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  1. Oct 24, 2013
    Like its predecessor, it managed to keep me glued to my seat, guitar in hand, and rocking along. It's pretty much the same as the original, though they added some new minigames, a few more options for learning songs, missions, and a cool feature called 'Session Mode' where you can select any instruments to include in your band and while you play along, the AI instruments play along with you depending on your tempo, rhythm and tone. It has a decent setlist at the moment, but I'm sure it'll get even better with more DLC to come on the way. 10/10 Expand
  2. Oct 24, 2013
    It's true, this is the fastest way to learn guitar. I had the original Rocksmith and the new 2014 version improves in ALL the areas the original had flaws in. Before playing this game, I did not know how to play electric guitar. After playing this game, I can now feel confident with tabs I find online and jam with my friends in real life.
  3. Nov 2, 2013
    I have to give this a solid 10++. and for many reasons... first and foremost YOU WILL LEARN GUITAR. and in less than I year I went from clueless to playing in garage band. and it was 100% Rocksmith that got me there. I also send my daughter to private lessons and can tell you that she may know more about the theory and reading music but Rocksmith keeps her interested as a side practice after she finished her formal lesson homework... it helps her greatly with coordination and being able to quickly change chord positions. And while I plan to continue lessons for a while more for her. I have spend nearly $2000 in private lessons and when you compare that expense to a $59 Rocksmith how do you give this any less then 9 stars? Learning guitar takes years and THOUSANDS of hours of practice... people that don't think this delivers are just not willing to invest the time and work hard for it. And here's the deal, they took the first version and made improvements based on player feedback, what more can you ask for, and for only $10 they let you transfer your music with upgraded features in each song. you get 50+ songs per game and they have somewhere around 200 songs in total you can get and they now committed to weekly content updates.

    Also the requirements on the PC are pretty light, if you have having issues or performance problems, you must have a really old crappy virus infected PC... I have a 5 year old Lenovo laptop that runs this game perfectly with zero lag.

    Finally, you can't call this a game.. it's an educational/training software program... they could have just as easily charged $499 and sold it in Guitar Center and it would have flow off the shelf.
  4. Oct 24, 2013
    The most important thing to mention with the original Rocksmith & the 2014 edition is that they motivate you to play, which is the hardest barrier to overcome when learning or improving in guitar. I can fully recommend both for that reason alone with 2014 easily being the superior version.

    Having spent close to 200 hours with the original Rocksmith I wasn't hesitant in pre-ordering the
    2014 edition for almost the songs alone. While the original had some flaws, 2014 addresses all the major ones, improves the game in every way & adds some great new modes. I've seen some complaints on having to pay around $10 to import the songs from the original Rocksmith (the dlc from the first transfers for free), but I think it's understandable due to the licencing fees. Also it came as a welcome surprise that all the original songs have been redone, benefiting from the improved techniques such as improved bends, and have become more accurate to the original arrangement.

    If you've ever wanted to learn guitar or bass or need the motivation to improve I'd suggest Rocksmith 2014 as an additional aid as well as being great fun once you've become comfortable with them.
  5. Nov 14, 2013
    Rocksmith 2014 is a significant improvement over the original Rocksmith. Session mode is almost worth the price of admission, providing unlimited improvisation practice. I have been playing guitar for thirty years, and still prefer reading tab. In the old Rocksmith I would actually learn the song with a tab player (GoPlayAlong) before trying to play the song in Rocksmith! However in this version I am getting better at shooting the flying notes Playing bass is great fun as well. If you are new to Rocksmith make sure you flip the strings so that red is on the bottom, so that it will be easier to read tab and music notation in the future. Expand
  6. Oct 25, 2013
    It's not PERFECT (there's still no adequate method of learning the notes on the fretboard a HUGELY important step in truly learning guitar and no video lessons on proper strumming patterns, etc.) but it's a great improvement over the previous edition of the software. On my PC the audio latency has been reduced to near-zero (hooray!) and the revised tab makes bends and finger positions much clearer. The riff repeater functionality has gotten a major overhaul as well and is implemented in a vastly superior manner (allowing you to jump right into the repeater at any given moment). But perhaps the most important function that the game has is a genuine ability to motivate and make the often tedious initial work in learning guitar much more engaging and fun. Expand
  7. Oct 24, 2013
    Having issues feeling my fingers and raising my arms after playing 5 straight hours of this game. If you need motivation, this game will provide it. Makes things fun and interesting, I even enjoying doing beginner lessons that are far below my playing ability.
  8. Oct 27, 2013
    An excellent learning and practice tool for playing guitar. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experience player like myself this game is really enjoyable and helps you learn and improve your guitar skills in a fun way.

    Rocksmith 2014 is completely different than the first Rocksmith game and is much, much better. Ubisoft have improved the game in many aspects including a new jam
    mode where you can play with a virtual band. There is a wide variety of songs to play with many more being released as DLC.

    I've noticed significantly less input lag compared to the last Rocksmith game however chord detection is still a bit of an issue in Rocksmith 2014
  9. Nov 10, 2013
    As an amateur guitar player myself, I am truly amazed at this piece of software. Things that are usually a pain in the ass to practice like scales and riffs are made really fun here!
  10. Nov 7, 2013
    Rocksmith 2014 is better than the original in almost every way. Most obvious is the improved song list, with more mainstream rock hits over the general indie flavor of the original (although I still ended up liking much of the original's song list). The reworked gameplay looked kind of suspect at first but is vastly superior, adding support for palm muted chords, oblique bends, and even pinch harmonics (which I still can't figure out how to play). And the menu. The original's menu was absolutely horrible. Now it looks like an actual menu! If I had to knock the game any, I'd say that the missions become obviously random very quickly, like asking me to play a new song when I've already played every song I have. The note detection, while improved, still is slightly flawed, most noticeably so in drop D power chords, and while "true tuning" is great, it's kind of a pain to have to retune my guitar so often. Overall though, Rocksmith 2014 is about as good as possible, and while not perfect, it's still pretty darn great. Expand
  11. Oct 31, 2013
    I agree with most reviews, Rocksmith 2014 does improve a lot. It's now even more an educational game instead of just a guitar hero clone.

    But sadly with Rocksmith 2014 I need to mention one negative point. Which is the music selection. Yes, this is very subjectively but for me there are only like 5 out of 50+ Songs I really enjoy to play. The last Rocksmith had, at least for me, a
    better more joyful song list to play.

    My advice: look the song list up and decide for yourself if those 50+ songs are worth the money.
  12. Oct 31, 2013
    I own the rocksmith original game and not satisfied 100% upon that game, now rocksmith 2014 was come out and i have been bought and tried already. Trust me its really powerful and i tell that it is the most powerful guitar game in the world. I have satisfied 100%.
  13. Nov 24, 2013
    more of a tool then a game (cliche like a f***) but am giving it 9/10 from the only reason and that reason is critical, game about guitars and no Jimmy Hendrix, W.T.F. is this seriously
  14. Nov 15, 2013
    I have to say since i have this iam having fun playing guitar again.
    Yes if you want to learn guitar you have to learn from other sources too,however having this will improve your playing greatly.

    Get some lessons either from a teacher or online and buy Rocksmith 2014,you will thank me for it.
  15. Dec 19, 2013
    A great improvement on the original with faster UI and now you can sort your song list by title, tuning, difficulty etc. The new session mode is ok but I'm not to keen on it and prefer loading up Guitar Rig and backing tracks on that. It does cover quite a lot more than the original including palm mutes, pinch harmonics and goes into a greater depth. For the one that says that their CD key was banned all they had to do was contact Ubisoft support with proof of purchase and they would have been given a new one, it's apparently happened to a few or maybe they were sharing their key with somebody else. Expand
  16. Dec 12, 2013
    I am a beginner at playing guitar and I have to say this software is amazing. I knew no chords, techniques or anything else when I began using this software. I tried self teaching when I was a teenager with no success and gave up inside a few months of goofing of on the acoustic I had. Now, 20 years later, I can see that I will be able to play once I simply put in the practice. Calling this a game is an insult to the creators. It is tutorial software at it's best and most entertaining. The mini-games (guitarcade) teach you basic skills without you even realizing and the songs ramp up at reasonable pace. The inclusion of lessons with actual human tutorials helps with the basics although sometimes they move a little quick with the practice riffs (string bending lesson has you try a riff where of the notes are bends right after you learn how to do your first one) or explanations (harmonics explanation was a bit confusing and I ended up going online to figure it out).

    I have not been able to put this away since I started. I'm only about 2 weeks in and I am so excited with my progress. Keep in mind it takes work and dedication; this isn't Guitar Hero! I play every night for an hour and a half after work and the rate that you see improvement is truly incredible. Supplement this with some online tutorials and you will be on a fast track to playing guitar in a span of time that no one ever thought possible. I can see myself playing a full song or two by the end of the month. Think about that, one month and you could be playing a handful of your favorite rock songs on guitar! I think their "60 day challenge" is set up for those out there that are less motivated than myself. If you use this an hour a day for 60 days and can't play at least one song, you are doing something wrong.

    I do have a couple quibbles. I wish there was a tutorial on reading the songs in actual musical notation and/or tab. As it is, you are learning to play in a new form of musical notation, "Rocksmith" notation. I realize it will not take much to translate once I am better, but I wish the game helped with that transition, since pretty much everything else is covered. I can't really take any points for not including more in a game with so much. I refuse to take away points because more could have been done; more can always be done!
    Another small issue I have is the way which the auto-detect difficulty works at times. You start playing well, so it throws more notes at you, which in turn makes you stumble and miss pretty much everything as you stare at your fretting hand and strumming hand, trying to grasp where your fingers need to be (especially when a new chord comes at you). Meanwhile, all the notes are rolling past and you are missing them. Then, just as you are about to get the hang of that new chord placement, it drops the difficulty back down (because you missed so many notes while staring at your hands) and those new chords disappear. Just a little annoying and you can actually shut the ramping difficulty off and take things at your own pace, but I like the computer being in charge of that because it has a tenancy to push me when I did not even realize I was ready for that push. Again, I can't take away any points for this because you can control whether you want the feature on or off; the choice in yours and I'm thankful they included that choice.

    So, in conclusion, this is probably the best way to learn to play if you can't get a private tutor, which most of us can't. It moves at a good pace and once you dig into the options menu (be sure to check thoroughly on the riff repeater menu) you will find that you have a lot more control of your play than just picking up and running with it. Not that that is not a bad idea! The stock settings are great, but when you start to use the riff repeater to go at your own pace and really hit those hard sections, you will move even faster. Supplement this software with some online tutorials to get a little more information and you will see yourself progress that much faster. Also notice that the only people who gave this a low mark had problems getting the software or hardware (cable) to run correctly. My guess would be most of these are actually user errors or problems within their own computers, not with the software itself. Go get this game if you have ever thought about playing guitar!!! You will not be disappointed!
  17. Dec 27, 2013
    I've always wanted to play guitar and excelled at Guitar Hero! Fast forward to 2013 and finally, a game which will help me play a 'real guitar'. I grabbed Rocksmith 2014 during the Steam winter sale and haven't looked back. An excellent teaching experience that will help me accomplish one of my all time goals. Thank you Ubisoft for making the world a better place.
  18. Dec 27, 2013
    Fun program and so well organized. Makes me feel as if I am in one of my map editors when using the tool to slow down speed and select witch parts to repeat with some other tools. I feel as though my skill in learning to play is improving already but something like this cannot be tought over night so it's gonna take weeks or if years to learn but I have the time and I feel I will get alot better. There is a tool out on the internet where you can build your own musics and then put them into the game so you can learn to play them too with your guitar witch is fascinating. The toner tool inside the trainer is real cool, maybe not the best but it works cool.

    Its very cool to see for the first time my guitar being plugged into a computer and working flawlessly. The stickers that came with the installation disc along with the cord help a bunch. There are quite a lot of DLC's for this training program but with all them tallied up costs a fortune, have to be a millionaire these days to buy all of them. UBISOFT really put the protection on it super hard, harder than any other program I ever seen yet, supposedly you need steam and uplay installed and running at once for it to launch and work correctly witch is a huge downer but I can see why with all the special tools and everything in game.

    It's a good trainer, definitely has my vote on that. 10/10
  19. Mar 7, 2014
    When playing this game the guitar went so far up my arse i thought i could see hong kong. King kong would approve this. I had a great experience. best game ever. Also i love the added football mechanics, the ball floating into the net had superb quality. Finally all rockstars suck apart from me as i can play 2 notes in 10 seconds on a REAL guitar.
  20. May 24, 2014
    There is an outside chance that you will experience technical problems with the cable or note recognition which can ruin the experience. The arcade games are a pain in the rear end, so don't take the 'game' part of this product too seriously. Rocksmith 2014 is education software. it is a guitar tutor. And it is FANTASTIC in that capacity. Highly recommended and hope you don't suffer from technical issues!

  21. Jan 21, 2014
    I've been playing guitar off and on for about 7 years and I really like that I can just work my way through songs. It's makes it me want to take more time away from whatever else I have to do to get back into music.
    The game works well through steam, and the uplay setup isn't too cumbersome. Haven't had any issues with lag or setup as reported in some reviews and I have not played the
    It did annoy me that the strings are reversed in contrast to regular tab layout, but that can be changed in settings, and I highly recommend that. Also I don't really care for the guitarcade things, but the tracklist is excellent.
    Session mode is an absolute blast as well.
  22. Feb 21, 2014
    If your new to guitar and can't find or afford a teacher this is great. I am left handed, an older learner, not musically gifted and playing a restrung right handed guitar. Not many teachers wanted to touch that. So Rocksmith in either form is a decent substitute teacher. It's probably also great for those who need motivation to keep practicing.

    I started with the original Rocksmith. It
    was fine, but after a while it's suggested practice modes became moronic. After "level 8" I was stuck on one song on my play list, but it would recommend I practice every other song on my play list. Which kept me stuck on the same song. I could leave the suggested lessons and get the practice in other modes, but it was frustrating. Still a person who started me on guitar came by and was extremely skeptical of the game. Until he saw me practice with it. And realized the game helped me improve quite a bit from the last time he saw me play. Granted I'm still a total beginner, but the game helped me greatly improve.

    When Rocksmith 2014 came out, I gave it a try. I have to say overall it is an upgrade. Initially I was not impressed with 2014's graphics. It also seemed to be trying to force you to learn faster. Something I feared would not work with me. After I got by the initial push, it was fine though. It seems to get you to "master mode" faster and thus has you memorizing the songs much faster. Which translates to you impressing your friends by being able to play a song with your guitar when the game isn't on. Which is the whole point.

    I was not impressed with some of the "guitarcade" games 2014 had. Some are fantastic improvements of games over the initial Rocksmith. Others just feel like weaker versions. For instance I think the new Harmonics guitarcade game is a drastic improvement over the original. It actually teachers you harmonics by giving you a chance to play the notes. But I think the "starchords" is a drastic downgrade from the original "Chord of the dead" game. Starchords seems flawed. Sometimes it asks for the "EM" chord 7 thousand times and I get 80 million for a score. Most of the time it asks for chords I have never used and I get virtually no points. It also doesn't say the chord, so if you new to the chord you will probably get shot down. Most of the "guitarcade" games seem to level you up and start you off at the highest level you reached. Which can make for some very short lessons on that game.

    Another negative if you upgrade from the original Rocksmith to 2014 is that they actually charge you 10 bucks to bring your songs from the original into 2014. Both versions have decent list, but it seems like a rip off to have to pay 2x for a song list you already paid for. A person new to Rocksmith won't miss the old songs. But if your upgrading from the original to 2014 you might miss the old songs. The old songs on 2014 seem to work very well. The biggest negative is it seems 2014 seems to freeze up your xbox 360 at random times. Which requires you to start all over. This can be frustrating when your just trying to get your practice in for the day. My xbox 360 doesn't seem to freeze up like this for anything else. So it is just a part of the game until it is fixed.

    Session mode seems to just be "scale" practice to me, and the "band" doesn't seem to jam along with you. But that's probably because I'm a beginner. The more seasoned players seem to love it.

    To me there are two reasons to buy Rocksmith 2014, if you want to learn to play guitar. The first and most important is something about it seems to motivate you to play more than the original. I have never practiced for hours. But since buying 2014, I have practiced an hour a day when I first started, and now after about 2 weeks in am practicing 3 hours a day. Which should translate into improvement. The 2nd is the "Riff repeater" is vastly upgraded. You can do it at anytime, during any song. So if your stuck you just click a button and practice that part. Early on it's one downside is it seems to want to take me from 2% mastery of a part to 100%. It doesn't seem to want to accept I can only gain 50% mastery of something. It also takes a bit to get know to really control Riff Repeater. But you do greatly improve on most songs quickly when using the Riff repeater. . I practice by difficulty so I play the easier songs first. With "Blitzkrieg Bop" you will be playing master mode within 10 minutes. After a week even those with the weakest of song memories (like myself) will be playing that song solo for their friends, without using the game.

    So I give this game a 9/10. It has it's weaknesses. But as a teaching tool, it is very cheap and very effective. And you can buy new songs to keep you practicing or learning songs from your favorite bands. Which should keep you playing until the next thing comes along.
  23. Oct 31, 2013
    I agree with most reviews, Rocksmith 2014 does improve a lot. It's now even more an educational game instead of just a guitar hero clone.

    But sadly with Rocksmith 2014 I need to mention one negative point. Which is the music selection. Yes, this is very subjectively but for me there are only like 5 out of 50+ Songs I really enjoy to play. The last Rocksmith had, at least for me, a
    better more joyful song list to play.

    My advice: look the song list up and decide for yourself if those 50+ songs are worth the money.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 7 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 7
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 7
  3. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. Dec 25, 2013
    Rocksmith doesn't make learning the guitar easier. It does, however, make it more fun. [Jan 2014, p.85]
  2. Dec 5, 2013
    Rocksmith 2014 is not just a fun game for guitar players, but the best way to learn how to play guitar or improve your technique. [Jan 2014, p.68]
  3. Nov 8, 2013
    By itself, as just a game for someone that has no interest in learning guitar, it’s probably no more or less engaging than past rhythm games, but for those who dream of shredding, I can’t think of a better starting point.