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  • Summary: ROSE Online is set in a galaxy of 7 unique planets, and allows you to be involved in the main story or have your own adventures.
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  1. Dec 3, 2012
    ROSE has been around in some form or another since 2005. If you've never played ROSE before, give it a try! It's completely free to play andROSE has been around in some form or another since 2005. If you've never played ROSE before, give it a try! It's completely free to play and has several aspects to appeal to many different types of players; player versus monster, player versus player, a cooperative party system, a game arena, quests, dungeons, and more. If, by chance, you've played ROSE in the past, you might want to take a look at this game again. Lots of things have changed, and there is a new focus and new vigor reawakening player interest, though some beloved core elements have remained the same.

    As a player, you are a Visitor, a 'little soul', created by Arua, the goddess of love who created all seven planets, and the Sea of Souls from which life flows. Distinct from the humans and creatures of Arua's worlds, Visitors do not need to sleep or eat (though they do to replenish Hit Points and Magic Points!) and do not really die, even when defeated in battle, until such time as their tasks are complete and Arua calls them home. Arua has friends among the other gods and goddesses in the game, Junon, patron of the planet all Visitors first appear on, Luna, the goddess of the icy planet that shares her name, and so forth. Though these gods and goddesses do not make their presence felt (as Aura sometimes does when she randomly bestows her blessing upon a Visitor with her 'fairy buff') Visitors trust that they are also working toward Arua's purposes.

    Balancing Arua's forces arrayed for good, there is Hebarn, the god of jealousy, who twisted the light nature of the planet given into his keeping toward his own dark purpose. It is Hebarn's followers who developed and spread the Devil Pest, a form of magical infection that causes the normally placid creatures of all of Arua's worlds to attack any who draw near, and causes humans to lose faith in their goddess and to mistrust others.

    The beginning of the game has recently been retooled. Adventurers Plain, where each new Visitor spawns, is set with a path of quests that guides a new player through up to the point of choosing a class. In ROSE, players can opt to be Dealers, Hawkers, Muses, or Soldiers. Visitors (players) can interact with Humans (who are the NPCs), monsters (who need to be killed in order to gain experience and grow in the game) and other Visitors (both cooperatively in battle parties, and in conflict through Player versus Player maps and arenas).

    ROSE is a free-to-play game supported by an Item Mall. It is not necessary to use the Item Mall to be able to play ROSE, one can play and level all the way up to the level cap without ever using the Item Mall. The Item Mall has costumes that are just for fun, as well as unique items not available in any other way that help, sometimes very significantly, with game play. Some players believe the presence of the Item Mall has wrecked the game for the pure player, and it certainly has had an effect on the player-driven economy of the game, but as it is the only means of support for ROSE so that all can play for free, in that way it is a necessary evil to those players who see it as an evil.

    Eventually there will be seven planets, and a conclusion to the overall story of the conflict between Arua and Hebarn, but to-date we have four of the seven planets. This past year has seen quite a lot of development in the lower levels as the first three maps of the game had a complete overhaul. Many quests were added to the game, along with costumes from the Lucky Spin in the Item Mall, mounts both from the Item Mall and from within the game, and the new Game Arena system which has both PvP and dungeon content.

    ROSE is beautiful in an almost anime sort of way. There are far more options to customize the look of one's character than there have ever been before -- both new choices for faces and hair style and colors when one creates a new character, and in the costume system where one can wear a different look over one's actual combat gear. One of my characters looks like a fairy princess complete with Seraphim Wings instead of the battle-hardened Cleric she really is.

    The maps of each world, different, yet with a distinctive look and feel (Eldeon's maps have twisty paths in a very overgrown forest world, where Orlo has wide, dusty, dun-colored expanses of dunes and hazy horizons in the far distances) still host some of the most interesting monsters from the cute Choropies and silly Jellybeans of Adventurers Plain to the beautiful but deadly winged apparitions that haunt the temple of Luna. The music of each map of ROSE is distinctive and the perfect accompaniment to losing oneself in this game which is still fun after all these years.