror shooter thu), however there is a lot to love and hate about RE6.At a good side It's amazing coop 4 lengthy campaigns,PC port is fine (way better then for example RE4) and it's sold at lower price.I don't have any problems with mouse+keyboard controls or with aiming.You can buy upgrades at main menu or after each chapter witch gives some feeling of character progression.The story is stupid fun like always in this series,but if you treat it too serious then it's gonna be terrible.Few things i don't like about RE6 are camera (not a view point but too often it's jumps around),too many QTE and especially graphic in brighter areas.I miss old Resident Evil horror style,but frankly i would miss this coop action as well. Expand
  7. Mar 26, 2013
    Sure this isn't Resident Evil anymore, however as much as i dislike some of the changes this franchise had, i still enjoy it a lot and i think this is a big improvement over Resident Evil 5.
    Having played the console version before, i can easily assume that the PC version is easily the best looking version and its perfectly ported. There are things that could have been improved, but

    I've had a bit of problem getting familiar with the cameras and the gameplay but after a while you'll get along with it.
    The storyline is quite good and i like how you play it with 4 different characters from different points of views.
    The MP is also great, a lot of gamemodes but Mercenaries is so much fun.
    Also the game has Split-Screen in coop and the other game modes to play with your friends.

    I gotta say i'm an old school Resident Evil fan, but i liked this game so far, regardless of how much it has changed.
  8. Mar 23, 2013
    I loved Resident Evil 5, and in a way this game is inferior to that in so many ways. Let me start off by talking about the hideous amounts of bugs, crashes, and just bad programming. For a game that took tons of time to port over to PC, you'd think Capcom could have nailed it. Did they care? It looks like they didn't. From the constant frame rate drops, to AMD video card crashes, to the fact you can't mute the voice chat in co-op games (there is a function but it doesn't work), and there is no push to talk button.

    The game itself is not a linear game, and in this case I use that term in a bad way. The characters have 5-6 campaign chapters, and really only of them provides any sense of terror. The others seem to be explosion after explosion. What I liked about Resident Evil 5, was there was a storyline, and a mystery. I don't get that with this game at all. Overall, bad programming, a bad port of a generally flawed game. Very disappointed!
  9. Mar 24, 2013
    Poor console port, crappy control, and the game performance is not optimized for PC. Frequent cut scenes just break the atmosphere, and there are creatures that use modern weapons, and fire at you, how come the game has such wonderful creative idea! Further, the frequency of QTE increases drastically compared to resident evil 4 and 5, it seems the game developer never listen to fans' complaints in the past. Absolutely zero! Expand
  10. Mar 23, 2013
    It doesn't have nice graphics, everything is so dark, it's not a fun shooter, it's not a horror game, it doesn't really feel like a survivor game either, and playing it feels like work. As a matter of fact, I'd rather go pull an eight hour shift right now than to spend another half hour playing this game. Entertainment value is less than zero. Save yourself $40 and pull a double at your workplace instead. It will be much more enjoyable. Expand
  11. Mar 23, 2013
    Now pro tip before I begin: Before you play the game, go to camera mode in settings and there will be 3 different camera options. Starting from the default camera field of view, set the numbers in this order 15 0 0 Or 10 10 Whatever. This will help improve the game's camera angle. And also here's the skills you have to purchase to help beat the game, but it's up to you cause this is how I play it: Melee, Firearm and Increase item drop. Max up those two and you will be the ultimate badass. If you play offline or with an ai partner, it's important to buy the first aid skill, where your partner will always heal you after you are in last stand mode. Again, leveling that thing up will increase the chances of survival.

    Lastly each characters are separated into different timelines, so Leon's first campaign will take place 6 months after Jake's campaign and so on, so I'll give out the recommended chapters for you guys so the story will connect well: Start with Chris's chapter 1 till 2, then Jump to Jake's chapter 1 till 2. Afterwards it's up to you if you want to start Leon's chapter first or continue either with Chris or Jake. Not Ada's campaign though, that one's after the other 3 is completed. Now onto the game.

    Suffice to say i see people just mocking the game by giving it a low score, but that's an utterly unfair and completely biased review of the game as it offers so much. I mean sure if you'll hate it if you love RE so much that you want it to return to horror form, but there's already RE Revelations released in the same year 8 months before it to compensate for the lack of horror, and there's it's going to be released in May 2013 in consoles. So why not just treat RE6 as it's own game instead of what you want it to be? Don't be biased and don't be a dick about it, especially the spammers who gives the game a 0 and 1.

    I don't get the other reviewers who just put 1 score for the entire game. There's 4 campaigns in total and each are different in style with a total of 25 to 30 hours to complete once. This is a great deal of a game where every campaign is like it's own game. So I will review the game accordingly with each campaign and I will include the average length of the game with a description of how it plays out, and also the qte in the game so you people can watch out during each.

    Leon: 8-10 hours and it feels a lot like RE2. QTEs in chapter 1, 3-5 but it's just easy button press of spacebar or a if you're using the xbox controller. The fourth mission has one that's super quick after a very scary "run as fast as you can" scenario with one of the most disgusting monsters in RE, so watch out. Overall Leon's campaign is 90.

    Chris: 5-6 hours and it feels like either Gears of War or RE5 with a badass twist in the end. Though it is generic, if you play RE5 you will feel right at home. Surprisingly there's no QTE in this campaign but it's replaced with slow motion shootouts, except if you count the hanging from a ledge minigame in the first mission as QTE but that's it. Overall it's 75.

    Jake: 5-6 hours and it feels like Uncharted RE3 with that Ustanak. The final boss is so awesome I pump my fist to the air and clap because it's so satisfying. Beware though, there's a super quick QTE in chapter 1 in the end, qte's in chapter 2 and 5. Chapter 3 is one of my favorite part of the whole game because it's straight up beat em up with a bunch of enemies in the first minute of the mission. Overall it's 85.

    Ada: 3-4 hours. This campaign is normally unlocked after you finish the game with the 3 other characters, but now it's unlocked immediately. I recommend playing this campaign the last. This campaign is like her campaign in RE4 in that it intersects with the other characters...... except this time if you play during a campaign where you intersect with someone else, for example Jake or Leon, you'll be able to jump into a human player and help them. It's awesome. Unfortunately there's one annoying QTE section in Chapter 3 where you have to do 4 QTE's at once or else you will die. Overall it's 80.

    There you go, my review of the game. It's an awesome game to be had and a great deal, considering you get 30 hours the other extra modes like mercenaries and agent hunt mode where you play as the enemy to kill other human players in the game.
  12. Mar 22, 2013
    RE6 has very cinematic atmosphere, good graphics for a console title, and very nice gore effects when shooting zombies. that sums up the positives.
    Quicktime events and always changing keys for them will frustrate you to no end. You will die a lot because it will not be clear what button to press in time. Maybe this can be levied with using an X360 controller.
    The aiming is utter and
    complete BS. You will either take literally up to 10 seconds to line up one headshot or misfire when you spray before your aim is aligned, your choice. There are better ways to make shooters harder. Messing up your aim by giving you a handicap that a bottle of wine straight up would give you is not a good way to make a shooter more challenging... overall very bad gameplay mechanics and design.
    I'm still oughta check the aim issue with a x360 controller, but, ya know, KB+mouse is supposed to be... yeah... DEAD accurate as opposed to washy analog controls... game designers orz
  13. Mar 26, 2013
    Good video game. Though it needs lots of patches to improve its graphics and game play. Better than the previous Resident evil. well, I'm not sure.
  14. Mar 24, 2013
    Sadly, a huge disappointment. Huge RE fan here, but this is just intolerable. Porting job to PC is pretty decent, but the fundamental gameplay is just not fun. I suffered through half of Leon's dumb but kinda-ok gameplay-wise campaign and through two chapters of the 3rd person Call of Duty mod that is Chris's campaign and then just gave up. Writing and plot are just missing, even RE5 made more sense. Characters and dialogue are bland and annoying as hell too. Gameplay, especially with Chris, is absolutely terrible. Leon is kinda ok, only the levels are mostly boring. No weapon upgrades, costumes in the retail game, mostly horrible gameplay. Sorry, Capcom, but just... no. Expand
  15. Mar 23, 2013
    First I have to say that lately we seem to be waiting for a game to come out just say how bad it is. Whether you be a Skyrim with over 15 million copies sold. As a Dead Space 3. It's all ****

    And I would like people to think that there are people, and not the companies but the designers, engineers, etc. Passed between three and four years developing a game for your squeeze two buttons
    on the couch in your home. And at least deserve respect. There are also games that are pure crap. But throughout all this evil that seems excessive this witch hunt. Because the only thing we get is that eventually companies start to think that is not worth more games out. And it is very sad that after getting so much ended.

    A bit of judgment and personality please.
    Before you judge, try to investigate and get informed and not be guided by the criterion of a comment in a forum.

    I played all the RE from PS1 to RE6. And people say that because there is nothing RE 1 is that they have criteria with pixelated graphics, to minecraft, dokier errors and system approach shots that were shooting at the head and the bullet was gonna take the ass.
    To say nothing of the RE.Code Veronica with the "novelty of the puzzle" in a time where every game with puzzles ranging (Tom Raider, Soul Reaver ...).

    And this game even though people say it's bad offers a lot of versatility to the game system of each. Want survival? Want to go kill hordes LFD2 type? You have 5 campaigns, extras, unlockable secrets, weapon upgrades, online co-op mode and split screen, stunning graphics, amount of weaponry. The AI ​​of the game will give you more of a headache. And above a script that will keep you on edge from the start, both veterans and rookies.

    But let's see now may be a Survival as a Left, a DE3, that if you get infinite bullets and god mode, with easy difficulty that half to 3 loads you fart. You may strive Capcom ...

    But it seems that if you do not have the system of Call of Dutty everything is ****
    As for my opinion about this saga died when he lost the essence of 3 apartir becoming a Deathmatch without rhyme or reason. But that's another story.

    The RE6 has innovated a lot compared to other editions.
    Have improved targeting system and added coverage.
    You can shoot while walking, which in previous games could not. Both the keyboard-mouse game as the game controller (and play with a Logitech RP2) is very elaborate and is silky smooth.
    The companion AI is consistent and reacts 90% on time and as you play.
    They have added many improvements to the character, from improving targeted to less damage, more items etc
    There are still very many extras on maps, porcierto, immense, for those who like to explore.
    Enemies with good AI, flank, cover, looking holes where the group break defense etc
    And so much more but I will not describe here the whole game. Whoever you play it more, and see who brings the same impressions that I have played if previous editions.

    People think that just looks at the graphics, and I say that RE6 not have good graphics, because it does, and more than one PC touch him run (also quite sure) the minimum to play, but, what I use that to my character is ass see smoke when pulling a fart, or oscillation of the hair (hair hair) while walking, or drawing of the fingerprints on the hands, if after 2 days I have the game on the shelf?
    Guion and less graphic. Because games as renowned as Dishonored, Hitman, Dead Space 3, DMCry etc. In 3 days and 3-4 hours playing I finish them. Why? Because of the installation 15GB 10GB are for graphics and so on to the content ..
    So in essence asking for more games and less hollywood. Because companies do what people ask for, and to see HD content, I go to the movies, or I see one in my Blueray DVD with a 60 "screen.


    But all are unique and resident evil with its essence, not by enemies but by the characters in the series, Leo, Chris, Helen, Sherry etc. These are characters that have a history, if you've played previous games, like home already, and have his personality and his half soul.

    Resident Evil is not always true that good games out, I think the worst and all agree, the Racoon City, which took him out for people to take off his overalls while diseñavan Resident 6, but it is better to have finger in the ass before sending him to sell but did not remember such Tomb Raider Anniversary? Painkiller, postcard or Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    RE6 has had a very good reception, but people are hurt by the incident in Racoon. And that Capcom knows. And you see, it shows that it has played all the cards in this game. To save the franchise.
    But as I say, if you spend the game on easy mode with infinite bullets and put god mode and by mod or cheat No essence of the game that can bring these characters. Why make this game a walk between aisles.
  16. Mar 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm playing this trough with a good friend of mine so this might shifted the review a bit more upwards. Then again I have no idea how does it feel to play it alone it was obviously made for co-op. It has a certain atmosphere I think (certain campaigns a lot more horrorish at least at start), but generally it's an action game with Michael Bay explosions everywhere. The plotline is enjoyable the multi layered interliked campaigns are all a plus. However sometimes the story is just plain STUPID. As a little spoiler: I don't know how on EARTH can a guy who survived SEVERAL zombie apocalypse already can think of getting into an elevator with TWO obviously infected person is a good idea. Even at the end he doesn't put a bullet into the head like he should. These and small stupid obvious plot holes try to ruin the fun a bit time to time. Another mixed thing is the graphics. Some thing looks absolutely stunning (like the main character's texture, the lighting and the shadows sometimes), while others look downright HORRENDOUS (pixelated objects mainly). I personally don't have issues with the QTEs. They are better than in RE5 anyway. On a completely personal note I kinda miss Sheva. Heck maybe Jill too. Anyway since it still has a plethora of recurring characters it's not that bad. All in all for some weird reason it is a very entertaining game if you have someone to play with. Also it isn't overpriced at all so I kind of hope they will keep making more in the future. Just maybe try to tune up the weak points a bit... Expand
  17. Apr 1, 2013
    Time for a new review. I will preface this by saying firstly that I never liked the RE series. As with 99% of video games, the idea is a pale rip-off of a book or movie infected with the most ridiculous plot twits and lame attempts at sap-filled dialogue. HOWEVER, on top of that, the horrible controls/gameplay of the first 3 RE games were as frustrating as trying to move a retarded American WW2 tank (which sucked compared to the Germans) in tight corridors where you never knew where exactly you would ignite a collision box.

    ANYWAYS, then came along re4, with again God-awful plot and bad guys but a great atmosphere (at least the first half) and great gameplay/surprise moments. Since then I have followed the series. RE5 was a disaster of laughable proportions. But I chipped in and bought RE6.

    RE6 is a movie where you ride in. Regardless of what you do, the game is the same, it is linear, and lots of quick time events. BUT, if you know this going INTO the game, then you know not to be disappointed!!! It is a fun movie that finds all new ways to jump the shark (or nuke the fridge) with over the top ways to try to kill you or blow things up and so on. This game is again a new departure for the series, and as is often the case- horror game series only stay horror games if they were finite and short. Once everyone becomes familiar with the game, the fan base becomes broader, it is very hard for the company to feel compelled to shrink the game and return to its horror 'roots.' Although I would be hard pressed to ever call the first few RE games horror, since they were campy as hell and stupid-predictable.

    They seem to have ripped many ideas from other genres, and game titles such as l4d- in fact I would think that is the direction they want to go into from here on. I would not be surprised if they had more crossovers in future titles after the l4d2 crossover coming out soon (capcom versus steam anyone?). But all these parodies and rip-offs work, and the good guys are good and the bad guys are really bad and they take different styles of RE gameplay and separate them in the different missions- Leons is more horror, Jake is more combat survival, and so on.

    Finally, the side games- agent hunt is silly as monster control is very very awkward and dare I say a little frustrating. COOP!!!! Super kudos to the game for allowing LOCAL COOP!!!! A tremendous boon, making the PC once again feel more dominant than the consoles for the graphics, HDMI cable or wireless support to my big screen tv and keyboard controller support. Not to mention the fact that all the added content got unlocked since we all pre-ordered the dam thing :D :D...

    All in all, I support this game, it is a fun movie ride, takes a long time to finish, and since I do not sit here for hours playing games at a time, this game will last me a long time before I get bored.
  18. Mar 23, 2013
    Its a Very Visual Game sure it May not have all the Aspects we wanted from this game and capcom is Gonna make mistakes Yes i know its Re they made a lot of improvements from re5 and in my option i like that a lot and all the past characters return its not just focused on one person and they kept the co-op feature and that you can be a Zombie on another players game that's awesome that means i can Troll the heck out of my Brother :P that's gonna be fun but of course who wouldn't troll there bro even through they ruined the horror aspect to this re but comparing it to Cod just wow and some People complain about horrible ai the ironic part is the ai is a lot better then the last who kept getting stuck on walls and edges and hoards all the ammo im looking at you re5! and quick time events Please they make the game fun and make you more alert and the multi is fun i mean im a hunter the bane of re1 :D paybacks a beep hehe but Please give the game a chance i have and i enjoy every bit of it and im waiting to see what will Capcom think of Next Expand
  19. Mar 28, 2013
    Resident evil isn't a bad game. It does many things fairly well, the zombies look and act like zombies. The lighting and atmosphere are dark and oppressive. Then come the "escort quests", in the prologue and first chapter alone there are 2 escort quests. But I could have dealt with that. The graphics aren't to bad, though I was saddened at the lack of effort on certain textures (i'm looking at you papers that are omnipresent and grainy). But I could have dealt with that to. The camera controls just somehow don't feel right giving the character a feeling of being perpetually dizzy when aiming. But that again I could have dealt with. The default keyboard and mouse control scheme is horrific (Z S D X for movement? really?) but that can be rebound without to much of a hassle. The clincher for me is the quick time events. They are legion, without fail every time that I was grappled by a zombie (which was often since i'm not particularly good at RE games) there were 1-2 (yes 2) quick time events(QTE) to get the zombie off and that I can not deal with. I appreciate the cinematic qualities of a QTE and they have their place in games, such as the end of a major boss fight, but not every single flipping time a zombie gets close. For me that just comes across as busywork and a lack of creativity on the part of the developers. I would rather play a game where if I so much as get touched by a zombie I die than have QTE's constantly bombarding me.

    The sound the sound quality is pretty nice as are some of the atmospheric animations (like the character wincing at a surprise lighting crack outside). Sadly however the game is nigh unplayable for me due to the depth of my hatred of the terrible practice that is QTE's they ruin any possibility of fun for me they occur with such regularity.

    If QTE's and a slightly wonky control scheme don't bug you you'll probably have a really good time with the game the atmosphere is by far the best in the business. If however either of those things is a deal-breaker for you then save your money and pick up Left for Dead 2 if you don't already have it.
  20. Mar 24, 2013
    To-Long-Didn't-Read: Resident 6 PC May have problems, but It is a varied and enjoyable experience for fans of the action-oriented takes of RE4 and RE5. For the most enjoyable experience, play on veteran or professional.

    I don't really understand why this game gets sh** on so much. I've been a fan of the Resident evil series since its inception, and have had to grit my teeth along with
    the rest of the fans through the movies and games like Raccoon City. Resident evil 6 may be flawed, but the PC version is a true successor to RE5, let me explain. Many people's main complaints about RE6 are the bad AI, the muddy graphics, or that it is a poor console port Anyone who has played RE5 will recently will recall just how bad the AI was in that game. Playing on single player would mean that you would have to call Sheva 5 or 6 times to get her to help you open doors or do objectives, she would constant get knocked down or held in place, and he would knock you down with her attack reaction. The zombie AI in 5 also was terrible, where J'avo would climb up things and then immediate jump off in order to attack you, or they would get stuck inside each other because they wouldn't understand where to go. In RE6, I feel like I never have to worry about my AI partner, and the enemy AI always keeps me on my toes(on Professional difficulty) with their new running leaps and ground grabs, and large numbers of regular zombie actually feel threatening. Though the graphics/ textures may be muddy at times even on the highest settings, the shaders and effects are great. and the underwater effects in Ada's campaign may be some of the best I've ever seen in a video game. That being said, there's not much of a graphical change from consoles to the PC version. Whats also important to realize though, is that Capcom has tried very hard to rectify their mistakes from the console versions, and has added tons of new options that will help tweak the game play to your preferences.

    The story is in a similar vain to the RE5 story, where it's mostly action, lost of Quick-time, and some exploration. This time around, there are 4 campaigns, and though they may be shorter than RE5's full campaign, they keep the action varied and prevent it from becoming stale. Unfortunately, the action-oriented nature of the campaign seems to confuse some players, as if they forgot how much action/Quick-time that RE5 brought to the table.

    The difficulty this time around has really increased. I vividly remember RE5's Professional difficulty being somewhat of a pushover, with zombie's movements and attacks being perfectly telegraphed and predictable. This time, Professional mode really increases the survival horror feel, as being grabbed or missing a dodge can spell death for your character. As mentioned before, zombies have new attacks like running jumps and crawling grabs, and the special zombies can ruin your day quite easily.

    All and all, the game is the next evolution of the RE series, which in my opinion is a great installment (we should be thankful they didn't continue to go the Raccoon City route). The new crossover instances and Agent attack modes can be fun, and are great ideas that I hope they continue with in the next installment.
  21. Mar 23, 2013
    I honestly cannot comprehend all the bad talk this game has received. This is an awesome game. It's very good at what it does and should be rewarded for that. It looks nice, it doesn't have any technical issues at all, and it offers tons of great moments. Some of the design issues are questionable but not major enough to cry over them. Gameplay is very immersive. Buy "Biohazard" 6 (I usually prefer the Japanese name since it reflects better what this game series is about than the american name "Resident Evil").

    Yes, it's not an survival horror in a classical sense, and yes, it has some weird issues like for example the fact that you have to conserve ammo, but relying only to melee attacks isn't really a good strategy. Melee attacks are kind of difficult to execute even on a normal difficulty level. You see some zombies down you or kill you instantly in a close combat, even on a normal difficulty and getting healed by a partner isn't always possible. And while it doesn't frustrate me, I could see my console gaming buddies getting extremely irritated by the melee fighting.

    Talking about conserving ammo, this game finally finds a nice usage for the fire grenades. In previous games you got lots of ammo, and there really just wasn't hordes of enemies where you'd find usage for napalm. But this game fixes that.

    The Windows port of the is well executed and it doesn't have any major technical issues. However the menu structure in the game is bit confusing but not to a point it starts to irritate me.

    Just to repeat, THIS GAME DOES NOT SUFFER FROM TECHNICAL ISSUES WHAT SO EVER! The problem the other people have is their ATi/AMD graphics card which have always been very picky about the games they run nicely on. Especially if they haven't updated their ATi/AMD graphics drivers in months! If people would Google, you'd know that every single time a major title comes out, it will not run on an ATi/AMD graphics card without issues, or like in some cases, won't run at all. Go buy nVidia, or Intel, or anything else, and all the games will run just fine. It's not a fault of the game. ATi/AMD have hardware bugs in their graphic cards. They are cheap junk. Stop whining how games like this crash or don't work properly on a ATi/AMD graphics cards. This irritates me to to no end.

    Story is much much much closer to Resident Evil 2 & 3 than any other game in this series after them. People about the story don't understand what this game is about, that's for sure. Yeah, it takes cues from some famous zombie movies but I kind of expect to see George A. Romero references in a zombie game. Dialogue is on part with other games in this series so I don't want to bash the funny lines the mysterious characters speak while trying to be mysterious. Voice acting is allright. Visual art is nice and I kind of like the monster design which takes cues from other zombie games and movies.

    This game has tons and tons of replay value, and considering it only costs 30€ it has to be one of the best games of the last year. Co-op with your friends is solely worth your money. And unlike certain other games, this has actually the length of a good game with single-player completition taking around 30-32 hours. Which is a great value. The game offers rich enough gameplay, you won't get bored during those hours.

    I kind of would have wanted ability to have a shared inventory with your partner like in the previous title, but this way where both have their own stuff is in my opinion better since you can just jump from game to game with unknown people and you're able to play without having to get into the hassle that some jackass won't share any of the ammo with you, or kick you out of the game when you want just few bullets for you gun.

    The design is mostly a just a matter of taste, but when it does something to harm the flow of the gameplay, it is a major screw up. And in Biohazard 6 there's one such thing. The four campaigns are split in four chapters. One such chapter usually on a normal gameplay style takes about two hours to complete. Those chapters are divided into sub-chapters which there are usually from 6 to 8 with each sub-chapter taking 15 minutes to complete.

    And here's the thing, you cannot save your game just at any point you'd like to save it. And the game just randomly seems to choose that save point being every 2nd or 3rd, I've once encountered even 4th sub-chapter change. And while game does checkpoints constantly, you might play the game for 45 minutes, without encountering a single actual save game point (which is indicated on a screen as a typewriter). And thus if you just leave the game, you'll lose the progress you've done in a sub-chapter no matter how much there is to it. And there's nothing you can do about it.

    If Biohazard 7 will get into the production and published, I want it to be something like this. I definitely do what it to be something like this. But with free saving, or checkpoint saves. Thanks for reading!
  22. Mar 27, 2013
    Wtf guys? are you serious? The game is just great! As for AMD problems i got to tell you that I run the game on AMD video card and it runs perfectly! Not a single crash! (@sagaopc check your GPU m8)
    The game is really good and I love it. The Campaign in the game is very good and I had a great time playing all of them. The Multiplayer is pretty good but it need a push-to-talk button (that
    why its 9/10 for me).
    For all of you that want a horror game then don't ask for a new game set in future... ask for a game set in the past! Its not like RE when they didn't know what was going on or the virus was in early stages, the BOW are evolved and there is a WAR, an all-out BOW attack for cut the crap about the horror element.
    I got to tell you that I loved it too and I miss it but the game and the story has evolved... the virus has evolved... its not that scary but dangerous.
    The game is totally worth buying (at least on PC as its the only version of RE6 I have played)
  23. Mar 27, 2013
    Not funny, not scary, not a good shooter game (aim is terrible), what i miss more from the old resident evil? the fact that you had to explore a manor, a city or an old castle this is just a straight road whit no enigma on it. No on e else miss the room with trap? or the key needed to open secret room in the police station?... this R.E. is just not a R.E. at all
  24. Mar 29, 2013
    This port is good not great but good, some quicktime events are somewhat bad and horrible but other than that its an awsome game, it has 1 or 2 scenes camera angles wich are horrible i wont say wich dont want any spoilers other than that solid port chapters are long gameplay is great windows version...)and the story is enjoyable pretty varied and enjoyable play/experience also the mercenaries no mercy its uber.

    After 75+ hrs so far finishing 56% of the game im still playing it, only departament its really lacking its the graphics they could add higher resolution patches and fix those 2 broken camera angles in chriss chapter 5, and the cameras in some scenes and chapter other than that pretty solid one of the best RE iv played since 1999.
  25. Mar 22, 2013
    Personally, I was a little rage infused on it's release due to it's inept ability to ensure the game be in full working order. The lack of co-operative play, which was the main attraction for me...and when it was working, has in-game microphone which was “always on”.

    The Co-op mode network was enabled when the game was released in North America and the always on microphone has a
    workaround...which shouldn't need to be reminded me too much of the Dead Island release which were not the fondest of memories.

    The graphics of this title are sadly surpassed by it's predecessor due to it's mixed use of, what I would call, moderate (in this day and age) to low quality textures used on certain objects and scenery, which is somewhat strange, since the character models are generally, nicely detailed. Just doesn't give me a feeling of consistency. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible or anything, it's just not as good as I thought it to be. FoV slider doesn't seem to do much. Controls are somewhat, more awkward with certain tasks personally due to the fact, that there's much more actions to bind (Also considering it's use of Quick-Time Events).

    Once all the crap was out the way, I've found the game experience to be very much, both, enjoyable and challenging since I'm playing with a friend on No Hope difficulty...many deaths ensue. My initial cause of concern for this game was perhaps, a frame-rate issue. After running the Biohazard Resident Evil 6 benchmark that was available on the Tools Section of Steam, I had dipped to about 21 fps at certain points...but I realize now, that set of benchmark scenarios aren't emulated in a play-though of the campaigns...perhaps Mercenary mode (which, I've yet to test). It may not be a survival horror like it's early precursors, it's in a step in the right direction..away from Resident Evil 5 with it's dark atmosphere and mandatory jump-scare. Strip the title down to it's core game-play mechanics, and it's actually a decent game.
  26. Apr 12, 2013
    Yes I know that the control and camera are so terrible but If you can get over it and try to enjoy the story you will see that it is a amazing game. Especially I have to admit that Ada and Sherry both are so beautiful
  27. Mar 28, 2013
    This is not resident evil, just a shooter and a below decent one. All the elements are gone, no scary scenes and just feels plain sloppy and lame from beginning to end. I have played all the resident evil games from 1-5 (including zero) and this is the worst one from the series, even worse than operation raccoon city. And I'm talking about the gameplay, not the graphics. I could replay a game forever its fun no matter how bad the graphics are, but if its not then why bother. What is the point of having a beautiful cake if you can't eat it. Expand
  28. Apr 1, 2013
    This game is so full of play time and fun for 40 bucks i cant express how satisfied i am, but i will try.. 4 co op campaigns 5 chapters each all contain hours of fun game play. For the die hard resident evil lovers you can even go back and play as the other character for a very different experience. players get split up every now and then to handle other objectives. this is a great game! cant believe its only got a 7.1 meta!!! come on you guys are really kissin Bioshock butt with a 9.6 and for 60 bucks and another 20 for dlc after they lied about and released Bioshock 1 again in "3D" that never worked and 2 was suppose to as well. They never paid for that mess up and now they are completely unaccountable?! come on gamers... they should be ashamed. RE6 offers soo much for so little. hats off to Cap com and RE6! Expand
  29. May 29, 2013
    In my opinion, this is the most underrated game released in the past year. I don't see any fault with it excluding the nigh impossible boss battles, though a good challenge is healthy!). The stories are deep and occasionally a little emotional, all of the endings are epic and you see the course of the game through the eyes of 7 playable characters (Leon, my personal fave, Helena, Chris, Piers, Jake, Sherry {Yes, you can finally play as her!} and, in the secret campaign, Ada). Resident Evil 6 is among the best games released in the past year and I don't see why it has received such crappy reviews! Expand
  30. Mar 22, 2013
    This game seems awesome, i liked most the other resident evils, even during their evolution from horror to comedic shooters. But this is unplayable for me, only because of the camera angle and controls, the controls are incredibly awkward with no chance to chance some of the stuff to mouse button keys, thats fine, ill get use to it. But mix these bad controls with a camera that constantly spins this way and that way, jumps from angle to angle.

    Let me give you a example, playing as ada, im runing through the sub, i jump up to kick a enemy, i juck, kick him, the camera switches from one angle to other, now i turn around cause i got a mass following behind him, camera switches around again throwing off what should of been a fluid action. I died as a result of a enemy running up on me and i couldnt quite adjust just right to fire on him.

    I plan on uninstalling it cause the camera jittering coupled with goofy controls only because it gives me a headache, if it wasnt for that id probably suffer through it.

    (just another example, i was trying to figure out how to equip the pipebomb arrows, i assumed it was a secondary ammo, i hit a few of the generic keys, nothing worked, went into the options to look it up, i saw a command that sounded like it would do just what i was after, so i hit G, it only switched from sub machine gun to crossbow.....i still have no idea how to switch ammos out).

    Just to show you where im coming from, im not a cowadooty kid, i stopped when it lost its way after united offense.

    Games a easy 8/10, but with my issues id throw it as a 5 or 6.
  31. Mar 24, 2013
    The best game from the series,they have overdone it,it's simply amazing,they added everything the other series lacked,gameplay is outstanding you do what you would do in real life,get on the ground and shooting,graphics are top notch,long and fun campaigns,absolutely no problems with performance on full max setting,runs smooth like a boat in a lake.Lot's of guns,lot's of playable characters,this game has it all,i simply love it,and to all the negative critics........are you guys for real Some people say game crashes Bad performance Absolutely not,it's on your end guys,don't blame the game.I havent had so much fun in a RE game.This is the game of the year for me.A well deserved 10 Expand
  32. Mar 26, 2013
    I disagree with al negative Reviews, they all trolling!!! They worked a lot for that game and its really really funny, and each campaign is different and gives much variety to the game, nice grafics i miss Dx10 o DX11 options, I played that game without any problem, works very fine and no bugs or crashes, the campaign Its much better and original than a COD, very very better....( people the problem is your PC, stop looking for porn in internet....) Expand
  33. Apr 1, 2013
    I saw a lot of negative response to Re6, i felt sad. I already spent 40 hours in this game now and It was a very nice experience to me. The difficulty level is great, i need to figure out how to avoid enemies attack and give them a counterattack. What make those guy felt so bad? I think they were wrong
  34. Apr 6, 2013
    Very underrated, if you enjoyed RE5, you will get loads out of this. Great Coop, Splitscreen and Online with Mercenaries available from the go and tonnes of longevity in the multiple campaigns.

    Shot itself in the foot with a bad demo, a dodgy prelude and pre-patch bad camera, (which now has a completly adjustable field of view.)
  35. Apr 11, 2013
    my score 8/10 + Great graphic, Look really good at highest setting with smooth fps on my pc + Good story, not that thrilled but 10 times better than in Movie + Coop mode, really like it. I could play with my friend and split screen on pc are also welcome + Play time, It's took me 60hr+ to complete all chapters for all characters in Story Mode alone, good enough + Price, $39.99 on Steam cheaper than other Big title. they could put it on $59.99 and most ppl still buy it so lower the price got my score.

    = Game Mechanic, a bit too much FPS but in time when FPS ruled game industry, I guess it can't be help.

    - Terrible camera angle in some area, such as Christ chapter 5, it's impossible for me to progress with Keyboard and mouse because camera keep changing backward and forward. I've to use my Xbox controller (analog stick). this is example of bad pc port.
    - too much cut scene. I don't mind long cutscene(cus I can skip it) but do it every 10 mins is not ok for me.
  36. Apr 26, 2013
    When I played Dead Space 3 i thought it was a bad game. When I played the new Tomb Raider I thought it was a bad movie. But when I played RE6 I realized that Capcom had managed to combine the WORST elements of the former two attempts to create the ULTIMATE abomination. I CANNOT understand how they have managed to obliterate the main series while RE:Revelations is so much better. I hope Capcom realizes, in turn, what path they should follow hence forth. Also a little fun fact about the directors name (I always love those); Sasaki in Greek is the dimunitive for the girl's name "Sa(n)sa". As I am referring to the director (he also directed the "RE: Outbreak" series), I have to give him my most profound congratulations for, finally, creating his personal masterpiece. The complete and TOTAL "Outbreak" of the series... Expand
  37. May 1, 2013
    In quite possibly the dumbest move in game marketing ever, Capcom doesn't listen to it's fans and instead makes the exact opposite of what they want: a 3rd-person linear action game with little to no exploration
  38. Mar 29, 2013
    I gave it a 10 (IMO it deserves 8,maybe 7+ but leaning towards 8) just to even out the bombing on this game,think God at least some people had the the common sense to give a rating after actually playing the game. This game has extreme value,a lot of content for a considerably smaller than usual price, f.e. you have 3 campaigns and each lasts longer than quite a few latest releases (every campaign was longer for me than Bioshock Infinite,though I played on veteran or professional difficulty,can't remember). It's very entertaining,especially if you play in coop,even with a random mate. While every RE fan would wish this would be a survival horror,it's not,it has some atmosphere and scarce ammo,but that's about it. That said,if you like shooting,I found the game shooting mechanics to be very satisfying,even though there's a small camera lock at the start of aiming.That should be enough of praises,though there are a few more things I could point out. On the other side,environmental textures are very bad,sometimes even on RE4 level,most noticeably in Chris's campaign. Believe me,they're terrible. The game is a bit too fast paced to get immersed,it's not Devil May Cry (the earlier ones,not that crappy "reboot"), but it's really fast and there aren't enough places where you can take a break,explore a bit,like in RE5. Enemies are seemingly neverending,while with the zombies it creates a pretty dense atmosphere,with the Javo mutants it just pissess you off. Yes,there are zombies,and very well done at that,in Leon's campaign(oh and mutants,pretty much enemies in his story remind me of the first RE's) ,proving you CAN make a zombie game without those running wannabe zombies. Plot is on the the usual Resident Evil level,meaning it's idiotic,naive and plain stupid,though there are less corny lines when compared to RE5,at least it seemed like that to me.
    Music at a few sequences gets incredibly dull,but in general it's not bad,it's just average. All in all,I definitely recommend buying this game,just don't buy it blindfolded,check it out if one of your mates has it,it might be just up your alley or it might be the complete opposite. For me,this one comes right after RE4 and RE2 as the best in the series (I do not count 1,cause it's a bit different game: D)
  39. Mar 24, 2013
    This game is very good. I've been playing 6 hours in a row now and can't understand why people give i 1/10 etc. I have just played the Leon champign but so far so good. One thing disappointed me, that's is horror is gone.
  40. Apr 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. [English Review] Well this game not struck me but when I found out I had split screen told me SOLD! but not only in split screen pc that is very rare but also are three campaigns for Resident Evil fans a campaign that tilts to survival horror, another Action Adventure those which already inclined films lately in RE and the military which is very reminiscent of the last deliveries in few words a complete set! for the PC version but on consoles is more of the same.

    [Spanish Review]Bueno este juegos no me llamaba la atención pero cuando me entere que tenia pantalla partida me dije VENDIDO!!! pero no solo la pantalla partida en pc que es muy poco común si no que también son tres campañas para fanáticos del Resident Evil que una campaña se inclina al survival horror, otra a Acción/Aventura las cual ya se inclino últimamente en las películas del RE y la Bélica la cual recuerda mucho a las ultimas entregas en pocas palabra un juego completo! para la version pc pero en consolas es mas de lo mismo.
  41. Apr 8, 2013
    Well this was certainly the surprise of 2013. I had been closely following the reviews from both critics and users alike when this released on console late last year and the polarizing views made me think this was going to be worse than RE5 (which I can't say appealed to me as much as RE4 did). When the game launched on Steam at $39.99 it was a done deal. Having completed the game I am still trying to understand the backlash. I did not play the first 3 games in the series which I hear focused more on survival horror so I don't carry that baggage along with me and neither am I a CoD fanboy (I could not be bothered with that mindless crap) but I felt as an over the shoulder 3rd person action adventure with horror elements, RE6 succeeded admirably. If I have one complaint it would be the chase scene with Chris and Piers trying to avoid the HAOS as they escape the B.O.W. That was painful as the animations triggered by button presses were often the reason we (my co-op partner and myself) were dying and we died a lot during this part which was not fun. Other than that the game has been an off-rails-experience and with 4 lengthy campaigns you really are getting your monies worth and with a solid co-op partner that has your back, it was one of the most exhilarating experiences ever. Yes you could argue there is an abundance of QTE's, yes the game is like a Michael Bay version of Resident Evil but despite all this it was still a far more thrilling game than Bioshock Infinite (which I got at the same time as RE6). Well worth the money and time invested. Expand
  42. Aug 6, 2013
    This game is for the most part lots of fun. The only reason I gave it a mediocre score is that I have never seen a game where the player has so many controls and constraints. You are told when to shoot, where to go, and how to get there. The player has few choices. Likewise, the cut scenes were exremely intrusive and didn't allow me to get into a rhythm. Finally, as one reviewer on Steam reported, this game is actually very complex in terms of melee combos and equipping weapons. There is a long learning curve in this game. Overall, I would recommend waiting until the price drops before investing in this game. Expand
  43. Gar
    Mar 30, 2013
    Still the same broken turd it was when it was released on consoles. The most awful writing even video games have seen. Awful uninspired locales with dumb puzzles, or even better, dumb puzzles combined with immortal enemies. The game still lacks a tutorial and you get all the actual gameplay tips from loading menus which load too fast on PC so you can't actually read even those if the text is a bit longer than 1 line. Most quick time events can be disabled, but not all so you can still get stuck on a stupid thing like a QTE that is too hard.

    Bad controls. Awful story, Awful locales, Awful dialog. Awful everything

    Do NOT buy this game.
  44. Aug 6, 2013
    People are angry when they play the same thing over and over again with no changes and innovations.
    ...and people are angry when developers try to do something different and new. I loved the storytelling, different campaigns and the game did not bore me.
    I would give this game 7-8/10, but because people are acting like this is something awful, I will give it a ten.

    Thank you Capcom
    for converting this game to PC. Expand
  45. Apr 2, 2013
    Can't deny that if you compare it with previous games there's stuff left to be desired but by itself playing it is a great experience. My favorite character is Ada, and it was great to be able to play so many characters. Gameplay itself is 7/10 I'd say, but everything added together, I was playing non-stop and still will for unlocks.
  46. Apr 2, 2013
    After playing through Leon's story on the console, I knew what pros and cons to expect from the PC version. Capcom delivered excellently! If you didn't like RE6 on console, you probably won't like it on PC, but If you liked it on console, you'll really like it on PC. 60 fps and HD resolution is a no-brainer to have! HD is a must for local co-op. The kbm controls work pretty well, snappy response even with vsync. One gripe I have is the misleading brightness adjust screen. The "6" is visible on any level and it's pointless to play without it cranked up to at least 35 cause it's too dark in most places. The lights become washed out at that level but it's worth it to see everything. RE6/Bio6 is a great addition to the series, but 4 is still my all-time favorite. The inventory and merchant was a genius idea in 4 and I wish one of them will make a return in a later game. Expand
  47. PFA
    Mar 25, 2013
    The most upsetting thing about RE 6 is that, for some reason that is beyond me, it decided to ignore some of the better mechanics of RE 5 PC and reworked something that just did not need reworking. It is also below par graphically and features some of the worst examples of driving in recent video game history.

    Other than that, I recommend it for the fun coop side of it all, which might
    have undermined "the horror", had there been any left to start with. RE 6 features perhaps too much silliness to be a truly memorable entry in the RE universe, yet as a whole it still works well enough to provide a good time. Expand
  48. Apr 17, 2013
    I played video games since i was really young, about 10 years from now.. Played thousands of games in different platform...PC, PS3, Gameboy, GBA, PSP... Resident evil6, i'm gonna say, it's a fantastic game, i give my score 10/10, i am so into it, i haven't have this feeling since WoW and Vindictus long ago.
    Graphics, tell u this, it's above average 2012 for sure, in PC version, Nvidia
    users, use ur nvidia inspector well then u will c the how well the graphic can be! WILL SURPRISE U!
    Sound and themes are very good, some of the soundtracks are very touching.
    Design & interface, i have been playing RE games since 4 years ago, once i login to the game, I felt it is very Resident evil... It is well designed.
    Story, Japanese type of story, it's more like a game and fantasy, it's very encouraging.
    Control, Camera, once u get used to it, it's awesome feeling.
  49. May 22, 2013
    Very Amazing game. This is better than Resident Evil 6. I have this one in PS3, XBOX360 and PC version and I played RE 6 over 100 times. It was fun time whenever i played it.

    This game consists of 4 different scenarios and in each campaign, you have different experience of survival horror.

    Leon Almost same as classic Resident Evil. (RE 2, 3 and Outbreak 1 & 2.) Creepy zombie horror.

    Chris Like CALL OF DUTY BIO-WARFARE. If you like RE 5, you might also like this campaign.
    Jake RE3 Nemesis RE 4. Because the chaser 'Ustanak' constantly chase you (like RE 3), it scare you...
    Ada Classic RE meets sneaking. It's like Separate Ways in RE4.

    Especially I like Leon and Ada campaign most. Those are true RESIDENT EVIL, i think!
  50. Sep 5, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 is spit into faces of all true Resident Evil fans. Unbelievable how terrible game can be in present accepted as "good" game. Lets face the truth. Resident Evil 6 is boring, its parody on Call of Duty and Helen Harper is always like: "Not now, its complicated, I wont tell you a sh*t until we came there." Leon S. Kennedy campaign is embarrassing. When bus drive off the road because on the road was one half-dead zombie, you will laugh really hard. Then you will wander through cemetery few times from start to beginning like a fool and end up in some ridiculous underground catacombs.
    But the best has not yet to come. Campaign of Chris Redfield is pure joke. Truly this is some parody on Call of Duty or I don't know. In some eastern Europe village you shoot probably some ugly zombie-communists armed with guns and you feel like you play everything else, but not Resident Evil.
    So, finally you can walk when you aim or shoot, but that will not change anything this game is pure crap. I don't even finished Chris Redfield campaign, because it sucks really hard. This is typical game for naive new-gamers who don't know and never played finest old Resident Evil games. Remember Resident Evil is dead, this new Resident Evil is just fake. Ugly, bad, horrible fake. Don't dare call this game Resident Evil, its offensive. Rename this on: Call of Zombies.
  51. Apr 1, 2013
    This game wanted to be good, but it has the same crappy camera angle the series has had since RE4 and alot of scenes where one mistake and you die, usually caused by the camera or terrible controls. Not worth the cost.
  52. May 23, 2013
    1.QTE比想像中的少,不過突然的組合讓人措手不及。 2.單一長度的不同腳色章節就差不多已經是一般射擊遊戲的2/3長度了,全部玩過才能了解整個事件始末。 3.道具欄太少,後期只能捨棄一些彈藥補給,雖然彈藥用不完。 4.雙人同樂能獲得良好遊戲體驗,雖然最多能同時四人,但不怎麼實用,有點可惜 5.貼圖太爛,場景太暗,讓我以為我在玩黑暗靈魂,其他還有些模型消失的問題,不過不影響完整遊戲體驗 6.殭屍沒辦法一槍暴頭了,有點難打,反擊技設定不錯,但我不太會抓時機 7.整體遊戲體驗不錯
  53. Mar 29, 2013
    The game play is good but the speed you need for the video séance fen sux I'm31 and I can't keep up it has ruined it for me I cant get any further in the game they have not mad allowances for people on a realistic ability to play.
  54. Apr 16, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 is a different take on what we have been seeing in the most recent successes from the franchise. Resident Evil 4 and 5 both looked through the prospective of one character, with the help of a companion (or not so much help in the case of RE4). Both games are fantastic, with RE4 at the top of the list because of its third person shooting aspects along with scary monsters and a dynamic story. RE6 had all of these, but it took out everything else that complimented the gameplay in an attempt to add prospective through different characters.

    What the game has that is completely different is the separate stories. Each follows there own character, and includes bits and pieces of a larger picture that is the story. This was a bad move, because it seemed to make Capcom completely overlook the things that complimented RE 4 and 5.

    There is no longer a way of buying and selling things in RE6. Any and all RPG elements were taken out, making the use of only a few weapons that are basically the same through the game. You eventually find new ones, but you end up using only the guns you have ammo for, making the need for some weapons vanish. Each character in the individual stories have their own weapons and the stories give them new weapons accordingly, however it all follows the same basic agenda. There is a shotgun, sniper, assault rifle, pistol etc.

    Well maybe the new story idea panned out, and it worked by including a gripping tale right? RE6 does nothing but show you a generic story that is very predictable if you are a fan of the series. When you complete a story, it just feels like you played a game but skipped levels, and the ending of each story isn't enough for me to really get excited over playing another 5-7 hour campaign just to have to wait again. Sure some new plot is revealed, but all in all, the pacing just doesn't work. It would have been better if there was one campaign where you felt like you were actually getting somewhere.

    Some of the things they kept from the previous titles were turned into overused events that did nothing but make you want to turn off your computer. The MILLION of button mashing events will annoy you, and detract from the gameplay a lot. There is also the new inventory system which is annoying to use, and rather small (it is even a step down from RE5) There is also the ability to kick and apply your body more. This is a pretty cool addition, that would have been welcomed in the previous games, but it just isn't enough to make up for everything.

    There is a lot to say about this game, and if you can look past the annoying gameplay, slow and anti climactic story, and no way of seeing anything new other than a few kicks, than this is the game for you. If you liked RE4 and 5, chances are you will not like this
  55. Apr 16, 2013
    1 campaign gives you 6-7 hours to play, and with 4 campaigns available, you can beat this game over 23 hours i think

    i recommend you to play this game with partner, play alone (single player) in this game is too easy since your partner AI is invicible

    Graphic is good, but too many graphic glitches i found in this game, and tons of bug even after updating your game version
  56. Apr 22, 2013
    Not bad game at all.But still I still asking myself how all main heroes were able to survive through this.
    It's quite stupid,because they're like Supermen,lol.Plot,game-play,heroes,graphics.But because the atmosphere of survival is lost
  57. May 24, 2013
    I loved Resident Evil 5, and i can´t understand why Capcom build on this epic ground. I also played Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and become very frustrated about this game. (I played it 2h and have deleted it). Now, Capcom has learned nothing from all that critics. Now the continuing from its downward spiral and Capcom produces more waste games under this great title.It was finally my last Resident Evil title that I have ever bought. Expand
  58. May 16, 2013
    really boring and disspointing
  59. May 22, 2013
    id thoug i should give it a tryt but what a mess i regret the day i buy it, even as a shooter is a disaster mess im not trholling it even if you buy it at the pirate bay you dont want this camera mess........
  60. May 31, 2013
    I could not find myself to finish this game. It's depressingly boring. I played through the entirety of Leon's campaign, which was okay, had a few scares. Chris's campaign was a complete bore fest and caused me just to give up on the game. I am disappointed Capcom. I really looked forward to this game.
  61. Jul 26, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 was yet another blow to Capcom's reputation. This thing was AWFUL! It reeks of poor porting but I'm sure they've patched things but I'm never going to find out because I'll never touch this again. EVER! I don't even wanna do this review but I feel obligated to. BTW this game is not horror at all. It's pure action. As many explosions happen in this... it's just... yeah.

    If it had a decent story I'd talk about it but right now I'm still trying to figure out what I just played and why I played it. Maybe it's because I paid money for this turd. It's extremely generic. Bad guys are at it again. Go stop them. No idea how they got their resources or who the bad guy really is I'm still confused about a lot.

    I only remember the characters that were in Resident Evil 1 2 and 3. Beyond that I don't know who the hell was in this and nor will I ever be able to recall them. The voice acting was poor, their impact was poor, the overall placement of them was poor.

    Well the game has decent graphics and visuals so I gotta give them credit for that. The zombies and monsters were really well detailed. Only everything was exploding everywhere. Just like an American action film. Can't figure out good plot? Blow everything the hell up! There were at times polygon errors. One time Ada's dressed stretched into the ground, my gun disappeared, and I fell through the level a few times.

    Gameplay was just polished RE4. Nothing new or something to talk about. It handles really well and overall it was great feeling. The controls on PC were a tad wonky at times like I said with poor porting and what not. It has multiplayer? I don't know. I was so disgusted after the campaign I uninstalled it quick.

    This game presented little challenge. I had no problem beating this game on... what was the highest difficulty at the start? We'll just say Very Hard. Ammo was barely enough so it has some prretty good challenge there.

    Would I recommend this game. NO!
  62. Oct 13, 2013
    Capcom, what have you done with Resident Evil?! I should have listened to the bad reviews and stayed away. This is one of the most awfully designed games of all time. You don't play this game, you are being dragged through it. It's like watching a bad action film, except you have to push some buttons from time to time to keep the sequence going. They never let you immerse in the experience or get engaged, because they felt the need to distract you every five minutes with an annoying cutscene, which are pain to watch thanks to the shaky camera movement and the dull content. The little stuff you have to do is pushed in your face, even the most obvious goals. Feels like it was made for mentally challenged people (and I think it is really the case). Dear Capcom, this was the last time I wasted money on your games. Expand
  63. May 28, 2013
    I really dont understand why people do not enjoy this. I really liked Resident Evil 5, but I gotta admit that this is way better. It has better camera since RE5, and it has the atmosphere from Resident Evil 2. Also, the knife isn't completely worthless anymore plus you can also do housekicks now to save some ammo. If you like Resident Evil, you should try this. The only downside is, the graphics are worse than RE5, which actually was quite good looking. But if you can live with that, do not hesitate to grab this. Expand
  64. Jun 4, 2013
    What did this reeking trash cost new? Sixty bucks? What a rank ripoff. I'm glad I came here and read the reviews first. After about 30 minutes of struggling with the controls and the screen prompts I deleted this load of steaming offal. Just read the reviews. I can't possibly add anything else for a reason this game is pure liquified s***. and I truly enjoyed RE 5.
  65. Oct 4, 2013
    My biggest problem is how this game feels. No i do not mean controls, I mean it's pace, it's movement, how the game played. Resident Evil 4 gave us a new RE experience, and it was a great one. The feel of that game was unique to itself. Such as the way you had to hold down a button to run, or not being able to move when shooting, which in turn made the player back away from any enemys before proceeding with firing again. Even RE5 had this feeling, it may have lost the creepy environment, but it felt like RE4 which was a good thing. Hell RE: Revelations should of been RE6. Cause that was a GOOD RE game.

    RE6 throws these away for some kind of cheap action experience. No longer is the player in much danger when he is constantly running, no longer does the player have to back away from fights. It all comes down to the way it plays. If RE6 played like Revelations, 5, or 4. I would of loved this game.

    Capcom seems to be confused on what they should deliver to it's public. They better figure out quickly before shoving trash like this out to us again.
  66. Jul 26, 2013
    I gave this game a 1 simply because the graphics are nice and detailed but otherwise I would say it's absolutely terrible and I would not recommend that anyone pay full price for it. Luckily for me a friend of mine gifted it to me over Steam so I didn't waste my hard earned cash on this monstrosity of a game. If you love cinematic cut scene's and Quick Time Events you might like it. I felt demystified and I sincerely doubt that the developers took the time to imagine themselves in zombie apocalypse situation before they scripted some of the dialogue and events that happen here. The game looks pretty, but like I said it is lacking in so many other ways that I would never suggest this game to any kind of friend. Expand
  67. Sep 24, 2013
    i am really disappointed with capcom as they ruined my favorite game series ever what happened to resident evil why did it turn from survival horror to third person shooter the story is so shallow gameplay is not good i gave this game so many chances but i never get myself to finish it so repetitive and so insulting for every fan of the series
  68. Mar 31, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I will summarize for people who don't want to read this entire review, this is the WORST RE game i have ever played in my life. Period. I actually signed up just to write a review about this game. I will start by saying what I liked about this game. The play control is alright and the game runs well and stable for the most part, a fact that is a pleasant surprise for a console port. Additionally my partners always seemed to have HUGE breasts!

    What I did not like:
    The plot is terrible, the story line jumps all over the place. The game is filled with a multitude of plot contrivances we call Deus Ex Machina, in order to keep the characters in an unending circle of misfortunate accidents, to refocus your attention away the fact that there is no plot development. Opening doors would often result in an attack and loss of life that is scripted and unavoidable. While walking through a graveyard a flash of lightning would suddenly surround me with undead. While navigating a subway filled with speeding trains, zombies would indeed be killed by them but the ones down the track and around the corner somehow managed to nimbly avoid said train. Why and how are the trains still running you ask? Good question...

    Play control KEY MASHING! Ever time a zombie gets a hold of you. On more than one occasion I would press the wrong keys while hitting the correct ones, opening up my inventory. Needless to say this resulted in a loss of life. The knife is by far the most devastating weapon in the game, it is quite normal for zombies to suck back an entire clip of ammunition, all while taking 3 or more to the head. That being said, the melee combat system is clumsy. Zombies crawling on the ground are far more dangerous than the vertical kind, and require much more effort to dispatch unharmed. On one occasion a zombie took to the air to attack me and in dazzling display dexterity and swiftness I turned and filled his face with buckshot! Only to have it grapple attack and begin feasting on my flesh, the moment it was shaken off it fell dead with no more help from myself.

    The kicker for this game came when I was forced into a confrontation with a powerful ugly thing that spewed the C-virus in gaseous form from pustules on its abdomen, subsequently infecting every living soul inside the church i was taking refuge in... and even though it took mere seconds to infect and turn a healthy human being into the walking dead, my partner and myself simply took a tiny bit of damage. This added to the fact that the creature in questions needed to be targeted in the head, made evident by the effervescent red diamond floating above its head the entire fight, (good thing Leon got that retinal HUD upgrade). Two levels worth of hoarded ammunition later, and the wonder infector still alive, I quit the game, and registered with Metacritic in an attempt to save anyone who reads this, time, money, heartache, headache, sanity, and a small measure of their soul.

  69. Apr 1, 2013
    This game is just terrible. It plays really bad, crashes, ftp drops, out of memory errors on a system with 3GB of dedicated video RAM. Missing walls. How can you even enjoy it with all the clunky combat. I didn't know "very frustrating" was a good thing as mentioned below. Seriously, I love the original, I loved what they did with 4 and like 5. But this? number 6? What where they thinking, it doesn't even flow right, every 2 min you have to do a QTE event. I would not recommend this game. And if you can get a refund get it. But more than a waste of money, it's just a waste of time. Expand
  70. Apr 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This review is based mostly on Leon’s campaign. Combat. The first problem I had with this game was that the identity of the combat was lost to me. Is it a shooter? Is it a brawler? If they focused on one aspect I think it would have been much more successful. In the old games, melee combat was a last resort option and it worked very well. Range combat feels so weak in this game. You can empty an entire mag into a zombies head and they still do not go down. Reading a faq, it seems you need to melee the zombie to death, using a combination of stuns and melee finishers. Would be ok, but the camera does not give a good overview, no room to maneuver, low stamina and low health, which result in too many deaths. It almost feel as if they looked at a number of successful games and wanted to implement a mix of all these COD/Batman/Darksouls/Random fighter game. In the end they fail and create a very unrewarding combat system. I cringed every time Leon did a wrestlers slam with a zombie. If you are going for melee combat, at least but more melee weapons in the game, like a baseball bat, axe, crowbar. Hell the zombies have them, why not the player? Oh and inventory is a horrible console port. The controls are all over the place.

    Helena. Talk about an over sexualized design, she just looks like a blow up doll with glossy lips. I get it, sex sells and this game is probably for younger players. For me it backfires and it’s very off putting. She just doesn’t feel real. Even the nuns in Hitman absolution feel more real than this poor excuse for a heroin. Japan, please go back to the 80/90 and bring back those heroines, they were bad ass. But I guess this is an East vs West thing, they just see women as sex objects after all. I love new outfits for characters. I when through linking hell to check out the previews and my worst fears were confirmed. I just face palmed. School girl outfit? Stripper cop outfit? Really? I much rather have seen a combat/commando outfit. Again very off putting.

    Story. This will probably appeal to the younger players among us, lots of flash and boom. I also started Chris’s campaign and after seeing the intro, I just stopped. It’s been used to death in many movies. Pretty cut scenes don’t make a game and they also don’t make a movie. A movie is more than action scene paste together. The game also conviently kills off NPC’s you save so they don’t need to be factored into the rest of the story, this shows a lack of skill and inability to create a rounded story. In short, they tried too much and failed at the basics, A for effort, but this one is a 4 out of 10. If I can’t even get through the campaigns why do the extra stuff? Japanese Devs really need to see women in a better light. Come on, we are in 2013 and I keep asking myself why there thinking is still so backwards. And as a result the final score becomes 2 out of 10.

    Result in the long term for me, I bought this game because I liked the previous games, I looked at the reviews and didn’t believe them, I’ll know better in the future.
  71. Apr 6, 2013
    Loads of bad, overlong quick-time events
    Excruciating overemphasis on mediocre set piece events
    Ruins the pace by constantly ripping control from you
    Poorly executed scripted events lead to unavoidable deaths
  72. Apr 11, 2013
    Es un juegazo, tiene diferentes campañas que se van mezclando en una misma linea argumental. La historia es impresionante, esta vez han preferido contarte la historia en vez de encontrarte notitas y leerlas durante el juego.
    La verdad es que la historia está muy muy bien, la aparición de tantos personajes y alusiones al pasado son la leche.

    En cuanto al gameplay, tiene el mejor
    gameplay de la saga sin duda, con muchísimas posibilidades, el movimiento es fluido, está muy bien optimizado para Pc y está muy logrado el sistema de apuntar.
    Puedes cambiar las cámara de la espalda y aumentar tu rango de visión (fov). Cabe destacar que la posibilidad para jugar a pantalla partida se agradece mucho, así como poder jugar cooperativo online.

    Muy grande por parte de Valve regalarnos los personajes de Left 4 dead 2 jugables para el modo Mercenarios Sin piedad, y gracias Capcom por no cobrarnos por ello, los DLC gratis son siempre bienvenidos.

    Finalmente es un juego que es muy recomendable para jugadores nuevos, o jugadores clásicos de RE.

    Podríamos decir que la campaña de Leon es la más fiel a los Resident Evil Clásicos, más zombies normales (no soldados mutantes), y luego especiales y puzzles.

    En cambio tenemos la de Chris Redfield, más enfocada a la acción en plan Gears Of War con tus soldados, escenarios de día, etc.

    Luego tenemos un poco la mezcla de Jake, con más toques de aventura. Y la campaña de Ada impresionante, muchos toques de sigilo e infiltración.

    Lo recomiendo muchísimo, no le doy un 10 porque me parece que se han pasado con lo de "Caza de agentes" y no tienen un sistema para controlar el VoIP. La gente entra a als partidas con el microfono abierto y los altavoces a tope, y se escuchan ecos terribles que arruinan la experiencia de juego, lo dicho.

    Gracias Capcom por el regalo.
  73. Apr 14, 2013
    I have played RE4, 5, Operation Raccoon City and now 6. Re4 had very nice story and interesting gameplay, Re5 had better graphics, not as good story and gameplay as Re4, but not bad, Raccon city story idea was brilliant, but game was big fail in Re series and now we've got Re6. Well, after playing an hour, I can say game is very frustrating for me, first you need to use key combinations on your keyboard very often which i hate in games, second I was hoping it would had improvement in graphics since it's 2013 year, but graphics is same and you can notice low textures in graphics if you go too close to an objects, third there is again console intended camera movement in game, which is terrible for PC gaming. In short, this game was dissapointed and step back from Re series. Expand
  74. Apr 16, 2013
    Honestly, I have no idea why everybody is so pissed off at this game. They complain about the camera angles, and the gameplay, it's just I don't see any problems. The only major gripe I have is that YOU CANNOT PAUSE THE GAME! It's very inconvenient, and is very annoying. But thats all the negativity I have for this game.

    Gameplay has evolved in the Resident Evil series from clunky
    tank controls and static camera angles to over-the-shoulder action starting with RE 4. That being said, RE 4 was my first introduction to the series, and was my favorite until I played RE 6. 6 gets right all the things that 5 was trying to accomplish (fluid inventory system, smoother and less awkward aiming controls, and less than useless partners) and takes them to the next level. I can say without hesitation that Resident Evil 6 has successfully melded TPS action with survival-horror. There were many times where I was reduced to a sliver of health, and only 3 bullets left in my weapon, and 8 enemies coming towards me, with my partner otherwise occupied with his own battles. These situations got my heart pumping and my adrenalin flowing more effectively than any "horror" elements ever could. Survival-horror is all about managing your ammo and health items effectively in order to survive, and Resident Evil 6 nailed this absolutely perfectly.

    As of this writing, I have only completed 2 of the 4 campaigns, and I have already accumulated 15 hours of play time. This is more than I get out of a standard FPS. I completed Crysis 2 and 3 in about 8-10 hours. AvP 2010 took 9 hours. Alan Wake lasted 6 hours. As you can tell, I blow through games rather quickly. Now, look at RE 6. I'm only halfway done with the main campaigns and I have been playing 15 hours. RE 5 only took me 11 hours to finish. If the last two campaigns are as long as the first two, we're looking at 30 hours of gameplay for JUST the first playthrough. After finishing the last 2 campaigns, I intend to play as the other character in each scenario. Thats a total of 60 hours. Then I have Mercenaries mode. Thats about maybe another 14-17 hours. I'd say that RE 6 is more than worth it's $40 price tag. The amount of content Capcom has crammed into this game is absolutely staggering.

    Now to address the common complaints. Firstly, the complaints about the camera: It's the exact same configuration as RE 4 and 5. You can switch the dominant hand at will, and it doesn't affect my combat efficiency at all. The menus are at first a bit difficult to navigate, but soon becomes a second nature to operate. The story is pretty much what you would expect from a Resident Evil game. Don't go in expecting storytelling on the level of Mass Effect or Bioshock (the first ones in each of the series). Voice acting is good, but it's not winning any awards any time soon. Areas are linear, but the game encourages venturing off the beaten path to find much needed ammo and health.

    I haven't encountered any glitches so far, and the animations are fluid and detailed. Graphics are gorgeous, even on lower settings. And yeah, explosions happen frequently. It's not a game without explosions, so stop complaining that Capcom let Michael Bay have his way with the script.

    Another common gripe is the abundance of quick-time events. As far as this goes, I only noticed a healthy dose of QTEs in Leon's story. They were scarce in Chris's story. Don't know about Jake's or Ada's.

    My philosophy is "No game deserves a perfect score". Every game has a shortcoming, and no game is flawless. RE 6 is no exception, which is why this title gets a 9.

    In short, I love this game. If you are a fan of TPS or survival-horror, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of Resident Evil 6. It is MORE than worth its $40 tag.
  75. Apr 24, 2013
    Gonna make this one fast:
    - Jake's campaing has alot of glitches and overall is pretty boring story. Didnt do anything to make me care about it.
    - Christ campaing is.... Call of Duty plain and simple. The enmies are smarter than before but the fact they turned a HORROR game into a below average third person shooter is painful and unfogiving.
    - Leon's campain, now this is diferent here
    it captures most of what we fans love RE from the beguining: its Dark, Scary at times and gives you that lonelyness feeling at times. Of course untile you meet whit CHrist and all goes "SHOOT AND RUN RAMBO" booring style.... way to go Capcom....

    I gave this a 4 just because part of Leon's campaing and the Mercenaries is still fun to play.
  76. May 20, 2013
    A let down to this series let RE die now please because I frankly had enough of all the RE games being clones of other games now. Also they is only 5 chapters in this game that's it, was that how many in RE4 & RE5 too? the answer is YES so why only 5 chapters? Put more work in this game please cos 5 is not enough maybe 8 or 10 or..... soo but having 5 chapters is never enough and to me a bit short and since 1 and 5 chapters are the same thing as Leon I find out as I had to redo all the chase the chopper on the streets all over again and I hated it complete waste of my time why copy the same acts? Complete rubbish thats why!!!

    Next time put more effect in this game please then we won't moan about how lousy job you guys done.

    Don't play this game it will annoy you xD
  77. Jun 23, 2013
    Repetitive and boring. Few options for weapons, plenty of ammo and simply no scare to justify a horror survival titlle. There are no puzzles to be solved. Not recommend.
  78. Jul 27, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 was a great experience to me i hope Re 7 will be just like this. but now i just pissed that they decide to reboot (i dont know where) the franchise thanks to fanboys (damn you to hell fanboys.)
  79. Aug 21, 2013
    The game is awesome! It exceeded all my expectations. I don't get why people consider this game to be poor. Hey, where on Earth in 2013 you can find such pc game with split screen mode? I completed all campaigns with my friend and this is fantastic. You share your pills, shells, give up everything to bring your dying friend back to life, give him a boost to get to hard-to-reach places. I like the story line. There were moments when I shed some tears. Every campaign is special. My favourite is Jake and Sherry. All chapters are absolutely different. And you can't complete it without cooperated work with your partner. Expand
  80. Oct 14, 2013
    This game could barely be considered a "good try" if amateur developers had put it together. But, when competing with previous versions of the same franchise and the onslaught of new zombie genre successes like Left 4 Dead, it seems insulting.

    The controls aren't unintuitive, they are counter intuitive. The story is vague and bland and death occurs due to controller glitch far more
    often than player mistakes.

    Worst for me is that they reduced a once great franchise to a more boring version of Dragon's Lair-They made the whole thing a slightly dolled up, linear, rail-shooter. What's next, midi soundtracks?

    There is no excuse for this game.
  81. May 27, 2013
    Terrible, just terrible. I've rarely played a game that was so poorly designed that I got stuck on the graphics options. This was quite obviously solely designed for the console market and then quick-ported over to the pc.

    Once I started playing the game I couldn't grasp how poor the graphics were (for such a big title). Textures look washed out, overly dark and the 3d models look
    The lag on my gamepad made aiming (and hence the whole game) worthless. Now gamepad integration is a hard thing to get right at times but bare in mind that this is a game primarily designed for consoles.

    This game manages to do the one thing worse than boring its audience, it manages to frustrate them into turning the damn thing of after 5 minutes or gameplay.
    Speaking of turning the game off this is roughly the process:

    1)Disconnect the controller battery pack

    2)select 'end game session'

    3)go back to graphic properties

    4)select no for 'full screen'

    5)close the game window by clicking the 'x' on the window with your mouse.

    Complete waste of time and money.
  82. Apr 16, 2013
    Every once in a while a game comes out that EVERYONE seems to about, yet it is a perfectly fine game. This is one of those games.

    After playing RE6, I can honestly say, it is a nice game, I really enjoyed it. I found very few wrong with it, Graphics are nice, great co-op, controls are perfect, long action packed rollercoast ride compaign, weapons feel good. Nothing so terrible to
    warrant these low ratings.

    Is the game perfect? of course not, every games has faults, but people are focusing way too much on the negative and blowing it way out of perportion on top of that they are completely ignoring the rest. They put a lot of effort in this game, you see it everywhere, but instead lets focus on Quick time events, or the occasional fixed camera that annoyed you a 2 or 3 times in a 40 hour game.

    For the love of god, make up your own mind about this game and stop following this MASSIVE bandwagon of haters. This game is perfectly fine and playable.
  83. Nov 22, 2013
    Crapcom has done it again. Making garbage poorly designed games. This is just a cash grab. Everything about this game is garbage. Gameplay, story, graphics, characters etc.
  84. Apr 23, 2013
    I'll be brief. There are a few small campaigns in this game from different characters. I have just completed the first one which is Leon Kennedy. If you are a fan of the old school Resident Evil's don't bother. Luckily I heard about the awfulness beforehand so I just torrented the PC version, which still feels like a waste. I'll probably finish the other campaigns but only because I have nothing much going on during the week.

    What others have said is true, the game is 100% action and the action part isn't really that great compared to games such as Gears of War 3. Literally every 10-30 seconds theres some kind of gigantic explosion or random harrier jets crashing or cars flipping. The game attempts to wow you by throwing gigantic scripted explosions at you similar to CoD but if your a little bit older gamer it gets boring fast.---- Gamers these days might be won over by giant explosions 24/7 or random nonsensical violence but I'm simply not. I think in all genres like comedy, action, horror and others need to have correct pacing or the viewer becomes disinterested. For example a sitcom can't have a joke after a joke for 20 minutes because after awhile people are overwhelmed. The same principle applies here. When every 2 seconds the side of a building is blowing up, followed by a tanker exploding, followed by you jumping into a helicopter, then crashing said helicopter in a giant explosion all right after each other you can tell really fast these scripted sequences are the main game.------Instead of supporting the characters, story or plot the action BECOMES the plot. The story takes a dive yet again with the typical "Evil bad man releases t-virus on city/world".------------If you are looking for true survival horror look up The Evil Within being developed by Shinji Makimi, the original director of RE1-4 and inventor of the survival horror genre itself.
  85. Mar 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Gameplay 6/10 slightly clunky controls I had to use my Xbox gamepad to get through some irritating dashing segments in chris' and jake's campaign.

    Story 5/10 your general resident evil fare, secret evil incorporated wants to destroy the world for some reason, and thinks it's going to be a better place afterwards

    Characters 4/10 Leon hates women, women love Leon... Chris wants to be a good soldier but has serious roid rage... Jake is a Merc and is only in it for the money until something in his head makes it personal... Ada is the femme-fatale who you cant figure out if she's good or bad... Sherry and Helena are walking and ass....

    Overall it's a decent game, not the best but FAR from the worst, put your brain aside and enjoy it with a friend

    oh and the PC version has split screen! SPLIT-SCREEN (do this more developers!)
  86. Apr 8, 2013
    i loved bh4 bh5 but not this...

    what a button acton QTE game is this? so game resident evil 6

    and i dont like moving shot system ..

    cant moving shot system it was bh's identity but they throw it and suck it
  87. Apr 25, 2013
    I have played all of the Resident Evil game iterations since I first picked up Re1 on the Sega Saturn and from my stand point I can see where many of the other reviews are coming from. For a long time now the RE franchise has ceased being a survival horror franchise in its core and moved its control over to a more action based play style.
    With RE6 I can see that they were attempting to
    recall what they lost in the earlier years with the use of Leon's Campaign and I did enjoy it. The story and controls were smooth enough for me to pick up and understand off the bat with very little resistance in the way of difficulty. Many of the newer enemies were smart and innovative in my opinion and like RE5.

    More was brought to the table for me to enjoy.
  88. Apr 26, 2013
    This is no longer resident evil. sure, the shooter part of the game is fun, the graphics and character models are great.

    but when it comes to chase scenes, inventory management, STORY... it becomes not so great. especially the camera in chase scenes.

    there's also... too many QTE segments.
  89. May 3, 2013
    This is a review of Leon and Chris campaigns, I just couldn't get myself to play the others. I liked the Leon campaign it had kinda that RE horror feel to it. Chris campaign was more action packed so I didn't quite liked it but it was ok I suppose.
  90. May 7, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 is exactly what I assumed where the series was going and I'm happy the creators finally decided whether they wanted an action game or a horror game. I knew they'd pick an action game and I laughed quite a lot at the all over the top sequences scattered throughout. Anyone, which is most, wanted the series to go back to the survival horror aspect, they didn't to most people's grief.
    While it's not what I wanted either, I do love how fluid the combat system is and I do actually love to play the game. If the game didn't have Resident Evil on it I'd probably love it a lot more along with a lot more. Though it takes a huge downturn to see this great series slowly became more "mainstream" so it's less of a horror game and just fully on action, as I keep stating.
    Though I am fine with the game as is. I don't see it as a horror game continuation from my childhood, it's just what this series has turned into and I enjoy it for what it is. I loved the co-op in quite a lot of the game except the extremely shoe-horned in Ada and the Agent co-op. I enjoyed Ada's campaign the way it was and I saw no change needed.
    Resident Evil 6 is a decent game with fluent game play and for that I enjoy it. For the series ever going back to the original survival horror scattered with puzzle I don't have hope for the future of Resident Evil.
  91. May 16, 2013
    Honestly, this game sounds and looks great from the trailers down to the artwork. But the moment you play it, the game play itself is choppy not to mention the graphics. Tearing and unneeded shadowing appears right in front of you. Even enhancing the brightness levels can ruin the game visually for you. Also you might as well put on subtitles as the sound is very distorted. Even with a 5.1 or enhanced headset, voices are almost nonexistent. The story line has its fair of twist and turns like any other resident evil. Cinematic game play always leave you at the edge of your chair. Good selection of weapons as well. I personally love resident evil and playing this made me think it may be possible that the resident evil franchise is done. Expand
  92. AWG
    Aug 12, 2013
    Not really what I was expecting. I thought I had to fight infects in a set of very creepy and somewhere scary scenarios but this game was neither creepy nor scary (at least, in the first two hours, then I dropped it). All you have to do is watch unoriginal cut-scenes (I'm not against cut-scenes and I like to enjoy well-done... but those from this game aren't good at all) and basically do what the game tell you to do, when it tell you. Pretty dull. Also, too many characters: who wants to be a lady if there's no Jill choice? Mediocre. Expand
  93. Jul 11, 2013
    What a let down My how far the Resident Evil franchise has fallen. This game, while visually stunning, is hardly worthy of being called a Resident Evil (it's more like those cheesy films that share the name). I could spend ages listing all of the reasons this fails as a game, but I'll just summarise them here instead; - You'll spend most of your time running around looking for ammunition and health, while collecting an inordinate amount of skill points.

    I know item scarcity is a hallmark of survival horror, but this series left survival horror behind long ago

    - Pretty much every enemy can knock you down, and it happens for too often (also accounting for my rubbish gaming skills)

    - I know what the serpent embent emblems are used for, you don't need to tell me every time I collect one damnit!

    - Stupid AI. And I really mean stupid.

    - Stop moving the damn camera! Seriously, when you are running from something or another and the camera decides to focus on something when you are trying to run, which throws off the control scheme, it gets ridiculously frustrating.

    - Bosses that get recycled over and over. Here is a hint for you game developers, how about making us kill them only once, then try tasking your imagination to come up with something other than 'Let's have them kill it again!'.

    - Without warning, if you are stood in the wrong place, something will kill you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it! Ect when you pick Ada and you try to hide from Chris in a shaft like (ok it's like a tunnel of metal) and these things crawl around but they come from out of nowhere they drop from the sky they is no open space for them to drop on your head anyway they drop on your head then you fall in the gap in the celling then Chris holds his gun to your head and you see you are dead screen see uncool guys.

    And the list could go on, but I prefer not to waste too much time ranting about rubbish!
  94. Jul 14, 2013
    Wow what happened?.. Oh wait i'll tell you what happened.

    Resident Evil 5 made so much money (probably because Resident Evil 4 was a massive hit) and never truly lived up to the hype of Res 4. In my honest opinion they sold out to make more money and break into the COD target audience (12-16 year males) with action, action, action.
    Then there was Resident Evil 6, with 1700 different
    playable characters (where lets be honest 95 of us just wanted to play as Leon and maybe the other 5% as Chris) and more quick time events then you could handle. It seems they are just more interested in making a action based game for the yung'uns to make money then making a horror survival for a smaller audience.

    You would think they would of learnt their mistake with Res 5 but nope they saw that it took loads of money so decided to stick with that action horror genre (and even calling it action 'HORROR' is being grateful)

    If you enjoy playing as characters you don't care about and you have to have action every 2 seconds and just wanna shot some zombars then go for it, this is the game for you.

    If you are a fan of the series (well until Res4 that is) then i suggest that you don't go anywhere near it as Capcom are not catering for your needs anymore.

    They had such potential with Leon & maybe Chris that they could of done something so much better but as i read from a critic on this very website that apparently 600 people went into making this game then it is literally like a game where they didn't know what direction they wanted to take so just chucked random stuff together and then went "taaa daaaa" "please buy this game, we have explosions and quick time events for all you kiddies that don't have to work out any puzzles or even think a little"

    i get frustrated because they had it all and once again like EA they wanted to make as much money as possible and stick two fingers up at you..

    I apologize for keep repeating myself about the action and quick time events but imagine Res 1 when you first encounter the dogs through the windows in the hall way or the Licker on the ceiling or either res 2 with the zombies at the beginning or that bastard on the bus and it was all quick time events and you had to press the shoulder buttons to move left and right, it wouldn't feel the same now would it. They dumbed it down and made it in to a movie and lets be honest who gives a f about Jake or whats her name.
  95. Sep 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Impressive, with a touch of old school and some new, Resident Evil 6 may be a place of horror and action, depending on which character you relate to more, not to mention the breathtaking cinematographic scenes and perfectly designed to take to realistic, taking everything good in previous installments, discarding bad ideas and adding one of the most stunning and dramatic Horror stories of the moment, besides adding the QTE (quick time event) to revive your survival instincts to get a strategic move to kill your enemy or have the misfortune to get your death.
    Resident Evil 6... my favorite game and I recommend it to you...
  96. Oct 17, 2013
    Bullet points: +Great graphics and sound +One of the lengthiest Resident Evils -poor mechanics (no methodology to killing enemies. Example: takes 3-7 headshots while micromanaging a flimsy reticule to kill a standard zombie) -clumsy controls (you will kick into space often) -loss of control of protagonist (most damage incurred feels "cheap" and unavoidable) Essentially this is a step back for the series; where as Resident Evil 4 and 5 had horror and action elements, this has almost only action. The best way I can describe it: whether you are playing RE1 on the PS1, or RE5 on the PC, by the end of the game you are far more skilled at dispatching enemies. The cheap hits preclude this skill curve and you will feel no more adept at the end of the game than in your first hour. I can say that this was first Resident Evil that genuinely not fun to play a few hours, which is surprising considering the obvious expense and time it took developing the game.

    Capcom; please enlist more play-testers from multiple nationalities if you want to continue this franchise, preferably some who can give you the raw truth as to whether your game is fun or not before pushing it out the door.
  97. Oct 21, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 is like buying a lottery ticket, you always regret buying one later. The game franchise started out as when of the best survival horror games on the PS1, but through every game, the quality slowly went downhill (with the exception of the remake on the gamecube). Fans of the original games will be very disappointed in the game. It is a complete run and gun game with little to no strategy, you just turn off your brain and kill zombies and little to no difficulty. The game on the hardest difficulty just increases enemy health and numbers while giving you less ammo, which if you know how to aim (which is really easy on the PC version) is a cakewalk. There is no exploring a location, you just keep moving forward killing zombies. After beating Leon’s campaign I found it very hard to move on. This is the one game that should’ve never been made. Expand
  98. Dec 28, 2013
    This game is just bad, it seems Capcom no longer has any clue as to what RE is and what direction the fans want it to go RE4 was a great game but it should have been called something else, ever since that game RE has been a joke and RE6 being the biggest .
    Capcom have already said they will listen to the fans for the next game but I can tell you now they wont RE is dead and the only
    thing that could bring it back is another remake of the first 3 with survival horror at it core not QTE action or Capcom letting go of the license Expand
  99. Nov 19, 2013
    This game is great if you are RE fan you will love this one. Its like 4 games in one, You can choose 4 campaign. The graphics is good the story great. I don't know why others don't like this game this resident evil is the best of all the episodes.
  100. Mar 22, 2013
    This game seems awesome, i liked most the other resident evils, even during their evolution from horror to comedic shooters. But this is unplayable for me, only because of the camera angle and controls, the controls are incredibly awkward with no chance to chance some of the stuff to mouse button keys, thats fine, ill get use to it. But mix these bad controls with a camera that constantly spins this way and that way, jumps from angle to angle.

    Let me give you a example, playing as ada, im runing through the sub, i jump up to kick a enemy, i juck, kick him, the camera switches from one angle to other, now i turn around cause i got a mass following behind him, camera switches around again throwing off what should of been a fluid action. I died as a result of a enemy running up on me and i couldnt quite adjust just right to fire on him.

    I plan on uninstalling it cause the camera jittering coupled with goofy controls only because it gives me a headache, if it wasnt for that id probably suffer through it.

    (just another example, i was trying to figure out how to equip the pipebomb arrows, i assumed it was a secondary ammo, i hit a few of the generic keys, nothing worked, went into the options to look it up, i saw a command that sounded like it would do just what i was after, so i hit G, it only switched from sub machine gun to crossbow.....i still have no idea how to switch ammos out).

    Just to show you where im coming from, im not a cowadooty kid, i stopped when it lost its way after united offense.

    Games a easy 8/10, but with my issues id throw it as a 5 or 6.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 18
  2. Negative: 2 out of 18
  1. Feb 4, 2014
    Perhaps it's still too experimental and difficult than the sixth entry in a series ought to be, but despite everything, RE6 offers top-tier cinematic action and series-high storytelling. For fans who've yet to try it, the PC version is the right choice.
  2. 80
    If we forget the roots of the franchise, we have ourselves a pretty awesome and addictive 3rd person shooter. [May 2013]
  3. May 21, 2013
    An apocalyptic disappointment that never rises above mediocrity, but often sinks into tedium. [July 2013, p.72]