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  1. May 22, 2013
    So i will start with the obvious, the graphics. Very sub-par especially for a pc port, very ps2 feel.
    The controls, i used both the mouse and keyboard and a controller and well....they are very clunky. Aiming has to be the worst its a combination of magnetic targeting and no real balance between camera speeding out of control to slow-mo.
    The dialog is awful, cut scenes are out of sync
    with the words and their expressions are linear.
    The challenge is there if you enjoy fighting the awkwardness of the controls vs. the camera other than that its a pass 4/10.
  2. May 21, 2013
    Challenging, fun, exciting, creepy,
    As Resident Evil fan (since Re/bio1)I like the way they brought back the old school "survival horror" and mixed it in with the new school look.
    But the Controlls are a bit annoying (at the first moment) and I wasn't happy about jill's look, not the best(preffe the design from re5) but it is okay.
    so um,
  3. May 21, 2013
    This game is... so annoying.
    All this is, is a third person shooter that is completely linear, telling a story 'revealing' untold bits to the resident evil saga. Only that the third person shooting-prat is atrociously done. I can not choose a sensitivity lower than 5 when I am using the mouse, because if I happen to put it lower than that and i want to aim accurately and aim just a little
    bit to a direction, it does not register, the crosshair will not move if you do not move your mouse enough or have the sensitivity high enough, so that defeats the point of a good 'shooter'. Also 3 hours into the game there is a slight variety of monsters which can all be defeated easily by just dumb shooting into their torso, hitting the head is an annoyance since they always wiggle around and you will miss half your shots then anyway. It seems this does not have the sweet vendor as in RE4, no, they solace you with you finding customization kits along the way and you can smack those gunparts onto whatever it fits. I mean.. RE6 was just horrible to play, it was one huge annoyance to go through the story, but this tops it with really not so nice at all graphics and dialogue that will make you want to tear your hair right out of your head (it is just brain-melting). On top of that, as long as you play singleplayer, your 'partner' will be almost absolutely useless. I've tested this and walked around, evading a monster, letting my partner shoot the monster, but after over a minute waiting I've had enough, I'm not sure if your partner does zero damage at all with their gun or just very few...
    The M1911 does have the exact same shooting sound as the M9... etc, etc I could keep nagging about more and more details that make me not like this game at all and i truly don't think it deserves a rating of 78 at all, because this game is way too superficial and drab/boring. Oh and you constantly get keys which will make you, if you're a completionist, run back on the ship all the time to collect gun parts, herbs, ammo etc... very annoying too, it just feels like they want to stretch the gameplay length as much as possible. (Though I don't think this deserves a zero or lower than 3, because that spot will be reserved for War Z)
  4. May 24, 2013
    As the series fan since first RE i had to get this one, but is it really a return to the series "roots" as some press says no,it have nothing to do with first games.Revelations is still a linear shooter with very bad story (this one have probably the worst dialogs in the series),the only difference is some very limited exploration elements here and there.Graphic is good for a small console port and i didn't had any big problems with controls them selfs, however combat is pain when there are more monsters on the screen there are times when i felt like i am playing serious sam and that's a pure chaos with typical for resident evil shooting mechanic.
    There are few things i actually liked like monster design witch fits here well.Also i liked boss fights for providing some challenge.
    Resident Evil: Revelations is good for 3ds port, but painful combat,identity crisis (it's not either a horror or a pure shooter),and weak story line even for resident evil title (terrible dialogues drag it down.Also there is no coop campaign this time.

    Only for series fans

    ps.Big for Capcom for listening to fans and taking efforts to port this game.
  5. May 31, 2013
    Considering how I love Resident Evil games I have to say they really screwed up on this game. For the sake of this rating I'll begin a list
    1. Poor Graphics(Even in the cinematics) 2. Didn't like how you don't have the ability to sprint 3. Poor dodge methods 4. No ability to combine herbs, items, etc. 5. Felt like where I was shooting wasn't where I was hitting 6. Don't see any actually
    affect where you shoot the enemy 7. Reload system doesn't make sense (2 reload sounds full reload for a 6 or even a 9 clip shotgun)(Plus the default for the Hydra shotgun is 5 ammo...why when it's 3 barrels?) 10. No real major boss battles. Well I could keep going but you get the picture. Expand
  6. May 31, 2013
    Welcome to the world of Resident Evil: Revelations with wacky side characters, long loading times in rooms, predictable betrayals, anime hairstyles and clothing designs. The firmament of zero subtlety and over explanation. Also the final boss is a bullet sponge. It also costs more than Cry of Fear.
  7. Aug 7, 2013
    This game is voted far too favorably. The few (3-4) hours that I spent trying to immerse myself ended up filled with laughter at the awful ported graphics (other than character models and cut scenes) and utter frustration at the extremely poor controls. Aiming is a pretty big part in a shooter of any variety, and this is just pathetic. I could go on about things like how the character enters a room so blindly and the awful dialog, but I'll save you the time. Even if on sale, I would say avoid completely. Expand
  8. May 21, 2013
    Excelente juego no me decepciono en lo absoluto, su historia es lo que mas me a tramado, la jugabilidad es muy parecida al Resident Evil 4 que fue mi juego favorito de la saga junto con Resident evil 5 y 6 grandes juegos. pero el Revelations tiene algo especial y es su característica de survivar horror y a la vieja escuela como sus 3 primeros juegos de antaño pero este los supera con creces. La única pega es su apartado visual y animaciones un poco desfasado para los tiempos de hoy, es comprensible de que es un port de una portátil que fue desarrollado pensado para ese hardware pero Capcom podía haber hecho un mejor esfuerzo en esos apartados es por eso que le doy un 9. El otro aspecto es el contenido como siempre de costumbre los Resident Evil tienen gran cantidad de contenidos algo que agradezco mucho. Conclusión no lo he terminado todo llevo 5 horas jugadas y hasta ahora me tiene enviciado, sus escenarios oscuros en el buque del Queen Zenobia es sorprendente, la ambientación donde se origina es de lo mas original el movimiento del barco entre otros aspectos que le dan un realismo y una tensión bastante satisfactoria creo que Resident Evil debe seguir esa linea de suspenso y oscuridad le queda muy bien, no fui tan generoso con las primeras entregas no fueron juegos de mucho agrado, pero creo que Capcom debería plantearse en hacer las próximas entregas con acción mas pasiva y mas con toques de survivar horror. Creo que pagar 50 dolares por un port es algo exagerado teniendo en cuenta que ya había salido 1 año atrás en la Nintendo 3DS pero bueno en mi opinión valió la pena.. Expand
  9. May 20, 2013
    Its a good game... Enough said... Its interesting how they did the story, The shooting is a tad bit clunky but its okay, There are bits I don't like but i'm leaving that out... but overall its worth 8.5 but I will do 9 since they don't have 8.5
  10. May 30, 2013
    It's better then RE4/RE5/RE6. The best RE from last ten years!
    Game have oldschool atmosphere.
    When I play game my feelings was like I play in game from first trilogy: tensity, sometimes fear.
    It have nice soundtrack, graphics(not in videos, but in gameplay), story, gameplay! You can found here some puzzles.
    Sorry for my english.
  11. Jun 9, 2013
    Why 5? Because it is a mix of pros and cons. Pros: 1. Original horror feeling like resident evil 1 to 3 AND NO MORE STUPID QTE FREQUENT CUTSCENE! 2. The creatures are much more nasty than RE 6, and look like those born from the result of biohazard (Finally no more stupid gun-firing fly-like creature in RE6) 3. better plot than RE6 4. some more interesting puzzle solving like those in RE 1 to 3
    5. less linear path like those in RE 5 & 6
    6. a nice "scanner" to play around, at least something new

    1. poor port and crappy control, esp. mouse sensitivity issue
    2. poor texture quality due to NDS port
    3. useless partner due to poor AI and they deal ZERO damage to enemy
    4. enemy just ignore your partner, and target at you, what a shame
    5. in urgent situation, you are still advised to use the scanner to find goodies, that just break the atmosphere
    6. low diversity of enemy types, too boring
  12. Jun 6, 2013
    This is more like resident evil series than RE6. Graphics are very bad, i don't mind. Much interesting method in this game is the story. No sprint (no needed). Bad dodging. The dialog is awful. Add some puzzle (easy puzzle). There is a slight variety of monsters. Add some upgrade for weapons
  13. May 25, 2013
    At short ,
    This game is more of the same the old formula with a different look and new gadgets ,i don't care for the graphics or the raid mode, the scare rate is 0/10,The story was industrial RE.
    Bottom line It has been done already.
  14. May 25, 2013
    I loved Resident Evil 5, and i can´t understand why Capcom build on this epic ground. I also played Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and become very frustrated about this game. (I played it 2h and have deleted it). Now, Capcom has learned nothing from all that critics. The continuing from its downward spiral and Capcom produces more waste games under this great title.It was finallly my last Resident Evil title that I have ever bought. Expand
  15. May 27, 2013
    this is one of the best resident evil games for many years its amazing not just on ds but on xbox to unlike other more resent resident evil games this game is more like the old ones and one of the best games i've played all year.
  16. Jun 19, 2013
    This is one if those "where-the-hell-should-I-go" games. The whole story takes place at the large ship with boring and monotonous design. And you never know exactly, where to go and what to do. And you're just walking around through the same locations over and over again, trying to find some button or trigger which finally works. I don't understand why this game received such good reviews while wonderful RE6 was underrated so badly. Expand
  17. May 23, 2013
    RE series was born "meant to be played" with a controller, this is RE so people complaining that mouse and keyboard here, mouse and keyboard there should remember that those things were meant to play "Word" and "Excel", not games. All complaints here about how this game "feels" seems to come from people who never played Anything before RE5 or at least RE4 or directly no RE ever, also complaints about not being "innovative" are weird, if they make some innovations the game is blamed to be a shooter as happened to RE6, if they keep the same "feeling" for it someone's complaints is that there is no innovation, what the heck.

    People who likes the classic RE atmosphere will find bread for their teeth here, graphics maybe are not jawdropping but nonetheless very good, sound is ok, the story is ok, this is an overall good game and a very good RE, my rating would be a 8.5 but I round up to 10 cause it's sad to see clueless ranting people rating this game in the range 0-4.
  18. May 21, 2013
    What about getting a new graphic motor? What about the mouse sensibility? What about local coop mode?

    I really think they are using all the same game that started on RE5 on all these news games, please... INNOVATE!

  19. Jun 1, 2013
    Better than Resident Evil 6 ....

    i think 4 Revelations 5 6

    i hate 6... but like revelations

    5 was a good game too

    But 6 was a total bad game
  20. May 24, 2013
    It's good. Control are so much better compare to resident evil 5. I think much of the RE series having lame controls, haven't play RE 6 so i dont know bout that one. Just get used to it and you will be okay. The graphic is very nice since it's a port from 3ds. The story are much interesting compare to 5. Overall a good game. 9/10 but i'll give it 10/10
  21. Aug 9, 2013
    No COOP campaign mode!!!!
    False advertising!
    Horrible graphics!
    Pay to play!
    Horrible DLC!
    Very lazy! This is one of the worst games I have ever played, I want my money back.
  22. Sep 2, 2013
    terribly ported game. to be honest, on a 3ds it might be fun to play, on a pc its just a waste of money.
    the graphics are dated, the are many ugly looking textures and videobugs like floating blood,
    enemies often get stuck walking into objects, the levels are so short and boring, then youre spammed with video cut sequences, and to make it even worse, you have to watch a resume of what
    you just did in a short video as well, every few levels.
    i didnt expect much, but this game still disappointed me.
    if youre looking for a fun resident evil game, buy any game but this. honestly. in my opinion, even racoon city was more fun to play.
    graphics 0 sounds 0 (pistol sounds like a toygun, etc.) animations 0, story 3, controls 1, actual fun while playing 0 all together its not worth buying, not even on sale. get it on ds or else it will feel like a robbery.
  23. May 31, 2013
    This game is cool. I recommend it to all old fans of Resident Evil, especially of series 1, 2 and 3. I was annoyed with aiming, even with pro mouse on pro mousepad I could not aim properly. Beside, dialogs were a bit lame, but I like a move Capcom has made. Going back to darkness, true horror. This is how Resident Evil should be. Assuming:
    - graphics, I dont mind, I like it's own unique
    style(RE always had very average gfx, I like that)
    - sound is great
    - story, very twisted and disappointing on start(I was like "WTF?!" when I saw second mission)
    - gameplay, cool but aiming should be corrected
    - Jill Valentine, she does not look like original character from 3rd part. Why she has changed so much?

    Capcom should defiantly go for horror mode. Otherwise they will kill entire series in matter of few years. If I want to play a shooter I will go for shooter, I want Resident Evil as i was from start. This is how game succeed and this is how it should be all time.

    9, why? Play, dont mind graphics. You'll realise.
  24. Jun 6, 2013
    This game is generally very well created. It has unique setting. Player is pitted into the ghost ship, with enemies crawling around every corner and behind every door. It sets up the intense and unsettling atmosphere and claustrophobic elements that comes from game's setting also helps intensifying atmosphere of game. One downside of this is, that this game tries to put some variety in gaming by shifting the game's perspective to that of someone else. That includes someone in snowy mountain, the office building under siege, etc. Although all levels are quite well designed, it never struck me as strong as the haunted ship.

    Unlike the previous Resident Evil series where action overthrew the very fundamental the horror out of window, this game quite succeeds in its attempt to balance the horror and the action. There are a lot of weapons to help you survive, but you never feel completely prepared for encounter with enemies. This also adds nice intensity to general feel of game.

    However, this game's story is completely detached from original storyline, which might throw off some Resident Evil fan. Well, this can be forgiven as story isn't much of big deal in Resident Evil games. However, what I can't forgive is the graphic. Although things looks ok generally, the texture looks like it just crawled from 2008. Although graphic isn't much of concern when you're trying survive, I expected it to be on par with games currently out there.

    I can't help but feeling this game is like B-rated horror movie. Although there are certainly some good traits about this game, I don't think this is worth full game price, even more so considering this is originally 3DS game. Survival horror (or action) fans will guaranteed to find enjoyment in this game, but I'd wait until price drops.
  25. May 25, 2013
    This game is nothing like the original Resident Evil games. For the first few chapters (the chapters last about 20 minutes at a time) the game has a little bit of backtracking on an empty ship, then it turns into pretty hardcore action straight onto the end. It feels like a pint-sized version of Resident Evil 5. There is some backtracking included, but only after clearing out rooms filled with ooze. At that point, the ship is so uninteresting the backtracking just wastes time since there are zero interesting puzzles, just finding keys.

    There are times this feels like a kiddie game despite the overly sexual Jessica and a tiny bit of cursing because of silly anime style side characters and the weak gore factor. There is blood spurting and splashing, but you can't even get decapitated and the enemies melt into puddles of ooze. To be expected being original made for a kid's handheld console.

    After finishing the game, I have to say this is the weakest ending to a Resident Evil game ever. Good thing it wasn't a part of the main series.

    Emotions usually run high at game launches and people only want to listen to what they want to hear, but I'll say this game isn't worth full sticker price. It plays like a slightly enhanced mobile game and not the HD remake you would be expecting. There are some genuinely thrilling moments (this is an action game, not scary like survival horror), but overall I'm a bit disappointed.
  26. Jun 23, 2013

    I found the story really hard to follow as it constantly goes backward and forward in time as you switch to different characters who are all in different locations. The story it self is rather boring and the characters are no developed enough for me to care about them in the slightest, there is also some silly love story crap going on too but I really didn't care enough to find


    I don't tend to really care about graphics but they look really bad in some areas and the lip syncing is terrible at times. There are alot of low-rez textures on most of the objects so when you get close to them it just look awful and some of the characters look pretty crap too.


    Moving around is a pain to get used to as you can turn around at a ridicules speed, I had to change the mouse sensitivity because moving and aiming was really god damn difficult. I also don't like some of the binding as you had to hold W+Left Click to doge attacks but sometimes my character would use the knife in stead of dodging which got me killed alot. I found the camera a bit to low for my liking so my character would sometimes get in the way to the point where I could not see stuff coming towards me.


    Gameplay is your standard Resident Evil gameplay which is shoot or run past everything which is fun for a while but it soon got repetitive for me and I just wanted the game to end. Your teammates AI is AWFUL, my AI partner would rarely ever use his/her gun and the enemies would just walk right past them!

    Overall this game is a disappointment and should only be played by big Resident Evil fans.
  27. Aug 5, 2013
    Great game..all people talk without do not cant be see in graphics but to in sound,gameplay and history!
    Of co my really score is 8 (graphic 9,sound-9,gameplay-6 and history-9), but im see people give 0-4 even alien colonies marines are more and this resi don't deserve.
    Im fan from resi 1 all play all resident evils and see down and ups in games but to be honest from 4
    the saga of resi down even resi 3.5 (the original capcom take away don't wish are a great game to bad don't put) Revelations remember dark places in my old school times,some scary moments,great fun in all levels, and if not have gamepad the game sucks a little in rest game have lot extras and u can unlock and have more level with ur chars..ALl fans have play this game from others maybe just other game..if u wish good graphic games go play bf3 or the new bf4 when come...don't come with that ****s of realism 3d... Expand
  28. Sep 5, 2013
    Resident Evil Revelations is a very strange game, to me. Allow me to get the negatives out of the way first :

    At first, I hated it with a passion. All of the good things from the recent, modern Resident Evil games were gone. Upon hitting an enemy, they seldom react, if ever. You would end up emptying entire clips into an enemy only for them to go through a pre-baked death animation
    once their invisible health bar reached zero. The ability to dodge or perform context actions is virtually gone. The only time you can perform a context attack is when the random number roller decides you have triggered a 'stun state' on the enemy, at which point you move close, then hold down the action button, and release to perform a close combat attack. While that sounds similar to recent games, your character is simply stood still in a random pose while they 'charge up damage' for release, and just looks dumb in all honesty. The new dodging mechanic is atrocious. You have to position yourself directly in the way of the attack, and then flick forwards on the controller (if using the USB XBOX360 controller) to dodge. If your timing is even slightly off, you will naturally get hit. The problem? The game doesn't prompt you when the 'flick now to dodge' period is, and the only area to trigger it is often in the dumbest location to be, often directly in front of the enemy.

    Now, this said? It isn't that bad of a game. The mechanics can be frustrating as hell, but the game quickly grows on you. Once you discard any notion of playing a 'modern' Resident Evil game, it gets better (albeit with weak bullet-sponging action for a shooter). You have to pay more attention to how you move, so that you don't allow yourself to become cornered or open to certain kinds of attack (there is a 'standard' enemy that has a slow ranged attack). You have to pay more attention to your ammo, be wary of your health, and weigh up how to engage the enemy or whether to just retreat. Granted, I was playing on one difficulty above normal, so I imagine the standard experience is quite tame, perhaps even boring.

    The story is a usual hammy Resident Evil affair, but one that feels strangely non-canon given how little mention it gets elsewhere in the series, despite how huge of an event the story would have been in the Resident Evil world (and the formation of the BSAA). Despite the gameplay change, after my first two bitter chapters where I was still hung up on modern RE games, I really got into it, and felt compelled to keep playing to see how it all turns out. The story is a bit messy, with the focus jumping between various groups of characters, but otherwise pretty solid if you don't mind the usual dramatic action tropes. Though as per usual RE writing, there was one supremely aggravatingly poorly written character, the typical random sex-appeal female who makes everything about "do you have a crush on me?" "are you trying to ask me out?" "why won't this guy take my hint?". Thanks for making every one of your players roll their eyes with the force of a tornado, guys. Thankfully Jill provides a stoic, highly effective and mission-focused female lead that squarely flips off all the usual bimbo qualities in favour of being a straight-up field agent. Chris is also less of a complete meathead here too, and when he finally gets to stand beside Jill as a support character, you finally get an "IT'S GO TIME" echo of the original Resident Evils. Parker, the new support character, is suprisingly likeable for a goofball. His sense of humour is not so overdone that he doesn't know when to shut up and put on his game face, and he actually has a bit of depth to him rather than being a slightly chubby comic relief guy. He actually feels like somebody you want to have covering your back, y'know?

    The lack of a sprint and dodge function was a bit vexing at first, and the lack of combat reactions really betrayed this game, but overall it's an enjoyable experience if you can just let go of the AAA-style modern REs. It won't be for everyone though, so I would suggest downloading the demo before you purchase. Also, it is worth noting that this is a port of a portable console game, with a little re-working on visuals. Even then, the visuals are not exactly superb. There are some beautiful little details here and there, but the lower-poly enemy models are very noticeable.

    I like that they are trying to give their fans a more nostalgic flavour, but I don't think they needed to discard the positives they learned from their newer games. Some of the enemy designs are excellent, while others are quite lacking. Gotta give those concept dudes some real credit for what they replaced the standard zombies with!

    Unless you only enjoyed the modern ones, if you are a Resident Evil fan, consider my rating at a +1.
    If you aren't a fan of the series, I would subtract one or maybe even two.
    I can see this being a real marmite game, you'd either love it or hate it.
  29. May 28, 2013
    The RE series were going downhill after RE5, but this one is simply tremendous.
    Story is good and it is fun to play in Raid mode. The graphics are all right and the gameplay is good.
  30. Jun 3, 2013
    Resident Evil Revelations is a third person shooter. Resident Evil Revelations suffered from boring underwater sections and below standard graphics. But Resident Evil Revelations' flaws do not take away from all of the good things it has to offer, including a great raid mode, some horror elements, good combat, and lots of great moments in the game.
  31. Oct 12, 2013
    The best resident evil game, it has the combat of 4, but with better aiming and the labyrinthine environments of remake mainly on a cruse ship and has a great plot, likeable characters and a touch of that res evil charm.
  32. Mar 12, 2014
    When I first played the game, I thought is going to be worse as hell, but when I almost finished it I realised that RE: R is the second best after 6. Good graphics, nice levels, scary plot and captivating characters. What I didn't like was the lack of defence, the tiny melee attack and poor aiming.
  33. Jun 14, 2013
    Clearly it is not a RE as the old school RE game, which has been happening since RE4.
    It's an interesting game, in some ways more than RE4, 5 and 6 combined. The story leaves much to be desired, but the gameplay is decent.
    It has its moments of suspense as the old RE, but that is not enough.

    Visually its quite inferior compared with the predecessors, but for being a port of handheld
    its not bad.
    The raid mode is very entertaining and addictive.

    Without going any further, it is worthwhile, but not at full price.
  34. Feb 19, 2014
    This was a major step backwards from RE6 in virtually every category. I expected much better from the latest of the Resident Evil franchise. I am certain that if they had wanted to do a better job with this game, they could and would have. I'm just glad I got it while it was on sale..
  35. Nov 3, 2013
    Always been a RE fan, since the very first one, while this game is part of the new action game trend into this title, it is still creepy enough, challenging and the story will totally suck you up into the game to make you play as much as you can.

    The story is well done and it narrate the evens between RE4 and RE5, allowing the players to have more infos on the background of the
    characters. Would totally suggest to play this game. Graphically talking, it is ok, I would not give 10/10 on graphic, but anyone rating a game on the graphic without considering his high playbility and good interface with the commands (the commands are ported in a simplified way that is currently shared among the RE games). So Story: 9/10 Graphic: 7/10 Controls and UI: 6.5/10

    The game also offer a raid version of the game which allow the game to have a bit more of longevity, still, I haven't tried that at the moment.

    This is surely a game worth 30 euro, so should you find it on sale, and you are curious, I would suggest you to buy it!
  36. Feb 13, 2014
    This is a good game, that accomplishes the prerequisites for a Resident Evil game. It is far from the best Resident Evil games, but still is a enjoyable game. The organization in episodes is a good idea that make the story more interesting. The ship Queen Zenobia is a good location for the plot, but the game sometimes is repetitive and the enemies are boring. If you like Resident Evil series you will like Revelations, but this game does not give a millionth of the fear and the satisfaction that the old Residents gave to us. Expand
  37. Jun 6, 2013
    RE Revelation is the best game in the series after RE4. This game really deserved to be played. Though graphics are not very good, but still main thing in a game is gameplay and story and Revelations does not lose in either of that. The PC port might have some minor issues, but that shouldn't be something stopping you from enjoying this awesome game.
  38. Jun 20, 2013
    In regards to the PC version of this game, not only is it falsely advertized stating "improved visuals", but the mouselook control was put into this engine via hackjob and it just feels like something that's been forced out of a handheld and onto computers.... oh yeah; right. It is.

    Taking the game from its stereoscopic 3D original and downgrading it to monoscopic 2D without even
    building the option to enable 3D if one has the hardware is a gigantic downgrade. I don't care how many more polygons you render, how many more colors the palette can actively use it's garbage because the depth perception or even the option to have it has been removed. To me, having loved the 3DS version this was a gigantic letdown that tore 40% of what the game had to offer away from the experience.

    What's really a letdown about the downgrade to monoscopic 2D here is this is a desperate move by Capcom to cash in over their failed Resident Evil 6 release. It's turning out to be more of a slap in the face to the gamer than anything else. It's been rushed, downgraded and it's essentially the very same game with nothing new to offer.
  39. Aug 2, 2013
    Po takiej sobie 5 i 6 oraz po FATALNYM Raccon City, fani potrzebowali Revelations. Dziękuje Capcomowi że przypomniał sobie jak powinien wyglądać prawdziwy survival-horror. Świetny klimat, wciągająca fabuła i model starych Resident Evilów, co by chcieć więcej? No właśnie, graczom nigdy nie dogodzisz. Myślę że Capcom spokojnie mógł pozwolić sobie na lepszą grafikę(mówię głównie o PC), nawet jeśli ma to nawiązywać do starych Resident Evilów, czy nawet że jest to port z DS. Do tego twórcy dodali parę misji bez klimatu, a przecież to chyba jest najważniejsze w RE. Misje ze zwykłym strzelaniem to co prawda nie klapa, ale nie tego oczekiwaliśmy. Myślę też że sam Reveletions mógłby być ogólnie lepiej zrobiony. Większość elementów była już zawarta w starych Resident Evilach, więc nie ma dużego sensu grać w to a nie uruchomić np. 4 czy 3. Myślę jednak że każdy szanowany się fan tej horrorowej serii, powinien chodź spróbować zagrać. Moja ocena 7/10 Expand
  40. Jan 27, 2014
    resident evil ist beinahe zurück. mit revelations gibt es endlich wieder alte RE Momente. klar die grafik ist jetzt nicht super geil aber es reicht. den eigentlich ist es die atmosphere die einen ins spielgeschehen hinein zieht. und genau das passiert euch bei RE:Revelations. leider ist das game etwas kurz, doch der rest passt so.
    Für jeden Resident Evil Fan schwerstens zu empfehlen.
  41. Jan 15, 2014
    I want to start off by saying that ezreally is ignorant. PS2 graphics? Really? I never knew PS2 games used normal and light maps, level streaming, complex particles, realistic water, etc. all at 1080 resolution. BUT I GUESS YOU LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY.

    Anyway, the graphics are decent by today's standards, but nothing special. The environments are well built, and the sound is great.
    The gameplay is fun, but not as tight as RE6 (which was a worse game, ironically).

    What really kills this game is the enemies and story. The enemies are not scary and mostly just boring. The story is another convoluted, timeline-shifting, multi-character playable mess. Capcom really needs to break this little phase they are in, because this and RE6 could have had a much more concise and meaningful story. Give me a continuous adventure full of exploration and horror like the originals or RE4. Please Capcom.

    Overall though, the story was at least interesting. The exploration of the ship and the combat is what kept me playing. Raid mode is also very fun. It adds an RPG-esque style to the campaign maps, which is actually pretty addicting.
  42. Dec 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I originally played this on the 3ds when it first came out but since sold off the 3ds and the game. But I have since found it on steam and found it to be a much more excellent and well rounded entry in the RE franchise. I haven't felt scared playing RE since RE3 Nemesis and Code VEronica X. This game delivers top scary moments unlike some of the post RE4 games. I know RE4 was popular with the fresh look and controls but it lacked the fear factor and tension of the original trilogy.

    Revelations gets the action and horror balance just right with the new scanner to add more depth to finding items and studying your enemies. Not only are we treated to some old characters and enemies but the new t-abyss creatures are a welcome yet terrifying site. While I will miss the bog standard zombies of old the T-Abyss creatures make up for it. The return of the Hunters is a great nostalgia moment and they are as dangerous as ever.

    The overall plot is very good, out of all the RE Franchise Revelations feels much more character driven. Your not just stuck with one character to play as too. You jump between 4 pairs of characters to control throughout the game. Each pairing has different exclusive enemies to face so the game wont get repetative.

    Graphically I wasn't expecting a huge jump from 3ds to PC but they are good enough. But on a large screen the sight of a T-Abyss creature or a Hunter coming at you is much more intense than it is on a handheld console.

    Not much else I can say except if your a resident evil fan you will love this game, if your new to resident evil this is a great game to try out
  43. Jan 20, 2014
    Would have had made it 5-7 since i'm a fan of RE but 8 would be good, i just hate the fact that i can't play with someone else (since i'm not good w/ horror) I don't hate the graphics (infact i think it's good since i'm not happy seeing zombies all the time [ but i don't think zombies should be cut out of the picture] because i really loved the RE:6 since there were different zombies for different characters like for Leon there were MOST of the time zombies in Chris there were zombies w/ guns and for Jake there were both) So you guys shouldn't make too much of this unrealistic fantasies since it ruins the game (Even though it's really scary) Only reason why i would had rated it 5-7 is that
    1. Hate the fact that there's no 2 players for people like us that are not good with horrors
    2. The Zombies
    3. The dodging? It's too hard
    4. The running? Where's all the fun?
    5. The Aiming? It's very hard, it's like you can't hit their weak spots since they move too much
    6. No Combining of Herbs? The hell! that's the fun in RE: 4,5 and 6
    There are many more but, you guys got the point right?
    4,5, AND >6< was really fun since you can play 2 players (except 4) and there weren't that much any problems

    Please do look at this Review Capcom and Nintendo it will help for future references (I noticed those problems by reviewing the reviews myself and I'm even hoping that you guys haven't) I know most RE fans wouldn't like a 2 player campaign but can't you at least make an option where you can play 1 player w/ an AI that can't help that much or another option where you can play 1 player but you can pick whether the AI will help also an option where players can pick if they want to play 1 or 2 players like in RE 5 and 6
  44. Mar 30, 2014
    Great graphics, great sound-layout, fantastic story. The good 'old Resident Evil is back putting all you know in the corner.
    Capcom gone wild making the girls even hotter than in the previous parts. Zombies (Rachel

Generally favorable reviews - based on 12 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 12
  2. Negative: 0 out of 12
  1. May 28, 2013
    Revelation has some flaws - an imperfect controlling system, some short and too easy levels and really stupid story moments, that are typical for the Resident Evil series. Still, despite all this, the new RE is a great game. Episodic formula works great with telling a large, multithreaded story, the game has some real horror, great boss fights and a new game mode. It's definitely worth your time.
  2. May 27, 2013
    Just like the zombies that the Resident Evil brand was built on, Revelations proves that there might be life after death (or at least severe downward spiral) after all.
  3. May 23, 2013
    Porting Revelations to make it readily available to millions of gamers was a smart move by Capcom, but if you have played the 3DS version already then there is nothing new here for you. For everyone else, Capcom has done console and PC gamers a favor in providing a thrilling and riveting addition to this truly evil series.