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  1. Mar 26, 2011
    I bought Rift with a couple of guild mates from Wow. We needed a break and that is definitely what we found in rift. The first thing I noticed when I stepped into the beginners zone was how beautiful the game looked and sounded. I don't have the best computer but even at medium settings it looks great. The class system is a nice fresh way to get different specs as well, when you can mix and match what ever you would like to make a tank, dps or healer on nearly every class. The random rift openings and invasions help to keep things fresh for a bit, and the fact that you can jump into a public group and take care of these events or even jump into a group to finish a quest is great. But in the end Rift is still a MMO and you will still get a multitude of quests of go here and kill this many enemies and then take this letter to that guy three feet from me because I'm too lazy. Rift is a great game and if you enjoy MMO's or are curious to play one this is a good game for you. Expand
  2. Jan 1, 2012
    I'll tell you what, after playing SWTOR this game feels like the most innovative game in the universe. Seriously, good lord. So anyway, this game is basically a cookie cutter theme park mmo, but it's probably the most stream lined and polished one I've played. The rifts are the gimmick of this game and they are pretty fun, but can get a little annoying at times. Still, it's a nice addition. The best thing about this game - the developers. Crazy thing I know, but it's true. They pump out INSANE amounts of content, easily more than double or triple most other mmo companies, and it's not just crap content. I have a lot of respect for a company like this, and they address what players ask for.

    In general the game has a lot of nice features: great UI, rifts and zone events are awesome, constant world events, collection system, nice exploration carrots like puzzles and so forth, robust achievement system with rewards, alternate advancement system, nice realistic graphics, world full of immersion with npc chatter and scripted activities, swimming, day / night, weather, creatures, etc (if you've played SWTOR you've seen the exact opposite of world immersion). The game does have negatives though like only 1 starter zone each, minimal races to choose from and they are all humanoid, lacking pvp, generic quest types, typical end game mechanics of raid or pvp, generic questing, smallish community, etc.
  3. May 17, 2011
    Could not stop playing this game for about 100 hours, now I have a hard time continuing. I loved the environments and the rifts were a great idea. This game is of course very hard to play by yourself, and can get boring when just killing a bunch of the same enemies. The overall scale of some of the monsters is great! Try not to get excited when you see the titanic baddies running at you. Overall a lot of fun but i could see a lot of people dropping their subscription after 100ish hours. Expand
  4. May 19, 2011
    As an MMO veteran with literally tens of thousands of hours played, I can confidently say Rift is an astonishing release that truly impresses me. Both Trion's willingness to listen to the community while still maintaining their vision for the game is something we haven't seen from a major MMO in quite sometime. Rift takes the concepts created in Everquest, Camelot, and Warhammer and fleshes them out, adds their own sauce to the mix and an incredible game is the result. The game has its faults, but none of them aren't things that will be fixed over time and relative to any other MMO release ever done, this is an incredibly polished and finished game with a dev team that really has their stuff together. Expand
  5. Jun 23, 2011
    I will start with the Pros. The games graphics are very impressive. The dungeon system is smooth. Basically everything you would expect from a paid MMORPG is here. Also RIFT brings more things to the table, like multi-class system tree which allows for good variety of game play. Character customization is also more in-depth then most other MMORPGs. The rift events also add a good twist. Cons: The graphics and cities could be a major lag issue for people with less powerful computers. Even by lowing the graphics the mire presence of many players in fairly small cities could cause a major lag issue. The dungeon system is smooth, but they do not make key factors in boss fights easily recognizable (Which could be a con and pro). Rift events especially major ones cause such huge lag problems and can be chaotic with 50+ players attacking the same target, thus moving or even fighting nearly impossible. The armor and some weapons from level 1-40 are pretty much the same looking, 0 variety. The game also lacks a in-game re-customization of your character like WoWs and Lord of the Rings Online's Barbershop. It also lacks a dungeon finder leaving instances easily skipped to avoid the headache of spamming for LFG. Most of all the combat experience is smooth, but leaves you empty hearted and yearning for the "I just kicked some butt" feeling. That eventually leaves you bored and uninterested in grinding. Over all, this games a dud, but by far the best MMO to be released since 2004. If you like casual RPGs with low intensity leveling and combat. Rift is the game for you! Expand
  6. Jul 3, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's a good few months now since the release of Rift and the flaws within it and the ineptitude, incompetence and sheer lack of experience by Trion in the MMO scene is so shockingly evident at this stage.

    The PvP in the game and the state of it, is absolutely dire and has been since the start, with no effort from Trion to even show a modicum of change to set things right.

    The instanced PvP (warfronts as they're called, similar to Wow's Battlegrounds) although fun for a while, get very boring and repetitive - I should know, my main character is Rank 6 prestige in pvp.

    That boredom and repetitive nature of the warfronts (coupled with Trion inexplicably and inexcusably allowing premade groups to farm those that have joined the warfronts as solo puggers) makes your goal toward the higher ranks in pvp an absolute horrible grind - and after all that, there's nothing to aim for other than going back to those same warfronts to compete against those same premades again and again - zero fun.

    In the latest patch (June 2011) 1.3 - Trion attempted to address the premades wrecking everyone else's fun in the warfronts by splitting the queue system, so premades had to play premades and the solo pug players could just enjoy the fun of the warfront and the balanced challenge that they bring without premades destroying it for everyone.
    Lo and behold though, not a week passed with that patch being implmented when Trion reverted on their change to the queue system and we're all back to square one.
    When the 1.3 patch first hit, the queue to get into a warfront if you were solo was instant, even in the early hours of the morning, instant queue, decent enough fun.
    When Trion reverted the change in the subsequent hotfix 5 - the queues have gone from instant to between 10 minutes to an hour or more, worse even outside of primetime hours.
    This was mainly due to players just giving up at this stage, having had enough of the incompetance shown by Trion and coupled with a large majority of players boycotting the warfronts or just quitting the game completely - it really is that bad and it really is that big of a deal. That Trion have failed miserably to even forsee this, shows how bad and inexperinced they are to the MMO scene and the contempt with which they view the majority of their own paying customers.

    World pvp is almost non existent and that which does exist is baseless and tiresome. There's no goal to any open world pvp, no point and no fun. Trions response to this was to introduce some daily pve based quests, kill this mob, collect this stuff, lalala, oh and as your reward ? Here, have some free pvp favor and prestige points (WHAT THE HELL!!!).
    Oh, there was one daily quest which required you to kill members of the opposite faction - though the point of same on a pve server seems to be lost on Trion as that daily and none of the others auto flagged a person for pvp - seriously, face, palm, wall, head, bang, repeat...

    From a PvE perspective, there's a bunch of 5 man dungeons which you will need to farm constantly (yawn...) to get plaques/tokens for Tier gear, most just skip the T1 dungeons and go straight for the T2's due to Trion making them so much easier in a previous patch - bad mistake. The Dungeons were fine as they were, they were hard, they were a challenge - now they're just another boring grind, something you have to do to get the gear to allow you progress your character for raiding purposes.

    As for the Raids, they're a challenge at the start but generally, they're also fairly boring and lacklustre.

    There is no real end game in Rift, there really isn't, no matter how many Trion shills will post otherwise on forums et all, there is no end game. At this moment in time in Rift, there is no point and nothing to aim for after you've hit 50, ran the required dungeons to gear up and got yourself into a decent raiding guild. Once you've done the raids a few times you're left wondering what the hell do you do now ? So you dabble in pvp maybe ? Oh no, no no no, just don't go there. I mean sure, you can throw a guild premade together maybe and steamroll all over a bunch of solo players - but honestly, how fun is that after a few times ? There's no competition, no fun, no challenge.

    Rift had an awful lot of potential but alas, as always it seems the case these days, the developers themselves kill the game off before it's even had a chance to settle down to pull in the required amount of serious followers.

    Don't bother with this game, don't waste your time. It's just another poor clone of Wow, badly implemented, badly supported and full of utter fail.
  7. Jul 10, 2011
    This game is exactly what it appears to be, a WoW clone with a better graphics engine. This is either a good or a bad thing, depending on your experience. For me, it was a bad thing. Right from the start of this game, I couldn't find any reason to care about the plot or my character's progress. After character creation you're given a very small piece of lore to explain whats going on, and then sent to the leveling treadmill. To be fair, the Defiant's starting zone was actually pretty cool, and their story works well. The Guardian's however, is just..... bad. So with little incentive to read into the thin plot, I found myself grinding levels, professions, rifts, etc... then I realized that I'd already spent 100's of hours doing the same thing in WoW - and honestly this game just convinced me to go back to WoW (which I haven't played in over a year). Seriously, with the time I've invested in WoW and how many friends I have there, Rift offers absolutely nothing extra to make me want to make a permanent switch.

    Anyway, great game engine, designed well, but absolutely no originality and therefore no lasting value. Sorry.
  8. Jul 30, 2011
    This game is nothing more than a WOW clone with some improvements and fine touches here and there, few bugs and a very prompt developer studio when it comes to patches and adding content so far. the graphics are very nice although while running the game using the recommended hardware, FPS starts to drop at medium settings. The Soul engine is a nice addition to RPG, but it does not work very well and it confuses players ranging from newbies to mmo veterans. The crafting is an absolute joke, there is nothing new here, the same professions you can find in any other fantasy mmo and leveling them up is a child's play. The quests add nothing new to the genre, same kill X, gather Y time intensive tasks to keep you more in game. The gear and items are basically the same as in most mmos, I encountered dozens of profession items that have the same icons and names and probably even prices wow has. I have to admit the Rifts are probably the best addition especially because it really makes players group together via the auto grouping feature so at least they are trying to not make it another solo rpg. All in all it is not worth it, either if you want an alternative to wow (and I'm comparing it to wow because Trion marketed this game as a better, more polished alternative to the giant). So in conclusion this looked to me as a game especially made so that Trion can grab a big share of the mmo market and grow some capital. Honestly, you get more atmosphere and involvement from LOTRO (which is free) that this game. On the other hand, I am more curious on their upcoming game Defiance, I hope it will sur class this yet another second hand fantasy mmo. Expand
  9. Oct 7, 2011
    You're not going to kill WoW by copying it. The interface, talent trees, and professions etc all feel very WoW like, sure there are some minor additions and tweaks, but this is very much a game buy a company who wanted to go the safe route. Which is not surprising given the costs and time required to make a triple-a MMO, but to then try to go head to head with an 800 pound gorilla that is WoW and invite direct comparison in the ads was fool-hardy at the very least. I mean Warcraft has 20 years of story and lore development from it's origins as an RTS, you can't beat that. It's not a bad game, but it was never going to be a WoW killer. Trion should be congratulated on making a very polished game, and hopefully their future releases will start to veer off the path Blizzard created. Expand
  10. Dec 31, 2011
    Ok rift has not bring revolution to mmorpg genre. It seem to follow the same path like wow and any other wow clone in mmorpg. Same boring quests, same gameplay mechanics , boring pvp.
    Is not bad game if you never play again a mmoprg but is boring for a veteran in this genre. The game has some good moment like the nice graphics and the open world and a nice idea for the randomly invasion of
    mob through rifts. Expand
  11. Mar 18, 2012
    Great graphics and nice balance to the most polished MMO I have seen on the release date. However, game offers one thing that is different from any other MMO, a rift concept, which was cool for the first 20 hours or so and got incredibly old and tideous after that. Other than that, it is WoW... released 7 years later.
  12. Apr 27, 2012
    I have had bad experiences with their customer support if you go buy their lil thing to see if your computer is playable with the game I passed with flying colors only all my defiant toons constantly crashed... turn around crash, move crash... porticulum and crash I know people with crappy laptops that didn't have the problems I had and all they wanted to do was point the finger at me. If there was any sort of compatibility with windows processes or my vid card shouldn't they want to fix it? If you look at their forums you can also see many people complain that on the deepwood server they had the same problems and all had great systems. I didn't raid so i didn't need to use vent but by what they kept telling me is the only thing that should be running is rift itself... what a joke. What games require you to not be able to use anything but their specific game while yer playing that is a bit ridiculous and I've played way more bum heavy games than rift as far as pc reqs go and NEVER had a problem with any of them but Rift. They refuse to give me my money back. Trion in my opinion is a bad company with bad customer service Expand
  13. Dec 30, 2013
    I actually have really enjoyed this game. It offers a lot of different ways to level up and group up with people to keep the action going. The class combinations allows for a lot of customization and for a F2P game I haven't found any handicaps for playing free.
  14. Jan 28, 2014
    This is a great MMO. If you are not questing, you are fighting to close Rifts with easily joinable public raid groups. If you’re not closing Rifts, you are fighting pitch-battles against Rift armies trying to get a foothold in the world. If you are not fighting Rift armies you are fighting against Rift force fortresses that have been constructed by unchecked armies that emerged from unchecked Rifts. The world actually changes and progresses in response to play action or inaction. Love it! The crafting system is amazing, the professions keep you busy and the graphics are fantastic. Seriously, no other MMO has every kept me so engaged for so long. I just took out Patron Status (I am now a subscriber) and a game needs to be very good for me to do that. Also, it’s quite cheap and flexible. A month costs less than $12AU. Really worth checking out. Head and shoulders above other MMOs and I have played many. Oh, and it’s finished. Yep, it’s a working game in which I have been forced to endure 0 (zero) bugs. I am still trying to finish the first FlashPoint in Star Wars Old Republic due to an end mission crash more than a year after trying the game and here is a fully tested and functional MMO. This game is what professionalism is all about. The Help Desk got back to me regarding an account question (my fault) in less than two hours, the community is amazingly helpful and the game is just plain fun. Get this game. Get it now. :) Expand
  15. Sep 4, 2013
    When I first time tried rift, my reactions was like "meh, another WoW copy". Anyway, somehow I had enough patience to level up my character to maximum level after that, I never regret that I did it!

    First of all., rift is completely different game than Wow. Talent system (soul system in rift) has been taking whole new level. Every 4 class haves several "souls" which are like talent
    trees (there is like 7+ soul per calss) and you can use 3 soul at the same time, for example: You can make your mage to be, warlock, chloromancer and necromancer at the same time! Soul system works great and its definitely one of the best things in rift.

    Also there is plenty of raids in rift, hard raids and then easy raids something for everyone. Anyway, since storm legion came, people havent actually done old raids... Everyone is focusing on the new ones and that is such a shame for a new players.

    Rift came few months ago f2p mmorpg, so if you want to try and enjoy every aspect of this game go on their website and download it. No more trials. Of course there is people who thinks that game is ruined now since there is coming huge flood of casual gamers, but there is still hardcore guilds.

    Now lets talk littlebit about how it runs on my computer. In my computer it doesnt run very well, I got pretty old computer. Game is pretty heavy to run, so you need good computer to run it ultra.

    I could write alot of rift, but Ill let you guys try it and decide do you like it or not. Sometimes its better to try it, than read reviews. I highly recommend rift for everyone casual, semi hardcore and hardcore players. Theres is alot stuff to explore and most probably, you who are reading this will like it
  16. Nov 18, 2013
    Get quest, kill 5/5 things, return, get reward. Repeat.

    This game is junk following in the WoW gameplay style, and brings nothing new to the table.
  17. Apr 17, 2014
    is the best game mmorpg I've played, the gameplay is pretty good and is a bit addictive. very very good. recommend ,Rift is visually stunning, beautiful textures and effects. Revolutionary game play. This takes the best of other MMOs and makes it its own in a unique and fluid way. I've been with this game since day one of closed beta. Do not let WoW humpers fool you!
  18. Jul 16, 2014
    Sometimes a game is less than the sum of its parts (GW2 is such a game for me) and sometimes it is more. RIFT is such a game.

    Aside from the dynamic content (DC), there's really nothing terribly innovative about the game. It tried to be WoW, but a little bit better all around, and for me, at least compared to WoW as of 2009 when I left the game swearing never to return, it does achieve

    Mechanics are very WoW like, including the old talent system except that you get a lot more talents to play with and your characters can have multiple builds, for example, a PVE dps, a PVE heal, PVP dps, PVP heal (and support and tank options, too). It's a nice system that swaps out everything when you switch- gear, buttons, etc.

    Character graphics are so-so, although, since the toon models are not super definition, it does allow Trion to deploy more gear models (simpler models -> lower cost to develop new gear -> players get new looking gear more often).

    World graphics, though are quite nice, with nice attention to atmospherics, water effects, etc.

    Since launch, they have moved away from pure-quest hubs to partially distributed, which is nice but quest hubs still remain.

    Where the game really shines for me though, is the vast amount of content. The DC in RIFT really works, unlike say, GW2's stale take on it. You have random zone and world events, rifts that might pop up whenever, even minor quest hubs that might have been taken out by an invasion. World events are regular and fun, with lots of rewards, mostly cosmetic but some gear options.

    Crafting is not innovative but unlike so many MMOs, it is a great way to make both useful gear (unless you are a hardcore raider), useful cosmetic stuff for dimensions, and most importantly money.

    There's also tons of companions, many quite cute, lots of mounts, and for those that like scavenging: artifacts, various types of things you can find in zones and instances that you can collect to earn everything from pets to mounts to titles to a bit of gear and potions.

    Achievements are also not innovative but there are a ton of them and they grant fun things like titles, pets, and so on.

    I've tried many MMOs and even left RIFT at Storm Legion to try out several others. While RIFT does not blow my socks of in any one area, I do find it fun with so much to do that I just don't get bored with it.

    Oh, and the free-to-play model is actually pretty decent. Nothing you have to have but nice perks for paying a monthly, if you want to, and lots of cosmetic, pets, mounts and gear to buy if you like that sort of stuff. And it is entirely viable to earn in-game platinum and purchase a monthly patron pass or gems for other store goodies so that you don't have to use real cash. I do a bit of both myself but it isn't just theoretical to go entirely cash-less and still have access to everything money can buy.

    You won't get some of the more dynamic combat like you do with Perfect World, GW2 and Tera but those games also have a lot less content than RIFT.

    If you like lots to do in a visually pleasing environment, give RIFT a look. If you want the latest in combat interfaces, look elsewhere.
  19. Mar 21, 2011
    Not a huge fan, it is a wow clone with some good ideas but not enough balance to last long, most users on it will go back to games like wow which is far superior or wait for the new mmo's incoming like gw2 or swtor
  20. Apr 22, 2011
    Fantastic game with lot of fun. I feel like in 2004 when I discovered MMO games with everquest2. Lot of things to do : history quests, discovery, hidden stuff and quests, rifts, invasions, events, pvp, craft... I didn't had so much fun with MMO's since Eq2, si i recommend it to everybody who get bored with their actual game !
  21. May 13, 2011
    RIFT is a well polished game that brings many popular aspects of other MMOs together. The random zone events make for some fun times as you team up with your fellow players fend off planar invasions. The "Soul Tree" class system allows for the creation of a unique character though some combinations will ultimatly shine through as the standards. If you are looking for a change of scenary in a MMO then RIFT is worth a try, but it doesn't bring a whole lot new to the table. Expand
  22. May 30, 2011
    If you are a fan of WoW then Rift will blow you away . Rift is the game that WoW wanted to be. visually stunning, epic story line, game play is flawless in every way. If you are a fan of MMo's I would advice that you do not miss this game.
  23. May 17, 2011
    Tried rift's free trial, because of all the fuss that's being made about it i decided to review it and since it aims to compete with World of Warcraft specifically i'll spend most of the time comparing Rift and WoW (world of warcraft):

    Simply put: It is World of Warcraft, but with better graphics (still not really good though), unimaginative enemies, crappy animations, a more fun talent
    tree specialisation (with the drawback that it becomes boring after a certain time and doesn't work well for the balance in player versus player combat) and ofcourse it has Rifts.
    The music is slightly worse then that of WoW, but that matters little because in practice very few people play mmo's with the original music on.

    The story behind rift isn't exactly remarkable but that's no surprise when it has to compare to games which are based on already existing expansive storylines. (World of Warcraft, DC Universe Online, Lord of the Rings online, Star wars: knights of the old republic etc.)

    In the end it's a decent but unremarkable mmo with some decent new additions that get old really fast: - Rifts are fun but after a while they're not more remarkable then any other random event in any given mmo.

    - Rift's main competitor (World of Warcraft) has worse graphics, but better music and more interesting enemies, of course this only matters if you care about such things.

    - The talent (or soul system as they call it) is far more customisable then that of any other, however in practice only a few combinations "work" and it gives problems for player versus player based combat as some soul combinations are a lot stronger then others.
    In the end this means that while you do have more choice you will always go for a certain choice if you want to compete with others, since some combinations simply stand out too much.

    In the end all the difference between Rift and World of Warcraft is a matter of taste, however World of Warcraft has a lot more content for the moment due to its age.
  24. Apr 14, 2011
    Just when I think it's getting a little repetitive, I'm sent on a mission with a twist. This is definitely a game that discourages you from the "grind". Missions are definitely the quickest way to advancement and many missions can only be tackled in groups. Rift events are large scale battles where players have to work together. The class system offers tons of combinations. I wish there were ways to easily network for tackling the harder missions. It's sometimes hard to get people with common goals (based on quests) together (PvP or PvE). If they made this easier, the game would be perfect.

    I run this game with two GTX 580s and an i7-960. Graphics are great for this genre. When I first started it up, the graphics were at a default lower setting and it still looked great. Good game for different levels of graphical capability.

    I played SWG about 5 years ago and this game seems to be leaps and bounds beyond that. It's a lot of fun and addictive.
  25. Jul 19, 2011
    Excellent MMO for both newcomers to the genre and those tired of WoW. After logging about 100 hours on Rift, I decided to open up WoW just to see what it felt like, and soon realized that I simply could not return to azeroth after experiencing what I now consider to be the best MMO currently on the market. Like others have said, the graphics (if you are capable of running the game, that is) are beautiful and the scenery will blow you away in comparison to WoW's cartoony locales and characters. The first time I saw the city of Meridian towering in the distance across the fields of freemarch, I knew I had stumbled upon something special. The gameplay, while similar to WoW and most other MMORPG's, is still fun and as addicting as ever. Admittedly, there is still a lot of content to be added to the game, but I have faith in Trion and believe that they are serious about listening to the community. Don't listen to the Blizzard/WoW fanboys, Rift is a top-of-the-line MMO and your money and time will not be wasted if you choose to take the plunge and adventure in Telara. You owe it to yourself to at least try this game. Expand
  26. May 17, 2011
    I have been playing since early beta and finally gave up today. The launch was pretty smooth and the game felt alot more finished than many MMOs at release. All great stuff. Unfortunately, its so like World of Warcraft I just got serious dejavu all the time. Now that might sound like a good idea but consider that Wow is something like 10 years old now. It just feels out of date. The PvP in particularly is a disaster. World pvp has no integration or objective so in reality your just harassing people which soon gets boring. There is a lack of end game content and for the first weeks until recently to hide this Trion just made the game harder and harder. People started to leave in frustration, both at the lack of content and the lack of difficulty. So a week or 2 ago in some sort of kneejerk reaction they dumbed the game down to the point where pretty much anyone can do anything. Reducing everything to a mindless grind and putting a massive skill gap between the end game raids and the general instances dungeons. (Same ones you probably already done a 100x or more). If you like PvP then this is probably the worst MMO choice you could make. If you like WoW, your probably already playing it. Also, forgot to mention, it runs like a lame dog on high end machines. particularly multi gpu. All this has resulted in a game loosing subscribers hand over fist (at least on the pvp servers I play on) I actually cancelled my subscription today. I had more than 50 people on my friends list 4 weeks after launch. Now, only 1 or 2 are still playing. Its cartoony and its simple, its very safe for kids being highly corny with some of the most corny cartoonish voice acting you will see this side of loony tunes. I would feel comfortable with my teenage kids playing it. is probably the only real positive I can offer on this after experiencing as much as I can get out of it. Expand
  27. May 6, 2011
    Well, now that the game is a couple of months into being online, and the whole euphoria of "NEW TOY SYNDROME" has worn off for me, I think it's a good time to sit down and write a review. This review will be organized based off of multiple sections and each will be given their own score, with an average score being the final.
    Graphics- 8: Many people immediate jump in and give this game a
    10 for one need a top end graphics card or SLI rig to be able to run it at maximum all. While this does lead to a very VERY pretty game, it still is not nearly as beautiful as some in the genre, most notably Final Fantasy 14.There is no real Anti-Aliasing option between "Edge Smoothing" and "Supersampling" (which can lead to a really big difference in visual the expense of 2/3 of your FPS) and the graphics don't rate max level in my book. The surrounding areas, while MUCH more pretty and realistic than WoW, still have some flaws that are glaringly obvious, especially in viewing objects at distance, some of the animal animations, and the like. I think the biggest glaring graphic issue for me is a graphics snafu on the wall of the tunnel leading to the CC instance where the lack of coordination in graphics for the wall shows a completely visible LINE in the graphics halfway up the wall.-Tacky...
    Gameplay/UI -6: The gameplay and UI for this game is pretty much your cut and dry MMORPG circa...well pretty much anything nowadays. Simple AWSD with numbered boxes, cooldowns, and the like. The gameplay itself can be kinda wonky with areas STILL not loading correctly and random disconnects still plaguing a majority of the population.
    Customization of Character/Class-10: The amount of customization of your character on the creation screen is on par with games like AoC and well beyond WoW and some of the other, older MMOs. The customization of your class is where this game is AWESOME in that you have, not only 2 but FOUR different spec sets you can keep at once and interchange as you need to. These specs are chosen among the 8 different souls your class can use, leading to just about any number of possible specs to fit just about any play desires...Sadly there is very limited healing among warriors, which makes soloing a bit of a chore, but otherwise it is worlds apart from pretty much every other MMO as far as customization of your class is concerned.
    Immersion-6: Back at launch of the game I would have given this a 10, but that was before I made it through to the end-zones and saw how LIMITED the world is in Rift. Firstly there are only 2 capitol cities. Each of which is about half the size of a Capitol City in WoW. TWO. That's it. Aside from that you have a few mid-range size towns (think slightly smaller Southshore or Tarren Mill) scattered about, lots of little outposts with 4-6 quest NPCs, and LOTS of mobs that want to kill you. You can't take two steps in this game without getting agro from SOMETHING. The Rifts add a sense of urgency and need to the zone, but if you fail Rift invasions there really isn't a huge downside aside from having to kill invasion points and such to get quest givers back. A super boss that will 1-shot anyone would be a good consequence in my book. Sadly, the game lacks in pretty much anything that makes you want to care about your faction or the people of Telara. Once outside of the starter zones you find that all of the citizens of Telara are either giving you quests, are guards, or one of maybe 50 npcs that are meant to add "feel" to the game. Sadly this does NOT provide any immersion value at all unless you find constantly fighting for your life to be an immersive experience.
    RP-Friendly- 3: This is where the game really suffers. The lack of areas for players to congregate for RP purposes (There are only 3-4 inn type places for tavern RP), the lack of comprehensive lore (they're still making it up as they go), and the complete lack of immersive areas where people can actually try to base a RP event around leads the RP to mainly be Tavern-based or PvP based. At least on my server. Developers- 6: I give the devs a 6 primarily due to their obvious willingness to be open and willing to admit mistakes. (Check the RoS apology) However, they are also very absorbed in trying to make everyone happy, and thus have made some MASSIVE (no exaggeration) changes to classes/souls all in the name of "Balance" that have effectively either ruined the soul for their role (Riftblade) or made it damn near unkillable (Pyro). This leads me to some sad conclusions for the future.
    Sadly, the direction of the game has taken even more of a turn toward being a WoW copy. The implementation of a LFD system, the blatant favoritism of certain souls, and the lack of direction of the game other than creating events based off of the Rifts (More combat, less immersion) has the game leaning away from the slogan "We're not in Azeroth anymore" and more toward "A prettier, smaller Azeroth".
  28. Jun 1, 2011
    I'm a long-time MMO whore, and have tried perhaps two dozen, including all of the major ones. Rift is essentially a "best of" collection of MMO ideas that came before it, with a few small innovations of its own. If you have played World of Warcraft then you will be instantly at home with the interface and msot of the character advancement concepts, but the talent trees and character customization are far beyond WoW's meager offerings. Despite being a better game overall, this isn't a WoW-killer - it's too similar for that - but it's the first legitimate competition that game has seen. If you like fantasy-based MMOs, you should at least check out the 7 day free trial; this is currently the best MMO on the market. Expand
  29. Mar 15, 2011
    Rift is what i would consider to be the culmination of many of the best ideas in the MMO market to date. It capitalizes on many of the features that have made those before it great. There is not really anything revolutionary about Rift, but that's OK as i think Trion did a good job with the evolutionary steps they made with each system, from the world events that you can choose to partake in, to the highly flexible class system, you'll see the hallmarks of the past (and current) greats all around you. One feature i particularly like is the Public Grouping option. If you're running after that elusive named mob somewhere in the world, and you see someone else just about to attack it, there is no need to panic. Just select the other player, and click the little "Join Group" button at the top of their portrait. Once the mob has been dispatched (you did actually help kill it, right?), you both get credit and can continue on your separate ways. Expand
  30. May 7, 2011
    It's a WoW clone. Plain and simple, it's WoW but with a few name changes and pretty graphics. That's a good thing, because WoW is a good MMO, but in the end it's all personal preference that would make you play rift. If you like WC lore like I do, play WoW, if you want pretty graphics, play Rift.
  31. Mar 26, 2011
    I've been looking for a good mmo to sink my time into and after reading the positive reviews I decided to buy Rifts. I've been skeptical after buying Champions and FF14 at launch but I'm very glad I took the risk to buy this game. The best way I can describe it is that Rifts took what I liked from WoW and WAR and combined them. This game is just plain fun to play. PvP is great and you have a great amount of variety in what you want to do class wise. Graphics are nice and the only problem I'm having with the game is that I need more time to play lol. For those that are knocking this game as a WoW clone I can understand your reasoning to a point. This game does take elements from other games (WoW for instance) and uses what was successful. This is not making a clone, it's using what works. Also, keep in mind WoW "cloned" a lot from it's predecessors like EQ, etc. Enjoy the game and lets support developers who are doing what is right for a change. Have fun and see you in game! Expand
  32. Mar 20, 2011
    Rift is a great game. headstart was great. there arent a lot problems. If problems occur, trion solves them fast and very competent. graphics are awesome. the community is friendly and willingly to help others in game and in the forums. servers are full and there are enough other players to play with.. rift is worth every penny, ill definiatly continue playing it after free month .. its worth a look.. so if ur not sure, just try it.. i think u will love it :) Expand
  33. Mar 20, 2011
    Rift is a fantastic MMO, and a worthy successor to the WoW player. It has the beauty of Guild Wars with the (positive) MMO experience of WoW, with a huge game world and the added randomness of rift activity that means the zone is never quite the same from one day to the next. My absolute favorite part is that we CAN converse with the opposing faction in the /s context, which is great for rift coordination or talking smack depending on the server style you choose. There is also a tremendous amount of flexibility in the spec design (souls): up to 4 preset soul combinations, and each of those 4 can be reset and the souls changed at any time. What that means in terms of gameplay is that my rogue can quest/farm with a ranged spec, tank with another spec, become a stealthy assassin with a 3rd, or a healer with the 4th. That is the ultimate in toon flexibility, and is true for three of the four class types (I think mage is the only one without a tanking tree option). Expand
  34. Mar 22, 2011
    Thus far this has been a really solid and enjoyable MMO release. Immediately I loved the depth of the character customization and the beauty of the animations. The soul system is very deep and very rewarding. Rifts are a blast, and instances are suitably challenging yet puggable. Crafting is fun and feels much more rewarding than on WoW and games of its ilk, though it's not terribly different or unique. My only real complaints come from the environment, which can feel a tad dull at times. However, the design of dungeons is very, very beautiful from what I've seen thus far, which truthfully makes up for it. WoW is nearing it's popular death with the release of the lackluster Cataclysm expansion, and RIFT is here to take the reins for my MMO enjoyment. Expand
  35. Mar 23, 2011
    It's been a month now. I love MMO's when they are fresh and still retain that new game smell. I tend to rush and tell my friends about the most amazing game I am playing, then a few weeks later the shine is gone and I hardly remember a thing about it. Most recently I drug friends and family through the launches of champions online, Aion, Warhammer Online and Fallen Earth. Each time I was excited about the games and how awesome they are. They weren't awesome, they were just new and a little different.

    Rift, played the game in all of the beta phases. Loved it. Absolutely adored it. I bought the CE and a 6 month subscription. I got my brother inlaw to do the same. "Dude, so many soul choices, build what you like!", he was sold.

    It's now been a month of release and tonight I get a text from my inlaw "r u logging on tonight?", no I am not. The magic is gone and here's my thoughts:

    Classic Trinity. Warrior tanks, Cleric heals, Mage dps. We were supposed to be past this, but we're not because Rift is a clone. Rift is a mashup of WoW and Warhammer. You will hit the level cap within a week without trying, once there you will have nothing to do but join Warfronts (pvp battlegrounds) and hope your team has less bots and afk'ers.

    Bots are EVERYWHERE. Just pause for a moment in town and watch the characters run on rails following a scripted path. Why are people botting? For one, there's no cheat detection built into Rift. There's a program called rifterrorhandler which just scans what programs you're running to make sure it's not cheatengine or something easy to spot. But any cheat or bot that is not listed will not be caught. The next factor is the level cap, there's not much to do at 50 other than very tedious pvp battles for rank. Join a warfront at any level and you will quickly notice that sometimes half of your team isn't moving. That's the afk'ers. They just run a script that let's them join warfronts and collect xp for your hard work. The other people on the team may be bots. Does Leggolas always jump down to the left of spawn and wander off to the side instead of heading to the objective while ignoring your pleas for help? That's a bot. Since release bots have invaded the game without any action from Trion.

    Hackers. Rift was released with an exploit that allowed anyone to access your account and take your items and money. A large chunk of the population was hit by this exploit and it has been weeks since it happened and customer support refuses to help them.

    Customer support. Pretty much non-existent. Trion Worlds contracts out their support staff to a company called Rightnow, which is ironic because if you need help it won't be right now, it will be much much later. It could have something to do with having customer support based in Nigeria (not a joke), check their own link

    I have canceled my account with Rift. I look forward to the next shiny new MMO to hit the market and again I will try and hold off on a rushed review.
  36. Mar 27, 2011
    Takes all the aspects we love from MMOs such as WoW and WAR, removes all the garbage and fat, and leaves us with an interesting blend that is familiar but well crafted. Add to this better graphics and pvp than it's predecessors and Rift is an all around excellent MMO experience.
  37. Mar 29, 2011
    I purchased this game the day after release and have been very impressed. Visually it's beautiful. I purchased a new Alienware M15X laptop just so I can play it on ultra settings. The questing is fun especially if you take the time to read the story quests so you understand the bigger picture. The rift system is fun but I can see where it could get old. Also, while I like the ability to have so many options for the characters themselves, the soul system gives too many options. It would take hours to explore all of the options if you want to explore all different souls. This is a very solid game and I'm sure I'll enjoying playing it for a very long time. Expand
  38. Apr 10, 2011
    Anyone giving this game a zero is just wasting everybody's time. Is it the best game ever? No. Is it completely awful? No. It's a very decent WoW clone and isn't pretending to be anything else. Poor game balance and other teething problems don't deserve a 0. If you're looking for a replacement for WoW this is probably your game.
  39. Apr 4, 2011
    I love the game, but I was compelled to write this in response to those who would give a game of this quality a Zero, One or Two... these are not honest reviews, no one being honest can give Rift that kind of treatment unless there are other reasons for the score.
    If you want to be taken seriously don't pull that crap of a zero, any clear thinking gamer can see you for what you are.

    I feel better... if you like MMO's that offer a cool world to explore with a tone of hidden content, quests, bosses, and Rifts (!), an MMO that you can jump right in and play, then give it a try. Expand
  40. Apr 8, 2011
    Without a doubt, the Rift launch has been the most polished mmorpg ever released. The wait 3-6 month rule does not apply here; Trion has built an amazing infrastructure. They listen to the player base, optimize their systems, and respond absurdly fast with updates. I'm enjoying the world, but be fully aware: Rift is a true genre game. If you are in any way burnt out on the mechanics of an established mmorpg, Rift will not re-awaken the passion. If you are looking for a beautiful new world to explore, and new class trees to master, this may be the game for your hobby.

    -Seamless open gameworld, epic feel, no zoning!
    -Amazing class system lets you build the talents you want to play
    -AAA means all of the features work great: Dungeons, crafting, economy,'s all here and all running
    -The graphics. This is the best looking zone-free game I've played. If you've got a good rig, you need to take a look at this game on ultra. Gorgeous.

    -A new IP means no immediate tie to the world. Don't expect a quick emotional response to the world. The lore is deep and consistent though.
    -The music. I loved the soundtrack of WoW, AoC, and LotRO. Rift's is sadly forgettable.
    -PvP. The bg's in Rift are great fun if you're casual. If you're a hardcore pvp'er sorry to say this is not your game unless you like easy kills. -Community. It's still a new game, so the community has yet to settle down and get comfortable. I've seen good and bad, we'll see.
  41. Apr 11, 2011
    Rift brought me back to the MMORPG scene. I'm a little old school, grew up on the originators of this genre. Rift has resparked that gaming lust where I plan o playing 10 hours plus a day again. The environment is beautiful and full of polish. There is a near limitless number of combinations of classes you can use giving each player a chance to hash out their own playstlye compared to follow everyone elses model for max dps. The audio stands out as amazing in spell effects and voice dialog. Random public party instances happen frequently enough there is never a dull time. I maxed multiple caracters in EQ, AC, ffxi11, and wow. I have not been this excited to log on in the mornings since pre burning crusade wow. Expand
  42. Apr 11, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Rift, in simplest terms, is a revamped version of most MMOs on the market. It's very hit or miss, depending on how you enjoy playing MMOs. Rift is an entertaining new game with fresh new ideas. However, as far as the execution of the game goes, there are a few parts I think could be improved.

    This game has decent graphics and some impressive particles in my opinion. Many people that compare this game to WoW will see that on the lower end settings, WoW and Rift look similar. However, when I turned on the highest settings possible, I thought it looked very nice and quite stunning, to be honest. Not much else to say here.

    GAMEPLAY: Gameplay is similar to WoW as much of the game is either questing or raiding against the in-game zone-wide Rifts. These are basically little tears in the sky where the entire zone can come together and defeat a horde of mobs for treasures and loots. Your performance and participation determines the loots you receive. Questing in the game can be very difficult, and even frustrating, at early levels. If more than one mob jumps on you at early levels, surviving can be a challenge. Also, escaping can be difficult if you have no escape moves, as enemies travel at the same speed as actual players. However, questing runs smoothly in spite of these minor inconveniences. There are also instances like in WoW where a small team can enter their own private dungeon and defeat mobs and bosses for loot. PvP is also available in rift, but I haven't tried yet so I have no basis for comparison.

    SOUND: I wasn't impressed with the sounds of Rift. I'm not going to say that they are bad in any way, because they're not. However, they are definitely nothing new. I don't play games for sound, but it's always nice to have a good soundtrack in any game. Rift, unfortunately, does not please me in this category. REPLAY VALUE: As with most MMOs, you can have a large amount of alternative characters (henceforth referred to as "alts", as many of you know is a common description of these characters) across different servers, so replay value really is determined on how much you enjoyed playing on your main and whether or not you wish to make more characters. Personally, I do not roll many alts, as I just enjoy playing on my Mage and going around doing Rifts. I do have a small collection of alts though, and do play them frequently. I find this game similar to WoW in this respect.

    Overall, Rift is a good game with a lot of new experiences. Even though it's a clone of other MMOs, it doesn't subtract from the entertainment value of the game. Sometimes, a new lore and new environment is all we need to realize that we enjoy these games a lot, so playing more than one is fine. I enjoy Rift very much and hope that all others who try it do too.
  43. Apr 17, 2011
    I've been playing Rift from the get go, and I really did not expect it to be that good. But the moment I stepped into Telara I was amazed at how much of a great game Rift is. Trion Wolrds really succeded at making a great mmo. Trion did not aim to make it original, but to make it simply better. I played WoW but I did not even get to the end game. I'm level 50 in Rift and i do say, I am having a blast. The PvP is a whole lot of OKay but i have never like pvp in anything. All in All Rift is a mmo even WoW fanboys can play. I suggest this game to everyone as it is an easy to play mmo. Expand
  44. May 26, 2011
    I enjoy this game for its fantastic character creation, skill specializations options, model artwork, and rift invasion concepts. I especially enjoyed the rift invasions because players generally band together for common battles outside of a dungeon or pvp. It's fun defending a settlement or city against a massive invasion with other players that would otherwise be roaming around doing their own thing. Rift includes this as well as all the other basic content you've known and come to love in other MMO's: good lore, pvp, guilds, etc.). I highly recommend giving it a shot. Expand
  45. Apr 20, 2011
    I played Wow from the very beginning, and gave Warhammer online a good go however it was fairly poor but now Rift has come along and been a very pleasant surprise. It looks beautiful, plays smoothly and I am very impressed with every aspect of the game, as it is just a pleasure to play. I agree that it has taken the best bits from other MMOâ
  46. Apr 26, 2011
    Rift proved to be a very refreshing experience, not so much because of new features for the genre as much as a combination of the great features that already exist in the genre. Trion Worlds got so much right from the start in this game. With some time, Rift might just as well become the new standard for the MMORPG genre.
  47. May 5, 2011
    I'll be honest here - I was hoping for something a little more unique. Instead I just got World of WarhammerQuest. I can't complain about the game's stability and beauty, nor Trion's dedication to quality and customer service. However, you can count me out of this loop. I've run my last quest and /ignored my last griefer, because playing WoW again was not what I wanted.
  48. May 24, 2011
    The Good:  A beautiful MMO that offers a vast set of customization options for the character creation as well as character advancement. Easy to pick up and learn for first-time MMO-ers. Allows the option of changing your character's party role (DPS, Healing, Tank, Support, CC) throughout the game and almost dynamically. A truly immersing story line driven by quests that make sense.

    The Bad:  Public grouping system as it stands is a bit annoying. Gear could be a little more epic-looking. Not enough starting locations.

    Final Verdict:  I have about 30 hours in on this game and I am still itching to play it every day. The graphics are great, the storyline is fun and enjoyable and the wide array of character options make it loads of fun to think about when I'm not playing. If you are an MMO fan or want to be, buy this game.
  49. May 8, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I enjoyed this game, this crafting is fun and useful and collecting the artifacts is really nice too. Im not one for online games as I lose interest in them after a while (as a solo player) but this one kept my interest for longer than most. The rifts are a nice one of letting people who like to solo beenfit from nice rewards and drops. Good job to the developers there. Expand
  50. May 10, 2011
    A new mmorpg wanting to compete with the heavy weight that World of Warcraft is (literally as seen in the advertisement campaigns) that does a lot of things right, but nothing really new. Trion worlds gathered most of the solid and safe mechanics other mmorpgs and of course WoW has to offer, added a new and quite interesting lore to it, let it bake for about the right amount of time and voilà there is Rift.

    The game is polished, borrows traditional and established mechanics from the genre and does it quite well. It looks shiny too and offers a unique and at first sight very deep soul system with a lot of variation. This variation starts to vanish in the endgame content when you are easily outperformed by players of the same skill but simply different soul and talent combinations which become sort of mandatory to compete giving all those players who thought they can use their unique combinations at any point of the game a straight middle finger.

    The leveling content is really fun, the rifts offer short periods of fun and action and give you an overall fun experience until the level cap of 50. From this point the game changes to the grind dungeons grind raids end game content that so many other mmorpgs have as well. For my taste this is a quite cheap approach and while I see that many players like it and that it can give you hours of content if you wish to do it, the presentation and motivation in Rift to grind that content is beneath average.

    I simply did not feel motivated to grind my plaques and gear and even though I had an active guild and really decent gear, for the early state of the game, I did not find it fun anymore. The PvP is, just like WoW, mostly playing Warfronts and getting your Favour (Honor) to buy more items. There is a deeper specialisation for your spec if you want to focus more on PvP, but there again some specs just overtrump most others which takes away a lot of the variation.

    Overall I give this game 8/10 for the leveling content which you should be able to finish within the first "free" month. 5/10 for the content past level 50 for which you have to pay a subscription ( you sure can start raiding within the first month but there is really no point if you don't want to play this game for a longer time and want to subscribe) what results in a 6.5 /10. Having some faith in Trion worlds to make the end game more fun I give Rift 7/10.
  51. May 21, 2011
    I have actually started to play Rift beyond low levels and while I miss the stamina/sprint system of AoC, and especially the directionall combos and realistic movement. I have to admit being blown away be the graphic in Rift. The scenery is stunning and while the characters have pets and there are trolls etc. the actual look of the characters themselves is realistic in my view. I get a good frame rate to with loads of players around, the coding is very good. I started playing on EU but switched to US servers because there are a tonne more players there until servers merge. Expected more players then they got however there are a few points about the game that I do not like. It favours range classes. I hate that in games, that some coward can be a mile away and kill me while I am engaging someone in melee and do "more" dps than me. I hate it but I have tried it and it is fun and easy do I see why the majority do go that way. Its the same in all MMO's. You always have tonnes of Rangers, Mages etc. The melee rogue I am playing is fun though and I do manage to get kills in mini games so far at low levels but I can see problems with having tonnes of people playing mage and marksman classes because its easy and OP ... Rifts can be small OR totally take out a complete zone. I have covered most things. I am rewriting this review and this is my new opinion of RIFT after playing longer. Expand
  52. May 22, 2011
    Polished and with a broken public quest features inspired from WAR, Rift doesn't bring enough worth playing for veterans, but for new people in the mmorpg genre, can be a fun experience.
  53. May 29, 2011
    Rift decided WoW is a genre and added to it this game has been methodically conceived and implemented. The development must have been tightly perfected because it preforms really, really well and with no compromise. Few places are completely safe for a character so the entire experience is much more lively. World combat features that were limited to special events (eg, zombie invasion) or zones (eg, halaa) in WoW are accessible in different modes of play all over the map. The originality of this game is in the technology instead of the immersion, and on the latter Trion is making no pretense.
    This is the best example of a mainstream MMO right now and would deserve a 10, but I can't give it a higher rating because may God help you if your account is plundered.
  54. Jul 5, 2011
    I enjoy playing RIFT but...
    First, the good: I love the classes. The skill trees are extremely cool and varied. I'm sure the powergamers can tell you what's better then what, but the fun factor for me is great. I felt interested every time I leveled. The game also plays extremely smooth, graphics are good, rifts are, imo interesting and varied. Community is mostly friendly, outside
    of your normal problems
    The bad: Leveling is extremely fast, it's so easy to solo that I seldom bothered to group - I'm paying for an MMO, I think group content should be featured more then solo content (but I'm an old EQ player where you couldn't have solo'd beyond the entry levels). So many possible actions that there is some button overload. Uncertain: I'm not into PVP, so I have no way to judge that - it looked well set up, but I have no idea. I dislike the 'can't group with them' thing that's started filling MMO's -- why cut your player base in half and have half of them lose out on half of your content? I'lll never understand that.
  55. Mar 2, 2012
    Currently the best subscription based MMO on the market hands down. Customer support second to none and developers who actually passionate about their product. It's nice to see the decisions made for the game aren't done by the accounts. AKA micro transactions. Free transfers, mobile APP etc etc.
  56. Dec 22, 2011
    Rift is an excellent game for those who arent into a kid game like WoW. Where WoW dumbs down class systems Rift went the opposite way of creating a very innovative way of allowing you to do what you want. In terms of PVE and PVP content you will find it is very generic but it does it well. The game is truley beautiful in terms of graphics but I believe this Realism graphics does not age well (oblivion, everquest 2) The most excellent MMO dev team in the world have developed this game, with massive content (PVE content only though) in every patch makes this game a PVE'ers heaven.

    The only downside to Rift is the PVP, they do not cater to their PVP community by adding real open world PVP, PVP rifts do not count as they are in no terms a good way to supplement Warfronts in terms of pvp progression. They need a PVP world Zone with excellent rewards to pull in players. Great game overall, maxed out 3 characters and enjoyed every minute.
  57. Oct 22, 2011
    Rift is a great MMORPG that follows the template of WoW but allowing you to completely customize the HUD.

    It is a lot prettier then any MMO out there and is great for PvE with open parties (you can make them private) so questing is easy. Sadly PvP is lacking, it is all just ganking and separated by the factions (Guardian and PKing that tool stilling all your quest mobs...but
    you can just party with him and do it together Yay!)

    It is enjoyable and worth the monthly fees. If want a refreshing change from WoW this would be a great game for you.
  58. Dec 3, 2011
    I decided to give this game a shot after becoming increasingly bored with WoW. After years of playing, I can say for me that that game had hit its peak for me.

    Rift took a page from WoW's playbook with the UI and questing themes. However, it's also possible to completely avoid questing altogether with an okay lower level pvp system, a really good world event system and queues for a
    dungeon (at least for me) were easy and painless.

    I completely disagree with the 'You like WoW, they do that same thing over here' being a factor on whether I like this game. I will make the observation that a vast number of WoW's additions to the game have not been groundbreaking or original in any way in and of themselves, up to and including their UI development which has been based largely on extremely popular MODs that were available for years. It seems like every day I log on, there's something new. The development team is working hard to constantly update content, world events, items, flavor and each release has come. The world events are much more involving, easy to locate, and on my server at least there is a healthy population of people every time there is one to complete it, even at lower levels. The game does a lot to encourage using it, with a large number of high level characters wherever you go. The leveling is perhaps a touch too fast, and perhaps with the next expansion that can be lowered. However there is planar leveling post-50 which is a nice way to have all those things you're doing at the endgame count for something lasting other than gear.

    The class system is a point of contention and celebration at this point. While there are a seemingly limitless number of things you can do in any particular class, picking a good spec for the endgame is sometimes a daunting challenge.

    I won't say that this is the 'OMG BEST GAME EVER' (yet), but after 9 months of playing the game I can say that it's holding up to the test of time for me. The content flows out steadily, the team isn't afraid to add new content (Planar Abilities, and the newer post-50 experience gains are compelling) and I don't find myself logging to to just stand around in a major city. Every patch is bringing something new to the game, and it's fun to log on and find out what Rift has been up to!
  59. Dec 30, 2011
    Rift is a fantastic MMO. They just added a whole new area to the world called Ember Island and have plans to to bring another area in called the Planetouched Wilds! This is big stuff and they are not even expansions this monthly updates. You don't get that with WOW. This game has it all check it out!
  60. Apr 21, 2012
    This game is basically a WoW clone, but a very good one. It's fun progressing through the game, and I enjoyed the dynamics that the rifts brought to the table. I have played each class extensively, and they all work well, although PVP tends to be unbalanced (with different classes taking turns being way OP). I especially enjoyed playing as a Chloromancer, as it allowed me to play a type of role that felt fresh and a little bit innovative. The problem with Rift, unfortunately, is the end game. It quickly becomes a boring grind, where you end up doing fairly tedious things over and over again. PVP in the same battlegrounds. Do the same daily quests. Run the same instances. You know the drill, and in Rift, the drill doesn't have the staying power that I was hoping for. Expand
  61. Dec 15, 2013
    Rift's class system is amazing. The interface, the graphics, everything technical in this game is smooth and well designed. The only thing that's not so is the writing and quests. They handle f2p really well in this game too. It's well worth playing.
  62. Apr 28, 2012
    I love this game I have played it for almost a year now, there is so much to do and with all the new things Trion comes out with you wont stay down long! Rifts, raiding, 20 mans, 10 mans, 5 man dungeons! its just a great game i really do love it.
  63. May 17, 2012
    Rift is a fantastic MMO. Great graphics, beautiful and detailed landscapes. Trion is an amazing development company that truly gives players there sub's worth. However I felt there were some downs to the game(your opinion may vary). Personally I felt the story was bland and boring, and didn't do a good job of pulling me into the story. Another dislike was how the classes lacked any unique mechanics, and many skill trees seemed to be very close to wow skill trees. Also no real open pvp(rvr style) was a downer. That being said, the game play and rifts were fun. Expand
  64. Jul 22, 2012
    I'm not sure MMO's can really get any better than this. The game is really well refined, constantly updated and new content comes out every couple of months rather than semi-yearly. With Rift 1.9 done and new Xpac coming next Trion has done a great job of cleaning up some of the previously mentioned rough edges. Like other MMOs, nothing is perfect, but I find Rift to be an amazing breath of fresh ear with a community that reminds me of WoW during the TBC days. The new Instant Adventures for all levels and Mentor system is just icing on the cake if questing isn't your cup of tea! Expand
  65. Aug 15, 2012
    This game is a lot of fun, my only problem(initially) was I had a old PC that could barely play it.
    Got a new PC and this game is absolutely gorgeous and Plays great! Rift Events are a blast and the Dungeons are unique and interesting! Purchase this title! you wont regret it
  66. Aug 28, 2012
    This game is a WoW clone, a good one but the graphs are more serious-realistic look like. At first sight it looks kinda bad, but if you give it a chance and explore and level your character further on, you will find it pretty entertaining.
  67. Oct 11, 2012
    This review is just Rift and the 1st 6 months from release. It was a fun and polished entry to the MMO market. It is a WoW-clone, no bones about it, but it was entertaining and better then the later xpacs of WoW. The class system was nice for the players, like myself, whom like versatility. I let my sub lapse after 6 months and moved on, however i enjoyed it enough, that with an upcoming Xpac on the horizon, I am considering re-subbing. Expand
  68. Aug 20, 2014
    Rift used to be a pretty good game. It still is in many aspects, but it's extremely hampered by both it's f2p nature, and the absolute refusal of the dev team to back down from things even when faced with impending disaster. The recent Auction changes are a clear cash grab and rather than address these problems immediately when they have a 100+ page thread of mostly angry players staring them in the face, they take a weeks vacation? Seriously?

    Then they proceed to double down and just reduce the listing fees again, rather than going back to the previous system and fixing the actual problems (absolute lack of any sort of meaningful plat sink because you can buy everything cheaper in the credits from microtransactions). All the while touting this as an improvement to the game. Keep in mind that you need to actually use credits to access this auction house in the first place, and at the same time they introduce limited slot buy orders that you can purchase with, you guessed it, credits.

    If this is any indication of how they do business, I'd recommend avoiding this entirely.
  69. May 18, 2013
    Great game in theory, quite enjoyed beta testing this game and early retail
    in the end though it was to small, to short, to confined for a MMORPG
    Voiced NPCs would have also helped greatly as most folks just ingored the typing and choose the one option that made most sense to them. Talking to players at end game I would say 7 in 10 honestly had no idea what the storyline while leveling
    up was because they didnt need to read it.

    Good game that could have been much much much better

    I have not tried the new expansion that brought forth many changes
  70. Jun 21, 2013
    This game is exceptional, and has been since the launch several years ago. The biggest problem RIFT faced was largely due to its relatively small playerbase, but with their new Free To Play model no longer requiring a subscription, players are finally beginning to flood back into the game. The graphical quality is exceptional for any game, especially an MMO, rifts and raid rifts keep players out in the world on a regular basis, the ability to "mentor" your character's level down to be able to group with friends of lower levels (and still gain experience) is something sorely needed in other games, and the content at end game is wonderful. Their ascended soul "talent" system allows for hundreds of possibilities and plenty of customization, but they also have pre-determined callings that new players can use, so the system isn't too intimidating. Dimensions (player&guild housing) are a great feature, where players can spend just weeks of their life building their own masterpieces. Being a long-time World of Warcraft veteran, RIFT has been a great game that I've been playing for some time now, and hope to see the game continue to improve in the future as the playerbase grows.

    My only criticisms are relatively minor. First, guilds and player interaction are not at all limited by your choice in faction. Guardians and Defiant alike can group up to do rifts and raids and instanced content, which really breaks a level of immersion for me, personally. While the system as it is does have its advantages, such as being able to play with all of your friends on a realm however you want, it almost makes the entire Guardian/Defiant story arc feel fake. PvP is definitely a significant aspect of the game, but unless you play on a PvP server, world PvP is not only rare, but it feels like it is pretty much downright discouraged. Secondly, questing is not really prevalent, and is entirely unnecessary to level once you can have access to Dungeons and Instant Adventures, which grant much more experience in a similar period of time. I'd like to see questing not forced on the player, certainly, but it feels somewhat trivialized. Lastly, I would like to see Instant Adventures available in every zone in the old world. As it stands, only about half of the zones have IAs, and it'd be nice to see them more prevalent.

    All in all, I give the game a 9 out of 10. Always room for improvement, but RIFT is, in my opinion, by and large the best MMORPG available on the market today, and I'm excited to see what's in store for the future.
  71. Oct 27, 2013
    RIFT has a feel like WoW--I'm pretty sure it was designed that way. Starting areas for Guardians and Defiants are both interesting. Rifts were fun--at first After the starting areas, the game starts to bog down--leveling seems slow, and I for one got tired of fighting ghouls and ghosts and demons and zombies, or undead whatevers. Like some other games I've played, you have NO chance fighting anything much above your own level. C'mon, guys, you should at least have SOME chance at this Other players were friendly and helpful at first, then things degenerated into kill-fests with not much interaction. End-game content was geared at the Uber-characters(Twinks)--My 50 got Nowhere repeatedly (I -think- that was the highest level!)
    Lack of interesting things to fight made me leave. Too bad--Game showed promise.
  72. Nov 14, 2013
    I have been playing this game since Beta. I took a long break, tried SWG, played MWO and dodged into and out of Planetside and a few other games over the years. The interesting thing is that SWG players were excited that they often had 200 players on at one time. I have seen RIFT remain a solid game throughout, despite ups and downs. The content is constantly refreshed, and they haven't trashed the game like WOW did when they "destroyed" the game. I never got into it after they "destroyed" it. I had 5 level 60 characters over there I abandoned because I didn't like the abrupt change in the game world. It wasn't interesting or enjoyable. Rift destroys parts of it's world all the time with the Rifts. This is a better way because you can still have the familiar which makes you feel like you are home, while still having threat, change, and fast group sessions all in one. Expand
  73. Feb 21, 2014
    Rift scores positive points for their unique talent system (souls). However, the system was also hard to balance. Loved the open world events (Rifts). High marks on innovation.
  74. Feb 22, 2014
    booooooring! More of "kill 5 of that" or "bring me 5 of this". Nothing new under the sun. Its a ridiculous easy solo game, a bad copy or others MMOs. Bad colors, the armors and weapons looks horrible and forget to do nothing until level 50. Definitely overrated game. And remember, if Adam Gershowitz is there, forget the balance between classes.
  75. Feb 24, 2014
    I have spent countless hours playing this game, mostly levelling, I did some dungeons and PvP too. Despite being accused of copying WoW I found many things in this game very refreshing. It has a unique atmosphere, which is one of the most important factors for me. Despite being an MMO it is quite immersive too. I also like character creation and some of the questlines aren't that bad. One of the flwas is however repetitive quest design. There is too much of the same quests. Even though the good potential is there, the later questing experience feels very generic at time. But, overall, the game is pretty solid and Trion knows well what it is doing. First few weeks after launch I was completely addicted to this game and the experience was blast! The game is still very good, I spent few weeks in it a year ago. Good stuff. Expand
  76. Sep 20, 2014
    Grind fest mmo, very poorly optimized game client, kind of not bad implementation of f2p, but not best. End game isn't very satisfying. Bad class balance and nearly destroyed PVP experience, boring dungeons (imba mega grind, as I said).
  77. Oct 10, 2014
    Looks great and I can understand why so many people enjoy Rift, personally I found it a bit boring. Also one issue is all the community(that I have been in anyway) ever seem to talk about is WoW... Seems to me like a lot of bitter ex-subs knocking around to air their complaints with people who agree with them. I would love to not have to compare this to WoW, as it seems unfair but: WoW is still the king, with Rift it feels like there is just something that's not quite there, something missing that the exceptional MMOs capture. Expand
  78. Sep 23, 2011
    The best MMO ive played since beating my addiction to WoW. The soul system is fantastic, allowing you to personalize your own character to how you want to play it.. granted that certain soul combinations are used more then others and work the best, but that doesnt stop the option being there. :)
  79. Aug 25, 2011
    Rift is just a very well designed game. It doesn't try to re-invent the wheel. Trion has seen things that work, and things that don't, and developed a game accordingly. The few bad parts about this game are more than overcompensated by the steady influx of new content.
  80. Jul 18, 2011
    Lacking in end-game at launch, but frequent live events are entertaining. Not a lot of new concepts, but the game play is still fun and above average.
  81. Jul 9, 2011
    Rift has a great first impression, deeper character customization than most MMO's except for Aion. Logging into the game you are immediately caught in the middle of either an apocalyptic future for the Defiant or a very bloody past for the Guardians. The class system is very intuitive, from the four beginning archetypes you get, you get 8 different "soul" trees plus a PvP tree. You can have 3 different souls on your current talent tree combination, and 5 different "dual-specs" you can buy from your trainer. Classes are pretty much balanced, with a few minor exceptions (mostly in PvP). Being a Cataclysm veteran, I have to say the questing is not as great, but, every zone builds up to where it culminates at some conclusion, and the game has quite a bit of lore with a much darker story line. One of the major parts of the game, the rift system, introduces a very dynamic world. Every zone has 3 rift elements, and there can be around 20 types of each rift per zone, plus the zone-wide invasions where the planar forces lay siege on the entire zone. For end game the dungeon system allows for randoms on normal, tier 1 and 2 expert dungeons, which are the "heroic mode" for dungeons. The dungeons, even are normal, are a bit hard, but expert brings that to the next level, each tier being harder. There are also raids and raid/expert rifts you can do for higher rewards. The learning curve is a bit steep but prepares you enough for the end-game. In PvP there are 4 battle grounds or war fronts. There's one where you need to hold a fang longer than the other team, one where you have to dominate the map, a capture the flag, and a flow blown battle to kill the commanding officer of the other team. This game is breath of fresh air from WoW. There are easy in-game character transfer methods, tutorials, and the game pretty much prepares you for end game content ahead of time with rifts and normal dungeons. The graphics in this game are far superior to most (if not all) good MMOs out there, if your card can handle it. There is an easy Looking for Dungeon (LFD) tool and instant queues for all battlegrounds. Rift encourages being social, guilds have weekly quests for great rewards, you get amazing guild perks, and there is no experience penalty for being in a group (like in WoW). The crafting system in the game is very easy. There are many gathering and crafting abilities, there is an easy crafting menu to manage your skills, and best of all the items you get while crafting are very useful and, if you keep your level on par with your crafting skill (which isn't too hard) you should be able to even use the armor, spells, potions, etc. that you craft. If you are one of those people who just go for those crazy achievements and to collect everything, you're in luck. In Rift you find artifacts which can be added to a special artifact collection tab. Artifacts can tell stories and clear up some lore for you, and you can trade them in for fun items. If you find a book, you can also pick it up and put it in another bar specifically for books. In some cases, quests may be mundane or repetitive, but there is so much to do while you're leveling that if you don't like this quest, go do something else or just go into a new zone. Rift does have some down points, queues can be very long, the lore may not be up to snuff with what you're used to, but most of these can be easily overlooked and do not prevent you from having a great time. Rift is, as I've said, a real breath of fresh air in the MMO community. It certainly isn't a WoW killer, but if you were looking for a new MMO to play, this is for you. Also, if you don't want to pay the hefty fee that WoW costs to buy WoW, BC, Wotlk, and Cataclysm, this game is certainly worth the money, even if it isn't very old or popular. Rift has been out for 6 months and already 3 major patches with raids, so expect the amount of end game content in the future to be astounding. This is a chance for someone to start at the very beginning of an MMO, a whole new world to explore, there are puzzles, artifacts, and amazing quests. This game will feel very familiar, especially the UI (plus you can customize the UI), but it does give a very great feel to the game. I would very much recommend this to a friend (in fact, I already have friends that I got hooked onto it). Despite it's minor downfalls, Trion has created an amazing new title, and I hope new MMOs take a bit out of Rift in the future. Expand
  82. Aug 2, 2011
    I've played about every note worthy mmo to date and rift is right up there with the best. truly fun to play and nice to look at. every aspect is solid and fells polished, almost like its been of for a couple years instead of a couple months. Any one in to mmo's owes it to himself to give this a try.If its this good now i cant imagine one or two years from now! Great job trion!!
  83. Aug 10, 2011
    Rift is a game that will surprise you. Some consider it a WoW clone, but it does enough things different to separate itself from other MMO's around it. The developers put out content faster than anything Ive seen in any MMO over the last 15 years. Its hard to really compare Rift and WoW, but the only thing WoW really has going for itself over Rift is multiple expansions. Is the game perfect? No, not at all, but the developers do a lot to add more to the game so I am content knowing that this gem will only improve with time. Expand
  84. Aug 27, 2011
    RIGHTS : In these hard times with a lot of whiners on forums and "WOW KILLER QUOTES" its really hard to prove your rights. RIFT took old principles from games like World of Warcraft, Aion and others .. and put them into great looking next-gen MMO shell. I can say honestly the RIFT is actually the one and the right choice for people who want to start with MMORPG. I can say this game have a perfect nvidia surround and Eyefinity support which is not a rule in 8 games out of 10. MINUS : RIFT still need its time to grow up .. content is still little low, few dungeons, few locations making harder and harder your leveling with every new character and if you want really enjoy the game you bet have a good computer because low-details graphics looks worst than WoW. Expand
  85. Oct 2, 2011
    Before I went to Rift I had been playing World of Warcraft for about 2,5 years. I was tired off the same game all over again (it wasn't a bad experience though) and I was looking for a fresh new experience. I've been playing Rift for a while now and I must say Trion did an excellent job in creating Rift. The visuals are extremely well, movement is smooth, and there's a ton of things to do. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that quests are still the standard quests we know from the MMORPG industry. Kill x, Go to x, Click x. Expand
  86. Oct 11, 2011
    Rift is a great game!!! Probajte ovu igru i sigurno necete zazaliti, wow je napokon dobio dostojnog naslednika, na zalost baza igraca sa prostora balkana je veoma mala i to je po meni jedini minus igri za sad... nadam se da ce se to promeniti:)
  87. Nov 8, 2011
    A great MMO for "hardcore" RPG players who miss the vanilla days of wow, with a dark fantasy twist. The enemies are unique, skill system fantastic and flexible, and the visuals are top notch. PVP can feel sluggish, but is rewarding when you consider pvp rifting, etc etc.

    constant, steady new content is fueling this game, and has really kept it fun and fresh unlike other MMO's slow big updates.
  88. Nov 25, 2011
    I heart this game for the dynamic gameplay that no other game can provide at the moment. I love the graphics that are truly amazing with the stunning detail. The game has so many different possibilities, you are left with much to do and it is all very fun! If you do not raid, you can get to 50 and get bored quick, just like other mmo's, but Trion pushes out content faster than any other company out there leaving you bored for such a brief moment of time. Definitely worth a shot. Expand
  89. Nov 21, 2014
    The game is entertaining in the beginning. Like a lot of MMORPG's it is very easy early on and you can get sucked into building your character. But after playing for a while you realize that this game offers nothing more than a standard MMORPG experience and contributes nothing new to the genre. At least not anymore. The combat model is dated and boring. The map system is useless when you are underground. If you are bored and love the old-style MMORPGs then give it a whirl but don't buy any of the DLC or become a supporter until you have played it for several days. My experience was it got boring very quickly. Expand
  90. Mar 12, 2012
    Rift is definitely a suggestion for an MMO I would give to my friends. I feel that Rift has very nice graphics and smooth gameplay, there is always something to do and it has decent playerbase.
  91. Apr 16, 2012
    I played rift til level 30, its a WoW clone like AoC and most MMO's out there...if you like that stuff you'll love Rift its WoW in a new setting, ofc it has all the old problems WoW did, Elitism over gear, unbalanced class's that can solo better than others, in fact solo elites in a bikini and not lose any health from what i saw and heard....if you are a power player and like no challenge and bragging rights its a game for you....the Clerics and Mages don't even need to rest or buy drinks, I believe the phrase the players use is "Duracel" Clerics and "Energizer" mages....they seem to be oblivious of the fact that if you are fighting elites solo and not losing health the game is broken badly. The macro system is also a leet kids wet dream of convenience and mash this button to win gameplay, the players didn't even talk to each other in instances or when they did it was a novelty thing, sad proof that tactics and teamwork were not required in this so called MULTIPLAYER game...try the trial don't buy it like i did you'll regret it, if you're an old school fairplay gamer like me...unless they fundamentally change it in the new patch which i haven't seen any signs of, i'm not going back....bring on a balanced MMO someone please! sheesh or even something vaguely original lol...i ask too much obviously! apologies *sighes and heads back to skyrim with his tail between his legs*
    It gets 5 for the cool Rift effects!
  92. Apr 7, 2012
    Great graphics, great storyline, great gameplay!
    Absolutely fantastic MMO i ever played, you guys would really love this baby, if you ever played MMO before then i know that this will the best MMO u ever play :)
  93. Apr 16, 2012
    similar to wow, but still original... The way you can customize your character is far better than wow... Its random events like rift invasions do the game more exciting.
  94. Feb 8, 2013
    Very good mmorpg compared to the competition, the rift mechanic is great, dungeons are great and everything is smooth. For some reason i have really enjoyed the quests too, they seem better written than your average mmorpg quests. The thing which drags it down, is the pvp, but since i'm not too interested in it, i don't really care.
  95. Nov 11, 2012
    Leveled a few characters to the trial limit of level 20, solo and through the instant adventure. Played the open beta a week before Storm Legion is to be released. I felt picked on if I tried to go against the flow, like some petty gamemaster meddling with mobs. The veterans awards stinks of con job, where you see in server messages people getting rewarded for 1-36 month subscriptions. Ton of fail mechanics, I'll list a few. I could kite enemy guards around a tent or building in such a way that some if not all of the would end on the roof in an eternal stand off, looks kind of dumb. My pet would only hold agro on one mob and the other mobs would attack me if I healed my pet, except if I did it out of line of sight. One class from both factions has the ability to leap, which can be somewhat exploited if done during a normal jump to get on top of structures. I was able to get guards, quest npc's and invading mobs stuck in walls during the predecessor event for Storm Legion and no player could attack them. Seems to be covert fanboys or staff hanging around to jump in and cover up flaws in high visibility areas and events. Mount speed plays a huge factor in whether you'll be annoyingly dismounted every 15 seconds or never. A 150 to 200 percent mount goes faster than the game can populate an area you are in, until you stop, at which point might be in the middle of a pack of mobs that you would of seen and avoided on a slower mount. During level 9-18 zone invasions, it is routine for level 50 players (unmentored for you fan boys) to be there 1 shotting bosess etc, ruining the challenge to players of the appropriate level. The mentoring system is allow to lower yourself from a higher level say 50 to do quests with say a lvl 10 friend, totally is half-baked, you are twice if not tens as powerful a normal level 10. The chat system is awkward and daily bashing of other mmo's becomes annoying if not necessary to distract you from all of Rift's shortcomings. I am strongly against fraternization between players and gamemasters because of favoritism. I quit Wow with a slight bad taste at Wotlk due to huge faction imbalances. I can't rationalize Rift charging the same rate as Wow with a fraction of the player base and quality. Rift main hype is the graphics which will stumble badly on the average video card causing you to pause during prime time in the capitals or raids. It has been slipped that many developers are ex-wow developers, I think even ex-wow emulator, get my drift. Spawn location or mob placement very rough to many here to little there, like rough it in, oops sidetracked, finish it someday.

    During the open beta a week or so before the long overdue expansion, I felt they could not possibly fix, finish or tune it before the release. They made everyone instant 50 to test, the more finished zones. Then the last of the last day, everyone instant 60, which was way to late to be effective measure of anything besides maybe pvp, which is still going to be pre-made destroying pug. I able to get a dungeon group only twice in 5 days, steamrolled it. Impressing me with these are old players where are the new ones? I am totally against any kind of monopoly, but I laugh when someone says Wow killer about this game. I have played on similarly populated free "private" wow servers which I am not in any promoting.
    It is very easy to grief players because of developer short sightedness. Vote kick , no reason allowed, will often be yes to get the prompt out of your way. Or join a 15+ person instant adventure, trigger a ready check every few seconds and leave before you can be vote kicked. I have see a number of Wow bugs in a couple of years, but I could show Rift has a thousand times more at any given time. I do enjoy the hot looking females from the neck down, the faces seem slightly boyish.
  96. Nov 18, 2012
    So, most people would compare this game to World of Warcraft. A few things about the comparison, while it is accurate, it is not a fair comparison. Rift has a basic 4 class, multiple mix-and-match spec system, and from what I can tell was still pretty rough going during the initial release. In addition to the former there is the fact that World of Warcraft, from what I know about Vanilla WoW, was pretty rough going and somewhat brutal or confusing at first with almost no way for people to really know where they were going except by reading the information text, besides the similarities in overall gameplay and base/original design of the game vs WoW, overall Rift is fairly good and as of right now the game is roughly as good if not better than WoW to date. I highly recommend you check it out if you are not happy with the current state of World of Warcraft and would like a new challenge and slight change in pace. Expand
  97. Dec 4, 2012
    Rift has a lot of great things going for it, but needs a lot too. The fights are confusing as heck, especially coming from WoW, and end game is very disappointing. The world looks AMAZING and the mounts and mobs are awesome, but the weapon and armor are completely "meh", could use a Korean touch. The rifts are super fun and always give you something to do, the quests are decent and engaging and world events are sufficiently fun - but the instanced encounters are a mess.

    And the community is both good and bad - they're friendly and helpful in general, it's not full of trolls like WoW, but in instances everyone treats it like a speed run and doesn't talk. So you don't get a chance to learn anything unless you're doing guild runs. I played for 6 months and gave up on end game, levelling the different classes is really fun but ends at level 60 =(.

    The game looks amazing and has excellent playability - from fully customizable UI to complex talent trees that can be swapped out and customized endlessly. The game feels polished and well thought out, but boss mechanics need to be more transparent.
  98. Nov 3, 2013
    Rift has the same issues as WOW see below), as they copied almost every feature from that game. So where does wow/rift go wrong? It’s a cookie cutter type game with no depth in gear, spells or abilities… everyone has the same stuff. A new expansion comes out, your: Int, Agi, Str goes up 20 points… ooowee, how exciting! These games are good for a while but you tire of them quickly.

    Rift figured it would copy WOW because they are successful, which is only partly true. WOW is successful largely due to the fact that there is no competition for this genre game on the market, rather than it being an epic game to play.

    So instead of being creative and coming up with an epic NEW game, Rift sealed its fate by coping another game on the market; a game with more resources and experience in the market. To add to their problems, their developers are not as good as WOW’s (less cash to work with), they have not figured out a proper PVP balance between classes (big issue!), class/gear/dungeons have even less depth. And selling gear and mounts for cash (US dollars) is simply a mistake in the long run. Yes, you make some quick cash but this will come back to bite them later, as it creates major imbalances in PVP and spoils the idea that earn quality gear! Rift definitely has some positive like good support, and sound on-line game play, but the focus of this post is how to improve the game.

    So the big question, how do you fix these games, or better yet, make a game that blows the competition away! Think unique and individual. Who wants to be the same as everyone else? Instead of spending all that time developing PVE which no one plays in end game you build up a colossal gear stash 1st, a broad range of abilities to level (slowly), EQ’s AA were very good. I could say so much here but don’t have the time or space to write it. How do you make PVE fun? Opportunities for reward!! (GEAR), make it challenging where you require team play, and easy group joining creates friendships, roaming rare monsters and again drops worthy GEAR). I’d make opportunities for good gear equal whether it’s PVP, PVE or Raid and almost everything would be drops… very little purchased! How about building your own weapons with special abilities, weapons that level with the character (30-40 levels minimum) so the gear drop really mean something. More of the gear is tradable. And when gear drops is for your level not something you out grew five levels ago!

    PVP is based on skill, rather than level/gear so you avoid the unbalanced PVP matches. And is it really that difficult to balance the different classes? It must be because Rift does a horrible job of it, as of 10/2013 rogues and heals rule in PVP, mages are pawns and clerics, warriors do ok.
  99. Nov 13, 2014
    SEEMS like it really could be fun, but there were certain things that annoyed me, can't put my finger on it exactly, but just didn't "FEEL" right and I think "FEEL" is a big part of any game. I may re-visit this game in the future, but for now I'm done. Don't take my word, haven't really given this game as much effort as other games I've played, but I really couldn't get into this game that much.
  100. Apr 16, 2012
    I played rift til level 30, its a WoW clone like AoC and most MMO's out there...if you like that stuff you'll love Rift its WoW in a new setting, ofc it has all the old problems WoW did, Elitism over gear, unbalanced class's that can solo better than others, in fact solo elites in a bikini and not lose any health from what i saw and heard....if you are a power player and like no challenge and bragging rights its a game for you....the Clerics and Mages don't even need to rest or buy drinks, I believe the phrase the players use is "Duracel" Clerics and "Energizer" mages....they seem to be oblivious of the fact that if you are fighting elites solo and not losing health the game is broken badly. The macro system is also a leet kids wet dream of convenience and mash this button to win gameplay, the players didn't even talk to each other in instances or when they did it was a novelty thing, sad proof that tactics and teamwork were not required in this so called MULTIPLAYER game...try the trial don't buy it like i did you'll regret it, if you're an old school fairplay gamer like me...unless they fundamentally change it in the new patch which i haven't seen any signs of, i'm not going back....bring on a balanced MMO someone please! sheesh or even something vaguely original lol...i ask too much obviously! apologies *sighes and heads back to skyrim with his tail between his legs*
    It gets 5 for the cool Rift effects!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 56 out of 59
  2. Negative: 0 out of 59
  1. Nov 29, 2011
    There have been obvious comparisons made to WoW, with some even going as far as calling it a clone. But what makes Rift so special is that it goes out of its way to avoid falling into the same traps as the many that have fallen before it. It avoids the painful, mindnumbing grind, makes incremental patches everyday and listens intently to its rapidly growing community.
  2. 89
    It's true that the soul trees offer outstanding flexibility for character development and the rifts bring a welcome sense of insecurity into Telara's everyday life, but for some players this simply might not be enough.
  3. Jun 28, 2011
    Rift offers a really polished MMO experience but looks and feels much like a mix of many good MMOs like World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online and Warhammer Online.