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  1. Sep 7, 2013
    This is the best World War I flight simulator ever created. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is the best combat flight simulator ever created.

    The feeling of actually flying a plane is really here in this game. Each plane is it's own individual experience. Flying the Camel for example, is very different from flying the Se5a, which is totally different from flying an Albatros type. The damage model is very faithfully worked out as well. If one part of your plane is damaged you will get a different set of problems than if some other part of your plane is damaged.

    I fly mainly online but many people report liking the off line component as well. It should be noted that this game has a steep learning curve and you must have at least a joystick to play it properly!
  2. Sep 7, 2013
    Best Flightsim currently available. The Flightmodel is superb and better than any other on the market. You have to learn the ropes but you will be awarded the true thrills of a WWI dogfight.
    Dig out your old joystick and in a week you will order a rudder and a throttle (ending up with a home as I did).
    This game is a must for any serious flightsimmer. If FSX is about procedures and IL-2 about visual beauty, then ROF is about flying! As as side-note, the game works very well in 3D surround, quite an experience...
  3. Sep 6, 2013
    Rise of Flight is a dynamic flight sim of the true beginning of Combat Flight. The immersion factor for this game, no this sim, is un measurable. From the two offline (single player) campaigns to the online multiplayer option with human against human and AI. The play and beauty of this sim is fantastic.

    The Channel map is only one of several maps you will find available for this master piece works. Fighters, recon, bombers, seaplanes, you name it. There are so many planes to choose from and extra options in the way if equipment and armament. All costs are kept very small and affordable. No need to fork out vast amounts of money to expand your air forces.

    The 777 or RoF community forums provides more expertise or help than you will most likely need. And several other forums supporting RoF are available for your expanded use such as New Wings Virtual Flight Training.

    many of the online servers, if this is the path you choose, try to bring historical content in their missions to you. Numerous squadrons exist and new one are always welcome.
  4. Dec 28, 2013
    I gave this game a 3 because the "flight" aspect of it is impressive in it's own way, the "battle" end of the equation is a different matter. The main plane you are forced to fly during all but a few of the allied missions was either poorly thought out, as the top of the windscreen cuts right through the gunsight rendering it unusable, or cleverly done to encourage you to buy on of the several pricey (50% of the cost of the main game) DLC packs.

    To further add to your aggravation they have made the control scheme so complex as to be unworkable. I appreciate trying to make a flight sim realistic but there are 27 different keyboard commands dealing solely with the position of the pilots head! No I'm not kidding I counted. They seemed to realize this and put in a couple to help with this craziness (padlock view and red and blue arrows to help find friend and foe) but both of these stop working halfway through a fight, just to make your life that much more interesting. Bet if you buy the right DLC pack this is fixed though.

    As an example of the game's stupidity, in the second mission of the allied campaign you have to shoot down an observation plane and 4 german fighters. You have 250 rounds of ammo and 3 wingmen who seem incapable of even shooting themselves down. You can bang away at the observation plane and leave it full of holes, but it will keep bumbling through the sky, despite all the damage, like an Allegiant Airlines jet. However unless you kill everything (a feat I haven't managed in several tries with the unlimited ammo setting on) the mission is deemed "incomplete" and you have to try it again like some world war I version of the movie groundhog day.

    Add hyper accurate ground fire, the fact that your plane will be irreparably damaged if a fly hits the windshield, and long mission times (one training mission to shoot down 3 planes says you fail if you don't complete it in 50 minutes!) and this game becomes an exercise in frustration.

    Basically if you need a blood pressure stress test use your free Obamacare, it will be cheaper.