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  1. Nov 22, 2014
    I knew the game was going to have some grind elements to it, but I wasn't quite expecting it to really hit so hard in the last quarter of the game. Everything about the game's feel works pretty nicely, but the "economy" of upgrades feels a little off. After about 12 hours into the game, I basically was at a point where the only way to make progress was to go into the castle and hunt down enough gold to get a single upgrade and then repeat the process.

    The controls felt tight and I never felt like I died a cheap death from bad platforming. I like the novelty of using death as a regular aspect of the game along with all the traits. Somewhere, there's a story, but I honestly wasn't following it; the final boss's monologue tries to wrap it all up, but none of it seemed to really be engaging. There's a lot of meta jokes and developer commentary in the game which I appreciated a lot. Overall everything was fun and I was satisfied with the entire package, but after beating the final boss, I don't plan on pursuing New Game+.
  2. Nov 15, 2014
    Not a terrible game by any means, but the level design is average at best and in place of any genuine challenge there is level-grinding and gold-farming

    That's what ultimately bothers me about Rogue Legacy. The game treats its audience to a 'Skinner Box' experience, and when you strip away all the bells and whistles, all the rogue and rpg elements - all you're left with is a rather
    underwhelming platformer. Expand
  3. Oct 14, 2014
    Original review after spending 1 hour with the game:
    A little too hard for a everyday player. I took an hour to learn its secrets and wound up with dying every few rooms. Some rooms are generated in a way that makes you die instantly. Not fun. Items are too expensive and the drop rates so low, that you can spend 15 minutes earning absolutely nothing. Awkward fighting controls means is
    more of a puzzle game to hit the enemies instead of a entertaining platformer. Repetitive design that owes to everlasting respawning made me abandon it too early. What a shame. A few changes and this would be an instant classic.

    New review after spending 20+ hours with the game:
    The game is very hard at first. The more you play it and the more you learn it, it becomes much much easier. Tight controls help much. It really deserves the high scores others are giving it. You just have to have a patience and a bit of skill with platformers to really enjoy it. One of the best games of 2013. Period.
  4. Oct 6, 2014
    Rogue Legacy is a 2D roguelike platformer, and one of the best roguelikes I've played. It's polished, with great visuals, sound, music, and game mechanics.

    Permadeath adds a lot of great dynamics to games, but also comes with a lot of design challenges. If not done right permadeath can be both tedious and frustrating. Rogue Legacy handles this by making you keep most of your growth
    even after you die and start over, which is brilliant.

    Rogue Legacy has some of the most fun combat I've seen in a 2D platform game. The controls are smooth, the enemies are well designed to create a variety of interesting tactical challenges, and the player has a lot of flexibility in both attacking and dodging. You can do things like double jump over two enemies, hit each with your sword, and then mid-air dash to dodge a third enemy.

    Each time you start over with a new character, the character can have a wide variety of abilities *and weaknesses*! The weaknesses are creative and funny, like color-blindness, which makes the game a lot harder than I would have thought. Some weaknesses are also strengths, such as being small, which causes you to have a smaller sword that is harder to hit foes with, but also allows you to fit through narrow passages you normally couldn't fit through.

    The one downside to the way you keep your character development from game to game is that death almost feels trivialized. If you live just long enough to gain enough gold for the next upgrade you want, then dying after that point is not a big deal.
  5. Sep 20, 2014
    I had to make a counter review to Bunkerfox's because it is rated as too helpful. First he says the controls are bad. This is false. The controls are not intuitive, that is to say, they do not match the smoother feeling of Castlevania. However, this is remedied easily by sticking with the game for a few hours and you easily adjust. I had no trouble buffing myself to +50% speed and blitzing through the castle destroying everything in my path (loads of fun btw). So yes, the controls can be difficult to adjust to if you don't play a variety of games and are only used to one platforming style.

    The hero legacies are random, yes, but there's an upgrade you can purchase with gold to randomize them again. If you can't stand randomness at all, don't buy the game. The castle is randomly generated to a certain extent. The 1st area is always in the middle, the 2nd area to the right, 3rd to top, and 4th to bottom. You often will find rooms similar to ones you've played before, but each new map will be randomly laid out. The exploration phase of the game only lasts about 10-15 hours, once you've explored a whole castle, you're pretty much done exploring. It isn't like Castlevania with hidden or unlockable rooms or rooms you need to come back to after gaining a new ability. In other words, exploration is NOT a major feature of the game. The game is more about fighting, looting, and upgrading your stats.

    I loved upgrading my character and trying to beat my previous high score for gold collected in 1 run each time. If you upgrade your stats to maximum, you might feel like it's a grind, but it's totally up to you.

    Great sounds, decent music(gets annoying after a long time). As for the making fun of disabilities I don't think it's as serious as some make it out to be. Some aren't even real, and can be offensive if you have no sense of humor.

    Amazing game, very Castlevania-esque, gave me 50 hours of fun.
  6. Sep 10, 2014
    A well made side-scrolling plat-former with a unique twist on character advancement, this game is definitely worth the reasonable price-tag. It is a full game (no micro-transactions! Nice!), so you need not fear getting ripped off. It does get a little repetitive, with its grind-based design, but is still worth the effort. A few more environments and enemy diversity would have made this game a classic. Nonetheless, an excellent indie game. Expand
  7. Sep 6, 2014
    Let me start this review off by saying that I'm not very good at this game. However, despite my sometimes colorful expressions after my character's death, Rogue Legacy still makes me want to keep playing.

    For the most part, Rogue Legacy is a retro throwback that attempts to capture an audience who grew up playing Ghosts 'n Goblins and Castlevania. Also for the most part, the game does
    very well, and provides a solid combination of RPG-like progression (in the form of stat upgrades and new classes,) side-scrolling gameplay, and sometimes brutal combat. This is where my biggest complaint about the game comes in. Combat sometimes feels like a chore, and can be frustrating due to enemy spawning and floaty jump controls. Also, a few of the added traits your character can have seem to have no point, sometimes impeding the gameplay more than adding a layer to it (I'm looking at you, upside down screen!)

    Overall, Rogue Legacy's flaws don't keep it from being a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. It's difficulty, while sometimes over-the-top for the average gamer, still adds replayability, and the price tag of $15 on Steam makes it worth your time.
  8. Aug 27, 2014
    I find that indie games receive a lot of praise and leniency, just for being an indie game that tried something uncommon. Games like FTL and Terraria, however, prove that we don't have to hold indie games to such low standards. For that reason, I'm going to tell it as it is: Rogue Legacy is mediocre. It consists of an interesting idea for a trait and progression system that is unimpressive in its execution and delivered on top of a terrible platform game. I played enough of it to get a good taste (defeated the bosses etc), and I regret all of it. This is the worst kind of gaming there is: a progression system that compels you to start a new game, but the gameplay is so bad that you hate yourself every time. Expand
  9. Aug 13, 2014
    I first played this game a few months ago and didn't like it at all, but only because I suck at platformers. Later I was convinced to give it another try, and woah if it blew my mind. Rogue Legacy is the Dark Souls of platformers: once you get used to its dying and rebirth routine you'll spend hours with it and love the sense of progression. A fantastic game.
  10. Jul 29, 2014
    Such a unique game. Controls are solid, level design is great albeit difficult, and the aspect of learning from death makes it a really fun experience.
  11. Jul 14, 2014
    Rogue Legacy is a great new take on a Metroidvania style game. It's a roguelike but you get to use your gold and loot to purchase and unlock persistent upgrades across all your characters (makes it much more fun than the normal roguelike in my opinion). A very challenging game with really solid gameplay.
  12. Jul 7, 2014
    im sorry but i hate this game with a passion
    first off peopole who love it need to go play castlevania or ninja gaiden then come back to this
    second off the games difficulty is the major problem i have no problem with hard games i love broforce castlevania ninja gaiden yggdra union and there hard as balls but this game instead of using challenging and good level design decides to instead
    just throw a crap storm at you in order to get by as a chalenging game the platforming is mediocre to say the least its realy floaty and controls like crap the combat is also a major feature along with platforming and its just as bad you have 1 spell and you can swing your sword thats it nothing else also the spells are all stolen straight from castlevania except for the sword wall wich is useless
    however it does have some good features the graphics are very nice and building a legacy is interesting
    however the legacy is nothing more then upgrades and another major part building your manor is just a upgrade screen the classes are useless except the shinobi get the shinobi the only way to beat this game is with the shinobi the bosses are horrendus to there just bigger versions of normal enemies litteraly all of the bosses are upscaled versions of first off the visionarys second off the flaming skulls and so on and so forth the final is un original to with it just being a knight the story seems interesting at first but its a cop out and it should go burn along with this game over all the game just isnt good and by that is one of the worst its not bubsy 3d bad but its close
  13. Jul 6, 2014
    Rouge Legacy does everything Megaman with more variance. The constant change in weapons, characters, and skills require consistent adjustment of playstyle with each life. The heir continue system is a unique approach that keeps this platforming powerhouse fresh. Could not be happier. Full review later.
  14. Jun 26, 2014
    I don't know why, but I'm addicted to this game. Is an old style platform with many modern elements that make it a joy to play.From the beginning to the end is probably too frustrating, but then you have that particular session in which everything goes right, and you feel you are playing one of the best games ever.
    I think it deserves a sequel with a bigger environment, now the levels
    graphic is flat and boring. Expand
  15. Jun 18, 2014
    Great 2D side-scrolling game with rogue-lite system. You can buy equipment, runes even upgrade your castle for permanent improvements of your heroes. Yes, heroes, because every time you die, you choose your heir who will follow up your adventure. There are many classes of heroes, with different spells and characteristic (your heir can be colorblind, when everything is black'n'white, or farsighted, when thing close to your hero are blur). I recommend this game for everyone who from time to time wanna chill out with simple, relaxing but challenging game :) Expand
  16. Jun 13, 2014
    Great difficulty curve. Great 2D side scroller game play. Very addicting. Doesn't do anything terribly original, (otehr than inherited traits which are fun, but not really game defining) but it nails the addicting rogue like formula. Very easy to get sucked in.
  17. Jun 10, 2014
    Conceptualmente interesante pero no especialmente bien desarrollado sus mecánicas y el potencial que podría tener. Es interesante para verlo si se lo ha comprado un amigo.
  18. Jun 6, 2014
    First of all, if you do not have a controller do not bother with this trash game. I would assume that this game would be pretty fantastic with a proper controller, however the default controls that come with it are some of the most ridiculous rubbish I've ever played with in my life. Common sense and my history of gaming make me wonder if the creator even played his own game before releasing it.

    So, with that tidbit out of the way, I will admit that I really WANT to like this game. It has a good premise for an indie game and the concept is solid. However the control scheme makes me tend to quit after about 2 playthroughs due to the sheer stupidity of it. Basically, this game is a side-scrolling Metroid-esque game with hack'n'slash features. What you see is what you get really. It has quite a lot of replay value as long as you have some alternate method of control or you enjoy being defeated due to poor control schemes (looking at you Resident Evil, can't run while shooting. Makes sense in a zombie game...)

    Basically you start out as some sort of 'knight' that has no real background or story and the main goal of the game is to wrack up as much gold as possible. The gold is used for progression AFTER dying. Yeah, you heard me, Not going to use that gold while you're alive. The only way to access the 'store' (dubbed 'The Manor') in which to spend all your hard (read: VERY HARD) earned gold is to perish. Once you perish, you get to pick one of three 'descendants' that have varying abilities and skills (called traits).

    There is a wide array of these traits that keep it fresh and replayability high and subsequence playthroughs amusing. After perishing you are brought back to 'The Manor', a series of unlockable options, such as a blacksmithy, more health or mana, additional abilities, etc. They build off one another, with the player unlocking one making it so that three more are able to be looked at and purchased.

    The monsters are pretty standard fare, hailing from NES and SNES times with predictable patterns and bullet-hell firing paths that are usually dodgable sans the terrible controls.
  19. Mar 20, 2014
    This game is cocaine. I always tell myself, just one more then im done. I'll do homework. I'll sleep. I'll eat something. You know what, that was a cheap death, one more. Okay, just one more. Sweet, just beat the game. Oh new game plus? maybe just one more playthrough... This game is incredibly addictive and challenging. I have seen people who suck terribly still trying to press through this game. Must have for anyone and everyone. Expand
  20. Mar 17, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Sorry to break it to you, but if you like being spoon fed a victory, go elsewhere. This game is back in the old school, drag you through broken glass hard modes that have sadly been missing from games. This and other rogue-likes are getting more notoriety because there is a genuine challenge.

    Hate the random levels? use the architect to lock in a castle design.
    Hate your blondie hero? Well, its better than IBS.

    My major complaint is that it feels awkward with a keyboard. For a game being a rogue-like metroidvainia the controls should be tight as hell, but i think it conveys the desperation of one life well without making you feel like a fool for dying.

    as Sir Leopold said on his death,
  21. Mar 15, 2014
    Here comes a computer game from Cellar Door Games that not only advances the genre of the roguelike, but also add lots of replay value after you beat the game

    Using 2D side scrolling graphics, the game runs very smooth and without any hitches. The music, while dreary, adds a sense of ambiance to the game. What makes Rogue Legacy unique from your traditional Roguelike is that after your
    character dies to any of the game's various monsters and traps, you get to pick from a random list of three heirs, with varying job classes and traits, with more job classes made available as you spend your hard-earned gold on new perks

    Just like any other roguelike, the game gets hard but the risk vs reward is well worth it. Rogue Legacy can be played with either the keyboard or a gamepad. I prefer the gamepad for this one.

    At the end of the day, Rogue Legacy is one of the better, if not the best, roguelike available on Steam and is worth checking out.
  22. Mar 9, 2014
    Game is OK but it is basically TOO HARD to be enjoyable. This is made worse by the way the map resets after each death. With each death accumulated (money) progress is lost so the game basically wastes your time by denying any progress. You might die 20-30 times before you luck-out and get enough money to get an upgrade. Don't waste your time with this garbage.
  23. Vel
    Mar 8, 2014
    The Good: As far as platformers go, the graphics, sound effects, and comedy all work well. If you love platformers, this will be a pretty enjoyable game for you.

    The Bad: The controls are a bit wonky, the hit boxes are annoying, and the difficulty/cost of upgrades scales too quickly. If you are an expert at platformers and have the fast-twitch reflexes of a teenager in his/her prime,
    you may be able to advance through the game, but for the rest of us, you will probably never end up more than 6-12 rooms deep into any dungeon. The game simply lacks the balance and polish to make it fun. Expand
  24. Feb 26, 2014
    Excellent game, very very enjoyable, I'm not a fan of rogue type games, but this one did a great job at being a bit random with tons of twists, it was easy to get very addicted to it, wanting to upgrade mansion fully and get all the things, I very much enjoyed all the time I've spent playing this!
  25. Feb 17, 2014
    I expect game like Prehistoric 2 or Titus the Fox. But again fail. Good idea to have new character each game. You can choose clones of your previous character. It will be nice a seems to be promising idea, which allows you to make different after each death.
    But game play is like incorrectly finish student work. Terrible jumping, for simple tasks you need multiple keys what ruins
    character control. enemies can shoot during walls, jump everywhere, fly everywhere. There is missing any way how to improve game difficulty. It's like last level of game with hard difficulty after first door. Is useless to buy new weapons, as they can do only small damage and you have to be close to enemy.
    Enemies are not colliding with you, you are transparent for them. If you hit them with weapon, they just blink and continue in movement to target - YOU. In reality you have only 1 hit to kill them, otherwise they will start killing you. Because your body is transparent, you have to jump away. And again you have to hit them once and jump away. And here is another black point - character control.
    There are sometimes only terrible platforms which is possible to activate only when you jump, release space, press down key and click left mouse button. I think is really hard to make control more complicated....
    And this is where I finished. I don't want to play game, where I have to fight with control. At this moment I can only say, very good idea was killed with terrible character control and wrong level/creature design. I'm going to play mark of ninja, limbo, trine 2, prehistoric 2, titus the fox. These game is no match for them.
    I want to have delete game from library button on Steam !
  26. Feb 4, 2014
    There is very little I don't like about this title. It's wise to use a game pad as the keyboard control is the only let down.

    Enemy design coupled with the random layouts make for interesting and unique challenges the retro platform lover will enjoy. The roguelike elements work well with the partnering of the skill trees and armor inheritance, so as to nullify some of the frustrations
    born from titles such as Dont Starve.

    Top class game. One of the most interesting gaming experiences I've had in the last 12 months.
  27. Jan 27, 2014
    Rogue Legacy is a combinination of Metroidvania and Rogue-like where you enter a randomly generated castle, try to get as far as you can before dying (with the ultimate goal being to kill 5 bosses), then repeat. This might sound like pretty standard fair, but where Rogue Legacy sets itself apart from its competition is its unusual character creation and its progression system.

    When it comes to starting a new game Rogue Legacy offers up three random characters chosen from what basically amounts to a Mage class, a Warrior class, and a Roguish high critical rate class (later on a Lich class is also unlocked). Each is given a random spell, sometimes a special skill, and a couple of rather peculiar traits. Maybe your character is colorblind (the game will be in black & white); or your character can't see in 3D (meaning all the enemies look paper thin); or is short-sighting (everything far away is blurry); or maybe he just has gas and can't stop farting. Very strange but kinda cool. It definitely gives the game a unique charm that you won't find anywhere else.

    Once you get in the gameplay feels really good; the level designs are simple yet effective; the controls feel just right; and the enemies/bosses have very balanced/fair AI to them. There is lots to explore and all kinds of treasures to find. Blueprints for new weapons/armor, runes for improving your character (ability to fly; triple jump; steal HP from enemies; etc.), or just little easter eggs like mini-games or developer goodies. It all makes for a fun platformer.

    Progression System:
    The second thing that makes Rogue Legacy different is when you die... you don't really die. This isn't permadeath like you'd find in other Rogue-likes. Nope, all the money, blacksmith blueprints, and runes you've collected in your previous run will transfer over to the next character you choose to play as. You take the money you've earned and use it to buy upgrades (more HP, more damage, more armor, more skills, higher critical % chance, etc.) At first, this sounds really really cool! Unfortunately, in about your 4th or 5th run you begin to realize exactly what this means. It means that future playthroughs are not about beating the game so much as its about farming and grinding for gold. Just like an MMO you are spending your time leveling your character up to the cap in the newbie areas over and over simply so you can participate in the end-game content later on. Not only does it become excruciatingly repetitive, but it has the adverse effect of devaluing your progression. You aren't making it further into the castle because you are getting better at the game or lucky breaks are going your way like other rogue-likes. No, you are getting further simply because your character is much stronger than the previous one. You'll be easily one-shotting enemies, regenerating your hitpoints like crazy, or just tanking hits with your armor that the game can lose its fun/challenge. It makes comparing how far you were able to get in one run with that of another useless and thus takes away one of the great appeals of the Rogue-like genre.

    All that said, if you can handle the grind, the game will keep you busy for a long time. Its not easy to beat with weak characters so you'll have to devote many hours to gold farming if you want to say you've beaten it. Final Score: 7/10

    One final note. There is something funky about this game's settings. Some controls and keyboard keys have been hardcoded into the game and thus unchangeable through keybinds. This goes for controllers as well. Why has the developer done this? Who the heII knows. You might even think you'll circumvent this limitation by using 3rd-party joy-2-key software, but you'll still run into problems. Its impossible to disable the in-game controller if you have one plugged in thus your custom 3rd party settings will always conflict with what the game has hardcoded in. ****in' retarded developers.
  28. Jan 23, 2014
    I hate Roguelikes. It's more of a personal preference than a legitimate concern, but I completely disagree with the concept of games that erase all your progress if something, ANYTHING goes wrong. Even old DOS games like Tyrian 2000 and NES games like Zelda reflected the knowledge that players liked challenge, but didn't like doing and redoing things they'd already done several times. That's why they invented saving. Rogue Legacy, however, is marketed as a Rogue-Lite, and it makes a world of difference.

    The game is about a family of knights, each with a wide variety of unique traits, some beneficial (ambidextrous, OCD), some detrimental (vertigo, near-sighted), and some pure flavor (nostalgic, dyslexic) entering a randomly generated castle to find and defeat 4 bosses and one final boss. When one knight dies, one of his/her three children take his place and tries to accomplish the nearly impossible task.

    Instead of making death a hard-and-fast cutoff with no gain to be shown afterward, the game lets you keep weapons, armor, money, and even certain hidden treasures earned by the previous knight for the benefit of all future knights. At times in the game, I knew I wouldn't be able to reach the end, meaning my goal was to earn as much money as possible for my children before I died. This made the game a lot more than a slot machine to be spun repeatedly until the circumstance for victory were present. It was a long, slow climb to victory, with each and every death another step onward and upward. Granted, the final boss I ended up beating due equally to luck (ninja+gigantism) and experience from several other failed attempts, but since this was only the the final part of the game, and not the vast majority of it, as was the case with FTL and Delver, it didn't ruin the game.

    The gameplay is, at it's core, simple, but with lots of little complex details. You can dash forward or backward without changing direction in mid-air. When attacking, you can't change direction unless you have a specific trait. The downward attack requires proper timing to connect without damaging the player. And of course there are plenty of spells, class abilities, equipment, and modifiers to make your knight more powerful. there's even a way to make the castle keep a consistent layout, which takes the element of surprise away from the enemy.

    The graphics and audio are quite nice. The sprites are well done and consistently so. There are different themes for the different areas of the castle, and randomly placed jukeboxes that will let you change the bgm to any of the game's songs you want. I'm a fan of Pistol Shrimp, personally.

    Overall, while this game is just plain good and addicting, it's also worth noting that it's perfect for laptops, as it's not especially intensive and doesn't use the mouse at all. But really, even without those bonuses, Rogue Legacy is a great game and a thoroughly enjoyable take on the roguelike genre.
  29. Dec 30, 2013
    You can now play this game on Mac, using Steam. addictive (totally compatible with Xbox 360 gamepad on 2012 iMac 27")

    "One more and I stop"… no way, impossible Love this game.
  30. Dec 27, 2013
    A great game, with an incredible adictive gameplay.
    80 hours gameplay, If you want to unlock everything. A excellent character progression system, a fun sense of humor.
    With the last update, the new remixed bosses, the new achievements, the game turns into a very hard challenge. Hardcore players will be satisfied.
    The only bad point, we need more variety of enemies!
  31. Dec 22, 2013
    Let's start with the good: The graphics and animations are spectacular, very charming and cute and detailed. The music and writing are also great, with a good bit of light-hearted humor thrown in.

    Now the rest: What could be a very fun game is ultimately doomed by its own rogue-like nature. You're stuck fighting the same 5 or 6 enemies. Rooms are randomized, but quickly start to all
    look the same. There's zero "legacy" from one hero to the next outside of the gold you inherit. Your character class choices for each new attempt are completely random. You could spend all your gold upgrading your favorite class and then not even see it as an option for the next few runs. Even after hours of playing, venturing into new areas or boss rooms leads a swift and unavoidable death. The real difficulty comes not from learning to recognize and adapt to enemy attacks, but from floaty controls and cheap hits. The cost of upgrades scales so sharply that you'll soon find that unless you have a series of simply amazing runs, you're unable to make any progress at all. It's a fun diversion for a night, but without the ability to steadily progress, it's hard to see myself coming back to it again and again. Expand
  32. Dec 22, 2013
    Full fledged rogue game ie a twitch game for masochists.
    Don't let the "legacy" fool you it's not any bit more accessible then a traditional rogue game.
    Some sort of 2D dark souls that I wasted money on.
  33. Dec 11, 2013
    As far as rogue-likes go this one is pretty great. While it looks repetitive the different character builds, items, and runes add a great variety. Roguelikes have become a bit more popular and with that they're also easier for most players to pick up and most play-throughs are shorter. Having said that this is not easy but it's still great to sit down and play a couple runs and not have to invest an hour into it without having to give up.

    It should be said that if platforming isn't your thing then the game should probably be passed on, it's responsible for the core mechanic. Also, later on the upgrades do slow down as they get more expensive but the idea is that by switching up different classes and traits you can go into each run with a goal in mind (taking a boss or finding plans/runes).

    All in all the game is quite enjoyable, it's a great mesh between a platformer and a roguelike.
  34. Dec 2, 2013
    Rogue Legacy is a 2D action platformer for the PC. The name is a play on the roguelike genre; in most roguelike games, every time you die, you start the game over from scratch. In Rogue Legacy, the central premise is that your character is the descendant of the previous character you were playing as, and you inherit their equipment, though you may not use the same fighting style or know the same class. Every time you die is a new opportunity to upgrade the next generation, and over the course of numerous deaths, you slowly unlock the entire castle and every ability and piece of equipment in the game. While the underlying idea of your character dying and your descendants carrying on in your place is an interesting one, the game itself is not good enough to make it interesting. Early on, it is too hard, and later on, it is too repetitive, making the overall experience bland. Expand
  35. Nov 30, 2013
    Remember how frustratingly hard Super Ghouls & Ghosts was? Well what if a poor, starving indie dev took that idea, made everything in the game randomized, and made all the bosses larger versions of normal enemies? This sums up the over-hyped waste of hard drive space that Rogue Legacy is. I hate everything about this game from the dungeon being randomized every time you die, to your new characters having all randomized stats & classes, to the forced meme garbage and terrible attempts at humor.

    Rogue Legacy is what I have come to expect from recent indie garbage: a repetitive, over-randomized, bullet-hell spamfest with shoehorned "rogue-like" elements and hideous graphics that has no redeeming values apart from being a FOTM for streamers & Youtube "celebrities".
  36. Nov 30, 2013
    This is hands down one of the best platformers I have played. With the ability to upgrade yourself, gain access to new classes, and a ever changing dungeon, this game takes the cake. I purchased it on a Steam Sale and it has so far been my favorite purchase.

    The platforming system lends itself to be played by multiple people during game play without hurting your progress. Hands down,
    one of the easiest and best games to play when you're bored and want something fun and challenging. Expand
  37. Nov 29, 2013
    Amazing game, certainly the best metroidvania I've seen in a while. Cellar Door Games have made a very entertaining popurri of the best RPG concepts in the industry. Rogue legacy is essentially a 2D patformer in the tradition of Symphony of the Night, you control a warrior that must investigate a really contrived castle full of enemies.

    You have many classes to choose from: knight,
    barbarian, mage, rogue, ninja, lich, etc. Core game mechanics are very simmilar among them: you have 1 button to sword attack, another one to jump, and another one to use a spell; however, each class gets a special action assigned to a fourth button, and it may not sound like much, but believe me, it makes a huge difference in how you use each character. Each one also has specific stats, specializing each job for certain tactics. Eventually new layers come into play like runes, advanced classes and blacksmithing.

    The leveling scheme is pretty original, since you don't level a single character but more like your "bloodline". sequence goes like this: you take your warrior into the castle, advancing and looting as much gold as you can; your char will eventually die, it's inevitable, and he will be gone forever, but you retain the gold; 3 new "succesors" are displayed, allowing you to choose who will carry the mantle; using the gold you earned you start upgrading your "family", buying healt/damage upgrades, new classes, the blacksmith, runes, etc, etc, making your next adventure more manageable than the previous; you take your new warrior into the castle again, the whole castle is randomized and your remaining money is taken, effectivelly returning you to point 0; new warrior will eventually die, repeating the previous process.

    Overall an amazing game, It actually reminds me of the Souls series a lot, specially in it's unforgiving nature, in it's aproach to death (death is part of the experience after all), and in it's approach to currency as a way of leveling up (and loosing it all with each new try). This is nostalgia done right!!! a true homage to the SNES era in a new franchise, with bold and interesting mechanics; instead of predating old franchises into mediocre games to get a quick buck (I'm looking at you Double Dragon). Highly recommended!!
  38. Nov 20, 2013
    This game is a fun platformer. A rogue-like rpg through and through. Expect to die, quite a bit, in the beginning. If you stick with it you'll find a very engrossing and challenging game. The only problem is the end game. There is a lot of grinding that needs to take place before you can face the final boss. However, how many rogue-like games actually give you a way to beat the game? I recommend this game. At $15 I thought it was a bit overpriced, but honestly, it's more than a fair price. Expand
  39. Nov 16, 2013
    Note: my true vote should be 6.5/10 but Metacritic doesn't permit that, so I give it a "6".

    Rogue Legacy is an addictive rogue-like game, but its lack of variety makes it boring quickly. The controls aren't extremely reactive and the gameplay isn't enough deep. Could have been better, but if you love the extremely hard games, you'll appreciate it. VIRTUALINN.IT
  40. Oct 13, 2013
    Game Play- 10 ]
    controls 10 ]
    contactable easter Eggs 0 ]
    Innovation 8 ]
    graphics 4 ]
    sounds 1 ]
    replay Value 10 ]
    gaming Satisfaction 10 ]
    price playtime 8 ]
    technical Issues 10 ]
    Over All 7.1
  41. Sep 24, 2013
    One of the few games I've played to make "grinding" fun. Early in the game you are a wimp that will die. A lot. But the more gold you gather for your legacy, the stronger your characters get and you can survive slightly longer than the last one. The classes are just different enough to keep things interesting from life to life (aside from the newly-randomly-generated world). The game plays nicely on a gamepad, as all platformers should. If I could change anything about the game it would be to have a greater variety of enemies and cut back a bit on the spikes and traps. Expand
  42. Sep 20, 2013
    Rogue Legacy is side scrolling grind fest with not much going for it. The graphics suck, and this is coming from someone who loves retro styled graphics, but Rogue Legacy's character and level designs just suck. If you like getting cheapshotted by traps and the endless amounts of flying enemies, then this game is perfect for you. The difficulty is punishing with absolutely no rewards for the player. Also, the price of this game is ridiculous. I got it at 66% off on Steam, and it was still $15, so you're not really getting value for money. You probably won't want to play this game for hours on end, it's really only playable in ten to twenty minutes bursts, which makes it a crappy non-portable game. I am seriously getting tired of developers choosing to make games punishingly difficult with no reward in it for the player and/or not adding more difficulty levels. I would have given this game a 7 if they had added difficulty levels. Expand
  43. Sep 19, 2013
    I love hard platformers with upgradey/RPG elements Zelda 2, the Castlevania series, Megaman, Terraria, and so on. And I love roguelikes. This game is a great synthesis of all those. It takes many of the best features of a wide spectrum of games, puts them together, and adds its own spin. Awesome.

    It's really fun... for a while.

    BUT. Once you get over the initial learning curve
    finding out what all the items and classes do, and how each enemy type moves and attacks there's nothing more to the game than a repetitive, infinite grind.

    I don't play MMOs. This started out as a roguelike platformer/RPG (yay!) and turned into a grindy Korean-style MMO. Blehhh.
  44. Sep 17, 2013
    So, what makes Rogue Legacy worthy of your hard-earned money?

    First off, I wanted to state how excited I was in learning that the Rogue Legacy development team also created the classic text-controlled flash game "Don't Your Pants"! If you haven't played it, google it, and prepare for.. Well, the title says it all. Share it with your friends and watch them play for the first time. This
    made me cry with laughter!

    Ok, down to the positives!

    1. Rogue Legacy has the feel of ye olde Super Nintendo titles. If you're looking for some 80s/90s nostalgia with the additional complex elements which we expect from game releases nowadays, you'll find them here!

    2. A glorious 'skill tree' and upgrade system. With every death comes more gold, which buys you new classes, improved stats, armor, weaponry, or magical runes! The rune system is an awesome idea, granting you faster base speed, health-stealing upon kills (recommended!), flight, or extra jumps, to name a few. These stack, meaning that with the proper runes, you could jump up to ~5 times before hitting the ground. Great system, with fun and cool unlocks as you journey through the generations!

    3. Challenging, but not ultra-frustrating. While the enemies are challenging, this makes defeating them even more fulfilling. You are expected to die, and very frequently, in Rogue Legacy. However, with every death also comes more opportunity for upgrades. You slowly make your way through the castle at first, but the gameplay doesn't stale. Your power grows with every new heir, and the castle is different every time you enter. I have rarely felt any 'deja vu' based on past castle explorations, and that displays to me that their game is well-constructed.

    4. It's humorous! You pick from 3 heirs every time you die, with most of them having some hilarious physical/mental health issues. These rarely hinder you in moving forward. As a matter of fact, they can help too. Your heirs may suffer from near-sighted/far-sighted/tunnel vision, ADHD, OCD, Dwarfism, Dyslexia, Insanity, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. They may even be balding, homosexual, or hold an unhealthy fear of chickens. I love what this element adds to the adventure. Each disorder must be recognized for its pros or cons. You usually decide your heir based upon which of the three has traits of the least evil! You will learn to recognize how all of them affect your playtime, and how they help or hinder your progress within the castle walls. TIP: Sometimes you just have to pick the heir that seems the most messed up. Wondrous results: inevitable.

    Conclusions: It's worth your money and time. There is only one reason why I gave Rogue Legacy a 9 instead of a 10. I was slightly behind the storyline (told through journal entries) towards the end of the game. The monsters level with you, and from what I've gathered, each main character death connotes a level. This being my first play-through, I ended up accruing many horridly short lives. Basically, I was told the story before I had completed the objectives I supposedly should have already finished based on these entries. I was probably ~10-15 lives behind at all times.

    All-in-all, a lovely experience though! I have one suggestion for new players: Play through 10, maybe 15 lives, learn the mechanics and how to properly defeat each monster, then clear your save data via the game menu and start from scratch. It will save you the heart-ache of deleting a fairly worthless level 50 or 60 character, as I'm about to do I can't say it's not totally worth it!!

    Thanks for a great game, Cellar Door. Here's wishing you long existence. You built a world that brought me back to my younger years. I haven't felt such nostalgia since I last played Final Fantasy 4! I never expected I'd find such a diamond in the rough, but here it is! I'm very excited to see what your hard work brings next!
  45. Sep 14, 2013
    Rogue Legacy is simple in its mechanics and doesn’t bring a lot of variety but it works. The game is super addictive and can be very challenging if you want it to. Actually the first playthrough is not very hard and it just takes time but from new game (you can restart the game in a harder castle after each playthrough ad infinitum) it gets very hard.

    A must have for plateformers and
    Metroid-like fans. Expand
  46. Sep 14, 2013
    Old school side scrolling platformer with a twist. Family legacy based, each character you play has traits some beneficial and some negative, sometimes none at all. When you die you get a choice of children heirs to take your place each with different traits and class types. Almost everything is upgradable. Riches and upgrades follow you as you progress building a family tree of characters that tried to defeat the castle. Every time you start you get to spend your money and whatever you don't spend you have to pay to death to enter the castle. Very fun game. Very well built. Boss fights are extremely challenging as they should be. Any negative reviews are mostly because the player sucks at games in general. Understand that dying is part of this game. Its intended to not be won in a single character. Each time you die you get to upgrade your characters by upgrading your castle or buying new weapons you acquired during your last characters travels. Magic enhancements like double jump or dash can be added and if you like you can lock the castle to the last version you entered for a percentage of your earned income this attempt through the castle. Good replay ability with randomly generated dungeons. Expand
  47. Sep 12, 2013
    Kudos to the designers for trying something new; a rogue-like with progression from game to game. The graphics and feel of the game are very good. I was totally hooked for the first eight hours of play maybe... but the flaws of the design started to become apparent as I was preparing for the second boss. There is not enough content to keep the player entertained between frustrating deaths... this should be the highlight of the rogue-like, weird diverse content that keeps you surprised. Not a lot of surprises here. The character classes are bland, some of them entirely worthless. Gear progression is predictable and dull. Still deserves a high rating given the slick production, originality, and true thrill that the first third or so of the games presents. Collapse
  48. Sep 10, 2013
    the concept is sound, a fast paced, short lived and rather challenging experience for both the casual and the hardcore (more the hardcore though). there is good progression and feeling of improvement via upgrades.

    what i personally do not like is the art-style; but maybe i am just tired of the "wanne-be-nostalgic-retro-look" which just too often feels like they were too lazy or
    uninspired to make it better looking. the 8 bit or is it 16 bit look does not do much to the game play other than being a reminder of games from another era. (yes, i know that was probably the intention)

    in terms of game play, i wished there was more attachment to my char. it is just a "bit" too short lived. i did not care for any of my chars like at all. and while it is an aspect of the game to go through heirs like nothing a little bit more attachment would have done nicely and with that in mind maybe a bit more longevity.

    also the balance between the classes and characteristics are not well enough. some are worthless, some are really just a joke. there was a feature wasted imo an AI that would evaluate the progression of what the player picks and determines a sort of evolution due to "survival of the fittest" along with a lot more characteristics.

    but in the end after a while, you start to wonder why you seem to grind as if it was an old school mmo. there is little to explore or be surprised about and it becomes a bit repetitive.
    but every game has flaws, every game can be better but for me, RL is but an average plat-former with very good ideas that are not fully realized.
  49. Sep 9, 2013
    I'd like to start out by saying this game is fantastic but it's clearly not meant for everyone. Secondly this game is ridiculously hard to just pick up and be good at. Now that those are out of the way here's some more in depth information, good and bad. The Best thing is infinite replayability to an extent, you can continue beating the game and upping the difficulty to your hearts content but you will eventually hit a wall because you reach a point where you can't grow your character in a readily available way because you max out the skill progression system. I'm also counting the difficulty as a plus because to be honest most games are made for everyone and present very minimal challenge to more hardcore gamers. The randomization of character from playthrough to playthrough is also refreshing in that the game makes it so you have to learn to play different styles and deal with different obstacles since you will most likely never get the exact same class and trait combination twice in a row. If you like 2d action platform games that are challenging this is a game you should consider. But now for the bad side. The randomization can mean that you get a character selection set that sucks and you have no option but to play one and die to get a better one. The only other really bad thing is just general bugginess, enemies spawning inside walls, enemies dropping gold inside walls, attacks hitting you when you're clearly out of range, random indestructible enemies exploding for no reason(floating spike balls), etc.
    Overall, great game with a few caveats.
  50. r50
    Sep 8, 2013
    I enjoyed this game very much. There's also not much else like it so I'd recommend it if you're interested in roguelikes and platforming. Feels a lot like Castlevania and Ghost & Goblins.
  51. Sep 4, 2013
    Rogue Legacy is an extremely fun and challenging game that I have really enjoyed playing. I generally do not play games like RL, but decided to give it a try nonetheless. I have played seven hours so far, and I have to say that I won't be beating the game any time soon. To me this is a strength of the game. The fact that I can play seven hours of a game and feel like there is much left for me to discover and find is truly a rarity in gaming these days. With the runes found in rooms that are difficult to complete, and the blacksmith blueprints, and even the skill tree, there is a lot to explore here. One of the best parts of Rogue Legacy is the randomly generated castle. There are multiple sections, and in order to win the game one must beat the four bosses from all the areas and then a final boss (if I'm not mistaken). So far, I haven't beaten one boss yet, but I feel as though I will soon be able to. The classes are another strength of the game. They are quite varied, with Shinobi having low health but dealing damage, the paladin being the well rounded class, and around five other classes (so far) that are available when you choose your heir. Overall, I recommend giving this game a shot regardless of what anyone may regularly play. The game is certainly funny, challenging, and deceivingly simple--in short, it's a blast. Expand
  52. Aug 30, 2013
    Its a fun and mechanically difficult metroidvania-like game. I lost interest half-way through though because it just became too repetetive. You earn gold by looting chests and defeating enemies inside the castle which has 4 "settings". These settings with its rooms and enemies are randomized each time you die. You use the gold to unlock items, classes etc. and buy stats. All of this is fun, yes, but after 24 hours of playing it just feels like a grind and i cant find the motivation to complete it. Expand
  53. Aug 26, 2013
    An easy to play, hard to master game. A funny and entertaining platformer. Combines multiple niche genres, albeit not all of them unique, for some fresh and enjoyable gameplay.
  54. Aug 17, 2013
    Nothing to talk, it's Roger Galaxy. Only Brazilian people will understand, anyway, the game is awesome and you can play with your friends or brother/sister. The boss battles are fun and the game has a huge sense o humor.
  55. Aug 12, 2013
    Rogue Legacy is funny, addicting, and has surprising hard game play. The boss fights are satisfying, my only problem with them is how few of them there are. Character progression is phenomenal, the way they implemented re-spawning system is clever and makes more sense than the typical systems. You get a new guy every time, a descendant of the person you had previously played. You choose between 3 characters, each have a different play style and different traits. You can have a dwarf trait and be extremely small or gigantism and be very big. There are too many traits to list, some are funny and don't do anything. I recommend playing the game with a controller, I found it difficult to play on keyboard. Expand
  56. Aug 11, 2013
    A boring, utterly dull game which feels fresh at first, but then boils down to ceaseless tedium. Go into the dungeon, die, go back into the dungeon, die, go into the dungeon, die. People have compared the game to Dark Souls, saying it's a 2D Dark Souls, but that, apart from the fact both games have poor keyboard controls, is an utter lie, as while Dark Souls for the most part is fair, and expects you to win the game as frequently as one would in another hard game, i.e System Shock 2, whereas Rogue Legacy expects you to die as part of the game. Expand
  57. Aug 9, 2013
    Rogue Legacy Review - Originally posted on By: William Valdes @WTValdes Let’s go back in time nearly thirty years ago. The year was 1985. A hot new game from Capcom hit the arcades that September called ‘Ghouls ‘n Goblins’. You pop a quarter in the machine and your quest begins as Arthur, a knight in shining armor who must battle armies of the evil undead to rescue the fair Princess and bring about peace to the entire kingdom. It becomes quickly apparent that this game is tough! You hack and slash your way through the 2D side-scrolling level until you meet your inevitable demise. Up to this point, Rogue Legacy is strikingly similar to Ghouls ‘n Goblins in many ways but it’s also where the similarities end and Rogue Legacy’s unique hook gets the spotlight.

    Once your character dies, you choose from one a few possible next-of-kin to continue on the quest. With a new generation, comes a huge variety of different classes, abilities, and traits. One moment you may get a female dwarf-barbarian with light feet that won’t trigger floor spike traps, another time, a giant male mage with color-blindness that turns your screen black and white. You also inherit all of the gold acquired in the previous run which can be used to level your character up with increased attributes or new weapons and armor. New abilities also empower your characters just as much as leveling does. A room filled with spike traps is made all the safer with double jumps and mid-air dashes. Enemies gradually become more difficult as you level up and the various area bosses are challenging but gratifying when you defeat them. The layout of the castle you explore is procedurally generated, so it resets with each new generation unless you’re willing to give up some gold to lock down the most recent layout.

    Fans of the 16-bit era will feel right at home with the look and feel of this game. This game has full controller support on Steam and like pretty much every platformer, it’s best played with one. The controls feel great, the game looks great and the gameplay is super addictive. Playing Rogue Legacy was one of those rare experiences for me where time just fly’s by while you’re in a deep gaming trance. I really like this game. A lot. One of the best games I’ve played all year.

  58. Aug 7, 2013
    This game is pure awesome. So addictive! It is pretty challenging at first until you level up your abilities and get some decent gear but the difficulty is what makes it great. Just be nice if you could leave the dungeon and buy stuff/change gear without having to die. Also, the sounds affects are pretty naff and the music can get seriously annoying. Almost finished it 3 times through now and still can't get enough. Expand
  59. Aug 7, 2013
    Fun game. You need a game pad to really enjoy it. Very hard. Throwback to the unforgiving games of the NES era. All the randomness is fun, the quick runs and near misses make you just wanna play one more game. Progression is fun, unlocking new features and upgrades.

    It can get a little frustrating at times as once you get into the game, you have to hit a minimum amount of gold for
    the run to be at all useful in unlocking upgrades, but that is the nature of "rouge like"

    Buy it if you like Ghost and Goblins type games, and have a game pad.
  60. Aug 5, 2013
    Play Spelunky instead. This game is not very good. How well you do depends 90% on the amount of upgrades and items you have collected in previous lives. It starts off impossible and gets easier over time. That is the opposite of how a game should be. They should start fairly easy and get harder once you beat the easier levels.
  61. Aug 5, 2013
    Nice Graphics, good Gameplay, cool ...diseases? Really Fascinating at all!
    I will have to play this game for a long time "with a few issues"
  62. Aug 4, 2013
    I'm sure Rogue Legacy is a really fun game, but having such horrible performance issues on a machine that plays 3D games quite decently is just a no-go. Playing in slow-motion with considerable control lag has a huge impact on my experience. And considering the technically simplistic nature of the graphics I really can't understand why the game performs so bad.

    Thus, a 5 is the best I
    can give, until those issues are resolved. Expand
  63. Aug 2, 2013
    This isn't really a 'rogue like' game at all.

    With that giant lie out of the way. This is a nifty platformer game, with dynamically (not really random) designed dungeons, that fit together in many many many different rooms and orders. It is limited in enemy types of under 10 different types of enemies, that grow stronger (and bigger and meaner). Plus 4 boss mobs, and a new game+ mode
    for even more fun!!
    Seriously with all the negatives out of the way, I just found myself playing it, and losing track of time. It is frustrating and hard, but you get better at it and instead of clearing the first 3 rooms, soon you start clearing huge areas on each run.
    Addictive 2d platform game that makes the other platform games you've played recently look to be frank. Bad. This game using a simple interface that works and is fun. It isn't overly complicated, with several different spells you can use and only one sword attack, yet it works and it works well.
  64. Aug 2, 2013
    Great game, Hard but fair with a ton of replay, it gets really fun about two hours in, then it slows a little, and gets really fun mid New Game Word of advice, play with a controller, much much better with a controller.
  65. Aug 1, 2013
    I have done everything in this game, aside from go beyond New Game +5. I have all the gear, upgrades, and runes unlocked. I have become proficient in every class, and I know how all the traits and spells interact. So, do I feel like I got enough value from Rogue Legacy?

    Yes, of course! The initial exploration and the detailed character progression provides a lot of fun times. The first
    few runs, you will struggle to survive. But you will find that exciting and fun since knowing each death is one step closer to victory. Once you start to struggle less, you it gets really good. You start to figure out how to clear rooms not easily, but handily with some skill involved. And each character plays a bit differently, shifting your tactics. Even long into the game, you're still exploring to find new items, unlock better stats, and defeat new deadlier versions of enemies.

    But it's not all sunshine. The game begins to drag around when you start New Game +2. At this point, the new enemies are not so much different as they are positively annoying. Many rooms will see you wading through impossible bullet hells as each enemy fires off ridiculous amounts of shots. Most of these shots go through walls, so you have literally nowhere to hide for a reprieve. A couple of powerful abilities can counter this, like time freeze and mist form, but it's quite a shame that many characters essentially become obsolete later in the game due to poor balancing.

    The controls are a mixed bag. They are generally tight and responsive. Both the keyboard and the Xbox controller I used worked well, though the controller is a bit more comfortable for me in these types of games. There are several annoying decisions Cellar Games made with character control though. For one, your character doesn't turn left-to-right (and vice versa) as you would expect. They actually step backwards a bit, as if wheeling around, which can lead to the character being slightly out of position from where you think he/she should be. Plus, you can't turn around at all while attacking. This can lead to times when you'll be furiously attacking in the wrong direction despite mashing the correct direction.

    One final control problem I've encountered is the lack of mid-air recovery from hits. It doesn't matter how many air jumps or how much flight you have left. When you get hit, you fall aaaaall the way to the bottom of the room. This presents an extra challenge to certain rooms, but with later level design being all but unfair, it turns every single hit into a frustrating ordeal.

    At this point, I have no more desire to play the game. I've gotten many hours of enjoyment from it, but it does not persist like a true rogue-like such as The Binding of Isaac. The latter has its own balance and control issues (though far less game-breaking), but it sticks around due to the amazing amount of interesting and game-changing items to be found in every playthrough. Rogue Legacy by comparison only has a handful of classes (some become obsolete), spells (some are not very useful), and traits (many are pointless or even to be avoided).

    If Rogue Legacy want to remain relevant, Cellar Door Games needs to update it with:
    1. Redesigned late-game enemies and new enemies for more variety.
    2. More interesting spells, traits, abilities, and in-game pick-ups. A *lot* more.
    3. New-Game+ feature should unlock more upgrades/equipment/runes to buy.
  66. Jul 31, 2013
    This is an alright game with a good amount of replay, but in my opinion it does fall slightly short as a rogue-like. If I'm comparing it against Binding of Isaac, they are somewhat similar in that they loosely follow some old-school well known games (in BoS it was Zelda, here in RL it is castlevania).

    My first complaint and complement are intertwined and it has to do with the
    character selection screen. You get a choice between 3 different characters, each of which has different "traits" (can be positive things like larger knockback, or negative things like hallucinating enemies that aren't really there), and each of which is a different class (if you've unlocked them). What I like about that: different traits. This is a cool concept. What I don't like about it why can't I just choose which class I want to play? If you've unlocked a class, it shouldn't be random whether or not you get to play them. This game would be infinitely more fun if I could do successive playthroughs getting better with one class at a time. The classes are so vastly different in how they're played that it makes it TONS more difficult than it needs to be to ramp up in skill, because you're constantly having to switch between classes that have completely different skill sets.

    My next complaint would be the controls. They are not atrocious but they are not great. The downward slash move is very inconsistent and random in both when it wants to hit and how high it's going to fling you after hitting. I'm fine with it being a hard move to pull off, but the difficulty of it should not be in the awful control of it, and that's what it currently is.

    On each playthrough you earn coins that you basically use to purchase "upgrades" and unlock new things such as classes, weapons, and powerups for your characters. You can also "lock" down a dungeon for the price of 75% of all gold you make, which is a cool feature. You lose all the gold you don't spend once you re-enter the dungeon on each playthrough. There is an expensive upgrade you can get which lessens how much you pay to enter the dungeon, but it is an absolute joke of an upgrade and in all honestly even fully upgraded you'd still be paying all your money back essentially.

    So this sort of leads in to my main qualm with this game. It's not really a "rogue-like" to me. The only rogue-like aspect of the game is that when you die, you're dead, and that the levels are randomly generated. One would think that's all it takes to be a rogue-like, but playing this game made me realize that's just not what makes a rogue-like a rogue-like. Rogue Legacy is a game that you basically have no chance of beating on your first play through. This is because you have no upgrades to handle anything past the first 2 "stages" of the game. You'll get to areas where enemies just 1-hit you, only because you didn't get the "stats" required to do that area.

    This to me is not a quality of a rogue-like. You basically have to play the game over and over and over again, until your stats get to a point where everything is just easy to you. Along with that, the bosses are not random, and once you kill them (there are only 4, 1 for each "stage", then some final post-game bosses) they are dead for good, and you never face them again on the "stage" on subsequent playthroughs. That is just who thought that was a good idea? The bosses aren't that great either, compared to the bosses in Binding of Isaac it's night and day in terms of how well they are designed. The bosses are a very "low" point for rogue legacy.

    Also as you advance in stages, every enemy is just a rehash of a previous one, so variety is not a strong suit of the game either.

    All in all, rogue legacy is a game that you probably won't regret purchasing, you'll get many hours of fun/frustration out of it and it is solid for the most part. It's no binding of isaac but in terms of side scroller "rogue-likes" (I use the term loosely) it's probably your best option at this point.
  67. Jul 29, 2013
    it's really fun gets a little repetitive but the infinite character possibilities helps over shadow that. the game takes a lot of trial and error but when you beat it you feel like you conquer the world.
  68. Jul 29, 2013
    This is a fantastic title for anyone that grew up with side scroller games. It does have its annoyances though, but if you are willing to take the time to immerse yourself into this game you'll rise above them.

    The game is very simple in terms of combat and goals. Although there is a loose story around the game and an end boss, the initial goal will be to unlock upgrades, armor, and
    runes to ultimately help you achieve a full clear. Basically it boils down to this, pick a character out of a choice of three with the most favorable set of traits you prefer, enter the castle, clear rooms and collect enough money before you die to purchase the next upgrade. Of course as you get more upgrades, the enemies get tougher too so expect to die.... a lot!

    Because the castle is randomly generated, this means that you can't memories the levels and enemy placement. This forces you to actually learn the patterns and behavior of your foes, and adds a strategic element for planning out your attack order in a room filled with baddies. If you just run in and blindly start attacking the first thing you see, you may find yourself trapped in a crossfire of steel and magic that will quickly end your life.

    Some people may hate how challenging this can make the game. At times it can be downright frustrating, but unlike true rogue-like games this one actually has a sort of character progression. Even though the enemies will get tougher, as you gain levels you'll have more margin for error. Combine that with mastering the enemy behavior, and soon you'll find the game easy enough to clear most rooms, but still challenging enough to keep you on your toes.

    My only major complaints with the game is that it really only has four areas to explore. Although it is randomly generated, the limited themes and music grow tired before long. It's easy to overlook though if you enjoy the gameplay, and it has a huge amount of upgrades to obtain. If you are the type of person that like to unlock stuff, that should be enough to keep you coming back to this game for quite awhile.

    Fifteen dollars may seem like a steep price when most games of similar budget and quality are in the five to ten dollar range, but this one has enough replay value to make it worth the money. If you're looking for a game that actually has gameplay, and not cutscenes and quicktime events every couple of minutes, give this one a try. Its oldschool arcade feeling goodness at its best.
  69. Jul 28, 2013
    WARNING This game isn't for new gen peeps who like hand holding.
    Yes this game is hard, but that just makes it more rewarding.
    I have 12 hours on it, and I keep going back to it.
  70. Jul 28, 2013
    Interesting and humorous game mechanics in this game with the generation class selection thing. It's a solid platformer. Some of the upgrades are ridiculously expensive for what you get. The game is hard, and it's a time sink, you don't have to commit more than 15 minutes to it or you can play all day if you want. It's good in between playing some of my multiplayer games.
  71. Jul 25, 2013
    I like this game a lot. It's not as punishing as other rogue-likes, so it's a lot more accessible. Every life, you have to pick between 3 children, and each child has different classes and traits, so you're forced to learn the nuances of game as opposed to just learning 1 small subset, which is refreshing.
  72. Jul 24, 2013
    An amazing game well worth the purchase. Loads of replay-ability. If you like a challenge and don't rage-quit because you suck at video games, then you should have no troubles playing this game. It's a blast and not one to be missed.
  73. Jul 20, 2013
    I liked this game and played it pretty much to "completion" (I've all the steam achievements and I played it to legacy +7 or +8. At this point the game becomes very broken but most of it I enjoyed before that. The bosses are a bit easy in face they're easier than the normal monsters after completing the game for the first time. Nevertheless I had fun with the game and enjoyed jumping and killing and the different variations of the game.

    + I really liked the RPG aspects of this game. Upgrading your castle to upgrade your character and to do so in other ways as well was what kept me going for 20h+, which for me was money's worth for this game.
    + I liked the music, background and the nice events the dungeon had to offer. In addition the character traits were a fun addition.
    + Changing the class was fun way to play the game in different ways and there were even class-specific challenges for rewards throughout the castle.
    + This game didn't need a story and neither did it really have one. It was fun to play.

    - I felt that the scaling of your character is really bad since monsters do scale with levels. Your character doesn't and you'll pretty much get 1-2 shotted at the point of game where I am by some of the monsters. Also most classes become useless later on taking some of the fun away.
    - The animation of the sword (arc of the slash and length of the sword) don't match the actual hitbox of the sword which I found frustrating at times.
    - In my taste it should have had more zones, bosses and events.
  74. Jul 19, 2013
    I can't remember the last time I played a single-player at least a couple of times every day over the course of a few weeks. Rogue Legacy's tight controls, engaging gameplay, challenging (randomly generated) dungeons, and extensive skill tree roped me in, and it is not likely to let go anytime soon. I find myself returning at an alarmingly high frequency to sit down for half hour sessions to relax and get a small amount of progress, or sit in for longer sessions trying to plow my way through my 2nd new game (the challenge increases with every NG+).

    Little needs to be said about this game, for it succeeds on so many levels. With that being said, I've found some issues with hitboxes, glitches, and general jankiness (enemies turning invisible, how terrible the "Vertigo" trait is, etc) so this is not quite a perfect score from me.

    Pick up this game, though. It is completely worth it.

  75. Jul 19, 2013
    I am an extreme fan of roguelike games. ADOM, DC, IVAN, even DF(more or less roguelike). This game is not what a true rl game should be. Now I'll expand on that thought.

    First requirement for the rl game is a permadeath. Well this game doesn't have it. Instead it "fakes" death in order to reroll some of the stats in a way that usually doesn't change a single thing. Character doesn't
    loose progress, as this game's only progressing parts are upgrades. He simply gets reborn as a farting balding female...

    However the one thing that gets lost is money, which makes the game all the more frustrating. As frankly you will die well over a hundred times w/o having a chance to upgrade anything, often being 1 or 2 gold short of the damned n k gold upgrades. Even more times you will have more than enough money to buy all the equipment you have already bought several times over, wishing you found a new blueprint or rune during the last run.

    Deaths may have been less often if the controls were actually precise or at least semi-accurate. Yet again, there is a huge "NO" painted all over the screen. You will bump into monsters, fall on the spikes, miss your aerial drop-hits and "enjoy" deathscreens again and again. Game doesn't challenge you with monsters hard to fight, it challenges you with controls that make monsters hard to fight.

    To make it worse, after dying you let your heir wander the castle. Going through exactly the same places, just in the different order. And again. And again. And again. And again. Quite fun isn't it? And again. And again. Getting slightly boring? Nah... And again. And again. And again. RAAAGE. Thats what the game feels like after a few hours of playing. Very soon player gets the idea that there is NO exploration at all. Maya at the top forest to the right, dungeon below. Now just wander through around 100 similar rooms bam! game ended, there is the King slayer. Unless you enjoy heavy-duty grinding most likely you will have to quit for a bit, maybe look out of the window to make sure world outside is actually diverse.

    But thats not all there is. Classes are the same. Absolutely. Ninja/Archmage/Paladin who cares? You will not get to use different play-styles. Its all the same jump-hack-spell routine. And there is only a little handful of overall useless spells. The ones that actually matter cost a lot of mana and make you burn through your bar in mere moments.

    Boss fights. You will be hit. It is impossible to kill bosses without being hit. So if your gear is low you won't be able to outskill them. It is simply not possible. So in order to kill them you have to have a gear of at least level n, where n was set by devs. And yeah, it won't work trying to go up from start, or left, or down for that matter. You MUST level to win. And to level you need gold... and so on, etc., etc.

    Overall I severely disliked the game. While I was waiting for an interesting roguelike sidecrawler, I got an annoying boring meatgrinder with terrible controls, somewhat nice graphics and almost impossible to notice music.
  76. Jul 18, 2013
    Castlevania? Check. Rogue-like mechanics? Check. Awesome graphic style? Check. Amazing music? Check. Check. Incredibly challenging? Funny gimmick to make that less frustrating? Check. Replay value? Check. At least an excuse plot? Check, and then add some. This game is brilliant in many, many ways. All my praises would be a list of what the game is. It's fun and it's a challenge, and that's a rare combination. Just go play it. It's like they reinvented one of my favorite games to enhance it. Even "farming" here is a challenge, it's really well made, that's all there is to say on the matter. (side complaints: it has some very minor stupid things, but they are very rare and compared to other games of the genre it's almost irrelevant: I found myself dead due to unavoidable spike balls upon entering a room from above, floating wizards that can't decide wether their projectiles pass through walls or don't, and a somewhat arbirtary relation between dashing lancers and slopes. also the vampire equipment set needs tweaking) Expand
  77. Jul 18, 2013
    You come from a long line of VERY stubborn knights who are chasing an immortal traitor in a castle that changes for every generation that enters. The game takes it's mechanics and even puts a nice back story on why each subsequent character you make in a lineage matters. You grind through generations of a family until finally one offspring can have the skills and equipment needed to best the castle, and by the time you finally win you'll feel it is much deserved. That said, this game is a great title for spending 15 minutes to an hour here and there, grinding and learning, until you (randomly) get a castle you can actually beat. I'd rank the game higher, but the controls are not as tight as I'd like, especially for a game that demands immense precision sometimes. Expand
  78. Jul 18, 2013
    A fun game that is ruined by serious enemy cheating and other annoyances:

    1. enemy cheating: enemy can knock you back, they also have invulnerable time when being hit. They may also hide underground or penetrate obstacle. They may fire projectiles in high firing rate, and in all direction, or even being capable to penetrate through wall. They are also generally spawn in environment
    favorable to them.
    2. insane difficulty since new game plus: you will often come across rooms with projectiles in all direction, while you need timed jumping to move forward, but end up being knocked away by enemy projectiles, falling into a death trap. You just keep on running away from enemies rather than fighting them. That just ruin the fun.
    3. unreliable magic: One type of magic only shine in one purpose but fail in all other situations. You will generally face situations in which your given magic does not help at all. Also, some rare but awesome combination like shinobi with time spell, lich with crow storm, etc. are kept on banned by developers, while the enemies cheat even more in each patch, which is described as "a more balanced game with increased difficulty".
    4. too many useless traits: inverted screen, color-blinding, inability to cast spell, being sent sky-flying easily, etc.
    5. no option to select your own class, what's the point of using magic class if your mana is not high?
    6. money grinding is difficult due to handing over the whole or a large amount of money before entering castle
    7. the randomness of castle sometimes just make you upset, e.g. a large pool of strong enemies just right in front of you or a spike hell waiting for you in the second room when you are only level 1
    8. somehow the "question mark" rooms are just useless room, like music playing, "game gallery", which make you annoyed when the rooms appear too often in a particular run.
    9. the key of moving left or right is somehow too sensitive, causing you get unexpected damage in "no damage" challenge or quick dodge from enemy attacks, or even make you find difficulty in interacting with clown if you have haste rune or you are shinobi.

    Overall, the game does not worth a price of $15.
  79. Jul 16, 2013
    First of all, when diving into this game, you have to mentally prepare yourself because you are going to die, many, many times.
    The gameplay is simple to learn, but hard to master as it has you fighting numerous enemies while dodging projectiles and booby traps. The controls are, unfortunately clunky and awkward if a keyboard is used I used one) and it takes longer than it should to be
    able to learn the basics. Mainly because up is not jump and I am used to that in side scroller games.
    All enemies in the game are challenging and different strategies have to be used to defeat each one. But the lack of variety of goons is overwhelming. Even the bosses are variations of the weaker enemies you fight through out the castle (eg: eye that fires one projectile, eye that fires 6 projectiles and (boss) eye that fires projectiles in a circumference) and the stronger variations are punishingly harder than their counterpart making ignoring them and pass by them the best strategy even if you are strong.
    The level design and platforming part of this game are genius and very entertaining and adding some very interesting sections like the fairy chests that can only be unlocked by reaching it in 5 seconds or not taking any damage (between many) although these can be ludicrously difficult for what they give.
    The re-playability is huge, there is a lot to unlock buy and improve. From the beginning you are presented with your manor, a place where you improve stats, unlock classes and level them. It is here where you will be spending most of your money earned in your previous run. There is also a blacksmith, an enchantress and an architect which respectively sell you armor, runes they improve stats and give the ability to dash and double jump) and offer you the chance to keep the castle from randomly generating for one attempt for 70% of the gold you receive that attempt.
    Now, the legacy part of the game. Everytime you die you are presented with a screen showing how well your characters have done by nicknames, from Useless to Legendary. Next you will have to choose your heir from a "roster" of three, each having it's own name, traits and spells falling into classes that you have unlocked. It is great and some of the traits are hilarious and funny but, there is one slight problem.
    Quoting UnclearImage you upgrade certain types of charas (knights, mages, or barbarians) and the game still won't let you specifically pick that type. So you die and get a knave (nothing at all) a bard and a mage, but you've been leveling knights.... Basically you're gonna just spawn, run into castle and die because playing that class is pointless.". Because there are only 3 children to choose from, not all classes can be choosed and that leads to unneeded frustration and killing off characters.
    Rogue Legacy has an average, but very well delivered story that helps you become more determined to finish. Journals of the man who first entered the castle can be found randomly throughout your runs. These give a purpose to what you are doing and have tips if you are having trouble finding out what to do.
    This game is fun, but hard, sometimes too hard. It is the kind of game that is fun but you should never play more than 30 min 1 h to avoid raging.
  80. Jul 15, 2013
    This is one of those games that will appeal to a select minority. A veritable grind-fest, the game is super difficult in a very, very bad way. Instead of ramping up the difficulty using clever level design and interesting enemies the devs decided that more enemies (boring enemies) is the only way to go. Everything has pretty much been said by other reviewers, so I will just quickly reiterate some of the key issues: difficulty through bad design, useless traits that are just gimmicks that become tedious after just one play, insanely grindy to the point of being savagely boring unless you are a grind fan, random level design promising endless hours of fun is indeed random, but the original boring design makes randomness also boring, floatiness and response times make keyboard useless and some controllers needlessly hard to use (my Rumblepad 2 for example, good for pretty much any other game) and there is more but I am getting bored, just like with the game after 5 hours of playing. Good music, nice graphics, some clever ideas, but overall only for grind fans. Expand
  81. Jul 14, 2013
    Rogue Legacy is a side scrolling randomly-generated hack and slash that brims with lots of unique ideas but the execution falls flat. The hero and his long line of decedents are on the quest to track down and kill Johannes; the immortal traitor who escaped into a shape shifting castle and cannot escape. Seems strange to go after him, but the family-line seems too vengeful to care. But story doesn’t matter much here, it’s all about gameplay! Let’s see how this fish flops.
    In the grand tradition of rogue-likes you have one life. However, this one life is not meant to last you the game. Instead it’s a money-bag. Your goal is to loot the castle for as much money and upgrades as you stuff in a suit of armor. Instead of attempting to beat the game on one life, you are expected to die until you amassed enough gold to purchase the best equipment available and smite everything in yawn-inducing short fashion. However, gold cannot be horded as Charon, the castle guardian, demands that you fork over all your hard earned coin as an entrance fee. This means ill-fated runs that fail to produce a new upgrade mean nothing. In a game where you are expected to increase in power steadily, multiple "empty" runs can be particularly disheartening.
    But wait! It wouldn’t be rouge-like without something random, right? Characters are randomly generated before each play through and have 0-2 traits and a class. Traits may be anything from P.A.D, which disables traps, to Baldness, which changes a few in game texts, to vertigo, which renders the game nearly unplayable. Classes have a few advantage and disadvantages to mold to an archetype like “mage” or “barbarian”. Mages have good magic attack but crummy physical stats. Barbarians can take more damage, but don’t have poor magic stats.
    Despite the "randomly generated" dungeons, the room-types are in short supply. It feels more like the rooms are shuffled rather than generating a whole new set of challenges. Within an hour of play, I came across all the rooms available in the first stage. In addition, the game gives the illusion that you can choose different routes to play different states in whatever order you like a la Megaman. The reality is that it is best to go in a set pattern as enemies can evaporate the hero in a single hit if not upgraded properly.
    Enemies are rather dull and fall into two types- laughably easy melee beefcakes or projectile spamming cannons. As the game progresses you fight the same enemies with more beef and more projectile. Patterns are simple, which isn't bad, but most enemies have little thought in placement and are punching bags riding on player error in order to sneak a sword swing or a projectile in.
    Bosses are as exciting as the enemies and simply regurgitate large heavy-hitting projectiles and enemies in easily avoidable patterns. Like the enemies, they bank on human error rather than having the player learn a set of patterns or have gamepad dexterity and reaction. The final Boss is an exception and does prove to be moderately fun.
    In the end, the game is not challenging but punishing. The game punishes a player for not having “stats X” or dieing too early. The game can be summed as one giant grindfest where the bosses are gear checks and little skill is needed on the player’s part once enough upgrades and equipment have been acquired. This game is for those who enjoy grinding for hours to work up to point where a player can easily smash through the game in a laughable fashion. For me, not only is this magic play though too little in entertainment value, but asks for too much time.
  82. Jul 13, 2013
    Really challenging and fun game, super ghouls and ghosts meets castlevania SOTN. I highly recommend getting an xbox gamepad for your PC for this. Unfortunately this is the only controller that I've read works, but I think they're trying to change that. If they haven't done so already, you may need to dig around for a 3rd party program like xpadder to map your joystick buttons to your keyboard buttons, that's what I ended up needing to do. Definitely worth the trouble, though! Expand
  83. Jul 13, 2013
    Rogue Legacy is a great game with many hours of gameplay. If you like Infinity Blade for IOS, this will be one of your favorite games. With the fact that you have heirs when you die, considering they have different traits and classes, it's endless at the amounts of possible heros. You can build your manor and unlock new classes, increase stats, and more.

    I think this is well worth
    the 15$. And everyone should try it Expand
  84. Jul 13, 2013
    This little game is just packed full of AWESOME! The rogue-lite system is great where you have to start over if you die but your heir can use the gold you collected and the bonuses you've unlocked so you get stronger and stronger. Rogue with progression.
    Traits are fun. ADHD makes you faster, dyslexia makes you unable to read, nostalgia makes the game sepia toned and gay makes just about
    no difference what so ever....awesome!

    So, look beyond the 8bit-like graphics and have some pure fun with this game!

    (best played with a controller)
  85. Jul 12, 2013
    A rather difficult but rewarding game, It gives you a sense of great accomplishment at times but it can also be quite frustratingly hard. Its rather simple but with with layers of complexity to keep you interested and invested. Defiantly a must buy game for those looking for a challenge.
  86. Jul 12, 2013
    Awesome game, very addictive even after you beat all the bosses, just to unlock all makes it very rewarding. controls are very responsive the rune equip stats classes makes a lot of fun to try different mixes.
  87. Jul 11, 2013
    A brutally hard, incredibly fun RPG in the style of Castlevania:SotN. Multiple classes, traits, each with pros and cons, user controled stat growth through the multiple branched upgrade systems (Tower, blacksmith, and Enchantress).

    A controller isn't required, but helps tremendously due to the game type. Xbox controller support natively.
  88. Jul 11, 2013
    Super fun and addictive game, definitely skill based, and one of my favorite rogue-like games out there. Only thing a little off about it is the controls for the keyboard, honestly.
  89. Jul 8, 2013
    great idea, but excercised only decently... it is too difficult to progress your characters, drop-rates are too low and everythinbg is much too expensive- IF these 2 last things were changed just a little bit, the game would be a straight 10/10! but, since these flaws are small, yet have a devastating effect, I cannot rate this game too high. It is clearly above average, possibly even a good game, but unfortunately it is so maddening to understand that only minor changes would make for a perfect game...

    7/10 it is if one of the next updates/patches changes the drop-rates and/or makes building your hero a bit more affordable, I'd have to revise my rating to a 9/10.
  90. Jul 8, 2013
    Easy to learn, but pleasant game. If you have 30 minutes to spend it's excellent choice. If you have 5 hours it is also excellent choice.

    + addictive game play
    + easy controls
    + nice, old school music
    + rpg-like elements

    - may be boring after some time (I didn't achieve this point yet after 8h of playing)
  91. Jul 8, 2013

    As somebody that usually hates platformers, after watching some trailers of Rogue Legacy, I thought it had a lot of humour in it. But what really captured my attention was the tons of equipment and upgrades. The game is difficult, but as you progress, and learn the controls and actions of the mobs, it becomes fast paced, fluid, and most of all:

    I've been playing it for hours and hours, and I feel like you just can't stop playing. It's so exciting and fast paced. It's very, very rewarding when you get loot, and come back knowing you're able to upgrade your castle(stat upgrades), and buy equipment.

    Great game.

    Buy it.
  92. Jul 8, 2013
    The game is lots of fun, and very addicting. Its offers that just one more round kind of game play.

    There is also a new game+ mode that keeps you going after your beat it the first time.
  93. Jul 7, 2013
    It is a great game! Prepare to be addicted and to die alot!

    Yes, the game is repetitive and unforgiving but perfecting your skills and improving
    your heir through upgrading your gear is tons of fun.
  94. Jul 7, 2013
    I really don't know how people can give this 10 of 10 possible points. Rogue Legacy is one of the worst attempts to have someone playing a game more than it takes to "beat it" or to see everything the game has to offer. If you die, you can only spend the gold that you have, otherwise you'll lose it at the point you enter the castle. Long story short: you grind. If you'd invest the time in a MMO-RPG you'd be more successful with your character there. The only positive thing about that game is that it's not pay to win.

    How can you give a game like that perfect score? Rogue Legacy is the worst try to bind someone on his PC for a long time. While the artstyle is really nice to see and the people creating the sound really did a great work, neither the game mechanics nor the gameplay are innovative or "new" as some people here mention. Briefly, at a certain point the game you realize that all you do is grinding around senselessly, hit things with your weapon and wait for the gold to drop because that's the only thing this game is about. Getting the gold together to buy new weapons problem: you lose the gold as you enter a new run through the castle. Actually the only positive thing I can say about this game ist that it's not pay to win and 4 of 10 points is really well-meant. If you want a challenge, go play Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts instead..
  95. Jul 6, 2013
    This game is horribly flawed, i don't care that you are suppose to die a lot. i have gone through about 30 ancestors and haven't made a dime since my 6th upgrade. mostly because the controls for the keyboard are horrible, and the fact that the dungeon keeper takes all your money when you enter. i have yet to live long enough to kill more than half a row of monsters. the platforming is tricky and if not for the floaty movement and crappy controls might be OK. the bad controls also negatively impact fighting, you really don't the precision to dodge what this game throws at you. I'm sure i would be dazzled by the amazing and expansive upgrade system if i could get enough gold to upgrade. now i am determined to get good with these horrible controls and do better. this game is addictive but i don't see myself ever beating all the bosses just because i don't have the patience to sit through hours of the same and dying over and over. i like difficulty but i like it when i am challenged by things other than controls movement and money things that are supposed to help you in games so maybe... just maybe if i get better with the controls i will start to enjoy this. Expand
  96. Jul 6, 2013
    The first thing you notice starting up Rogue Legacy on a 1920x1080 screen is that it's not a very good looking game. Yes, the designers were going for a retro pixel art look, but frankly they just didn't do a very good job. Animations are clunky, character designs are silly, and foregrounds and backgrounds are utilitarian at best. I hate to say it, but this looks like a game that was put together by a team of programmers doing double duty as artists. It's passable, but barely.

    Visuals aside, the game fares better in the gameplay department. The controls (using a 360 controller) are fluid and responsive, exploration is rewarding, combat is well balanced and the boss fights are well done. This is a challenging game, but the developers did a great job walking the tightrope between frustration and enjoyment. This is what gives the game its initial appeal and keeps you playing for at least a few hours. Each time you die you'll keep saying "just one more try," looking to gather more money and upgrade your character.

    In the end though the game just isn't that fun. It really turns into a huge grind. The more difficult bosses are pretty much impossible unless you've purchased a ton of upgrades, so that means countless runs through pretty much the same areas over and over and over again. Yes, the world is randomly generated each time you play (unless you lock it down), but it's always the same general layout and is always built from the same drab components. Boredom kicks in very quickly as you realize there's nothing much to see and hardly any plot to carry things forward. The gimmicky "traits" that affect your chosen character don't do much and can often be annoying. Who wants to play with the screen inverted? Nobody. You'll try it once for a minute and then never ever pick a character with that trait again.

    The random nature of character selection can be frustrating as well, because you'll mostly want to pick a character class that fits with the upgrades you've been buying. Rolling three mages after pouring all your points into fighting skills is a huge pain. Yes, you can unlock a skill that allows you to reroll the character select screen once, but you're not going to get that until later on, if at all. Even then, your reroll might not be any good.

    In closing I'd say Rogue Legacy is worth picking up just to experience the fluid gameplay and kill a few hours. Wait for it to go on sale though. I think the price is steep in light of the many flaws in the game and its variable quality level.
  97. Jul 6, 2013
    Far from perfect but a challenging hack n slash RPG. A few minor tweaks and bug fixes (having to restart your exe gets a bit old) and this game could of been really good, however you have to run through the weakest area every-time you enter unless you want to lock-down which reduces your income, it gets boring very fast and locking down every time when attempting a boss again is time-consuming, and when you just want a specific character and you don't have the Randomize upgrade (which is conveniently placed behind a class upgrade for some reason), it's not really fun. Another flaw is that bosses are either incredibly irritating and tedious, or incredibly easy if you know the trick. I encountered a bug several times where I actually didn't take damage or knockback when being hit. Haggle is also pretty useless early on, yet it's not far up the tree and it's pretty expensive for what it does at that stage. Expand
  98. Jul 5, 2013
    A great mix of Super Ghouls and Ghosts, Castlevania SON, Super Metroid, and Mega Man. If you loved any of those series you should pick up this game. Its a challenging game and extremely addicting. I just wish there were more traits and the progression wasn't so grind gold heavy. I cheated for extra gold and the game was much much more fun (I can't stand grinding for gold and its pretty easy to just use a HEX editor and get you the gold).

    The randomized levels really gives this game its staying power and makes every play through interesting and fun.

    The only thing this game is missing is multiplayer and maybe a few more traits, enemy classes, and areas to explore. Overall it just does so much right. A must have for 2013.
  99. Two
    Jul 5, 2013
    This game is hard. It manages to dangle progress infront of the player just enough to keep them wanting more though. The style is reminiscent of 8bit game days and trust me when I say this, it really helps if you have a controller to go with it. I found the music a little lacking, and my only other complaint is that sometimes I found myself wanting to throw my computer against the wall because I'd failed, yet again, to get enough gold for an upgrade I needed and charon was going to take it all anyway. All in all, the game is great. Expand
  100. Jul 4, 2013
    This game is really funny. It's a bit hard at first, but you get money and upgrade your defense and offense, get new skills, and the game gets better.
    My only complaint is that you need to grind a bit in the beggining to get some progress, and dying frequently can be frustrating for non-dedicated gamers

    I recommend it, fair price too
  101. Sep 12, 2013
    Kudos to the designers for trying something new; a rogue-like with progression from game to game. The graphics and feel of the game are very good. I was totally hooked for the first eight hours of play maybe... but the flaws of the design started to become apparent as I was preparing for the second boss. There is not enough content to keep the player entertained between frustrating deaths... this should be the highlight of the rogue-like, weird diverse content that keeps you surprised. Not a lot of surprises here. The character classes are bland, some of them entirely worthless. Gear progression is predictable and dull. Still deserves a high rating given the slick production, originality, and true thrill that the first third or so of the games presents. Collapse

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  1. Mar 11, 2014
    If you look up the word addiction in a dictionary, you will find out what that word means. But the dictionary might just as well display a picture of Rogue Legacy. [Dec 2013]
  2. Dec 9, 2013
    Amazing old-school mechanics meet modern conventions.
  3. Oct 16, 2013
    Roguelike games have become increasingly popular of late and it’s great to see one which rewards you for all the time spent by allowing a form of character progression. It’s mitigated to a point by having you lose all your money before entering a castle and each purchased bonus makes all the others more expensive.