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  • Summary: RIP Trilogy contains RIP, RIP2: Strike Back, and RIP3: The Last Hero.
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  1. May 24, 2014
    This is literally a free online flash game. I've actually played online flash games that are better than the RIP games. You're a tower, and you spin in circles to shoot oncoming enemies. The graphics are disgusting to look at, the gameplay is as boring as it gets, the story is written by a 10 year old, the entire game belongs in the garbage. There's a reason they sell all three of the RIP games together, for only $4.99, because they're worth nothing more. In fact, I'd even say they're over-priced. From the menus to the enemies, the graphics literally look like they were drawn in MS Paint, with a little bit (and I mean a LITTLE BIT) of special effects, done in the first Adobe Flash ever made. It's revolting, and you don't want to play it, trust me on this one. If all three games are for sale for $0.99, don't get them. If it wasn't illegal I'd tell you to burn a one dollar bill instead, because it'd be more fun to look at and experience. But what do you expect, Meridian4 hasn't necessarily been the best publisher in the past. But even RIP is too bad for Meridian4, how is this even considered a game worth money? I've literally seen-and I'm being COMPLETELY honest here-a free online flash game that is at LEAST five times better than this. Stay away from RIP Trilogy. Please. Expand