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  1. Jun 29, 2013
    I came into this game expecting an enjoyable side scrolling Castlevania style game. Full of challenge, exploration and just overall fun. But, with added replayability thanks to the random designs. I was very disappointed.

    What I found instead was a very poorly deigned fighting game with atrocious platforming. The jump controls are awful, and it all feels so floaty and poorly done.

    The combat. Well, you have a few spells that are either not that useful or just taken straight from Castlevania. The actual sword combat is crap too. Only a few characters can block, and that takes up MP, so that makes it mostly useless. Enemy attacks are very hard to avoid thanks to the floaty jumps and the fact that you often have several coming at you at once, making them unavoidable. Thankfully the stunlock has a good invincibility length, so that somewhat lowers the frustration. A major problem seems to be fighting anyone or anything that is slightly above or below you. jump attacks are dodgy, at best, and more often than not just result in you getting hit. The combat never fells like you are actually physically hitting things, and this, what should have been the main thing in a fighting game, just feels very amateur.

    The difficulty just feels too artificial as well. It's not a game made hard by good design to make it challenging but not frustrating. It's just hard because they throw loads of enemies at you and give you crap ways to fight them

    Now, we have the major selling point of the game. The hero legacy, where when your character dies and his or her heirs take up the fight, but with new and improved bonuses that your previous generations have unlocked. An epic time line of heroes fighting to overcome the evil castle, getting stronger and stronger. Shame it's crap as well. there is ZERO sense of connection to the previous characters. This in no way feels like a line of heroes fighting, just some random characters kicked out of some random number generator. It is, in essence, a very crap levelling system. You go in with a terribly underpowered character, get some gold, and when you die (Which will be soon) you spend some money on upgrades so you can repeat this seemingly endless progress. There is no sense of progress, it's just grinding done poorly. Even upgrading the manor is taken from a cool idea into a levelling up menu.
    Even the randomness of the castle doesn't help the grinding feel of the game. It changes a lot each time, but seeing as you do pretty much the exact same thing and each room in an area looks exactly the same regardless of shape, it never feels like I am exploring a whole new level each time. Just one where they've muddled stuff around so it doesn't flow together well.

    The end result is a game that just isn't all that fun and has a very poor feel to it. Bad controls, bad combat, bad levelling system disguised as another feature it isn't.
    The graphics are nice, the sounds are good and I give it a bonus point for it's portrayal of homosexuality. In fact, I may say it's one of the best I've seen in a game. I take that point back again after it uses disability's as a joke for it's traits. "We wanted to show anyone can be a hero" You don't do that by making fun of serious conditions for a few laughs
    Overall, a title with great promise let down by very sloppy execution
  2. Jun 29, 2013
    Expect to win the game about as frequently as in vanilla Nethack. RL offers a challenging, fun, casual (hardcore-casual, though!) experience. You can pick the game up, head off and die a few times, then set it down and go do something else the dying actually serves the game very well to break the overall game up into bite-size chunks.

    In RL, you're effectively grinding the game to get
    gear, stats, and abilities for the "over-game" which is the point in which you actually have a shot in Hell of getting through to the final area. There are a few glitches here and there, usually which'll kill you by, for example, having a character apparently undecided if he's on or off a ledge, so he can't jump but dying is fun.

    RL adds quite a bit of fun easter egg type content throughout the castles to ensure things are always fresh, and that you always want to explore. The best part about this content is that it's very rare. You can die 50 times and never see more than a small handful of the "fun" rooms, so the freshness of these unique rooms doesn't wear off quickly like if you were seeing repeats so often, they become "normal."

    I would say, if you like games similar to Binding of Isaac or Nethack, you'll appreciate the intentional imbalance in this game.
  3. Jun 28, 2013
    A castlevania-ish platformer with an interesting twist.
    You dont play a single character, you play a branch in your family tree. You will begin with an almost useless character and quickly find out that evil castles can be deadly. But hopefully you got the chance to gather some gold for your dear descendants, because they will continue the quest.

    And thats basically the game. You
    gather gold, upgrade your family castle in order to improve your fighters and crafting items, die, die again, die some more, gather gold and die.

    The game itself feels fresh, interesting and is initially very addictive, but it actually gets old pretty quickly. The lack of story that makes it me wonder why im still entering evil castles generation after generation.
  4. Jun 29, 2013
    When you start the game, it feels really fresh. Traits are absolutely wonderful, upgrades look enticing, all is well. The bit where you actually play the game is much, much worse. Controls are imprecise, randomly generated rooms often present insurmountable obstacle for average gamer, and some enemies' semi-cheating attacks are outright infuriating.

    If you are very good at platformers,
    you certainly should try this game. If you aren't and do mind endless die-restart-die-restart cycle, then skip it. Expand
  5. Jul 2, 2013
    I've played this game for about five hours and gone through about forty "generations." Having said that, I would not recommend this game. The controls are frustrating to get the hang of and not nearly precise enough for a game where you are often required to dodge arrays of bullets. Success feels too much like luck. The upgrades for the most part are uninspired and dull and change very little about the game except for allowing for flat statistical increases. Even the boss battles are pretty bland. Overall the game feels like a slow grind that never changes much and grows tiresome quickly. Expand
  6. Jun 29, 2013
    Rogue Legacy is a fantastic game that combines the classic action-platforming style (and look) of Castlevania & Ghosts & Ghouls with a modern compulsion based structure that is as clever and innovative as it is challenging.

    The game is far from easy, designed to be a "Rogue-Like" game where upon each death, you have to start over and delve once again into the randomly generated castle.

    However, Cellar Door Games have lightened this hardcore feature in a creative and intelligent way through their Lineage System, allowing a sense of advancement and progression in a game fundamentally about perma-death and skill runs.

    Upon each death, you are asked to choose an heir to your legacy. Your heir inherits the gold collected on your previous runs and can use it to upgrade Castle Components for new classes and permanent benefits, Forge New Weapons and Armor with statistical upgrades and powers and Enchant Runes that slot into each piece of equipment which grant you important skills to customize your character to your play style. All these upgrades carry forward to each heir in succession, slowly growing your legacy and power and allowing you to more quickly dispatch enemies and make more and more progress.

    Humorous randomly assigned Traits (some cosmetic, some debilitating, some extremely beneficial) keep things fresh and endearingly hilarious on each run. This allows you to stay invested until your skills are good enough that the challenge of the level matches your understanding of the system and you to begin to use strategy to plan our your next assault choosing the hero with the class, traits or spells that would best suit your next run's goals.

    Secret Areas, Chests and Skill Based Challenges make each new room of the castle an intriguing surprise as you hope for another armor blueprint, magic rune, or pile of gold that will allow you to purchase more upgrades and finally defeat that next ridiculous boss that has haunted you for generations.

    The game's nostalgia value, smooth, simple controls and delightful humor draw you in, and it's upgrade and advancement system keeps you eagerly playing. The game overall is an impressive, innovative and rewarding title and aside from the difficulty, there is little not to like about this incredible indie game.
  7. Jun 27, 2013
    Great game, hard difficulty, alot of replay and a huge upgrade system.
    My only complaint is you upgrade certain types of charas (knights, mages, or barbarians) and the game still won't let you specifically pick that type. So you die and get a knave (nothing at all) a bard and a mage, but you've been leveling knights.... Basically you're gonna just spawn, run into castle and die because
    playing that class is pointless. This add nothing to my fun at all, huge downside for me. Going to try and get either cheats, or a mod to fix it. Expand
  8. Aug 30, 2013
    Its a fun and mechanically difficult metroidvania-like game. I lost interest half-way through though because it just became too repetetive. You earn gold by looting chests and defeating enemies inside the castle which has 4 "settings". These settings with its rooms and enemies are randomized each time you die. You use the gold to unlock items, classes etc. and buy stats. All of this is fun, yes, but after 24 hours of playing it just feels like a grind and i cant find the motivation to complete it. Expand
  9. Jul 3, 2013
    Really disappointed with this one. It really caught my interest when I saw it initially because I'm a huge fan of the castlevania games (both old and new style) and thought this would be something like that. It's a shame the developers spent so much time on all the features of the game without making the core gameplay fun. The character physics feel a bit too floaty and could really benefit from some heft to the movement and jumping. Additionally the whole game is tuned way too sensitively so even small movements will send you further than you'd like and you'll end up bumping you against enemies (which makes you take damage by the way) as you jump for attacks.

    Additionally the whole lineage system is gimmicky and poorly thought out. Instead of actually giving you interesting gameplay choices, most of the characters have cosmetic, annoying attributes instead. I find myself avoiding traits like color blind and near-sightedness because its stupid to play a game with a filter that obstructs your vision. These guys needed to really nail down the core of the game before they started adding superficial BS to the game that makes it even worse.
  10. Jul 6, 2013
    This game is horribly flawed, i don't care that you are suppose to die a lot. i have gone through about 30 ancestors and haven't made a dime since my 6th upgrade. mostly because the controls for the keyboard are horrible, and the fact that the dungeon keeper takes all your money when you enter. i have yet to live long enough to kill more than half a row of monsters. the platforming is tricky and if not for the floaty movement and crappy controls might be OK. the bad controls also negatively impact fighting, you really don't the precision to dodge what this game throws at you. I'm sure i would be dazzled by the amazing and expansive upgrade system if i could get enough gold to upgrade. now i am determined to get good with these horrible controls and do better. this game is addictive but i don't see myself ever beating all the bosses just because i don't have the patience to sit through hours of the same and dying over and over. i like difficulty but i like it when i am challenged by things other than controls movement and money things that are supposed to help you in games so maybe... just maybe if i get better with the controls i will start to enjoy this. Expand
  11. Jul 6, 2013
    The first thing you notice starting up Rogue Legacy on a 1920x1080 screen is that it's not a very good looking game. Yes, the designers were going for a retro pixel art look, but frankly they just didn't do a very good job. Animations are clunky, character designs are silly, and foregrounds and backgrounds are utilitarian at best. I hate to say it, but this looks like a game that was put together by a team of programmers doing double duty as artists. It's passable, but barely.

    Visuals aside, the game fares better in the gameplay department. The controls (using a 360 controller) are fluid and responsive, exploration is rewarding, combat is well balanced and the boss fights are well done. This is a challenging game, but the developers did a great job walking the tightrope between frustration and enjoyment. This is what gives the game its initial appeal and keeps you playing for at least a few hours. Each time you die you'll keep saying "just one more try," looking to gather more money and upgrade your character.

    In the end though the game just isn't that fun. It really turns into a huge grind. The more difficult bosses are pretty much impossible unless you've purchased a ton of upgrades, so that means countless runs through pretty much the same areas over and over and over again. Yes, the world is randomly generated each time you play (unless you lock it down), but it's always the same general layout and is always built from the same drab components. Boredom kicks in very quickly as you realize there's nothing much to see and hardly any plot to carry things forward. The gimmicky "traits" that affect your chosen character don't do much and can often be annoying. Who wants to play with the screen inverted? Nobody. You'll try it once for a minute and then never ever pick a character with that trait again.

    The random nature of character selection can be frustrating as well, because you'll mostly want to pick a character class that fits with the upgrades you've been buying. Rolling three mages after pouring all your points into fighting skills is a huge pain. Yes, you can unlock a skill that allows you to reroll the character select screen once, but you're not going to get that until later on, if at all. Even then, your reroll might not be any good.

    In closing I'd say Rogue Legacy is worth picking up just to experience the fluid gameplay and kill a few hours. Wait for it to go on sale though. I think the price is steep in light of the many flaws in the game and its variable quality level.
  12. Jul 7, 2013
    I really don't know how people can give this 10 of 10 possible points. Rogue Legacy is one of the worst attempts to have someone playing a game more than it takes to "beat it" or to see everything the game has to offer. If you die, you can only spend the gold that you have, otherwise you'll lose it at the point you enter the castle. Long story short: you grind. If you'd invest the time in a MMO-RPG you'd be more successful with your character there. The only positive thing about that game is that it's not pay to win.

    How can you give a game like that perfect score? Rogue Legacy is the worst try to bind someone on his PC for a long time. While the artstyle is really nice to see and the people creating the sound really did a great work, neither the game mechanics nor the gameplay are innovative or "new" as some people here mention. Briefly, at a certain point the game you realize that all you do is grinding around senselessly, hit things with your weapon and wait for the gold to drop because that's the only thing this game is about. Getting the gold together to buy new weapons problem: you lose the gold as you enter a new run through the castle. Actually the only positive thing I can say about this game ist that it's not pay to win and 4 of 10 points is really well-meant. If you want a challenge, go play Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts instead..
  13. Aug 11, 2013
    A boring, utterly dull game which feels fresh at first, but then boils down to ceaseless tedium. Go into the dungeon, die, go back into the dungeon, die, go into the dungeon, die. People have compared the game to Dark Souls, saying it's a 2D Dark Souls, but that, apart from the fact both games have poor keyboard controls, is an utter lie, as while Dark Souls for the most part is fair, and expects you to win the game as frequently as one would in another hard game, i.e System Shock 2, whereas Rogue Legacy expects you to die as part of the game. Expand
  14. Jul 14, 2013
    Rogue Legacy is a side scrolling randomly-generated hack and slash that brims with lots of unique ideas but the execution falls flat. The hero and his long line of decedents are on the quest to track down and kill Johannes; the immortal traitor who escaped into a shape shifting castle and cannot escape. Seems strange to go after him, but the family-line seems too vengeful to care. But story doesn’t matter much here, it’s all about gameplay! Let’s see how this fish flops.
    In the grand tradition of rogue-likes you have one life. However, this one life is not meant to last you the game. Instead it’s a money-bag. Your goal is to loot the castle for as much money and upgrades as you stuff in a suit of armor. Instead of attempting to beat the game on one life, you are expected to die until you amassed enough gold to purchase the best equipment available and smite everything in yawn-inducing short fashion. However, gold cannot be horded as Charon, the castle guardian, demands that you fork over all your hard earned coin as an entrance fee. This means ill-fated runs that fail to produce a new upgrade mean nothing. In a game where you are expected to increase in power steadily, multiple "empty" runs can be particularly disheartening.
    But wait! It wouldn’t be rouge-like without something random, right? Characters are randomly generated before each play through and have 0-2 traits and a class. Traits may be anything from P.A.D, which disables traps, to Baldness, which changes a few in game texts, to vertigo, which renders the game nearly unplayable. Classes have a few advantage and disadvantages to mold to an archetype like “mage” or “barbarian”. Mages have good magic attack but crummy physical stats. Barbarians can take more damage, but don’t have poor magic stats.
    Despite the "randomly generated" dungeons, the room-types are in short supply. It feels more like the rooms are shuffled rather than generating a whole new set of challenges. Within an hour of play, I came across all the rooms available in the first stage. In addition, the game gives the illusion that you can choose different routes to play different states in whatever order you like a la Megaman. The reality is that it is best to go in a set pattern as enemies can evaporate the hero in a single hit if not upgraded properly.
    Enemies are rather dull and fall into two types- laughably easy melee beefcakes or projectile spamming cannons. As the game progresses you fight the same enemies with more beef and more projectile. Patterns are simple, which isn't bad, but most enemies have little thought in placement and are punching bags riding on player error in order to sneak a sword swing or a projectile in.
    Bosses are as exciting as the enemies and simply regurgitate large heavy-hitting projectiles and enemies in easily avoidable patterns. Like the enemies, they bank on human error rather than having the player learn a set of patterns or have gamepad dexterity and reaction. The final Boss is an exception and does prove to be moderately fun.
    In the end, the game is not challenging but punishing. The game punishes a player for not having “stats X” or dieing too early. The game can be summed as one giant grindfest where the bosses are gear checks and little skill is needed on the player’s part once enough upgrades and equipment have been acquired. This game is for those who enjoy grinding for hours to work up to point where a player can easily smash through the game in a laughable fashion. For me, not only is this magic play though too little in entertainment value, but asks for too much time.
  15. Jul 18, 2013
    A fun game that is ruined by serious enemy cheating and other annoyances:

    1. enemy cheating: enemy can knock you back, they also have invulnerable time when being hit. They may also hide underground or penetrate obstacle. They may fire projectiles in high firing rate, and in all direction, or even being capable to penetrate through wall. They are also generally spawn in environment
    favorable to them.
    2. insane difficulty since new game plus: you will often come across rooms with projectiles in all direction, while you need timed jumping to move forward, but end up being knocked away by enemy projectiles, falling into a death trap. You just keep on running away from enemies rather than fighting them. That just ruin the fun.
    3. unreliable magic: One type of magic only shine in one purpose but fail in all other situations. You will generally face situations in which your given magic does not help at all. Also, some rare but awesome combination like shinobi with time spell, lich with crow storm, etc. are kept on banned by developers, while the enemies cheat even more in each patch, which is described as "a more balanced game with increased difficulty".
    4. too many useless traits: inverted screen, color-blinding, inability to cast spell, being sent sky-flying easily, etc.
    5. no option to select your own class, what's the point of using magic class if your mana is not high?
    6. money grinding is difficult due to handing over the whole or a large amount of money before entering castle
    7. the randomness of castle sometimes just make you upset, e.g. a large pool of strong enemies just right in front of you or a spike hell waiting for you in the second room when you are only level 1
    8. somehow the "question mark" rooms are just useless room, like music playing, "game gallery", which make you annoyed when the rooms appear too often in a particular run.
    9. the key of moving left or right is somehow too sensitive, causing you get unexpected damage in "no damage" challenge or quick dodge from enemy attacks, or even make you find difficulty in interacting with clown if you have haste rune or you are shinobi.

    Overall, the game does not worth a price of $15.
  16. Jul 19, 2013
    I am an extreme fan of roguelike games. ADOM, DC, IVAN, even DF(more or less roguelike). This game is not what a true rl game should be. Now I'll expand on that thought.

    First requirement for the rl game is a permadeath. Well this game doesn't have it. Instead it "fakes" death in order to reroll some of the stats in a way that usually doesn't change a single thing. Character doesn't
    loose progress, as this game's only progressing parts are upgrades. He simply gets reborn as a farting balding female...

    However the one thing that gets lost is money, which makes the game all the more frustrating. As frankly you will die well over a hundred times w/o having a chance to upgrade anything, often being 1 or 2 gold short of the damned n k gold upgrades. Even more times you will have more than enough money to buy all the equipment you have already bought several times over, wishing you found a new blueprint or rune during the last run.

    Deaths may have been less often if the controls were actually precise or at least semi-accurate. Yet again, there is a huge "NO" painted all over the screen. You will bump into monsters, fall on the spikes, miss your aerial drop-hits and "enjoy" deathscreens again and again. Game doesn't challenge you with monsters hard to fight, it challenges you with controls that make monsters hard to fight.

    To make it worse, after dying you let your heir wander the castle. Going through exactly the same places, just in the different order. And again. And again. And again. And again. Quite fun isn't it? And again. And again. Getting slightly boring? Nah... And again. And again. And again. RAAAGE. Thats what the game feels like after a few hours of playing. Very soon player gets the idea that there is NO exploration at all. Maya at the top forest to the right, dungeon below. Now just wander through around 100 similar rooms bam! game ended, there is the King slayer. Unless you enjoy heavy-duty grinding most likely you will have to quit for a bit, maybe look out of the window to make sure world outside is actually diverse.

    But thats not all there is. Classes are the same. Absolutely. Ninja/Archmage/Paladin who cares? You will not get to use different play-styles. Its all the same jump-hack-spell routine. And there is only a little handful of overall useless spells. The ones that actually matter cost a lot of mana and make you burn through your bar in mere moments.

    Boss fights. You will be hit. It is impossible to kill bosses without being hit. So if your gear is low you won't be able to outskill them. It is simply not possible. So in order to kill them you have to have a gear of at least level n, where n was set by devs. And yeah, it won't work trying to go up from start, or left, or down for that matter. You MUST level to win. And to level you need gold... and so on, etc., etc.

    Overall I severely disliked the game. While I was waiting for an interesting roguelike sidecrawler, I got an annoying boring meatgrinder with terrible controls, somewhat nice graphics and almost impossible to notice music.
  17. Sep 20, 2013
    Rogue Legacy is side scrolling grind fest with not much going for it. The graphics suck, and this is coming from someone who loves retro styled graphics, but Rogue Legacy's character and level designs just suck. If you like getting cheapshotted by traps and the endless amounts of flying enemies, then this game is perfect for you. The difficulty is punishing with absolutely no rewards for the player. Also, the price of this game is ridiculous. I got it at 66% off on Steam, and it was still $15, so you're not really getting value for money. You probably won't want to play this game for hours on end, it's really only playable in ten to twenty minutes bursts, which makes it a crappy non-portable game. I am seriously getting tired of developers choosing to make games punishingly difficult with no reward in it for the player and/or not adding more difficulty levels. I would have given this game a 7 if they had added difficulty levels. Expand
  18. Jun 27, 2013
    At its core, a castlevania-esque (it actually reminds me more of Ghouls n' Ghosts) platformer with fun, challenging gameplay. Where this game shines, however, is in the unique blend of influences from the rogue-like genre. Featuring permanent death, when a character dies, you begin playing as that character's child, inheriting the family lineage. Each new character is highly unique, however, and there are plenty of classes/specialization options. Characters have some sort of quirk-- if he is dyslexic, for instance, wrods iwll appaer scarmbeld; if she is colorblind, you will be enjoying the game in black-and-white (until she meets her unfortunate end, leaving her empire to her highly-flatulent dwarf son...etc etc). This highly innovative mechanic gives each playthrough a unique feel, aside from the typical rogue-like standards of character customization and world randomization.

    tl;dr: A quality 2d platformer/rogue-like--with plenty of replay value, a steal for the price tag.
  19. Jun 28, 2013
    What you need to know is that this game is hard... it has a slightly steep learning curve (for today's gen)..
    if you've been playing retro games, then you'll fit right in...
    the game combines castlevania style combat, metroid style exploration with "RANDOMLY GENERATED LEVELSl" oh! and "with a pinch of ghosts 'n goblins"

    metroidvania fans should be drooling all over this RIGHT NOW!

    as the title of the game says, this is a roguelike game... permadeath...
    you have an HEIR system... if you die, u can choose an heir who will be next to enter the castle... each heir has some different TRAIT like myopia, flatulence, etc...its mainly to keep the game fresh, though the traits are limited in number... each heir may or may not be of a different class.. the castle layout will be different when you enter each time...

    the upgrade system is pretty good.. using ingame gold, you can unlock new classes, a blacksmith who sells you weapons, armor and stuff IF you can find the missing blueprints...similarly the enchantress for runes, which give you special abilities like hover, dash etc... play around with the runes to find your ideal combination..
    the architect is an important npc who will fix the layout of the castle so that you can replay the same layout.. this especially helps with boss fights and challenges...

    the enemies lack in variety, but this isnt an issue..

    overall this an excellent game which everyone should play, especially metroidvania and retro fans.
    solid game! go get it!
  20. Jun 30, 2013
    Tons of platforming fun reminiscent of the Metrovania style of game play made famous by Nintendo back in the 80's. This game features a steep, unforgiving level of challenge and nearly infinite replay ability. The one great knock on it is that this really should have been a console game, it needs a traditional console joystick as the PC controls are a bother. If you use an X-Box controller on your PC you are ahead of the curve, otherwise this can be tough going. Expand
  21. Jun 30, 2013
    this game is fun at first but after you die a million times without accomplishing anything you realize that this game is unrealistically hard because theres no point to it. just a randomized castle with the goal to reach the end. if it was at a fair difficulty setting then this game would be beaten in 5 mins top
  22. Jul 1, 2013
    I normally hate games that have unforgiving learning curves and an element of randomness to them, but this game, for some reason, has been incredibly addictive to me. I will play it for an hour or two, then give up, feeling sick of it, only to come back after an hour for another round. It's hard, but it's fair, and once you learn what does and does not work for you, it gets much better. You learn how to play each class, which classes you prefer, what equipment loadouts work best for you with each class, and when you should avoid certain rooms and when you should go for it.

    The random traits can be fun, and you also learn which ones are good, which ones are minor annoyances, and which ones you have to avoid. And the best part about that those three will vary from player to player. I personally can't handle the Colorblind trait, but some of my best playthroughs have come with the Vertigo trait, because it forced me to slow down and think.

    For all the randomness, though, it's got little touches that keep it from getting out of hand. The castle's floor plan can be locked in, the areas are almost always located in the same general orientation (though I've had 2 runs where they were not correct), and there are little touches that prevent you from getting blindsided by damage, if you pay attention.

    Only two real problems occur: there are a couple traits and runes that are far better then others (lots of areas only accesible by those with dwarfism, P.A.D. can make challenging rooms a joke, O.C.D. is always good, while siphon and vampirism runes will be your go to runes) and there are still some minor bugs ('Invulnerable' enemies die without seeming to take damage).

    Overall, a very fun Metroidvania game. Don't be scared away by the roguelite aspect; the game handles it in a way that changes it from source of annoyance to fun way to break up tedium.
  23. Aug 5, 2013
    Play Spelunky instead. This game is not very good. How well you do depends 90% on the amount of upgrades and items you have collected in previous lives. It starts off impossible and gets easier over time. That is the opposite of how a game should be. They should start fairly easy and get harder once you beat the easier levels.
  24. Jun 30, 2013
    Pretty nice castle exploration RPG game. I spent around 4 hours in the first day. I like heir concept but I wish there were more different level tiles, character traits and maybe more weapons to choose from.
  25. Jun 30, 2013
    Great game, great controls, great art style, neat mechanics, interesting new approach.

    Yeah, it's pretty much awesome. Think Castlevania Symphony of the Night Dark Souls Randomization in the form of a hardcore side-scrolling action platformer. I really don't get where the criticism of the controls is coming from. Maybe it's the controller? I used a Dualshock 3 with MotionInJoy and
    the XInput option to emulate the 360 controller. The D-Pad on it worked perfectly for me. If not, I really suggest people just play it a little bit more. The controls are -perfect- once you get used to them. Otherwise, you'd never get through the later areas.... Expand
  26. Jun 30, 2013
    The most fun i had with a game in a long while. Its hard. Especially at the beginning. Even if its a rogue like game it has some retention of priror runs in form of money, equipment, enchantments etc. This is how you progress and are able to tackle harder enemies.

    Its procedurally generated. Gives flashbacks to Castlevania and Ghost and goblins. Very addictive and fun! (Just one more run...)
  27. Jul 6, 2013
    Far from perfect but a challenging hack n slash RPG. A few minor tweaks and bug fixes (having to restart your exe gets a bit old) and this game could of been really good, however you have to run through the weakest area every-time you enter unless you want to lock-down which reduces your income, it gets boring very fast and locking down every time when attempting a boss again is time-consuming, and when you just want a specific character and you don't have the Randomize upgrade (which is conveniently placed behind a class upgrade for some reason), it's not really fun. Another flaw is that bosses are either incredibly irritating and tedious, or incredibly easy if you know the trick. I encountered a bug several times where I actually didn't take damage or knockback when being hit. Haggle is also pretty useless early on, yet it's not far up the tree and it's pretty expensive for what it does at that stage. Expand
  28. Jul 15, 2013
    This is one of those games that will appeal to a select minority. A veritable grind-fest, the game is super difficult in a very, very bad way. Instead of ramping up the difficulty using clever level design and interesting enemies the devs decided that more enemies (boring enemies) is the only way to go. Everything has pretty much been said by other reviewers, so I will just quickly reiterate some of the key issues: difficulty through bad design, useless traits that are just gimmicks that become tedious after just one play, insanely grindy to the point of being savagely boring unless you are a grind fan, random level design promising endless hours of fun is indeed random, but the original boring design makes randomness also boring, floatiness and response times make keyboard useless and some controllers needlessly hard to use (my Rumblepad 2 for example, good for pretty much any other game) and there is more but I am getting bored, just like with the game after 5 hours of playing. Good music, nice graphics, some clever ideas, but overall only for grind fans. Expand
  29. Aug 4, 2013
    I'm sure Rogue Legacy is a really fun game, but having such horrible performance issues on a machine that plays 3D games quite decently is just a no-go. Playing in slow-motion with considerable control lag has a huge impact on my experience. And considering the technically simplistic nature of the graphics I really can't understand why the game performs so bad.

    Thus, a 5 is the best I
    can give, until those issues are resolved. Expand
  30. Sep 10, 2013
    the concept is sound, a fast paced, short lived and rather challenging experience for both the casual and the hardcore (more the hardcore though). there is good progression and feeling of improvement via upgrades.

    what i personally do not like is the art-style; but maybe i am just tired of the "wanne-be-nostalgic-retro-look" which just too often feels like they were too lazy or
    uninspired to make it better looking. the 8 bit or is it 16 bit look does not do much to the game play other than being a reminder of games from another era. (yes, i know that was probably the intention)

    in terms of game play, i wished there was more attachment to my char. it is just a "bit" too short lived. i did not care for any of my chars like at all. and while it is an aspect of the game to go through heirs like nothing a little bit more attachment would have done nicely and with that in mind maybe a bit more longevity.

    also the balance between the classes and characteristics are not well enough. some are worthless, some are really just a joke. there was a feature wasted imo an AI that would evaluate the progression of what the player picks and determines a sort of evolution due to "survival of the fittest" along with a lot more characteristics.

    but in the end after a while, you start to wonder why you seem to grind as if it was an old school mmo. there is little to explore or be surprised about and it becomes a bit repetitive.
    but every game has flaws, every game can be better but for me, RL is but an average plat-former with very good ideas that are not fully realized.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 43 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 43
  2. Negative: 0 out of 43
  1. Mar 11, 2014
    If you look up the word addiction in a dictionary, you will find out what that word means. But the dictionary might just as well display a picture of Rogue Legacy. [Dec 2013]
  2. Dec 9, 2013
    Amazing old-school mechanics meet modern conventions.
  3. Oct 16, 2013
    Roguelike games have become increasingly popular of late and it’s great to see one which rewards you for all the time spent by allowing a form of character progression. It’s mitigated to a point by having you lose all your money before entering a castle and each purchased bonus makes all the others more expensive.